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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Clay Jumps From 21st to 10th Place on Promosquad HitPredictor Artist Chart

HitPredictor is a site that many of you may not have heard of. Apparently they have been around for about 5 years and, according to their site, "after testing almost every release from the past five years, the HitPredictor has shown incredible accuracy in determining the hit potential of new songs prior to airplay." In addition to testing songs, HitPredictor also has been able "to gain insight into what people are thinking right now about artists and new music."

Rainlover at The Clayboard has posted that Cristal Line at Clayversity found that Clay has moved up from the 21st spot on the AC Artist Hitpredictor chart to 10th. According to Hitpredictor:

The Hitpredictor Artist Chart is a gauge of artist popularity, above and beyond song charts. Artist scores are affected by every aspect of an artist's career. Marketing, airplay, retail, print media, touring, TV appearances, and rumor all have an impact on chart performance.
Since we know that radio airplay would have had nothing to do with a rise of 11 spots on this chart, the other factors are what moved Clay up. Possibly the various news about his upcoming tour and his television appearances have played a big part.

The Hitpredictor site also states that artists are rated by "thousands of carefully screened music fans." The results, which are compiled weekly and monthly, are determined by an artist's popularity and buzz by those who listen to music.

Whatever the reasons are for Clay to jump from 21st to 10th, we'll take it! And as the year presses on and his tour begins, we'll hope to see him jump up even more on the chart.

Southwest Ohio Clay Friends Take Part in Opening of Play Area in Memory of Autistic Boy

Being a Clay fan is fun and exciting. We love hearing him perform and gathering Clack. But its such things as the actions of the Southwest Ohio Clay Friends that make being a Clay fan extremely rewarding and warms my heart.

Chrispycreme and Bananas4Clayton are both members of the Southwest Ohio Clay Friends, and they tell us in a thread at The Clayboard about a park in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that is being opened where children, with and without disabilities, can play together. The Anderson Park Website also says, "Additionally, this playground will take on a special significance for our community due to the tragic events surrounding Marcus Fiesel."

Chrispycreme said that Marcus was a three-year-old child with autism who was murdered by his foster parents. In his memory, a portion of the park is being dedicated to him. The Southwest Ohio Clay Friends have worked hard to help prepare this portion of the park for its opening. Chrispycreme says:

Today, some of us from SW Ohio Clay Friends, participated in the landscaping and opening of a play area dedicated to Marcus, in a local park. This play area is intended to be all inclusive for any child, whether 'normal' or 'challenged' to be able to play together. We saw this opening as an opportunity for a service project to further Clay's focus of inclusion.

We spent a few hours turning a raw, bare, chunk of hard ground into a beautiful area filled with child-friendly play structures and trees and flowers. We are all very tired after digging holes in drought stricken clay, raking sand, toting sod. But, it was a very rewarding challenge. I think little Marcus, who would have been 4 years old tomorrow, must be smiling down from heaven.
Bananas4Clayton adds:
We have been waiting almost a year to turn the tradgedy of what happened to Marcus into something positive and bright that he would be proud of. Today we opened the section of the playground that is dedicated to Marcus and will serve as a fun, stimulating place where children of all abilities will be able to play together with their siblings and peers. To see how we transformed that chunk of barren land into something beautiful, then to step back and watch as the first group of multi-abled children rushed to play there, and to know we had a part in it, well, I don't exactly know how to put it in words, but it sure felt....'complete'.
You can read more about the opening of this park at the above Anderson Parks link and more about the portion dedicated to Marcus at the Marcus Donation page of the Park's website. If you would like to donate to this effort, donations can be made at this page.

Many thanks to Southwest Ohio Clay Friends for letting us know about this wonderful work they were able to be a part of. Through Clay's love and work with children with disabilities so many great things continue to happen all around the world for children!

Attention All Internet Explorer 6 Users

CDD is strongly urging users on Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade to Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 7. The browser is now 6 years old and no longer up to date with current web design standards.

This does not mean CDD will no longer be usable from IE6 ... in fact, we will still make our best attempt at making pages look OK in IE6 -- CDD will still be accessible for Internet Explorer 6. However, we will no longer guarantee that everything will work 100% perfectly in IE6.

If you are still using Internet Explorer 6, please read our suggestions:

  1. IE6 users using Windows XP - Windows XP supports the new Internet Explorer 7 browser which Microsoft released last fall. The browser is more stable, has numerous security fixes and has vastly improved web rendering. We recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible via Microsoft's website.
  2. IE6 users using previous versions of Windows such as Windows 98, Me and Windows 2000 - we recommend that you switch to other browsers that have much better security and rendering ... a few of your options include Mozilla's Firefox browser and Opera 9.
  3. IE5.x users on Mac OS - Apple recommends that all users of previous generation Internet Explorer for Mac (IE5.x) switch to Firefox or Apple's Safari as soon as possible.

Musician Who Performed With Clay Gives Great Comments

We all love to hear great comments made by others about Clay. But its especially gratifying to hear from someone who has performed with Clay.

ClaysMyMidlifeCrisis at The Clayboard has exchanged emails with harpist, Victoria Schultz, who is a member of one of the orchestras that performed with Clay during his Christmas tour. At her site, Harpspun Happenings, Victoria tells her thoughts about performing with Clay:

This was an exciting year for performing with world class STARS!... In December I performed with Clay Aiken for his Joyful Noise tour which showcased selections from his best selling album, Clay Aiken, Merry Christmas With Love. I never really watched An American Idol, but Clay, billed as America's favorite runner-up, was the pop singer with the best vocal technique I have ever worked with. Every note was as pure as the gold in his records!
Wow! What wonderful comments for her to make about Clay. We all know that he has a pure and golden voice, but it means so much to hear a non-fan who has performed with him and knows music to say that he has the best vocal technique of any pop singer she has worked with. Thanks to ClaysMyMidlifeCrisis for bringing this to our attention.

Weekly Reader - Kids Ask Clay Questions

Weekly Reader, a classroom magazine designed for kids and young adults, gave the chance for kids to ask Clay some questions about his musical career and humanitarian efforts. Go to Weekly Reader's website to read the full interview. Weekly Reader also has a great profile page for Clay at their website - check that out too!

Here are some of the highlights from the Q&A/interview:

1. What was it like over in Afghanistan and how were you able to help children through UNICEF?
—Nicole C., age 16

Clay Aiken: The people of Afghanistan were extremely friendly and gracious. Everywhere we traveled, we were greeted warmly. With the exception of visiting my grandparents, I have never felt more welcomed. Since 1949, UNICEF has been working for the survival and development of children in Afghanistan. I witnessed UNICEF's extraordinary education work, which has helped hundreds of thousands of children return to school, provided them with school supplies, trained thousands of teachers, built hundreds of schools or provided tents so children can study sheltered from the weather. And it's not only children who are receiving an education through UNICEF-supported programs. Women, who were forbidden an education under the Taliban regime, now walk for almost an hour to learn how to read and write and experience formal education for the first time.

5. Who was the first person who brought music to your life?
—Fares A., age 11

Clay Aiken: My mom. She believed in me from the beginning, and kept telling me that my voice would take me places. She believed in me more than I believed in myself and was always there to encourage me.

6. What made you go on American Idol?
—Sierra S., age 11

Clay Aiken: At the time I was working with a boy with autism named Mike Bubel. I became very close with him and his whole family and his mother Diane. Diane is the one who kept encouraging me to audition and finally I did.

9. Do you like being famous?
—Samantha B., age 14

Clay Aiken: Sometimes it's really hard, but I always remind myself of the great opportunities that have come with it and am thankful for the way I have been able to use my voice to help children around the world.

Tidbits 6/23

  • Even more Clay mention in press coverage of "Idol: The Musical"...
    • Variety -
      Musical idolizes feats of Clay Aiken

      Finally: An "American Idol" tuner!

      We're talking "IDOL: The Musical." We're talking Off Broadway. The legit production -- which bowed earlier this month in unlikely tryout spot Syracuse, N.Y. -- follows nine wildly different high schoolers (the jock, the tomboy, the genius, etc.) in Steubenville, Ohio, bonded by their intense devotion to the "Idol" runner-up.
    • Broadway World -
      Performances for Idol: The Musical, described as "a satirical new Off-Broadway musical described as "a show based on the woship of Clay Aiken," begin Off-Broadway at the 45th Street Theatre (354 W. 45th St.) on Thursday, July 5th.
  • The Hockey News (Canada) - random Clay mention... "The league needs guaranteed good news more than Clay Aiken needs a beard – okay, two beards – but the fact it holds Balsillie at bay while embracing Jacobs confirms just how popular (and, coincidentally enough, cheaper) the status quo continues to be."

  • Nothing here yet

Friday, June 22, 2007

Beautiful Sharpie Drawings Of Clay Created By Clay Fan

We have seen in the last four years that there are many extremely talented fans in Claynation. Some create beautiful montages of Clay using both photos and video. One fan made dolls of Clay, and the dolls actually had on outfits that were just like outfits Clay had worn. There are also many talented artists out there who draw pictures of Clay that look almost more like Clay than he looks like himself!! Msstrombolisir is one of those artists.

I learned from a thread at The Clayboard that Msstrombolisir makes these drawings using sharpies. The results are absolutely amazing! She tells us,

I have been drawing portraits of people with Sharpies for over 2 years now...I mostly draw singers and get them signed at their concerts. A few of the musicians I have drawn have dubbed me "The Sharpie Girl" and actually hunt me out at their concerts to see the new drawings I have done.

Clay was actually one of my first drawings I ever did (a posterboard sized picture of the MOAM cover). I posted a picture of that drawing on these boards a while ago and I was contacted by the people who organized the BAF Florida VFC Gala and was asked to donate the picture to be signed by Clay and auctioned off.

I haven't drawn Clay in a while, and I figured I would give it another go around. I also made this into a "speed drawing" (ie: I took a video of myself drawing the picture and then sped the process up to about 20 seconds). I hope you all enjoy it!
The drawing actually takes about 3 hours to make, but thanks to the speed drawing video, we can see it being created in about 20 seconds.

I hope we get to see more of these amazing sharpie drawings from msstrombolisir in the future.

New Photo of Clay With David Foster In Vancouver

Here's a new photo of Clay with David Foster in Vancouver late last month during Clay's trip across Canada.

Making A Difference: TBAF & KC Beta Alpha Chapter Help Greensburg, KS Tornado Victims

Here's another prime example of how the Bubel Aiken Foundation and its supporters continue to make a difference. Last month, a tornado leveled the town of Greensburg, Kansas. Immediately after, the BAF mobilized its Kansas City Beta Alpha chapter which prepared 100 blankets and 200 shirts for the residents of Greensburg within days. Here is the abridgment of the story from the Bubel Aiken Foundation's website:

06/22/07 The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Makes Donations to Tornado Victims

On Friday, May 4, 2007 at 9:45pm, the town of Greensburg, Kansas was hit straight on by an EF-5 tornado, destroying over 95% of the town. More than 1,200 citizens were suddenly without homes, belongings, schools, churches and nearly all local business, which meant most were also without employment. Twelve residents of Greensburg and surrounding communities lost their lives.

When The Bubel/Aiken Foundation learned of the tragedy, they contacted the Beta Alpha chapter "KC Voices Making A Difference" and asked how they could help. Within days, 100 blankets and more than 200 t-shirts were on their way to a Jen Layne, the chapter contact, who distributed them to Greensburg residents.

The items were handed out to citizens during the city's first church service since the storm, where more than 1,000 huddled under a makeshift tent and reconnected with neighbors and friends. They were also distributed at high school graduation where everything for the 25 seniors - caps, gowns, diplomas, class rings, and letter jackets, were donated to replace those that were lost. Each graduate received a TBAF blanket that day for which they were very grateful. It was quite a day for them, as their graduation day should be.

More than 1,200 people lost everything that night, yet smiles on their faces were still readily available. They are finding strength they did not know they had—they are pulling together and are resolved to rebuild Greensburg better than ever before. They are also very grateful for the groups and individuals who stepped forward with donations, manpower, and support. Because of the generosity shown, including that of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, the residents of Greensburg are slowly filling their hearts with hope, which will help carry them through the months and years of rebuilding that stretch before them.

Magical Holiday Tour 2007: Minnesota To Get Double Dose of Mr. Aiken In December

Looks like today's announcement of Clay's Wilkes Barres, PA date isn't the end of the Christmas tour news we'll be hearing today. The Minnesota Orchestra has just announced back-to-back Clay concerts scheduled for December 19 and 20 at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, MN.

Tickets are $35, $59 and $77. Tickets go on sale to orchestra subscribers on Monday June 25 and go on sale to the general public on August 13.

Summer Memories: Clay's 2003 Homecoming

Someone on the Clayboard just posted a link to this YouTube clip of Clay coming home to Raleigh during the 2003 American Idol Pop Tarts tour. Have a look... he certainly has come a long way, hasn't he? ... especially in the hair department!

Support Clack Unlimited

As the summer tour dawns with a fresh arsenal of clack, Clack Unlimited is asking for your help in order to keep up with increasing bandwidth costs associated with hosting and serving clack from the summer tour.

No matter how much the donation -- even $1 -- your support will go a long way in helping everyone in the Clay nation enjoy a great summer of Clay.

The CH's Goood Baby Brush posted this on the Clayboard today:

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been supporting Clack Unlimited. Your donations have helped to keep this site active for over a year now.

Maintaining a large archive of clack and providing the necessary bandwidth required to support a large number of Clay fans is a very expensive affair. There are large fixed expenses associated with the site even during slow times when little new clack emerges.

Currently, we are entering into what will be a very active time on the site given the new tour taking place this summer. During this period, our costs rise dramatically.

We would like to continue providing all fans with a public vault for accessing clack and also would like to have the flexibility to incorporate solutions to help improve your access and downloading of clack. This includes bringing in additional servers prior to the tour to help distribute downloading activity and bandwidth usage.

In order to continue maintaining Clack Unlimited year round and to prepare for the extra expenditures that will be incurred during this summer tour, we need to make a big push on donations.

If you are able, please consider either signing up for a Subscription or making a one-time donation. All the information you need about contributing to Clack Unlimited can be found on our home page:

Thank you very much for your support. We look forward to providing you with clack from the upcoming Summer Tour!

Magical Holiday Tour 2007: Clay Returns to Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre, PA December 4

Clay will be taking his 2007 Magical Holiday Christmas tour to the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on December 4, the venue confirmed to the CB's LLnepa today.

At this point, we have no ticketing information, but we will post that information as soon as it becomes available. You can track all tour dates & ticketing information for both the summer and Christmas tours at the CDD Claytracker.

Clay was last at the Kirby Center on December 10, 2006 for last year's symphonic Christmas tour.

Tour Promos on Radio & TV

We have some reports of tour commercials being heard on radio and seen on TV to report to you:

  • The CB's cstinia heard a radio commercial on Sunny 99.1 FM in Houston:
    I was driving to Sunny 99.1( the only AC station in Houston that has not been Clay-friendly at ALL) in the car with my mom and loe and behold around 2:40pm CST... I hear the words "Clay Aiken" and I was like :yow . It said the location and playing the Houston Symphony. A small snippet of Invisible was playing in the background and the promo ended at the climax of Without You.

    I'm VERY happy because not only I get to hear the words Clay Aiken on Houston radio, but also Houston's finally promoting this!
  • The CB's strolynn63 saw a commercial for the concert on the ABC station in Philadelphia during Good Morning America this morning: "Just saw the ad for the Mann Music Theater. Clay singing.....Invisible in the background. That hot pic of him standing with his arms folded. Clay on TV, thats my kind of morning."

Tidbits 6/22

  • Interesting Clay mention by a DJ on a radio station in Nebraska, reports the CB's NEClayfan1:
    A radio DJ here in Nebraska was talking on the air this a.m. about how gung-ho the Clay fans are. I about died laughing when he said "Those professional Claymates are a dedicated bunch!" Now what distinguishes a "professional" Claymate from a "non-professional"? Well, it can be pretty time consuming being a fan. LOL.
  • More mentions of "Idol: The Musical" a musical satire of Clay's fans playing in NYC next month:
    • Raleigh News & Observer -
      When "Idol: The Musical" hits the stage in New York next month, Clay Aiken won't be there in person. But there will be a bust of Raleigh's hometown "American Idol" star onstage, and someone singing "Burnin' Hunk o' Clay" to it.

      Yes, Aiken is coming to the theatrical stage, but only as inspiration. "Idol: The Musical" is billed as a musical farce about a "delusional group of 'Idol' fans in search of fame." It begins previews at New York's off-Broadway 45th Street Theatre on July 5.

      Aiken himself is not involved with the project. Janice Riley, his personal assistant in Raleigh, declined to comment.

      And how did the hard-core Claymates react?

      "The audience loved the show. It's universal, an everyman story," said Ellis. "Everyone wants something better than what they have, to be discovered."
    • Playbill -
      Complete casting has been announced for Idol: The Musical, which is "based on the worship of Clay Aiken," one of the finalists on the second season of the hit reality TV series.
    • Post Chronicle -
      American Idol star Clay Aiken's fans have inspired a new Broadway musical. The 'Claymates' will be the focus of a new stageshow, called Idol: The Musical.

      The project is described as "a satirical musical comedy that focuses on the outrageous and delusional fan base of American Idol".
  • Morris County Daily Record - Ruben Studdard, Taylor Hicks outsold by their runner-ups:
    That explains why past "Idol" winners disappeared after their crowning. Whatever happened to Ruben Studdard? Does anyone even remember Taylor Hicks? The two "winners" were outsold by the "losers" of their seasons, Clay Aiken and Daughtry, respectively.
  • Wall Street Journal has some new tour and CD sales stats for American Idol alum. Kelly Clarkson is now first in both tour revenue and CD sales with Clay a close second in tour revenue.
    Kelly Clarkson 1 (2002) $35 million 8.4 million
    Clay Aiken 2 (2003) $28 million 4.7 million

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"The Tough Side of Clay Aiken"

We just picked up this article on a blog called gigglesugar titled "The Tough Side of Clay Aiken". It includes this clip, which was broadcast 3 years ago next Thursday (June 28, 2004 to be exact) when Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live... ahh... the memories!

Tidbit 6/21

  • Claymates have commented on this post from TV Squad which is about Jimmy Kimmel's emergency appendectomy... get well soon Jimmy!
  • New Orleans Time Picayune - music has endured...
    And the songs endure. In 2003, Clay Aiken warbled "Open Arms" during an "American Idol" semi-final round. In 2004, the Boston Red Sox adopted "Don't Stop Believin' " as the theme for their improbable World Series comeback. The following season, "Believin' " rallied the Chicago White Sox.
  • Underground Online - TV shows that should become video games -
    The View
    If ABC licensed the ongoing train wreck morning show The View to game designers, we see it being a great success. After vanquishing the other three foes is when you enter the championship round and face mano a mano against The Barbara: a beast so vile and hideous just listening to her mispronounce words causes massive loss of life. Weapons used include Donald Trump's hair, Clay Aiken's hand and a tiny, drunken Danny DeVito.
  • - vacation blog describes "a laconic, henna-haired boy with a lazy charm but a middle running towards fat; and a scurrying tall thin person with a narrow, rodentlike face and a burst of hair who looked something like a Japanese Clay Aiken."
  • More mentions of Claymates being portrayed in "Idol: The Musical" which opens in NYC next month:
    • Rolling Stone -
      A satirical musical Idol: The Musical, which is to open Off Broadway in New York City on July 5. The play looks at the lives of a bunch of Clay Aiken-obsessives and explores how their lives are ruined by Claymania.
    • MTV -
      "American Idol" is headed to Broadway — well, off-Broadway. reports that "Idol: The Musical," a satire based on the dedication of one group of Clay Aiken fans, will begin previews at New York's 45th Street Theatre on July 5. The play recently opened in Syracuse, New York. ...
    • Star Pulse, Contact Music, PR-Inside -
      American Idol star Clay Aiken's fans have inspired a new Broadway musical. The 'Claymates' will be the focus of a new stage show, called Idol: The Musical. The project is described as "a satirical musical comedy that focuses on the outrageous and delusional fan base of American Idol".
    • NY Post -
      Attention, Claymates: You're not invisible anymore.

      Todd Ellis, a drama teacher at Syracuse Civic Theatre, has invested his savings in an eight-week, off-Broadway production called "Idol: The Musical," inspired by hysterical Clay Aiken fans.

      The play will take over the 45th Street Theatre in Times Square and will run in July and August. "There is so much hysteria surrounding the Claymates," said Ellis. "He's godlike. The ones that are devoted to him are really devoted."
    • -
      Clay Aiken Gets the Broadway Treatment
      'Idol: The Musical,' which is to open Off Broadway in New York City on July 5, is described as "a satirical look" at the phenomena known as Clay-Mania -- a thumbnail that strikes us as being almost as redundant as "a soporific rendition of 'You Light Up My Life.'"
  • Daily Texan - Clay mention... local news - "During my six years in Austin, I've never lived outside of West Campus, and one look at my picture at the top of this column will show you that I'm whiter than Clay Aiken. However, I have met a woman who makes a great voice for the people who are disenchanted with the police department."
  • AlterNet - (negative) ... FOX News ... "And having those three loons on Fox & Friends spout hateful lies with racist overtones is like music -- sweet Clay Aiken music."

  • The ConCLAYve - funny skit... Clay, Kimmel, London and Paris
    Clay: Hola!
    Kimmel (bad British accent): Cheerio, old boy. Pip pip and all that. D’you have Prince Albert in a can?
    Clay (mystified): Do Ah have WHO in a WHAT?
    Kimmel (normal voice): Clay, didn’t you make crank phone calls as a kid?
  • Southern Girl - a question of luck... who will get to meet Mr. Aiken himself this summer?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

REMINDER: Fort Myers Tickets On Sale This Saturday

According to the website of the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, tickets to the Ft. Meyers, Florida concert will go on sale on Saturday, June 23, at 10 a.m. EST at the box office, by calling 239-481-4849, or online at Groups of 20 or more should call 239-489-3033, ext. 3122. The concert is scheduled for Thursday, August 16, at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $43, $53, $63, and $73.

For those who might like to see what the venue looks like, here is a picture. This picture gives us a good view of the stage and the middle section of the seats, and might be helpful in helping those who are purchasing tickets to determine where they would like to sit. Okay, we'd all like to sit on the first row, if not on the stage, but if you aren't so lucky, at least this picture can give you an idea of where Row J, Seat 1 is!

Good luck to all you Ft. Myers ticket buyers.

Jones Hall Displays Clay's Concert on Outside Marquee

Only 2 more weeks until Clay's Summer Tour, aka Between A Soft Rock and a Hard Place, begins. And after a 3-year absence, that tour will begin in Texas! First a July 4 celebration at the Frisco Freedom Fest, where Texas Clay fans will be celebrating his long awaited return along with fans from around the country. Then on to Houston to continue the celebration.

Unlike last time Clay was in Houston for his 2004 Joyful Noise Tour, Houston is advertising Clay's concert way ahead of time. First, The Houston Symphony has had several ads in the Houston Chronicle newspaper, ads which will appear twice a week in the Entertainment section of the paper until the concert.

But of even greater excitement is the marquee outside of Jones Hall, which lets everyone know who passes by in the busy hustle and bustle of downtown Houston that Clay Aiken will be performing with the Houston Symphony on July 6 in their Summer in the City concert series. You can't miss the sign, and the theater district is a busy part of downtown, not just during the work day but also every evening when people come to hear the symphony, see musicals, concerts, and plays, or just go out and eat after a long day at work. There must be hundreds of people who see this sign each day and who just might decide to check out how the voice of Clay Aiken sounds with Houston's own world renowned symphony.

Ladies and Gentlemen, fans of Clay Aiken, this Houston fan is "Houston Proud" of her city this time around. And I think Clay will be proud to be singing in such a supportive city with such an awesome Symphony!

Baltimore Claymates Support TBAF With Logo Lanyard

The Baltimore Claymates are holding an approved Bubel Aiken Foundation fundraiser to raise money for the foundation via the Beta Alpha initiative. For $12, you can get a professionally made Bubel Aiken Foundation logo lanyard, perfect for wearing those tour passes from your message board.

Here's a full description along with ordering instructions from the CB's claylily:

It is a 3/4 inch wide yellow lanyard with TBAF logo imprinted on it. It will have a swivel clasp with buckle type breakaway feature and is 35 inches.

The price for each lanyard is $12.00 with all profits, after the cost and shipping, going to TBAF.

Checks and money orders only will be accepted. Please email me at with your orders and I will give instructions for sending your payments. Shipping date will be approximately July 11.

Thank you for all your support.

Tidbits 6/20

2 weeks to go
Claymates are ready to kick off the 2007 An Evening with Clay Aiken summer tour!

  • Even more mentions of "Idol: The Musical" which is holding a trial run in Broadway in July. It is based loosely on Clay and his fans:
    • TV Squad -
      Several American Idol alumni, such as Fantasia and Diana DeGarmo, have taken their musical talents to the Broadway stage. But now, Idolmania has actually inspired an original Off-Broadway show called Idol: The Musical. The story revolves around a group of outcasts that idolizes Clay Aiken.

      As one of American Idol's delusional fans, I personally would rather see Clay Aiken appear on Broadway. I'm not a hardcore Claymate or anything, but I truly think Clay was born to play the part of Peter Pan.
    • New York Magazine -
      The fact that a group of New Yorkers has announced plans to pour time and energy into staging an Off Broadway musical about a group of small-town kids who've built a barn shrine to former American Idol Clay Aiken is truly the stuff of which Vulture dreams are made. We headed to the scene yesterday to find out just who was trying out — and why.
    • Access Hollywood -
      Calling all Claymates, it's time to head to Broadway! Well, maybe off-Broadway.

      "IDOL: The Musical," based on the "worship of Clay Aiken" is coming to New York, Access Hollywood has learned.

      The play is described as a "satirical musical comedy that focuses on the outrageous and delusional fan base" of "American Idol."
    • Chart Attack (negative) - "Claymate alert: You'll soon have the chance to watch other Clay Aiken worshippers on stage in New York City."
  • Home News Tribune ... Clay mention in article about Edison Orchestra who played with Clay during last year's Christmas tour - "Orlando said he pays roughly 70 professional musicians and special-guest performers for each show, including Clay Aiken in 2006 and Nancy Sinatra later this year. The orchestra also gets a $12,500 annual grant from Middlesex County, and ticket prices range from $25 to $100."
  • Mentions of the summer tour:
  • Lycos PR via EarthTimes - Lycos50 rankings

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Great Tour Article at LiveDaily

LiveDaily has just posted a wonderful (and accurate!) article about Clay's upcoming summer tour. Here's a snippet:

Clay Aiken supports 'A Thousand Different Ways'

June 19, 2007 06:06 PM

By Kym Kilgore

A few more cities have been added to Clay Aiken's summer tour, which will take the pop star and a full symphony orchestra to US cities from coast to coast through August.
The outing is set to launch with a bang July 4 in Frisco, TX, and cities added to the fold since last check include Newark, NJ; Knoxville, TN; and Fort Myers, FL. Confirmed dates are listed below.

The summer jaunt will finally give Aiken a chance to fully support his third studio album, "A Thousand Different Ways," which snagged the No. 2 spot on The Billboard 200 when it was released in September. The singer found himself in a somewhat awkward position when the record hit shelves, being that he'd already lined up holiday shows for the remainder of 2006, limiting his ability to promote the new set.

Aiken, who was the second-season runner-up on FOX-TV's "American Idol," has used his music career to further his humanitarian efforts. The former teacher created the Bubel/Aiken Foundation to promote and fund education and recreational programs for children with special needs, and he acts as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

Tidbits 6/19

  • A few mentions of "Idol: The Musical", a Broadway show which features a Clay Aiken like character. Read more about "Idol: The Musical" from CDD's earlier post.
    • Buddy TV -
      A musical entitled “Idol: The Musical” is moving to an off-Broadway engagement on Manhattan's 45th street this July. The musical, about a group of teens who idolize former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken will begin a test run at the 45th Street Theatre on July 5th.
    • Broadway World -
      'Idol' Musical Sets Open Calls for Clay-Loving Characters

      Auditions will be held for Idol: The Musical, a satirical new Off-Broadway musical described as "a show based on the woship of Clay Aiken."

      There are eight of them; all belonging to the same cult-like club that meets daily in a barn that doubles as a shrine to Clay Aiken...The story heats up when the mid-American leg of the 'Idol Tour,' starring Clay Aiken, is announced to be playing Chicago, Memphis, Louisville, Scranton, Charleston, Greensboro, Roanoke and...Steubenville."

      Emily: "She is the leader of the band of misfits, standing stoic at her emperor like podium and speaking down to the others with a wound-up, school marm sense of order and protocol. A beehive on her head and dressed like a reject from a late night Cinemax movie, her passion for Clay often overwhelms her, throwing her into frenzied fits of unbridled lust, even in public places. Behind her closeted exterior, a dormant dominatrix lies, only brought out in private moments between her and her bust of Clay Aiken, her one and only love, or so she thinks."
    • Playbill -
      Idol: The Musical, which is based on the idol worship of former "American Idol" contestant Clay Aiken is headed Off-Broadway.

      "There are eight of them; all belonging to the same cult-like club that meets daily in a barn that doubles as a shrine to Clay Aiken. They are actively ridiculed by the rest of Steubenville; a humiliating situation that doesn't deter their quest for all things Clay. They are victims of A.D.D., Ritalin, their misguided obsessions and their innocent longing for their elusive '15 minutes.' One of them pumps gas. One of them is home-schooled. One of them is a genius. And one of them is a basketball phenom who would rather be a Chippendales dancer. The other four have equally bizarre back-stories too complicated to tell here; but suffice it to know that the real bad-guy of the piece is a total harpy named Adrienne. She gives new meaning to the word villain. The story heats up when the mid-American leg of the ‘Idol Tour,’ starring Clay Aiken, is announced to be playing Chicago, Memphis, Louisville, Scranton, Charleston, Greensboro, Roanoke and Steubenville. Steubenville! False idols are a tricky bunch. Especially those that have lost national singing contests. Go ask Clay. I think he'll know."
  • Inside Bay Area on America's "original" idols -
    Original Idols Live! (June 22): What did folks listen to before Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken and the rest of the "American Idol" crew came around? You'll find out when the Bay City Rollers, Leif Garrett, Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, the Cowsills and Barry Williams (Greg from "The Brady Bunch") come to the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. Let's hope Williams sings that old Brady Bunch cut about it being "time to change."
  • KNAC - really random Clay mention in metal rock article/site.

  • Nothing here today

Monday, June 18, 2007

Walking Down Memory Lane - GREAT Review of 2004 Solo Tour Charleston Concert

Some reviews are good. Some are just plain awful. And some are a mixed bag. However, the following 2004 Solo Tour Charleston review by Chris Dickerson of the Daily Mail left a big smile on my face after reading it. He had lots of great things to say about Clay's performance, his mixing with the crowd, and his charm. I think you're gonna love walking down memory lane and reading this one!!


Aiken sings hits both old, new
Southern boy's voice makes show worthwhile

Chris Dickerson
Daily Mail staff

Wednesday July 14, 2004

Clay Aiken's niche in the music world is simple: He's a nice down-to-earth Southern boy who can sing. Yes, he can sing. That might sound simple enough. But in today's world of lip-synching and rap/hip-hop, that trait is a rare find.

Aiken, fortunately, is a good singer. A very good one, in fact. And that's why fans both young and old flock to see and, more importantly, hear him perform. When he took the Charleston Civic Center stage Tuesday night, Aiken immediately took command of the Coliseum and the estimated 5,000 fans there to see him.

Aiken, a 25-year-old Raleigh, N.C., native who became world famous as the runner-up on the second season of "American Idol," relied heavily on songs from his 2003 debut pop album "Measure of a Man." Over the course of his two-hour, two-set performance, Aiken alternated between the album's catchy pop tunes ("Perfect Day") to ballads ("I Survived You") that showcase his powerful vocal skills.

But he also threw in a few covers, such as Mr. Mister's "Kyrie," Orleans' "Still The One," Toto's "Rosanna" and U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name." Those songs especially highlighted his capable band. In addition, he and his impressive backup singers did a medley of James Taylor hits midway through the show. And he closed with three spectacular vocal displays: the stirring gospel "You Were There," his infectious No. 1 hit "Invisible" and an impressive version of Neil Sedaka's "Solitaire," a song Aiken made his own on "Idol."

Aiken's charm is unmistakable. He seemed to thrive on interaction with the audience, even bringing giddy girls on stage a few times. He danced with St. Albans resident Ashley George and sang the title track from his album with a girl named Virginia from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. He talked to people in the crowd, commenting that he recognized a few crazed fans who apparently have followed him from town to town on the tour. We also learned there were people from as far as away as England who had made the trek to Charleston to see the show.

He jokingly chastised others who had brought suggestive signs to the front rows. He laughed with the audience, with his band and at himself throughout the evening. His self-deprecating demeanor only added to his appeal. His charity work was highlighted on the giant video screens during his show's 15-minute intermission.

It was nice to see someone who realizes he's on the stage to entertain and then actually is able to do it. Aiken might not have won on "American Idol," but he is more than making up for that now.

Tuesday night's crowd wasn't too big. The few stragglers in the balcony easily could have moved down and still not filled the lower level. But those in attendance, mostly teen and pre-teen girls, were quite loud and enthusiastic.

Opening act Cherie, a 19-year-old French songstress trying to make a name for herself in America, barely was passable. Her voice wasn't that impressive, and her stage show was pretty dull. And she certainly shouldn't have tried a cover of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's "It's Your Love," especially in the South. But she did what she was supposed to do, which was get the crowd achin' for Clay.

Fort Myers, FL Tickets On Sale Saturday at 10 AM

Tickets to Clay's newly announced August 16 Fort Myers, FL date go on sale this Saturday June 23 at 10 AM EDT through the box office, online and by phone:

Phone: 239-481-4849
At the Box Office: From 10am -3pm
Tickets: $73, $63, $53 and $43

Tidbits 6/18

Want a Clay Aiken checkbook? Here's an interesting one from My Friends and I.
  • Music News Magazine - Clay is the featured artist for this month... nice little mention of the upcoming summer tour:
    Enjoy an evening under the stars with Clay Aiken. Clay is kicking off his "An Evening With Clay Aiken-Summer Tour 2007" on July 4th at Pizza Hut Park in Dallas, Texas. Clay is ready to get back on the road behind his latest studio album, "A Thousand Different Ways," with a fresh slate of shows scheduled for this summer.
  • Adweek -article about a new TV commercial from electronics giant Best Buy: "The voice belongs to an even creepier corpus: a virtual man with pale skin and weird reddish bouffantish hair—a horror movie version of Clay Aiken."
  • Arizona Daily Star NightBuzz - article about a producer who has worked with Clay:
    Ross Hogarth is a producer and engineer whose discography is all over the place. I mean, the man has worked with Ziggy Marley, Ratt, Mandy Moore, Lyle Lovett, Melissa Etheridge, Motley Crue, Clay Aiken and Tucson’s very own Ryanhood, just to name a few. The thought of working with Motley Crue one day and Clay Aiken the next is pretty hilarious, one must admit.
  • - small write up for Clay's newly announced Fort Myers, FL concert.

Houston Symphony Responds Concerning Up-Tempo Songs/Band

Clay's Daily Double recently included an article about the fact that a band called The Jason Davis Band would be performing with Clay in Frisco, bringing some up-tempo songs to Clay's music mix.

After hearing this, I decided to write to The Houston Symphony to see if they would also have a band playing along with the Symphony. Here is the reply that I received:

We are thrilled to learn you'll be joining us on July 6 for the concert we are all looking forward to!

Mr. Aiken is bringing his own conductor who plays piano, a drummer and two backup singers. The rest of the musicians will be comprised of Houston Symphony musicians and other musicians who we bring in for the event, including a guitar and bass player. So, to answer your question, I don't think that qualifies as an established "band," but there will be rock/band type instruments on stage (guitar, bass, drums) in addition to the orchestra. There definitely will be up-tempo songs using this rock with orchestra sound.

Does that help?

Enjoy the concert and if you like it, we hope to see you back for another one!

Best wishes,

Amanda Tozzi Williams
Director, Popular Programming
Houston Symphony Society
Its beginning to look more like a small group of rock musicians will be performing with Clay, along with the symphony orchestra, from each city where Clay performs. Not only do we get to hear Clay singing soft rock as only he can sing it, but we will get a few upbeat songs to raise our heart rate a bit!!

Only 14 more days till Clay's first concert in Frisco! Its time to get really excited!

Signs and Ads For Clay's Tour Popping Up Everywhere

As it draws closer to the beginning of Clay's summer tour, signs and advertisements are showing up all over the place! Check out these signs and ads:

Columbus Symphony Brochure

Houston Symphony Ad in Houston Chronicle

Billboard spotted in Indio, CA

Los Angeles Weekly Summer Concerts

Ahhhh, I can almost hear the symphony music right now. The first concert in Frisco is just around the corner. If more ads and posters pop up, we'll make certain to post them here at Clay's Daily Double.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tidbits 6/17

to all our Clay Dawgs celebrating today!

  • Columbus Ledger-Enquirer - random Clay mention in sports article ...
    Naturally, you're shocked to learn that a limb of my family tree includes the 16th century French apothecary and reputed oracle whose cryptic quatrains have scared the bejeebers out of folks for generations with promises of wars, floods, famine, pestilence, a curveball ending for "The Sopranos," earthquakes, more pestilence, Clay Aiken albums, high gas prices and assorted plagues.
  • Malaysia The Star Online eCentral on symphonies teaming up with pop artists -
    Indie pop band The Decemberists will perform next month with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and with orchestras in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Chicago; the Cincinnati Pops is teaming up with funk icon Bootsy Collins, and 2003 American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken is planning a summer symphony tour.

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