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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Clay In People Magazine Crossword and Letters To The Editor

From the CB:
While in check out line flipping through People (Britney cover-Aug 22 issue)
Nice letter to the editor reference Clay/Uniceff article. Also in the crossword puzzle section Clay is the very first question. Nice mention on clear channel station off the wall comment about Clay here in Atlanta today. Things are looking up finally.

BrokerUniverse Column on Clay's Jukebox Tour's weeky Quality Time column focuses on Clay's Jukebox Tour this week. We have been instructed to not post the article onto our site (like we normally do), due to copyright issues, so to read the article, click here.

Letter in Response to Raleigh N&O Article

This letter (from the CB's lsdollylovesclay) appeared in the Raleigh News & Observer in response to their article "Clay mania quiets down", published on August 4:

Hometown support

I drove in from New Jersey to see Clay Aiken in Cary and was so disappointed to read the article about Clay's popularity waning ("Clay mania quiets down," Aug. 4).

Wish I had known that before I stood in line nine hours to secure a good lawn seat. I'm always surprised at how his hometown paper treats him -- not very nice to print such a speculative article, especially when he was home for a local concert and probably reading the newspaper. The News & Observer should take lessons from New Jersey papers who adore Bruce Springsteen, their native son. Nothing but positive press about him in his hometown papers.

I guess you don't realize what you have in Clay Aiken.

Linda Werner

Forked River, N.J.

Clay Nation's New Funcenter Installed at Temple University Hospital

The first of the Clay Fan Hospital Fun Centers has been installed at Temple University Hospital in Philidelphia. Equipped with toys and the latest Nintendo (R) systems, these fun centers are intended to brighten a child's day at the hospital which serves over 150,000 patients each year.

Videos of the dedication of the first fun center is now available for download at

Photos courtesy the CB's nyfan4clay:

Friday, August 19, 2005

Clay Mention on This Morning's Good Morning America

From the CB:
They were talking about the history of Bryant Park this morning on GMA and said something about a lot of stars performing there over the years. They mentioned Ringo Star,
CLAY AIKEN, and Jessica Simpson. Out of all the summer concert performers they've had on, it was great that they mentioned Clay!!!! They know who is really a STAR!!!

WRAL Interview With Faye about Camp Gonzo

WRAL ran a story during it's noon newscast about this year's Camp Gonzo, run by Clay's Bubel Aiken Foundation.

Video download (WMV, 4 MB- left click)

Blurb in Aug 22-28 "Inside TV" Magazine

Clay's upcoming Sept. 14 appearance on ABC's All My Children was mentioned in the August 22 to 28 issue of Inside TV.

Courtesy CDD's Clayscience21:

Free Image Hosting at

From the CB's DarDar:
Inside TV magazine - page 28 - 08/22-28/05 issue - $1.99

Pic of Clay w/Susan Lucci at GMA taping

...Clay Aiken, who tells Inside TV that his 6'7" bodyguard got "flustered" around La Lucci. "He's never been star-struck by anything we've done!" says Clay.

Picture caption (sorry, don't have scanner ...similar, but not identical to the 2 pix at the fan club):

For her segment with American Idol Clay Aiken, Susan took her fake show to the set of the real Good Morning America, where Clay had just performed.

Computer/Web Hosting Services Provided by Blogger and Thank you.

Clay Heard on Chinese Radio Station

Thanks to the CB's gailkent:
I just moved to Beijing, China to work at an international school there. We have a van that takes us to school and you can imagine I couldn't believe it but what comes on the radio but Clay singing Invisible!!! I about fell out of my seat I can tell you and the D.J. came on saying this was Clay Aiken singing Invisible! I was so happy to hear him and on Chinese radio yet! Clay might just corner the Chinese market and wouldn't that be amazing! I just had to tell all my fellow Claymates this amazing news!
Computer/Web Hosting Services Provided by Blogger and Thank you.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Clay Slips to #3 Most Searched Artist at House Of Blues Website

Clay has dropped 2 spots to #3 at (promoter for some of the Jukebox tour concerts). Please continue to search Clay Aiken at the site!
Computer/Web Hosting Services Provided by Blogger and Thank you.

Clay In Soap Opera Digest

From the CB:
There is another mention about Clay's upcoming appearance on All My Children, this one in the August 23rd issue of Soap Opera Digest (page 14):

AMC's All-Star Guest List
Look for a bevy of celebrity cameos on AMC this fall in conjunction with the launch of Erica's show-within-a-show, NEW BEGINNINGS. The stars appearing as themselves include AMERICAN IDOL'S Clay Aiken...

He is listed first and no "runner-up" mention!
Computer/Web Hosting Services Provided by Blogger and Thank you.

New York Times Article on Motley Crue Member Tommy Lee Mentions Clay

Clay was mentioned in a New York Times Article on Tommy Lee (a member of the rock group Motley Crue) and his new TV gig, Tommy Lee Goes To College.

Slash Preferred Reading and Knitting Sweaters

Published: August 17, 2005

Slash Preferred Reading

And Knitting Sweaters

We are speaking of TOMMY LEE.

Mr. Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue, is in town to promote his show, "Tommy Lee Goes to College," among other things.

On Monday night, for example, he appeared at the club Home to unveil a poster in which he is shown naked, except for his tattoos, from the pelvic bone up.

The poster is a public service message for PETA, which has long been associated with the hard rock/metal community.

OZZY OSBOURNE, for example, obligingly bit off the heads of the cruel, hardhearted bats that were terrorizing defenseless insects. (Also, these bats were practically covered in fur! And because they can fly, throwing red paint on them is very difficult.)

But it was last Friday night, actually, that we had time to chat with Mr. Lee at length. He had just finished signing copies of his latest CD at a Best Buy downtown, and we watched as he slid down the escalator handrail to the lounge in the basement. Since it was Friday, Mr. Lee was dressed casually: black T-shirt, jeans cut off at the knees and sneakers.

We noticed NICK CARTER, a Backstreet Boy, is on Mr. Lee's new album. For a performer on a Tommy Lee album, Mr. Carter seems a little - what's the word - CLAY AIKEN.

"He's really nothing like anybody thinks he is," Mr. Lee said in a way that suggested he has to address this issue frequently. "As a matter of fact, that guy partied more in the recording studio than guys like SLASH. I'm serious. Right now. I'm telling you the truth."

We began talking about the show, in which Mr. Lee attends classes and lives the collegiate life at the University of Nebraska.

Were there were any scenes that didn't make the cut?

"There was this one scenario I really wanted to film because I've never been into a woman's sorority house," Mr. Lee said.

"We get up there and I look around, and I look in the room and I go, 'What the hell is that?' I look in and there's like 100 bunks. Had to be 100, just went on and on and on. This room right here is full of 100 girls! Every night, right?

"So what I wanted to do, I wanted to dress up in drag, so I can be a female. So I can just get in and deliver a pizza or something and we ran out of time and we didn't get to do it. I probably would have done a really good job dressing up in drag. They probably wouldn't of known for a while. I probably would have had to shave down my Adam's apple or something."

What about next season?

"I don't think it's going to be college," he said. "Maybe 'Tommy Goes to Gynecology School.' "

Mr. Lee said that chemistry was his least favorite subject, and told us what one could do with chemistry in very specific terms.

Band he enjoyed, of course, but he particularly liked horticulture. We made a joke about drugs that he didn't find very funny.

It was time to move on to other projects.

Mr. Lee starred in a movie a few years ago with PAMELA ANDERSON, where they played themselves having sex. COLIN FARRELL, currently starring in a similar movie, is suing to keep it from getting out. PARIS HILTON practically built her, um, career on such a movie.

Does Mr. Lee have any advice for aspiring amateur sex tape auteurs?

"Call me kooky, but everyone I know likes to film themselves," Mr. Lee said. "My advice to anyone would be erase the freaking thing right when you're done. It's kind of a little fad now. Now everybody wants to do their own sex tape. I started something. I'm a true pioneer."

He pumped his hands in the air.

"A true pioneer!"

With Joe Brescia

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Commercial For Toronto Concert Airs On Canadian TV

A commercial for Clay's August 25th concert at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre aired tonight at around 7:10 PM on CHCH (CH-TV Haimilton, ON) duriong The Insider. It was the same one aired by WDIV (for Rochester Hills) and WKBW (for Darien Lake). The commercial is now up at

Another Clack Reference from Clay At Kettering

From the CB:
I was watching one of the downloads from Kettering from MOAF called "chatting before new songs" and he was asking a lady what she did last night and she said something like she was on the web site and he asked if she was on the message boards and then he asked
SEE ANY NEW CLACK WHILE YOU WERE THERE? in a very snarky tone of voice. Adorable!
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American Idol 4 Drop Out Signs Deal With J Records

Although this is not really Clay news, I think it is of interest to Clay fans since Mario Vasquez managed to get a big contract (with Clive Davis!), without the grips of 19 Entertainment.

'Idol' Defector Mario Gets Big Deal
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
By Roger Friedman

Mario's Scheme Works

You may recall the story about Mario Vazquez, the kid who bolted mid-season from "American Idol" last winter. He'd been convinced by his lawyer -- the same lawyer who represented Clay Aiken -- to leave the show rather than stay and sign a management contract with the "Idol" producers.

I can tell you now that the strategy worked. Mario, according to my sources, has signed a lucrative deal with legendary record executive Clive Davis and Davis' J Records.

Even better: Vazquez will be managed by another legend, Arnold Steifel, the man who has guided Rod Stewart's rocketing career for over 30 years.

The deal will be announced right after Labor Day, sources tell me. But no time is being wasted: even as we speak, Vazquez is in the studio recording tracks under Davis' watchful eye.

This news should be a big deal for several reasons: If Vazquez had stayed on "American Idol" and won -- which he likely would have done -- he would have wound up on J Records anyway.

The main difference is now he won't have to live under a management agreement with 19 Entertainment and Simon Fuller.

Fuller doesn't look so good in this deal, but you never know. Perhaps sensing an end to "American Idol" madness, he sold his company for millions of dollars earlier this year.

And there's a rumor that "Idol" winners will no longer record for J Records. Fuller is said to be shopping around for a new home.

Davis, as usual, comes out on top. He has the next big pop star and is off the hook if "Idol" is indeed on the wane.

'Lennon' Crashes and Burns

It doesn't give me a huge sense of satisfaction that "Lennon" the musical was eviscerated by theater critics on Sunday night. But this column was the first to tell you how bad it was three weeks ago.

Check out my report on attending the show with John Lennon's longtime love, May Pang. Right after that, New York magazine interviewed Pang about seeing the show as if she went alone! That was very amusing.

What was not amusing was the trashing of Lennon in that show. "Lennon" will likely close quickly, and it should. But what a shame that a great opportunity was blown away, thanks to the shortsightedness of its creators.

At this rate there will probably never be a Broadway show that accurately tells the story of the Beatles or Lennon. That may be just as well.

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"Learning To Sing" Shaiken' Things Up At

This morning, sales of Clay's book, Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music In Your Life rose 25,000 percents on online bookseller, causing it to make the Movers and Shakers page. Learning To Sing had the second highest gains on Amazon becoming the 273rd bestselling book on Amazon.Yesterday's repeat of Clay's April 2005 Dr. Phil appearance (where Dr. Phil raved about the book) is the cause of this drastic rise in sales. The paperback version of the book is slated for November 29, in time for the holiday season.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cute Poll At Columbus Dispatch Website

A cute poll was put up on

Who would make the best U.S. Supreme Court replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor?
(Choose one answer)

  • Judge Roberts
  • Judge Judy
  • Judge Reinhold
  • Clay Aiken

To vote, click HERE.

Advertisement Links Now Added

Update: 8/19 - We have removed ads and might re-add them later as it is conflicting with my web browser (hmmm....)

We have just added Google Adsense Ads to all our Blogspot pages. (Ads/News, Charts, and the Jukebox Special Blog)

I am currently in the process of purchasing a premium Photobucket account for this site's hosting needs. We will also upload tons of photos from the Jukebox Tour that will be open to the public. By clicking on these ads, you help us raise these funds. If you find these advertisements to be of interest, please do not hesitate to give them a click. CDD and Google Inc. can assure you the pages you view by clicking these advertisements are spyware free and are 100% safe. Over time, through advertisement revenue, we hope to host 'some' clack! Thank you for your continued support.

I would like to note that at no time will CDD become a pay-to-view site. I will continue to volunteer my time to work on this site because I love doing it!

Clay's Daily Double Inc/Clay News Service Web Hosting Computers

RadioClay To Start Streaming September 1st

A new all-Clay online radio service is about to open its doors, on September 1st at 7 PM EDT.

So Clay isn't played on the car radio stations. Big deal. He's got his own station right here on the web! Listen to Clay 24/7 on his very own radio station! Complete with live talkshows on Thursdays hosted by yours truly. Check it out!
Our first broadcast will be Sept. 1st at 7pm eastern on Live365. Please join us!

You can find out more about RadioClay by clicking here.

Pictures of Clay and Angela Having Fun at Darien Lake

Thanks to the CB's karebear, click to enlarge:

Clay's Christmas Tour Making A Stop in Atlanta

From the CB:
I just got an email confirmation from the Atlanta Civic Center that Clay will be in concert at the Civic Center on December 17. No information at this time on when tickets will be on sale but they will be handled through ticket master.

Lycos Top 50 Most Searched Article

Lycos' Weekly article about the Top 50 most searched terms mentioned Clay this week. Clay jumped up 2 spots to land at 29 this week on the Lycos Top 50.

Clay Aiken (High: #1, Streak: 5/03 to present) -- American Idol's most popular runner-up first appeared on our list just one week after he "lost" to Ruben Studdard. He first reached the number one spot in March 2004 when his biological father passed away. Clay is the most searched American Idol contestant on Lycos, and Clay Mania shows no signs of diminishing.

PA Claymates' Astounding Feat @ Musikfest

The PAClay Fanclub welcomed Clay to Bethlehem for his Musikfest Concert last week in grand style:

From the CB:
Quite a buzz descended over the Musikfest crowd Wednesday night -- and it wasn't coming from the bands.

For the first time at the Bethlehem festival, an airplane dragged a 100-foot-long banner over the crowd.

From the Liederplatz to Banana Island, Musikfesters could barely make out part of the message, ''welcomes Clay Aiken to PA,'' an hour before the ''American Idol'' icon was set to take the stage.

The display stumped even the festival leaders.

''A banner flying over Musikfest?'' said festival spokeswoman Kim Plyler. ''I have no idea where that came from.''

Musikfest sponsors were just as stumped.

Turns out it was paid for by the unofficial Pennsylvania Clay Aiken Fan Club.

Aiken fan Linda Learn said dozens of members pooled their money together to rent the plane for between $750 to $900. She said the idea was initiated when Aiken played at last year's festival.

''We weren't real happy with Musikfest because they wouldn't help us get backstage,'' Learn said. ''We decided we would try to get a message to him anyway.''

But last year, many planes were booked by the Republican convention. So, the fans decided to do it this year and hired a plane from High Exposure of Ocean City, N.J.

The plane took off from Queen City Airport and flew over Musikfest for about 20 minutes.

High Exposure owner Dave Dempsey said the plane had to be 1,000 feet above the tallest building in the area. The full banner read: ''PaClay welcomes Clay Aiken to PA''
- Nicole Radzievich Web Hosting Computers

USA Today "Idol" Article Mentions Clay

What price 'Idol' fame?
By Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY

Fame and talent scale has ups and downs

Clay Aiken

Fanatic following, good sales, no radio hits. Success as a crooner
assured but may lack widespread appeal.

2nd season; finished 2nd

Kelly Clarkson

A smart, hit-filled second
album overcame the Idol radio jinx and ensured that her movie venture with Justin was forgotten.

1st-season winner

Mikalah Gordon

Cast in season premiere
of soundalike/lookalike
Fran Drescher's Living
with Fran
, along with
Drescher's Pomeranian,

4th season; finished 11th

Ruben Studdard

Overshadowed by Clay, overwhelmed by mediocre material,
overweight all over.

2nd-season winner

Josh Gracin

Went straight to Nashville,
now a consistent country hitmaker.

2nd season; finished 4th


Semi-successful first album, could
possibly emulate Kelly with a
strong follow-up.

3rd-season winner

Kimberly Caldwell

Has found niche as correspondent for Fox Sports, Fox News, CNN
and as co-host of TV Guide Channel's TV Chat.

2nd season; finished 7th

Diana DeGarmo

Has any Idol ever pulled
a faster disappearing act?

3rd season; finished 2nd

Justin Guarini

His movie venture with Kelly will be his show-business
epitaph. Life's unfair, and then you flop.

1st season; finished 2nd

La Toya London

Finally will have first album out Sept. 20, singing pop/R&B on a jazz label.
Does anyone still care?

3rd season; finished 4th

Aspiring singers will flock to San Francisco Thursday to attend the first audition for the fifth season of American Idol, which begins in January. There and at subsequent tryouts in Austin, Boston, Memphis, Denver and Chicago, they will vie for the chance to perform before a television audience averaging 30 million viewers a week.

If they're really lucky, they'll walk away with major-label record deals and guaranteed high-octane promotional campaigns. Consider the immediate name recognition afforded alums such as first-season winner Kelly Clarkson and 2003 runner-up Clay Aiken, or the opportunities being lavished on 2005 champ Carrie Underwood, whose debut CD, due Nov. 15, is set to include contributions from top country and pop tunesmiths.

Even some also-rans have parlayed their brief moments in the spotlight into showbiz stints of varying luster. Witness Josh Gracin's rising country-star status and Kimberly Caldwell's foray into cable-TV commentary, or even audition washout William Hung's surprisingly enduring notoriety.

But a number of more established musicians and industry insiders warn that TV's hottest talent search poses risks for starry-eyed young hopefuls. Some cite the legal agreements Idol contenders must sign with 19 Entertainment to be eligible for the prize booty. 19 is an umbrella of recording, management and merchandising groups, conceived by British pop mogul and Idol mastermind Simon Fuller, who sold the company this year but stayed on as president.

Others suggest that Idol's formula has driven home the notion that interpretive singers -- singers who chiefly cover songs written by other artists -- are commodities programmed by business people and producers to quickly turn out marketable product. For them, the highly visible show reinforces the tendency to reduce an art form responsible for giants from Frank Sinatra to Aretha Franklin -- and contemporary icons such as Celine Dion and Whitney Houston -- to a field allowing singers little room for personal expression.

"We've returned to the age of the Svengali, of self-promoters who live vicariously through the musicians they work with," notes Don Henley, who says he repeatedly has turned down requests from Idol to use Desperado, one of his hits for The Eagles, on the show. "I will not contribute to the madness."

Fuller was not available for comment, but a 19 Entertainment spokesperson said, "The winner of American Idol is chosen by the American public. A 'Svengali' looking to mold vulnerable talent would not start by taking whomever the American public decided upon by telephone vote, hoping he could bend them to his will."

Creating unlikely stars

In a USA TODAY interview in January, Idol judge Simon Cowell endorsed this approach by recalling how Aiken and winner Ruben Studdard prevailed in 2003: "(Idol) took two people the record companies would have ignored and turned them into big stars."

Musician and music historian Michael Feinstein acknowledges that Idol has unveiled promising performers. "But American Idol isn't really about music," he says. "It's about all the bad aspects of the music business -- the arrogance of commerce, this sense of 'I know what will make this person a star; artists themselves don't know.' "

Some younger singers voice similar concerns. Neo-traditional crooner Michael Bublé, 29, says, "I've watched almost every episode, because I can't help it -- it's like a train wreck. I feel for the kids and want them to do well. But when you're that young, how can you fight against becoming someone else's creation? They get two or three minutes to be as big and brash as they can, so it becomes all about image. It has nothing to do with telling a story, which is what singing songs should be about."

Rising jazz and blues vocalist Lizz Wright, 25, agrees with Buble's general point. "There's a story in a singer's voice, but I don't think these singers (on Idol) realize they have stories. I don't think they're encouraged to look at it that way."

Pop bard Jimmy Webb finds the Idol phenomenon symptomatic of a bigger trend. "For a long time, I've noticed a shortening in the life span of recording artists," says Webb, whose songs have been covered by interpreters from Sinatra to Glen Campbell. "It used to be that record companies had huge, powerful figures to deal with. Renegotiating a contract with someone like Ray Charles was a potential ordeal, because he might start dictating his own terms. Sinatra got to the point where he said 'screw it all' and started his own label.

"Now you can't find many of those iconic, monolithic artists anymore. And my theory is, that's how the record companies like it. They want to have one or two big albums, then devalue acts before they can cause them any grief. It's always easier to handle befuddled children, children who are desperate for attention, than to bother with actually nurturing talent."

Veteran interpretive singer Tony Bennett also views the dilemmas Idol may pose in a larger context. "We're in an era where the demand is for immediate hits that are destined to become obsolescent. Six months later, everyone forgets the artist and the tune. It's become like a con job. Producers, engineers, lawyers and accountants all make money, but the artists don't."

Legal pitfalls do exist for the inexperienced, according to attorney Gary Fine. During the first season, Fine advised one aspiring singer against signing the agreement 19 Entertainment requires of contestants. Among grievances was that the contract simultaneously bound the fledgling performer to a number of Fuller's companies -- 19 Recordings Ltd., 19 Management Ltd. and 19 Merchandising Ltd. -- and gave him an "extraordinarily broad grant of rights ... In combination, the agreements and grant of rights give Fuller almost complete control over a contestant's career."

The 19 spokesperson countered that the contestant agreement does not bind the contestants to 19 contracts and that the finalists enter into the agreements with 19 only after receiving expert legal advice.

But according to entertainment lawyer Courtney Anderson, "These kids are so desperate for the dream that almost nothing will deter them. Most of the time, they will follow blindly."

Those associated with the Idol projects stress the amount of care taken in their preparation. Clive Davis, chairman of BMG U.S., to which 19 licenses recording rights for Idol CDs, says that these albums, for which he has been producer or executive producer, have all been "custom-crafted" to suit the novice singers' individual gifts. "We get the best talent available to write and produce material for them. Do you know what it's like when you've just won a talent contest and someone like Missy Elliott writes a song for you? They can't believe the dignity and respect and goodwill we bring."

But Charles Goldstuck, president and COO of BMG U.S., allows that an Idol winner's ability to independently evaluate and influence material for a debut is limited by an "impossibly short time span" following the series finale. "You have to prepare for the Idol tour, and there's a whirlwind of press. Then the album needs to come out in short order, so we don't lose the visibility created by the show."

Blood, strep and fears

The results can be as physically taxing as they are artistically challenging. Steve Ferrera, senior executive at RCA Music Group, has witnessed the toll working as a producer and musician with Clarkson, Aiken and others. "Kelly developed strep throat and pneumonia. She was coughing up blood. She was just dog-tired."

Yet Ferrera stresses that however demanding their initiation rites, the singers' own interests and input are emphasized throughout. "We ask what artists they like, what they dream about. We get them on the phone with songwriters, who ask a lot of the same questions."

Before making Aiken's first CD, Ferrera notes, "We played Clay 11 songs. We gave Clay a lyric sheet and asked him what he thought of the lyrics, the melodies, the production ... and he picked all 11 songs. But if an artist disagrees about something, we'll discuss it and see if we can resolve it."

Aiken, Clarkson and other Idol winners and runners-up were not available to give their accounts. But Constantine Maroulis, a popular finalist last season, recalls his Idol experience fondly: "I respected everyone, and I think they wanted me to be me. They thought I was crazy when I wanted to sing Bohemian Rhapsody, but when I executed it, they were really psyched."

Maroulis now wants to build on the momentum he established, he says, to pursue careers in music and "all aspects of the arts."

Escaping the stigma

Ferrera points to the positive critical notices and enduring popularity of Clarkson's second CD, which has spawned three huge pop hits since last fall, as further evidence that Idol can be a steppingstone for those able to shake off its stigma.

That stigma can be sticky, particularly for a performer with no previous track record. Asked about 2005 runner-up rocker Bo Bice's prospects, Harvey Kojan of rock station WNOR-FM in Norfolk, Va., replied, "That would be pretty funny, for our station to ever play one of the American Idols."

Bennett, who turns 80 next year, says he sees "nothing really new" about Idol. "Rosemary Clooney and I got started on a show like that. They were kinder to us then, more sensitive, but these shows can give young people a start."

And the young keep coming. Maroulis, who auditioned for Idol about this time last year, has no regrets about his involvement -- or having been able to walk away from it.

"Now I've built my own team around me," he says, "and they're interested in the best interests of me, you know? That's important." Web Hosting Computers

InStyle Magazine Poll : Clay Is The Sexiest Crooner

Entertainment Tonight published this brief article on it's webiste today about Clay being InStyle Magazine's Sexiest Crooner. Clay might be featured on tonight's (8/16) Entertainment Tonight. Check local listings.

Who Are Hollywood's Sexiest Stars?
August 16, 2005

The September issue of InStyle turns up the heat on "What's Sexy Now!" and ET has a sneak peek at who you think are Hollywood's sexiest stars!

More than 12,000 people voted at to choose winners in categories ranging from Sexiest Leading Man and Leading Lady to Sexiest Couple, Sexiest Actors Over 40, Sexiest Crooner and Sexiest Athlete!

For the fourth time, BRAD PITT tops the list as Sexiest Leading Man. The 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' star won the poll in '99, '02 and '03 and consistently remains the hottest guy around, according to InStyle readers. Brad's 'Smith' co-star on-and-off screen, ANGELINA JOLIE, landed Sexiest Leading Lady. Think Brad had something to do with that?

Brad's 'Ocean's Twelve' partner in crime, GEORGE CLOONEY, was voted Sexiest Actor Over 40, while classy SUSAN SARANDON nabbed the sexy prize for an Actress Over 40. As far as accented stars are concerned, Aussie import NICOLE KIDMAN bewitched voters to land the Sexiest Female Import title. England's ORLANDO BLOOM claimed the Sexiest Male Import spot, but just barely -- sexy Spaniard ANTONIO BANDERAS gave the younger, sword-wielding hero a run for his money, just 23 votes behind.

Other stars on the "What's Sexy Now!" list include TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES (Sexiest Couple), BEYONCE (Sexiest Singer), CLAY AIKEN (Sexiest Crooner), TIGER WOODS and DAVID BECKHAM (who, by a discrepancy of two votes, practically tied for Sexiest Athlete).

Watch ET for more of InStyle's sexiest stars!

Update: Clay was not mentioned on ET's piece, but was mentioned on E!

From the CB:
At about 7:20PM EST E News was doing a segment on the TV
Guide/Bravo poll:

Most Loved-"the Ever Popular Clay Aiken".

Showed short clip of Clay on AI(tan suit-interview where
audience member asks questions?)very spikey hair and
cute facial expressions.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Clay in STAR Magazine

Clay's upcoming All My Children appearance was mentioned in this week's issue of Star. Updated has been updated with news:

8-15-05 :: Clay Voted Most-Loved Reality Star
According to a recent poll conducted by TV Guide and Bravo, Clay Aiken was voted the most-loved star of all time from a reality show. Following Clay in the poll with top votes were pal Kelly Clarkson, Rupert Boneham from Survivor: Pearl Islands and Adam Mesh from Average Joe.

Nashua Sunday Telegraph Features Gilford, NH Concert

Thanks to the CB's Wolfpack:
"Claymates Rejoyce"
Free Image Hosting at

Radio Interview with WMMX 107.7 Dayton, OH

Clay was interviewed today by WMMX FM in Dayton, OH.

Summary/Transcript courtesy the Clackhouse:

Awwwwww he was so cute!!!

The female DJ told Clay as soon as he got on the phone, "I love you." He giggled and she said, "No, I really really love you." LOL He giggled again.

She brought up the fans and he said he wasn't expecting the fervor with this tour but is constantly amazed the fans are still there and full of excitement. Says he is always prepared for the intensity of the fans to die down and is always amazed when it doesn't.

Female DJ: They worship you.

Clay: Let's cut down on the worship. *giggles*

Female DJ: It's because you're HOT!

Male DH: Yes, you should hear her...every day all she does is talk about you.

Clay: Really? *giggles*

Female DJ: Yes, it's because you're HOT!

Male DJ: And because you have a really really great voice.

Female DJ: You are my most favorite singer ever. I really mean that.

Clay: Wow that's some really big shoes to fill.

Female DJ: After the show can I hang out with you on the bus?

Clay: WHOA! *giggles*

Female: Just relax, you know, maybe give you a back rub?

Male DJ: She is good at trivia...she could ask you lots of question.

Clay: Actually, I am really good at trivia. Such a nerd. *giggles*

She asks him what they can expect at the concert tonight and he tells them a few things.

It was a cute interview...didn't learn anything *new* but it was so cute to hear the female DJ gush over him and him just giggle and giggle.

MSNBC Poll "Do you plan to watch the next season of "American Idol"?"

MSNBC has put up a poll about the upcoming season of American Idol:

'Do you plan to watch the next season of "American Idol"?'

  • Yes, I can't wait
  • Maybe, but I think the quality has gone down\
  • No. I've never forgiven America for not making Clay Aiken the "American Idol"
You can vote HERE.

Q104 FM Cleveland: Clay is the "Human Sex Machine"

From the CB:
I was driving to work this morning and was listening to Q104, and the DJ was talking about a contest how they play a song, and then around lunch time, when you hear the same song played again, you can win something.

So then he started playing the song and he goes "alright if you hear this song again later, call in and win tickets to see THE HUMAN SEX MACHINE." Then he paused for a split second, and I was thinking 'who the heck is the human sex machine?' and then he goes "--Clay Aiken!" I was like OMG, That's AWESOME. Then he goes on to say "Because we're all part of the ClayNation...if you're not, you definitely wanna be!"

That just made my day! LOL I was dying....Clay Aiken: the Human Sex Machine. Great stuff.

I love when radio stations are cool.

New Video and Audio of Clay at

UNICEF has updated it's site with a video of Clay visiting Banda Aceh, Indonisia (earlier this year) and a short audio clip of Clay promoting the 2005 UNICEF Trick-or-Treat program. The clips are available here. A new picture was also posted, along with a write-up:

Trick-or-Treat For UNICEFand be a true world hero!
Courtesy UNICEF
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, a 55-year Halloween tradition beloved by generations, is one of America's longest-running youth volunteer activities.

Kid-powered and mom-approved, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF enables kids to raise funds that help save and improve the lives of their most vulnerable peers around the globe. That's why UNICEF's youngest volunteers are true world heroes!

Penny by penny, millions of American kids, schools, parents and partner organizations involved in Trick-or-Treat have raised more than $127 million to support UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund. Not bad for a campaign that began with 15 Philadelphia kids collecting a grand total of $17 back in 1950.

Last Halloween season, Trick-or-Treaters collected nearly $5 million for UNICEF, a new record. But these kids know that UNICEF needs them for more than just one night or even one month each year. After the tsunami disaster struck South Asia on December 26, 2004, many children came together to collect another $10 million for UNICEF's tsunami relief efforts.

That's the heroic spirit that makes Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF an inspiration for kids of all ages. Please join us and become a real hero to kids all over the world who need your help.

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend Khrystah

Happy Birthday Khrystah!
Happy 29th Khrystah!

I manage to track down a penguin to deliver a special birthday cake for you. :)
Happy Birthday Khrystah!

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Clay Aiken's Jukebox Tour
by Linda Lanshe (2005/08/15)

Just who is Clay Aiken? Is he a ballad singer? Is he a pop singer? Can he rock out? That question was answered when I had the pleasure of attending two of Clay Aiken's Jukebox Tour concerts, Darien Lakes, NY, and Wolftrap, VA.

I had watched a few videos from the Toms River, NJ, show so I knew what to expect, or at least I thought I did. But what I saw on that stage blew me away. Here's a 26-year-old guy, just 2-1/2 years into his career, and the professionalism and complexity of his newest tour is that of a seasoned veteran.

Aiken covers the past 60 years of Rock N Roll, starting in the 50's and ending in the future. I understand that he chose the songs based on Fred Bronson's "Billboard Book of Number One Hits." Michael Orland, the Musical Director on American Idol arranged the songs with a cohesiveness that makes the entire concert flow effortlessly. The opening is rather simple, a lighted jukebox appears on stage, his band members nonchalantly walk out and asks the audience, "Should I put a quarter in it?"

"We Built this City on Rock 'N Roll'." Aha! The Jukebox skips...

"On Rock 'n Roll"

"On Rock 'n Roll"

"On Rock 'n Roll"

"On Rock 'n Roll"

And out walks Aiken channeling the Fonz, dressed in a black leather jacket, black pants, escorting Laverne and Shirley, or perhaps the Pink Ladies, Angela and Quiana, his back-up vocalists. They pause at the jukebox, listen, then Aiken licks his fingers, stands next to the jukebox, up goes his arm, fist clenched, and POUNDS that jukebox into submission, letting it know who's boss and the show begins.

The music hits you like a wall of sound, non stop, wave after wave of rock n roll, sung by a guy who maybe a lot of people didn't know could sing rock n roll. Well, guess what? Aiken took the songs of the 50's, revved them up and powered them out like a rebel with a cause, Aiken-style. Starting with Twistin the Night Away, to At the Hop, Johnny B. Goode, Rockin' Robin, The Great Pretender, Mr. Sandman, That'll Be the Day, Great Balls of Fire, and Rock n Roll is here to Stay, Aiken made his way through the 50's as if he's lived them. His Great Balls of Fire was sung atop the piano, with hip thrusts, on pointe, and was amazing to experience. I say experience, not watch, because one has to experience this performance to appreciate it, one can't merely sit back and watch, it's impossible, and Aiken won't let you passively enjoy this show, he forces you to become as involved as he is.

The set quiets down as Aiken sings Unchained Melody, a hold-over from American Idol and a real crowd-pleaser, but he doesn't let you get too settled in, oh, no, not Aiken. So what does he do? He takes on the King and he out-Elvised, Elvis. Sitting at the piano, Aiken accompanies himself singing Love Me Tender. Now, Love me Tender is a patented Elvis song, no one's really ever covered that song, at least not on the radio that I remember, but does that stop Aiken from trying? The man's got guts. His Elvis medley tackles a lot of Elvis' major hits, the aforementioned Love me Tender, Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes, Don't Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, and the exquisite I Can't Help Falling in Love With You, and ending with a full version of Suspicious Minds. I never would have thought that Clay Aiken would not only have tackled Elvis, but that he would channel Elvis so well. Aiken doesn't imitate Elvis, Aiken becomes Elvis, Aiken out-sings Elvis, and Aiken makes you believe that he's lived with those songs his entire life. Yeah, he's that good.

Aiken continues with his version of Solitaire and makes his way through the 60's, covering The Beatles, The Monkeys, The Turtles, and ends his first set singing a Motown medley. Then he lets us rest during a 20 minute intermission. We need it.

The second half of the concert isn't as strong, in total, as the first half, but there are some gems that just won't be ignored. Aiken's 70's set brings us audience interaction, some disco, some Bee Gees, the wonderful Bridge Over Troubled Water and a low-key, beautifully sung version of Manilow's Mandy. My only fault with the 70's set is that an entire segment of music was ignored. One critic asked in a review, “Didn't Aiken ever own a Led Zeppelin album?” I also wonder why Aiken left out some of the most ground-breaking music of that era.

Prince's When Doves Cry has to be mentioned even though Aiken already covered this song during his Independent Tour in the Spring of 2004. He and his back-up vocalists start the song off in choir robes, fooling the "Un-Clayed" in the audience that it was a religious or spiritual song, until those robes are ripped off and Aiken turns on the sensuality with back-up Angela Fisher, doing a bit of dirty dancing that have the women in the audience swooning, for want of a better word.

The 80's set includes a terrific Rock with You by back-up Jacob Luttrell, who not only sings this song wonderfully, but dances and entertains us with Michael Jackson-esque moves that are a real crowd–pleaser. Aiken sings a powerful Alone by Heart, and ends the set with a softly sung, 4-part harmony on Christopher Cross' Sailing.

The 90's set surprises us, once again, with Aiken's song choices. You Can't Touch brings out Aiken's rapier wit and personality, Black Velvet showcases Angela Fisher's command of this song, and End of the Road is a masterpiece of soaring harmonies by all four singers. The next two songs are, perhaps, the most surprising, The Goo Goo Dolls Iris and Ricky Martin's Livin' La Vida Loca. Both songs garner screams from the audience, yet Aiken does a fantastic job singing what could be outside his comfort level. This set ends with the haunting Bonnie Raitt song, I Can't Make You Love Me. Aiken sits alone under a spotlight and plaintively sings the shiznitz out of this song, evoking a longing for a love that just won't or can't love you back. As the spotlight dies on Aiken, Quiana Parler quietly takes the stage for what could be a career-making performance of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. You can hear a pin drop during her rendition of this song and at the end, the crowd surges to its feet, giving her a well-deserved standing ovation.

As the show closes, Aiken sings a few of his songs from his multi-platinum album, 2003's "Measure of a Man,"
and introduces a few new songs. The crowd loves Back for More as evidenced by the head-bobbing and the fist pumping. The two new slow to mid-tempo songs he introduces are Just You and 1000 Days. These songs are perhaps a bit harder for the audience to get into, as they come after the crowd-pleasing Back for More, but Aiken, again, sings the shiznitz out of them. Aiken ends with his hit song, Invisible and the crowd soars to its feet, loving both the song and the singer.

Some observations about this show: The energy that Aiken brings into a venue is absolutely amazing. From young girls, to teens, to the twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy and older-somethings, to husbands, to the families, Aiken brings something for everyone. The diversity of an Aiken crowd is truly a phenomenon in my concert going experience. Not only can Aiken sing, he nails his songs with passion and professionalism, yet not only does he have fun on stage, he makes his audience participate in the concert as if they were a part of the show. Aiken is not just a singer, not just a performer, but he is truly an entertainer. This show is the best of his short career and if this is any indication of what is yet to come, hold on to your hats because we ain't seen nothin' yet.

Linda is a Registered Representative and an amateur musician, living in Allentown PA. Comments on this article may be

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sony BMG Parting Ways With Fuller's Idol Franchaise?

Reports suggest that Sony BMG's exclusive contract with 19 Entertainment has ended and 19 may now partner with music powerhouse, the Universal Music Group.

For the record, they have Clay's sales numbers wrong in both of these articles- Clay has sold a combined 4 million CDs for Bridge Over Troubled Water/This Is The Night, Measure Of A Man, The Way/Solitare and Merry Christmas With Love.

From Hits Daily Double:

#2 Sony BMG Locked in a Duel With #1 UMG for the American Idol Music Franchise

August 11, 2005

The Times of London has confirmed the news posted Monday on this site that the deal between American Idol creator Simon Fuller's 19 Productions and Sony BMG for the music rights has expired, and that Fuller is currently testing the free agency waters.
This morning's story further stated that SBMG, the second-ranked member of the Big Four has some competition in its efforts to retain the franchise--said rival is, of course, first-ranked Universal Music Group. "EMI and Warner Music Group, ranked third and fourth in the world, are not thought to be in the running," the story indicated.

The Time' Nic Hopkins got his info straight from the source--an unidentified 19 employee--who told the reporter that the company "was fielding offers for a new multi-year agreement to cover releases from future American Idol stars, along with singles and DVDs."

The 19 spokesman also pointed out that American Idol is "the most commercially successful of all the Idol franchises developed by Mr Fuller, which include the original Pop Idol in Britain, generating more than $40 million (22 million British Pounds) at retail level a year."

Clive Davis and Charles Goldstuck, who have sold millions of albums and broken four artists since AI went on the air, will probably be able to hold onto the music rights, assuming BMG is willing to pony up for a deal made that much richer by UMG's presence in the bidding. Further, does SBMG chief Andy Lack's TV background give the company another leg up as the series preps for season number five on Fox, which has a six-year deal for the show?

The relationship between the U.S. version of the show and BMG has certainly been a mutually beneficial one, resulting in mega sales from Kelly Clarkson (with around 5 million units total on her two albums), Clay Aiken (nearly 3 million on two releases, including a Christmas record), Ruben Studdard (1.8 million on his debut album and 420k on his gospel collection) and Fantasia (north of 1.5 million on her bow). Is Sony BMG ready to pony up the big bucks to keep the franchise? And is there a possible label deal in the offing? Fuller, you may recall, is no music biz novice, having made a name--and a few pounds--for himself when he managed the Spice Girls.

As the action heats up, speculators speculating about whether showbiz investor Robert F.X. Sillerman, who recently acquired 19, will play a role in the decision. As analyst Bishop Cheen pointed out Thursday in an L.A. Times story about another recent Sillerman acquisition, Elvis Presley Enterprises, "He is known for adding value and taking profits." Offering the hitmaking franchise to the highest bidder would certainly fit that M.O. But Hopkins writes that Fuller "is understood to be heavily involved in the discussions with the record companies despite having sold 19 in March to [Sillerman]...The pop guru is thought to be developing several new TV shows."

AD: Meadville, PA (August 14, 2005)

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Clay: "Yeah, I Know About [Clack]"

Last night in Clio, Clay noticed a lady videotaping, and teased her about Clack taping, via the CB's SoliTaire52:
One of the highlights for me is when Clay was sitting at the piano and teasing a lady down front about being slow to sit down because she was videotaping. He joked "God forbid the clack should skip!" which I'm sure has been reported on the cellcerts already - but oh my gosh the reaction of the crowd was so hysterical. Then he snarked....."Yeah....I know your words." I laughed so hard the tears just ran!

Repeats of Dr. Phil and Saturday Night Live

Clay's April appearance on Dr. Phil is scheduled to repeat on Tuesday, August 16 and Clay's February 2004 appearance on Saturday Night Live will also be repeated next Saturday, the 20th on NBC. Check local listings.

NC Senator Dole's Letter to Clay Aiken Fans (from 2003)

This lovely letter, from North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole, was written to DC Clay fans in October 2003 after several DC area Claymates invited her to a MOAM CD Launch party in the DC area. Special Thanks to iluvuclay and heavens2 of the CB!

October 10, 2003

Dear Clay Aiken Fans:

Thank you for your kind invitation to Clay's CD Release party at Bertucci's. I wish I could be present with all of you this evening, however prior commitments prevent me from sharing this festive occasion with you.

I hope that all of you enjoy the festivities in Clay's honor this evening. I was fortunate enough to have Clay sing "Happy Birthday" to me during my most recent birthday celebration, and I wish him all the best with the release of his new CD, "Measure of a Man."

Clay has been a marvelous representative of North Carolina during his time in the limelight. He highlights the best of what our state has to offer -- a talented young man with a commitment to being of service to those in need. In addition to his vocal talents, I am equally as proud of his work with education and young people.

I am proud to have Clay Aiken as an "American Idol" from my state.

With warmest best wishes,

Elizabeth Dole

Clay talks to NY Post about Sophomore Album Delay--Early 2006

An article about why Clay's NEW CD has been delayed by a few months to early 2006 appeared in Sunday's New York Post in the TV section.On Friday, the Toronto Sun erroneously reported that the album would be out in October 2005.

Summary From the Clayboard's raleighwood:
article about the delay of the sophomore CD.Said he was the one who said they needed the CD out in September or October. His new producer JFL slowed him down. The first time she played demos for me I would say OK this is good let's get in the studio. And she would say hold on lets keep listening. He said with the last album I got off the show and 2 days later they handed me a list of songs. Lyrically I thought a lot of them were downers I Survived You, No More Sad Song I wasn't THAT depressed. So now he's waiting to find 12 or 13 songs he can relate to pushing back the release date till early 2006. Did RCA have a problem with that? Aiken smiles " We didn't ask" he says.

Scan courtesy the CH's Thereasa4624:
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