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Saturday, April 29, 2006

CDD Named Michael Hidalgo's Inaugural Site of The Week

We'd like to thank Michael Hidalgo, a fellow Blogger who picked CDD as his inaugrual site of the week. Michael's blog deals with life, religion and issues surrounding faith. Here's what Michael Hidalgo posted on his blog:

site of the week
all clay, all day!
One of the things I know about blogging is that deep down inside, everyone wants to know that people are looking at their blog. So in an attempt to draw attention to other blogs, I have created a new link "site of the week." These sites are chosen coorperately by people I know, love, and trust a little. None of these blogs necessarily reflect the views, tastes, or interests of Michael Hidalgo.
Thanks again, Michael!

2007 Claylendar Stuns In U.S., Canada On First Day of Sales

Today's news that Clay's 2007 Calendar will be available after all has sparked a stampede of sorts both on the American and Canadian Amazon sites.

Take a look at these screenshots obtained tonight at 7 PM EDT.

This first one, from shows Clay's calendar as the 2nd bestselling item in the books category! WOW! Sales have increased a staggering 2 000 000% from yesterday, when it was first listed.

...the same story up on the Canadian side of the border. At the calendar is again the 2nd bestselling item under the books category, only surpassed by Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

Congratulations Clay on your calendar's runaway success!

Welcome to CDD's New Look

As promised, here is our brand new look for the spring/summer season. We have made the layout cleaner and easier to navigate. We changed our poll and infocenter sections so that they are now more incorporated into the overall look & feel of the website.

The commenting system has been revamped. So feel free to post and read up on comments people like YOU leave on CDD.

Today, we are also introducing a free CDD homepage service that feeds the latest Clay news, as well as news from CNN to your homepage or your desktop! We invite you to try this service out by clicking on this link.

We look forward to serving you today, tomorrow and into 2007. As always, if you have any concerns, feel free to contact us via our feedback form.

Thanks for visiting,
CDD Webmaster and Content Editor

Tidbits 4/29

  • Clay moves up to #39 on the Lycos50. Good job Claymates... keep searching!
  • OCALA: Is NFL draft missing "Clay Aiken singing the national anthem"? (weird)
  • Baxter Bulletin: another weird one... this one compares 'reformed smokers' to 'reformed Claymates' (huh?)
  • Fayetteville Online: "What makes NC great? Its the mountains, the beaches, NASCAR and Putt Putt. It''s Michael Jordan, Clay Aiken, Blackbeard and yes, even Kellie Pickler, the Tar Heel state's latest 'American Idol' reject."
  • Ely Times: article about idol reject. Mentions AI judges arguing about Clay.

Clay Comic Strips In Upcoming Book

Many of you may remember the twelve 2004 LuAnn comic strips that mentioned Clay. The artist will be publishing these comics strips in a new book coming out this September, according the CV's Stripedshirts:

Remember Greg Evans? He's the comic artist behind the comic strip "Luann". I recently got in touch w/ him; he has a book he's publishing of some of his best work. Here is the exciting news:

The newest collection of Luann comic strips, "Luann 3: Sixteen Isn't Pretty" is due in September. Clay fans may be interested to know that 12 of the "Luann meets Clay" strips from 2004 are in this book, along with a full page drawing of Luann with Clay. And sharp-eyed Claymates will spot Clay's picture on the book's cover as well.

Greg is great - admires Clay's work w/ charities & really sweet to Clay fans. I believe the famous "Luann's adoring gaze" (complete w/ a little tongue & drool) at Clay is part of that collection I'd love to see Clay make a surprise re-appearance one day.

So while we are waiting for cd news, tour news, GMA news, ANY definitive concrete news on Clay, & saving up - perhaps we can add a little into the cookie jar for Greg's book Be sure to look for it in September.
You can pre-order this here via

Revenge of the Calendar... 2007 Calendar Available at Amazon

Just when we thought there would be no 2007 Clay Aiken calendar, has put up a pre-order page for it! This follows's weird moves earlier this month when the website listed the calendar only to pull it less than a day later claiming the publisher cancelled the project.

The calendar is now available for pre-order at for only $10.00. A tentative release date of June 30, 2006 has been set. Hop on over Claymates! We need to make this #1!

For our Claynadian friends, the calendar is also available for $13.53 on

At last check, the calendar was #26 on's bestselling books list, an amazing feat. Even more impressive was Clay's ranking. He is currently holding #4 on the same list there! Even more, take a look at the screenshot above. The calendar's sales have increased hugely over the last 24 hours. WOW!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Tidbits 4/28

The Amazing Race Clay Aiken is coming Monday May 1st at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Don't miss it!

Thursday, April 27, 2006 Now Open For Downloading "Clack"

Angel003 at the Clayboard has informed us that is now "live on the net" and available to download videos, montages, tv appearances, and other downloads, including those from such great concerts as shown in the pictures above. Claymediaworld is an off-shoot of, which will open its doors in a day or two.

In addition to all the great downloads that will be available, a donation button has been added to the site. Please give generously to the site. We cannot afford to lose another clack site. Since this is a new site, they ask that we all be patient as they begin to upload the large amount of clack in the next few days and weeks.

Here is the message posted on the site's homepage:

Welcome to Clayaikenworld's brand new "clack" site. Please bear with us as we upload loads of "clack". We will organize it by "type" as you can see by the navigation and more pages will be added.

As soon as Clay's new CD is released the current TV appearances, tour footage, etc. will be featured on the main page of this site. Current tour footage will be on the main page and other tour video will have it's own page so if you miss anything you will be able to find it.

Stay tuned. We hope to make this download site as comprehensive as we can.
To go to the new website click on

To read about this at the Clayboard, click here.

'Compromise' On Sophomore Album

Matt Bronleewe, co-writer of a new song called Compromise, posted earlier today on Infuze Magazine's website that the song has made the cut for Clay's upcoming sophomore album which recently morphed into a classic love song collection.

We first told about this song back in December. You can read the original post and download a very short snippet of this here.

Update From MOAF

Our friends over at have posted this message in regards to when they'll be back online. The website previously said that they'd be back on April 5, 2006.

Please accept our apologies for not launching on our previously advertised date -- we tried. Really. :)

We are still working on finding the finances necessary to bring Measure of a Fan back to the web -- and we're finalizing our relationships with our content providers and advertisers.

We'll be back!

Why Change Is Good...

Yesterday, we told you of the change in direction regarding Clay's sophomore album. Here's an insightful post from the CH's Calliek.

Just got something I can share...I've been putting out some feelers the past few weeks and finally got this...

"Total change-ups happen, even at a very late stage. More often than not, it comes from an artist's gut feeling, and more often than not it's for the better. He strikes me as having a good sense of not only himself but of what is right for him. I can't tell you the number of artists who have no clue when it comes to that. At this career stage, typically an artist would have little say in the product, but this has been different from the get-go. Clay has been handled very differently, because he is...well, different. Trust me, they know what they have. There have already been quite a few major deals on the table. They don't want him going anywhere. Of course, when his commitment is up, he'll most likely be out of there. Why? Not because he's been treated badly or anything like that, but because there are others that will come in with a monster deal he can't refuse. Yes, he's that kind of commodity.

Whatever makes the final cut should be amazing. There is no feeling of anxiety over the follow-up whatsoever. I am just not getting that. On the contrary, there is great anticipation and the consensus is that it will break huge.

Oh...and there are dates already scheduled, but you should know that. I wouldn't be surprised if tour announcements come with the CD release, or pretty quickly thereafter."

This from a trusted friend, take it however you will. But I know it's good. I am happy. I am excited. I am ready!

Tidbits 4/27

  • Philly Burbs: owner says AI fans, particularly Claymates are "dedicated"
  • Sturgis Journal: You don't have to win to make it... "Clay Aiken is perhaps the most notable figure to emerge from 'AI' without being named the winner."
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: AI article... mentions Unchained Melody and the fact Clay has sung that song before.
  • Dateline Alabama: American Dreamz article (yes... these articles are still coming in!)
  • South Carolina's The State: Fun facts about WB..."Frankie Muniz starred in a production of 'The Sound of Music' with Clay Aiken."
  • The CB's TDIBanshee received her (pricy) Kevin Hees' Clay Aiken autographed prints. She posted this earlier this morning:
    They are in a word.....exquisite.

    This is my shot at describing the first one. Don't forget they are 11"x14" and are breathtaking works.

    First print:
    One must be sitting to view - the impact is so stunning.
    Clay standing with right shoulder turned prominently toward camera - he is gazing upward and forward with a somewhat serene yet intent expression, as though watching something or someone that he finds particularly stirring..... . Said shoulder and torso are draped in black leather.

    Clay is dressed in striped shirt first 3 buttons undone. Just a peek of chest hair to stoke the imagination.
    The area behind Clay is somewhat shadowed, the shadowing accentuates his neck and stong jawline beautifully. His right ear appears chiseled as though created by the finest sculptor. His hair frames his face in perfectly soft spikes of veriagated hues.

    Then we have Clay's face. That exquisite dream of a face. The lighting captures every essence of his every feature brilliantly. A smattering of freckles are just visible. The eyebrows arch in furry wonder at the object of his gaze and are the perfect embellishment for what lay beneath them - the eyes. Those glorious, clear, bright shining beacons infringed by wondrous lashes. One can only imagine what or whom Clay is having thoughts of as he gazes on with such rapt wonder. The strong nose leads us on a journey to ......the mouth. Lips are slightly parted, barely exposing a row of chiclet like teeth. The top lip is bowed and has a slight sheen to add to it's mystery. His bottom lip.....plump, ripe so soft in appearance. Those lips beg for attention of some kind.........sigh.

    OK, so basically the photo is absolutely stunning in clarity, lighting, subject (of course) and just overall impact. (And quite possibly Clay was probably just imagining that the photo shoot was over.....LOL!!) Either way, I'm here :cloud9

    Thank you Kevin!! :hug2

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Chance To Bid On Dinner With Clay's Mom

eBay has another charity auction up to bid on dinner with Clay's mom, Faye Parker, for you and a guest. (see post from March 12) According to EBay "the winner will receive a private dinner for you and a guest with Faye Parker (and her guest) at 518 West Italian restaurant in Raleigh NC" as well as limousine transportation from inside of Raleigh to the restaurant.

All proceeds from the auction will go to the Literacy Council of Wake County to help adults learn to read.

To read more information about the auction, go to eBay.

To read more about the Literacy Council of Wake County, click here.

Another Mention on TV Guide Channel

Clay was mentioned again today on the TV Guide Channel.

From the CB's LUVClay26:

I was watching the AI show (whatever it is called) on TV Guide channel and saw a cute Clay mention. I'm sure God and everybody knows about it already, but I could not find the thread so forgive me for repeating. It was kind of positive so it may be good to repeat or post in case it wasn't mentioned (but I have luck of repeating news that is seconds old but I won't comment further on that).

They had a trivia game for former who was the contestants vs other contestants. Like one set was K-Lo vs Kimberly Caldwell. The second set was Clay vs. Justin Guarini. For each choice there was a cardboard cutout of the person's head. The pic, I think, was from the BMAs in 2003.

I thought it was positive because most of the mentions were mentioning stuff like BAF and the fact Clay worked with autistic kids. What is sad is I got kind of excited to see just his likeness on tv versus him. It has been a long draught hasn't it?

I just wanted to post this though I am sure it has been posted probably. Just in case it wasn't (because I saw this tonight), there ya go.

LUV Statement About New Album posted this statement about the upcoming sophomore album. In a blog today, Clay said the album will be themed around love songs from the past 25 years blended with some original stuff. The change in direction came after a December 2005 discussion with RCA head Clive Davis. Clay noted "they just don't write songs like they used to anymore."

4-26-06 :: New Album
Clay is currently in the studio working on his next & highly anticipated 3rd album that will be released on RCA Records in 2006. The release date and album title are TBD!

Tidbits 4/26

  • Clay blogged - lots of information about the new sophomore album...will be themed around "Love Songs" and will include both covers from the past 25 years as well as new stuff. Clay apparently trashed most of the original album after talking with Clive Davis in December.
  • Columbus Dispatch - Kathy Griffin (warning... do not read this if you're easily upset)
  • Access Atlanta- Kellie Pickler takes a stab at Clay's Unchained Melody
  • If you're free this weekend, why not set up a lemonade stand and donate profits to the BAF? Clayboard thread.
  • An update from ClayReport regarding ClaysMyOnlyWay's March of Dimes.
  • Clay mention in South Korean magazine: BloomingClay's CB post. AI related.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Clay Fan Has Great Idea For Donation to Bubel Aiken Foundation

Clays irish lass was planning to go to the Pure Fashion Show in Atlanta. When she heard that Clay would not be there, she got a refund for her tickets, and now she has shared what she plans to do with the refund at the Clayboard.

Clays irish lass says, "I'm taking the money I would have spent Sunday and donating it to Clays favorite charity.. Anyone else?" Others have decided to follow suit by making donations of their own to Clay's favorite charity -- The Bubel Aiken Foundation. What a great way to, as she says at the CB thread, take lemons and "make lemonade"!

If you would also like to donate to the Bubel Aiken Foundation, go to their website by clicking on TBAF. This is a great way to support Clay and the foundation. Clays irish lass and many others have already made their donations.....anyone else?

Temple Univ. Student Gets Big Break From Clay

Jamie Lee Strenchock, a broadcast telecommunications and mass media major at Temple University in Philidelphia told the university's student run newspaper, The Temple News that she got her big break at singing when she was invited on stage to sing with Clay during Clay's 2004 summer tour.

Clay's bodyguard, Jerome, met Jamie at a fitness club and was so particularly impressed that he called her back and invited her to sing on stage with Clay!

The article says, "Thanks to her impromptu meeting with Aiken's assistant, Strenchock sang on stage with Aiken when she was only 19 years old. It was during his summer 2004 tour and she was in a state of disbelief - but she sure was enjoying it."

Read full story at The Temple News.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tidbits 4/25

  • The View - Randy Jackson was on the view on Monday, 4/24. When asked about Ruben, Randy said that Ruben and Clay were both working on new records. Download this clip by clicking on The View.
  • BAF award recipient Taylor Cross will be appearing tonight on Global News at 6 PM for our Claynadian audience. We'll keep an eye out for any Clay mentions. Cross has autism.
  • Port Huron Times-Herald: article about Josh Gracin, small Clay mention.
  • AntiMusic: random Clay mention. (are they making fun of Clay? They've stuck Clay's name here and there for a while now)
  • Nice mention from the Seattle Times: Does Santigo Rice, from 'Project Runway' have a fanbase that is 'Clay "Claymate" Aiken status'?
  • Michigan Live: Musician calls his style "Clay Aiken meets Josh Groban"
  • Bored? Vote for Clay on Blablist. See the full list of Clay polls here on the CB.
  • KEZK FM St. Louis has an autographed IT tourbook and Entertainment Weekly cover up on the auction block. Proceeds benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

Clay Reading "The Ugly Duckling" Available for Download

Thanks to the Clackhouse, Clayversity, and Good Baby Brush, we now have the opportunity to download "The Ugly Duckling" read by Clay! This is a treasure that you will want to be sure to have!!

Clay recorded this for the TJ Martell Foundation Family Day. According to Rainlover at the Clayboard, Clayversity and the Clackhouse purchased this copy of The Ugly Duckling on eBay. She says that "CV/CH members contributed to a special fund to purchase it so it could be shared with the fans".

To download this from the Clayversity vault, click here.

If you would like to have a copy of the written story, click here.

Many thanks again to CV and CH for making this available to all the fans!

Clay Cancels Atlanta Appearance

Clay has cancelled a previously planned appearance at this week's Atlanta Pure Fashion Show. The organizers released a statement saying scheduling conflicts (working on new album?) was the cause of this cancellation.

The Amazing Race Clay Aiken Coming Next Monday

The Amazing Race Clay Aiken is coming next Monday May 1st at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Don't miss it! Closing May 31st

It's the end of an era.

Clack website will be closing next month. Here's the notice posted by its owner, KCClaymate:


ATCA will be closing on May 31st, 2006 due to personal reasons of my own as well as financial ones regarding the site cost. Donations will no longer be accepted by ATCA.

Thank you to all who have supported this site since it's inception in October of 2003. Without you, ATCA would have had to close much sooner.

And thank you as well to all those who have contributed to one of the most amazing fan online experiences ever - the creation and distribution of clack. Most especial thanks to Gonzo and Clackhouse.

It's been my pleasure to have been able to serve the online Clay community these past few years and I beg your understanding for having to close. Best wishes to all of you and, again, my sincere thanks for a truly amazing experience.


Tidbits 4/24

  • Penn Online- go ahead... try sports, "Even Penn editors, some of whom could give Clay Aiken a run for the title of 'Least Athletic Person Alive Today,' enjoy heading out to local parks for rousing rounds of kickball and disc golf."

Sunday, April 23, 2006

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After these 100 spots have been filled, we will suspend subscription requests indefinately.

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Tidbits 4/23

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