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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tidbits 1/12

  • Carolina Newswire - In an article entitled, Clay Aiken Premiers His New Smile On Broadway, Clay's dentist tells a little about giving Clay his "new smile".
    Clay contacted me right after he landed a booking on the Jimmy Kimmel show,” said Dr. Stanley. “It was only five days before his appearance and he really wanted a new smile before the show.”
    And Clay says:
    “It was a great experience. Dr. Stanley fit me in at the very last-minute and provided me with a wonderful new smile,” said Clay. “It was really more of a spa experience than a dental appointment. Although I live in Raleigh, I know that Dr. Stanley has a program for out-of-town patients who want to come in for a long weekend and go home with a beautiful new smile.”
  • Florida Sun Sentinel - American Idol article ...
    Idol is so influential, winning isn't essential. Chris Daughtry, who finished fourth behind Hicks, sold 2.5 million copies of his self-titled album in 2007. Only Josh Groban, the High School Musical 2 soundtrack, the Eagles and Alicia Keys had greater sales.

    Then there's Clay Aiken and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson.
  • - music history:
    In 2004...American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken donated 20-thousand dollars to his alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and performed during halftime at a men's basketball game there.
  • Actress Archives - Katharine McPhee leaves RCA Records:
    But it's not like AI has lost all of its star-making luster. Sony-BMG still has nine contenders in its stables, including Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Blake Lewis, Fantasia, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken, and Kelly Clarkson.
  • New York Daily News - Katharine McPhee ....
    The BMG group still counts eight "AI" contenders on its roster, including Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry (both of whom delivered top 10 albums in 2007), Blake Lewis (with one album), Fantasia (with three), Jordin Sparks (working on her second), and Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson (both working on their fourth albums).
  • And more on Katharine McPhee being dropped by RCA -
    • The Celebrity Cafe | The Celebrity Cafe alternate article - "The NY Daily News reports other American Idol members, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Fantasia, Blake Lewis, Clay Aiken, and Kelly Clarkson, will all still continue on BMG's "major leagues" roster."
    • FOX News -
      According to the Daily News, the BMG group still counts eight "Idols" on its roster, including Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry (both of whom delivered top 10 albums in 2007), Blake Lewis (with one album), Fantasia (with three), Jordin Sparks (working on her second) and Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson (both working on their fourth albums).
  • San Antonio Express News - AI returns!
    Consider the cream of the crop from previous seasons:

    "Kelly Clarkson turned into a great superstar; Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, amazing; Fantasia, amazing; Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice, amazing."
  • USA Today - looking back at 6 seasons of American Idol:
    But by now, Idol has a history and a heritage. Clay and Ruben, Kelly and Carrie, Taylor and Fantasia, even Sanjaya need no introduction, nor even a last name.

    Best season: Simon: Season 1, 2 (because of the Clay-Ruben competition)

    Best performance by a finalist:
    Paula: Fantasia, Summertime; Carrie Underwood, Alone by Heart; Blake Lewis, beatboxing to Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name; Clay Aiken, Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Worst performance by a finalist:
    Paula: Clay Aiken, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting; LaKisha Jones, Stayin' Alive.

    Contestant with best personality:
    Randy: Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie, Clay and Ruben
  • Press release via Earth Times - survey seeks to find out why southerners perform so well on "American Idol" -
    -- Season 2 - Winner, Ruben Studdard, from Birmingham, Ala., beat Clay Aiken from Raleigh, N.C. Five of the other 12 finalists were from Southern states. (Total Southerners in final 12:7).
  • USA Today idol article quotes a Variety editor... he is entitled to his opinion, even though we complete disagree -
    He says the competition should steer clear of quirky singers such as Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken, who hasn't been able to match the sales of his multiplatinum first album. "Because of Clay Aiken they've always said don't judge a book by its cover. But they've wound up with singers really locked into a single style who don't have the varied skills they're looking for" in the record business.
CDD Blogwatch
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Clay Takes Control In Interview By Newsweek

What started out as a normal question and answer interview with Clay by Ramin Setoodeh as a Newsweek Web Exclusive quickly turned into one that shows the take-charge brilliance of one Mr. Clay Aiken.

The interview, entitled Achin' Aiken, began with questions about Clay's role in Spamalot, but then Mr. Setoodeh changed the questions to more personal questions concerning things from the past. That's when Clay took control of the situation with "I'm not going to talk about it", "I'm not going to discuss it" answers, and then finally:

What do you want to talk about?
I think we're done.

Can we talk about something fun?
No, we're done. I thought NEWSWEEK would be more reputable. I'm surprised.

But I think people are curious about it.
It was a year ago. This is NEWSWEEK. It's not the National Enquirer. I'd hate to have a job where I had to be rude to people.

We're just having a conversation.
Change the subject! I'd never take a job where I had to do something that I didn't want to do.
Then after a few more questions of no consequence, the interview was done.

Bravo Clay! Until the media learns the appropriate way to conduct an interview and the appropriate things to ask, this is exactly how Clay, and anyone, should answer these types of questions. And why wouldn't Newsweek be more interested in asking Clay really newsworthy subjects, such as about Clay's recent trip to Mexico or his very successful Golfing For Inclusion Tournament and the work of The Bubel Aiken Foundation? It seems Newsweek, in the opinion of this writer, has become more worthy of the name Newsweak!

Clay Aiken, you are one class-act guy!

Check out the rest of the interview at: Newsweek Web Exclusive

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wrapping For Inclusion Makes a Whopping $102,166.62 For BAF

The goal was set several months ago. The Bubel Aiken Foundation wanted to make $100,000 in donations through their yearly Christmastime fundraiser, Wrapping For Inclusion. Last year just over $60,000 was collected. Would it be possible to collect an additional $40,000?

Not only was it possible, but the totals are in, and donations from Wrapping For Inclusion have exceeded $102,000!! $102,166.62 to be exact! This amazing total was made possible not just by the work of The Bubel Aiken Foundation, but by the work of fans and wrappers all over the country.

Wrapping took place in 27 states, and totals ranged from $23,522.21 to 156.31, all totals important, whether large or small. According to The Bubel Aiken Foundation's Wrapping For Inclusion Page, the totals for each state are:

State Totals:

$23,522.21 for California
$18,355.77 for North Carolina
$15,847.93 for Illinois
$6,215.11 for New York
$5,014.95 for Massachusetts
$4,196.72 for Arizona
$3,795.86 for Pennsylvania
$3,078.11 for Oklahoma
$2,660.85 for Kansas
$2,291.01 for Iowa
$2,278.02 for Ohio
$2,073.50 for Florida
$1,952.75 for Nevada
$1,544.45 for Oregon
$1,510.60 for Texas
$1,304.25 for New Jersey
$1,303.66 for Rhode Island
$1,000.00 for Virginia
$979.27 for Missouri
$817.13 for Michigan
$538.08 for Tennessee
$535.36 for Colorado
$378.26 for Hawaii
$375.09 for Wisconsin
$281.23 for Nebraska
$160.14 for Connecticut
$156.31 for Washington
Also on the same page is a message of thanks from BAF to those who worked so hard to raise this money:

We made our goal!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Because of your commitment of time and energy during what is everyone's busiest time of the year, you have created inclusive opportunities for thousands of children around the nation!

Special thanks to our City Team Leaders, State Coordinators, and our national coordinators, Dawn and Teresa, for their extra effort to keep everyone organized.
After seeing these amazing results, are any of you who may have never taken part in Wrapping For Inclusion pumped up and ready to help next year? Its a wonderful experience where you will be helping to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities and where you will also find yourself making new friends and doing something enriching for yourself and others.

Here is a little information, also at the same WFI page, along with BAF's Wrapping For Inclusion email address where you can send your information to them and get more information about WFI.
WFI - The Facts

What: A nationwide awareness and fundraiser campaign through The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.
When: The Holiday Season
Why: To help raise awareness and funds for The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, spread holiday cheer, and have fun!
How: If you would like to volunteer, please send your contact info to
Its not too early to be thinking about next year. The more who reach out and help, the higher we can raise our goal next year. Hope to see you at a Wrapping Booth near you next year!!

Tidbits 1/10

  • Reality TV World - Katharine McPhee dropped by RCA Records, following Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard who were also dropped by Sony BMG recently -
    Given all the recent Idol activity, EW reported it "double-checked" and confirmed that Idol 2 runner-up Clay Aiken and third-season champ Fantasia Barrino's deals are still intact with an RCA Music Group representative.
  • Glendale Star - Clay mention in sports article -
    Nevertheless, it will be nice to see rabid football fans like Clay Aiken and Amarosa from “The Apprentice” in attendance, while someone who actually writes about the local NFL team sits on his couch. Really, I’m not bitter.
  • The State News - American Idol in need of "makeover" -
    It’s that time of year again. The new season of the hit Fox reality show “American Idol” is set to debut Jan. 15.

    The reality powerhouse that spawned the careers of contestants like Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood will begin its seventh season of the popular search for the next best thing in pop music.

    Am I the only one that’s ready for a change?

    It became taboo that contestants like Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry didn’t even need to win to gain fan following and record deals — while winners like Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks grappled to find that hit song. Ironically, both are no longer on J Records, the label that usually houses the new Idol winners.
  • Neighborhood Star -
    In addition to his work with a host of chamber and philharmonic orchestras, Johnston has shared the stage with pop performers such as the Dixie Chicks, Manhattan Transfer, Clay Aiken and Smokey Robinson.
  • College Times -
    "The straw that broke the camel's back was the 'String Quartet Tribute to Clay Aiken,'" Gorfain said. "That was the moment where I just said 'You know what? We don't want to be associated with this anymore.'
  • 23/6 - politics article ... "Trust me. Crying is not weakness. We have enough nuclear weapons to blow up the world several times over. Even Clay Aiken would look tough if his finger had access to The Button."
  • Florida Sun Sentinel via New York Times - reality TV show "transformations" -
    In all reality contests there will be hammy flourishes that make viewers snicker, like the pouty "model mouth" mocked by Ben Stiller in Zoolander and Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback. On the nicer side, there's always a chance for a chrysalis moment, a Clay Aiken-esque transformation.
CDD Blogwatch
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Internet Broadway Database Lists Clay's Spamalot Roles

Clay's three Spamalot roles are up on the Internet Broadway Database. This is Clay's first entry to the IB Database.

Clay Aiken
( b. Nov 30, 1978 Raleigh, NC, USA ) Male

Productions Dates of Production
Spamalot [Original, Musical, Comedy]
Starring: Clay Aiken [Brother Maynard] - Replacement
(Jan 18, 2008 - May 4, 2008);
Starring: Clay Aiken [Guard 1] - Replacement
(Jan 18, 2008 - May 4, 2008);
Starring: Clay Aiken [Sir Robin] - Replacement
(Jan 18, 2008 - May 4, 2008)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Clay on The View January 22

TV Guide is confirming that Clay will be on The View on January 22. What a great way to launch Clay's 4 month stint on Broadway's Spamalot!

Earlier this week, on The View's season opener, it was announced Clay would be on this show "this month".

Tidbits 1/9

  • Newsweek on TV based competition shows - "When Ruben Studdard trounced Clay Aiken in the season two finale, the FCC was flooded with complaints from viewers alleging the show was rigged."
  • IGN -
    Creating an album is a compilation of all the games. If you're good dope at all of the games you'll have an album out on the streets that will earn revenue for weeks while you continue to do gigs. I'm not sure what qualifies as a hit record though. I did almost perfect on all four of the games and on one review it said my album was a hit and on another it said to only buy it if you're a fan. How disappointing. Now I know how musical geniuses like Britney Spears and Clay Aiken feel when someone writes a bad review about their music. You can also go on tours where the games are random and earn you a lot of bank.
  • Middleton Journal - American Idol returns!
    Season 2: 2003

    We learn an Alabama area code

    "Velvet Teddy Bear" Ruben Studdard pushed aside runner-up Clay Aiken in the biggest cliffhanger season yet. Each week the votes were close. This was the year the voting system was questioned because of overloaded phone lines. Methods were scrutinized and some wondered if that caused Aiken's loss as champion. Still, Studdard's win saw him moving on to produce an album called "Soulful," which had pre-order sales so high it debuted as No. 2 on Billbard's Hot 100 list.

    Studdard often wore a jersey with the numbers 205, representing a main area code of Central Alabama. He wasn't the only memorable performer that season: we also met Kimberly Locke, Joshua Gracin and Trenyce. And who could forget Corey Clark, who was disqualified and went on to say Paula Abdul wanted him?
CDD Blogwatch
  • Clay - The Man should cure you of "Seasonal Affective Disorder" with their top notch posts
  • Chexxxy's Pearls - Clay holds Golfing For Inclusion for TBAF in Florida -
    The first annual "Golfing for Inclusion" tournament and dinner was held at the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach,FL on January 7th 2008. There was plenty of food, drink,and golf lessons for beginners during the day and of course plenty of golfers teeing off and enjoying the perfect weather in good company.
  • Idol Thoughts - best American Idol auditions -
    3. Clay Aiken
    Paula was "away" during Clay's Idol debut, and what she missed is the stuff of legends -- a ridiculously strong voice coming from a dweeby white kid. It threw the judges for a loop --Randy didn't know what to make of it, and even Simon had to acknowledge the power of this kid's voice. Amazing.
  • The ConCLAYve responds to Clay being labeled as having the worst hair style of 2007 -
    Now, let's do Clay. Yeah, yeah, get in line. Get your brushes out of the gutter, I meant let's review Clay's hair. Sure, he's had a couple of not so good hair days most noted by the “Look ma, I tried to tame that cowlick by simply forcing it in the other direction” hair.

    And then there was the winning entry in the “cut your cousin's hair using a bowl” contest. Yes, I know this was for a gag but it sort of looked like that when he sat on a horse visiting Jimmy Kimmel.

    But most of the year was pretty good.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Great Recap From Golfer Fan at Golf Tournament

We have already had some great recaps of the Golfing For Inclusion Tournament and Auction from people who were there. Here's another great one from Pam, one of the golfers who also happens to be a fan. I found this one at The Clayboard, and Pam said I could include it here in Clay's Daily Double. Thank you Pam!! You might also have heard that Pam was chosen by Wayne Player to be a part of his golf clinic! You'll read about that, Clay, Jerome, the auction, and many other grand adventures that took place for Pam at the Tournament.

So enough of the is Pam's fantastic recap:

Hi all!

WHEW! Finally back in town from Florida!

First off, let me say we can be so happy and proud to support an artist like Clay Aiken! No matter what the media, etc may want to say about the "fans" of Clay Aiken, after seeing how well Clay handled himself with this charity function we can always be proud.

Second, as I said before, he was drop dead gorgeous!

Here is our group pic for starters. If you don't know me I am in the black top with white collar.(see above)

And this is how the day went for me:

From the minute I stepped onto the Country club grounds I was treated like any other golfer who was a member there. Having just had lessons for a little over two months, I was very surprised and felt honored.

I was greeted at the Club house by a gentleman who took my clubs and assured me they would be well taken care of! Directed to the registration area, I met Christy Barnes, Aron Hall and Diane Bubel. Then searched for my golf clubs only to find out they had already been placed in a golf cart ready to go, with my name on the cart along with the three other members of the team I would be golfing with. In the golf cart were water, extra golf towels, etc for each golfer.

I then took a few clubs and headed down to the driving range (buckets of balls were provided free of charge!) and practiced for about one hour.

Then the fun really began! Back in the club house a gourmet breakfast had been provided for all. Since I already had made sure I had breakfast, I simply asked for water and sat down at a table with a couple of other folks.

I had no idea the two people at the table were Leslie the reporter from the Palm Beach Post and her photographer. She asked me if she could interview me and ask some questions and so we have a very good chat and basically told her what many have already read. Then Leslie looked around and said to me: " he just walked in". I said "pardon?". She said "Clay just walked in". I said "really", rather astonished because I saw no entourage (sp?) of people. In fact, there was Clay and Mary, I believe just standing there with no one approaching them, which is is really odd as we know when Clay is in the house!

I actually felt kind of bad (this was not a Clay Aiken fan crowd per se) which was good because he actually gained a ton of new fans!

So I told Leslie I was going to get up and go over and say hello, and I did. I went over, introduced myself and Clay was his usual gracious and pleasant self and shook my hand and greeted me in return and I returned to my table.

I also saw Jerome and greeted him. He remembered me from the Virgin Megastore CD signing because he and I worked together to make sure fans with physical challenges were seen first that day, so it was pleasant reunion for us. However, in all honesty I did not expect any further contact with Clay or Jerome the rest of the day. I was looking forward to the Golf Clinic with Wayne Player as I have been big fan of his father, Gary Player for years.

Next, I headed outside to golf clinic and at that time there were only two other golfers there, both women. I introduced myself to Wayne Player (he is very funny) and he asked what I was learning so far in my golf lessons. We chatted for a few minutes, and others started to arrive.

All of sudden Clay, Mary and Jerome arrived as well! It was a surprise to me, as per the program only Wayne Player was going to be there. However, it was delightful to see Clay participate and he came over to us, and asked the two other women there if they lived locally and when when they told where they lived, then Clay pointed to me and said "I know you are not from here", I replied, kind of suprised he would know that , "no, I am from California" Clay continued to pleasantly banter with us and then asked all what our handicap was. When he got to me I told him laughing I didn't want to tell him and he replied back laughing I could not be as bad as him. We all had few more laughs and then the golf clinic began.

Little did I know that having just met Wayne Player for the first time, that he was going to include me in his golf clinic as a guinea pig!

First he used Clay and you have all seen the adorable pics of that and Clay was very funny! It was really cute! He made his usual signature funny faces and self-deprecating funny remarks and I could see the crowd there was really enjoying the clinic and Clay. Then to my surprise Wayne called to me and said " Pam! Come up here!".


So I walked up on the grass to Wayne and he explained he was going to demonstrate one of the golf shots with me right there in the shot range! He positioned me as he wanted me to stand and told me to stay still and just stand there, and assured me I would not get hit by the golf shot.

Then Clay yelled out "wait a minute, do we have her check yet?" That snark brought a round of laughter from the crowd and a reply from me to Clay that "yes, you have my check already!", and more laughter from the crowd.

I quickly made the sign of the cross, pressed my hands in prayer position, closed my eyes and then covered my face! I think several in the crowd laughed at this display!

Wayne took the shot! It went by me so fast I could feel the air! I took a sigh of relief I still had my face, and while Wayne was describing what he had just done and why, I tiptoed ever so quietly on the grass behind him and tried to return to my spot! He saw me out of the corner of his eye, whirled around comically and said " Pam! Get back here!" My plan to escape was foiled! The crowd laughed and I had to be the guinea pig again as he put me through a similar demonstration like Clays. Then I was set free, Wayne thanked me and asked to crowd to give a hand of applause for my participation.

It was all in good fun and I really enjoyed the clinic, my participation and Clay being his usually funny, happy self.

I thought, ok, that was completely unexpected and great and did not expect to see Clay anymore until the evening festivities.

But to our surprise, Clay came around to each golfing group while we were out on the course! When he arrived at our hole he got out of the cart and announced he was there to have a pic done with our group. When he walked up on the green he immediately asked the members of our group if I had been behaving myself, because if not they could kick me out! We all laughed and had a wonderful pic with Clay! ( see above). As Clay walked back to the cart and I walked to pic up my clubs and he said to me in his snarky way " behave yourself!". I replied "oh come on, we want to have fun!". He turned and laughed and got on his way!

And this experience was absolutely fun!

As far as the rest of the day, the dinner was yummy, Clay sang like an angel and continued to look gorgeous to boot! I did not speak with him again but many others did and he made many new fans at this event!

Jerome however, did suprise me at the end of the evening and came over to me at my table and expressed pleasure at seeing me again and wished me a good evening. Jerome of course, like Clay, another class act!

There were many things that happened in my life last week that tried to prevent me from attending this wonderful event, however I am so glad I went!

And for those who may wonder, I will say right here and now there is absolutely no reason for me to apply for a future meet with Clay for upcoming concerts.

This was the ultimate meet and greet!!

I wish everyone who wants to will be able to experience meeting this wonderful artist and human being!


Spamalot Site Includes "All Things Aiken" Blog

Something fun is at the Monty Phython Spamalot site. At the bottom right of the page, you'll see a picture of Clay/Sir Robin along with the words "All Things Aiken" and "Clay Aiken Joins The Broadway Cast". Click on "All Things Aiken" and it will take you to a page with various questions about and answers from Clay. For example, here is the question and answer for 1/07:

1.7.08: When did you first know you wanted to be a performer?

There’s a very interesting answer to that question. I had always been sort of a ham; loved to sing even as a child. But, living in Raleigh didn’t really lend itself to a plethora of opportunities to be a singer. I distinctly remember seeing my first stage show when I was in seventh grade. A touring production of the musical Big River came through town. My mom, who was a big Roger Miller fan took me and a friend of mine to see it. I remember watching the guy who played Huck Finn on stage and thinking how cool it was that he got to make a living singing. I knew I couldn’t dance, and had no experience acting, so musicals weren’t necessarily something I dreamed of, but I remember realizing at that point that it might just be possible to make a living as a singer. I always have wanted to play Huck Finn in Big River after that. In what is a great full circle twist, the actor who played Huck Finn in that tour was Marty Moran. Now, fifteen years later, I think it’s really funny that I am taking over the role of Robin from the first person I ever saw perform in a musical.
Check out the site each day for to see if new questions have been added.

"Golfing For Inclusion" Tournament, Auction A Big Success

From reports of people who were at the Golfing For Inclusion Tournament and the auction that evening, the entire tournament was a big success and brought in some big dollars for The Bubel Aiken Foundation.

Clay made the rounds during the tournament, chatting and taking pictures with the golfers. Most of the golfers did not go into the tournament as Clay fans. I think that changed for at least some of them once the tournament was over. Janiepain at The Clayboard tells us the following about her husband:

We just got home a little while ago, and all the way home my husband was calling his brother, and our kids telling them what a great guy Clay was and what a wonderful golf tournament he put on. You'd have to know my hubby to know this is BIG....he really is a true fan now. He has played in other golf tournnaments--a few years ago he played with Brian Hill, former coach of the Orlando Magic. I asked if he was as approachable as Clay and he said "not even close". He had his pics taken with Brian Hill, but Clay literally was "out and about" with the players all day.
Sally and Sharon at the Tournament sent messages from the tournament. Here is one about a non-fan who was impressed with Clay:
The gals are on their way back to their winter home and said it was probably going to be the highlight of their lives. It was worth every penny. Sally said a young 30'ish golfer (non-fan before today) told Sharon that Clay was fantastic. He said there is nobody out there quite like him. A woman at their table broke down and cried when Clay sang Unchained Melody. This was not a Clay crowd by any means, but I have a feeling they left as fans. Both of the man and the singer. Clay really worked the crowd and boy, do we know he can do that.
Tiffy52winkle at The Clayboard posted a recap from 2old4Clay at Clayversity. Here is part of that recap:
As we waited for all the golfers to return we were helping ourselves to the wonderful tables of food. They had a few chefs on hand making up some fresh pasta dishes also. During that time we able to view all the silent auction items and put in our bids.

They gave out the golf awards, those of which I know nothing about, except the people who joined our table came in 3rd with their score, and then another lady I met Sally (her sister Sharon was sending recaps over to the CB all day) won a poker tournament by drawing cards for a fee and seeing what kind of hand you come up with. I guess those that are familiar with this might understand it better than I.

Jerry Aiken spoke to open up the evening discussing the foundation and then introduced Bob Ferrone who told us about a man born with Downs Syndrome, Marty Sheets, who has accomplished so much in his life, one thing being named the PGA Volunteer of the Year in 2006. He is a National Special Olympics Champion and a golfer. I really can't remember all the things this man has accomplished but it is amazing. We all gave him a standing ovation when Mr. Ferrone was finished telling us of his life.

Then Diane Bubel spoke a little about her connection with Clay through her son and how the foundation was started.

After that Clay spoke also giving some history and introducing the video. This was the same video that was played at the Raleigh Gala I believe. But Aron was having a lot of problems with it, it would start and break up and then play and then he would start it over. Because of that Clay came up on stage and started to sing to give Aron some time to get the video going, that is when he sang I Can't Make You Love Me. Then back to the video....again it played for a minute or two and then froze up. So Clay I think then sang At This Moment. They finally gave up on the video, which was sort of disappointing because that really tells the story of what the Foundation is all about, it would have helped for the NJU people to have seen it in it's entirety.

Then the auction started, with Jerry Aiken trying to be the auctioneer and not having much success at anyone bidding, so Wayne Player got up and helped Jerry continue with the auction.

At the end of the auction, Clay said he had used up all his songs..he was only going to do a few and he already sang two... so people were making requests. He only did parts of a couple because I don't think impromptu was working well for the piano guy Ben Cohen. He didn't know the melody to When A Man Loves A Woman and so they were both 'winging' it in a way. Love of my Life was requested and they played with that a little too, but then he sang Get Here and Unchained Melody which was good ole Clay singing perfection IMO.
From people at the auction who called into The Clayboard, I have the following winning bids for auction items. Obviously there were other items for auction, but these are the only ones I have information about the final bid price.
  • Cruise for ? (possibly 8?) - $900
  • Dinner For 2 With Clay and a Horse and Carriage Ride in New York - $20,000 (Note: This turned into two Dinners For 2 With Clay and the Carriage Ride, 2 tickets to Spamalot and a backstage pass...a total of $40,000!!
  • Trip to The Masters Tournament - $9,500
This was the "first annual" golf tournament, and since it was such a success, no doubt there will be more tournaments to come. Better get those golf clubs out and start practicing. You have one year to work on that swing!

Tidbits 1/8

  • Manchester Evening News interviews Kelly Clarkson -
    She is, in fact, the first Idol contestant to make it this far (season two runner-up, Clay Aiken's `fourth' was in fact a four-track EP of Christmas songs) and is over two million sales clear of her nearest Idol rival, season four winner Carrie Underwood.
  • Arizona Daily Star - internet users searching for Clay Aiken on Lycos -
    On the lighter side in the subcategories, the most-searched-for male of 2007 was Clay Aiken. Britney Spears earned top billing among women. "Dancing with the Stars" was the hottest show on television, and Green Day drew the most interest in the music category.
  • BloggingStocks - American Idol Taylor Hicks loses record contract -
    For those keeping score at home, that's two male winners in six seasons, both of whom are struggling for relevance. Other male runners up (most notably Chris Daughtry and Clay Aiken) have enjoyed better success than their rivals who supposedly earned more votes from Idol viewers.
  • BloggingStocks on what AI can teach you about "solar stocks" -
    Each industry has its stars: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Clay Aiken -- as determined by album sales -- for American Idol, First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR), Sunpower (NASDAQ: SPWR) and MEMC Electronic Materials (NYSE: WFR) -- as determined by stock performance
CDD Blogwatch
  • Anew and Afresh - Clay looking mighty fine at Golfing For Inclusion event in Florida

Gorgeous Not-To-Be-Missed Picture of Clay From Tournament

We don't normally do an article based on a picture of Clay. But this picture (see above), taken at the dinner last night after the golf tournament, is worth 1000 words.


Last Interview With Leslie Streeter from West Palm Beach Post is a Great One

Once again Leslie Streeter has outdone herself at her West Palm Beach Post blog site with a great interview with Clay. The interview, entitled Clay Aiken's Golf Tournament, Part 5: Hanging with Mr. Aiken!, has info about Clay's day at the tournament and about his role in Spamalot. One of my favorite comments from Clay is:

Q: So you mentioned "Spamlot." How is that going?
A: I've done it three days, and it is easily the hardest work I've ever done. I thought it would be tough, but I'll tell you what - it's work, work. There's so much information to absorb...

Q: Learning the lines?
A: No, the lines, I had memorized before I ever got there. It's the dance moves. They're like "Kick-ball-change-flip" and I'm like "What does that mean?"
Can't wait to see Clay doing the ol' "kick-ball-change-flip" during the musical!!

Check out the rest of the interview and maybe leave a thank you comment for Leslie. She did an outstanding job of interviewing Clay and reviewing the tournament for us!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Palm Beach Post Gives Us 4 "On The Spot" Articles from Golf Tournament (And Check Out The Pictures From The Tournament!)

First Leslie Streeter of the Palm Beach Post gave us a wonderful interview with Clay. Now she gives us four, count 'em, four great first hand reports from the Golfing For Inclusion Tournament that was held today. Each and every report is fantastic. Here are the links to each one, and a small quote to whet your appetite for more. Don't miss reading these. Oh, and Leslie tells us in the last one that she will have another interview with Clay for us tomorrow!

Report #1 - Clay Aiken's Golf Tournment: Beginning Golfers for Inclusion

As I write this, Clay Aiken is standing behind perusing the yogurt and fruit table at Mirasol Country Club, and I am trying not to look behind me because stalking is bad.
Report #2 - Clay Aiken's Golf Tournment, Part 2: It's the Clay and Wayne Show!
Clay told me a few weeks ago that he's not a good golfer, and Wayne himself joked this morning that he's probably a better singer than Clay is a golfer. But after twisting Clay around during his demonstration like a Stretch Armstrong doll, Wayne says he may have been wrong. I won't bore you with all the golf terms, because I don't know a dang thing about it, but basically Clay hasn't been good at golf because, he says, he's "duck-footed."
Report #3 - Clay Aiken's Golf Tournment, Part 3: You say "Clay," they say "Clayton"
For all the fanciness, Aunt Dianne says this is all a function of the foundation, and that the foundation is who, Clayton really is.

"Sure, he can sing. He could always sing," she said. "Everybody has a job. But Clayton is the foundation. He loves this, and I love it. Hopefully, this will give these children an opportunity to go to camp and one day be able to touch our lives."
Report #4 - Clay Aiken's Golf Tournament, Part 4: My dinner with Clay!
"How many people have Clay as a back-up when something goes wrong?" his Uncle Jerry said.

None, actually. But that's something maybe we could bid on to support the foundation! You have a presentation, or a graduation speech, or an "American Idol" audition you aren't sure about? Hire Clay to jump in and sing something while you're regrouping!

Because I got a lot of good stuff in my one-on-one with Clay, I'm gonna save it until tomorrow, to keep you wanting more. Because I'm a big ol' tease.

Clay To Appear on "The View" Soon - THIS MONTH

Clay will return to ABC's popular daytime talk show The View sometime during this season, it was announced today on The View's season opening episode today.

The CB's mammat53 reports: "Sherry Shepard just announced it!
I am watching the new season 1st show of the View. They just announced upcoming guests (in the near future). She said Clay Aiken will be joining us..anyone know when???????"

Clay last appeared on the talk show in September 2006, to promote A Thousand Different Ways.


Update: listening closer to the cap of this announcement, it is clear that Sherry Shepard said Clay will be on THIS MONTH (January)!

Update 2: TV Guide confirms - Clay is on January 22! Details

Tidbits 1/7

  • News 14 Carolina interviews Quiana Parler ahead of her big debut this Friday on Raleigh's version of "Dreamgirls". An interview is available in which she talks about touring with Clay -
    The lead in the show, Quiana Parler, talked to anchor Tracey Early about her character and working with Clay Aiken. View the video for this interview.
  • - Jonas Brothers to launch sophomore disc with help from Clay Aiken producer -
    Produced by John Fields (Rooney, Clay Aiken), who also manned the boards for the Bros.' platinum-plus self-titled debut, much of the new record was recorded on a tour bus while the band was on the road opening for Miley Cyrus for the sold out Hanna Montana "Best of Both Worlds" tour.
  • BBC America - "Idol 2" drama being replayed in Britain ... on the charts -
    X Factor's Leon Jackson and Rhydian Roberts are shaping up to be the UK's answer to American Idol's Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Likable winner with above-average talent beats campy vocal virtuoso but loses when it really matters - at the cash register.
  • - Clay Aiken ... worst hair style? "The top three men on the male celebs worst hairstyle list were Kid Rock, Clay Aiken and Zac Efron."
CDD Blogwatch
  • Taking A Moment gives us the Clay Aiken fan's "Golf Dictionary A-H"
    Albatross: “Spud got an albatross on that back nine dogleg.“ These are big white birds that like to fly around salmon boats and golf courses. It’s bad luck to hit one with a golf ball. This is why you hear golfers yelling “FOUR!!” That means somebody hit a whole slew of them, which means that golfer is pretty much screwed out of the big money that day, because it‘s a three stoke penalty for each one. An albatross is also a figure of speech that means a burden that people carry, such as hitting innocent albatrosses with golf balls. If Clay accidentally hit an albatross with a golf ball, or even a shotgun blast, it wouldn’t be his fault, though. The albatross probably had it coming.
  • Carolina On My Mind - Clay ready to make Broadway debut -
    Clay Aiken is heading to the Great White Way ... From "American Idol" to Eric Idle's "Spamalot" ... Clay Aiken has found his Holy Grail: musical theater ... Clay Aiken Gets Medieval ... From tour-a-lot to "Spamalot" ... American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken is tackling the boards on Broadway ... "Spamalot" Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Claymates ...

    Remember these clever leads from the October press releases announcing that Clay Aiken will join the hit Broadway show "Spamalot"? In rehearsals now, Clay will play Sir Robin Jan. 18 - May 4.

Palm Beach Post Interview With Clay Highlights Golf Tournament

An interview in the Palm Beach Post entitled SIX QUESTIONS FOR CLAY AIKEN, by Leslie Gray Street, not only highlights Monday's "Golfing For Inclusion" Tournament, but also includes some great mentions of the fans by Clay.

When asked about the tournament Clay says:

My dream is that (the foundation) can exist, should exist, without me needing to carry it. We want (the fund-raiser) to be lucrative and at the same time, to appeal to people who definitely would not be the demographic that would show up for my Christmas tour.

Golf would definitely appeal to a group that would often (be dedicated) to philanthropy but probably not vote for American Idol.
Clay is also asked about the "Let All Play Together" program, which is a program where summer camps are inclusive of children with disabilities.

When asked about whether he would play golf, Clay, in his typical self-deprecating humor, said,
"I don't think that I could successfully do it. We'll do some sort of clinic that shows you what to do. I could show you what not to do. (If I played) we could be there all day long waiting for me."
In addition, Clay mentions the dedication of his fans, as well as his upcoming roles in Spamalot. Clay will play Sir Robin, as well as three or four minor roles. As for his fans, Clay sings their praises:
I often say that the coolest thing about (the fans) is not just that they come to shows, but that they do support things that are important to me, like UNICEF and causes that I support.
He goes on to tell some of the many things the fans do, including organizing t-ball teams to spread inclusion and organizing groups for Wrapping For Inclusion.

To read this entire interview, check it out at The Palm Beach Post. Its a must read!

--- --- ---

Update 4:51 PM: The Palm Beach Post has expanded today's coverage of the TBAF Golfing For Inclusion in a series of blogs from the Post's Leslie Gray Streeter:
  • Palm Beach Post - "Clay Aiken's Golf Tournament: Beginning golfers for inclusion" -
    As I write this, Clay Aiken is standing behind perusing the yogurt and fruit table at Mirasol Country Club, and I am trying not to look behind me because stalking is bad.

    Clay's here for Golfing For Inclusion, the first-ever charity golf tournament to support the Bubel-Aiken Foundation and its efforts to make sure disabled kids have the facilities to be included in summer camp and recreational activities. Golf pro Wayne Player, who has a really great South African accent, is here to handle the golf clinic and other golfy stuff, because Clay admits he can't play golf at all.
  • Palm Beach Post - "Clay Aiken's Golf Tournment, Part 2: It's the Clay and Wayne Show!" -
    Former US Open and British Open golfer Wayne Player, son of legend Gary Player, may not have had the career his dad did. But during this morning's golf clinic at Mirasol's "Golfing For Inclusion," he's proven to not only have a heck of a swing, but to be an energetic, theatrical teacher that might make him the Professor Harold Hill of golf ("He's the golfing man, and he gives golfing lessons to the swells in town!")

    For about 30 minutes, Wayne gave some pointers on golf, some ruminations on growing up in the light of his father, and made Clay Aiken his second banana. He also demonstrated how to properly aim a swing by not knocking off the head of our good friend and Clay fan Pam Bassett, who he had stand nervously behind him as he swung.

    "Do we have her check yet?" Clay joked, as Pam covered her eyes while Wayne swung and hit the ball, as promised, really far and nowhere near Pam's head. Everyone was impressed and Pam was happy to still have a head.

    Clay told me a few weeks ago that he's not a good golfer, and Wayne himself joked this morning that he's probably a better singer than Clay is a golfer. But after twisting Clay around during his demonstration like a Stretch Armstrong doll, Wayne says he may have been wrong. I won't bore you with all the golf terms, because I don't know a dang thing about it, but basically Clay hasn't been good at golf because, he says, he's "duck-footed."
  • Palm Beach Post - "Clay Aiken's Golf Tournment, Part 3: You say 'Clay,' they say 'Clayton'" -
    I've hung out with so-called Claymates before, but the "Golfing For Inclusion" tournament here at Mirasol marks the first time I've ever met actual friends and families of Mr. Clay Aiken.

    Or should I say, Clayton. Because they do.

    The golf tournament's been going well, I guess - I've met several participants who are just big golfers and supporters of charity like realtor Susan Kohout, who organizes volunteers at big golf events, and some who are big Clay fans, like our friend Pam, and Chicago's own Michelle Manson, who's gotten involved in the Bubel-Aiken foundation and volunteered for their inclusive summer camp.

    "Sure, he can sing. He could always sing," she said. "Everybody has a job. But Clayton is the foundation. He loves this, and I love it. Hopefully, this will give these children an opportunity to go to camp and one day be able to touch our lives."

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tidbits 1/6

Clay in the January 14 issue of OK Magazine ... "Transformed". Thanks to the CB's laurasviolin for the scan!
  • Not completely Clay related ... but... interesting: Yahoo Finance - Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno will appear on each other's shows this Thursday, January 10. Quoting Jay Leno from the article:
    "There are only a few people in the world that know how tough this job is," Leno said Sunday. "Jimmy is one of them. It will be fun to discuss who's a good guest, who's a difficult guest and everything else that comes with sitting behind these desks."
    Let's hope that if they do discuss "who's a good guest", Jimmy brings up Clay. Might be worth watching this one!
  • 2 Clay mentions in Raleigh News & Observer article about what's coming up in this new year:
    12 There's a new Effie White in town, and her name's Quiana Parler. Fresh from touring with Clay Aiken, Parler stars in N.C. Theatre's "Dreamgirls." Through Jan. 20. 834-4000,

    18 For years people said Clay Aiken belongs on Broadway, and now he arrives. The Raleigh singer joins the cast of "Monty Python's Spamalot" as Sir Robin.
  • Morning Call - recap of 2007 ...
    By the time you read this, 2007 will have joined the ranks of Harry Potter in book form, remnants of Britney's sanity, Bob Barker as the host with the most, any semblance of justice meted out to celebs, Clay Aiken's boyish good looks and fresh episodes of TV shows.

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