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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Download CDD's 2008 Clay Aiken Calendar

It's our belated Christmas present to you! CDD's 2008 Clay Aiken Calendar is now ready for download!

As we mentioned in our exclusive preview last night, we'd like to thank Hanapepe/En Avant Photography, starfishy2000 and Linda Learn who provided their gorgeous photos for use in this calendar.

If you are printing it, a good way to make sure the calendar prints correctly would be to copy the files into a Word processing document.

Creative Commons License

We encourage everyone to share this calendar, following the terms and conditions outlined in CDD's Creative Commons license. However, please LINK BACK TO THIS POST and credit Clay's Daily Double, En Avant Photography, starfishy2000 and Linda Learn.

There are now 2 options to download the calendar:

Download & "Ready to Print" option - Adobe PDF format
This option allows you to download, open and print! The file downloads as an Adobe PDF document. Once you open it, you can hit print and it should come out of the printer with the correct size & dimensions. Note: you will require Adobe Reader for this ... although most computers should have this, if you do not, download it for free at

Download - JPG Option
Recommended for experienced computer users comfortable with handling JPG files, these are the JPG version of the file:

Clay Posts 3rd UNICEF FieldNotes, Fundraising at 72%

Clay has posted his 3rd UNICEF FieldNotes from Mexico:

Clay Aiken visits schoolchildren in Mexico

UNICEF Ambassador is visiting UNICEF projects in Mexico and blogging from the field.

"Les deseo un prosperó año nueva!"

Yesterday we spent a long, but rewarding, day visiting schools that were severely damaged by the floods. I had the opportunity to talk to many children who have been unable to attend school since the disaster struck. They are full of hope and excited to return to school soon.

We also had the unique opportunity to visit the largest shelter in Villahermosa, Tabasco. When we got there I began walking and immediately a little boy ran over to me with the biggest smile on his face. And of course I was confused that he was excited to see me since I am not well known in Mexico, but it all became clear when he pointed to my UNICEF t-shirt and gave me a hug.

Throughout my travels with UNICEF - to Indonesia, Uganda, Afghanistan and now Mexico - I have been greeted with this same warm welcome. Children everywhere know that UNICEF is there for them, to help them get the food, shelter and education they need to not only survive but to thrive.

I am so proud to be a UNICEF Ambassador and to do my part to help UNICEF as they take care of children in need around the world. And I thank you for joining me this holiday season to give to those in need.


P.S. Good news everyone! We have our bags - yes, even mine!
And with two more days left, fundraising for Clay and UNICEF's $100,000 appeal for Mexico is up to $73,000 - 73% of the goal!

Click here to donate

Tidbits 12/29

  • AOL Popeater - update about what Clay is up to... Idol power ranking #9 (huh?) and they need to check their facts about Clay being appointed UNICEF ambassador by President Bush
    Clay Aiken
    (Season 2 Runner-up)

    Life After 'Idol': Co-authored the New York Times best-seller 'Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life'; starred in 'A Clay Aiken Christmas' on NBC; founded the Bubel/Aiken Foundation for disabled children; was appointed a UNICEF ambassador by President Bush.

    What's Next?: After working in Mexico over the holidays with UNICEF, Aiken will be making his Broadway debut as Sir Robin in 'Monty Python's Spamalot.' His stint begins January 18 and is scheduled to continue through May 4.
  • El Paso Times - article about AI2 finalist Josh Gracin -
    But all that changed in 2003 when "American Idol" contestant Josh Gracin went head to head with Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke and eventual winner Ruben Studdard.
  • Tahoe Daily Tribune - Neil Sedaka honored by Clay -
    Also this year, he was honored at the Lincoln Center for his 50 years as an entertainer at a show that included live performances by David Foster, Connie Francis, Natalie Cole, Paul Shaffer, Clay Aiken and The Captain and Tennille, during which time Toni Tennille said, "Without Neil, there would be no Captain and Tennile."

    The same could be said of a lot of singers, including Aiken, a former "American Idol" star.

    Aiken performed "Solitaire," which was made into a single that sold 400,000 copies.
  • Clay has a nice page set up at this Argentina website ... not exactly sure what it says, but it looks like a biography
CDD Blogwatch

  • Carolina On My Mind takes a look back at 2007 and some highlights in the Clay nation:
    Aiken Fans Laud 2007 Rewind

    Traditionally, retrospective look backs fill the final week of a departing calendar year, and fans have SmartyPantsSuz to thank for the annual rewind of Clay Aiken's past 12 months with her latest montage, My Favorite Things (2007).

    Opening with the Valentine's Day visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, My Favorite Things 2007 and its 12 photo grids take fans on a romp through Clay's summer and holiday tours, TV appearances, UNICEF trips, fund-raising for The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, and the Holiday on Ice special.

    YouTube and Sendspace video links, as well as the 12 photo grids, appear below; but, first, here are fund-raising and media updates on Clay's current UNICEF trip.
  • The ConCLAYve - update on Clay's trip to Mexico:
    FUNDRAISING UPDATE: As of 10 PM PST today, $70,000 has been raised as a result of UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken's $100,000 in 10 Days for Mexican Flood Relief Campaign. Three days remain before the December 31 deadline for the fundraiser.

    Clay has spent Christmas week traveling on behalf of UNICEF in the flood-stricken regions of Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico. Also participating in this humanitarian field visit are Clay's mother Faye and his brother Brett, a Marine on leave from Iraq.

    In Ostuacan, Chiapas, Clay and the Honorable Isabel Aguilera de Sabines, First Lady of the state of Chiapas, participated in games with the three hundred children in the flood shelters.
  • Clayigraphy - Clay brings cheer to Mexico! Highlights Clay's UNICEF Trip to Mexico has posted a great article about Clay's current UNICEF trip to Mexico. Clay spent Christmas and will spend New Year's in Tabasco, Mexico which was recently severely damaged by hurricanes.

Clay Aiken Helps Out During the Holidays
December 28, 2007 - Posted by Dave

Season 2 runner-up and UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken is spending time in Mexico to help raise funds for those affected by recent flooding, the most destructive in some regions in the past 50 years. UNICEF estimates that 70% of the schools and all of the crops in the city of Tabasco, where Clay will be spending much of his time, have been damaged by the recent disaster.

Clay and his family are foregoing their own holiday vacation to spend time with affected families in hopes of spreading some holiday cheer in the affected areas. As a UNICEF Ambassador, this international trip is not Clay’s first humanitarian effort. Over the past three years, Clay has spent time in Afghanistan, Uganda, and Indonesia on behalf of the organization. With particular focus on families affected by respective situations in each country, Clay’s help and hands-on experiences within the regions has helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for humanitarian causes around the world.


Hopeful that his involvement will help raise $100,000 through UNICEF’s website before the end of 2007, Clay’s presence in Mexico is undoubtedly a bright spot in what has been a difficult time for the people of Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico.

Jesse Vargas' Christmas In The Heartland Tour Photos

Clay's musical conductor and pianist Jesse Vargas has posted some cute photos from the recent Christmas tour which wrapped up last week.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Exclusive CDD Preview - 2008 CDD Clay Aiken Calendar

It's long overdue, so we are thrilled to announce that our 2008 CDD Clay Aiken Calendar will be available for download VERY SOON. This calendar will be offered at both CDD and at the Clayboard, but we are giving CDD readers the first sneak peek, hot off the press Photoshop editing studio.

More information on how you can download & print this calendar will be posted in the next few days!

Special thank you to the photographers who have provided us with their masterpieces:

  • Hanapepe, and En Avant Photography
  • starfishy2000
  • Linda Learn

Clay Blogs from Mexico

Clay has posted a blog from Mexico on his blog at the official fanclub. In the blog, Clay talks about his tour yesterday of Tabasco schools damaged by floods and how welcoming the children of Mexico were to him and the UNICEF team: one little boy had the "biggest smile on his face," Clay said.

We were also informed that United Airlines found Clay and everyone else's luggage, which they had apparently lost during their flight from the US to Mexico last week -- Never fly United "EVER", Clay warns.

Entertainment Tonight Covers Clay's Mexico UNICEF Trip

Entertainment Tonight ran a brief, but deeply heartwarming clip of Clay spending Christmas with children in Mexico on their show last night. Clay is currently in Mexico for UNICEF, drawing attention to the October hurricanes that devastated the central American country.

Here's the cap... thanks to Chexxxy's for the heads up!

Clay Question on Jeopardy

A strange Clay-related question popped up last night on Jeopardy. We're not sure whether this is a repeat or if this is a new episode. From the CB's pearlgjr:

Well, that was a surprise.

A daily double question, the eventual winner made it a true 'daily double' (and got it right)

what 18-- Tennesse politician who ran for the presidency lost to Ruben Studdard on American Idol.

Answer: Henry Clay Aiken

Tidbits 12/28

  • Wilkes Barre Times Leader - writer makes Clay pals, but Clay's concert wasn't the best concert ...
    SOKOLOWSKI: I’ve accumulated quite a lot of Clay Aiken pen pals, and they’re probably hoping I’ll say his was the best concert this year.

    It wasn’t.
  • Tahoe Daily Tribune - Clay Aiken honors Neil Sedaka at Lincoln Center concert in October ...
    Also this year, he was honored at the Lincoln Center for his 50 years as an entertainer at a show that included live performances by David Foster, Connie Francis, Natalie Cole, Paul Shaffer, Clay Aiken and The Captain and Tennille, during which time Toni Tennille said, "Without Neil, there would be no Captain and Tennile."
  • Reality TV World - Clay visits Mexico with UNICEF (this is a repeat of the UPI wire story from yesterday)
CDD Blogwatch

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Video of Clay in Mexico Shown on FOX 6 Milwaukee

FOX News 6 in Milwaukee aired a great piece about Clay's current UNICEF mission in Mexico. A cap is available at SendSpace and it should be up at ClackUnlimited soon! Update: now up on ClackUnlimited!

Thanks to the CB's Kitty4Clay and CV's Cap121 for these caps:

New Behind-The-Scenes Footage from "Holiday Celebration on Ice"

Two new video clips of behind-the-scenes footage from Holiday Celebration on Ice are up at YouTube. Thanks to Chexxxy's for the heads up! The clip is available for download at ClackUnlimited.

Tidbits 12/27

  • Tehran Times - mention of Clay's visit to Mexico:
    UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken celebrated Christmas at a flood shelter with the children of Ostuacan, Chiapas. In one weekend last month torrential rains in produced the worst flooding the region has seen in more than 50 years.
  • - article mentions a girl who has performed as one of Clay's back up singers/actors ... I presume this was during JNT2005:
    Her sister Courtney, 13, an eighth grader at Martin Middle School who also sang with John Lithgow at the age of 6 and who has performed as one of eight back-up singers/actors with "American Idol" star Clay Aiken, admits her tastes run more toward pop and jazz than country though she does like the Jonas Brothers, currently on tour with Mylie Cyrus. Also a straight "A" student, Courtney, who is on her student council, said she doesn't study much.
  • Echoes Across Time - non-Claymate captivated by Clay's rendition of "Mary Did You Know" -
    On the way to her house, I heard a song on the car radio that captivated me? Mary Did You Know? It was a haunting rendition of a song that has been done many times since it was written in 1984. This voice was dark and mysterious, something like Alison Moyet in her prime. I searched through different versions of the song and discovered it was actually sung by a man called Clay Aiken. What a haunting voice and a delight to listen to! He was a finalist on American Idol in 2003. As I don’t watch these TV shows, I really missed out on something there.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here yet

New Photos of Clay in Mexico

Two new photos of Clay in Mexico for UNICEF have popped up on a Mexican news website called The second picture, above shows Clay's mother Faye Parker in the background. The website ran an article about Clay's visit; here is a very rough English translation courtesy an online translation program:

December 24, 2007 *they Congratulate the youths that facilitated the psico-social recovery of the children

OSTUACÁN, Chiapas, December 24, 2007 - Elapsed almost two months since the rains caused landslides and floods in Chiapas, the memories of those tragic moments were forgot by some moments upon celebrating Christmas.

Children and girls of Juan of the Grijalva lived together this day with the lady Isabel Aguilera de Sabines and the ambassador-fame of the UNICEF, Clay Aiken who they visited the supportive camps, where the victims after the step of the cold fronts they are found 2 and 4 in the northern part of the state.

The president of the Consultative Civic Counsel of the DIF Chiapas, Isabel Aguilera de Sabines, indicated that "Christmas is a moment of special happiness in which the families meet and they enjoy the time you join; but these families suffered a catastrophe and they have lost it all. We are doing a great effort to offer these families the necessary support in these moments and to cover their basic needs of protection, health and education." Aguilera de Sabines affirmed also that "in this occasion, the DIF and UNICEF they have been united to bring enthusiasm and to generate a Christmas environment that permit to help that these children, girls, adolescents and their families recover the normality loss".

This celebration, that permitted to carry music, dances and piñatas to hundreds of children and girls and its families harbored in the camps of Ostuacán, is part of the contribution of UNICEF and of the DIF and is framed inside the actions of answer to support the children and its families affected by the emergency.

Likewise, the Committee U.S. for UNICEF (US Fund) and the singer and "Ambassador-Fame" U.S., Clay Aiken, they visited the camp of Ostuacán in order to supporting the families affected by the floods in Chiapas.

Along with the president of the DIF Chiapas, enjoyed the gestures of happiness of the infants after breaking the piñatas and to share cake and sweet; as well as of a musical spectacle and of clowns during the day.

Clay Aiken, was a winner in 2003 of the contest "American Idol", one of the most successful programs of new talents in the United States. Since that moment, Clay obtained a great popularity as the singer. He has sold hundreds of thousands of disks, has given concerts around the world and very is known by his CD "Merry Christmas with Love" ("Merry Christmas with Love"). Clay has written a book, acted in television and in musicals of Broadway and has become a great activist by the children.

Young capacitadores in Tuxtla

Besides celebrating Christmas in the camp of Ostuacán, DIF Chiapas along with UNICEF and their Ambassador-Fame, Clay Aiken, they wanted to carry out a honorable mention to the voluntary youths that were qualified to support with the psico-social recovery of the childhood chiapaneca. For it, they organized an event in the installations of the DIF in Tuxtla in which they recognized their valuable work during the period of emergency.

Eddy Robert Pérez López, who studies in the Technological Institute of Ostuacán, was one of these volunteers that contributed in great measure to change the attitude of the childhood affected with the cave-in of the hill in the community San Juan of Grijalva, "when we decide to support us encomtramos with sad children that nothing the toward happy... now after working with UNICEF, already sonrien, they are happy and have again dreams".

This 20-year-old youth, said "I feel very either for to have supported these children... feels well the to give although be a little time to quines they need us".

Answer of UNICEF to the emergency in Chiapas

The UNICEF answer actions to the emergency are framed inside the normal cooperation that UNICEF has in Chiapas, reaffirming its commitment toward the protection of the rights of the childhood chiapaneca in situation of emergency.

In coordination with the DIF State and the SEP, UNICEF has supported the training of students and officials of government in attention psicosocial for the recovery of children in situation of emergency.
In addition, these two pictures (which are pretty small) were posted to the Clayboard:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Skating to Clay's MDYK at Toyota Sports Center

Skaters recently skated to Clay's "Mary, Did You Know" at a Christmas skating show at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, CA. Here is the clip via YouTube:

Tidbits 12/26

The CB's SmartyPantsSuz has posted her new montage ... "My Favorite Things of 2007" ... what a great way to end the year. Enjoy the clip, posted above via YouTube.
  • Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune - Aiken receives "lacy undies" from fan -
    Word has it that when Clay Aiken performed with the Minnesota Orchestra last week a woman threw lacy undies on stage with her photo taped inside.
  • WNDU NBC looks back at 2007: "CLAY AIKEN CONCERT: Throngs of DEDICATED fans who love their Aiken...a lot. Did I say A LOT? Somewhere Manilow is jealous."
CDD Blogwatch
  • Carolina On My Mind - Clay closes 2007 Christmas tour in Indiana -
    Surrounded by family on and off stage, Clay Aiken closed his fourth holiday tour -- Christmas in the Heartland -- with a memorable performance at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville Saturday night.

    Accompanied by his mother and brother, Faye and Brett Parker, the singer departed Sunday for a special UNICEF tour through Mexico to survey the damage caused by the devastating floods in the Yucatan.

    In final thank you's and introductions, Clay recognized the show's core musicians and backup singers, behind-the-scenes crew, as well as his immediate family members in the audience.
  • Clay Aiken visiting Mexico with UNICEF ... coverage from the Clay Aiken blogosphere:

Clay's UNICEF Visit To Mexico Receiving Coverage at Home

Clay's Christmas and New Year's visit to Mexico as part of his UNICEF ambassador responsibilities has received some great press coverage since he left a few days ago:

  • The photo of Clay with kids in Chiapas, Mexico appeared on page 2 of today's Raleigh News & Observer reports the CB's ClaytonClayniac:
    It was the PR Newswire photo, and above it -"AIKEN VISITS FLOOD VICTIMS." Below it, 'Clay Aiken, a Raleigh native and UNICEF ambassador, participates in a Christmas gift exchange and sing-along for children and their families staying at a camp for flood victims in Chiapas, Mexico.'
  • The visit was also mentioned on FOX 11 Los Angeles this morning according to the CB's PS Bonnie:
    My husband emailed me from the LA area. He saw coverage of the Mexico trip on Fox 11 news at 5am. They also mentioned Spamalolt!

    Heard from my husband again. He clarified that it was the local FOX affiliate in LA. He said they showed video of Clay batting at a pinata.
  • United Press International is running a wire story about Clay's trip:
    Aiken visits flood victims with UNICEF

    CHIAPAS, Mexico, Dec. 26 (UPI) -- Recording artist and UNICEF ambassador Clay Aiken spent Christmas with his mother and brother visiting flood victims in southeast Mexico.

    UNICEF said Aiken participated in a gift exchange and sing-along with more than 300 children and their families at a camp erected for flood victims in the city of Ostuacan Tuesday.

    Aiken, his mother and brother, a Marine on leave from Iraq, will also be part of a UNICEF delegation scheduled to visit the state of Tabasco this week.

    "The situation in Chiapas and Tabasco has really become a forgotten emergency," Aiken said in a statement. "Telling the story of these brave people, especially the children, to a U.S. audience is the reason that I am here. Sharing this experience with my family during this time of year makes it even more special."

    Torrential rains in Tabasco and Chiapas in one weekend last month produced the worst flooding the region has seen in more than 50 years.

    More than 1 million residents of the two states have been affected, one third of which are children, UNICEF said.

    While the situation has been stabilized through the efforts of Mexico's government and U.N. agencies, thousands remain homeless and displaced.
It's not too late to donate to Clay's UNICEF fundraiser for Mexico, which currently stands at 51% of the $100,000 goal they hope to achieve by December 31. Click here for more information.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Holiday Celebrations" A Tremendous Success

Holiday Celebration on Ice has just finished up airing on the east coast, and has garnered some great reviews. Here are some screencaps for your viewing pleasure ... we expect clack to be available soon. Video of Todd Eldredge's Skate to "All Is Well" on this morning's Today Show is already up at ClackUnlimited.

Tidbits 12/25

  • Clay has posted Christmas greeting from Mexico to the official fanclub. Fanclub members can check it out here.
  • Chicago Tribune via Detroit News - Barry Manilow in the news ... "Manilow, 64, has appeared twice on "American Idol," where he bonded with Clay Aiken."
  • Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram - Holiday Celebration on Ice mentioned in TV listings -
    Holiday Celebration on Ice: Sasha Cohen and Todd Eldredge host this holiday-themed skating exhibition, but it's guest Clay Aiken, not the skaters, who is likely to draw viewers. 3 p.m., KXAS/Channel 5
  • Arizona Daily Star -
    "Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice" with Olympian Sasha Cohen and musical guest Clay Aiken, 3 p.m., KVOA Channel 4.
  • Northern Express - article about holiday music ...
    Holiday jazz from the ‘50s and ‘60s creates the perfect ambiance, but won’t steal the show. Pull out your Nancy Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Dean Martin, and Ella Fitzgerald and make sure one of them asks, “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” Besides the classic versions, nearly every known artist has done some cover version of this song, so you have a variety to choose from, whether it’s the Carpenters, Brian Setzer, Patti Labelle, or even Clay Aiken.
CDD Blogwatch
  • ClaySpots ... a perfect Clay Aiken Christmas -
    This year, as I have the past four Christmases, I think about how my life has changed because of Clay Aiken. I remember going to my first concert in 20 years to see him, then of, course, I had to go again. And again. And again. 39 concerts later, I'm still planning on going to more. I've made so many friends and acquaintances because of Clay Aiken and this incredible fandom that has sprung up out of nowhere. I've discovered message boards and have met so many wonderful people at the concerts and pre and post-concert parties. I've seen some of my friends go to college, graduate, and get married! Others have passed away in the prime of their lives. Some live charmed lives yet others have problems that have made them stronger.
  • The ConCLAYve on Clay's UNICEF visit to Mexico -
    In just four days, UNICEF supporters and fans of Clay Aiken have raised $44,000 toward this goal. In the spirit of the season, please do your part to help raise $100,000 to support recovery for the children and families of Chiapas and Tabasco.
  • Hobbies - Clay Aiken arrives in Mexico
  • Something That Really Happened - Clay making progress on UNICEF mission to Mexico:
    Great progress has been made on Clay's challenge to raise $100,000 by the end of the year to help those affected by the floods in Mexico. So far we have achieved 44% of the goal with $43,749 in donations. Please help if you haven't already done so!

Second UNICEF Field Notes Written By Clay

Clay's second field notes from Mexico have been posted at UNICEF's Field Notes Page. The field note entry is as follows:

[In the Field] Christmas Greetings from Clay Aiken in Mexico
UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken is visiting UNICEF projects for children affected by the recent floods in Mexico. He sent the following post from the field.

Merry Christmas to all from Mexico!

The past couple of days have been crazy – from delayed flights to lost luggage (yes, the airline lost all our bags – mine, mom’s and Brett’s – and mine’s STILL missing, so if you see it, could you send it my way?), to missed flights - if it could go wrong it did! But despite everything I couldn’t be happier than to be with my family and UNICEF in Mexico sharing the Christmas holiday with the people of Chiapas and Tabasco who have suffered such tragedy.

They have lost so much (much more than a few suitcases) but they have an unbelievable spirit and contagious joy. This is the holiday season and the spirit of family and giving is alive and well here.

Yesterday we were privileged to travel with the First Lady of Chiapas to the mountain village of Ostuácan. People here were severely affected by the recent flooding and mudslides. In fact, more than 2,000 people, many of whom are children, have lost their homes and are celebrating Christmas in shelters this year. But, they rolled out the red carpet for us and we celebrated the holiday together singing Jingle Bells and other holiday songs and even taking a whack at a piñata (and, believe it or not, I didn’t hit anyone!).

As upbeat and positive as the people are they still need our help. There is much to do to reconstruct their village and get their lives back to normal. Thank you on behalf of myself, UNICEF and the people of Chiapas for your generous donations… and if you haven’t already, please consider opening your heart to these wonderful people who have opened their hearts and homes to me.

More tomorrow from Tabasco… in the meantime, from my family to yours we wish you a very Merry Christmas!
CDD will post the next field report just as soon as it becomes available.

NewsWire Press Release/Photo Out of Clay's Visit To Mexico

Photo courtesy UNICEF via Yahoo News
CHIAPAS, Mexico, December 25, 2007: UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken celebrated Christmas at a flood shelter with the children of Ostuacan, Chiapas. In one weekend last month torrential rains in produced the worst flooding the region has seen in more than 50 years. More than one million residents from Chiapas and the adjoining state of Tabasco have been affected, one third of which are children.
A wonderful Newswire Press Release and Newscom photo is out about Clay's Christmas visit to Mexico with UNICEF.

Clay Aiken & Family Celebrate Christmas With Survivors of Mexico's Floods is the title of the article at Yahoo's Finance page. The article begins:
UNICEF Ambassador and critically acclaimed recording artist Clay Aiken today wrapped up the first leg of his trip to the flood affected areas of southeast Mexico by participating in a gift exchange and "sing along" with over 300 children and their families at a camp erected for flood victims.
The article goes on to tell of the devastation that took place in Tabasco and Chiapas due to the worst flooding in that area in over 50 years. This flooding has affected over a million people, and one third of those are children.

Clay tells us in the article:
"The situation in Chiapas and Tabasco has really become a forgotten emergency," said the U.S. pop star who became an ambassador for the children's agency in 2004. "Telling the story of these brave people, especially the children, to a U.S. audience is the reason that I am here. Sharing this experience with my family during this time of year makes it even more special."
To make a donation to the UNICEF relief work taking place in Mexico go to UNICEF's Mexico Donation Page at their site.

What a great article about Clay's efforts for UNICEF in Mexico. Hopefully this will draw more attention to the need in that area and donations will come pouring in for the children there.

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF