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Saturday, February 25, 2006

AD: Sophomore Album

Tidbits 2/25

  • LA Daily News Idol article... mentions AI2 finale's ratings.
  • Bored? Why not join tonight's Clayboard boardcert.
  • Let Fraze Pavillion know that Clay's concert was the best of Summer 2005. Vote!
  • Post Chronicle's take on the National Enquirer story: "This guy [accusing Clay] sounds like a real dirt bag." -- the story is loosing credibility each day... even the mainstream press admits that these allegations are stupid and a desperate 'opportunistic' plan to derail Clay's sophomore album.
  • More defense from National Ledger (who has reported extensively on the story). Tina Bacon at the Ledger says:
    What's important should be the joy his singing brings to fans as individuals, not who he's sleeping with or what his sexual preferences are--male or female and to give so much attention to some schmuck off the street so he can receive his 15 minutes of fame for allegedly saying he was Clay's sexual partner? I'm over it.

On A Slow Day Like Today... An Outstanding Clayvert MCWL Review

The CB's Blueskies 50 found this new review of Merry Christmas With Love on We thought we'd post it because the past week has been, well, very slow.

Boy was I wrong!, February 6, 2006
Reviewer: Angel Healer

VERY wrong. I'm not your typical Clay fan. 43yrs. old male.
Never listened to Clay until one day browsing this site. So I
listened to a few of his samples here. I immediately bought his
Christmas album, in February, and took a listen.
I'm very impressed with Clay's renditions, style, clarity of
voice, and soul. This young man reminds me of so many
famous singers and yet certainly has his own voice as well.
Boy, was I wrong to dimiss this guy just because he was
an "American Idol". A show I choked down for about 5 minutes
one day.

I sure hope he doesn't cave into all the stress,gossip, and
pressures of this business and stick around.
And, just for the off chance that Clay may someday read
this....Friend the world will love you for who you are. You certainly have been blessed!

Friday, February 24, 2006

March Issue of Twist Magazine

Clay is in the March issue of Twist magazine! The CB's Claysladylove tells us that a picture of Clay visiting a New York school (back in December) can be found on page 8.

This is one to add to your collections!

Copies should be available on your nearest newsstand now.

Tyra Banks "American Idol Makeover" Show

There were a few Clay mentions on today's Tyra Banks Show. Former Idol contestants Ryan Starr, Tamyra Gray, Kimberly Caldwell, Mikalah Gordon, Matthew Rogers, Anthony Fedorov and Vonzell Solomon were on hand to talk about American Idol makeovers.

Obviously, the topic of Clay came up and Tyra said she hated Clay's freckles, but nonetheless went from "kind of nerdy to knockout."

CDD Video: Clay mention on The Tyra Banks Show 2/24.

Tidbits 2/24

  • The State article about O.A.R. (a band) who sold out a venue Clay didn't sell out when he played there.
  • Most successful AI male contestant is Clay: Blogcritics.
  • New artist has no demands, unlike Clay who wants dimmable lights, clean ice etc... Teen People.
  • American Idol's Wednesday ratings highest since Clay-Ruben finale: Washington Post.
  • AI5 Contestant 'swept away bad memories' about Clay's Lynard Skynard song: LA Times.
  • NC still an Idol machine... "let's not forget Clay Aiken": WSOC-TV.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol Game Coming Soon

If you are familiar with SceneIt, the popular DVD based game and an American Idol fan - we have good news!

The company is in the final stages of releasing a brand new American Idol DVD with footage from the first 4 season of AI (yes-- that probably means we'll be seeing some Clay on the game!)

AI All Star Challenge Screenlife $34.95
The makers of the super-successful Scene It? DVD board game go "Idolizing". AI host Ryan Seacrest hosts the game, too. Game play features footage from the first four seasons of "Idol" and a karaoke-style challenge.....
Look for it instores soon!

Clay Mention on CBS' "Still Standing"

Clay was mentioned on last night's episode of CBS' show "Still Standing."

From the CB's tiggy52twinkle:

The aunt comes in and wants to take her neice to a Clay Aiken concert but the neice says she can't go because she has to write a poem for homework. The aunt tells her that she has to take a teenager to a Clay Aiken concert so she gives her an old poem of hers to use. Funny note...the aunt had gotten a C on it and the neice got an A. Both of them had had the same teacher (male) but the neice was a lot cuter!

Official Store Spring Sale

If you're looking for some cheap Clay merchandise, the time to buy is now. Starting this weekend, there will be major price markdowns on Clay's official webstore.

Jukebox Tour merchandise sale prices are as follows:

Jazzy White T 15.00
Jukebox photo blk T 15.00
Rainbow Outline T 15.00
Red Circle Green T 15.00
Warhol Ringer T 15.00
Jukebox Blk T 15.00
Cream Photo T 15.00
Pink Tissue T 15.00
Red Grey Base ball 19.99
Blk Nightshirt 15.00
Bucket hat 15.00
Baseball hat 10.00
Tote bag 7.00
Panties 7.50
Button pack 5.00
License plate 7.00
Wallet 7.50
Key chain 2.50
Fan 2.50
Mug 8.00
Photo 2.50
Poster 5.00

Joyful Noise Tour merchandise is also onsale at these prices:










8 X 10 PHOTO



Check it out!

Post Chronicle: Clay Aiken Is Still The One

Simon made a bold statement last night on Idol... he said that current Idol contestant Elliott Yamin has the best male voice in all of the five season of Idol.

Hold it Simon... not only do we think you're wrong, but...

Claymates aren't the only ones telling you to clean out his ear and listen to Clay again. Here's what the Post Chronicle said in their Idol article today:

Elliot Yamin is definitely not the best male vocalist to come out of this competition. I don't get it about this season... is the talent so lackluster that the judges feel the need to overrate the contestants (yes)? Simon needs to go back and listen to Solitaire by Clay Aiken, and then say that with a straight face.
Well said!

People Magazine Poll - Clay Wins!

Clay won an American Idol text messaging poll conducted by People Magazine last week!

The poll asked readers to text int their favourite American Idols and Clay won by a overwhelming majority- 69% versus Kelly Clarkson (27%) and Fantasia (4%).

Congrats Clay!

Tidbits 2/23

We're getting a few AI related articles today. The top 12 guys performed on AI last night. Contestant Patrick Hall mentioned his similarities to Clay in his pre-performance video piece.

  • Will Makar leading the way to be the next Clay Aiken: MSNBC.
  • Dancing with the Stars article from Blogcritics.
  • Tonawanda News: Just making top 12 on AI has been profitable for Clay.
  • Mention of Clay's Gospel Music Awards nomination in this article from ChristianToday.
  • WRAL: NC continues to be a breeding ground for new Idols...
  • Article from ChannelNewsAsia about a Singapore TV Talent contest mention Clay's Idol rebound (from being eliminated to final 2!)
  • FoxesOnIdol's AI article.
  • Access Hollywood AI VIDEO.
  • Article about Chevrolet Center - Clay was at the venue in December for the JNT2005 tour.
  • Hiding Clay Aiken's hair product? --
  • Clay Aiken put Barry Manilow back into the spotlight in 2003 -
  • Clay's tours move up 1 spot to #17 on the AP top tours list!
  • Clay slips to #3 from #1 on House Of Blue Concert's website
  • poll- next Idol contestant to win a Grammy... vote for Clay!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rasmusen Defends Clay on MSNBC

Former American Idol 2 contestant Carmen Rasmusen defended Clay on MSNBC earlier today, during an interview/debate segment about the new season of American Idol.

From the CB's easterseal:

Carmen Rasmussen, an reporter from Time, and one from US weekly where just on talking about the A5 I guess didn't hear it all, but the gist was the the Reporter from US Weekly feels that AI is all about personality now instead of talent. Carmen disagreed and said look at Clay Aiken he wasn't even in top 12, came back and made it to top 2, (commercial), Reporter again form US Weekly says regarding Clay Aiken, from the time he opened his mouth he showed his talent and then grew into his personality, (not exact words), I am watching ice skating too. This repeats at 2:00A.M., will be on at like 2:45/2:50. If no one else heard it I will try to get exact wording, (i'm a night owl).

Clay in AOL's Idol Hall of Fame

AOL has put Clay into their American Idol Hall of Fame! They write:

Crazy for Clay
It's safe to say Clay Aiken has no regrets about only being a second-place 'Idol.' Watch his special Sessions performance and see why this runner up became one of the show's biggest stars.

UNICEF 2005 Annual Report Mentions Clay

UNICEF's 2005 Annual Report, which was released recently has several mentions of our UNICEF Ambassador, Clay. Thanks to for the beautiful scans. Click to enlarge.

Tidbits 2/22

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Help Someone Who Can't Afford To Join The Fan Club

More than likely, this information has been posted in the past here at CDD. However, its always good to be reminded of ways we can help other Clay fans out.

If you'd like to donate funds to help fans who can't afford to join Clay's Oh-ficial Fan Club, or if you need financial help to join, please check out the site where you can do this!! All the information you need is there, and the site has even been simplified! To check it out, just click here!!!

You can make a fan at a time!!!! Now, wouldn't Clay be proud!!!

Tidbits 2/21

A Special Suprise!

We have received word that the owner of and the Clayboard, ClayNation is expecting the birth of her second child!

Today is also the 3rd birthday of The website was founded by CN 3 years ago today- February 21, 2003.

Congratulations CN and, from your friends at Clay's Daily Double.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Your Views of Clay

clz4clay wants to you how you feel about Clay now.

If you are interested, click here to be re-directed to the Clayobard thread where she is accepting your opinion.

Tidbits 2/20

  • Chicago Tribune article American Idol and its vocal coaches. The article mentions a former University of Toronto alumni and therefore the U of T posted it onto its own news website.
  • Article from South Bend Tribune about local venues- mentions Clay's JBT concert at the Star Plaza in nearby Merrillville, IN.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

AD: Sophomore Album

Update on BAF Funcenter Project

A Funcenter is dedicated in Temple Hospital in August 2005.

We have an update on the Clay Aiken fans' ongoing Bubel Aiken Foundation Funcenter project.

A 4th, 5th and 6th Funcenter is being planned for hospitals in Houston, California and even one in Canada.

The CB's nyfan4clay, who is running the project, has been sick and has not been able to schedule a dedication ceremony for the Houston Funcenter, which is already in Houston. (get well soon ny!)

Over $10,000 has been raised for the project thus far. Donations are still being accepted online.

The Funcenters contain a Sharp AQUOS Liquid Crystal Television, Nintendo GameCube and DVD player and have given hospitalized children in 3 US hospitals a more enjoyable hospital stay.

Tidbits 2/19

  • Augusta Chronicle: American Idol - "Clay Aiken wannabes" continue to squish NBC's Olympics.
  • Winston-Salem Journal article about an AI contestant - mentions Clay.
  • Only Idols's Kelly Clarkson profile updated- mentions Clay, their AI info page also got updated.
  • There was another small mention of Clay on E! News this weekend. AI vocal coach "Byrd" was talking about Kelly Clarkson and E! flashed a short video of Clay from the 2003 Disney Christmas Day Parade.
  • Putting my Clay Aiken disdain aside and getting hoooked on AI: Lincoln Journal Star Article.

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF