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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Reports from Toronto

Clay in Canada 2007

Below are reports from the Royal Ontario Musuem in downtown Toronto where Clay is rumored to be making an appearance sometime after 9:30 PM EDT tonight.



7:32 PM - BellaToronto @ CB -
possible Clay sighting at the ROM Crystal Pavilion free concert in Toronto - my friend from the CB, RedBay is line to get in with around 20-30 people in front of her and TorontoGirl05 and Inaraen, two young geniuses with cameras ready to roll. They're on the lookout for luckiest1 and cindilu2, who were driving into town.

I'm on standby for calls and sighting news!

8:27 PM - BellaToronto @ CB -
Another call from RedBay - they talked to some technie staff and the piano for David Foster has been set up. The concert area is actually three stages and it's on the right side.

10:07 PM - no Clay yet... will he show up is now the big question. CP24-TV in Toronto reports the crowd is around the 40,000 to 50,000 range.


11:24 PM - it's a wrap... no Clay tonight :(

Clay Photo In Today's Vancouver Sun

Clay in Canada 2007

Clay posed with Premier of British Columbia Gordon Campbell when he performed for him and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday. This article was published in the Vancouver Sun today. Thanks to the CB's hippoga for the scan.

Note: CDD will be continuously updated tonight in case the rumored Clay appearance at the downtown Toronto concert tonight (starts at 9:30 PM EDT) is indeed true. Several Clayboard members will be going and phoning into a "ROM-cert".

Toronto Claymates - Update On Possible Clay Appearance In Toronto

Clay in Canada 2007

There is SPECULATION that Clay will be appearing at the Royal Ontario Museum's free concert tonight at 9:30 PM on Bloor St. between Avenue Rd. and Bedford Rd. The concert celebrates the opening of the ROM's new "Michael Lee-Chin Crystal".

There is no confirmation that Clay will be there, but there is now strong evidence that Clay is indeed in Toronto tonight. David Foster, who is travelling with Clay in Canada, is a scheduled performer at tonight's event.

If any Claynadian Claymate is available in Toronto tonight, we strongly urge you to go to this concert tonight for a POSSIBLE Clay sighting.

This is from the ROM's website. The program for tonight's concert can be found here (PDF).
Free concert celebrates Architectural Opening of ROM’s Michael Lee-Chin Crystal on June 2nd at 9:30pm

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) hosts A World of Possibilities,, a free outdoor concert on the ROM’s new Bloor Street Plaza on Saturday, June 2, 2007 to celebrate the Architectural Opening & Building Dedication of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. Presented by CIBC, the Inaugural Season Sponsor, the 75-minute concert features three stages of theatrical performances by an outstanding line-up of Canadian and international artists, complemented by spectacular visual effects projected on the dramatic exterior façade of the Lee-Chin Crystal. The concert starts at 9:30 pm. The public is admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, with access beginning at 8 pm. Bloor St. W. will be closed between Avenue Rd. and Bedford Rd. for this event, but audience space directly in front of the stages is limited

Syracuse Civic Theater Stages "Idol: The Musical" Clay Aiken Style

The Syracuse Civic Theater in Syracuse, NY are staging what they are billing as "Idol: The Musical". The show takes audiences through the lives of hopeless Clay Aiken addicts (like us!) and shows us how to become the next Clay Aiken.

The CH's pookle just came back from a screening of the show and posted this review:

Well, I'm back from the IDOL the MUSICAL show! It was funny! The premise is that a bunch of 'misfit' HS kids "idolize" Clay as the epitome of success! They want out of their one cow town, ergo they worship Clay, as they try out for AI, and an upcoming tour about Clay.

What a weird thing sitting in a theatre hearing songs mentioning Clay. (Most were just name dropping/rhyming and not "about" Clay- which made me happy.

A few fandom jokes (clay-isms/ knowing when and where he is at all times), and one fairly lame, but sometimes funny solo of a woman singing to a clay head of Clay about how much he makes her hot or somesuch. (duh)

The majority of the play focused on getting to know the kids and their unique personalities. And one sidesplitting chippendale dance. By the end, it was a "put your idols back on the shelf/just be yourself" kind of song.

It's playing in Syracuse one more night, next Friday, and then it's going to Off Broadway for a month. I actually liked it, and laughed way more than I thought I was going to.
And here's the review from the Syracuse Post Standard:
Imagine, if you will, a combination of elements from "Bye, Bye Birdie," "A Chorus Line," "Fame," "The Breakfast Club," and "High School Musical" - with a higher quotient of sexual humor. Further imagine such elements mixing in a story concerning the socials effects of Clay Aiken and you pretty much have a fix on "Idol: The Musical."

"Idol" is about a somewhat improbable social group of high school seniors, evidently bound together by their worshipful devotion to "American Idol" second season second-placer Clay Aiken.

The numbers are never less than serviceable, and several are quite appealing. "Discipline," about the need to practice the entertainment craft, is an early standout, while "Quakin' for Aiken" also lingers in memory, possibly due to the lyric "We're quakin' for Aiken, and shakin' our bacon."

Whatever its limitations, "Idol: The Musical," kept a mainly young audience entertained, laughing and sufficiently diverted to (generally) refrain from text-messaging for nearly two hours -quite an achievement for any enterprise in mid-2007.

Clay Visits Calgary, Toronto According to Canadian Media Reports

Clay in Canada 2007

Clay on the front page of the Calgary Herald today. Thanks to the CB's aikenfan6 for the scan!

A Vancouver Sun article seem to suggest that Clay was in Calgary, Canada yesterday and will be in Toronto, Canada today to perform at several engagements with David Foster. No more details at the moment, but we will get them to you if/when the become available. Clay performed for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell in Vancouver on Thursday.
CLAY AIKEN, the American Idol super-graduate, stole the show by singing at Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance at the Stanley Park Pavilion Thursday. With Premier Gordon Campbell humming along, the California governor preached the green-way mantra other politicos have suddenly taken to heart. But a far older theme -- a star is born --played later when Aiken dined with homegrown music-biz biggie David Foster at Umberto Menghi's Il Giardino restaurant.

It involved a Greenway, too.

That was server Andrea Greenway, who, at Menghi's request, ripped off an operatic aria while setting Foster and Aiken's chow on the table.

Foster's response: "A car will pick you up at eight in the morning. Bring two changes of clothes and your passport. You'll sing with Clay in Calgary Friday. We'll be in Toronto Saturday."

That would be for tonight's benefit concert for the Royal Ontario Museum. By Friday, though, Foster had booked her to sing with pianist Lang Lang in Las Vegas Sunday, and to go into a Los Angeles studio with him (Foster) Monday. Ecstatic at Greenway's break, Il Giardino general manager Bobby Copiak still said: "Now I'm hooped for a server this weekend."

Update 8:31 AM: The Calgary Herald has confirmed that Clay was indeed in Calgary yesterday for a special concert with David Foster:
As for that famed runner-up from American Idol, Clay Aiken? Well, a playful Foster dances around the rumour that Aiken will be performing at the Calgary concert, but he did manage to bring the pop star into town Friday to perform at a private backyard party for the foundation.

Why wasn't Aiken at the Friday afternoon press conference, held downtown at the new Wild Ginger restaurant? "Clay likes to sleep late," explains a dapper Foster, posing for pictures at his keyboard as the conference wraps up.

"But he's a wonderful friend of the Foundation and he loves Canada. . . . He's just here to help."

Friday, June 01, 2007

Tidbits 6/2

  • Vancouver Sun recaps Clay's performance for Gov. Schwarzenegger and Premier Campbell in Vancouver on Thursday:
    CLAY AIKEN, the American Idol super-graduate, stole the show by singing at Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance at the Stanley Park Pavilion Thursday. With Premier Gordon Campbell humming along, the California governor preached the green-way mantra other politicos have suddenly taken to heart. But a far older theme -- a star is born --played later when Aiken dined with homegrown music-biz biggie David Foster at Umberto Menghi's Il Giardino restaurant.
  • Reality TV World - In an article about a dispute between Kelly Clarkson and Clive Davis, Clive said:
    "Contrary to popular belief, that's what album sales are really all about -- new hit songs," said Davis during the finale. "Everyone in American Idol must toast [those] much too often underappreciated professional songwriters, those who have greatly enhanced the American Idol album franchise. Right from the very beginning, by writing No. 1 hit songs for Clay Aiken, through 'Since U Been Gone'.. 'Breakaway,' for Kelly Clarkson's huge 'Breakaway' album..."
  • - Several Clay comments in this article about the AI6 finale:
    The “final-final” telecast of the “American Idol” used to pull in as many as 38 million viewers (during the Ruben Studdard-Clay Aiken square-off)....We submit that the Ruben-Clay finale scored a record-setting viewership because the two surviving finalists were so evenly matched in terms of talent....Now that the 2007 “American Idol” season has run its course, music buffs are surveying the field, and have noted that winners Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks have been eclipsed by their runners-up (Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry for Hicks, Clay Aiken for Studdard).
  • Syracuse Post Standard - high school staging "Idol" musical based on Clay Aiken and his fans -
    Further imagine such elements mixing in a story on the social effects of Clay Aiken and you pretty much have a fix on "Idol: The Musical."

    "Idol" is about an improbable group of high school seniors, evidently bound together by their worshipful devotion to "American Idol" second season second-placer Clay Aiken.
  • Tour mentions:
    • Fayetteville Observer - "Clay Aiken will perform with the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre on Aug. 10. Tickets are $27.50 to $50."
    • TC Palm

  • Nothing here yet

Clay Blogs About BAF Gala

Clay just posted a short blog thanking us for our support during the recent Bubel Aiken Foundation Champions of Change gala held in Raleigh. Clay says $333,238.45 was raised for the foundation. Amazing!

Clay Cracks Top 10 @ Lycos50

Clay has cracked the top 10 at Lycos50 once again. He comes in at #7 this week. Great work everyone and let's keep searching!

Frisco Freedom Fest Promotes Clay Concert

Nice Clay promo by the Frisco Freedom Fest's website. Clay opens his 2007 Summer Tour in Frisco, TX on Independence Day. The day will be capped off by Clay & some fireworks.

Great looking ad!

Clay in Vancouver: The Spikes Are BACK!!!!

Clay in Canada 2007

CTV News in Vancouver, BC has broadcast a new video of Clay appearing at a special gala last night in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In attendence were dignitaries including B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who wrapped up his 3 day official visit to Canada in the city.

Clay performed "Solitaire" held at Vancouver's big Stanley Park, situated across downtown.

A video clip of the CTV News report is available at SendSpace... many thanks to the CB's gerwhisp. You can also watch it here:


Few more photos from United Press International:

Tidbits 6/1 - I haven't seen a few of these before... photos from Clay's December 13, 2003 mini-concert at Q-100's Frosty The Showman 2003.

  • Entertainment Weekly - bad season finales this year - "Season finales haven't fared too well this year. The lackluster Idol ender couldn't produce even half the brilliance of Clay's surprise appearance last year"
  • Reuters wire story on the surge in popularity of classical music recently... mentions Clay's Symphonic summer tour which starts next month: "Cincinnati Pops is teaming up with funk icon Bootsy Collins, and 2003 American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken is planning a summer symphony tour."
  • Entertainment Weekly - article about FOX's So You Think You Can Dance:
    Clogger Brandon Norris — a cross between Clay Aiken, Elliott Yamin, and Kenneth the NBC Page on 30 Rock — shut Nigel up but quick with his Roadrunner-quick feet after the judge prefaced the audition with the warning that they had never put a clogger through before.
  • Canada's Globe & Mail (major Canadian newspaper) - Ruben Studdard part of "all-star" cast paying tribute to Ella Fitzgerald in PBS special airing tonight -
    Studdard was an American Idol winner several years back, but never achieved the fame or notoriety of that season's runner-up, Clay Aiken. How Studdard ended up as part of this all-star lineup is a mystery.
  • Tour mentions:
    • Philly Burbs (negative)
    • ABC WPVI-TV Philadelphia - "Workers are still putting the finishing touches on Mann Center stage this afternoon, getting ready for the diverse roster of performers who will be here this summer. People as different as Clay Aiken and Smokey Robinson, Lyle Lovett and Wynton Marsalis."
    • The Desert Sun

Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Run To Me" Featured on So You Think You Can Dance

Clay's "Run to Me", off of Measure of A Man, was featured tonight on FOX's summer dance series, So You Think You Can Dance. The song was featured during the show's audition process which continues next week.

Gerwhisp already has a cap ready for us at SendSpace... great song... terrible dancing!

Clay In Vancouver

Clay in Canada 2007

Update 6/1: this has been confirmed by CTV News in Vancouver, BC. Clay's back in Vancouver WITH SPIKY HAIR!!! EEEE... full CDD report here.

We have unconfirmed reports that Clay is performing at a gala tonight in Vancouver, Canada. The gala is being attended by the premier of British Columbia Gordon Campbell and visiting California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here's the report from one of the message boards:
I just heard on the news that Clay was/is in Vancouver!
Governor Arnold is in Vancouver and he hosted a reception for our Premier, with David Foster and Clay Aiken performing!!!
Kill me now! So near and yet so far! I'm not equiped to supply any clack but maybe gerwhisp will pick something off the news. I'll see what I can find out about it.
If this is true, this would be Clay's third visit to the Canadian city. He last visited Vancouver to perform at David Foster's charity gala in September 2006. Before that, Clay opened his JNT2005 tour in Vancouver,

Tidbits 5/31

Another indication that the tour is right around the corner. Promo email sent by the Constellation Performing Arts Center in Canandaigua, NY. Clay will be there on July 19. Thanks to CAP 121 at Clayveristy for the screenshot.

  • Wichita Eagle ran a little blip today about Clay coming to Wichita in November:
    Clay Aiken coming to Wichita in November

    Former "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken will perform a Christmas show Nov. 26 at Central Christian Church, 2900 N. Rock Road.

    Aiken will be backed by members of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and the show is at 7:30.

    Tickets are $40, $35 and $30 and will go on sale Sept. 4.
  • Eurweb - most successful American Idols:
    Clay Aiken
    Season 2, runner-up
    Measure of a Man - 2.8-million;
    Merry Christmas with Love - 1.3-million
    A Thousand Different Ways - 511,000
  • Columbus Alive takes us on a journey down "Idol lane" -
    Clay Aiken's two albums, Measure of a Man and A Thousand Different Ways, sold millions of copies and put him at the top of the charts for holiday music, while both of Studdard's albums tanked.
  • Sports Central - sports commentator doesn't like Kelly Clarkson, but does like Clay Aiken's "latest release":
    On a the greatest day of racing of the year," says Kenseth, "with world-class racing in Charlotte, Indianapolis, and Monte Carlo, I was disappointed by only one thing: that Indy got the Chris Daughtry pre-race concert. We get stuck with Kelly Clarkson's awful concert at Daytona. It's just not fair. Luckily, while she was singing, I had my earplugs in, tuned to the latest Clay Aiken release.
  • 15 Rounds - random Clay mention... boxing. "Gatti could fight Clay Aiken and fill Boardwalk Hall."
  • And some tour mentions:
  • Arizona Daily Star predicts when Clay will come to Arizona - "Late 2007" (note.. this is a prediction... no Christmas date for AZ has been announced)
  • - mentions Clay as being a fan of Maroon5 (Clay mentioned this in an interview a long time ago) - "Hilary Duff is a big fan. Kirsten Dunst loves them. So does the first American Idol Kelly Clarkson. Clay Aiken can sing along to all the words of the 'big hit'."

  • Nothing here today!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Clay Mention in Us Weekly

Small Clay tidbit in the June 11th edition of Us Weekly (Shiloh Jolie-Pitt on the cover)... page 84:

Who is the Most Successful Idol?

No. 3

Clay Aiken

Millions of "Claymates" can't be wrong: The Season 2 runner-up and fan fave, 28, boasts album sales of 4.6 million.

New Wichita, KS Date Announced for Christmas Tour

According to the CV's Marilyn, Clay will be at the 3000-seater Central Christian Church in Wichita, KS on November 26, 2007 for a Christmas concert, part of his "Magical Holidays" tour. Tickets go on sale September 28.

Other dates confirmed for the 4th Clay Aiken Christmas tour are:

  • Nov. 30, 2007, Kalamazoo, MI - Miller Auditorium (more info)
  • Dec. 7, 2007, Albany, NY - Palace Theater (more info)
CDD's full depth coverage of the 2007 Christmas tour is available here. A full CDD Christmas Tour 2007 blog will be coming in the fall.

Tidbits 5/30

  • Pop Matters - The article, "Jordin, Blake - Who Cares" has a Clay mention: "Most importantly, will Jordin be insistent on pursuing her musical desires, the way Kelly and Fantasia and (though he lost his latest battle) Clay Aiken have?"

  • TC Palm Entertainment - Lists Clay's concert at Kravis Center:
    Clay Aiken With Orchestra; 8 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 18. Tickets $20-$65.
  • This Week News - tour mention ... Columbus concert
  • ABC13 - the usual Rosie mentions.

  • Happy belated Brithday to WebWeaver's World... her blog turned 1 year old this month.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TeamSugar: Clay Aiken "Cute and Sexy"

Even as a Claymate, I can admit that the media has always treated Clay more negatively than most other celebrities. 'Why?' is a difficult question to answer, but TeamSugar has some wonderful insight on why it is so popular to "hate" Clay Aiken and why they "like him":

I like him. I think he's a great guy, a very talented singer, a humanitarian and I believe that he is telling the truth that he isn't gay. I also think he is cute and sexy.

How did it happen that people bash him without knowing anything about him except that he was on American Idol and that some nasty gays and ignorant people bash the daylights out of him? Why has he become a punching bag for anyone and everyone when he's never done anything to deserve it? Is it because he isn't doing drugs, isn't night clubbing and getting trashed or whoring around with any girl that lets him? Is it because he's a Christian and doesn't hide it?

K-Lo Charity Auction Update: Bidding for Clay's Shirt Up to $2,500!

Bidding for Clay's shirt at the Kimberley Locke & Idol Friends Clothes Off Our Back auction (more info) is now up to an astounding $2,500. It has the highest bid right now, with the second highest bid of a mere $300 for American Idol winner Jordin Sparks' blouse.

If you are ready to cough up that amount of money for Clay's famous striped American Idol 2 shirt, you have until June 15 at 7 PM PST to cast your bid. All proceeds benefit charity organizations sponsored by Clothes Off Our Back.

Tidbits 5/29

This looks like a "new" photo from Clay's appearance on The View last September. He is being flanked by Angela and Quiana. Thanks to OneSingerGal at the CB for uncovering this at
  • Small Clay Aiken concert mention in the San Diego Union Tribune ... click on the thumbnail to the right to read it. Thanks to the CB's LUVClay26 for the scan.
  • Clay Aikenology group @ MySpace - really cute story about Clay being "in" the delivery room with a Claymate as she gave birth...
    Clay Aiken 'with' me in the delivery room - As luck would have it, one of my best friends went into labor on Mother's Day. The baby was already five days late for her own birth, a trait definitely genetically inhereited from the mother. We planned, and packed, and rehearsed. I was to be one of her coaches in the delivery room along with her boyfriend. She had her stereo with some Clay music on it, and a prepacked bag with other goodies in it.

    The midwife came in,looked, and said "It's time to push!" We were relieved to hear that.
    Two hours later, with Mr. Boyfriend and myself looking on, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She kept asking if her baby was ok. The little baby girl had a bit of trouble breathing, but that was mainly due to having to push and kick her way out into the world, listening to Clay Aiken sing for her. All of us were crying.
  • Pegasus News - some band I have never even heard of being cooler than Clay? What? How's that even possible?
    Futuresoul Soundclash Go see this show because FSS' Clay Pendergrass is way cooler than Clay Aiken. That's right, bring it Clay Aiken fans, we're not afraid of you.
  • OC Register - Idol finale ratings slightly higher than previously announced:
    Because Jordin Sparks' coronation as the sixth "American Idol" winner didn't come until after 10 p.m., "Idol" viewership was adjusted from 29.5 million in fast national figures to 30.7 million in the final national (live plus same-day viewership) tally.

    While those numbers dominated the night and added an extra bit of relish to Fox's already preordained May sweeps victory, they were still off rather dramatically from last season's "American Idol" finale. When Taylor Hicks topped Katharine McPhee, the two-hour show averaged 36.4 million viewers.

    Fox said last year's finale was the network's most-watched night of entertainment programming ever, though it wasn't even the most viewed "Idol" finale ever. The 2003 showdown between Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken was broken into an hour-long preshow and an hour-long finale, with that second hour drawing 38 million.
  • Arizona Republic - disappointed with Idol finale ...
    I was disappointed with the finale. In previous years, there were so many surprises and silly guilty-pleasure skits, like showing Paula and Simon on a date, and Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken in the boxing ring. This year, the finale reminded me of Idol Gives Back all over again. They didn't even splurge for the confetti or choir singers. What was up with that? Are you as upset as I am? Hey, we should start a "Bring back the confetti" petition for next year.
  • Caroll County Times - best AI performances:
    3. "Bridge Over Troubled Water," Clay Aiken, Season 2.

    I love any songs backed by an inexplicable gospel choir.
  • Student Operated Press questions why we are so addicted to talent contests -
    This week on AI, voters picked a new winner. With far more votes than in any American Presidential Election that I know of, over 70 millions viewers voted and Jordin Sparks won over Blake Lewis. Two very different singers appealing to different fans. In fact, the last 4 or 5 finalists will do well. Remember Clay Aiken or Chris Daughtry?
  • - article about Mizuo Peck... "Mizuo appeared in Clay Aiken 'The Way' music video."

  • The ConCLAYve - Newsweek is another example of crappy journalism - But approximately two and a half years ago, Newsweek reported a story about Clay Aiken and cited as a source. That's right, gawker, the gossip site which uses this disclaimer: "Gawker is a gossip site. The site publishes both rumors and conjecture, in addition to accurately reported information. Information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies; the site's proprietors do not make warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the site's content. Links to content on and quotation of material from other Gawker sites are not the responsibility of Gawker Media.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tidbits 5/28

  • The Clayboard - Oyjnkjh, a Clay fan from Korea (Korean fans are called "Clayreans") posted a delightful picture that another Clayrean drew of Clay. Don't you agree that this drawing is great!
  • Great Clay mention on TV game show Family Feud today according to the CB's nanclay:
    On Family Feud today on question was Which Celebrity does good work for others(or something like that). A young lady contestant said Well my American Idol "Clay Aiken".... unfortunately the people polled did not have his name but it was a great Clay mention anyway.
  • Washington Post - Twenty-three sixth-graders at Fairhill Elementary School in Fairfax are were asked some of their favorite things. Replies for "Favorite Musical Performer" were: Beyoncé, Clay Aiken, Blue Man Group and Nelly Furtado.
  • Halifax Daily News - random Clay mention in sports article ... "Then I'd probably get on Scott Niedermayer for his greying beard. 'Hey, Needs,' I'd say. "You're looking like Taylor Hicks and playing like Clay Aiken.'"
  • ABC KGO-TV - Rosie...

  • There Was A Man - AI runner-up Blake Lewis joins the Clay Aiken American Idol's runner-ups club -
    Both Clay and Blake performed "Mack The Knife" on the American Idol Top 3. It's not an easy song to perform without coming off like a lounge lizard. Blake put his spin on it with his dance moves. Clay put his spin on it with his fantastic voice. You can decide which one is better. I know which one I like. *g*
  • Taking A Moment - cute spoof letter from Britney Spears to Clay Aiken regarding the fact Clay Aiken thongs are sold out at the Clay Aiken fanclub store:
    Hey there Clay, it's me Britney. I need to tell you something. You're outta thongs. I'm not kidding you are seriously out of thongs and somebody just tell me what am I supposed to do now? This is why I stay in trouble all the time. Well, that and some other stuff.
  • Carolina On My Mind - the buzz for Mr. Aiken continues.

Scrapping 4 Inclusion Has Two Successful Events

Scrapping 4 Inclusion, a Bubel Aiken Foundation approved fundraiser, has recently had two successful events in Utah and Virginia. According to Newswire Today,

Scrapping 4 Inclusion has officially launched with the first event very successfully held on National Scrapbooking Day, May 5th in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first event had 35-40 eager scrapbookers in attendance and they raised over $1,800.
Then, Newswire tells us of another success for Scrapping For Inclusion:
Right on the heels of the first event was another very successful event held in Falls Church, Virginia on May 19. This event raised $2,600 with over 50 in attendance.
The money raised from both these events will go to fund the Bubel Aiken Foundation programs of inclusion for children with special needs.

Upcoming Scrapping 4 Inclusion events are:

June 30 – Clarksville, IN / Lousiville, KY
July 14 – Portland, Maine
Aug 12 - Des Moines, Iowa
Sept 15 – Raleigh, North Carolina
Sept 22 – Springfield, Missouri
Sept 29 – Greensboro, North Carolina
Oct 30 - Orlando, Florida

If you would like to be a part of one of these scrapbooking events or would like more information about Scrapping 4 Inclusion, go to the Scrapping 4 Inclusion website.

The Newswire article gives us more information about Scrapping 4 Inclusion and The Bubel Aiken Foundation as follows:
About Scrapping 4 Inclusion
The mission of Scrapping 4 Inclusion ( is to combine one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America with the need for creating awareness and raising funds on behalf of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation. A Scrapping 4 Inclusion Crop can be customized by each Organizer to fit with what they are personally able to manage and what the market in their community will bare. The program has been designed to make it as flexible and simple as possible to plan.

The program is still in the early stages but it’s so exciting to be at the start of something that has the potential to be GREAT! The Scrapping 4 Inclusion team is working together to help create the absolute ‘BEST PICTURE’ possible for the future of today’s children. When everybody WINS, it certainly is great to be a participant and not just a spectator.

About The Bubel/Aiken Foundation
The mission of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation ( is creating communities where ALL children can learn, live, and play together. By combining his history of working with children with special needs and his degree in special education, Aiken has used his celebrity to further the causes of education and inclusion.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation provides services and financial assistance to promote the full integration of children with disabilities into the life environment of those without. The Foundation strives to create awareness about the diversity of individuals with disabilities and the possibilities that inclusion can bring.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

This Is The Night -- Remember Those First Few Performances?

As we all know, Clay's first single was This Is The Night/Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Do you remember those first few times he sang that song after American Idol was over? I know there are many more besides the three videos I have gotten off of YouTube for you to watch, but these will help bring back those great memories of the early days of Clay.

This first one is from Good Morning America. This was one of Clay's first stops after American Idol. There was a small group of fans in the studio, many holding signs, probably more even outside, to let Clay know how much they loved him. And I'll always remember that smile of his after the song was finished. It was as though he was thinking, "I can't believe they really like me!" Click on the video below to relive these memories.

Next we have This Is The Night on The View. A bigger audience, and an even bigger voice singing it here. Yes, he was in great voice here. And still, there was that smile of his at the end, that smile we've all grown to love so much.

Finally, and this is one of my favorites, this is when Clay sang This Is The Night on the AI Tour in Raleigh. Clay rises up onto the stage, and you almost can't hear him for all the cheering from the home crowd. You can feel the pride in that venue that night. The love they had for their home town boy!! The last 3 minutes of the video is almost all cheering, with an obviously touched and tearful Clay taking it all in. I challenge you to watch this part without breaking into tears of your own. I can't!

I think the many memories of Clay singing This Is The Night, whether on his first CD, on a television show, on the AI Tour, or on his Solo Tour, will always hold a special place in each of our hearts. If you haven't watched some of these older performances in a while, maybe this is the night when you can do so!

Clay's New-Found Respect - A Fan's Thoughts

Often I read something that a Clay fan writes, and it touches me to the degree that I want to include it in Clay's Daily Double. This again was true when I read OLMass's thoughts on Clay's new-found respect at The Clayboard this past week. Read it, and see if you don't agree with me that the respect Clay has been receiving lately as seen in various comments online and on TV are a sign of things to come and, of course, are much deserved. Thank you OLMass, for these great thoughts.

From OLMass at The Clayboard:

We all seem to agree that Clay finally appears to be receiving the respect from TPTB at AI and the media that we believe he should have since the beginning. I've been pondering why this is so and I've come to some conclusions:

1. It is not just because of a positive PR push from TeamClay.
2. With all due respects to Jordin, Blake and Melinda, I think everyone realizes that the quality of talent on AI peaked with Clay and Ruben and has gone down each season since.
3. Clay has paid his dues and has worked harder than any other AI contestant to earn his success.
4. He handled himself with dignity, grace and style in squelching the tabloid lies and innuendos.
5. Clay has proven that he is so much more than a competitor from a reality show. He is not only a phenomenally talented singer, but also, he is a seasoned performer, comedian, talk show guest extraordinaire and a magnanimously sincere humanitarian.

Rodney Dangerfield was famous for his tagline, "I don't get any respect, I tell you, no respect at all." Well, we can't say that about Clay anymore. He has had our respect for the past four years and now the rest of them are finally starting to get it.

Tidbits 5/27

  • A few Clay mentions over at Fred Bronson's Billboard Chart Beat -
    • First up is this one Billboard Chart Beat about Avril Lavigne's new single -
      "Girlfriend" is the first No. 1 on the RCA label since Clay Aiken's "This Is the Night" occupied the penthouse in June-July 2003. Lavigne is the first solo female to have a No. 1 on RCA since Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" held sway for two weeks in October 2002. "Girlfriend" is the first non-Idol No. 1 for RCA since Christina Aguilera's "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" topped the chart for four weeks in October-November 2000.
    • And this one is a Billboard Chart Beat Chat about the successes of American Idol contestants -
      Season Two
      "Measure of a Man," Clay Aiken, No. 1 (2003)
      "Soulful," Ruben Studdard, No. 1 (2003)
      "One Love," Kimberley Locke, No. 16 (2004)
      "Josh Gracin," Josh Gracin, No. 11 (2004)
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette - AI article ...
    Jordin is talented and lovely -- I'm happy for her. But Blake never stood a chance with "This is My Now" -- how could he beatbox and jazz up a sappy, dull pop song? Oh well. We all know second place is just as good as first when it comes to "American Idol" -- just look at Clay Aiken and Katharine McPhee, or even fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry. But as a Blaker Girl, I'm bummed the hip beatboxer doesn't pull off the underdog victory.
  • A few mentions of the summer tour:

  • The ConCLAYve - Buzz disappears from American Idol finale -
    the American Idol finale seemed like an afterthought. There was no buzz. I kind of feel badly for Jordin Sparks, she will need some serious manufactured buzz in order to have a successful album.

    This year's AI finale was more like that televised Yule Log film loop that you turn on at Christmas. Contrast this year with last year when a simple hint that Clay Aiken might be performing set off a frenzy on the entertainment shows. When he did appear in the infamous segment with fan and wannabe Michael Sandecki, the buzz Clay created lasted for a week after, nearly eclipsed the actual winner's moment and completely overshadowed the fact that Prince performed later.

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