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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Spamalot 10-31-08

To start that is a picture of the stage door which we haven't seen much of lately, but let's get an update on the stage door situation. Ms Marmalade posted this at the ClackHouse:

Clayphan at the OFC said she spoke to Jerome and that Clay had not been doing stage door because there was only one barricade. She said that now there were four so perhaps Clay will resume.

This is a report at the Clackhouse from zippy888 and posted by anncanada:

Hi everyone from NYC!!

Oh what a night!! Clay was full of animation tonight. He was watching the first few rows and he could see some of his fans. I'm sure at one time I caught his gaze. Be still my heart! Some things I remembered from tonight:

- Clay held his rubber chicken upside down! Yes, he held it from the skinny legs! That was a riot!
- He sang "Amen!" Such glorious notes!
- He showed us his socks when he came out to do his "I found my grail!" Of course, they were mismatched - his left one was white and bright green (like his suit) and his right one was beige and white. He did a little jig when he showed us his socks.
- He does a different kind of dance in one part of "YWSOB".
- He yelled, "Be careful!" to the girl who swung the mace.
- The waitress slid her hand down his left thigh. OMG!
- The can-can girl raised her skirt all the way up to his face and shook it furiously.
- Lots of tongue action in most of the scenes! I remember in the slo-mo part he puffed his cheeks a lot!
- When God appears, he's bent down on all fours, in a praying position but shivering from fear.
- He pulled at his ribbons while speaking to Prince Herbert's father. He was so on tonight!! Loved those ears that stuck out of his helmet! Truly comical!!
- Lots of NJUs in the crowd - could hear men laughing mostly.
- It wasn't full house - most of the sides of the theatre weren't filled. A friend also told me that the mezzanine too was not filled.
- No Stage Door tonight.
- Met dancerdad - I asked him to say "Hi!" to dancermom2 for me!
- Ruben and friends were in the box in the theatre.

Good morning

I remember more bits:

- Clay did that head grinding dance, you know the one that goes side by side, during Find Your Grail. I don't know the name of that move. He was really into it last night!
- The Knights of Ni didn't do any jokes like Rick Holmes always does. Miss that.

I think there was no SD 'cos Ruben and friends were there as well it was Halloween and most of the performers were coming out of the SD wearing a costume. So they were probably on their way to Halloween parties. ***ETA: To clarify, the barricades were all up last night. There are 2 new ones that are painted blue (for those who know what I'm talking about.)

If you are able to stand, please give a standing O to the cast when they take their bows. It's our way to say thanks for a job well done!

Thanks to Ms Marmalade at the ClackHouse we get a report from BFS:

From BFS:

recap from the train...
theater not full at all due to big parade for Hallowen

I was the first to see Ruben, he was talking to Jerome outside the theater. i saw his beautiful smile and started hop skipping going omg Ruben is here....i am sure it was a sight. i was so excited, i didn't see Frenchy and had to be told she was there. i saw her later in the box and she looked really good. I didn't want to stare, so it is totally possible, that Ruben's wife was there, he had two other's with him.

Rick and Bradely Dean were out tonight.

first things first he sang the amen

i am loving the exchange with king, it is much more snarky and sarcastic.

during not dead he was verra adamant about "i can't" with some very cute expressions.

and when he did "maybe" there was some verra cute tongue action

and he mimiced the jig that Lance did

when he came out as Sir Robin, he was holding the chicken by his feet

Patsy was clapping during "Idol of Age"

LOL hit Clay when she passed Clay and he tried to get to close

he did the pray and quake

verra flirtatious with his flame holder girl.

peace sign during find your grail

he was trying not to get sick on his horse

saw a wee bit of skin during the tunic flip

no tongue during bottle dance, but Clay was awesome

ears out of helmet during Guard scene he fluffed them in the beginnig and was playing with them right before he was killed

the father and lance flubbed their lines during you killed the brides father, and rather badly

the show was a bit lacking with both Rick and Brad out...Clay was good, but he couldn't make up for the so-so performance of the others.

we had barricades so not sure why it didn't happen.

Few more tidbits from the show...

The peasant was a NJU named Mike...Mike was pretty cute on stage, Clay held out his hand and started to make the face, when Mike turned to him and offered his hand, Clay shook it.. After Mike left the stage, Clay gave him several thumbs up....

and during the wedding scene...Bevedere and Patsy did a Frankenstein dance, Clay just kinda did his own thing...

During Bright Side of Life Clay did Charleston knees and a real cute dance with one of the chorus line dancers, i am not sure how to describe it, but it was really cute.

I thought that the King who has a tendency to be a bit mush mouth was really good tonight

And LOL of the Lake was fabulous...she did drop it like it was hot...during her ad lib portion

Unfortunately Rick's replacement doesn't come close to holding a candle to Rick, so for me, someone who has seen it coughafewtimescough, it did make a difference, to the NJU probably not except for the rather large flub at Swamp Castle the pauses were noticeable...oh was still fun, and it was nice to see the show again after not having seen it for awhile...


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