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Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Album - Aiming for "Early 2008" Release

Clay revealed at tonight's M&G in West Palm Beach that he and his team is aiming for an early 2008 release of the new album. Of course, the last time Clay told us this, he ended up being about 8 months off, so take this with a grain of salt. We do know however that 2 songs Clay submitted have been approved by RCA.

Here is the report from the various boards...

From CV:

OMG..................M & G report:

he came in WET from the shower. looked like a waif off the street. 5230 shirt with ragged shorts. he asked everyone's name. he was comfortable, easy to be with. mary, jamie & jerome in room

CD coming out in early 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

his part takes a week or two. it is the preproduction and the post production. artwork. takes the most time. if he had to, he could record the whole thing in a week.

she is sorry to ramble

he will not be summer touring unless he gets that CD out.

she is shook up !! he is like talking to your relative in your living room.

lots of men in the audience. 10 orchestra members on the stage. he will not come to FLA for xmas. quite a few more dates that will come out, not ready to announce them yet.

he was extremely chatty.

Christmas in the Heartland...they said NJ was hardly heartland. she told him he needed to learn georgraphy before he goes on Fifth Grader. He said...go ahead, just ask me anything !!

funny, wonderful, warm, welcoming, kind person
Another quote from CV:
M&G was amazing. just out of the shower. white 5230 shirt and shredded cargos. sandals. he was totally at ease. CD WILL BE COMING OUT EARLY 2008!!! HIS PART TAKES A WEEK OR TWO - THE PRODUCTION TAKES THE TIME - GOAL - EARLY 2008!!! won't be summer touring unless he gets CD out in time.

Tidbits 8/18

  • The Bubel Aiken Foundation has posted a new page for the 2007 Wrapping for Inclusion fundraiser. Each year, Claymates volunteer in malls across America during the holiday season to wrap gifts. All funds collected benefit the Bubel Aiken Foundation. If you want more information on how to participate, make sure to check this out.
    WFI - The Facts

    What: A nationwide awareness and fundraiser campaign through The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.
    When: The Holiday Season
    Why: To help raise awareness and funds for The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, spread holiday cheer, and have fun!
    How: If you would like to volunteer, please send your contact info to wrappingforinclusion@ .

    Volunteer Opportunities

    State Coordinator – Recruit and organize volunteers in the various cities in their state. Will be available to answer questions and troubleshoot issues from the city team leaders in their state.
    City Team Leader (CTL) – Contact local shopping malls and merchants to arrange dates and times for wrapping gifts. Schedule volunteers wrappers. Collect money and forward to the Foundation’s mailing address. Communicate with State Coordinator.
    Wrappers – Wrap presents across the nation, while creating awareness about inclusion.

  • SW Iowa News - "Local youth audition for 'American Idol'":
    "I like Kelly Clarkson," said Tibben, "and when Ruben (Studdard) and Clay Aiken were up against each other, I wanted Clay to win. So I guess you could say I follow the show."
CDD Blogwatch
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Palm Beach Post Pulls Out All The Stops For Clay Concert

We've gotta give kudos to the Palm Beach Post. Not only have they been profiling Claymates for the last 3 days, they've also given some other great coverage for Clay's concert tonight in West Palm Beach, FL.

Have a look:

1. Clay on the cover of their weekly TGIF section:

2. Front and center on their music page:

3. On their homepage:

Concert preview:

Don't miss popular singer and American Idol finalist Clay Aiken performing with an orchestra Dreyfoos Hall. His debut album, Measure Of A Man, hit No. 1 on Billboard's 200 chart and went triple platinum, while his powerful rendition of This Is The Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water won the 2003 Billboard Music Award for best single.
4. Their Clay Aiken quiz:

5. And, last but not least... day 4 of their 4 days of Clay; today's featured Claymate is Helene Lunden:
Our final Claymate!

Helene Lunden!
Residence: Boca Raton
Age: “Older than 40”
Profession: project manager for a major computer firm
Number of Clay Aiken concerts seen: “More than 20.”
Furthest she’s traveled in the name of Claydom: “Either Burlington, Vermont or Kansas City. I guess it depends on your measure.”

Her first Clay encounter: “I had never watched ‘American Idol,’ but I heard ‘You have to watch this kid sing! He has a fabulous voice.’ He did. He had something else that was hard to put a finger on. He has such a great spirit.”

I need you, more than anyone baby, you know that I have from the start: “My favorite (“American Idol”) performance was ‘Build Me Up, Buttercup.’ I loved it. I loved the way he looked, the song. He just comes out and makes me feel good.”

Funny, funny: “The only (Clay-related) thing I have in my office is a cartoon with John Edwards, where he’s talking to people about how it’s really too bad he lost, and how he hopes they voted for him. And when they walk away, one says ‘Who was that?” and the other person says “I think that was Clay Aiken!’”

The real “American Idol?” - There is a huge contingent of Clay Aiken fans who believe that he really earned more votes and is the true winner of the second season of “American Idol,” not Ruben Studdard. Says Helene: “I think that the votes were counted correctly. But did some get jammed up in the phone lines? Possibly. I think he’s much more popular because he didn’t win. His loss gave fans resistance to push against. They were supporting him far beyond what they would have. But God has a path for Clay.

Clay Plays Peek-A-Boo

Hee hee... this is so cute! Clay playing peek-a-boo at the Tampa concert last night ....


Clay Arrives in Tampa!


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Clay's Daily Double

Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer Tour: Clay Kicks off Florida Leg in Fort Myers


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