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Saturday, October 01, 2005

"Merry Christmas With Love" Named Best Christmas CD

The 2005 American Christian Music Awards (broadcast on Christian radio stations nationwide) have chosen Clay's platinum christmas disk, Merry Christmas With Love (released last year) as the best Christmas album. Other albums in the running were Christmas Time Is Here (by Erin O'Donnell) and Real Christmas (by Kim Hill). Congratulations Clay!

'No telling where Clay Aiken will pop up next' - Winston-Salem Journal

The North Carolina Winston Salem Journal published this article on the success of North Carolina's idols Thursday (it was only found by a CB member today) in its Nightlife section.

American Idol winners, runners-up enjoy success after the show
Thursday, September 29, 2005
By Janice Gaston
Journal Reporter

There's just no telling where Clay Aiken, the runner-up in American Idol's second season, is going to pop up next.

One day, he's in New York, appearing on All My Children as one of a host of celebrities wishing diva Erica Kane (actress Susan Lucci) success on her fictional talk show, New Beginnings.

A few days later, he's in Los Angeles at the Emmys, all gussied up in a tuxedo and gushing over stars on the red carpet as a correspondent for The Insider, an entertainment show.

Aiken, who is an ambassador for UNICEF, did his bit for charity by donating his Emmy-night duds to Clothes Off Our Backs, a Hollywood organization that auctions off clothes worn by celebrities and donates the proceeds to various charities. Bidding will go on through Tuesday, but as of press time, the bidding for anything that touched Aiken far outpaced the money bid for items offered by other stars.

The high bid on Aiken's tuxedo stood at $16,000, compared to the $650 offered for the tuxedos worn by Matthew Fox of Lost and $550 for the tux of James Denton of Desperate Housewives. Aiken's cufflinks were on the block for $3,700, compared to the $130 offered for Jimmy Smits' cufflinks. Someone had bid $9,000 for Aiken's shoes.

Bidders had offered a $110 each for shoes worn by William Shatner, who won an Emmy for his role in Boston Legal, and by Brad Whitford of The West Wing.

Claymates (as Aiken's devoted fans are known) must have voted en masse when TV Guide and Bravo conducted a poll to name the most-loved star of a reality show. He edged out Kelly Clarkson, the winner of the first season of American Idol, for the title.

Aiken has also recently made news with his decision to turn his back on Los Angeles for the familiar confines of Raleigh. He's asking $2.5 million for his swanky digs. Word is that Aiken will be building a new place at an "undisclosed location" in the Raleigh area.

Aiken will also perform in Charlotte Dec. 21.

High Point's Fantasia Barrino - those of us back home still like to think of Fantasia as having a last name - won the 2004 version of American Idol. She will be touring with Kayne West, beginning Oct. 11. Barrino has sold l.6 million copies of her first album, Free Yourself, and has racked up an impressive series of award nominations, including two American Music Awards - Favorite Female Artist (Soul/Rhythm & Blues) and Favorite Album (Soul/Rhythm & Blues). The awards will be handed out Nov. 22 in Los Angeles.

Barrino tells of her struggles and triumphs in Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, a memoir that is due in stores Friday. She also sings on a new tribute album to the late Luther Vandross.

R.J. Helton, who lived for two years in Winston-Salem, finished fifth on American Idol's first season. Last year, he released Real Life, an R&B/pop album. Helton wrote many of the album's songs, which tell stories from his life and explore such issues as his childhood and his relationships.

Friday, September 30, 2005

NWCFans on Local Newspaper

The Portland Tribune today published an very complimentary article about Claymania in the northwest today, NWClayfans' Nadine Kincaid.

Claymates share "clack" and "glowing feeling of love"
Nice guys don't always finish last. Remember Clay Aiken? He competed in the 2003 season of "American Idol," the talent search TV show. Although he lost in the final round, to Ruben Studdard, you haven't heard the last of the green-eyed singer with the choirboy voice.
Aiken, who looks even younger than his 26 years, is still performing regularly, and in big venues, too -- he'll be at the Rose Garden Arena on Nov. 3. In fact, I predict that he's still on his way up, thanks in large part to an unconventional and extremely loyal fan base.
Believe it or not, the most clamorous of Aiken's fans can best be described as moms. He has admirers young and old, male and female, but I think it's safe to say that the majority are women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.
"I liked the Beatles," Nadine Kincaid says, "but I've never been like this over a singer before." She is an organizer for an unofficial fan club called NWClayfans ( Kincaid gives her age as "way too old to be a teeny-bopper." She lives in Southwest Portland, works in the security department of George Fox University and has two college-age kids.
She's a very normal person, unless you consider this level of devotion to a pop singer an aberration. She collects Aiken merchandise, uses her background in photography to create professional-looking portraits of him in concert and, once a month, gets up at 4 a.m. to put in time in a 24-hour prayer cycle for the man she's never met.
The other women who have convened at a Wilsonville Izzy's Pizza today certainly don't think she's going overboard. One of them, Trudy Barbison, attended 25 of the 26 concerts on Aiken's summer tour this year, flying across the country and logging around 8,000 miles on a rental car.
She fell for Aiken during "American Idol." She tells me, "I cried when he didn't make it. ... But then as time went by, I realized it was really best." She doesn't want to give her age: "I'm one of Clay's older fans," she says. "Let's just put it that way."
Seventeen women are gathered here to talk about Aiken, especially his impending visit to Oregon. They're planning a pre-concert party, but when it comes to obtaining tickets, "it's every woman for herself," as Kincaid puts it. Previous meetings have drawn women from as far away as Seattle and Redding, Calif.
Four laptops are displaying clips from Aiken concerts. Some of the ladies have become computer savvy just for Aiken's sake. Various magazines -- Rolling Stone, TV Guide, Today's Caregiver -- with him on the cover are fanned out on a table, along with lapel pins and other knickknacks.
In the parlance of Claymates, as they sometimes call themselves, anything having to do with Aiken is called "clack." It's a contraction of the words Clay and crack, as in crack cocaine, as in, he's that addictive.
One woman tells me her husband is jealous, and others report being teased by their brothers or sons. Robin Graham's husband, on the other hand, is so supportive that he drove her all the way to Salt Lake City last year for a concert.
"He thinks Clay is the next big (thing), you know, like Elvis," she says, adding: "He's really glad I have this. ... I haven't traveled, didn't take vacations, I never left home, and now I've flown across the United States three times."
She's effusive about Aiken. "I love him like he's one of my own kids," she tells me. "He gives so much joy ... I get the same feeling when I come across a picture of him as I do when I (see a photo of) my own grandchildren. ... It's a glowing feeling of love, which I know is strange."
What is going on here? "I think it's because he's more than just a really good voice. It's the person. He's an incredibly compassionate man," Kincaid explains.
As soon as he became successful, Aiken founded the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, which works for the rights of developmentally disabled children. He also has traveled to Indonesia and Africa as an ambassador for the U.N. Children's Fund.
Not only that, but he's a kind of anti-rock-star. These women aren't looking for a rebel or a bad boy. "He stands by his principles," Graham believes. "We have all these kids growing up, looking at people who are -- barely any clothes on, all this foul language. This guy needs to be supported so our children have somebody to look up to."
NW Clayfans are not alone. Across the country, moms and grandmas are joining online message boards, collecting clack and encouraging one another. They travel long distances to see Clay, sharing rides and offering one another places to stay. I get the feeling this is the beginning of a very big groundswell.

Learning To Sing Nominated By CCM Magazine- VOTE!

Learning to Sing was nominated by CCM Magazine in it's annual readers choice awards. You can help by voting here.

Clay Aiken to Visit Top Fundraising School

Clay will pay a visit to the US school that raises the most money for this year's UNICEF Trick-Or-Treat campaign. Clay was designated the official spokesman for the campaign earlier this year as part of Clay's duties as a UNICEF ambassador. Half of this year's proceeds go toward Hurricane Katrina victims.

Clay Aiken - Multi-Platinum Recording Artist and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Spokesperson - to Visit Top Fundraising School

NEW YORK, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Kid-powered and mom-approved,
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is one of America's longest-running youth volunteer
activities. A tradition beloved by generations, kids who Trick-or-Treat for
UNICEF raise funds to save and improve the lives of their most vulnerable
peers worldwide. Penny by penny over the past 55 years, U.S. children,
schools, and youth groups have raised more than $127 million through
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. In support of this year's Trick-or-Treat for
UNICEF fundraising campaign, and to celebrate the fundraising efforts of
schools across the country, Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) will sponsor the
"UNICEF Kids Helping Kids" Challenge.
Continuing its partnership of more than 5 years, on Oct 1, 2005 P&G will
launch the UNICEF "Kids Helping Kids" Challenge* on a new website encouraging
kids and schools K-12 across the country to raise funds for UNICEF.
Participating schools will be divided into three categories based on the size
of the student body. The school within each category that raises the most
money for UNICEF -- and submits its donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF by
December 31 -- will have $50,000 donated to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF by P&G on
its behalf, for a total contribution of $150,000 from P&G.
"We're proud to be working with UNICEF to inspire kids across the country
to help improve the daily lives of children in need around the world -- not
just with food, water and medicine -- but with safety and hope," said Elva
Lewis, associate director, P&G North America Corporate Marketing. "Together,
our goal is to help kids learn the importance of helping others in need while
empowering them to make a real difference and become real world heroes."
To encourage broad school participation in the UNICEF "Kids Helping Kids"
Challenge and the 2005 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF fundraising campaign, the
website will also include tips and tools for kids, parents, teachers and
school administrators to host organized fundraising events in their schools,
as well as share their own fundraising ideas with others. For more
information, or to learn more about the UNICEF "Kids Helping Kids Challenge,"
log onto after October 1, 2005.

* See official rules at for complete details

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken to Visit Top Fundraising School
As a beloved and widely recognized campaign, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has
inspired many celebrities and corporations to get involved. Adding to the
excitement in 2005, multi-platinum recording artist Clay Aiken will serve as
the national Trick-or-Treat spokesperson. Throughout October, the Raleigh,
N.C., native and former teacher, will encourage kids to participate in the
In a further showing of support for the fundraising efforts of kids and
schools across the country, Aiken will personally visit the school that raises
the most money for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF this year. Details and timing
for Aiken's visit will be announced at a later date.
"Trick-or-Treat is more than a fundraising program," said Aiken, who was
appointed a UNICEF Ambassador in 2004 and has already visited UNICEF programs
in tsunami-stricken Indonesia and war-torn Uganda. "For many children, it is
their first introduction to philanthropy and the needs of their peers in
places far away. It is wonderful to know that I can be a part of that

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and Hurricane Katrina
As previously announced, in recognition of the catastrophic impact of
Hurricane Katrina on hundreds of thousands of American children, the U.S. Fund
for UNICEF will direct half of the proceeds from the 2005 Trick-or-Treat for
UNICEF campaign to help Katrina's youngest survivors. The U.S. Fund for
UNICEF will also commit half of P&G's $150,000 donation to the Hurricane
Katrina relief effort. In addition, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF is also actively
encouraging direct donations to its Hurricane Katrina fund.

About Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF began in 1950 when a group of young
trick-or-treaters went door-to-door on Halloween in Philadelphia. At each
door, they not only opened their bags for candy, but held out empty milk
cartons to collect coins for children in need overseas. They collected $17
and sent it to UNICEF. Today, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has educated millions
of American Children about their peers in developing countries and empowered
them to raise more than $127 million to help support UNICEF programs around
the world.
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF boxes can be ordered now by calling
1-800-4UNICEF or by logging on to

WRAL Mention's Clay Emmy Tux

From the CB:

Lyndia Loveland [of WRAL-TV Raleigh] just mentioned the [Clothes-Off-Our Back] auction and said that Claymates are putting up a pretty penny for Clay's attire. His tux is going for [$]15,000, shoes [$] 8500 and cufflinks are [$]3500 and Terry Hatchers are the next highest with [$]3250.

Video is up here.

More Speculation About Possible October 25th Release

The Rumor Mill is hopping today. We had reports last month from The Toronto Sun and a few Wal Mart locations saying that the sophomore album was due out on October 25th. Today, a member of the CB noticed a sign at HMV (Canada's largest CD/DVD retailer) West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, AB, Canada. We are not sure what is going on here since Clay has said many times during the Jukebox Tour that the CD would be out in 'early 2006'. Now the rumor has it that this is not the CD, but actually a Jukebox Tour DVD or a single of "Back For More".

From the CB's Canuckviewer:

Today I went shopping in the HMV store in West Edmonton Mall and like always I go and check to see how many MOAM, Solitaire/Way they have in stock. There was nothing behing the little card with Clay's name on it. But then...

Right in front of the row, in front of all the other singers was a Clay Aiken card with a yellow piece of paper on it so it stood out like a sore thumb (even though I missed it looking for the CDs) that said

Due out October 25, 2005

Clay Aiken

It also said something about this being a special CD. I got so excited that I skipped across the store to where my 15 year old son was paying for his cds. I asked the girl behind the counter what she knew about the sign saying Clay Aiken would have a cd out on Oct 25. (She said she would help me after this customer, and I told her forget him, he's just me son, he'll wait.) Fortunately, she laughed and then checked her computer. She didn't have any news other than what was on the card. She said alot of new cd's come out in October but said, yeah but this says it's special.
Has anyone else seen anything like this. I remember that Clay had said there would be news about a cd and not the studio one.

If this has been posted elsewhere, please direct me. I did look but didn't see anything.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

AD: Denver, CO

Free Image Hosting at

Voting Open for CB JNTII Member Pass Contest

Voting for the 2nd JNT tour Clayboard member pass contest is now open and runs through Oct. 6. More information is available at the Clayboard.

Shower Crasher Clay Aiken

Clay reported for The Insider today from a baby shower. This article was posted onto The Insider's website. Videos are also available there.

Clay: Shower Crasher!

Sure, rattles, clothes and a stroller are all great baby gifts, but, let's face it, they all kind of pale in comparison to getting CLAY AIKEN! But that's just what mother-to-be MELISSA PETERMAN, who plays Barbra Jean on the popular WB sitcom "Reba," received at her surprise shower on the show's set.

"Oh my gosh!" screams a shocked Melissa upon seeing the cute crooner. "Clay, sing to my baby!"

As Melissa gushes over Clay, she tells him what "a huge, huge fan" she is, saying, "I voted for you so many times. You were on my speed dial."

"Not enough," jokes the "American Idol" runner-up.

And since show star REBA McENTIRE and company decided that Clay is better than a certain gift -- "Clay Aiken. Better than a breast pump!" insists Melissa -- it was only fitting that he write out those very words on a "one-zee" for the bundle of joy due in October.

"I want to see the baby wearing this," says Clay.

"Oh, it'll be wearing it," Melissa promises.

Speaking of clothes, "this is a gift for you from 'The Insider,'" says Clay, giving Melissa a wrapped box.

"They're little socks!" exclaims the actress after opening the present. "But these aren't real giraffe skin, just so you know. I don't want PETA all up in my kool-aid, like, oh look at Melissa, she's putting giraffe skin on her baby's feet. I'm not. And obviously I didn't kill a zebra for the booties."

"Thank you so much 'Insider' staff and thank you, Clay, for my big surprise," says Melissa as they hug good-bye.

For more of Clay's surprise baby shower visit, watch tonight's "Insider"! Email today sent our an e-mail letting everyone know about the Joyful Noise Tour 2005. The website itself was also updated.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#30 On Lycos

Clay rebounded from the mid 40's to 30 on the Lycos50. We reported last week Clay fell off the list, but it was actually a special chart from Lycos which explains why Clay was not on. Clay holds onto his Lycos Elite, indicating Clay Aiken is a longtime Lycos top searched term.

ET Shows Clay's Tux

Clay's $15,000 Kenneth Cole tux being auctioned off for charity was shown on today's episode of Entertainment Tonight. A video is already up courtesy the CB's gerwhisp.

Ticket Sales Update

Due to problems with the tour ticketing agency (based in Houston) because of Hurricane Rita, many ticket onsale dates have been changed. Many fanclub presales have also been announced. See our Claytracker for the latest.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Insider Tonight

Clay will be reporting tonight for The Insider again. The Insider will also show clips from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance. Video is up courtesy the CB's gerwhisp.

New Photo

This is a new photo posted by the Mid America Center from Clay's Aspen photoshoot earlier this year in April.

RCA Publicist: Clay Booked for Mar-A-Lago Next Year

Clay's RCA Records publicist, Roger Wydnowski talked to the CB's ClayFan2003 at last night's taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live and according to Roger, Clay is booked for Donald Trump's resort, Mar-A-Lago next year. Donald Trump asked Roger about booking Clay at the Emmy awards on September 18.

Jimmy Kimmel/Monday Night Football

Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! In addition to the normal sit-down interview, Clay and Jimmy did a nice 'commercial' for Monday Night Football.

This transcript was typed by myself.

You may post it only if you credit clayisouridol and for the transcript.

JK: And our first guest tonight is an int'l superstar and as of last week, he's also an entertainment news correspondent for The Insider. His Joyful Noise Tour kicks off Nov. 2 in Vancover. He's the single best friend I've ever had. So please say hello to CA!

CA: (Brings our two "Clay candies", gives one to JK) Provided by Claymates.

JK: Look at that. Isn't that nice?

CA: Did I sit on goat?

JK: You are absolutely delicious (referring to "Clay candies") Do you get the meat stacks and the goat?

CA: What? (gives bewildered look)


JK: I'm sorry. I shouldn't talk with my mouth full. But that's what you get for bring me food. Did you meet Zack and the goats?

CA: No I didn't. You know, I had a pet goat when I was a kid.

JK: You did?

CA: I did.

JK: Really?

CA: Not a prize winning goat.

JK: Either was Zack's.

CA: I should tell him that it doesn't matter if you win. You can come in 2nd and be fine. (cheering, Clay acknowledges fans)

JK: But, to be honest, I don't think Zack even came in 2nd.

CA: Phhhh.........

JK: But there's always next year! And he's just a little kid.

CA: I love the package. He's got all sentimental, I was feeling sorry for him, then he had to spit.


JK: You know, little kids they rebound quickly.

CA: (laughing)

JK: It doesn't take too much. Well, it's good to have you back.

CA: Good to be back.

JK: What was your goat's name, BTW?

CA: Zoe. It was like a little girl goat.

JK: Um. How long did you have the goat?

CA: Not too long

JK: Oh.


JK: What happened?

CA: I'm not going to say. I don't think Peter would be too thrilled. I did not do anything to the goat. The goat should not have lived in my back yard. Let's just say that. My mother is at home right now going "oh I don't [inaudiable]".

JK: But you didn't do it on purpose? This was not...

CA: (interjects) No, no, no, no. No, No!

JK: All right, what are you going to do? It's not like you killed the goat on purpose. You murdered it accidentally.


CA: (holding back laughters)

JK: Poor little Zoe.

CA: (laughing)

JK: Well, congratulations. TV Guide has done a poll and you are the most beloved reality-TV star in our time. You beat out...


CA: Reality-TV hasn't been around all that long.

JK: I don't think of you as a reality-TV star. You're more of like a singer, you know? I mean cause then they seem like...

CA: Well, thank you very much.

JK: That's reserved for the crazy people. The reality-TV people.

CA: (laughter) Yeah, somewhat. They got some whackos on there.

JK: The least popular was Omarosa from The Apprentice and Pop of the Real World.

CA: Not, not very friendly.

JK: Yes, have you met Omarosa?

CA: No.

JK: You have not?

CA: I'm a little afraid. (gives look to Kimmel)


JK: That would be a great celebrity couple.

CA: (laughter) Celebrity death match. I think we should do that. I think she would kill me though.

JK: You might run into Omarosa now that you're doing The Insider. You're on the red carpet. You have to be careful about what you say.

CA: That's true. It's very difficult to do that, you know, being someone on the other side of the microphone is kind of crazy. You know we just did the Dancing With The Stars thing the other day and, uh, it was kind of a contentious dance-off and those who did not win were not too happy.

JK: Is that right?

CA: And the person who stormed off the stage and the director chased her with the camera and said "go, go after her". I was afraid she would hurt me.


CA: So I didn't. So I stayed away.

JK: So you use your first journalistic, real journalistic assignment and land this interview, and you said "hell with it"-- and let her go.

CA: I was a little scared. But you know, at the same time, it's kind of difficult cause you want to give respect. If I am being interviewed, I don't like it to become a little invasive of your personal time, like right now I'm really getting tired of it. And, uh...


JK: It doesn't seem like this is the right job for you though. I mean, are you really interested in celebrities secrets and stuff like that?

CA: Not so much. People's personal business is their personal business, and I say I'll do the show stuff, and they've been very respectful. It's been very fun. I've met Reba MacIntyre today.

JK: Have you ever met her?

CA: I've never met her before and she's really gracious and a lot of fun. Um, and I had a good time with that. And so I get to meet people. I've been out here for three years and I hadn't met anybody.

JK: Like, did Joan Rivers and Star Jones try to act you out? Are they nasty to you? Do they fight you for position?

CA: No, I stayed out of the way. I did my red-carpet thing, and just grabbed the people I know. That's not many people, you know.


JK: Is it true [Insider host] Pat O'Brien insisted that you grow a mustache?


CA: (laughing) He's, you know what? It's amazing to me. I have the hardest time working with him, not for bad reasons, because he is so good at what he does. I mean, it's amazing. We did this one-on-one thing backstage with him and I was going (pretends to pick his nose)


CA: Because he would interview people, and he's just so good at it. And I asked him what it was like, you know, why he was so good and obviously he's had years and years of experience.

JK: Oh yeah, he loves questions like that. What did he tell you?

CA: He's had years and years of experience and it comes from years of sports casting. He said he didn't go any futher than that. I'm not sure if that's talking with people who don't do interviews.

JK: You ought to do some sports casting. What sport would you be the sports caster for if you could? You and John Madden in the booth.

CA: Oh God. Like checkers? Shuffle board?


JK: One of the ones that aren't televised right now. So you were on Emmy's red carpet. We got this clip of you. Actually, we played this last week. Tell me what was happening right here.

VIDEO CLIP++++++++++++++
(at Emmy's red carpet for The Insider)

Fan: I came to see Clay Aiken!!!!

CA: Very nice!

(Clay being kissed by woman beside Clay on red carpet)

CA: Woooo...


JK: Now, what was that noise?

CA: God knows. I really. I don't know. I went up to the fans who camped out for hours and hours on the Emmy red carpet, and I thought they have a story. I want to hear what they came for.

JK: That's what I thought about Louis. But things didn't turn out like that. (laughs)

CA: And then, so this lady suprised me. You know, I'm trying to be all professional. I even dressed up for the day.

JK: We're going to play a little game here. We're going to see if you can guess, and the studio audience can play along, on Clay or not Clay. Listen to this sound and tell us is this sound Clay or not Clay. Go ahead.

CA: (laughing)

CLIP 1 +++++++++++++++++

(Yells, laughter from audience)

JK: OK, let's take a look.



JK: All right, here's another one.

SIREN SOUND++++++++++++++++


Audience: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....

CA: I wouldn't be suprised if it were me.




JK: Let's hear one more.



JK: Not Clay?

Audience: Noooooooooooooo.....

VIDEO OF TRICYCLE HORN++++++++++++++++

CA: (laughter)

JK: One more...

SOUND OF OWL HOOTING +++++++++++++++


CA: (Clay gives Kimmel bewildered, surprised look)

JK: Well, let's see if it's Clay.

CA: It's got too much base

VIDEO OF OWL HOOTING +++++++++++++++


JK: One more time...


CA: (Nods head)


JK: Absolutely. There's Clay! The new Insider from North Carolina, Clay Aiken! Your tour is the Joyful Noise Tour -- That was the Joyful Noise, BTW, that's going to be featured on the tour.

CA: Yup. Two months of that [SOUND], all night long.

JK: It starts in Vancouver on November 2, it's always nice to have you. You sticking around for the program?

CA: Yes

JK: All right, very good. Again, The Insider, check local listings. The Joyful Noise Tour starts Nov. 2 in Vancouver

Here is a transcript of the 'commercial' courtesy the CB's ncsupack88:

JK: Thanks Al. Great day of games on Sunday but a frustrating time for Brett Favre who is 0-3 for the first time in his career. Here to talk about how great quarterbacks get through a slump, 3 time Super Bowl Champion, Dallas Cowboys legendary hall of fame quarterback Clay Aiken.

JK: Clay, how do you work your way out of a rough patch?

CA: Well, for me Jimmy, it's about getting back to the basics, throwing the football.

JK: Take us through the mechanics of throwing a football.

CA: It's alot like singing a song. You want to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Point your front foot in the direction of the throw with your back at a 45-degree angle. I keep two fingers off the laces (to JK he says you might want to run for this one as he prepares to pass to JK). Bring the ball up to your ear with your arm at a 45 degree angle and then snap your wrist when you throw the ball to make a spiral. (KInda like this as he throws the ball)

JK: Wow. Let's look again at that in slo-motion. (They show the throw again slowed down) A perfect pass. Take it from Clay Aiken. The key to breaking out of any slump, get back to the basics. I'm Jimmy Kimmel. Join me and Clay later tonight with Scott Kahn(?), Weezer and some goats.
Video is up at ATCA.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Monday, September 26, 2005

Bidding For Clay

Bidding for the Tuxedo, Cufflinks and Shoes Clay wore on the Emmy red carpet is now topping $27,000. Bidding closes tomorrow. The auction is to benefit Charity Folks. The attire was designed by Kenneth Cole.

MSN Music

Clay is featured on the holiday section of MSN Music. MSN Music.

AD: Eugene, OR

Free Image Hosting at

Clay on MSN Music

Clay is featured on MSN Music's Holiday music category. There is a nice MCWL picture on the site. Take a peek.

Clay on WOW Christmas

Clay is on this year's WOW Christmas compilation album. WOW releases Christian compilation albums on a regular basis. The record will be released by Curb Records on Oct. 4.

WOW Christmas: Green - WOW Hits
WOW Christmas: Green (CD)
- WOW Hits
Track Listing:

1. Winter Wonderland - Avalon
2. A Christmas to Remember- Amy Grant
3. O Holy Night - BarlowGirl
4. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Building 429 *NEW*
5. Away in a Manger - Casting Crowns *NEW*
6. Angels We Have Heard on High - Chris Tomlin *NEW*
7. Mary, Did You Know - Clay Aiken
8. TBD - Jeremy Camp *NEW*
9. Welcome to Our World - Michael W. Smith *NEW*
10. Jingle Bell Rock - Point of Grace
11. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Rebecca St. James
12. Deck the Halls - Relient K
13. O Little Town of Bethlehem - Steven Curtis Chapman
14. O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Third Day
15. O Come All Ye Faithful - tobyMac

CD 2:
1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Bethany Dillon *NEW*
2. Go Tell It On the Mountain - Big Daddy Weave *NEW*
3. Feliz Navidad - David Crowder Band *NEW*
4. Do You Hear What I Hear - FFH *NEW*
5. I'll Be Home For Christmas - Jaci Velasquez
6. Little Drummer Boy - Jars of Clay
7. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Joy Williams *NEW*
8. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Kutless *NEW*
9. The First Noel - Mark Schultz
10. TBD - Matthew West *NEW*
11. Joy to the World - Natalie Grant *NEW*
12. The Christmas Shoes - NewSong
13. Silent Night - Selah
14. The Christmas Song - Tait
15. What Child isThis? - ZOEgirl

Format: Audio CD
Release Date: 10/04/05
Average Customer Rating:
Label: Word/Curb/Warner Brothers
Distributed by: Word
UPC: 080688641429
Product Code: 167770

Clay TV Tonight

Clay will be on TV tonight. Make sure to tune into The Insider (syndicated) and Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) tonight! We recommend that you check local listings.

Brett Back from Iraq

Clay message board Red Hot Topic is reporting that Clay's stepbrother Brett Parker is back from marine service in Iraq.

I just wanted to let you know that Brett is home from Iraq. His mom and I
and other family members went to Camp LeJuene to welcome him home yesterday. He looks great and we enjoyed our time together. He actually came home today and
Faye showed him the flag and certificate that your fan group had flown in his
honor. He was very excited and appreciative. I believe his words were "they did
that for me?" So please share this information with the group. Thanks

Clay Is Malaysian Royalty

Earlier this year, Clay visited tsunami-hit Malaysia as part of his role as UNICEF ambassador. Members at the Clackhouse have found out an article that says Clay stayed at a $4000 per night hotel (paid by the Malaysian government, apparently) before meeting with the King and Queen of the country.

COVER STORY: Suite success
Meanwhile, at The Mandarin Oriental, the best room is undoubtedly its Presidential Suite. The suite's most outstanding feature is not in the room though. It's the panoramic view of KL, capturing the best side of the spectacular Petronas Twin Towers and the lush expanse of the 50-acre landscaped gardens of KLCC Park.

Going at RM18,000++ per night, the suite's regal splendour exudes sheer sophistication, and a level of grandeur that can only be described as extravagant. Its guests will be able to entertain in style in a stately living room complete with a baby grand piano, plus a state-of-the-art audio visual and sound system.

A cosy dining room for 12 will provide just the right ambience for an intimate meal, with the fully-equipped kitchenette providing its own elegant silverware, fine bone china and crystal stemware. The master bedroom features an elegant four-poster bed and beautifully matched soft furnishings, resulting in a restful, cosy atmosphere conducive to restfulness.

A breathtaking surprise awaits the guest when the time comes for ablutions. The magnificent marble bathroom will be long talked about after the stay is over; a huge room with its own private sauna, whirlpool bath with in-built entertainment, personal gym equipment and separate double showers. All the bathroom fixtures are decadently plated in gold and immediately outside the bathroom is arguably KL's biggest walk-in closet!

For personal attention, guests have the services of a personal butler and full turndown service, including complimentary mineral water and mints, special turn-down snacks, or milk and cookies for children. Personalised stationery and bathrobes are also available in the room for guests' use. Guests also enjoy a discreet, hassle-free private in-room check in and check out and enjoy complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, evening cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, high speed Internet access, use of the Executive Business Centre, boardrooms, billiard room and reading room on the Club Lounge, as well as allocated laundry/dry cleaning services. Phew!

Amongst the luminaries who have stayed in the Presidential Suite are Lee Kuan Yew, Megawati Soekarnoputri (ex-President of Republic of Indonesia), Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (President of Republic of Indonesia), Prince Fahd and Prince Fahad of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of UAE and Prince Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark. Celebrities like Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Clay Aiken, Nick Stahl and Cindy Crawford have also been guests.

The sprawling Presidential Suite is approximately 335 square metres and takes up a quarter of the 30th floor. The interior architecture and design of the Presidential Suite was undertaken by renowned designer, the late Howard Hirsh, from Hirsch, Bedner and Associates.

When Hirsh embarked on the project, he wanted to design a suite that was spacious and sophisticated, but at the same time exudes warmth and intimacy. On top of that, he also wanted to ensure that the traditions and cultures of Malaysia were incorporated into the d√ącor, as evidenced by the soft furnishings set against earthy Malaccan wooden tones.

Extensive research was made into Malaysian arts, crafts and history to ensure authenticity, resulting in a distinct Malaysian flavour throughout the suite with the use of cultural artefacts and local art pieces.

Every piece of furniture was produced locally by local craftsmen and specially designed by Hirsch, Bedner & Associates for the hotel. Rich fabrics for the curtains and plush sofas were specially ordered from Australia, Britain, US and Thailand, with the suite's exquisite chandelier specially ordered from Italy.

News From New Clay Blog at OFC

Clay's blogged today at the Official fanclub and we can tell you a little bit of the news.

  • Suprise about the new album coming in the next few weeks, speculation on boards is that the release date is being moved up to November/December.
  • Pianist William Joseph will tour with Clay this winter on the Joyful Noise Tour 2005. Visit William's site.
  • Clay will contine reporting for The Insider in the future.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

More Insider Next Week

Clay told us yesterday on The Insider that he will be back next week reporting for the infotainment show.

He was quoted as saying "I'm liking my new gig", referring to his job in the past week reporting from the Emmy's and Dancing With The Stars.

The Insider is syndicated and airs each weekday. Check local listings.

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