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Saturday, December 09, 2006

E! Online: Clay 56th "Most Visited Celebrity"

Clay comes in at #95 in this year's E! Online list of "Most Visited Celebrities". Other celebs on the list include AMA-co-presenter Tori Spelling (64), Tyra Banks (21) and Carrie Underwood (14).

Meanwhile, over at Entertainment Tonight Weekend edition, they did a 3 minute segment on how the Clay and Kelly Ripa are mending their 'rift'.

12/10 Update: For some strange reason, Clay is now #56 on the list. And yes, #95 was not a typo (go see the Clayboard!). Yay!

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Daily Herald Interview

Clay's been granting a rash of interviews to small newspapers across the Northeast. The Daily Herald published their interview today.

  • On "Kellygate": "When I was flying back home from L.A. last week I had about five people stop and ask me if I would take a picture with them with my hand over their mouth."
  • On the future: "You know, I’ve always tried to be open to things. I didn’t expect to be where I am now, much less if I could guess where I would be tomorrow. There are a lot of things I’d like to do. I do like the TV aspect of what I do and that side of the job. I’ve always wanted to be a talk show host, so if that opportunity came along I’d jump and grab it."
  • On what he watches on TV: "I’m a huge 'Jericho' fan on CBS. That show is awesome. The finale’s coming on tonight and I’m so excited. "
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Lucky #18 Lands Claymate A Clay Aiken Hug

Claynana has shared this really cute story on the Clayboard. Just goes to prove a little luck can go a long way!


"18" MUST BE MY LUCKY NUMBER!! This was my 18th concert and I had purchased 18 tickets for family and friends to see Clay in my home town of Norfolk. That's what got Clay's attention at the concert and got me a one on one conversation and hug from the man himself.:rocker

I know many of you have read about my encounter with Clay at the concert on the cellcert. He was asking how far people had traveled to see him. I was on the front row and shouted, "My son came from Orlando, Florida!" He then asked my son if he really came all that way to see him in concert to which my son replied, "No, my mom bought my ticket and brought me here!" He then turned to me and asked how many family members I brought. I introduced my 8 family members and my best friend. My husband was sitting on the 2nd row behind me and a few seats down. Clay said, "Oh, I see, your husband is sitting back there and here you are up front." I then introduced my oldest son, Joey, whose birthday is also November 30th, Clay said, "Happy Birthday!" When I introduced my daughter-in-law, Rebecca, I told him she was carrying our fourth grandchild, to which he replied, "Fourth grandchild! Everybody say hello to Rebecca!"

My friend, Kim, was sitting beside me. I introduced her to Clay and told him she had just moved to Raleigh. He said, "You're not a stalker, are you?" She almost died.

He then said, "You bought 8 tickets to the concert?" I said,
"No, I bought 18!" The entire second row and three seats on the first row." I was fortunate enough to have gotten in on a pre-sale for local people back in September, thanks to Melissa (clayzthe1 on our board, who told me about the sale) and there was no limit on the number of tickets you could order. The rest of the tickets were for our local Clay Club members.

He asked me if I had the number for the person I ordered the tickets from and believe it or not, I had the business card from the gentleman I had picked the tickets up from in Norfolk in my purse. I got up out of my seat and walked right up to Clay and gave it to him!! He said, "You are mighty brave walking up here!!" I didn't even think, before I knew it I was standing in front of OMC!!:yow He was sitting on the edge of the stage and I can remember putting my left hand on his leg :thud and asking him if I could hug him. He reached over and gave me the most tender hug:thud ::!! Then he said, "I'm going to sing to you!!" "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas," one of my favorites, made me wish time could stand still. At the moment I felt surrounded by love with my family, friends and "Clay" looking straight into my eyes with that enchanted voice of his filling my heart and soul. There was a lot more said between us but these were the highlights.

As if that wasn't enough, a few songs later he came down off the stage walked thru the audience and ended up dancing with Faye who was sitting two seats from me. They were dancing right in front of me. How tender he was in the way he wrapped his arm around her pulling her close to him and whispering in her ear. You could just feel the love and respect he has for her.

When we got home from the concert my family and I sat up until 1:30 a.m. talking about the concert. My grown children and even my grandkids have at times give me a hassle about my Clay addiction; however, after the concert they all said he was awesome, funny, unbeliveable and one terrific entertainer. My granddaughters added, "He's hawt, Nana!!" Things I've been trying to tell them for three years now. Just proves "Mommy knows best!!"

In our local paper this morning (The Virginian-Pilot) there is a concert review with the heading "Give Clay his due: The fellow delivers." It is a great review and the last paragraph says:


I think this reporter gets it!!

And the people said..................."AMEN!!"
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People Magazine: Before They Were Stars SCANS!

We've got scans from the 2006 People Yearbook: Before They Were Stars we first told you about last month.

Thanks to the CB's PinayRN4Clay for these scans!

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Clay Tops Himself With Baltimore AIW

Did you like last week's impressive Merrillville AIW performance? Check out this clip from this week's Baltimore show. Thanks to Southern Girl for the heads-up.

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Tidbits 12/9

  • New Country Star - country "Without You" or Clay's "Without You" - POLL.
  • Raleigh News & Observer - things to do during the holiday season:

    The gift shop forwards 20 percent of its proceeds to helping preserve the historic Briggs Hardware building, museum operations and children's educational programs offered at the museum. The shop sells everything Raleigh, including CDs from the Raleigh Flute Choir and Clay Aiken.
  • Looks like some Claymates were offended by yesterday's not-too-bad Pilot Online review of Clay's concert. The writer clarified the situation on his blog today:
    Last night I became a Claymate.

    He drew a small but loyal crowd to the Scope last night. He wore an amazing black slim suit. He rocked a magnicicent haircut.

    And then he sang. It was gentle and soft and mesmerizing, and the accompanying orchestra was on fire. And then he joked. He's rather funny, Clay, and he cracked jokes at his own expense, calling himself the sultan of scandal. Although at some points I was bored beyond belief and felt an urge to light a cigarette, I left liking the guy a lot and having a tremendous amount of respect for who he is and what he does.

    Which brings me to yesterday's blog post, advancing the show. A few of you responded that the anticipatory post was venemous and a little derogatory, and you are right. You also pointed out that it was low of me to call his fans primarily "chunky women from middle America," and you are, again, perhaps right. (Although I've never seen a concert whose attendees were so uniformly white and middle aged in my entire life.) Celebrities are open to ridicule because they are famous, but people who just want to see a show are not.

    Please accept my sincerest apologies. Sometimes, in this crazy-mixed up cruel universe, attempts at wit can go horribly awry. That's one thing I detest most about some celebrity "journalists" and yesterday I became the thing I loathe. Thank you for calling me on it.

    Long live Clay!
  • Ripa....

  • Nothing here at the moment.
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Friday, December 08, 2006

Clay's Ripa Goof Spoofed By Raleigh's "A Christmas Carol"

The CH's Raleighlady says Clay was mentioned several times at last night's "A Christmas Carol" show in Raleigh:

Clay mention in Raleigh last night.

A few friends and I attended Ira David Wood's production of A Christmas Carol in Raleigh last night. Ira is the father of actress Evan Rachel Wood. He's been doing this production for 32 years and it is a Raleigh tradition. Although the play is set in the time period of the book and the costumes are all period clothes, it is a musical comedy with lots of topical national and local references. I know that sounds weird but it works and there were parts where I laughed until I cried. He included references to Britney and her lack of underclothes, Extreme Makeover Home Edition (Ty and the crew were in Raleigh this week building a house in downtown), Scrooge did an Elvis impersonation, and the Ghost of the Future was "Howie Mandell" in Deal or No Deal complete with the bald head, knuckle bumps, phone call, and models with silver briefcases.

I haven't seen this production in a number of years but I had heard that Ira always includes a Clay Aiken reference. Ira is also famous in Raleigh for being the one who TURNED CLAY DOWN when he auditioned for this production when he was a child. Bill and Sheri on Mix101.5 gave Ira a hard time on the air last year for not recognizing talent.

So we were sitting there before the play began and they were playing recorded Christmas music. We were talking and I realized I was hearing Clay's MDYK.

No Clay reference in the first act. At the beginning of the second act, I heard Scrooge say "Clay Aiken" but I missed the reference because my friend was talking to me. I thought that was the gratutious Clay mention but there was more to come. A bit later, we're in the scene where Jacob Marley visits Scrooge in his bedroom. They're standing there talking when Scrooge reaches over and clamps his hand over Marley's mouth. About 5 other people and I started clapping, cackling, hooting and laughing. He went through the entire "Was that a no no?" "That was a big no no" routine and by the time he got to "I don't know where that hand's been" the entire audience was whooping and hollering and applauding. He never mentioned Clay's name at that point but the scene was instanteously recognizable to most of the audience.

An enjoyable time. If anyone is ever in Raleigh in early December, you would try to attend.
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Hartford Courant Interviews Clay

The Hartford Courtant interviewed Clay recently. You can read the full interview at their website.

Here's a summary of what Clay said:

  • On Christmas: "We actually had a very traditional Christmas, spending Christmas Eve with one side of the family and Christmas Day with the other. I think Christmas is one of the times of year when people connect emotionally with a season. There's a warm spirit that shows when I go on the road this time of year. It shows in the audience response."
  • On playing in smaller venues: "having a smaller venue is exciting to me because there is not the pressure to sing to the back of the rafters. It's always hard to be a small speck onstage."
  • On American Idol: "I think contestants on the show are more savvy because they know what they are getting into. We didn't know. It's disappointing to me in some ways. The newer crop of contestants are the types of people who made fun of us at the time."
  • On Kelly Ripa & Rosie O'Donnell: "Lord, this certainly turned into something huge. I'm tired of it and actually didn't have anything to do with what the two of them said to each other. I think a number of people talked before they thought, and I feel bad about the drama that resulted. I've talked to both Kelly and Rosie and would go back on the show. I take no offense."
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Soap Magazines Feature Clay's DOOL Appearance

Many thanks to Southern Girl for these scans from Soaps In Depth (above) and either Soap Opera Weekly or Soap Opera Digest (below... Southern Girl says she forgot which publication it was). Clay appears on NBC's Days of our Lives December 26.

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More Christmas Tour Reviews Streaming In!

(photo courtesy The Daily Press)

We found two nice reviews of Clay's Christmas concert last night in Norfolk, VA we'd like to share with you.

The Daily Press says:
Clay Aiken may have placed second on "American Idol" a few years ago, but he's still tops with the thousand or so fans who turned out Thursday to hear the star sing live.

Several fans said they were attracted to Aiken's boy-next-door charm.

Walker was glad that Aiken has softened the new fashion statement he unveiled a few months back. "I didn't like the long-spiky-hair-down-in-his-face look. I like a clean-cut image for a clean-cut guy."

"He's so all-American," said Darlene Shearer of Norfolk.

Her friend Diane Estes said she got interested in "American Idol" because of Aiken. After he was crowned runner-up, she stopped watching the program.

"He opens his mouth and out comes magic," Estes said. "And he seems like such a nice person."
...meanwhile, Pilot Online posted their review, saying:
Clay Aiken is a phenomenon.

He lost on “American Idol,” but his debut “Measure of a Man,” sold 3 million copies. He has appeared on TV with Oprah Winfrey, Barry Manilow and a digitally revived Bing Crosby in “A Clay Aiken Christmas.”

He is a force. He is a movement, one led by a tribe dubbed “Claymates.” These people came to see Clay – Clay is on a first-name basis with his fans – sing Christmas standards Thursday night at Norfolk’s Scope.

He emerged wearing a slim ebony suit and pointy black boots with high chunky heels. His thick hair was razor-sharp and teased; he gently swept locks from his face with a finger all night. He sang “The First Noel” with control and verve, and later “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” Clay’s renditions were superbly done – potentially flawless – yet it’s enough to cause sudden pangs of numbing boredom.

But here’s why Clay is savvy: he knows this. He had the confidence of a minister. He wooed the shrieking women and cracked jokes, some at his own expense. He asked men if their wives dragged them there. He said the Enquirer would soon have a story about his love child.
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Tidbits 12/8

  • Don't forget to check out Clay's latest blog in which he discusses his Christmas tree decorated with ornaments given to him from his fans. (More info - WRAL tours Clay's house)
  • Variety reports a huge ratings jump for The Insider following their extensive coverage of the Kelly Ripa/Clay 'scandal'. -- "Coverage of Michael Richards' racial tirade and the Kelly Ripa/Clay Aiken controversy sent ratings for "The Insider" to its highest levels in 37 weeks, although many other syndication strips were sharply lower in the Thanksgiving holiday week ended Nov. 26."
  • NJ Express Times - fantastic Christmas tour article. "Clay Aiken will be performing his special Christmas show, accompanied by the 50-piece Chelsea Symphony Orchestra of New York, to a sold-out house Monday at the State Theatre in Easton."
  • Macron Telegraph - article about the songwriter of "Mary Did You Know" mentions Clay's MCWLversion of this new holiday classic.
  • Press Enterprise calls MCWL "one of the worst Christmas albums ever." Huh? This guy really needs to get his ears checked.
  • Some more Kelly Ripa ... Live with Regis & Kelly receives ratings boost following Kellygate.
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Clay Embraces Mama Faye @ Virginia Concert

Clay introduced 3 generation of Aikens and embraced Mama Faye at last night's Norfolk, VA concert. All together now - "Awwww......."

Go to: Concert recap/photos @ CDD's Christmas tour blog.

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"Winner's Write-Up" - Time In The Englewood Bus With Teacher Clay - Part 2 of 2

On Wednesday, we had the first of a two part article about the lucky fan who won the opportunity to go on Clay's bus with him by answering a trivia question correctly. Marge knew that Indonesia was the 4th most populous country in the world and its lucky that she did!

Marge's write-up about her time with Clay is below. As you can see, it was an experience she will not soon, if ever, forget!

Hi Marge here with......the rest of the story.

OK. I originally was not going to buy tickets to go to this show. No lie. But my sweet friend, 18 y/o Ashley begged me to go to the concert because she wanted to shake hands with Clay and for some reason she felt I would be good luck for her. She said I was more concert saavy than she and might know where Clay's bus would be since I had been to so many concerts. LOL I am sorry that in the business of my life I did not email her to firm up plans. I did not see her at the concert or where the buses were. Now, I had to work all that day, so busy. Had no time to change, put on make-up, eat dinner, get directions. Only had time to go home and find all my directions. I then left a half hour later than I had wanted, got to the venue in time for the show to start. I realized I had not had dinner and needed something to tide me over. The only thing they had at the venue was chips or candy bars. I chose a chocolate bar with almonds because I needed protein and carbs having hypoglycemia. I did not think that one out well enough.

My friend Nikki and I settled down for the wonderful concert experience. Clay was amazing and blew everyone away. There was a majority of non-fans at the concert that night! Wow!! The ones seated by me were raving not only about his fantastic talent but said how funny he was. They also said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were going out to buy his CD's. The lady next to me kept saying that and the man she was with was laughing and complimenting Clay as well. There were many other Clayversions that night. I know if they see his name in lights again they will definitely come to see him. They said they would. Lol I told them just enough about Clay to impress but not annoy and what CD's they could buy.

Now half way through the concert, I had a thought. I wanted to stand at the bus to shake Clay's hand if I could. I remembered that Candy bar dinner I had and his allergies and said to self "holy cow you better make sure you wash your hands at the end of the concert." This will be important to know for later. So after the concert I met and talked with my pals. God knows I love to talk....and I forgot to wash my hands. By the way it was good to see all of my NE fan friends there to name a few: Sue,Anne Marie, Myrna, Gail, Becky, Joanne, Laurie, Barbara, Lynne, Kym, Karen, Dianne and all the south Jersey CLay fans. If I forgot anyone please forgive me.

So, then out to the bus we all go. I did not want to miss Clay at least to see him, wave and wish him well, so going back in to wash hands was not an option. He came out to shake hands with everyone shortly. And what is so sweet of Clay is that he headed to the end of the line first to shake hands instead of going to the head of the line. After this some of us stayed longer at the buses. OK you all probably have read about what led up to the trivia contest and it's conclusion. ...I tell you I felt like I won the megabucks lottery LOL!!! As a refresher the question I won was what is the 4th most populous country in the world= Indonesia. Now I have to say I had perhaps an unfair advantage with this husband's family are from Indonesia!!! I knew the answer to it but it did not hit me right away. First I thought of Australia. LOL Close but no Cigar. Then it hit me, my hubby and I had talked about this!!!!! Besides the fact that Rick is Indonesian, he loves geography, history and statistics and points these things out to me. That's right! I owe my visit with CLay to my dear sweet hubby!

OK the next thing I knew Jerome was pointing at me and said who said that. I shouted "It was me!!!!" Funny I then I think I asked in disbelief "Me???" Jerome said to me what did you say and I again shouted out Indonesia. He said come with me. Well you can imagine that I was excited. I was in a bit of shock and disbelief. It was like a dream. I walked into the bus and there stood Clay waiting for me. So tall and sweet. He was kind of quiet and serious looking. Like he was at the ready for something. Lord I hope he was ready for what he encountered next. Now I am sorry to say in my excitement my brain went into a different mode. I wanted to be relaxed, sane, calm, collected. I did not want to worry or scare Clay. I did not want to make him nervous. I did not want to weird him out. I had thought of this day. You know we all have. I have thought, what would I want to say to him if I ever got to meet him? I had it all planned out. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans... lets just say all those things came out but not the way I planned. What I wanted was to connect with Clay the person, not the popstar. I wanted to show him care and respect. I wanted him to be at ease as possible with me. Now I know Clay has got to be on guard, he doesn't know me, doesn't know that what he tells me that I won't take it and tell it everywhere or worse yet distort it and tell that everywhere so he has to be on guard. Anyway I at least said Hi Clay. At least. The next thing that came out of my mouth was "Clay I can't touch you". He gave me a puzzled look I think, it could have been fear too, or confusion. Then, I quickly told him about the chocolate candy with nuts I had eaten earlier. I could not think of what to do, my brain was not logical at this point. Also my thoughts and attention were directed to Clay I did not see the sink that was next to me...Dear Clay thanked me for telling him that, and asked me if I would like to wash my hands. I think I said yes. Then he went over to the sink, turned the water on, showed me the soap and pulled the paper towel out a little bit. He has such a servant heart. So gentle, so patient, so polite.

As I was washing my hands I decided to start talking. I knew my time would be limited. I shared with him of my husband's famly being from Indonesia, that his father was a worker on the Bridge over the River Kwai, and after WWII his family emigrated to Holland and then to the US where I met Rick and the rest is history. That we would be married 29 yrs next weekend and that I was taking him to the Williamsport concert. I think that all interested him because he really listened and I think I heard a suprised "Oh" from him. After that I kept thinking of things I wanted to tell him and kept saying there is something else I wanted to tell you. And he let me tell him. At some point I apologized for talking too much. I know he commented lol but for the life of me I can't think what. He did snark on me once. I think it was then when I might have apologized for talking too much. Not sure. Clay did get a word or two in edge-wise and asked me some questions like how many concerts I had been to, was this the first one of this series, and what other ones I was going to. Now his staff was sitting aside to us and do I thank them for being respectful and quiet as I had my time with Clay. I will say that Clay was very patient, attentive, and kind to me. He really listened. I shared about me some. I also tried to convey that I cared about him the person, that I held him in my prayers and thoughts with all concern. That I cared about how he was doing. I hope I did a good enough job of that. I hope he got and believes that. At some point it was time for the experience to end. Clay is intuitive about that but he is gentle and guided me kindly. He asked me what I wanted him to sign and to whom. (I feel so bad I did not properly introduce myself at the first, did not mean to be rude). He gave me a hug then asked if I had a camera to take a picture. I froze a moment to think. YES! I had a camera phone (lucky me a month or so earlier I had lost my other track phone and had to get new one; I decided to get a camera phone) I was kind of flustered and could not remember how to work the thing. Well Clay just offered to help, worked that camera phone as quick as can be, pulled me in cheek to cheek and took the picture of us for me. Then I aplogized and asked if he'd sign one more thing, my Clay Aiken tote bag. And that sweetheart did it without hesitation. I of course thanked him so much for the experience and said goodbye. Walked off that bus a real happy camper. Shared some of my experience with my fan friends. And then drove home the best I could. It wasn't easy.

PS I forgot to add at some point in time Durham decided to be friendly and climb up my leg to get a pet. He is so cute that I completely ignored CLay for a moment or two and paid full attention to him scratching his head. What a sweet little dog. I think he smelled my Penny dog.
What an awesome story. Thanks to Marge for sharing this with all of us. Just reading it, I felt so excited for her. If you are like me, it is such fun to hear the stories of fans who have met Clay and live that experience with them through their stories!

You can also find Marge's story at The Clayboard and send her congratulations at that thread!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Clay Is The Only Artist To Have Three CD's on The Billboard Charts

According to, Clay's 2 Christmas CD's and A Thousand Different Ways are all on the Billboard charts this week. A Thousand Different Ways is No. 135 in the Billboard Top 200. On the Billboard Top Comprehensive Albums, Merry Christmas With Love is No. 95 and All Is Well is No. 54. From what we understand, no other artist has ever charted with three albums at the same time. Looks like Clay might have another record under his belt!! This is great news! Congratulations Clay!!

Update: We've been informed that Gareth Brooks had 3 albums on the Billboard charts back in 1998... but, still impressive!

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Male Clay-vert Blogs About Clay

There's a common misperception that Clay's entire fanbase is female. However, the ClayDawgs are growing larger each and every day and All American Joe at a blog called "All American Joe" symbolizes this:

As I mentioned, I took my wife to see Clay Aiken in concert at the Star Plaza Theater last night. The American Idol runner up took to the stage crooning out the carols in the unique style that has quickly made him a multi-platinum recording artist. In rare form for the night, Aiken also tossed in some humor of his own, engaging in banter with the "Claymates" in the audience and, after a two week silence, revealing what he really thinks about the recent controversy between himself and Kelly Ripa while guest-hosting on Live With Regis and Kelly.

"Was I rude?" Aiken called to the hoard of screaming fans, who roared back in unison, "No."

"It was intended to be," he confessed. "A little." Aiken later returned to the topic when heckling one of his fans who, in her excitement, had pushed aside a fan sitting in the row in front of her: "That was worse than what I did to Ripa." The crowd roared approval. And again later when he threatened to put his hand over the mouth of one of his fans, the "Claymates" erupted.

What was most surprising came after the show, as hundreds of "Claymates" lined the parking lot in sixteen-degree weather waiting for their American Idol to come out of his behemoth bus and pass in review. He did so, briefly, and as you can see in the embedded video, the "Claymates" loved it. For most of the fans in attendance this was not their first Clay Aiken concert. In fact, many attendees had seen the same show the previous night in Waukeegan, Illinois, and more than a few find their way to every concert Aiken performs. While it was my first Clay Aiken concert, I'm sure my wife won't let it be my last.

Is Clay Aiken the new Elvis? The last time I've seen fans so devoted to their Idol was when Elvis was King. Is there a new King in town? While Aiken calls himself the "King of Controversy," I'm sure millions of "Claymates" the world over call him king of their hearts.
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GBB Asks: Clay Aiken - Singer or Comedian?

The Clackhouse's GooodBabyBrush has posted this cute clip of snarky Clay on the current Christmas tour. No kidding this man wants his own TV talk show - he's a natural!

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Buzz Grows for Hartford Concert

Clay's been busy promoting his Dec. 12 Hartford, CT Christmas show. CDD affiliate ClayReport posted this beautiful promotion poster for the concert issued by the Hartford Symphony.

There are still plenty of tickets available for this concert. Tickets are available at the Hartford Symphony's website or by calling 860-244-2999.

Several Hartford area radio stations have interviewed Clay. Click on these links to listen to MP3 caps or read recaps.

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Tidbits 12/7

The Tyra Banks Show has posted some new clips from last month's Clay appearance onto their video player. See it here.

  • RIGHT: A playful Clay chats with a cell-certer at last night's Baltimore concert. Read recaps here.
  • MTV American Idol update has some quotes from Clay:
    "Being in Hollywood makes it a lot different than being in North Carolina or in most anywhere," said Clay Aiken, who moved home after a stint in Los Angeles. "It's just a different beast, and I kinda wanted to be back with people who knew me and didn't think of me as Clay Aiken the singer but, you know, Clay Aiken the dork. I needed to be close to family, and I just kinda liked the stability of that."

    Of course, Aiken's success allowed him that freedom, but for still-struggling singers, Hollywood is probably the best place to make things happen. Just don't expect it to come easy.
  • JAM! - Grammy article has small Clay mention. Clay did not get nominated for next year's Grammy Awards today. The nominees were announced earlier today in Los Angeles.
    Other Grammy favourites who released albums in the eligibility period of Oct. 1, 2005 to Sep. 30, 2006, include Alicia Keys, Kenny Chesney, Carlos Santana, Shakira, Neil Diamond, Madonna, Pink, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dixie Chicks, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, John Mayer, Tony Bennett, and Clay Aiken.
  • Daily Press - Clay Aiken's sexuality none-of-your-business! "I want people like Larry King to stop asking people like Clay Aiken if he’s gay or not. It’s none of your business or mine!"
  • Christmas tour mentions:
  • The Spoof - random Clay mention... Vice Pres. Dick Cheney's daughter lesbian.
  • 411Mania - (what is this?) -- "Evo Scheme brings us a real "Man's Man". No, not Clay Aiken."
  • MediaLife on the Kelly Ripa 'scandal'.
    What began as an offhand comment by “Live With Regis and Kelly” co-host Kelly Ripa about guest Clay Aiken’s manners ballooned into a referendum on gay pride last month on “The View.”
  • Relish Now (Winston Salem Journal) - more Ripa.
  • Honolulu Advertiser - Ruben article... Clay mentions.

  • There Was A Man samples thoughts about the Christmas tour from across the Clay nation. The Clackhouse's Barnett writes:
    Clay makes singing three-dimensional. He really does. There is a depth and perspective to his singing live that just fills the space in a truly miraculous way. The song goes around and through you and just fills your soul with joy.
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"The Way We Make a Difference" Receives 128 Donated For Individuals To Attend Shows

As many of you know, "The Way We Make a Difference" is a group of Clay fans which organizes the donation and distribution of Clay's concert tickets so that individuals who otherwise could not see Clay in concert have the opportunity to attend. People with and without disabilities have been able to attend because of the generosity of Clay's fans and the hard work of those involved with "The Way We Make a Difference."

So far this year, donations of 128 tickets have been made, allowing 17 individuals to attend the Merrillville show on Saturday and 33 individuals to attend tonight's show in Baltimore. Other tickets collected will be used for upcoming shows.

If you would like to donate tickets or funds to purchase tickets to "The Way We Make Difference", go to their Clayboard thread and all information about this project is on Page 1 of that thread. You can also go to The Way We Make a Difference website to make a donation or to their message board.

Make a difference in someone's life by helping them to experience the love, voice, and laughter that come from our man Clay.

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"Winner's Write-Up" - Teacher Clay at Englewood Bus - Part 1 of 2

CDD has already posted an article in today's edition about Clay deciding to play a trivia game with the fans by the bus and whoever won would get to come on the bus with him. The winner did get to go on the bus for about 5 minutes and had her picture taken with Clay.

Since that article, we have a wonderful update from the winner herself, Marge. Marge is a Clay fan who is on several of the Clay message boards. In addition, she posted on The Clayboard her late night experience right up until she actually got on the bus. Here, in Part 1 of our report which is coming directly from Marge's write-ups, is what Marge has to say about how she won the prize of going on the bus with Clay:

Hi guys. Marge here. I have had quite a night. Suffice it to say Clay was his sweet, cute, funny, beautiful and amazing self. There were a lot of newbies at the concert; I'd say about 75-80 percent of the audience were newbies and there were many Clayversions and he is going to sell a lot of CD's. Clay came out after the show and there was a line of maybe 75-100 people and he shook hands with us all. Then a few of us really clayzy fans decided to stay even after and bug Clay and Jerome and also some of us were just having fun. (More of which I will explain later tomorrow after I get some sleep and darn got to go to work very busy). I have a tradition after shows if I am going to stay over at the buses I don't try to shake hands, been there done that once that was enough for me. But I like to be there for support. To let him know he is loved. And to wave good bye to him, and sometimes cheer for him. Well it was cold and I was very tired and I was thinking come on Clay get that bus moving so I can wave you off. But I decided to stay because we were having a lot of fun which I will explain later. At any rate Clay decided he would amuse hisself with us too. So he decided to play a trivia game with us and the prize was to be able to get on the bus and talk with Clay. Several questions were asked and man he asked hard ones. But on the final question he asked (actually he sent Jerome out to ask all the questions) He asked what is the 4th most populous country in the world. LOL He was gracious this time and gave us the first 3 countries....Well guess what guys I cannot believe my luck. I answered correctly and I got to go on the bus with Clay. After that experience and sharing it with the peeps outside I had to drive home. Now let me tell you after an experience like that it was not easy to make it home. Not thinking too clearly. Don't kill me but I got to get up in 4 hours to go to work so I am going to have to save details for later when I can actually think. He is a sweetie. OK I will write tomorrow. I will probably be pinching myself for a few days.
Wow, what a great experience for Marge! I know most everyone can hardly wait to hear the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say. Check Clay's Daily Double tomorrow for Part 2, which will include the details of Marge's visit on the bus with Clay!

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WTIC Interview Now Up!

"We're very proud of what you've done."
~WTIC Host

Clay's interview with WTIC-AM in Hartford, CT is now available at WTIC's website. The Clackhouse's Corabeth transcribed the interview for us:
Joining us now is somebody that I'm looking forward to seeing on the 12th. Christmas with the HSO.

The centerpiece of the event is Clay Aiken.

Thank you, what a lead in.

Clay you are the first concert in this convention center. Bistro seating, some folks in theater chairs. A really unique evening.

What an incredible career. Did you ever think this would happen to you?

Clay: Not at all, every thing that has happened to and for us has always been a big surprise to me/us.

DJ: A good friend of mine is a real fan. She bought your first CD and it was really quite good. But I think you have really managed to grow. Here you are trying something new with HSO.

Clay:It's about being open to opportunities. Not my initial plan for life but everything is open. We've really found over the last few nights that to do it with these symphonies is so much fun. So lush and so much music.

DJ: It has to be more fun but harder because you are getting one shot to do it right.

Clay: Oh no, more pressure

DJ: You're there riding this wonderful beast, this orchestra. That has to be a wonderful feeling.

Clay: I am amazed at how professional these people are. Mentions crescendos, etc.

Clay: I know Jingle Bells

DJ: Ah'm just a young singing boy from NC.

Clay: We have a conductor/musical director that travels with us and they rehearse the entire show in the afternoon. And I sit around and isten.

DJ: Let's talk about ATDW. You picked some really different songs to song and even the Christmas show, all done by some great people. Is it that intimidating?

Clay: With Christmas songs, it is anticipated that people will repeat songs that people recognize. But so many people have done it, it's not really a cover song. It's part of the American culture.

On ATDW I was apprehensive doing songs by people who had success with them before.

DJ: Brought up Islands in the Stream. But you did "Here You Come Again", a signature song but you went a different way with them.

Clay: We tried to change them up ,so we were true to the song but , blah, blah, changed to chill ballad.

(DJ keeps interrupting him, in a nice way.)

Clay: I was more comfortable doing them when we could change them up.

DJ: Talking about AIW. What's on that?

Clay: We recorded a Christmas album in 2004. There were a few songs that didn't make that album. And then there were songs that I had performed but that I wanted to record at some point and some new ones that we recorded.

DJ; still friends with AI

Clay: I'm still friends with Kelly Clarkson, Ruben, Kim Locke. Fraternity talk.

DJ: But Randy Jackson is not calling you?

Clay: We didn't have that much connection with the judges even when we were on the show.

DJ; Plus his concert, very close very intimate venue. Gave info to get table seatings and theater seatings.

DJ: Clay, you are helping us out on Friday. Salvation Army donation. $300 donation or more giving away tickets.

Where do we find you this morning

Clay: Just outside of Syracuse!

DJ: Pleasure to talk to you, very proud of what you've done
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Game20Q Guesses Clay!

Once in a while, we find a really strange, yet cool mention of Clay. The CB's shonzmom2 and Macy127 informs us the cute "mindreader" game called Game20Q guessed Clay Aiken after a series of questions posed to the player:

Q17. I am guessing that it is Clay Aiken?
Right, Wrong, Close

16. Do parents know about you? Yes.
15. Do you have blonde hair? No.
14. Are you black? No.
13. Do you lead a group? No.
12. Are you from the U.S.? Yes.
11. Are you male? Yes.
10. Do you wear makeup? No.
9. Have you performed live since 2000? Yes.
8. Were you ever on American Idol? Yes.
7. Does your name start with the letter C? Yes.
6. Are you a rap song? No.
5. Were you born before 1975? No.
4. Do you perform Rap? No.
3. Do you play an instrument? No.
2. Were you popular in the 80's? No.
1. It is classified as Person.


20Q won!
Play Again
You are Clay Aiken.

Similar Objects
Backstreet Boys, Ruben Studdard, Daniel Powter, Bo Bice, Switchfoot, Maroon 5, Michael Buble, American Idol, Jason Mraz, Disturbed, Josh Groban, Nick Lachey.

Uncommon Knowledge about Clay Aiken
20Q thinks these may be wrong
Do you perform Christian Rock? I say Probably.
Are you a male band? I say Doubtful.
Would you be a popular karaoke choice? I say Doubtful.
Are you known for your sense of humor? I say Probably.
Do music critics tend to admire you? I say Doubtful.
Were you successful as a teenager? I say Doubtful.
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Tidbits 12/6

Carolina on My Mind is a great blog you'll want to put in your favourites. Check out their Christmas tour posts here and here.
  • Clay holds steady for the third straight week on the Lycos50. He comes in at #12 (once again!) this week.
  • The Official Fanclub now has the final part of their exclusive Virgin Megastore video from September. Members can now find it in the Media section after they've logged in.
  • Press Release | (Christmas tour, MCWL/AIW mention) - Clay Aiken fans making a difference this holiday season -
    Fans of Clay Aiken, Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin, Ace Young, Katharine McPhee and other American Idol top contestants have raised thousands of dollars for organizations important to them including UNICEF, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The Children's Hospital, The Autism Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, GuluWalk, Kid One Transport and others.
  • San Diego CityBEAT - America and the state of voting -
    This country’s process for selecting its leadership has decayed into a variant of American Idol, and that’s what’s wrong. If you all want Clay Aiken to lead you, go ahead and don’t take the next step in civil maturation.
  • Dixie Sun - Clay Aiken & Invisible are 'creepy' (??) -- "The point I'm getting at is that there are things to disagree upon, and I want to hear what you have to say. However, this doesn't change my opinion of Clay Aiken. I stick to my guns that he is a creepy former geek who could probably give advice to Ted Bundy on how to stalk someone."
  • Philadelphia Inquirer - some random mention.
  • National Ledger - Rosie O'Donnell to leave The View after Clay Aiken/Kelly Ripa spat?
  • Cat Librarian - Merrillville AIW performance; Clay Aiken shows his determination making an impressive end product:
    The convergence of the triumph of the singer and the lifting of the burden of a heavy heart from a special lady for a few minutes is something I will always remember. I truly believe that God is with those who ask for help in their lives. In this instance, God provided.
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Clay Teaches Englewood Fans A "Lesson"

Clay played teacher with some of his fans after last night's sizzling hot Englewood concert. The CH's scrpkym posted this last night. Isn't Clay so cute?

Well, right around 12:10, Clay and Jerome walk out to the front of the bus. We hopped out of the car and crossed the street. There were about 20 people there. Clay is standing by the drivers seat, and Jerome comes out of the bus. Jerome says "Listen up! Clay wants to play!" And he goes on to say that Clay wanted to play a game, and whoever could answer correctly, would be allowed to go on the bus.


Here's the test -- the first person to sing the first verse of ......... CRAP! I forget the name of the song! Darnit! one knew it.

Jerome and Clay left for a minute. Then they came back -- new test....

First person to name the president of the US that had the most children.....

NOPE! No one knew that one either. We're all screaming out president's names -- random guesses.

Clay said " nope -- wrong -- It's Tyler"

Next question......Name the capital of the COUNTRY of Georgia. Huh? Who the frick knew that Georgia was a country somewhere? (actually, I'd heard of it, but what the......???)

Nope -- no one got that one either.

Final question -- name the fourth largestest populated country. The top three are....China, India, US. What's number 4?

People are screaming out countries names. Clay is standing there pointing his finger, searching....he heard it. But who said it? He's searching......FOUND HER! No -- not me. But, it was someone I knew. (oh -- and the answer was Indonesia)

OMG! I was so happy for her! And playing with Clay was just sooooo FUN!! He was so animated standing up there in the bus watching us and playing teacher Clay. VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!! It was TOTALLY worth waiting around for THAT!!!

She got to go on the bus for about 5 minutes. She got her pic taken with Clay and got his autograph too. She was on cloud nine when she got off that bus!!!
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ATDW A Customer Favorite:

According to the CB's Zakus, A Thousand Different Ways is #15 on this year's customers' favorite CD's of 2006 list. MOAM and MCWL have both made appearances on previous years' lists.

Congrats ATDW!

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Clay on Hartford, CT's WTIC News Talk 1080 AM Tomorrow!

SecretlyLovesClay has some cool news for Hartford fans! Clay will be interviewed sometime tomorrow on WTIC 1080 AM:


My friend called me today and said she heard on her way home from work, they made an announcement on TIC 1080 AM (Yes, AM) that CLAY AIKEN would be calling in tomorrow. And you can win tickets to the Hartford concert.

I didn't hear this myself, but unless she misunderstood, she has no reason to lie.

Can anyone cap it? I guess it will be on their morning show...which I think is between 5-10.

It looks like this station streams.
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Tidbits 12/5

  • Verona Christmas concert recaps, photos and clack is now up @ our Christmas blog. | Syracuse Univ. Daily Orange concert review.
  • Chicago Tribune - a look back at the year that was in TV. Mentions Clay's AI5 transformation:
    The “Oh, my ears, my ears -- make it stop!” award: The two singles unveiled during the “American Idol” finale - “Do I Make You Proud” and “My Destiny” - were, I suppose, preferable to listening to six minutes of cats with laryngitis screeching at top volume, but then again, maybe not. Speaking of that finale, what was up with Clay Aiken’s hair? Did he have a bad encounter with some kelp?
  • LiveDaily - Taylor Hicks article has the usual AI/Clay mentions.
    Previous "Idol" winners and runners up have sold a combined total of 33 million records, according to a press release. That figure includes music from Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard and Bo Bice. Clarkson, who was the first-ever "Idol" winner, bears the additional distinction of winning two Grammy awards earlier this year.
  • Raleigh News & Observer - here's what to do if you have thousands of dollars lying around-- host a Christmas light show at your house, complete with music Clay Aiken styled:
    The entire show is synchronized to a music medley that samples techno, Clay Aiken and children's music and blares out from five speakers. Visitors who pull up outside Williams' home can tune their radios to 100.1 FM and hear the music, thanks to a low-wattage transmitter.
  • Blogger News Network - Ripa, Ripa, more Ripa.
  • PEA's Corner (non-Clay blog) has some awesome thoughts about MCWL --
    My newest purchase is Clay Aiken's "Merry Christmas With Love" is absolutely fabulous and I really recommend it! He sings all the old favourites the way they should be sung and oh boy, can he sing my favourite song "Oh Holy Night"!!! What a voice!
  • Southern Girl posted some cool YouTube Clay Christmas clips. Enjoy!
  • Taking A Moment - Jemock's Mayan adventure and why it evenly remotely relates to Clay Aiken... LOL
    Actually, that little thatched area was a section of the stone that still has the original red pigment in it. Back in the day, these temples were bright red. Just like Clay's hair. I think. Didn't he used to have red hair? Maybe he needs to check the carpet and report back to us. I'm hoping that last comment went waaaaay over the heads of most of my dear readers.
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Clay Named One of Top Bachelors in ET Online Year In Review

Clay is included in a list of 15 top bachelors in ET Online's Year In Review. Clay is #3 on the list, which includes such big names as George Clooney, Jamie Fox, Jake Gyllenhaal, Keanu Reeves, and Leonardo DiCaprio, among other big name stars.

Under dating, Clay is listed as "Available!" and his 2006 projects are listed as CD: A Thousand Different Ways, guest star on "Days of our Lives". We could add to that list a long list of TV appearances as well as a Christmas tour which is thus far very successful and well received.

Now admit it, ladies, out of all those big names, which available bachelor would YOU rather go out with? Uh huh, that's what I thought!! Better stand in line!

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Monday, December 04, 2006

First Ever "UKLAYMEET" - United Kingdom Fans Meet to Share Clack

Kim and Debs From The United Kingdom

ClayNation includes fans from all over the world. In addition to the United States, fans can be found in Singapore, the Philippines, Korea, Australia, and countless other countries...including The United Kingdom.

Kimfreeuk posts at The Clayboard and she has been wanting to find a group of Clay fans to meet together in the UK. A while back she told us that she had finally been able to arrange to meet with another fan named Debs who lived about 50 miles from her. Kim shared a summary of the great time they had that day in a thread at The Clayboard. Here is her great story below:
Well it happened...and I'll start from the beginning...

There was 2, only 2, but it was a start. Many lurkers hidden in the UK, unable to join us but we weren't put off - we were going to do it no matter what.

I arrived 15 minutes early and sat in the restaurant anticipating Debs arrival. Would she like me...was she sickengly beautiful, did my hair look OK, did she have an accent, would I understand her, would she understand my accent, did she have one or two heads, was she posh, am I stupid, did she know more about Clay than me, was she really as mad about Clay as me or would I look stupid......Lord, question after question went around in my head...

tick, tick - 15 minutes passed, then 20, tick, tick...shes late, shes not coming...oh Lord, I've been stood up 50 miles from home...I txt her in case we were sitting in different Harvesters. She called me...she was sitting in the car park waiting for me!!!

She walked through the door - sickengly beautiful, but only one head - thank goodness!! She had a Clay t-shirt on (I haven't got one we both had our carrier bags. Oooh wonder what she had in hers? Mine was full of clack, pins, pics, letters, friends. I had so much I wanted to share with her. She gave me a bag....inside was DVDs she had lovingly and painstakingly made, just for me. I was genuinely taken aback at her generosity. What a wonderful lady (and still sickengly beautiful as well!!)

We chatter, chatted and chatted more. Highlight was talking about Clays Pants of Perfection.....then out came the mobile phones and guess what was on Debs...I was so jealous ( thanks Debs...been resolved now!*kiss*)

We laughed, talked and dicussed Clay, our lives and our friends on the boards. We are both touched by Clay Fans and their generosity to us over the water.

As I drove away, I realised there was so much more I wanted to ask her but didn't get the chance...Its given me an excuse to see her again and such a relief to talk to someone who "gets it" as well.

We now hope to get more on board for the next time. 2 will become 3 or more. We both are prepared to travel a bit further if need be.

It was fun. I have made a lovely new friend, and we found we had more in common than we realised...and our sense of humour was similar, which as I am slightly mad, was a welcome relief!!

It was a success. To all our US buddys, we can do these meets over in the UK as well, albeit on a smaller scale!!

Thanks for pushing me to do it. Its a day I wont forget and one I hope to repeat REAL soon!!

Debs...thanks for the laughs, the chat and your friendship honey...
Clay has really brought so many of us together. I'm so glad to hear of Kim and Debs new found friendship and I hope that the UK group grows in number. Clay fans are blessed to support an extremely wonderful man and to have made so many friendships in so doing!

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"Merrillville All Is Well Video" Is Top Rated Video of The Day

Thank you to jbdramey at The Clayboard for letting us know that gooodbabybrush's video of Clay Aiken "All Is Well" Merrillville, IN top-rated video at YouTube for Monday, December 4. WOW!!! As of 7 p.m. CST, it had received 20,285 views!! Once again...WOW!!

Clayschatz also points out the amazing fact that it has received 26 honors as of 7 p.m. on Monday. They are:

#57 - Most Viewed (Today) - All
#2 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - All
#50 - Most Viewed (Today) - English
#2 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - English
#63 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Music - English
#1 - Top Rated (Today) - All
#1 - Top Rated (Today) - Music - All
#1 - Top Rated (Today) - English
#1 - Top Rated (Today) - Music - English
#81 - Top Rated (This Week) - All
#9 - Top Rated (This Week) - Music - All
#75 - Top Rated (This Week) - English
#9 - Top Rated (This Week) - Music - English
#13 - Most Discussed (Today) - All
#2 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music - All
#13 - Most Discussed (Today) - English
#2 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music - English
#10 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Music - English
#3 - Top Favorites (Today) - All
#2 - Top Favorites (Today) - Music - All
#3 - Top Favorites (Today) - English
#2 - Top Favorites (Today) - Music - English
#82 - Top Favorites (This Week) - All
#20 - Top Favorites (This Week) - Music - All
#71 - Top Favorites (This Week) - English
#17 - Top Favorites (This Week) - Music - English
I could watch this video over and over again. The look of determination on Clay's face at the end, coupled with the explosion of cheers from the audience and that jubilant smile after hitting the note touches almost every emotion that I have. I think its one of the most beautiful moments in the last 3 years.

Run to YouTube and watch this great clip again. You'll be so glad you did!! And thank you gooodbabybrush for putting this classic moment on YouTube!

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Tidbits 12/4

  • We blogged about The Insider's poll last Friday which asked viewers "which room in Clay's house if your favourite?" This cute response was aired during today's show: "whichever room Clay is in at the moment."
  • TV Grapevine - AI5 didn't produce any real stars in the winner and runner-up -
    Expect the filtering of talent to be even more serious. "American Idol" knows what they want for a winner and last season did not produce a winner or runner up that was capable of walking in the shoes of any of the past "American Idol" winners. That is not to say that Taylor Hicks isn't popular and a fan favorite, it is just that he will never sell records like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barrino or Ruben Studdard.
  • Google press release- Clay makes return to Google Zeitgeist following Kelly Ripa controversy:
    the day Kelly Ripa (8) expressed her disapproval of Clay Aiken’s guest hosting technique, specifically referencing the covering of the mouth incident, an act he later spoofed at the American Music Awards (10) with Tori Spelling and which Ripa had herself done to Regis twice.”
  • LA Times - could AI3's Jennifer Hudson turn out to be a star after signing with Clive Davis' Arista records? "If she's able to build a successful film and music career, she could soon outshine even million-selling "Idol" alumni Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood."

Happy Birthday to Ms. Tyra Banks who turns 33 today!

  • WebWeaver on Clay's gorgeous performance of "All Is Well" during Saturday's Merrillville concert (see it here).
  • There Was A Man - another post on the gorgeous rendition of AIW.
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