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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Grand Prairie, TX Concert Confirmed For July 7

We have more news about Clay's Grand Prairie, Texas tour concert. An email was received by a Clay fan which included upcoming Nokia events. Clay's concert was included as being on SATURDAY, July 7. Here is a portion of the list that was in the email:


05.04 George Lopez
05.05 Rickey Smiley
05.06 George Lopez
05.09 Modest Mouse
05.12 Harry Connick Jr.
05.18 Ed McMahan’s Memories of the Tonight Show
05.30 Seal
05.31 Heart
06.02 Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
06.03 Chayanne

07.07 Clay Aiken

07.13 Martina McBride
09.29 Ten Ten Tenors
Nokia's website still has not been updated to include Clay's concert, as of 3/10 in the afternoon, but we'll keep watching and alert you just as soon as it is updated.

He's coming to Texas, and on a weekend at that. Yee Haw!!

Women & Clay Aiken - What Is It?

In my hunt for some great articles archived on my computer, I came across this great one by Linda Williams, also known as Sugarpi. This article is almost three years old, and I don't think we completely have the answer yet as to what it is about Clay that attracts so many women of all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages to him. As others have said, if they knew, they would bottle it up, sell it, and makes millions.

I think you will agree with every word of this article. It once again reminded me of why I love Clay so much and why I'm glad I have all of you to share those feelings with. Enjoy a great read!

Women & Clay Aiken - What Is It?
by Linda Williams (2004/06/22)

After all this time, the affect Clay has on us is still undefined,
but not for lack of trying! The women who adore him are some of the
most gifted I've ever come across in any medium -- it's uncanny to
see the writers, the graphic artists, the videographers, etc, all
seeking ways in which to express and/or define this phenomenon.

Sometimes I just have to think that maybe it's men in general who
have let down so many women, else why were these places in our hearts
so readily available? Obviously, some of us just never found Mr.
Right from the get-go. But suffice it to say, Clay has come along and
filled a lot of empty places on the inside, which in turn has
affected our lives dramatically -- you might say, "we've made room
for him!"

So let's go there first -- How could we have lived so many years and
never run across someone like Clay Aiken? We need to first appreciate
some scientific data I came across recently -- they have discovered
that apparently the human brain doesn't recognize age differences --
can we all say a big a-men to that? And not to try and explain what I
believe is mostly a spiritual/soul connection with Clay, but they
tell us that when we are attracted to a member of the opposite sex,
for whatever reasons we may find them appealing to us, that it
generates a cocktail of feel good chemistry, not the least of which
is addicting!

Whoa! That explains feeling younger, more energetic, yet, drawing
from within a new level of perception of both myself, my family and
those around me. So many have said, "I found my inner girl," and some
have even confessed, "for the first time." It contributes to the
ongoing attraction and our efforts to sustain the connection we feel
with Clay. I've jokingly said, "real life is intermission," but I
fear it's closer to the truth than I dare admit to myself. There's
even 12-Steps for the OCD (Obsessive Clay Disorder), and there's no
end in sight, no relief, just more and more of whatever it is this
incredible Prince Charming is dishing out!

As warm and fuzzy as all this feels, it's Clay's inner beauty that is
transcendent. When we look in his face, we see something beyond mere
physical beauty, we see that he is utterly transparent, completely
vulnerable, and most of all trustworthy. I've likened him to an
angelic being with sex appeal -- go figure!

The man behind the talent is another 100 pages, and better writers
than I have written some incredible essays, but certainly Clay has
put his lifestyle where his lyric sheet is in that he not only walks
the talk, but continues to go the extra mile for special needs
children and people he encounters.

He possesses the incredible ability, perhaps drawing from his own
personal pain and loss, of putting himself in the other person's
place, in a display of empathy that is a rarity for our times. I
stand in awe.

No one can argue with the fact that he's raised the bar on morality
across the board, even to the point where it could compromise his
career. He dismisses that with a wave of his hand. He speaks to the
media about his faith in God, his love for his mother, and his desire
to make a difference in the world. Need I say more?

I think we truly are struck by the rarity of this man, and if it's
putting Clay on a pedestal, then I say, if the pedestal fits, stand
on it! I honestly believe we're not likely to encounter a celebrity
who possesses these attributes again in our lifetime. Maybe we're
holding on with everything we've got!

And his voice, when he sings we are transported into Never Never
Land, above the mundane cares of ordinary life, unfulfilled dreams,
and all the disappointments so innate to our human experience.

In summary, perhaps Clay Aiken is the "last chance" for some of us --
our own special friend and secret love, maybe the first and maybe the
last. But ain't it great to feel alive again?

The Rut has a new resident, the windows are open and the sun is
shining and it's shining on us! We dance while we clean house, cook
dinner, we sense a load has been lifted and we are lighter on our
feet, we're managing the routine as never before. We get excited over
things we first got excited over when we were teens or in our 20s!

It doesn't seem to matter that we may never meet Clay Aiken, or that
he may never know that we exist as individuals with names, because
what he gives us from his end is "all these things," it is more than
enough and we're at a loss to ever fully explain it.

My feelings about Clay represent something that is exclusively MINE!
I don't have to answer to anyone for how I feel about Clay. And, I am
just naturally drawn to others who share this wonderful secret.

Hey, if we stop and think about it for TOO long, we may get the
blues -- just to realize for even a moment that we've only got him on
tape, electronically, on a CD, on paper, belies the depth of our
lives that he's taken over! We've never felt so young, we've never
realized we were getting so old! Ah, the bittersweet journey with
Clay and all his fans, wouldn't have missed it for anything!

We are enjoying life one new day at a time, and if people notice a
glow about you, just tell them it's Something in the Clay! Now excuse
me while I go back to my Clay Boards.

Linda Williams is a freelance writer, designer of her own Clay Aiken
website, and She is a Claymate who is best known as Sugarpi. Comments
on this article may be posted in the Rant Room for further public

The BAF - Another Example Of How It Is Making A Difference

We have yet another example of the excellent work being done by Clay's Bubel Aiken Foundation. A YMCA in Pennsylvania is earmarked for a BAF Able To Serve grant this year, and this article from the Times Tribune tells us how they plan on spending it:

On Thursday, the Greater Carbondale YMCA was informed it had been selected one of 10 organizations in the nation — and the only one in Pennsylvania — to receive a Clay Aiken Able-to-Serve Grant from the Bubel Aiken Foundation and Youth Service America.

The grant money has been slated for an interactive information and snack station at the 13th annual Fred Ciotti 5K Run/Walk event, hosted by the YMCA on April 21.

Event organizers would like to invite a nutritionist or dietician to make children more aware of healthy eating and their own eating habits, YMCA Executive Director Steve Durkin said.

“A few years ago we added the fun run to the Fred Ciotti race so the kids have fun,” Mr. Durkin said. “Now we’re expanding it to include Special Olympics.”

Tidbits 3/10

  • mediaVillage - it isn't only about winning Idol...
    Meanwhile, Studdard's runner-up Clay Aiken is all over TV, cutting up with Jimmy Kimmel, getting into feuds with Kelly Ripa, shooting the grits with Larry King. Love him or loathe him, he turns it on every time he's on the air.
  • Toronto Star article about Suzie McNeil, who sang a duet with Clay on ATDW...
    Since then the 28-year-old Toronto native has toured with Pink, recorded duets with INXS and Clay Aiken (the latter of which makes her laugh) and finished her own record. She's also been in Afghanistan for three weeks entertaining the Canadian troops.
  • Major League Soccer - random Clay mention in this soccer article.
  • Richmond Times Dispatch - article about AI5 finalist Elliott Yamin. His debut CD drops this month...
    "Hickory Records doesn't exist anywhere except in Elliott Yamin's world," said Rabhan, who, coincidentally, grew up in Richmond and worked with Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson during his time at major entertainment management company The Firm.

  • Carolina On My Mind - more reasons to give to the Bubel Aiken Foundation... Thanks to Amazing_CA for the wonderful PAH; screen caps courtesy Katt45.
    This week, while much of the country is focused on March Madness and extraordinary executions on the basketball court, supporters of The Bubel Aiken Foundation have displayed some pretty amazing moves themselves, propelling the charity to lst place in the ongoing Six Degrees Fundraiser.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Clay In Singapore TV's Idol 6 Promo

Clay was the first idol to be featured in a short promo-clip airing for American Idol on Singapore TV. Thanks to the CB's fynnshark for the cap below:

Clay Interview With Topeka Capital-Journal - August 19, 2004

At this slow time of clack, I am including some old articles/interviews/etc. from my collection of "clack gone-by". I came across this great interview that Clay had with Jan Biles of the Topeka Capital-Journal on August 19, 2004, published on September 1, 2004. Now admit it, we all love a good Clay interview. The only thing better than reading an interview is being able to hear that sweet southern voice and those giggles that are sprinkled throughout one. Well, we can't give you the actual voice, but here, for your reading pleasure is this interview from 2-1/2 years ago! / Topeka Capital-Journal
Published Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Aiken goes one-on-one
By Jan Biles
The Capital-Journal

Here is a transcript of the interview done with singer Clay Aiken before his
concert Aug. 19 in Buffalo, N.Y.:
Aiken: Hello?
C-J: Hey, Clay, how ya doing?
Aiken: Is this Jan?
C-J: It is.
Aiken: How are ya?
C-J: I'm OK. How are you?
Aiken: Pretty good.
C-J: Where are you calling from today?
Aiken: Ohhhh, Buffalo, N.Y.
C-J: Buffalo, OK. Well, I want to ask you about the tour, and the book, and the new CD, and all of this sort of stuff.
Aiken: OK.
C-J: Now, the tour's about halfway through, right?
Aiken: Right, I think we're right at the halfway mark.
C-J: How would you size it up so far? What's been the biggest challenge for you?
Aiken: I think there's a lot of pressure that goes with being on your own, to some extent. ... On the two other tours -- I had a whole bunch of other people with me on the "Idol" tour obviously. Then with Kelly, it was just she and I, so if something went wrong, I could always blame it on her. (Laughs.) Being on your own, all the pressure's on you, right? So if I mess up, it's all my fault. There's a lot of pressure to make sure everything's (going right).
[kcp: The interview continues below this inset MORE ON AIKEN]

Singer Clay Aiken has been a busy man. Here are some of the projects he's been working on:
• "Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life," an inspirational memoir to be released this fall by Random House
• An untitled classic Christmas compact disc, to be released this fall
• "Aladdin" DVD, on which he sings "Proud of Your Boy," a song not included in the original movie, to be released this fall
• "Stories for Heroes: Arthur Celebrity Audiobook," a compilation of Arthur stories read by Aiken, Kevin Bacon, Kelly Ripa, Ziggy Marley and other celebrities to benefit charities, available at • 50-stop solo tour that continues through October
Here are some of his achievements:
• "Measure of a Man," his debut album released in October, has sold nearly 3 million copies
• "This Is the Night/Bridge over Troubled Waters," his debut single, has sold more than 950,000 copies
• "The Way/Solitaire," his second single, has sold about 300,000 copies
• Won the Billboard Award for best-selling single in 2003
• Won the American Music Award for Fan's Choice in 2003

C-J: So I was wondering, you do the same material most every night -- Aiken: That's right.
C-J: So how do you keep the performances fresh for you, and the backup singers and the band?
Aiken: Well, usually I make fun on them onstage. (Laughs.) Just last night, we were driving to Toronto to see a friend of mine from "Idol" -- she was Vanessa Olivarez, from the top 12 of my season of "Idol." She's the lead in "Hairspray" in Toronto. So I thought I'd drop by and see her up there. And Quiana (Parlor), one of the singers from the show with me, we were driving up to the Canadian border, and she said: "Oh, I don't have my passport. They're not going to let me through. They're not going to let me through." And I said, "Well, you don't need a passport to get into Canada, you just have to have your ID." And so she was like, "Yeah, you do." And I said, "You'll see. You don't worry about it, you'll be fine." And she said, "What about when we go to New Mexico this summer, are we going we have to use a passport?" I said, "You've got to be kidding me. We don't need a passport there." (Laughs) So I make fun of them onstage.
We change the songs up a little bit, too. We've been on the road for a little over a month, about a month and half now. I kind of try to -- we just added a new song this week ("Chain of Fools") that Quiana and I sing on the show. ... So the show changes every night to the most part. We rarely do the same show every night simply because it, you know, keeps it fresh and new when it's something kind of different.
C-J: Well, let me ask you about the book that's coming out this fall, "Learning to Sing." You've been working with Allison Glock with that, is that right?
Aiken: Right.
C-J: Tell me about the process of writing this book. When in the heck did you find time to do it in the first place?
Aiken: Well, I kind of had the opportunity to start to work on it about a year ago. ... I kind of put it off. I didn't want to do a book about a biography or a behind-the-scenes process of "Idol." And so I wanted to make sure we had a real thing to write about, something that was worthwhile. So we started the whole process -- started working on it in April. And, yeah, there's not too much free time involved.
So I'd think about working on some stuff, and then Allison would come out. Allison came out a few times when we were on tour, and she kind of helped me piece it together. A lot of the stuff that I had was in the wrong places and didn't flow so well, kind of a bunch of crazy thoughts here and there, kind of mushed together and it didn't flow at all. So she would come out, she came out a few times, and, you know, (her) expertise in writing kind of helped me get it all in order.
C-J: OK, so she helped with organizing and ...
Aiken: Well, she helped with writing, as well.
C-J: What do you hope people take from the book, you know, after they've read it? What do you hope they learn from it?
Aiken: I kind of feel like it's an opportunity for me to share some experiences. You know, I think a lot of people have similar experiences in their life. ... There are people who are stepchildren. There are people who were picked on when they were in school. I was one of those. It's just an opportunity for me to kind of share those experiences and what I've learned.
I had a mother and a lot of other friends and family who were big on making sure I took the positive lesson from everything, whether it was good or bad. It's just a chance for me to talk about that, and if people come away from it saying, "You know what? That's the same thing I went through, and I can learn the same thing and that's a good way to look at things," then great. If they can read it and think it's funny and entertaining and like to find out a little more information about me, that's fine with me.
C-J: OK. Is this something you think you'd like to do more of in the future -- writing books?
Aiken: Writing?
C-J: Yeah.
Aiken: It's not so easy (laughs), not at all, so I don't know whether it's something in the near future, you know. Maybe in 30 years, if I do have a biography, we'll put it together, but right now I don't think so.
C-J: The Christmas CD's coming out. Describe that a little bit, and does this mean we'll see you on a lot of holiday specials this season?
Aiken: The Christmas CD, we have to finish. We have to do a few more songs on it at the end of the month. We just have to finish wrapping it up and put a lid on it. It's a very classic Christmas album. We didn't want to do anything that would be dated in a few years, like with a lot of original stuff, lots of original production. It's very classic, with orchestral arrangements ... compare it to an Andy Williams' type album that can be sold year after year, you know, and people can put it on and it feels like Christmas and feels like the holiday.
And so, that's what we've done. ... I'm sure I'll be on some specials every once in awhile, at least on "Good Morning America" and that type of stuff. Other than that, I'm not really sure what's in the works. All that stuff kind of comes with when the album comes out and you see what's available.
C-J: OK. I also wanted to ask about your relationship with Disney. I know they're sponsoring the tour and you've got the "Aladdin" DVD coming out. Do you have other projects in the works with Disney?
Aiken: Right now, the biggest project we have with them is their sponsorship of, their work with the foundation. They're partnering with the foundation on some of our initiatives and helping us get the word out, helping us do quite a bit of marketing with the media, strategizing I guess, to make sure we get the information out about the Bubel Aiken Foundation and some of our stuff. They partnered with the tour -- with the foundation first actually, sorry, and then with the tour second after I sang the song on the "Aladdin" CD, or DVD, sorry. So right now, that's all that we have in the works. You know, if there's something I'd love to do at one point and if they're ever interested in wanting to see me voice some character from a movie, maybe I'd do it.
C-J: Well, speaking of movies, you know, there's some rumors out there that you've done some screentests for "Rent" and ...
Aiken: There's a lot of rumors.
C-J: Yeah.
Aiken: You are the biggest person I've spoken to in months on rumors. (Laughs.) ... I mean, I've heard the rumor, but there's no truth to it.
C-J: There's no truth to the fact that you are involved in any movies?
Aiken: Not right now.
C-J: OK, all right.
Aiken: Now, maybe in the future, I'd love to do it. Right now, I've been on tour. I've been on the road.
C-J: OK, well, let's talk about the foundation. A year now in existence, and it's done wonderfully. What would you like to see happen in the second year?
Aiken: You know ... it's really exciting to see (our) camp programs that are being successful in Kansas City, and in Charlotte and in Raleigh. And next year, we're signed up (to be in) other cities. Miami is one of them, one of the places where we could work with the foundation's summer camp program. We've had success with Youth Service America, giving out grants to individuals with disabilities who are giving their time and their effort to help to do community service projects in their communities. That's been exciting to watch. There's just been so much more success in one year than I ever thought there would be. Of course, I'd love to see that continue to grow. I'd love to see that continue and then flourish and be successful, for obvious reasons.
I think it would be wonderful -- you know, I don't know how long I'll be doing this singing thing. I'm enjoying it and would love to do it as long as people let me, but I'm not so sure that I'll be doing it for 30 years. The foundation, what I'd love to see happening, is for it to kind of spread its own wings and take on a life of its own. And, therefore, in 30 years if I'm not, (or) in two years if I'm not doing this, that it will be able to be successful.
Aiken's personal assistant interrupts, saying there's time for one more question.
C-J: OK. Well, this is a silly question, all right?
Aiken: OK.
C-J: You've said that you're ...
Aiken: You're wasting your last question on a silly question?
C-J: This is a silly question, yes.
Aiken: (Laughs.)
C-J: I won't ask about InStyle, OK?
Aiken: (Laughs.)
C-J: Here's the silly question. You've said you're, you know, a big nerd, so what's the nerdiest thing you've done lately?
Aiken: Oh, lord. The nerdiest thing done lately, what is the nerdiest thing I've done. The nerdiest thing I do traditionally is -- everyone always makes fun of me about stuff -- when we get to a city, I usually grab the magazine in the hotel room. You know, there's a visitor magazine that tells a bunch of stuff about the town?
C-J: Right.
Aiken: I always do the research on the town. I want to know when it was founded and how it got its name. I want to know all that sort of stuff (laughs), and then when we get on the bus I tell everybody. And they get tired of that. (Laughs) So we know Buffalo ...
C-J: Thank you so much, Clay.
Aiken: You're quite welcome, and thank you.

Tidbits 3/9

  • Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram - interview with AI1 runner-up Justin Guarini -
    On how passionate his (and Clay Aiken's) fans are when a Pete a blogger says something negative about them: "I think American Idol gave us a chance to really touch people. And touch people's lives, and they feel like maybe they're responsible for us, because they're the ones that dialed in every week and voted to have us stay on the show. So unlike other reality shows, there seems to be more of a personal relationship between Idol and fans."
  • Clayton News Daily - too much Clay Aiken during AI2? (what! I never even knew too much Clay Aiken was possible!)
    I’m one of those people who watched the show during the first two seasons. I enjoyed it during the first season, but I began to be turned off by the show during the follow-up season.

    It was just too much Clay Aiken - more than I could really stand.
  • BreatheCast - Record breaking attendence for Greensboro's Winter Jam (Clay made a surprise appearance with Steven Curtis Chapman) -
    The actual paid attendance for the tour’s first eight weekends was 228,758. Six shows have exceeded 10,000 in attendance, including a 14,500 sell-out in Greenville, South Carolina and a Winter Jam record-breaking 16,500 in Greensboro, North Carolina where fans were treated to a surprise guest appearance by American Idol icon Clay Aiken.
  • Chicago Tribune - Idol weirdness... AI6 brings in Borat:
    By the way, is anyone else intrigued by what kind of antics Borat will get up to on the “Idol Gives Back” charity spectacular that will air on April 25? I think the special has the potential to be even more grandiose and deeply weird than last year’s finale (which featured Clay Aiken and the pet sea-kelp he wears on his head, among other strangeness).
  • USA Today - idol sales update

  • The ConCLAYve's Michi on the power of Clay's voice ...
    Funny thing, it happened to me again the other day. A Clay song came on and all of a sudden I was hyper-aware and my heart beat a tad faster. It’s been 4 years since I first heard Clay sing a note and I still react the same way when I hear his voice at the beginning of a song. As much as I have enjoyed many singers, that particular reaction is a first. I can’t help it. It is hard to hide it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Video of The UNICEF Snowflake Lightings Now At UNICEF Website

We've already seen many wonderful pictures of Clay at the UNICEF Snowflake Lightings from last December. Now UNICEF's website has a video with just over 10 glorious seconds of Clay as he counts down to the lighting of the snowflake. Also, a picture of Clay with the 2006 Pier1/UNICEF/Weekly Reader Greeting Card Contest winners is at the same site.

It makes me proud of Clay once again to see him as Ambassador Clay Aiken for UNICEF. I know it will make each of you proud as well!

Possible Texas Concert On Clay's Summer Tour

As a Texan, I can hardly contain my excitement as I write this article. I learned from The Aiken Breakin' Broads Group and The Clayboard that Clay's Management and Nokia in Grand Prairie are working out the details for a possible July concert during Clay's summer tour. Here is the info:

from auntdementia at the Clackhouse:

I just called Nokia's General Managers' office, and she told me "he is definitely coming. They are working out the details (date, ticket prices, etc) July looks good. AND tell the Claymates to subscribe to NOKIA THEATRE ALL ACCESS and an email will be sent out as soon as it is official"

You don't have to email or call she said. She is getting tons of emails. *g* Just go to their website and sign up for ALL ACCESS!!
Now, let me reiterate that this is not written in stone but only a tentative date. So Texans (and surrounding states), hold onto your hats and hope for this to turn into the real thing. We will keep you informed!

New Clack From Greensboro Surprise Appearance

We're getting some new Clack from Clay's surprise Clay concert appearance with Steven Curtis Chapman last month in Greensboro. has some new videos for you to check out. These photos were also posted on the Clayboard today:

Things I Learned From Clay

As we all know, there is not just mountains of Clay news out there right now. So I thought I would look through some of the things I have saved over the last 4 years and print one every day for a while, at least until the news picks up.

I found this gem. Don't know who wrote it or if it came from many Clay fans, but I thought you would all enjoy it. I'm sure we could add another 50 or 100 things to this list of "Things I Learned From Clay". Enjoy!

1. Too much salad WILL kill you.
2. Here's to not caring!!
3. Hoodies are a vital part of one's wardrobe. (I agree)
4. Phone interviews are best done while in your PJ's.
5. Despite how bad the music sounds, you can learn something from it.
6. Glory notes can be made to look harder than they are.
7. An image is not how you look. It's what you do. It's how you portray your personality, the example you set.
8. Raleigh is not just a city.
9. Red leather and hip shakes are a dangerous combination. (I don't think so!!!)
10. He's so muuuuuuuuuch.
11. No KFC should be without chicken!
12. Stealing cars is a bad thing!!
13. Krispy Kreme donuts are the best thing to come out of NC. (besides Clay!!)
14. We prefer Simon with his mouth closed.
15. An American Idol is someone with a talent that leaves a mark on American society and inspires people to think, feel, love, act.
16. I don't encourage people watching other people in their room.
17. If you don't succeed in Charlotte, try again in Atlanta.
18. Being a mic stand can be hazardous to your health.
19. Tivo is a good thing if you're on the road a lot.
20. What would Jesus do?
21. McDonald's in Ireland is just not good!
22. If you want to make God laugh, all you got to do is tell him your plans.
23. It's OK to come in 2nd place.
24. The sound of doves crying is actually the sound of women thudding en masse. (Isn't that right, ladies?)
25. It's OK to want to be like Mr. Rogers.
26. You can never wear too many layers.
27. As long as you're living right, then you don't have to worry about what people see.
28. Fame might get you to the head of the line at the DMV, but it can't guarantee you a good picture. (All pictures of Clay are good!!)
29. Temper tantrums can actually be cute!
30. There's something called a flat iron, and it has nothing to do with clothes.
31. Don't forget your keys - they might end up in Hong Kong or Dubai.
32. You can drown in an inch of water. ( How about an inch of drool??)
33. It's not a competition!!
34. Concerts just aren't the same without cell phones.
35. There is virtually no song that wouldn't sound better if Clay sang it.
36. A grunt can be sexy!
37. Not everyone will tell you his or her fave color.
38. People really do care what kind of milk you buy.
39. The greatest glory never comes from falling, but rising each time you fall.
40. Pink shoelaces are cool.
41. CA does not stand for California.
42. Solitaire's the only game in town.
43. Mothers will always put your most embarrassing moments on national TV. (Thank you MAMA!!)
44. Few schoolteachers, if any, get chased through malls.
45. You have to take every minute that happens and enjoy it for what it is.
46. Being a mama's boy isn't all bad.
47. Nothing can ever be so wrong that it can't be fixed or ignored.
48. Noses can be exquisite, lips can be to die for, and feet can be size 13.
49. We're here to open doors and open minds.
50. Idol found. Game over.

Tidbits 3/8

  • The week Clay appeared on Kimmel gave the show its highest ratings ever, according to ABC:
    During the middle of the February Sweep (week of 2/12/07), “Jimmy Kimmel Live” produced the late-night talk show’s largest weekly audience ever (2.04 million) – “JKL” debuted on the week of 1/27/03. In that same week, “Jimmy Kimmel” marked its strongest Adult 18-34 performance in over 2 years – best since week of 11/22/04.
  • Actress Archives - "American Idol has been a ratings juggernaut for Fox, constantly performing as the top-rated TV series in America. The show's popularity has meant that even losers become winners, as has been showcased several times. Clay Aiken couldn't take home the title of American Idol is Season Two, but has gone on to become a household name, selling millions of albums."
  • Easton Courier - In an article entitled "Youth Help Fill Library's Shelves", there is a neat Clay mention,
    "Looking at three shelves filled with a variety of music styles, Daniel said, "The kids picked out all of those titles. I am clueless when it comes to (their) music. They know much more about it than I do." The variety available includes several in the Video Now song collection series, Clay Aiken and N'Sync.
    Well, what do you know...the young people ARE listening to Clay Aiken!!
  • Christian Music Source - In "Newsong's Winter Jam Roars into March Passing 225,000 Concert Goers", the article says, "Six shows have exceeded 10,000 in attendance, including a 14,500 sell-out in Greenville, South Carolina and a Winter Jam record-breaking 16,500 in Greensboro, North Carolina where fans were treated to a surprise guest appearance by American Idol icon Clay Aiken." This is, of course, the Steven Curtis Chapman show.
  • Baltimore Sun quotes Letterman who quipped about Clay on his "Top Ten" list last week... "Team gets psyched before the game by listening to Clay Aiken."
  • Reality Blurred - next battle for Rosie O'Donnell - American Idol?
  • Cleveland Scene - Daughtry's CD review ...
    Going into Fuller's lab with an all-star cast of musical-makeover artists (from Rob Thomas to Slash), the aim was to create a neo-Creed, post-grunge record -- basically a foil for the label's pop dorks: Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken.

  • Webweaver - Claymates keep Clay on top at Technorati.
  • Taking A Moment - The unmistakable Jemock is back with a new blog ...
    Last Wednesday, I was minding my own business and wondering about whether there was going to be a Clay Aiken 07 Summer Tour of Hawtness (Both metereologically and physiologically relevant contexts) and was throwing out some crap that somebody actually boxed up and moved clear across the country so that I could throw it away in a new state, and instead of taking down the baby gate that we have to keep our Jack Russell Terrorist from causing the cat to get a nervous condition, I decided I would just step over it. The gate, not the nervous wreck cat. So I lugged the Hefty bag down the hall, thinking about sweaty Clay, and coordinated the slinging of the Hefty bag with the agile and gazelle-like movement of me hurdling the baby gate. The next thing I know, I'm hurtling through space like that runaway Bart Simpson Macy's Thanksgiving Day float, except not as gracefully but almost as big, with my right arm outstretched like Superman's. Then I hit the front door like a buzzard on a windshield and crumpled up on the brick foyer floor with my arm stuck behind my head. Picture the last time Ronny Cox is seen in Deliverance and you'll have a pretty good representation of the scenario in my foyer, except without the river and with a lot more cussing.
  • Clayigraphy - Claymates are smarter than a 5th grader... we know where Chautauqua is... the first stop (as it stand now) of Clay's 2007 Summer Tour.
  • Carolina On My Mind - Clay Aiken going back on the road with new tour.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Can You Help A Fellow Claymate Find Two Good Samaritan Girls?

Constantines Girl, a member of the Clayboard, has given me permission to include this in Clay's Daily Double in hopes of finding two girls who helped her take care of her mother at Clay's recent Christmas concert in Greensboro.

Here is what she says at The Clayboard thread:

I took my mother who was very ill with emphysema to the concert in Greensboro. There was a mix up with tickets so my mother was forced to sit separate from me. I was worried sick about her and she was seriously ill and I was terrified to leave her at her own seat even though I was just across the other side of the venue. 2 girls who were sitting next to her took it upon themselves to take care of my mom. When I left my mom there the lady asked me if I had a cell phone.. she took my number and said that if my mother needed me she would phone me during the concert. After the show when just about everyone had exited the venue and I was in a frantic search to have someone help me find a wheelchair for my mom these 2 ladies sat with my mother until I returned back. When they went to leave one of them told me to love my mother all I could because she had recently lost her mother and would give anything to have her back. I thanked both of them with a big hug for their kindness and they left. Ever since then I have been sad because I would so love to email .. call.. or write to them and let them know how much I appreciated them. If anyone knows who these 2 ladies are please let me know.
If anyone knows who these girls are, or if the girls themselves read this, please go to Constantinesgirl's Clayboard Thread and PM her with the information.

This is so typical of Clay fans, to reach out and help like this. How wonderful if she could get in contact with them.

Grand Rapids, MI Concert In The Future?

AOL Tickets is listing a mysterious Grand Rapids, MI concert for Clay with the Grand Rapids Symphony. We're not sure whether this is referring to last year's Christmas concert in Grand Rapids, or a to-be-announced concert from this summer's upcoming tour.

We'll keep an eye on this and let you know if and when we have more details.

Updatete: never mind. This isn't true. Looks like AOL Tickets is having some bugs.

SecretlyLovesClay's Long Island Clack Now Available

Have you been hungering for some new pictures and videos of Clay? Well, Secretlylovesclay has just the thing for you. Her Long Island concert clack is now up and available for download. This is this is the concert where Clay sat on the stool the whole time because he was not feeling well. In my opinion, Secretlylovesclay did an awesome job of capturing Clay's beauty in these pictures in spite of the fact that he was sick. The fact that he was able to sing a whole concert and even banter with a smile on his face with the audience speaks volumes about Clay. What an amazing man!

If you want to download Secretly loves Clay's videos, head over to Clack Unlimited.

To download pictures from this concert, go to The Clayboard's Long Island Clack thread.

Thanks, Secretlylovesclay, for some amazing photos and videos.

Tidbits 3/7

  • Raleigh News & Observer - In an article about rising home values in the Raleigh area, there is a comment on Clay's home:
    "If we can figure out where Clay Aiken bought, and there are more houses around it for sale, we might sell them for 14 percent appreciation," said Kathy Sims, a top seller for ReMax United in Cary. But local appreciation "averages 5 percent and it's been like that for four years."
  • LAist - In another article from Tony Pierce about Idols who have sung The National Anthem, Tony says, "And who on Earth would have thought that Clay Aiken would still be on people's radar?" Not sure what this guy has against Clay, but I mark him off as a reporter who just doesn't have an inkling of a clue.
  • Beacon News - In an article called Idolatry 101, Mike Danahey, Staff Writer, said,
    "Cowell consistently tells contestants to be "distinctive and unique." Sure, some people from the show have gone on to have best-selling albums and to win Grammy Awards, but we dare you to point out anything original about the music of say, Clay Aiken, or the vocal stylings of Carrie Underwood."
    I think Merv Griffin answered this one really well:
    "...If you can turn on the radio and say oh that’s Clay Aiken, oh that’s Barbra Streisand, oh that Frank Sinatra, oh that’s Tony Bennett…they’re a star, if you can identify them immediately by their sound. That kid has his own sound…he’s got energy, he’s got soul, he’s got, oh that voice pours out of him. And that’s the problem with most singers today…oh no, I’m not criticizing anybody….”
  • Bella Online quotes Clay in an article about pop music ... “It’s not the money. It’s not the fame. It’s the influence.” ~Clay Aiken
  • Los Angeles Times - Can AI find the next Clay? "Can the next Clay Aiken be hanging over that railing before us? It certainly is no longer necessary to win “American Idol” to become a star; losers from past top 12’s have gone on to produce bestselling albums (Clay Aiken), receive Oscar nods (Jennifer Hudson) and hold microphones on red carpets (Kellie Pickler)."
  • USA Today ... reader opinions on American Idol. One reader says: "American Idol isn't just a reality show. The show has become a career launching pad that has led to very profitable paths. Just look at Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken or Fantasia."
  • A few more AI6 related articles:
    • Dallas Fr. Worth Star Telegram (negative)
    • Wichita Eagle:
      Which brings me to Sanjaya. Oh, Sanjaya. Can someone please, please explain this kid to me? Although I didn't think it was possible, his appointment with the flat iron -- and his revelation that he's an amateur hula dancer -- made him seem creepier than ever. I suspect he's seduced the whole Clay Aiken contingency, what with his completely nonthreatening girlish good looks, but please, people, can we stop the insanity? Do not give this boy Phil's spot in the top 12!
    • Actress Archives - "While Clay Aiken couldn't grab the Idol crown in Season Two, he still became a household name and sold millions of album."
    • Idaho Statesman - Will Antonella Barba be kicked off AI for racy photos? "Remember Frenchie Davis, who got kicked off in the Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken year for her own set of racy photos?"
  • BYU News Net - article mentions Jacob Luttrell, who toured with Clay in 2004 & 2005 ... "professional performer Jacob Luttrell, who has spent much of the last three years touring with multi-platinum recording artists Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken."
  • NY Daily News on the hand-over-mouth Kelly Ripa incident last November ... ""Dancing With the Stars" hottie Mario Lopez was in NYC Monday to play guest host with Kelly Ripa on "Live With Regis and Kelly." That should definitely make up for the Clay Aiken incident."

  • The ConCLAYve - celebrating the big 50 with Clay Aiken ... "For those of you out there who have yet to reach this milestone, I can tell you that I am living proof that the popular adage is true: “50 is the new 30.” And Clay, pretty much…it’s all your fault."

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Bubel Aiken Foundation Has Moved Up To #1 In Six Degrees Fundraiser

You may remember that CDD let you know about a wonderful fundraiser for The Bubel Aiken Foundation sponsored by Six Degrees a couple of weeks ago. In this fundraiser, the top six groups will receive matching funds up to $10,000 from Kevin Bacon. As of Tuesday morning, after going between 4th and 5th place for several days, The Bubel Aiken Foundation has jumped up to 1st place with a total of 360 donations and $8,369!

The important thing to remember about this fundraiser is that it is not the dollar amount that determines what place you are in, but the total number of donations that have been made. The minimum donation amount accepted is $10, and only one donation per person will be counted toward the total, so don't try to up the total number of donations by making more than one.

The six winners will receive up to $10,000 in matching funds for their group. TBAF is less than $2000 away from reaching that amount. That would mean a total of $20,000 going to TBAF!

If you would like to learn more about this fundraiser go to TBAF for more information.

To make a donation, go to SixDegrees donation page.

Let's keep TBAF at #1 and help them reach $10,000!

Clay On Technorati's Most Searched For List

Clay returned today to Technorati's most searched for list for no apparent reason (I mean... Clay's had no big appearances since Mike & Juliet). Back in June of last year, Clay topped the list at #1 for several days.

Keep searching for Clay Claymates!

(For those of you who don't know what Technorati is: it's a tool that lets you search all the blogs, like CDD for example, out there in the blogosphere. In fact, if you go to our homepage, you'll see a Technorati box on the left hand side which you can use to search CDD).

Tidbits 3/6 has been redesigned. Not too big a change content wise, but Clay's video for ATD and WY are now featured on the bottom of the homepage.

  • Raleigh News & Observer - N.C. Theater producer William Jones wants to see Clay & AI6 standout Lakisha Jones (the two Jones have no relationship with each other) to star together in a play...
    Jones has also been hot on the trail of Raleigh's "Idol" runner-up, Clay Aiken, who played small roles at N.C. Theatre before his "Idol" stardom.

    Aiken would be a perfect Huckleberry Finn in "Big River," says Jones, who won't stage it until he can get Aiken.

    Why Huck?

    Well, first, it's a starring role, which Aiken's stature demands, Jones says. The vocal range is suitable, too. But mostly, it's a personality thing.

    "I think he's got a little bit of innocence to him," Jones says. "And I think Huck is an innocent kind of character: Everything's great in the world. Huck is a guy who believes in everybody. He doesn't see black, he doesn't see white. ... He just sees the world as it is. I think Clay could portray that very well."
  • Lycos 50 - Clay has dropped for the second week in a row on the Lycos 50. Last week he was at #17, and he dropped two more spots to #19 this week. Let's start moving him back up again by searching via Lycos for everything Clay!
  • Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune - An American Idol matching quiz is in this article. Check it out and see if you can match Clay with "his post-Idol experience".
  • Yahoo Music - Scroll down at Yahoo Music and check out Clay's videos: "The Way", Invisible", "Without You", and a Live Yahoo Exclusive Interview. About Clay, Yahoo says, "As one of the top-selling Idols, Clay proves nice guys finish second. He's a winner in our book!" Give his videos some hits!
  • USA Today -why bad singers often remain on AI for far too long...
    The sophomore season was less offensive to vocal purists. Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, both good singers, dominated, and finalists such as Trenyce, Rickey Smith and Corey Clark were irritating because of personality traits rather than vocal deficiencies. Still, Kimberly Caldwell (7th) was the year's Ryan Starr — all attitude, no voice, perfect qualifications for her subsequent career as a TV Guide Channel host.
  • Hartford Courant reminds us that Clay's Kimmel appearance last month repeats tonight on ABC.
  • The Express Times - Taylor Hicks making tour stop in PA ...
    Several "American Idol" singers have brought their tours to the region in the past, including Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Kimberly Locke and Bo Bice at Allentown's Mayfair Festival of the Arts, and Constantine Maroulis at Crocodile Rock in Allentown.
  • AOL Sports ... uh... weird topic of discussion at a press conference for the Green Bay Packers - "Quinn starts a press conference one day to make fun of Russell for being out of shape, and then Russell's agent responds by starting a rumor that he saw Quinn making out with Clay Aiken"

Monday, March 05, 2007

Kimmel Appearance Repeats Tomorrow Night

For those of you who missed it the first time around, Clay's Valentine's Day Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance will repeat tomorrow (Tuesday) night at its usual time on ABC. Check local listings.

Clay Braves Storm To Attend President's Committee Meeting

Clay's doing a fine job with his one year term with the President's Committee For Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, according to this email sent by the committee to the CB's dardar. Bravo Clay! We're proud of you.

Thank you for your interest in the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. We appreciate the close attention you pay to our activities. I want to assure you that Mr. Aiken takes his responsibilities on the Committee very seriously, and is an active and valued member.

In spite of the intense winter weather that hit the eastern seaboard and caused many flight cancellations and delays, Mr. Aiken was able (after some weather-related delays) to make it into town for our meeting. Unfortunately, due to the weather, several of our members and one of our speakers were unable to make it to the meeting at all, but Mr. Aiken persisted in his travel plans and was able to attend the latter part of the first day and the entirety of the second day.

Again, thank you for your interest in the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

(name removed)
President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Tidbits 3/5

  • - American Idol article - "She was hooked during the show's second season, when Ruben Studdard won and Clay Aiken was a close runner-up, and continued when Carrie Underwood won in the fourth season. "
  • New University Online - rather random Clay mention in this CD review.

  • There Was A Man looks a back at the AI2 wildcard rounds, results to which were announced 4 years ago tonight.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tidbits 3/4

4 years ago today
Clay performs "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" on American Idol 2's Wildcard round.

  • Claymates... it's time to attack this poll at MSNBC which asks "Who was the best "American Idol" runner-up?". Clay's currently trailing Katharine McPhee, so let's get to work everyone!
  • YouTube - If you can't get enough of spotlightlover's NaJNT 2006 tour montages, here's another one for "Mary, Did You Know"
  • Waco Tribune - the world needs heroes, not celebrities: "That’s not to say no celebrity is worth at least some of our admiration. I’m impressed that Lucy Liu is a UNICEF ambassador, along with Clay Aiken, Alyssa Milano and Liv Tyler. And celebrities were out in force to raise money after Hurricane Katrina."
  • The Courier News - American Idol isn't original ...
    Sure, some people from the show have gone on to have best-selling albums and to win Grammy Awards, but we dare you to point out anything original about the music of say, Clay Aiken, or the vocal stylings of Carrie Underwood.
  • Indianapolis Star updates us on where the AI winners are now...
    Ruben Studdard: Alabama-based Studdard edged Clay Aiken in 2003's memorable two-man duel. Debut album "Soulful" reached No. 1 on Billboard magazine's albums chart. Studdard's third album, "The Return," arrived in stores last October.
  • Blogcritics - Another AI article ...
    If they someday have to give classes in the lessons of American Idol, I would say it’s find what’s inside you that’s special and let people see it. Elliott Yamin, Jennifer Hudson, and Clay Aiken all did this to an extent.
  • Regina Leader-Post - review of Canadian Idol 4 runner up's CD... "I remember being surprised at liking Clay Aiken's debut CD, especially since it didn't sound like a hustled-along mish-mash of songs cobbled together to cash-in on his fleeting American Idol fame."
  • - Taylor Hicks & the Idol curse...
    Like most history, Idol has a way of repeating itself. Just look at Studdard, the Season 2 winner who went nowhere fast. Runner-up Clay Aiken soared over Ruben in popularity, record sales and overall stardom. Ouch.
  • Knox News - Taylor Hicks comes to Tennessee...
    It's interesting watching the "Idol" alums live after getting to "know" them on TV. I've seen Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken headline and Fantasia open for Kanye West, all at Thompson-Boling Arena. Clay's audience seemed to be mostly Claymates. Kelly's was a broad spectrum. Fantasia's was Kanye's.

  • ClayKat - one of my favourite blogs is back! Thanks to ClayKat for the nice plug for CDD.
    Well, after being away for so long from ClayKat, I almost shouldn't call this a blog anymore! I'll try to be here more often, but with full-time work, family life, volunteer work, social life, health issues, another blog and lots more, let's say that my time is limited... though my admiration for Clay is certainly not!

    Clay's Daily Double has set up a special 2007 ATDW Summer Tour blog where one will find the most up-to-date information as it becomes available. So far, we are told that Clay will be in San Diego, California on August 2nd and Chautauqua, New York on July 20th. I presume there will be concerts in many other places in between as well (eastern Canada, please, Clay!!).

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF