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Saturday, October 16, 2004

New Q&A with Clay

Drawing inspiration from his faith

New book, album due next month affirm Aiken's Christian roots

Staff Writer

Clay Aiken, who broke out as a pop star on TV's "American Idol" last year, is more publicly expressing his Christian faith these days. He's added a Christian song to his solo concerts, is frequently seen with his WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelet, and has a Christmas album and an inspirational book headed to shelves next month.

As his concert heads to Paramount's Carowinds tonight, Aiken, a former Charlotte resident, talked to the Observer by phone about his faith's influence on his career. The conversation is edited for length and clarity.

Q. Do you want to take your music more toward the Christian genre?
I sing one (Christian) song on tour, and I'll probably continue to make an effort to do at least one every time I do a show. With the Christmas album, it's a Christian holiday, so it'll definitely have (hymns) on there.

The book is about how I became who I am. I couldn't do a book about myself without talking about God and my faith. But I don't (criticize) anyone who doesn't believe the same way I do. I talk about how this is the way I'm going to make it to heaven, but I really hope that people I care about and know who have different faiths and different belief systems, that they find heaven and peace as well.

When the next album comes out, you'll hear very similar stuff to what you've already heard.

Q. So you want to be a pop star who happens to be a Christian, not of the Christian genre?
Yes. I think it's possible to be a Christian and let people know what your faith is (while singing pop songs). I think there's a fine line you can walk.

I'm not trying to do anything but be myself. I'm not in any way trying to be this type of artist or that type of artist.

Q. But you're in an industry that relentlessly tries to package people. You must find that a challenge.
The folks at the record label (RCA Records), one minute they want me to be edgy and top 40, and the next minute they want me to be more adult contemporary. I don't think people know what to do with me.

I've given up on trying to define, to draw lines. I sing what I like to sing and I do what I enjoy doing. If people listen, they do, and if they don't, they don't.

Q. Do you find yourself wanting to find ways to prolong your career?
I enjoy what I'm doing, and I try to do my best to make decisions that will prolong the success I'm having now. What I could do to make myself be here in 40 years, I'd probably do, within reason.

Q. How do you define the lines you won't cross?
It's a gut reaction. You say `Oh wait, that just doesn't feel right to me. That's not something my mama would be happy with.'

If they said to me, `If you want to continue being here in this industry, you're going to have to start singing about sex and you're going to have to do a video where you're hooking up with some girl.' Well, I'm not going to do that.

Q. What if they said in order to stay in this business, you have to entirely market yourself as a Christian artist?
It would depend on the situation. That's not something that contradicts my beliefs.

Q. Would it pigeonhole you?
It would pigeonhole you if you think that's a bad place to be. So would having sex with somebody on a video. I would much rather be pigeonholed in a wholesome genre than in a trashy one.

Clay mentioned in US Weekly

From the CB:

On page 93 there is an add for and they have pictures showing all of the different things that you can personalize however you want. Down in the bottom, right corner they advertise a black belt with I HEART Clay all over it in pink writing. It is $16.

Clay mentioned in US Weekly

From the CB:

On page 93 there is an add for and they have pictures showing all of the different things that you can personalize however you want. Down in the bottom, right corner they advertise a black belt with I HEART Clay all over it in pink writing. It is $16.

Clay was on the Disney Channel

From the CB:

Just a few minutes ago, Clay was on Disney Channel's "Mike's Super Short Show." It was a different one than the old one, this one is from in front of the Theater at the Aladdin Premiere. Mike & Sally (the kids from MSSS) interviewed him briefly & it was great to see him in something from that night, since I don't believe I have seen that on any of the entertainment shows! They repeat these MSSS very often, so be watching for it during any commercial time on Disney Channel! Now I have to go start a tape taping the Disney Channel in hopes of them rerunning it tonight!!

Cellert from Charlotte, NC tonight! Don't forget to "tune in".

Friday, October 15, 2004

Just posted on

Clay Aiken will be embarking on a Christmas tour this year! The Joyful Noise Tour will consist of Clay and an orchestra performing all holiday music. More details on the tour and a lot of other exciting things Clay has coming up will be announced in the next few days. Meanwhile, we wanted to make you aware of a few dates on the Joyful Noise tour going on sale right away. Keep checking back for updates on the tour.

The Joyful Noise Tour
Dec. 2nd :: Sewell, NJ - Commerce Bank Arts Center (on sale -
Dec. 8th :: Lowell, MA - Lowell Memorial Auditorium (on sale 10/15 -
Dec. 9th :: New York, NY - The Theater at Madison Square Garden (on sale 10/16 -
Dec. 17th :: Atlanta, GA - Symphony Hall - evening show (on sale 10/15 -
Dec. 18th :: Atlanta, GA - Symphony Hall - afternoon show (on sale 10/15 -

New Article on Christmas Tour!

Clay Aiken delivers 'Joyful Noise' for the holidays
by Rob Evans liveDaily Editor
Published: October 15, 2004 11:37 AM
Singer Clay Aiken, who has parlayed his runner-up status in the 2003 season of the Fox-TV talent show "American Idol" into a thriving career, is lining up dates for The Joyful Noise Tour, a Christmas-themed trek on which he will be backed by an orchestra.

Eight December holiday shows were confirmed at press time, and several more dates are in the works. Tickets for some shows have hit the market, and others will roll out in the coming days. Details are in the itinerary below.
Aiken, who has been on the road for much of the year, currently is wrapping up a tour that focuses on the U.S. fair circuit. He embarked on a co-headlining run with 2002 "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson earlier this year.

The Aiken memoir "Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life" will be released by Random House on Nov. 16. According to the publisher, the book tells how faith was integral to Aiken's rise from an aspiring teacher to stardom on "American Idol."

Aiken will make many television appearances to tout the book, including Nov. 15 on CNN's "Larry King Live," Nov. 17 on ABC's "Live with Regis and Kelly," Nov. 17 on NBC's "Today" and Dec. 6 on NBC's "The Tonight Show." He'll also appear as a presenter on the Nov. 15 American Music Awards, according to his website.

Last October, Aiken offered up his debut album, "Measure of a Man." The set--which debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 album chart--spawned 2003's top-selling single, "This Is the Night," as well as the hit "The Way."

Tour Itinerary

[Note: The following tour itinerary has been provided by artist and/or tour sources, who verify its accuracy as of October 15, 2004 11:37 AM. Changes may occur before tickets go on sale. Check with official artist web sites, ticketing sources and venues for late updates.]

October 2004
16 - Charlotte, NC - Carowinds Palladium
18 - Raleigh, NC - North Carolina State Fair

December 2004
2 - Sewell, NJ - Commerce Bank Arts Center (on sale now)
4 - Baltimore, MD - Meyerhoff Symphony Hall (on sale 10/29)
8 - Lowell, MA - Lowell Memorial Auditorium (on sale now)
9 - New York, NY - Theater at Madison Square Garden (on sale 10/16)
15 - Tampa, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall
16 - Orlando, FL - King Center
17, 18 - Atlanta, GA - Symphony Hall
21 - Cleveland, OH - Palace Theatre

Will fickle fans keep 'Idol' from flaming out? :(

Will fickle fans keep 'Idol' from flaming out?
The Charlotte Observer

Quote:Charlotte lays claim to two American Idol finalists, winner Fantastia Barrino, originally from High Point, and runner-up Clay Aiken, a Raleigh native who attended UNC Charlotte before fame called.

Fantasia, like Aiken's competitor Ruben Studdard, actually came in first on the hit reality show, but you might not realize it given the fanfareAiken has received, especially here at home. Since his near-win, the singer has scored a Rolling Stone cover (even before Studdard's), a No. 1 debut album ("Measure of a Man" ) and single ("This is the Night" ), and an army of fanatical fans who call themselves "Claymates."

Closer to home, Aiken was awarded his own "Clay Aiken Day" by Charlotte's mayor; when "Night" came out, fans bombarded area radio stations with requests.

Fantasia never saw such a calculated reception, though her talent earned her much respect from music lovers.

Neither artist has set the charts on fire lately. Since "Night," Aiken has failed to Crack the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. And there are plenty of tickets still available for his performance at the Paladium of Paramount's Carowinds on Saturday.

Fantastia's first single "I Believe," hasn't even sold half that of Aiken's "Night." She falls behind Studdard and original winner Kelly Clarkson in the sales department.

Has American Idol simply run its course -- or is Fantasia's audience waiting on her full-length album? Billboard's Geoff Mayfield suggested in a July report that fans are taking a wait-and-see attitude towards Fantasia.

Will Clay Aiken's fans still be interested in him in November, when the singer releases his memoirs, "Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life," as well as a holiday album? Only time -- and the pop charts -- will tell.

Clay's fair without fear

Clay's fair without fear
By MATT EHLERS, Staff Writer
Raleigh News Oct, 15, 2004

Quote:It wasn't so long ago that the State Fair was a scary place for Clay Aiken.
First there were the rides, so terrifying that for years he couldn't muster the courage to hop aboard. "I was a very nervous child," he said, laughing.

But the little roller coasters were just the beginning. For an aspiring singer, the fairgrounds held an even more frightening fair attraction, one that he never managed to conquer.

The karaoke booth.

Every year, Clay's friends would drag him over there, and every year he promised to sing. As he watched wannabe popsters butcher the hits of the day, Clay knew he could do a better job.

He never did.

"I was always so nervous. I didn't want to sing," he said. "I was always worried that someone was going to boo me."

Joyful Noise Tour! The First Ad!

Free Image Hosting at

Clay lost his voice

Reported on the Clayboard. Prayers for Clay.... :(

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Flordia Today!

Aiken brings 'Christmas Show' to King Center


"American Idol" alum Clay Aiken has a special holiday gift for Brevardians -- he's coming to the King Center.

"The Clay Aiken Christmas Show" will feature -- you guessed it -- songs from his upcoming holiday CD, as well as hits from his first release, "Measure of a Man."

Aiken will perform at 8 p.m. Dec. 16, according to information released Tuesday by the King Center. Tickets go on sale Nov. 5 at 10 a.m. Prices are $42.50 and $52.50.

Aiken is also releasing a memoir, "Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life," due next month. Aiken describes his life before and since his instant stardom via the hit television talent show. Billboard magazine describes the tome as an inspirational memoir.

Aiken lost the "Idol' title to Ruben Studdard in May 2003. Both have gone on to record successful CDs.

For tickets and information about the concert, call 242-2219.

Happy Anniversairy MOAM!

What a great year it has been! 1 year since MOAM's release! Congrats Clay and the Triple Platinum MOAM!

Kimberley Locke Shares Expericences after Living with Clay!

Video and Article

Christmas Tour Clayboard Pass Contest, ON NOW!

Click here for more info.

Leno: Aiken Won!

From the Tonight Show, Oct. 13 edition:

"Both candidates are neck 'n' neck. Pollsters are now saying this could be the closest race since Clay Aiken beat Ruben Studdard."

America's Idol- Oct.14

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Of interest to Clayfans: Paypal Outage

PayPal outages, complaints continue
Some users can't take auction payments, withdraw funds
By Bob Sullivan
Technology correspondent
Updated: 1:43 p.m. ET Oct. 12,, eBay's electronic payment arm, continued to suffer intermittent outages Tuesday, the firm said. Some consumers complained their money was completely frozen by the glitch, as they were unable to access funds in their accounts. Many also could not use debit cards tied to their PayPal balances, either.


The problems actually began Friday, according to PayPal spokeswoman Amanda Pires, after the firm added some "code enhancements" to the site.

"We believe progress has been made," Pires said. "We’re working diligently on the problem with both eBay and PayPal technical teams. The issues are still intermittent so some people can use the system and others can’t." put up a notice on its Web site Monday afternoon alerting customers to the problem.

Some users complained to that they were completely cut off from their money, and effectively cut off from their eBay business.

"Since my customers can't place an order at all, I am losing sales, and money, said user Winsor White. "The term intermittent, as it is being used by PayPal, is highly misleading because it implies that the system has been more up than it has been down."

Attempts by to log in to the site Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning were unsuccessful.

Auction watchdog Rosalinda Baldwin, who runs The Auction Guild, said she thought the problems were connected to a recent design update for PayPal, but Pires said the outage wasn't related to a redesign.

"We saw a small issue on Friday," after adding some new programming code to the site Thursday evening, Pires said. "We believed we solved it. But there were intermittent problems on Sunday, and then (Monday)."

PayPal is an important cog in The company claims it has more than 50 million account members and is available to users in 45 countries around the world. Last year, the firm handled $12 billion in transactions.

It's not clear how many members were impacted by the outage. But in an odd crossover from the cyberworld to the real world, some PayPal-branded ATM cards weren't working either, Pires confirmed.

Baldwin said the outage is causing trouble with some account balances.

"When folks go to use their PayPal debit cards, the payment is rejected, but the charge actually goes through and PayPal is deducting the amount from their account," she said. "From what I hear, a call to PayPal does correct the problem, but what a mess!"

Pires said the company is working as quickly as it can to solve the problem, but didn't have a time estimate.

PayPal users — some who rely on the firm as the main payment tool for their eBay business — expressed frustration over the situation.

"I have a small online business selling World War II DVDs whose orders are processed exclusively by PayPal," said White. "I normally average about 5-10 orders a day averaging about $20-$50 each. Over the last two days, I have not received any orders."

© 2004 MSNBC Interactive

'Aladdin' add-ons give Aiken chance to shine

'Aladdin' add-ons give Aiken chance to shine
Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

Since his razor-thin loss to Ruben Studdard on American Idol, Clay Aiken has had a recount of sorts, and the votes are in. The self-proclaimed dork with the big voice has trounced Studdard in every arena, from album and concert sales to TV appearances and even eBay, where Aiken items outnumbered Studdard's last week 1,031 to 66.

But Aiken was achin' to do another thing: lend his voice to an animated Disney project. Now he's done so for Aladdin's DVD debut, a two-disc special edition whose bonuses include tuneful tracks.

DVD has blossomed as a forum for filmmakers to expand their vision beyond theatrical campaigns. That became especially meaningful for Aladdin, whose Oscar-winning lyricist, Howard Ashman, died during its creation.

Ashman and composer Alan Menken wrote two songs for Aladdin that didn't make the final cut, and you get to hear them now. One is Humiliate the Boy, a bombastic, forgettable number for wicked Jafar. Menken sings it in demo form while storyboard sketches show the scene playing out.

But the other is special. It's Proud of Your Boy, a sweet, plaintive song about Aladdin pledging to his mom that he'll try harder to make the most of his life — and thus make her proud.

Proud of Your Boy was a favorite of the songwriters during Aladdin's formative stages. But when Aladdin's mother was ditched from the plot, it was no longer usable.

Animators explain this in an intro on the DVD, where several get teary-eyed about losing what Ashman loved so much. Menken calls Proud of Your Boy "one of the most satisfying songs we ever wrote" and considers its revival a "wonderful and bittersweet" tribute to his Oscar-winning partner.

Aiken, shown rehearsing with Menken at a piano, says he found the song touching for his own reasons. Raised by a single mom, he felt the lyrics also spoke for him.

Proud of Your Boy can be experienced in three ways. Two involve storyboard sketches of the scene as originally conceived, over which you can hear Menken's demo vocals or Aiken's recording.

But the best way is a polished music video. It opens with Aiken alone in a studio, tenderly singing as Aladdin scenes play on a screen behind him. Musicians appear, and the orchestra swells as he belts out the ballad. By the song's quiet end, the orchestra has disappeared, and Aiken again stands alone, singing soulfully to his mother — and hoping to make her proud. Another new music video has Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey singing A Whole New World. Menken also composed that signature ballad, but Tim Rice wrote the lyrics after Ashman died.

In an intro, Simpson says their voices "sound really good together," and she's right — their harmonies are strong. But on leads she labors, outshined by her poised and polished husband.

Also on DVD is the song's 1992 music video, where it's performed even better by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle. The discs also include much making-of material, but no new input from Robin Williams, who stole the show as the crazed Genie.

Disney's next animated classic for DVD will be Bambi, due in March, followed by Cinderella a year from now.

Meanwhile, Aladdin's DVD is the only place to catch Aiken's performance. It's strangely missing from an expanded new soundtrack CD, which has only Menken's demo. Perhaps another recount is in order.

WRAL-FM Sheds light on Radio Problem

From the Clayboard:

-----Original Message-----
From: Ncsupack88@xxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 10:44 AM
To: Kelly, Jim
Subject: Music request and CONGRATS!

Hi Jim. I sent an e-mail to Bill Jordan and he said it needed
to be directed to you since you are Mix's Music Director,
so here goes.

I was wondering if Mix 101.5 was planning on adding
Clay Aiken's "I Will Carry You" to the playlist? I listen
every day at work and have yet to hear it and know it's been
released to AC radio. I was surprised that "Solitaire" did
not get much airplay. It is a great song and if you get a
chance to hear him sing it at the State Fair you will be
amazed. I have called in a few times to request "I Will
Carry You" but the DJ (Diane I think) told me that she had
no control over what is played and I had to talk to you. Well
I know you have been kinda preocuppied here lately so I
didn't want to bother you! LOL I would like to know if Mix 101.5
has plans to add IWCY to the rotation. It's a great song
with a great message.

Just some random thoughts on my part. Thanks for taking the
time to read. I listen to you everyday in the afternoons. Keep
up the good work.

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your twins.
I hope they are home very soon. I saw their pics on the website
and they look precious. They are definitely proof of God's miracles.

Take care,

(Name removed to protect the guilty AND innocent!

My name removed,

Thanks for the congrats.

I hate to deliver the bad news, but the majority of our audience is done with Clay at this point in time. The last 2 releases (Solitaire and IWCY) have not tested well with our audience. We have played every song Clay has released and I think we over saturated our listeners. I know there are HUGE Clay fans (like yourself) that listen to the radio station, but there are also people that could care less if they ever heard a Clay song again. I know that's not what you want to hear or want to believe. We are Clay fans here at MIX and we support him whenever we can. We have supported him more than any other radio station in the country. My personal feeling is, the record company blew it when they stopped supporting "The Way" and switched their focus to "Solitaire". That was the turning point with his chart success. They need to back off, let things die down a bit and then come full steam with his Christmas CD. And yes, we will be playing songs from his Christmas CD, but sadly, I don't think we will be big supporters of "I Will Carry You".
Please don't hate me, but now you know the scoop.

Jim Kelly

My response to him:

Jim, how can I hate you for being honest. It's the best policy, right? I had a feeling this was the case and I feel the same way. I knew the first time I heard The Way that it was a good song and deserved RCA's full support. I can still hear Diane Ramsey say "I got chills" after ya'll played it for the first time. I don't think it was a Top 40 song but a GREAT AC song and something I expect to hear at Mix101.5. I could've e-mailed and e-mailed but I knew it was the casual or non Clay fan that you needed to hear from. I have heard Clay's "Mary Did You Know" that is supposedly on his Christmas CD and if that is any indication of what the whole CD is about then we are all in for a treat. Thanks for setting the record straight. I loved "Solitaire" too but some people just don't "get it" sometimes. I think Clay really recorded that as a tribute to his fans because they loved the AI2 performance so much. I never did hear IWCY on MIX so I'm not sure when you tested the listeners for that. I may have been napping at work during that time! LOL

Thanks for responding and setting the record straight. Best of luck to you and your wife as you venture into parenthood. These are your first kids, right? I wasn't sure.

Take care,

(Named removed to protect the innocent)

Important Info from Clayboard

AOL & Yahoo Launch video/song streams and ratings, and artist searches are being used to predict hits, and may even influence how many CDs are shipped to stores.

Clay Aiken DVD out Dec. 14

From the Clayboard

Has no one else heard about the DVD coming out? According to "Hey, everyone else gets DVD's, why not Clay Aiken? And so it shall be. RCA will release Clay Aiken's DVD, title unspoken for now, on December 14."

Clay Christmas CD Cover, NOT final

From the Clay News Network (CNN)

Clay Aiken Christmas - Clay's Christmas CD is currently #1 on's list of "future music bestsellers" and is priced at US $13.99 -- a savings of 26%! Purchases are also eligible for FREE shipping.

Additionally, a CD cover image has been added to the product page. (The photo may make the final version, but the text indicates this is not the final artwork.) Order your copy and view the cover at

Clay to be on AMA's


Producers Wednesday announced an all-star lineup of presenters for the American Music Awards including Clay Aiken, Sheryl Crow and Nicole Ritchie.

Clay Christmas Tour Name

The Christmas Tour will be called: The Joyful Noise!

Click HERE to see a wonderful promo poster.

3rd FunCenter!

From Sharmardo from the Clayboard:

We are happy to announce that today, October 13, 2004, on the eve of the release of Clay's first cd, "Measure of A Man", the fans of Clay Aiken have done it again.

We have accomplished the purchase of the 3rd Funcenter.

The first Funcenter campaign started in July, on the one year anniversary of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. Now, here we are, 3 months and 10 days later and we have accomplished the 3rd Funcenter - on the anniversary of MOAM.

Since the inception of the Funcenter, the fans of Clay Aiken have raised $9,750.00 for the total purchase of all 3 of these Funcenters.

Words cannot express the thanks to all of you for your kind words, support and dedication to a very special project. We will continue this project, as it is something that is meaningful to you, and the children that will get the greatest pleasure out of these fantastic Funcenters.

In addition to this announcement, we are asking that if you would like to send your thoughts and well wishes to Clay on the anniversary of MOAM, I have provided a sticky thread for you.

A card and the thread will be sent along with the check for the 3rd Funcenter announcing this dedication.

Words are hard to express at this time, but this heartfelt thank you goes to each and every one of you.

Clay Hits #1 on Lycos

Clay is number 1 on the Lycos50 this week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Clay on NBC Sounds of the Season CD

As reported last week, Clay is on a new CD available exclusively at TARGET stores!


CD Cover for 'NBC Sounds of the Season' CD

Dr. DVD Raves about 'Aladdin'
Dr. DVD Raves About 'Aladdin'
Another Season Of 'Angel' Arrives
By: Dr. DVD

Full Review


Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Review by Dr. DVD

Topping "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast" may have seemed like a daunting task, but Disney did it with "Aladdin."

The secret is composer Alan Menken, the music voice of the previous two features. Mix in the wonderfully manic voice of Robin Williams and there was no way it could miss. "Aladdin" is warm, funny and the songs are impossible to resist. Best of all, the films message of finding "the diamond in the rough" is an important one. It's all about being yourself. Aladdin never really needed the Genie to get the girl. Everything he needed he already had, and that's a message I would want my children to embrace.

Aladdin DVD/2004/1011/3800536.jpg/2004/1011/3800536_40X30.jpg/2004/1011/3800536_60X45.jpg/2004/1011/3800536_80X60.jpg/2004/1011/3800536_120X90.jpg/2004/1011/3800536_200X150.jpg/2004/1011/3800536_320X240.jpg

The DVD has been one of the most requested Disney titles since the format debuted. "Aladdin" hasn't been available on home video in more than 10 years, and Disney spared no expense in doing it up right.

Along with the customary games, teasers and interviews, this "platinum" edition of "Aladdin" includes several really special features. First up is a "making of" documentary that actually runs LONGER than the film. It's exhaustive and yet entertaining. My favorite would have to be the footage of all the principal "Aladdin' voice talents actually recording their lines. It must have been a tremendously fun environment to work in and you can really feel the energy that Robin Williams brought to the role.

Next up is a roundtable discussion by the producers. They share some interesting stories about the movie in its early stages. Originally, Aladdin was going to be much younger and his mother was a big part of the story. A good ways into preproduction, the studio stepped in and asked for a new direction. Although it forced the team to work furiously to meet their deadlines, the end result proved to be artistically and financially successful.

Finally, the bonus DVD features many of the songs discarded after the original storyline changed. One such song is "Proud Of Your Boy," which is included in its original form and as a newly recorded single by Clay Aiken. "Proud Of Your Boy" is very moving, and the accompanying music video is well produced.

Earlier in the month, I attended a press event for the "Aladdin" DVD held in New York City. Alan Menken and Clay Aiken were both present, and I had the pleasure of talking to them both about the song. Menken noted that the DVD format was perfect to resurrect a song that had the distinction of being one of the last from the Academy Award-winning partnership he shared with Howard Ashman.

"There will never be another Ashman-Menken song, so it's nice to have this available to be heard," Menken said. "I think it sits nicely next to the likes of 'Part Of Your World' and 'Beauty And The Beast.' "

Clay Aiken spoke about becoming part of the Disney legacy.

"I grew up with Disney music and I've always wanted to be a part of it," Aiken said. "You've heard about the Disney vault? Now I get to be in it."

"Aladdin" is great family fun and I cannot recommend it enough.

Christmas CD Cover!

Clay's Christmas CD titled "Merry Christmas with Love"?


Is anyone else as THRILLED as I am that "Merry Christmas with Love" will be on the Christmas album?! I remember a few months ago when we were all speculating about what Clay would sing, and I was jumping around excitedly hoping for "MCWL." And now it's here! Thank you, Clay! It's going to be beautiful in high quality. Can't wait!

Monday, October 11, 2004

NBC "Sounds of the Season" Ad-10/11

Free Image Hosting at

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Clay on Toronto1 again.

Thanks to Khrystah from the Clayboard

I was just watching AList and saw Clay again. The show is a 1 hour recap of the stories of the week.

For those of you who wanted to tape the interview, it will re-air SUNDAY night at 7pm ET.

It's the longer *FIRST* interview which includes advice given to current Canadian Idol Kalan Porter, as well as talk about AI.

News 14 in Charlotte

Thanks to ClaysTheMOAM from The Clayboard

My husband just hollered for me to come check out the news. (I live in Charlotte). There was a piece on about Clay - something about a pre-party in Raleigh on Oct 17th, raising money for camp Gonzo. They showed a shippet of him in his Invisible video.

Clay on Oprah

Rumor Mill: Clay will be on Oprah in December!

Computer/Web Hosting Services Provided by Blogger and Thank you.

Clay mention in NY POST

Surviving Reality TV
Sunday, October 10, 2004
By Michael Starr


Click image to enlarge

So you wanna be on a reality show.

You sure about that?

After watching "The Apprentice" reject Jennifer Crisafulli self-destruct on TV and in real life last week, you might want to reconsider your own shot at C-level stardom.

Crisafulli's meltdown highlights the inescapable fact that reality show fame could quickly disintegrate into infamy - and even that's not everything it's cracked up to be (see chart at right).

There are exceptions, of course. For every reality show phenom who doesn't realize that no one cares anymore - yes, that's you, Omarosa - there's someone who bucks the odds to actually accomplish something.

Ex-"Survivor" cutey Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the prime example.

The perky, brainy blonde segued from "Survivor" to a permanent co-hosting gig alongside Barbara Walters on "The View," proving that a lot of good can come from a reality show - provided there's actual talent involved.

But for every Elisabeth, there's an Evan Marriott, the poor schlump who went from "Joe Millionaire" stardom to a berth in the "Where are they now?" bin -- right next "American Idol" runner-up Justin Guarini.

The Winners and Losers

The losers

Jennifer Crisafulli

Then: Fired from "The Apprentice"

Now: Fired from real job

Justin Guarini

Then: "American Idol" runner-up

Now: Since bomb, "From Justin to Kelly," nada

Evan Marriott

Then: "Joe Millionaire"

Now: Host of canceled "Fake-a-Date"


Then: "The Apprentice"

Now: Anywhere there's a camera

The winners

Ereka Vetrini

Then: "The Apprentice"

Now: Co-host of "Tony Danza Show"

Clay Aiken

Then: "American Idol II" runner-up

Now: Successful singing career toured with "Idol" Kelly Clarkson

Kyle Brandt

Then: "Real World: Chicago"

Now: "Days of our Lives" cast member

Sean Kenniff

Then: "Survivor"

Now: Medical correspondent for Florida station

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