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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Syracuse Post Standard Gives Clay Concert A Decent Review

When first reading the Syracuse Post Standard review of Clay's Wednesday, July 18, concert in Syracuse, you might think its going to be a not-so-good review. But after reading further, it turns into a review with some nice comments.

"Decent Set With with SSO Thrills Claymates", by Chuck Klaus, begins by commenting about Clay, "And much like those fabled critics of yore, I simply don't get it. All of this large-scale Clayemotion confounds me, I fear." Uh-oh, is the worse yet to come? No, actually, the review gets better.

Some of the comments in this article are:

His voice is on-pitch, he treats most of his material in a fairly spacious manner, and his work is pleasant and fairly polished, in an extremely informal way.

He is the beloved singing teddy bear placed near a young girl's flouncy canopied bed.

Aiken, appearing with fellow American Idolers Quiana Parler and Angela Fisher, sang a wide range of music, from covers of Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again" to his early hit "Measure of a Man" and material from his most recent release, "A Thousand Different Ways." He generously gave his "backup singers" - really more like co-singers - solo spots and lots of room for comic byplay, and gave a really nice pep talk on behalf of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, encouraging the enthusiastic audience to become season subscribers of the SSO.

Aiken had the chance to perform a ballad for which he served as lyricist, which offered the SSO's cellist, Lindsay Groves, the chance to contribute a sonorous solo. Here was one instance where the Clayemotion of the audience paused long enough to allow Aiken to truly be heard, which turned out to be a source of further Clayelation.

Late Review From Frisco Concert

In today's Frisco Enterprise Star, a review of the July 4 Frisco Freedomfest is included, along with a couple of comments about Clay's concert.

The article, by Penny Rathbun, Staff writer, begins by saying, "July 4, 2007 will go down as one of the more memorable holidays so far this century in Frisco."

After a few more comments about the Freedomfest, the article says about Clay's concert,

Clay Aiken and the philharmonic orchestra began the concert around 8 o’clock. He and all the performers on stage gave a very energetic and entertaining performance for about 90 minutes.

Hundreds of people were on the field during the concert. Many of the children had blue, glowing light sabers and other multicolored glowing toys. It all added to the multicolored spirit of the holiday.
Its always great to hear positive reviews about Clay's shows, and these comments are no exception!

Clay Concerts - Some Things Change and Some Things Stay The Same - PART 1

There are so many wonderful things that we could list about the many Clay concerts we have all attended these past 4 years. I suppose we would have a 200-page article here at CDD if we did!

But one thing we can say about Clay's concerts...some things change and some things stay the same. Clay himself said that his concerts are not the same...that you never know what words he will forget in a song! In each tour, he normally changes a song here and there or adds one several concerts into the tour. He likes to spice it up and give us surprises to look forward to. That's our Clay. Of course, his banter changes from concert to concert depending on what is going on in the audience or in the daily Clay news ("Foot on an armrest", anyone?).

And the hair...the hair!!! It can change from day to day, from concert to concert, not just from tour to tour. As well as what Clay wears. Remember him going from the black suit at the beginning of the Joyful Noise Tour '05 to the white suit after the first couple of concerts. Its fun to wonder about what changes will take place.

But there are also some things that stay the same. These things will almost always remain from one concert tour to another. In a two, maybe three, part pictorial series of "Things That Stay The Same", may I present to you the evidence in pictures of this claim:

The Shirt Tug. Ever since the AI2 tour, when Clay accidentally tugged on his shirt for who knows why, the shirt tug has been a staple in Clay concerts. He found out we love it and he always makes certain to provide us with this heart-stopping form of entertainment!!

The Audience Sing-a-Long. When Clay wants us to sing along with him, he aims that microphone right out into the audience. And we gladly oblige him! Remember singing along to "Invisible"? And now to the commercial and classics medleys!

The Dreamy-Eyed Downward Glance - *Sigh*...*Swoon*...*Thud*...Pick your response. This is sure to make the strongest of Clay fans melt right into their chair.

The Dreamy Eyes Outward Stare. Up, down, out, whatever. Those dreamy eyes just get us every time. Those drop-dead gorgeous green eyes with the heavy-lidded dreamy look is enough to turn us all to putty in his hands. Just stare at this picture and you'll see what I mean.

The Open Arms Stance. How many times have we seen this stance and just wanted to fall right into those arms? No wonder "These Open Arms" is Clay's favorite song on ATDW.

These open arms will wait for you
These open arms can pull us through
Between what's left and left to do
These open arms
These open arms
These open arms will wait for you
Stay tune for Part 2 in this series in our next CDD. Don't you just love it when some things do remain the same?!!

Tidbits 7/21

  • Since we're a little scarce on Clay news today, I'll use this space to inform those who have been in a cave the past 6 months that the new (and final) installment of Harry Potter is now out in stores - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  • Carolina On My Mind - awesome recap of Clay's three NY concerts blended together with some Clay eye candy

A Dear Clay Fan Passes

I have not posted a lot lately here because I was out of town seeing Clay in concert and then got news that a dear friend of mine who I met via my Clay ventures was dieing. Linda LaPorte had been fighting cancer for quite a while, but we just found out that her cancer was terminal. She passed away peacefully on July 21, 2007.

Maybe some of you know my dear friend. Linda was from Kentucky, and she was apparently a shy lady who did not get out a lot. Then along came Clay and a new group of friends and you couldn't slow her down. Thank God for Clay and all he has given to us, including so many wonderful friends!

Linda traveled to many a concert up north with me and several friends. She decorated her car on trips as "The Claymobile" (not the same one as the red one that was on TV). My favorite thing on the car was written right by my back seat door..."Insert Clay here"! I think its obvious why it was my favorite! What an upbeat lady she was. Always positive and fun loving. She loved Clay so much and all her new found friends. She had a meet and greet scheduled for the upcoming Cary concert where she was to meet Clay for the first time, and she wanted to thank Clay for giving her so many wonderful friends. I wish she had the chance to meet him and say this to him.

I don't know if she knew we were there when we visited her this past week, but we read beautiful notes of love from her home group, The Aiken Breakin' Broads, and I like to think that she heard them as I read them to her.

In Linda's last note to the members of Aiken Breakin' Broads, she called us her "band of angels" and said,

"The main reason I wanted to post was to give a BIG Thank You to my Band of Angels on the Board over the past 6 months. Especially to those who went so out of their way to help me around Christmas and have kept me going with the calls, emails, cards and trinkets. I could feel the effect of the good thoughts and support off of the board and it meant so much to me. I will not be back right away but I do hope to make it someday soon and to a few upcoming concerts to say thank you personally to some of you. In the mean time, to all of my Band of Angels, there is just no way to let you all know how thankful I am! Bless You All!!...Linda"
Its so hard to lose someone you have grown to love. May God hold Linda in His arms as she starts her new life and be with her husband in his great loss.

Looking Hot In Sunglasses at Chautauqua, NY Show

Full tour coverage @ the CDD tour blog

Friday, July 20, 2007

Clay Moves Up To #8 at HitPredictor

Clay moved up another 2 notches from #10 to #8 on this month's Promosquad HitPredictor for Mainstream AC. He was #21 in May and #10 in June.

The HitPredictor Artist Chart is a gauge of artist popularity, above and beyond song charts. Artist scores are affected by every aspect of an artist's career. Marketing, airplay, retail, print media, touring, TV appearances, the Internet and rumor all have an impact on chart performance.

New Album: Snippets Heard By M&G'ers

Snippets of NEW songs that could be on the next album were heard by meet and greet participants at yesterday's Canandaigua, NY concert. They were described as being "upbeat" during the cellcert stream live from the concert.

Clay said last month that the CD would be produced by a Grammy-award winning producer.

Asheville, NC Concert Sold Out

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC has confirmed that Clay's concert there, scheduled for August 11, is now completely sold out.

Tidbits 7/20

  • Times of India talks to Chris Daughtry...
    Q: You are the fourth most successful American Idol contestant in history, behind Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken and the most successful non-runnerup ...

    A: I feel like an idol.
  • Delaware Online -
    Former "Idol" Clay Aiken emerged the clear victim and winner after the Kelly Ripa hand-over-mouth debacle, where the "Live With Regis and Kelly" host indirectly accused Aiken of being dirty for some reason.

    How dare Ripa accuse a man who covers Richard Marx ("Right Here Waiting"), Bad English ("When I See You Smile") and Mister Mister ("Broken Wings") on his latest, "A Thousand Different Ways," of being anything but squeaky clean?
  • Philadelphia Daily News - Clay spotted dining at Italian stakehouse Divio's in Philly on Monday night -
    Clay Aiken popped into Davio's (111 S. 17th) for dinner Monday night. The singer, who played the Mann Center last night, went for cheesesteak spring rolls and pasta bolognese and tipped very graciously. The "American Idol" alum also chose Davio's while in town for a concert last fall.
  • Entertainment Weekly "catches up" with Elliott Yamin ...
    With a publishing deal in hand (from Sony/ATV, who signed him after hearing one song) and guidance from his manager, Jeff Rabhan (who previously worked with Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken), Elliott's team became a ''virtual label,'' with many of the key elements (sales, promotion, press) outsourced to various experts of their field.
  • Cedar Valley Courier - this article mentions a recording studio Clay has worked with in the past -
    Hassman and Anders work from a 10,000-square-foot complex, Pulse Studios on Broadway, near Union Square in New York City. They collaborate with a wide range of artists, from urban pop to guitar-driven pop/rock. Their client roster includes some of the biggest names in the music business --- Backstreet Boys, Cheryl Crow, Clay Aiken, Nick Lachey and Celine Dion.
  • 411 Mania makes fun of music news this week with an "interview" with Ruben Studdard -
    QnD: Ruben Studdard, I'm glad I caught up with you. Congratulations on your most recent album by the way. I hear it's now sold just barely more than Clay Aiken's latest. Well, more than Aiken's did in its first week, anyway.

    Ruben: Uh, yeah. Thanks...

    Q'n'D: So, Ruben, with all the hooplah concerning Kelly Clarkson's latest label controversy, it seems that the hot question for former American Idols is this: do you aspire to write your own songs?

    Ruben: Listen, if you're not gonna order sir, you're gonna have to come inside. The drive-thru gets busy this time of evening.
  • New York Post - Idol: The Musical listing ... "A musical about small-town folk who worship pop-star Clay Aiken. 45th Street Theatre, 354 W. 45th St.; (212) 868-4444."
  • Concert listings:

  • Nothing here today

Clay Adds "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" To Set List



Clay added "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" to the tour set list last night at the concert in Canandiagua, NY. CDD's tour coverage continues at our 2007 tour blog.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Philly Meet & Greet Recap From clayloverinpa

The Clayboard's clayloverinpa posted a superb meet & greet recap for Tueday's show in Philadelphia.

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I finally have my recap done of my wonderful meet & greet with Clay in Philly on Tues. night!! Needless to say, it was awesome and I'm still on Cloud 9!! Here ya go:

The closer it got to Meet & Greet time, the more nervous I became! I was downing doses of Pepto Bismol like crazy!! I was so afraid that when I got in there, I wouldn’t be able to ask a coherent question! We went to the Mann Box Office around 3:30 to pick up my pass and I was told that they had no passes at this time. They had placed a call to find out about them, but had not heard anything as yet, so back to the hotel we went.

A little after 5 PM we went back to the venue and this time the passes were there but they COULDN’T FIND MINE! My name was not on the list the guy told me. He made a phone call and quickly (THANK GOD) this problem was resolved!

I met up with several other meet & greet winners standing there and shortly Jerome came looking for us and walked us to the back of the venue. We had to wait there a few moments and then he came back for us and escorted us down this hallway past what appeared to be the girls’ dressing room. We walked into a room that had a couch and a few chairs and in the one corner was a table with veggies/dip, fruit, and bottles of water and juice, etc. Jerome told us to help ourselves. He said Clay would be in in about 15 min.

We sat there for what seemed forever - probably 20-25 min. and then finally Jerome opened the door and in walked Clay!! He was wearing khaki shorts, a purple polo shirt, and sandals and his hair was kind of tossled. He looked ADORABLE! He had this big grin on his face and said “Hi! How are ya’ll doin’?” He wanted to know how far we traveled and where we were all from. There wasn’t an open spot for him to sit down anywhere so those of us on the couch started squishing together to make room but he saw there really wasn’t room and he just pulled an end table out from aside of the couch and sat on it with his feet dangling! Too cute!

He asked if anyone had any questions, so I spoke up and asked him if the song, “Back for More” might be resurrected at some time in the future either on a CD or in concert. He said “probably not.” He said“the song doesn’t really do it for me.” I said “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Didn’t you see us all in the audience with our arms in the air singing along with that song?” He laughed and said that he just doesn’t feel the song fits with the direction the CD may go in I guess. I then asked if we were to assume that the next CD would be all original material. He said if he had ANYTHING to do with it, it certainly would be. You could see how strongly he felt about this and he did say that he feels he may have to fight for it, but he said he was prepared to “stick to his guns” and do it. He said it may end up taking a long time, but he wants to do it. I could just tell how badly he really wants this. He said he really dislikes the “politics” that go on with this type of thing. He does feel that his new producer is on the same page as he is and hopes all goes well. He still couldn’t tell us a name for him yet. As far as releasing singles, he said that he really has no say at all as to what is picked. He said he can offer his opinion, but usually it doesn’t work that way. He told us that his pick for a single would have been “Lonely No More” or “These Open Arms”. He also said that “These Open Arms” is his favorite song to sing right now along with the TV theme medley. When asked what song he’s tired of singing, he said “1000 Days” and he said that he NEVER gets tired of singing “Invisible”! He mentioned that the most difficult song for him to sing is “This is the Night.”

He said that he was prepared to bring Raleigh along for the rest of the tour. He said he even had a reservation for her on the plane, but Jesse is allergic to dogs, so he couldn’t bring her. He said it was awful because the dog was sitting in his suitcase when he was packing, and she sat there and whined when he went out the door. He said “it broke my heart!” Awwwww!!!

One of the other ladies there gave him a gift basket of goodies and he went through them all checking to see that no items were made in a factory that handled tree nuts. He read all of the labels!!! Most of them say they were made in factories that process peanuts and he said that was okay because he’s not allergic to peanuts. He was too funny sitting there going over all the labels!!

He then joked with me about being the only one that was asking any questions. I laughed and told him that I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to speak at all and now I can’t shut up!! He really laughed at that!

Then I brought up the subject of us - the fans. I said to him that I thought he used to be really insecure or uncomfortable in believing that we would be here for the long haul for him. He said “I still feel that way.” I asked him why, and he said “because I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you.” He more or less said that he doesn’t ever want to assume that we are going to always be there. He said “what if I put out a really crappy CD or something?” I told him that he needs to know that we are here for him and here for the duration. He thanked me for saying that and that he appreciated that comment.

He also told us about the letter that Quiana received from “a fan.” He told us the he was going to “call her out on it” tonight. He told us that he was going to read it on stage during the show! We all laughed and told him he should. He told us that the letter insinuated that he had let himself go and he was eating too many Krispy Kremes and mac & cheese! We all just howled at that! He couldn’t believe that someone would have done that! He called the lady a rather amusing name which I won’t put in print, but it got quite a laugh from us!

Then one of the ladies’ cell phones rang and he got this horrified look on his face and said “OH MAH GAWD!!” She grabbed it and slammed the phone shut and shoved it in her purse. It was hysterical! He said “you just hung up on them”! We were all laughing like crazy. THEN HIS PHONE WENT OFF!! He just quickly shut it and jammed it in his pocket!! TOO FUNNY!

He said he knows how we all go on the message boards, so he told us to tell everyone who has a meet and greet tomorrow (Wednesday) to wear purple. He wanted to see how fast the word passed and see how many showed up in purple! He’s just SO funny!!

It was nearing the end, so he signed each of our items making sure to spell each of our names right. Then each of us got a turn to get our picture taken with him. (Jerome told us we could NOT use our own camera even while Jamie was taking her shot. DANG!) He told us that the “prom pose” was the most popular and he made it the “ default pose”, and that was what we were going to get unless we told him differently. When I got up there he grabbed my hands and was trying to pose them with his - like in the prom shots! It was a riot!! Then he put his arm around me and I put mine around him (OH LORD!!!!). My knees went weak at this time, but HEY! I remained vertical!! Then he put his face right down to mine against my cheek. I glanced at him and he had this goofy silly grin on his face. I gave him a smack and told him I didn’t want the goofy face - that I wanted the nice grin on my picture. He laughed and said OKAY!!! So, I’m hoping he gave me a nice smile. Jamie was taking the pictures and told us she would have them out to us in e-mail today. (I STILL DO NOT HAVE IT!!) While there, I did mention to Clay and Jamie about the woman who posted from Houston that she still did not get her picture. Jamie said that she was aware of the problem and was working on it. I had printed out the woman’s post and I actually DID give it to Jamie and it seemed that they were both aware of the issue and were working on it, so hopefully this lady can get her photo.

Before we left, he did ask us if we liked the meet & greet format. YES WE DO!!!! As he got up to leave, we were all gathered around and he shook all of our hands and thanked us and we, of course, thanked him for doing the meet & greet!!

I walked out of there on Cloud 9! It had gone so well. I was nervous for no reason. You guys who said that you calm down after he walks in and starts talking were right! My nervousness absolutely DID go away when he came in, and I ended up feeling like we were talking to a friend in someone’s living room. It was informal, intimate, and a precious memory I will never forget.

Sorry this is so long, but I know you guys love details!!!

Lee Ann

2005 Airtran Airways Ad Foreshadows "Footgate"

With a little detective work, Angela dug up an Airtran Airways ad from 2005. We probably don't need to tell you this, but doesn't this ad feel a little too to reality?

Here's a photo of Clay's puzzled face after reading the ad at last night's concert in Syracuse:

Tidbits 7/19

  • Clay said at last night's M&G in Syracuse that his appearance on FOX's Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader will be taped sometime in August. He says he doesn't know when it will air.
  • Clay mention on The View, reports the CB's angelcat4jc -
    Paula Abdul is the co-host and she was asked about whether all the winners deserved to win. She said when it came down to the finals, the right person won. But then she said sometimes the record label doesn't support the winner and Joy said in Season two Ruben Studdard didn't sell as much as Clay Aiken. Paula said yea, Clay Aiken sold more albums than Ruben. Then Barbara starts talking about Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson.
  • LiveDaily's review of the AI6 concert in Glendale, AZ -
    It's unclear whether [Idol winner Jordin] Sparks will be as successful as former Idols Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson, but at 17 she has the poise, grace and talent of someone 10 years older.
  • Concert listings:
    • Tampa Tribune
    • Nashua Union Leader -
      Nashua Symphony Orchestra will provide the musical backdrop for Clay Aiken when the pop singer visits the picturesque Lakes Region for an 8 p.m. concert Wednesday, July 25, at the Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion in Gilford.

      "Meadowbrook contacted us and invited us to perform with Clay Aiken," said Caroline Mardiasmenos, spokeswoman for the orchestra.

      As the runner-up in Fox TV’s second "American Idol" singing competition, Aiken garnered scores of fans -- or devoted "Claymates" -- in 2003 with his Southern charm, easygoing demeanor and bright voice.
  • NC Times - holding our own Idol competition - "The perpetually No. 1-rated show has launched the singing careers of Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Elliot Yamin and Clay Aiken, among others, and the summer auditions around the country draw upwards of 100,000 people in each city."
  • AntiMusic - uh... I better keep my mouth shut on this one -
    It was a pretty dead day for real music news but children's entertainment had some hefty headlines with a reported leak of the ending to the final Harry Potter book (he falls in love with Clay Aiken)
  • Carolina On My Mind - Clay kicks off New York dates. Carolina Clay posted this review of Clay's concert from a MALE concertgoer who had "cheap balcony seat"... cool!
    I DEFINITELY enjoyed the show. And, he is a FUNNY guy! Those comments about the plane incident and the 'hand over the mouth of a yakkity woman" were priceless!! It seemed to me that Clay and the two girls really, REALLY enjoy doing the show. It was loose, relaxed, and just plain fun.

    The singing was wonderful. loved hearing those big notes again -- and in person for the first time! The fact that he covers just about any genre you can think of was also great fun. The TV themes -- Michael Jackson and Madonna??? Unbelievable! He did some GREAT MJ singing there.

    I just wish the boy would get the beat into his feet! If he had done the moonwalk on those MJ songs, that place would have come crashing down! The screams and noise -- I thought Elvis had just appeared on stage!

    All in all, a GREAT time! I really enjoyed it and definitely hope he comes through here with the Christmas show! I'm kicking myself NOW for not seeing it the last time!

Columbus Dispatch's Q & A with Clay

The Columbus Dispatch Weekender published a fantastic interview/article with Clay. Thanks to the CB's buckeyebroad for the scan.

Click on the scan above to enlarge it.

Syracuse Concert - Hawt As Always


Full recaps & tour news are posted at our tour blog.

New Song Tonight at Canadaigua Concert?

Clay told the Clackhouse's anntherese54 that he will debut a "new song" tonight at the concert in Canandaigua, NY. Clay didn't make himself clear as to whether this will be a new original song, or whether he is simply adding a "new" old song to the set list. Personally, I hope it's "Lonely For More" - I've been dying to hear that one live.

And on a less related note ... anntherese54 also said "Clay does an awesome imitation of a mating bullfrog." If Clay did that during a concert, I'm sure half of the audience would pass out.

Clay said that there would be a NEW SONG tonight in Canandaigua. I don't know if that means a NEW NEW song....or a NEW OLD song...or another TV theme song. He did not offer any more info than that.

Clay does an awesome imitation of a mating bullfrog.

Syracuse Post-Standard Raves About Concert

The Syracuse Post-Standard just posted their review of Clay's Syracuse concert last night. Here's an abridged version of the review - the full version is posted at the Syracuse Post-Standard website:

Decent set with SSO thrills 'Claymates'
Thursday, July 19, 2007
Chuck Klaus
Contributing writer

The appearance of "American Idol" 2003 second-place winner Clay Aiken before 1,600 screaming "Claymates" - well, about 600 or so were screaming - has given your obedient servant new insight into the reviews of earlier days.

And much like those fabled critics of yore, I simply don't get it. All of this large-scale Clayemotion confounds me, I fear.

Not to unduly knock Mr. Aiken. His has an interesting voice, fairly well-used within his chosen field of pop ballad singing. There's an interesting combination of elements making up his style: a touch of blue-eyed soul, a bit of modern country, some strains of soft rock and, perhaps the most dominant influence of all, contemporary Broadway. His voice is on-pitch, he treats most of his material in a fairly spacious manner, and his work is pleasant and fairly polished, in an extremely informal way.

This ease on stage, as well as a constant barrage of self-deprecating humor, may be one of the secrets of his success. Aiken, forever putting himself down, can hardly be seen as a threat to his female audience, and they evidently love him for that. He is the beloved singing teddy bear placed near a young girl's flouncy canopied bed.

He generously gave his "backup singers" - really more like co-singers - solo spots and lots of room for comic byplay, and gave a really nice pep talk on behalf of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, encouraging the enthusiastic audience to become season subscribers of the SSO.

Aiken also was generous in his praise of conductor-pianist - and evidently gifted arranger - Jesse Vargas, who coordinated well and with a minimum of fuss while providing solid piano support.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Clay Blogs About Philly "Hand Shake Line" Issue

Clay left a quick note about why he wasn't allowed to come out to the "hand shake line" last night after the Philly show. He explains that Mann Center staff did not allow him to come out due to security concerns.

In the same blog, Clay noted that he was "Currently Listening to: Quiana complaining"... isn't he such a riot?!?

The CB's Dediclaytion explained what happened at the venue last night:

After waiting about an hour about ball park 300 people were waiting. A few girls from the venue came out and tried to get us to leave but none of us were gonna go until we heard from Jerome, Mary....definitely someone from TC. Finally Jerome comes out and basically said "yes, he's coming out." He got everyone to form two lines on either side of the driveway. The lines were formed and we were at the very top of the ramp right where the bus was, Jerome was and people from the Mann Center. We heard everything that was said.

Two ladies from the staff were very adamant about not allowing us to wait for Clay. One of the ladies was actually yelling/screaming at Jerome, saying we were being disrespectful for waiting but of course we weren't leaving b/c Jerome said he was coming. Jerome was doing everything he could to get them to allows us to see Clay. He even said "I've already told these people he's coming out. If we tell them no now, they're still going to wait." The people at the Mann Center were merely concerned with our safety, their safety and the safety of their staff. After about 10 minutes of Jerome trying to reason with them and them yelling at him he came out and said the following to us...

"Per the venue, from them, not me, they will not allow Clay to come out." Boos and Yells came from the crowd. People even walked right up to members of the Mann staff and cursed and screamed nasty remarks to them. People were threatening to write letters of complaint and refused to come back for future concerts.

Clay's Subtle Hint to the Media?

Clay changed the words in last night's "Because You Loved Me" in Philly. He changed "through the lies" to "screw the lies" as you will see in Invisible926's video at ClackUnlimited (around the 2:40 mark). Maybe he's trying to tell us something about all the crap he's received from the media.

Clay Got A Spray Tan?

The CB's Ztilb pointed out that Clay seems to have gotten himself a spray tan, complementing his now smooth and hairless arms (ahem... yes, we already hear the sound of you falling to the ground). Here's what she posted:

Look closely everyone at the photos! If you haven't already noticed it our man got himself a spray tan!

I do it for a living and if you noticed his arms were shaved. You can see the spray wearing off on his right arm in some of the pics. It is very hard to keep a tan looking good under hot sweaty conditions. It is very difficult to spray a tan if they have hair on their arms or legs. Most of the guys I spray shave or wax them. A lot of them are weight lifters that are getting ready for competition, or they are too fair skinned to use the tanning beds.

For the people that can't get a tan, they get hooked on it. It gives them a great feeling and actually boosts their confidence. They tell me that all the time! Also it makes you look about 15 pounds lighter! Clay looks completely fit to me and I can't see an ounce of fat on that man! I just don't understand why people pick on him about his weight. He is just perfect in my eyes!!

Go Clay!!!
... so we know you are all frantically opening that picture and trying to enlarge it. So let us save you the grunt work... here's Clay's right wrist enlarged, and yes, you do indeed see a mysterious tan line.

Tidbits 7/18

  • Clay mention on Jimmy Kimmel last night - from the CB's mycuteclay:
    Jimmy mentioned tonight that his show was on in Atlanta and Charlotte now and that it was covering the area like a bunch of boll weivels...or something like that. He went on to say, "And we have Clay Aiken and his Claymates to thank for that." It was cute!
  • Clay down 2 spots to #11 on the Lycos50.
  • A few mentions of Clay's Oct. 2006 Tyra Banks Show appearance... the episode repeated today:
  • Halifax News/Canadian Press wire - Fantasia & Clay ... honestly, I have no idea how valid this comparison is... true, they're both from NC, but there's catering to a completely different audience!
    Think the Idol series are a road to Nowhere Land for budding singers? Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story might change your tune. Barrino won American Idol in 2004. Since then, she's released two albums, been nominated for several Grammy Awards and is currently starring in the Broadway musical Colour Purple. Take that, Clay Aiken! (Citytv)
  • CBS Showbuzz - article about the band Rooney mentions John Fields, a producer Clay worked with for ATDW -
    Schwartzman and his bandmates decided to go back in the studio on their own with all new songs and a new producer, John Fields, who has worked with Soul Asylum, Switchfoot, Clay Aiken, and Pink.
  • Concert listings:
  • WakeWorld - random Clay mention ... this article is about "wakeboarding". Someone enlighten me as to what the heck this means...
    Huge thanks to the crew at Dbot5 Pro Audio. Our X Star demo boats will literally level mature trees when we turn up Clay Aiken. You need to check out their new speakers at If you're not into speakers, try their golf clubs.

  • Nothing here today

Clay Shaves His Arm, Shows Some Skin In Philadelphia

Clay wasn't shy about having fun and showing some skin as photos and videos from last night's Philly show shows. It also appears to me that he shaved his furry arms!

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