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Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Issue of People Magazine With Clay Article is On The Shelves

If you have been waiting for the new issue of People Magazine with the article about Clay, wait no longer! It has hit the shelves of stores everywhere, and the article is a winner!! Of course, the pictures aren't too shabby either!!

"Clay Aiken: Facing The Music" is a great article which talks about Clay's new CD, his panic attacks, the tabloid rumors, and the changes that have occurred in Clay as a result of this. However, when you finish reading this article, you find yourself feeling very good, unlike the feeling many had after reading previous articles and watching interviews. People Magazine asks questions that allow Clay to tell his own story, and it seems they have even kept his story intact. It even mentions his work with UNICEF in Uganda and his desire to be a father and adopt a child down the road. Kudos to People for not printing a slanted article about Clay.

Hopefully lots of people will pick up a copy of People this week and read this article about Clay. They will be able to see Clay in a more positive light than before.

This is a great read, and if you are able to get your hands on a People Magazine, I strongly recommend reading this and sharing the story with those you know.

clayis' Edit: Scan are available here. Canadian customers should see the magazine on newsstands by next week.

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Thoughts on CD Release Party & The View

My CD release party

So, I went to the CD release party here in my home state. It was held at 5 'N Diner and the main coordinator was Renee4Clay.

Check in was from 8-8:30, but I was a little late due to something at my school that I had to attend. My mom, her friend, and I drove down there after my school open house and we got seated. My mom's friend, Emily and I got goody bags and I got a pin.

There were a few games going on. There was "Pin the Kiss on Clay" and a hula-hoop contest, while I was there. I tried the hula-hoop contest, but I failed miserably. It was a little embarrassing, but fun at the same time. This little girl ended up winning this large poster sized picture of the cover shot of Clay's CD. It was definitely a thud-worthy prize.

Then, as we all got ready to go to the Warehouse, we had to grab a balloon. Each balloon had a number attached for a door prize that we could collect at the Warehouse. Emily and I got magnets. My mom got a 45 record of "Invisible" and "Measure of a Man." It was pretty sweeeeeeeet!

Then Mom and Emily purchased a CD, and we listened to mine in the car on the way home....It is wonderful! My favorite track so far is "Everything I Have." The lyrics are a little sad, but they are beautiful nonetheless. Clay’s voice also sound AMAZING on this track.

I got home around 2:00 AM, and I was completely exhausted. I wore my fan club shirt to the school the next day. It was really sad, because I had to take a lot of crap for it from non-Clay fans...Ugh! It's quite frustrating, but I will never get up on OMC. He's worth all the criticism though.

Comments on The View interview

I pretty much thought this interview ROCKED! It was a really nice thing to see after the GMA interview. As you have probably heard or seen, the GMA interview wasn't the nicest yet. The interviewer caught Clay off guard and asked him really intimate questions. It made me really sad for him. It’s horrible that he has to keep putting up with this crap from the media.

So, seeing The View was a nice change. I loved, first of all, how Rosie introduced him as "Cutie Patooti." Then, he genuinely seemed comfortable there. It was a little hard to hear everything that was going on, but what can you expect when you have four ladies interviewing one, hot guy. ;)

Then it was really nice to hear Rosie interview Clay about his medication and admit that she was on stuff too. It was also great to hear how she compared his medication to eyeglass prescriptions saying "people just have to find what is right for them." She also told him how she was proud of him and admired him. It was so nice. She was such a sweetie...

I want to give Rosie a hug for that interview and then smack Diane Sawyer for how she caught Clay off guard and seemed to make him uncomfortable in her GMA interview.

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It's Time To Vote for CDD! 2006 Clammys!

Voting for the 2006 Clammy Awards is now open and we're all hoping you'll vote for US - Clay's Daily Double - in the "Best Website" category. Go to this link to get started.

You can vote as many times as you'd like.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Clay Roars Back To Life On Lycos50

Clay's back in "A Thousand Different Ways" on the Lycos50. Clay is now the 15th most searched for term on Lycos. Congrats Clay!

Keep searching to get Clay back to #1!

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A Race To The End - Small Margin Between Timberlake and Clay

A Thousand Different Ways still has a genuine shot at the #1 spot next week. Hits Daily Double is predictsJustin Timberlake's 2nd week sales to be between 225, 000 - 235,000 copies this week. A Thousand Different Ways is on track to see over 200,000 copies this week.

Claymates- we're issuing a challenge! This weekend's CD sales will determine who comes out on top. Please go out and stock up on ATDW!

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Tidbits 9/23

The ATDW buzz continues! The Calgary Herald published this article today!

  • WebWeaver: Clay's sexuality is none of your business.
  • There Was A Man- a hectic week in the Clay nation - a recap.
  • Idle-wandering- pointless speculation about Clay's personal life media's way of turning a profit in our gossip driven society.
  • The ClayBlog - after a long abscence, The ClayBlog returns with thoughts about ATDW.
    [T]he best song is the bonus track on Itunes, called "Lover All Alone". This song was written by Clay (with help from David Foster and Eman), but predominantly Clay. This song is haunting, and amazing. It's like Clay pouring his soul out. Why isn't it on the CD proper?
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Japanese Claymates Celebrating "A Thousand Different Ways"

The owner of Japan's biggest Clay Aiken fansite has contacted us to inform us that her popular Clay blog has changed address. You can now find "The New Clay Aiken" at It's so nice to see non-English speaking countries like Japan also appreciate Clay's magnificient voice!

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Clay's MTV Interview

MTV sat down with Clay for a lengthy interview recently and it was published today on In the interview, Clay contiunes to address the rumours surrounding his private life and continues to insist that it isn't any of YOUR business. We hope MTV doesn't mind us posting their interview:

Clay Aiken Calls Talking About His Personal Life 'A Waste Of Time'
Copyright 2006 MTV/Viacom International

'[Knowing] who I'm dating and what kind of cereal I eat ain't gonna benefit anybody else,' 'Idol' runner-up says.

Clay Aiken would rather be talking about music. With a new album in stores — a collection of classics near to his heart — he's enthused and almost boastful about his latest.

But still, as he runs the media gauntlet, he's followed — or, more accurately, preceded — by rumors about his personal life. He tries to remain private and on-point throughout, but the questions linger.

Aiken made headlines this week when he called Diane Sawyer "really rude" for asking if he was ready to come out and say he's gay.

"I don't understand why it's any of your business," he replied.

In the same interview, however, Aiken openly discussed taking Paxil to deal with panic attacks. So where does he draw the line?

"I think it's something that can benefit somebody else," Aiken told MTV News on Thursday about the medication. "[Knowing] who I'm dating and what kind of cereal I eat ain't gonna benefit anybody else. That kind of thing is not important. I think there's a distinction."

Aiken said he's never been interested in other celebrities' personal lives, even when the stories came right from the sources, like Lance Bass' coming out, Fantasia's illiteracy or Mary-Kate Olsen's eating disorder.

"Half those things I don't remember ever hearing about," Aiken said. "People have different opinions on that type of thing. I told you what mine is, and I think for each person, you do what's right for you. For me, part of the reason that I have anxiety is the fact that I feel like people are always staring at me. So it's important for me to make sure that I have my friends and vacation, and what I do at home with my family and that type of thing [stays private]."

Aiken said coming to fame on "American Idol," a reality show, has made maintaining privacy even more difficult.

"When you think of a movie star, you don't necessarily think of the person, you think of the character they play," he explained. "Whereas on any reality TV show, you don't think of them as the character. You actually think of them as the person. And there's always that whole 'boy-next-door' quality. You can relate to them because they are the people."

While some celebrities have tried squashing rumors by just coming clean, Aiken's not so sure that's effective.

"Most celebrities, after awhile, get used to the fact that no matter what you say, people are gonna believe one thing or believe another one, so it kinda becomes a waste of your time to even attempt to deal with it anymore," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

What Aiken does want to discuss, and want's brought him back into the spotlight, is his new album.

After busting the "American Idol" runner-up curse (i.e. Justin Guarini, Diana DeGarmo) with the smash success of Measure of a Man and Merry Christmas With Love, Aiken was poised for his own Breakaway — Kelly Clarkson's aptly titled sophomore album that proved she was a legitimate star.

So how did he choose to entertain his loyal Claymates? With a covers album.

"It's something that a lot of people went, 'Huh? Why would you do that?' " Aiken acknowledged. "But what's interesting, what we found while we were doing them, is not only do they not write songs like they used to anymore, [ones with] really good melodies, but these are all songs that are right for me."

And although A Thousand Different Ways, which drops Tuesday, lacks the personal accounts of an original album, it's still very close to Aiken's heart.

"If anything, this is the first time that I've been able to do something that I think sounds like me," he explained. "And I've been able to put my thumbprint on it, because I was involved in it from minute one, from the beginning to the end."

It was actually BMG Chairman and CEO Clive Davis' idea for Aiken to make a covers record, but the singer and executive producer Jaymes Foster worked with the mogul on the choice of songs.

"[We each] made a list of songs that we thought were the greatest love songs of the past 30 years ... and we found that there were a number of songs that we all shared in common," Aiken said. "So we went out and did those first, and then we each picked from each other's lists to just try to make sure that we were [covered]. ... And regardless of how different they might be, we tried to make sure that we brought them all together and did something consistent."

Aiken was hands-on through the entire process, even deciding to cut a few of the songs.

"We attempted 'Midnight Blue,' the Melissa Manchester song," Aiken recalled, reciting a line from the song. "I went in and I sang a verse and a chorus of it and I was like, 'Ehh, I don't think this is gonna work.' Same with 'Baby Come Back' by Player."

On the songs that did work, which range from Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do (I Do It for You)" to Bad English's "When I See You Smile," Aiken tweaked the arrangements and sometimes the melodies to make them his own. With Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings," he added a spoken-word part.

"I can't even remember which song gave me the idea, you know that Evanescence-type sound, but I thought, 'I'd love to do something like that with one of these songs,' " Aiken said. "We didn't know if it would work, so we just went in the studio and we hired a singer to just sing the demo of the high part and we would later maybe hire someone else to do it. ... And it sounded so great that we didn't change anything."

While A Thousand Different Ways certainly has its fair share of big songs — like Celine Dion's "Because You Love Me" and his first single, Air Supply's "Without You" (also covered by Mariah Carey recently) — the album also shows a different side of Aiken.

"Most of what people expect from me is 'Ahhhh' [singing operatically], you know, big stuff," Aiken said. "Which I like to do, but people haven't heard me sing just a soft, laid-back, chill type of sound. So certain songs like 'Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word' and 'Here You Come Again' [show that]. We wanted to make sure that it had a kind of rise and fall to it, at least vocally."

Aiken plans to support the album with a tour of theaters timed near Valentine's Day "when it's cold and people wanna warm up," he said.
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New GMA Photos To Drool At

Oh my gosh! What a perfect way to start off this weekend. NewsCom has some new photos of Clay leaving Good Morning America's New York Studios after performing last Monday. You can clearly see Jerome in one of the shots! Great to see him reunited with Clay. Now, these photos are tiny, but thudly nonetheless.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Clay Featured At Barnes & Nobel Website

Clay is featured today on Barnes & Nobel's music section.

Clay Aiken: No Idol Threat!

New in Pop Music

American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken rewards fans with A Thousand Different Ways, which features his powerful pipes on songs such as Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is."
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Official Websites Updated

  • Both and the Official Fanclub have information up about the mini-Christmas tour.
  • now has the ATDW commercial available for streaming.
  • The fanclub's media section has added new ATDW photos - members only!
  • New songs have been added to Clay's official MySpace profile.
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Clay on KTLA Morning Show Monday?

KTLA's Morning Show announced at the end of their show today that Clay will be on their show on Monday. We aren't able to officially confirm this, so I guess we'll have to wait and see if any official announcement comes out this weekened.

Clay will be in LA next week to appear on Kimmel, so this appearance seems to logically fit into his schedule. We'll keep an eye out for official confirmation.

The last time Clay was on KTLA's Morning Show, the hosts were very complimentary to Clay and his post-Idol success.

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Clay Flirts With The View's Ladies

An upbeat Clay appeared this morning on The View. He talked with the four View ladies on his panic attacks, ATDW and other topics. Clay then gave a heartstopping rendition of "Without You".

The screencaps in this post are courtesy gerwhisp. Go to the Clayboard to find download links. to get downloads. ClackUnlimited should have video up by tomorrow.

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St. Paul Pioneer Press Offers Star Treatment To Clay

In thanking Clay for his recent comments on how 'nice' St. Paul, MN was, the St. Paul Pioneer Press published this tongue-firmy-in-cheek article about star treatment for Clay:

The news that a Relatively Famous Person, singer Clay Aiken of North Carolina, said dear old St. Paul is one of his favorite places has been taken as evidence that the city has finally overcome the psychic damage caused by Boring Morley. CBS newsguy Morley Safer called St. Paul "one of the most boring cities in the United States." City leaders sent him a care package containing theater and dinner tickets.

The dinner tickets were to a restaurant that has since moved to Minneapolis.

Mr. Aiken has appeared in St. Paul in the spring and summer. He may not have experienced the defining St. Paul moment — what we call winter — before he said, "It's, like, one of the nicest cities I've been to.''

We happen to feel that way too. But fair is, like, fair.

So our care package to Clay Aiken will contain:
  • An autographed, illustrated copy of St. Paul and Minneapolis snow-emergency parking regulations.
  • Free rustproofing for his vehicle.
  • Honorary membership in the Vulcans, complete with his own red suit and smudging paint.
  • Free dinner and movie at the Bridges of St. Paul along the Mississippi River (subject to approval by city and construction of project.)
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Tidbits 9/22

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The Insider: Buzz Surrounding Clay Generating Sales

Don't forget tonight's Clay piece on The Insider. A recap of the piece comes from the CH's snowdrop who has already seen the show. The Insider comes on after the evening news in most markets. Check local listings!

Clay is the top story once again on the Insider. Rolling Stone guy said all this publicity is going to affect his CD sales...positively! They say it's flying off the sales. Says it's Claymania. They are showing a bunch of CD Release parties (interviewing a guy who says he can sing.) Showing him on the View. Lara says she'll have more with her news breaking (I think? I was on the phone and desperate to get off the phone to hear the piece ;) ) interview later in the show, and he's going to sing too (shows "Without You".)

For whatever I think of the Insider other than Clay, he's been THE star on their show ALL week
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Wal-Mart's "Clay Show" September 29 @ 7 PM

A Wal-Mart source has informed CDD that they will be broadcasting a "Clay show" at all its US stores tonight. Go to your local Wal-Mart's Electronics Department at 7 PM on September 29 to see a 40 minute Clay show which will air on the Electronic Dept.'s television sets. The CB's clayniac2 says:

The show will be on all store monitors PLUS all the TVs in the home electronics department...even the huge plasma HDTVs!!!!! It will include the Intro, Four Songs and the Interview (repeating them through the 40 minutes).

Let's have a WalMart party and cheer Clay on! It is a great time to buy the CD for $9.72 as well!!
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Larry King Interview - September 27

Clay will be interviewed by Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live September 27. This is Clay's first appearance on LKL since his appearance on a post-Hurricane Katrina Lary King episode last September (inset photo).

Larry King airs on CNN at 9 PM in most time zones. Check local listings.

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Hartford, CT Christmas Show Added

The official fanclub has announced another Christmas show. Clay is now scheduled to perform at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT on December 12.

No news on ticketing, but tickets for almost every other scheduled Christmas show is now on sale. You can find out more at the fanclub's tour page.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Clay Fan's 32-Year-Old Son's ATDW Review

If you are like me, you love to read good reviews of "A Thousand Different Ways" from men. Male fans are few and far between it seems, and to read a good review from a guy is a great feeling.

2claylu4evr, a member of The Clayboard, posted her 32-year-old son's review of Clay's CD recently. She has given me permission to post it at CDD, and I think you will enjoy reading it.

First of all I have to say he really tuned in only to the music.. no distractions... he had the clear channel picture on at all times and rated each song 1 by 1 with head phones.... this is what he came up with... now this is only his opinion.....are you ready......BROKEN WINGS.... a very good attempt,and loved it...
EVERYTHING I HAVE...a very good song .. second best on album.. a great love song for this generation.a very good wedding song...THESE OPEN song on the song clay ever did.. outstanding....WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS....very good..drowned out girl a little, but very good...BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME....clay is the only guy that should sing it.. celine is the only girl...great remake...EVERYTHING I DO FOR YOU.....nice flute work.. very impressed with this version...maybe better than original..could become his own...1000 DAYS...very good.. could get radio play..WHEN I SEE YOU SMILE...loved the original.. but surprisingly very good remake....the rest were just okay....

all in all from a guy with tattoos and love fast music I think this is an awesome review... plus he said he will buy it...
There may be some not so good reviews out there, but isn't it refreshing to read this from a guy who really listened and made an honest accessment of the CD!

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Help Clay's Sales and At The Same Time Send CD's To The Troops in Iraq

Are you wanting to buy more CD's to help boost Clay's sales but don't know who to give them to? Here's a perfect solution for you. Not only can you help boost the sales of "A Thousand Different Ways", but you can also take part in a wonderful project headed by Easterseal at The Clayboard by buying extra CD's to send to the troops in Iraq and other places overseas.

Easterseal has been working hard on this project, and she says the following:

Regarding concerns, I just received an email from Susan in Germany, who is in the Army or married to a soldier, she said that they really do appreciate receiving CD's and DVD's because many of the troops are stationary, even in Iraq, and a lot of them are women serving. I also have discussed this at length with the Lt Col of Family Services in Columbus and he assured me that the Cd's will get to the troops in care packages. They will go to Iraq and other places where our troops are serving, so be assured that this project is a very worthy cause.
I am trying to find out when the deadline is to mail these CD's to Easterseal, but have not received a date yet. I would suggest getting them to her within the next week or two, however. To get the address where you should mail the CD's, go to The Clayboard CD's For The Troops thread and PM Easterseal. She will PM you back and give you the mailing information.

This is a great way to support Clay and our troops. Why not buy a few extra and send them on to Easterseal!!

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Clay On The View Tomorrow

Don't forget that Clay will be on ABC's The View tomorrow to perform "Without You". The show was taped earlier today and we found this recap from the CB's mamarose10 who is in contact with newmie and Claydorkable, both at the ABC-TV studios in New York City:

I just got a report from Newmie and Claydorkable (not to be confused with ClayAdorkable) who were both at the taping of The View.

Clay was lovely...well...what else is new. He was CLEAN SHAVEN, wearing a grey suit with a grey tie and a dark black shirt.

Newmie said that Rosie was really great to Clay...told him something like half the country is on Paxil and it is nothing to be ashamed of. She told him people love him! (well ain't that the truth). He sang "Without You" of course. She said at one point they were all talking to him at once and he wasn't sure which way to was a cute moment.

It was a short call...they were all getting into a taxi at that point. Hopefully she will call back later with more details.
...and another update from the CB's clayzedover:
Just heard from Claydorkable at The View. Show is over, and they think he waved to them from outside the studio in a limo. Can't be sure Lots of excitement.

Great show. Clay sang Without You beautifully, had full band, backups and string section. Elegant set with upholstered furniture.

Wore gray pinstriped suit and black shirt/tie? Clean shaved, black boots.

Rosie O'Donnel called him a "cutie patootie" Told him the panic attacks are understandable, she has had them, and admired him for getting help.

They discussed the Paxil stuff and she was very good to him on the air. During breaks she came into the audience and talked him up big time. Said told the audience during breaks how much charity work he has done and how she admires him. Some had cameras and will have pictures up.

Clay giggled a lot.

Had the new HDD projection to give them, so they spread that around to other fans, and were on their way to seek out the new People Mag.
One more update from the CB's strollynn63:





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Tidbits 9/21

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Clay: My Personal Life Isn't Your Business

Bravo Clay for standing up for yourself. In part deux of his interview with Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer, Clay stated his firm belief that his personal life is "nobody's" business.

"I've gotten to a point now where I, A., am tired of trying, and B., I feel it's kind of invasive, you know?" Clay told Sawyer in his most revealing interview to date. "It's one thing to try to be open and talk to people and try to share as much as I can and, and of course I want to," he said. "But at some point it becomes just really rude, you know? I'm not spending my time with this anymore".

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"Clay's The Man" Says Insider's Spencer; Interview TOMORROW

The Insider's Laura Spencer did another fantastic piece on Clay today which you can stream from The Insider's website. They posted this article along with the video. Don't forget to tune in TOMORROW (Friday) to see more of The Insider's exclusive sit down interview with Clay.

Clay's the Man!

CLAY AIKEN may be getting a lot of coverage in the tabloids, but he's always happy for the chance to sing, and grateful to his devoted fans who call themselves Clay-mates!

"It was hard to deal with at first because I was like, 'What? Clay-mates?'" he reveals to our LARA SPENCER. "But, you know, you gotta love 'em. They're very loyal and supportive, so I'm very grateful."

The once-gawky Raleigh kid who debuted three years ago on "American Idol" has a legion of fans, better known as the "Clay Nation." But he modestly says he has "no idea" why they adore him. Could it be the new hair?

"I don't recognize myself right now," he says about his new bangs. "I still haven't gotten used to this whole thing. It's a process. The whole transformation from ugly to not-as-ugly happened very slowly," he jokes.

But Clay gets serious when talking about his journey since "Idol."

"It's hard to do this business without maturing a little. I'm much more savvy now. I'm much more aware of my surroundings, of business. I was showing vacation pictures, and there comes a point where I've realized, you know, give them an inch, they'll take a mile!"

Part of that is the public fascination with his sexuality, which he addresses in the new issue of People, on stands tomorrow.

"What do you say [to that question]?" he tells the magazine. "It's like when I was eight. I remember something would get broken in the house, and Mom and Dad would call me in and say, 'Did you do this?' Well, it didn't matter what I said. The only thing they would believe was yes. ... People are going to believe what they want."

To Lara, he says, "I understand 'Clay Aiken leads a really boring life' is not a good headline and you have to sell a paper. I'm trying to get to that point where I just don't care anymore. You can't change people's minds, and I want to sing. That's what I like doing and I enjoy my job. I guess I hate to say it, but you gotta take the good with the bad, because sometimes it's baaaad."

Tune in tomorrow, for more of our exclusive sit-down with Clay!
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Much Higher First Week Estimates From HDD

Hits Daily Double has revised their ATDW first week sales estimates. Their estimate is now between 250,000 and 300,000 copies this week. This is significantly higher than their estimate of 199,000 from yesterday. That number is truely remarkable beating the likes of heavily promoted radio superstars such as Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton who both released albums late last month. With this debut, ATDW is on track to be certified platium by Thanksgiving.

By contrast, according to our lemon-stand sales guru Mark Pearson, Clay Aiken’s just-released new album is projected to hit between 250k-300k in its first week, and there’s no serious radio play for his single.
Update 5:49 PM: HDD has re-revised their numbers to 190k-200k. I guess it's too early for anyone to firmly estimate first week sales.

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Clay: My Mother Taught Me To Be Tough

Scans from Clay's new feature inside this week's People Magazine have been posted on the CB. In the exclusive Sept. 22 issue interview, Clay talks candidly about the gay allegations he's been dodging since January. He also reveals details about the stresses of being a celebrity and his talks in depth about his various charitable works.

Let me say that I'm so proud of Clay for having the courage to be open on these sensitive personal topics. This article is a must read!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Way We Make A Difference Accepting Tickets and Donations Again

Mamarose10 from The Clayboard has informed us that " The Way We Make A is now accepting tickets and donations for Clay’s upcoming Christmas concerts."

The following explains what "The Way To Make A Difference" is all about:

For those who might not be familiar with us, by way of introduction, here is a little bit about TWWMAD:

"Inspired by The Bubel/Aiken Foundation’s vision of inclusion, hundreds of you have joined with us to make a difference. Thanks to your support, we have been able to work with many wonderful organizations to bring a concert experience to individuals who otherwise would never have this opportunity.

Because of your generous donations, 3,182 tickets have been distributed so that individuals with and without disabilities could share the amazing experience of watching Clay perform live in concert!"

For more information, we welcome and encourage everyone to visit our website at The Way We Make A We are also accepting CDs to give out as an extra gift to our concert goers. Please contact Claydorkable at for more information.

Thanks for helping us to make a difference, one concert ticket at a time.
What a wonderful Christmas gift this would make for someone who couldn't otherwise afford it.

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Clay's Interviews - Looking at Them as Positive Opportunities

There has been quite a bit of talk around the various boards today about Clay's Good Morning America interview and the People Magazine interview that will be out later this week. I've read both positive thoughts and negative thoughts about the content of these interviews. This was before I watched the GMA interview myself.

I would like to present to you a post that I made on The Clayboard after watching Clay's interview with Diane Sawyer. I believe that this interview presents itself as a wonderful opportunity and should be considered as such. I worried about the contents until I saw it for myself. Now I'm convinced all will be well and even made better because of it, both for Clay and for others. Below is my post, in its entirety.

I just watched the GMA interview for the first time and I was very pleasantly surprised! Surprised because I've read quite a bit of downer comments about it today. People who think its the "same ol same ol". People who think its an invasion of Clay's privacy. And on and on.

However, I am not looking at this OPPORTUNITY this way. Yes, I think this is an awesome opportunity and after seeing the interview finally, there's no doubt in my mind that Clay handled it in the most steller way possible. Diane couldn't have handled it better. Clay's answers were perfect. He spoke of things that needed to be spoken of. I think he needed to speak of them and that there is a load off his shoulders now. He got this out of his system and in a perfect way and the fact that a lot of people are talking about panic attacks, etc. now is a GOOD THING!! This is an opportunity to be used to make a difference in people's lives -- once again Clay will be making a difference in people's lives.

The only thing that upset me in the interview was when Clay cowered down at saying the word "Paxil" and not because of him but because of the people that have put those of us who have to take medication for mental conditions in the position where we feel we have to be ashamed. There's no need to be ashamed and I hope Clay will continue to find the support, even moreso after the interview, so that he won't be. And Diane's comment about getting hooked on the medications didn't thrill me too much. She wouldn't ask that to someone on insulin or an inhaler (aren't you afraid you might start taking 3 puffs of the inhaler instead of 2??). But people are beginning to understand better. Maybe Clay's interview will help even more.

The ball was in his court today. He had a chance to answer these questions just as he wanted to and he did it with style and grace, as did Diane in her asking of the questions. I think he will handle tomorrow the exact same way in talking about the tabloids. I think the things he will talk of, just from the little bit I saw and heard, need to be said. How very brave of him to talk about his panic attacks and come down on the tabloids as he apparently will. He will take the bull by the horns and "these old questions" will be made fresh with the answers he gives. Class act questions and class act answers. I always knew that Clay would make a difference by the person that he is, and continues to do so even in these interviews. No doubt!! I can't wait till tomorrow's interview!!

As you can tell, I am PUMPED. I am thrilled. This is an awesome opportunity. Let's look at it as such and support Clay with our hearts and our words and our actions.

Jan D
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ATDW Ad in American Airline's Official Magazine

WOW! Isn't this neat? RCA took out a full page ad for ATDW in the current issue of American Way Magazine which is distributed on all American Airlines flights. Scab courtesy the CH's suebee12.

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TV Mentions Today

Clay was mentioned on various infotainment shows as his People/GMA interview began leaking out into the mainstream media. Spotted sightings today:

  • ET
  • Insider - People/GMA story
  • Inside Edition - People/GMA story
  • ET Canada - mentioned ATDW release
  • E! News Live - People/GMA story/ATDW
gerwhisp has uploaded video of most of these sightings. You can find links here.

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Clay On Track To Another Platinum Album

The wording on this Hits Daily Double article is awkward, but it looks like A Thousand Different Ways is set to sell 200,000 copies in the first week coming in at #2 on next week's Billboard 200. Although these estimated numbers are lower than that of MOAM and MCWL, this album has done well considering that it's a covers album and that sales in the record industry have been bad so far this year. Heavily promoted heavy weights like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton only managed to move less than 100,000 copies of their CDs in week 1, so this 200 K prediction is awesome news!

We would like to emphasize that these sales numbers are estimates and we will not receive final Soundscan numbers until next Tuesday at the earliest.


Clay Aiken Looks Like Next Week’s Biggest Debut, While Justin Continues On Top

September 20, 2006

The Claymates are out.

Clay Aiken’s J Records album, A Thousand Different Ways, is hoping to find at least 199k more in its opening week, based on one-day sales reports from our crack-addled retail contacts around the U.S. of A.

That would place him #2 to Justin Timberlake’s Jive/ZLG chart-topper, depending on how large that album’s second week drop-off is. How’s that for hedging our bets?

A&M/Interscope Black-Eyed Peas chanteuse Fergie’s The Dutchess will go head-to-head or should we say head-to-hat with Sony BMG Nashville country superstar Kenny Chesney’s live album, with both in the 130-150k range. Atlantic reggaeton rapper Lupe Fiasco is taking advantage of a long build-up for Food and Liquor with around 100k, followed by Capitol rapper Chingy, shy of 100k, Verve’s Diana Krall and Hollywood Records’ Jesse McCartney (both in the 50k range), Interscope’s Elton John (40-50k) and Geffen’s New Found Glory (40-50k).

Thanks to Timberlake and Mayer, overall sales were up more than 5.5% vs. last week, up almost a percent vs. same week last year and now down over 5% year-to-date.
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Associated Press ATDW Article

The Associated Press is distrubuting an ATDW article. Very good buzz for week 1 sales since AP stories are syndicated by virtually all major news websites. An abridgement appears below:

Aiken More Comfortable in Spotlight
After a year and a half away from the spotlight, Clay Aiken returns with an edgy new look, a far-from-edgy new album and a newly secure sense of self.

"I know it's a new chapter but it's kind of like a whole new book the sequel to my life before," says a casually dressed and scruffy-faced Aiken, sitting in an office at RCA Records, his label. "It's like we're starting out on something brand new where I'm really getting to be myself."

But not everything is brand new. On his new album, "A Thousand Different Ways," Aiken covers 10 classic love songs and introduces four original tracks. It was a "challenge" issued by music mogul Clive Davis, who oversaw the project and one that Aiken says he was initially reluctant to accept.

But despite his misgivings, he and his team of producers rearranged and reinterpreted each track, from Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" to Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again," to make them Aiken's alone.

It's an "odd move" to make a covers album so early in a career, says Craig Marks, editor-in-chief of Blender magazine. Marks describes Aiken's fans as "parents and grandparents who think he's wholesome and adorable and sings songs as though rock 'n' roll never existed."

When the album was completed, Aiken celebrated with a makeover. He's sporting a new shaggy-haired, more stylish look, a marked departure from the college campus look he sported before.

"We took so much time to make this album that we thought, `Let's come back with a bang and do something different,'" he says. "It's really a drastic change, I guess, but it's kind of exciting."

"I feel like maybe (people) think I'm a kid and I'm naive and I'm stupid," he says. "So I'm excited about being able to show my real self."

He says he's grateful for the opportunities the show has given him, but admits that singing isn't his dream job.

"I always thought I'd be a teacher and I still miss that to some extent," says Aiken, who taught kids with disabilities before trying out for "Idol." "I still have friends who teach and when they tell me about kids in their classes, I get kind of jealous."

Fame has its downside, too. Aiken has been the target of speculation about his sexuality. Tabloid reports earlier this year suggested he had a gay affair. Aiken has never directly addressed the rumors.

He doesn't have any grand goals for his career other than to "do stuff that I like singing and other people like hearing," he says. Still, he doesn't know what's next.

"Being open and trying new things has always been the policy for me," he says. "Maybe we'll do an album of all original stuff, maybe we'll find another concept and try to wrap great hit songs around another concept. Maybe we'll do all Bulgarian hymns."

For now, he's concentrating on the new record and his plans to support it with a tour in the new year. But will young fans respond to its slow, crooning style?

Executive producer Jaymes Foster says yes.

"You can't deny great songs," she says. "These songs have already proven to be No. 1 hit songs."

But he's quick to point out that the album wasn't inspired by any personal love affairs: "It was inspired by Clive Davis totally."
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Clay Talks To GMA, People Magazine About Personal Life

An interview with Clay will be published in the September 22 issue of People Magazine. Clay sat down the People to discuss his personal life- including the gay allegations made in the National Enquirer this past January.

Clay personally discussed these topics during a Diane Sawyer interview which aired this morning on ABC's Good Morning America. Part 2 of the interview airs TOMORROW on GMA (read ABC News story -- downloads @ ClackUnlimited).

(Scans from the magazine courtesy Inside Edition - they aired a small piece about this today) offered this 'preview' of the interview. Very intersting, but sad at the same time.

On whether he's gay: "What do you say (to that question)? … It's like when I was 8. I remember something would get broken in the house, and Mom and Dad would call me in and say, 'Did you do this?' Well, it didn't matter what I said. The only thing they would believe was yes. … People are going to believe what they want."

On the panic attacks he suffered after Idol: "I'd walk into a room and say to myself, 'I am not going to have a problem when these people stare at me.' … But then (in) that situation, my heart would start pumping, and I'd start sweating and looking around nervously and shaking. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack."

On taking the anti-anxiety drug Paxil: "I said (to my doctor), 'Listen, I don't want to go to a therapist. I have nothing against therapists. I want to think I can do this on my own.' And she recommended that I try a medication. … Now I can sit here; I can go into a store; I can handle a photo shoot. I'm able to get rid of all that stuff in the periphery. It makes everything easier."

On the future: "I want to be a father so badly. I want (kids) one day. Not now. … I would love to adopt. There's an orphanage not too far from my house, and I've been up before with church. I always thought, 'What happens to those kids who have the potential to go to college but just can't afford it?' I've been thinking a lot lately about finding a way to pay for one of those kids to go to college."
Many news outlets are covering this story:
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