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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tidbits 10/28

  • Clay's delayed TV Guide special will air sometime this weekend on The TV Guide channel. You should check your local listings as air dates and times vary by region. This comes on at 9 PM tonight in most markets.
  • Quite a few mentions of Clay's December 22 Days of Our Lives appearance:
  • Lake County News Sun - "We're saving our money for troubadour Clay Aiken, who's coming Dec. 1 to the Genesee Theatre. Don't forget our contest to win free Clay tickets."
  • Montgomery Advertiser - sports article mentions the 'battle' between Clay and Ruben - "Well, guess what, Studdard? I thought Clay Aiken was better. And he was terrible."
  • Daily Record (UK)- Rolling Stone covers - mentions Clay's 2003 cover.
  • Now here's a fantastic ATDW review from Common Sense Media. It makes common sense!

    On A THOUSAND DIFFERENT WAYS, Clay Aiken delivers covers of 14 romantic, sentimental, and mostly well-known love ballads. A CD like this requires a certain mood, as well as an absolute suspension of coolness. But Aiken does a beautiful job reinventing the love-ballad wheel.

    For tweens in the throes of first love, Aiken's interpretations of songs made popular by Elton John ("Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"), Bad English ("When I See You Smile"), Bryan Adams ("Everything I Do [I Do It for You]"), and Celine Dion ("Because You Loved Me") not only do justice to the material but often transcend the originals. He's a guy who seems to know what works -- and what his audience expects -- and plays it very safe in terms of content, style, and musicianship.

    Are you a dreamy pre-adolescent fantasizing about your first future boyfriend? Aiken will say all the right things, always be adoring and faithful, and will never let you down. Are you a teenager in the throes of budding romance? Aiken will provide the soundtrack for that first, exquisite kiss. Parents of lovestruck kids have nothing to worry about in terms of lyrical content, which includes only the gentlest and subtlest innuendo.

    If you are NOT in the required altered state of being in, or longing for, love, A Thousand Different Ways probably won't work for you. But for those who aren't afraid of sentiment, these are smooth, lovely offerings, sung with passion and integrity and produced with loving care. Leave your hip-hop attitude at the door, and enjoy the sentimental stylings of a talented musical interpreter.

    Fans of this CD will also enjoy the original versions of the songs Aiken covers, especially ones by Celine Dion and Elton John, as well as Aiken's previous album, Measure of a Man.

  • Carolina On My Mind's weekly news roundup - plus some recipies to get you into the festive mood.
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Clay's 11/2 Appearance Announced on Megan Mullally Site

On Thursday, November 2, Clay makes the first of his many long awaited November television appearances. Clay will be on The Megan Mullally Show, and her site already has him listed as one of Thursday's guests. The site informs us that, "...former American Idol contestant, Clay Aiken performs "A Thousand Days," from his new CD - and then does a duet with Megan!" Well, we know how awesome "A Thousand Days" is, but this duet should be interesting!

To see when and where to watch in your area, click on "Where To Watch" at Megan's site and select your state. All cities in that state will come up plus the time it is shown there.

Let the countdown begin!

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"All Is Well" Christmas EP Confirmed

The Official Clay Aiken Fanclub has confirmed the upcoming Christmas EP Clay will be releasing. Set for a November 28 release, All Is Well will include 3 of your favourite Clay Christmas classics (we heard them on last year's JNT) and the title track called "All Is Well".

Don't forget, All Is Well will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart. It is now available for pre-order at for a mere $4.84. Let's stock up on this fantastic stocking stuffer!

No word yet on whether Wal-Mart Canada plans on carrying this CD.

Update: Yes... we've received complaints about us posting AIW's cover and tracklisting. I understand that this is meant to be "fanclub" only, but please hear me out on this before you spam us with hate mail. How about Clay's younger fans who don't have fanclub membership, or our international fans who simply can't get fanclub membership?? Whatever happened to 'inclusion'??? Until Clique allows anyone, from any part of the world, to subscribe to the fanclub, I think restricting this kind of important news to those who are in a specific geographic area is totally absurd.

So, we've removed the cover for the time being. When the cover and tracklisting are officially released, we'll let you know. In the interim - for those of without fanclub membership, Southern Girl has posted more info on her blog. (hint... hint) (I hope posting a link to this isn't against fanclub 'rules').

PS. I'm keeping the tiny album cover at the top of this page... I'm sure Clay doesn't mind a little free advertisement.

Update 2: I'm now posting the full cover on this post. I find it very unfair that non-fanclub fans do not have to this CD cover.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

"All Is Well" Not Being Released By RCA?

Is this Clay's big breakaway from the grip of RCA Records and Sony BMG? We told you yesterday about the exclusive Wal-Mart Clay Aiken album scheduled for release on November 28. This is clear from the product number of the new EP, called "All Is Well". The UPC code is a non Sony BMG/non RCA number: 0088697026992.

All Sony BMG releases are prefixed with the number 82876.

Hmm.... interesting.

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Tidbits 10/27

Meghan's Quote of the Day
"The greatest glory never comes from falling, but from rising each time you fall."

-Clay Aiken
  • In addition to and, other online sites with articles about Clay's appearance on Days of Our Lives:
  • The Charlotte Observer - In an article about Kellie Pickler singing for the first time at the Grand Ole Opry tonight, it mentions toward the end, "Clay Aiken, with three Top 5 album debuts, proved you don't have to win the show to become a star..."
  • WFAA reminds us of tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live repeat. If you missed this unforgettable appearance last month, here's another chance! It airs at 12:05 AM tonight on most ABC stations.
  • The State - mentions Clay Christmas concert in event calendar
  • Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune's Jack Gordon says America has too many celebrities -- "American Idol alone may bring them to grief. 'Go ahead,' People's editors will cry, 'you try to sort out Clay Aiken from Kelly Clarkson.'"
  • LBFCA - hilarious commentary, as usual.

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People Exclusive & Teen People - Clay on Days of Our Lives has an exclusive announcement today. "Claymates will get a special Christmas present this year: Clay Aiken will be appearing on the NBC daytime drama Days of our Lives as himself, PEOPLE has learned exclusively". People also says that he will sing two songs, "Everything I Have" and "Oh Holy Night" for a private concert for Steve and Kayla.

An article about Clay's appearance on Days of Our Lives is also in Teen People Online. In Teen People, there is also a poll:

When Clay performs on "Days of our Lives" I:
  • Will watch live AND TiVo it just to be safe. I love Clay!
  • Tune in because I already watch "Days", not for Clay
  • Not go anywhere near a TV. He bugs me a thousand different ways
When I answered the poll, answer #1 was ahead with 98% of the vote!

A lot of DOOL watchers at The Clayboard are excited, so Steve and Kayla must be a popular couple. This non-DOOL-watcher doesn't know anything about the show, but the fact that Clay is performing is enough for me!

The taping of the show will be on November 14, and the show will air on December 22, just in time for Christmas.

Set your VCRs and DVD players. This is one Clay appearance you will not want to miss!

Clayis' update: some more article mentioning this.
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mission Accomplished -- CD's On Their Way To The Troops

We've mentioned the donation of CD's for our overseas troops in several issues of CDD. And we've got great news to share with all of you. Easterseal from The Clayboard CD/Troop thread has finally delivered all of our CD's, which ended up totaling 2154, to Lt. Col. Branlish and his staff who will make certain they get to the appropriate people to have them sent to our troops. Easterseal tells us her story at The Clayboard thread. Below is part of what she said (you can read the rest of it at The Clayboard):

Now the goal, what a wonderful experience, Terry, Lisa(mom4Clay22) and myself met some of America's finest representatives today. Not the soldiers from battle, but the people who make sure they and their families are never forgotten. Lt Col. Branlish, his assistant, Lt. Lisa Boden and Susan a civilian family service worker were the most wonderful people I have dealt with in a long time. First of all we loaded the boxes on carts, took them to there special storage area (they cleaned a spot for us HEH HEH), then we all gathered around the table and talked about the project, each other, our young men and women. Lisa from Columbus and his assist. also Lisa were from the same area and compared notes shopping. We made small talk while waiting for the Lt.Col. who was unfortunately doing some bereavement counseling. When he joined us, he asked when I thought of it and why, he was simply overwhelmed by the generosity of people to send and spend so much money for our young men and women, I told him it was a privilege. He explained how the CD's would be handled, their family service group and volunteers will meet soon and get started on the care packages and he will also call all the other branches and let them know that the CD's are available for them to come and get and send to their respective units.

He said they may even have to hock one or two for themselves. Also Lisa (claymate lisa) brought another 37 Cd's she had collected, making our total 2154. Then the Lt. Col. and his staff presented me with a beautiful throw with the Family Services and National Guard Armory in black and their insignia in the middle and they presented Terry and Lisa with a bouquet of flowers!! We took pictures, I have some from the loaded car and outside of Armory and Lisa took some inside, she is going to do most of the uploading of the pictures, since I am not very literate with that.
What a great experience that must have been for all who were there. No doubt all who were involved in collecting the CD's and sending them to Easterseal must and should feel good about being a part of this. I assume the pictures that were taken will be on the above Clayboard thread for all to see, so stop by the thread later and check it out.

Many thanks to Easterseal and Ruby for all their work. And much thanks to Clay for giving us such a wonderful CD to share with our troops!

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New Fanscape Contest Features ATDW & iPod alerted us to a new Fanscape contest where you can an iPod or a "Diva pack" featuring a copy of A Thousand Different Ways.

10-25-2006 Win an iPod, Clay CD and More!
Enter now for your chance to win an 80GB iPod, Logitech AudioStation & Speakers, and Clay Aiken's new album A Thousand Different Ways, as well as music from Five for Fighting, Taylor Hicks and more! Click here for more information!
The contest is open to all US residents. Good luck!

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Another Clay CD Out November 28?'s music section is listing a new Clay CD called "All Is Well". It's being labeled as an "exclusive album". Currently, the price is set as $4.84 with a November 28, 2006 release date. Could this be Clay's secret Christmas present for us, or is this a CD single?

Only time will tell, and we'll keep you updated with the very latest on this story.

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Exclusive Fan Club Virgin Megastore Footage - Part 2

Well, we told you when the Virgin Megastore Video Footage Part I came out that Part 2 would follow soon. And its finally here! For those of you who are fan club members, the footage can be found in the video section. The fan club home page says, "Stay tuned to the news for the latest on new episodes! Enjoy!"

Oh yes, we will enjoy!!

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The Way We Make A Difference - One Concert Ticket At A Time

"For almost every concert where Clay has performed, there are people in the audience who had the opportunity to attend because Clay has inspired his fans to make a difference." This is the way katforClay start her "Christmas Concerts and The Way We Make a Difference" thread at the Clayboard. She says that fans have donated enough so that 3,182 tickets have been distributed to people with and without disabilities so they could see the wonders of Clay performing in concert.

With Clay's Christmas tour just around the corner, its time to think about donating to "The Way We Make A Difference" again. We all know how wonderful it is to to go Clay's concerts. Donating in this way gives those who would otherwise not have this opportunity the chance to go as well.

Those who prefer to make their donation in cash, you can visit The Way We Make a Difference home page and scroll down to the button that says "Make a Donation". You don't have to give the full price of a ticket.

Those who have tickets they would like to donate, you can go to their message board to leave a message about which tickets you would like to donate.

In the past, people have donated Clay's CD to give to the concert goers. This is another way you can help out.

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Excellent ATDW Review From Russia

MixnJude0 started a Clayboard thread after finding a great review of A Thousand Different Ways from Russia! Since the link to the review has since been deleted from the thread, below is the entire review for you to read.

My favorite statements in the review:

  • "Clay Aiken is now continuing to grow professionally, becoming a real American icon"
  • "Clay makes each song sound unique and exceptional, again demonstrating his exquisite style and undeniable talent."
  • "Though an album primarily consists of the covers of the original versions, Clay Aiken makes them sound innovative and refreshing."
  • "It is difficult to choose one best song from the whole album, it being a true collection of the best creations about love, performed by a person who has the impressive and inimitable voice."
An American Idol Becoming an American Icon
Clay Aiken’s new album, A Thousand Different Ways, features the covers of some of the most famous love songs of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, including four original tracks. The record is a follow-up of the immensely successful album Measure of a Man, of 2004. The name of the record, A Thousand Different Ways, adds to its romantic atmosphere, hinting at a thousand different ways to show your love. In creating the album, Clay Aiken was helped by an extraordinary musician, songwriter and producer David Foster, who helped the artist to choose the perfect songs for him. Being an American Idol runner-up, Clay Aiken is now continuing to grow professionally, becoming a real American icon, with a number of his fans swelling day after day. The performer seems to understand what an audience expects, delivering songs, made popular by such well-known musicians as Elton John, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams in his own smooth and passionate manner. Clay makes each song sound unique and exceptional, again demonstrating his exquisite style and undeniable talent.

Innovative and Refreshing Sound
Though an album primarily consists of the covers of the original versions, Clay Aiken makes them sound innovative and refreshing. The new track Lonely No More is a wonderfully melancholy composition with some piano sound and graceful lyrics, and with a really sweet conclusion. Without You with its soft, tender notes, brings forward Clay’s amazing voice, its incredible range and unique style. One of the highlights of the album is the song A Thousand Days, which sounds superb in Clay’s performance, acquiring a new and fresh sound. A really uplifting is the track When I See Your Smile, which is also the cover of the original version; with an orchestra music accompaniment and rich bass sound, Clay’s voice confesses a wide range of emotions. Another really emotional track is the famous Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, which sounds heart-breaking due to Clay Aiken’s light and wistful vocals, accompanied by the Spanish guitar at the background. All the compositions on the new album present an amazing work, the singer making them sound impressively sublime, deep and subtle.

A Perfect Record For a Special Occasion
Originally Clay Aiken has planned to release an album of his own creations, however, he decided to go with the covers, doing a great job with his voice perfect for rendition of these amazing hits. The singer says that these songs are the ones he has been growing up with; he has loved them then and he still loves them today. The four original songs that appear on the album do not disappoint either, doing credit to the Clay’s co-writing skills. The orchestration of the record is done in a really beautiful way, with incredible piano solos. What impresses most of the album is that it does not get annoying after listening to it several times. Though the majority of songs is familiar and may be called the classics of the romantic music, they still amaze and stir feelings, arousing deep emotions. It is difficult to choose one best song from the whole album, it being a true collection of the best creations about love, performed by a person who has the impressive and inimitable voice. No matter what your preferences in music are, this is a perfect record for a special occasion.

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Tidbits 10/26

Meghan's Quote of the Day
"I know that I've got big ears and a big forehead and that my hair sticks up. But I'm happy with myself. I'm not necessarily trying to win a beauty pageant here."

-Clay Aiken

  • Jakarta, East Jakarta, Indonesia Blog - Great blog about "A Thousand Different Ways", all the way from Indonesia. Some of what she says is, "forgive me if this album makes me nostalgic about those years when the songs were good and the voices of the singers were amazing..."
  • - There is an item at's music section listed as by Clay Aiken called "All Is Well" and is labeled as an "exclusive album". Price is $4.84; Release Date is November 28, 2006. We don't know anything else about it or if is really to be released on November 28. Keep your eyes and ears open.
  • CDs 4 The Troops - Final total is at The Clayboard...2119!! WOW! Thank you Easterseal and RubyR43 for all your hard work, and to all those who donated CDs to be sent to our troops!
  • Disappointing numbers from Ruben Studdard in his sophomore album's opening week. A few Clay mentions:
  • CBS SportsLine - Clay Travis, a staff writer at CBS SportsLine tells us how he choose his column's new name - "ClayNation" -- " My buddy JT actually came up with the ClayNation column name. It was only after I chose the name that I found out this was also how some fans of Clay Aiken referred to themselves."
  • Futon Critic - Clay Aiken among November guests for Meghan Mullally Show.
  • Clay's photo was shown on ABC's Nightline last night during a segment on Nerds...
  • Clay was also mentioned during the opening monologue on The David Letterman Show last night. The CV's sweet carolina girl posted this recap: "Here's news from Hollywood. George Clooney was voted number one man, uh, as a man's man in an online poll -- number one in a man's man -- does that make any sense? (laughter) Number one man's man, that's right. George Clooney. I also was on the list. Yeah. (applause) Thank you. (cheers) I'm a little farther down. I'm right between Clay Aiken and Janet Reno. (laughter)"
  • South Jersey Courier-Post Impulse - uh...
    And of course, no trip to the dentist would be complete without the standard lecture on how the downfall of civility, international terrorism and the existence of Clay Aiken all stem from mankind's refusal to floss.
  • Ultimate Guitar - new Christmas CD "Heavy Metal Christmas" unlikely to attract Clay Aiken fans - "The people that will want to buy this album will likely be those fans who ate up “I Wanna Rock” and “Stay Hungry,” not those who just picked up Clay Aiken’s holiday CD."
  • Raleigh Chronicle - Mentions that "Clay Aiken still has strong sales for his new record called 'A Thousand Different Ways'" and also mentions his upcoming Christmas tour: "According to his website, Aiken will be performing with orchestras and symphonies for one-night only concerts where he will perform selections of Christmas songs, including those from his previous Christmas album released in 2004."
  • There Was A Man- some interesting Idol CD sales numbers.
  • USA Today music blog -
    There was a question a while back about Clay Aiken's download album sales (that's downloads of his entire album, not track downloads). That figure, which by the way is included in his overall sales tally by SoundScan, is 15,000. He sold 10,000 of those in his first week, which placed him No. 3 on the download album list. His overall updated stats are No. 52, down from 32 on the chart, after selling 16,000, down from 25,000 the previous week, for a total of 366,000.
  • USA Today Idol blog -
    Still, Ruben's first album sold 417,000 its first week and entered the chart at No. 1. This is a long way down. I wasn't expecting him to match Clay's first week (211,000), because Clay has outstripped him saleswise in the past and seems to have a larger and perhaps more passionate fan base. But Ruben's going to have to hope that continued airplay on his current single and future releases will stimulate sales, or he'll have a tough time hitting 250,000 total.

    Speaking of Clay, he dropped from No. 32 to 52 on the chart, selling 16,000, down from 25,000 the previous week, for a grand total of 366,000. In other words, more of the same pattern.
  • Kansas City Star music blog - ATDW sales mention.
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5 High Resolution Pics of Clay At Hartford Symphony Website

First on your must do list for today is the following: Head immediately over to the Hartford Symphony Orchestra website, scroll down to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th pictures, click on "View" for each one of them, and then after you've picked yourself up off the floor, download each on to your computer. Each of these pictures fills your computer screen with 100% gorgeous Clay! And take note that Clay is the only person on their website who has 5 pictures posted. I think they know when they have a good thing!

So go, scroll, view, pick yourself up, and download. Oh, and enjoy, as if I had to tell you that!

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USA Today Article Talks of "AI Alumni Idling Sales"

USA Today's article, "'Idol' Alumni Feeling The Sting of Idling Sales", by Edna Gundersen, sounds as though it would be quite a downer, but it actually has some good things to say about Clay.

Although it does start out by comparing the lower sales of Clay and Ruben with the much higher sales of their first CD's, it then mentions the good. The article says:

"The Clay number wasn't bad," says Geoff Mayfield, Billboard director of charts. "I'm not so jaded to think a 200,000-plus week is a failure. That's just the way the market is this year. He still has a substantial fan base."
In talking about Taylor Hicks and the expected high sales for him, he then goes on to say, "His cohorts? 'We'll see,' he says. 'The only non-winner to have stellar numbers has been Clay.'"

The article goes on to say:
Corson says he's unfazed by Aiken's and Studdard's slower starts. After all, Idol queen Kelly Clarkson's Thankful opened at No. 1 with 297,000 in 2003, better than 2004's Breakaway, which opened at No. 3 with 250,000 but went on to sell 5.6 million copies, more than double her debut.

An Idol debut "capitalizes on the momentum of the show," Corson says. "The second or third is more of an artist's album, a big challenge and a different task. You have to create momentum."

If radio snubs an Idol, eager TV bookers more than compensate, he says.
It seems, based upon these comments by the Billboard Director of Charts, who certainly knows what he is talking about, we should not at all feel badly about the lower sales for Clay. As he said, the market is low, Kelly Clarkson sold lower to begin with the second time around, and Clay's fan base is large. Clay's future looks bright for better sales!

Clayis' update - According to the Raleigh Chronicle, ATDW managed to stay in the Billboard 200 this week capturing position 32, down 12 spots from 20. An amazing feat Clay! Congrats! -- UPDATE -- this is old data. Clay is #52 this week.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Clay Visited Vancouver Again?

Clay has certainly spent a lot of time in British Columbia in the past year. First his 2005 Joyful Noise stop in Vancouver and then the David Foster gala back in September, also held in Vancouver.

A blogger, who recently visited Vancouver's Clipper Street implies that she met Clay there. She says: "Clay Aiken is even nicer in person!"


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Tidbits 10/25

Meghan's Quote of The Day
"I don't understand why people like me! It doesn't make any sense!"

-Clay Aiken
  • From The Clayboard - MixnJude0 said, "Showbiz is interviewing Ruben, talking about his weight loss, then goes into being in the public eye, and of course, AJ, IMMEDIATELY goes into what Clay has 'been through' recently, what "everyone is talking about" and Ruben said, I thought they were talking about that he had a new album out, and just shut AJ right up! At the end of the segment, Ruben said "slow down, people" meaning the media!" Way to go Ruben!
  • A few Ruben articles:
  • Lagniappe Mobile Online - Zodiac prediction - "Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) – You still don’t have a good costume idea? Don’t forget about local or B-list celebrities. Tara Reid, Ann Bedsole, Clay Aiken, Mayor Sam Jones, or a street newspaper vendor are all great ideas. Start from there and add a scary theme, such as Ann Bedsole as a zombie or Clay Aiken coming out of the closet. By following this simple formula, you will be the hit of every costume party!" (???)
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer- George Clooney beats out Clay in Ask Men Top Men of 2006 - "Once again, George Clooney beat out Clay Aiken for the title of America's No. 1 Man's Man."
  • Wickenburg Sun article about William Joseph, who toured with Clay last year and contributed to "Everything I Have" (on ATDW) - "Joseph, having just completed a wildly successful national tour with American Idol's Clay Aiken and releasing a duet on Aiken's latest album, is a protégé of Grammy winning record producer David Foster."
  • I'm personally not quite sure why this person keeps issuing press releases about Claymates' fundraising efforts. I personally think that's Team Clay's job. Nonetheless, here is the press release. It mentions Gregory Ellis, the young Raleigh kid who toured with Clay last year.
  • The Raleigh News & Observer gives us "the Clay Aiken of aeronautics."
  • Loyola Greyhound- Clay mention in article about politics and US foreign policy. Mentions Clay's "runner-up" status.

  • Chexxxy's - Clay Aiken looks like Keith Urban? John Lennon? Jim Carrey? James Blunt? Judge the photo evidence yourself.
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Hartford Symphony Orchestra Site Has Gorgeous High Resolution Pic of Clay

Run, don't walk, to the Hartford Symphony Orchestra website and take a long look at the gorgeous high resolution picture of Clay. Now, after you pick yourself up off the floor (we should have warned you to have your thudmats ready, shouldn't we!), hurry over and read the concert announcement at the orchestra site. The announcement has great info about Clay in it, but I thought you might like to read something about the group that Clay will be performing with:

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra, marking its 63rd season in 2006-2007, is Connecticut's premier musical organization and is widely recognized as one of America's leading regional orchestras. The Hartford Symphony Orchestra believes passionately in the performance of live symphonic music and its value in the community. Each season, the Hartford Symphony Orchestra plays to audiences numbering approximately 163,000 and reaches thousands statewide through its broadcast concerts on WNPR/Connecticut Public Radio. The Hartford Symphony Orchestra’s extensive array of Musical Pathways educational activities serves more than 63,000 individuals in Hartford and surrounding communities annually. The Hartford Symphony Orchestra is supported by more than 5,000 subscribers and 2,600 donors. For more information, visit
Note that they have 5,000 subscribers, so Clay will more than likely be performing for a lot of people who have never heard him, but appreciate the fine arts. This, as well as all of the other Christmas performances with orchestras, is a great opportunity to introduce Clay's talent to thousands and possibly have some of them purchase his newest CD and his Christmas CD. This is an awesome opportunity, and it will be great to see just how many new fans Clay will get due to this Christmas tour.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Set List For Christmas Tour Revealed?

The Hartford Symphony has published a set list for Clay's December 12 Hartford, CT Christmas concert. There is nothing new in the setlist, but it's exciting we get to hear these Clay Christmas classics live once again.

No news on whether this setlist will be used for ALL of this year's Christmas concerts:

  1. Sleigh Ride
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  4. A Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
  5. Christmas Waltz
  6. Merry Christmas With Love
  7. What Are You Doing New Years Eve?
  8. Hark The Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful
  9. The First Noel
  10. Mary Did You Know
  11. My Grown Up Christmas Last
  12. Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
  13. O Come O Come Emmanuel
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Tidbits 10/24

My goodness. Thanks to the CB's iluvuclay for finding this "new" old photo of Clay taken back in 2003. Thud.
  • Down 3 spots this week - Clay comes in at #16 on the Lycos50.
  • Entertainment Weekly - interview with music industry insider who says: "There is possibly no other art form so difficult to quantify, and one man's Clay Aiken is often another man's ear-bleeding brain torture."
  • Lake County News Sun reminds us of their Clay Aiken concert contest for Waukegan, IL.
  • Chron - why Tower Records is going out of business - "Tower isn't cool. The lights are too bright, the product too mainstream, and the clientele is as likely to be shopping for the new Clay Aiken as a Velvet Underground bootleg."
  • Beavers on Idol - new Clay article:
    Clay Aiken once said, "Perfection takes time, honey!" So after the long wait for his follow-up to "Measure of a Man," did "A Thousand Different Ways" deliver perfection?

    All I can say is that I love it; I'll let the music experts debate its perfection. For me, a CD of love songs is about the heart, and perfection or imperfection is immaterial.
  • Reality Blurred - two different perspectives on ATDW.
    With the original tracks on this album, Clay shows us he can sing songs with some pop music legitimacy. But, if he continues to release terribly produced cover songs about love and smiling, he’s going to be sitting in a lounge in Vegas in 10 years with Celine, Richard, Bryan, etc. thinking about the thousand ways he went wrong.
  • Thanks to ClayReport for the heads up on this- at this site called, you can Play with Clay and listen to Clay's covers vs. the originals. Cool!
  • The set list for Clay's Christmas concert with The Hartford Symphony Orchestra can be found at their website. It says, "Multi-platinum recording artist Clay Aiken kicks off the Hartford Symphony Orchestra's new "Symphony at the Center" series with Music Director Edward Cumming and the Hartford Symphony. Program to include the following selections...." Don't peek if you want to be surprised!
  • Top 40 - Clay Aiken's Not-Quite-a-Tour Christmas Concerts article by Bill Lamb mentions Clay's upcoming Christmas concerts with various symphony orchestras around the United States.
  • The Megan Mullally Show - According to the show's website, the taping of the show that Clay will be on is not only already sold out, but is also the only show that is sold out. Don't forget to watch it on November 2. Check when and where to watch it here.
  • Video Player - Video Player has a fantastic video talking about Clay and ATDW. Clay is singing Without You in the background as someone tells all about Clay and his new CD. This is definitely worth checking out!

  • ConCLAYve- here's an interesting idea I fully support- "How About The Clay Aiken Music Variety Show?"
  • Carolina On My Mind- recap of last week's news (very comprehensive... wow!)
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Great Biography of Clay at

Rainlover at The Clayboard has found a jewel of a biography about Clay at "AceShowBiz, The Ace in Entertainment Zone".

Included at this site is Clay's profile, biography, and trivia. The biography starts from his childhood and goes through the present. I love that everything great that Clay has done is included in this biography. One of my favorite parts is where it states, "He is not an American Idol, ... but he might be the American Icon of the 21st Century."

This is a great read...something to be printed out and kept on hand to read time and time again.

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First Japanese Montage Created

We have some exciting news. Newclayaiken, who is from Japan, has posted on The Clayboard that the first ever Japanese montage has been made! She tells us, "I brought the first video made by Japanese. I translated the lyrics and one of my readers made the video. It's wonderful!!"

Yes, it is wonderful. The video montage is of Clay singing "Without You" on The View and can be found on YouTube. At the bottom of the screen, the words to "Without You" are written in English and in Japanese (see picture above).

We have recently had great news about things pertaining to ATDW from S. Korea, the Philippines, and now Japan. It is so exciting to hear of all the fans that Clay has around the world!

Check out this montage. You'll be so glad you did! And much thanks to Newclayaiken for bringing this to us!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

"Scrubs" with Clay Re-airing Tonight!

The episode of "Scrubs" that Clay made an appearance on will re-air tonight on WGN. Make sure to check your local listings for times.

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Tidbits 10/23

Competition? What competition? Clay Aiken rules this week's Promosquad Top 20 charts. Congrats Clay - nice job everyone!

  • Billboard - Fred Bronson makes a small Clay mention in his answer to a Mario Vasquez question.
  • Rocky Mountain Collegian -article about an AI style talent contest - "OriginIdol" trumps American Idol - "And although my heart melts whenever I hear Clay Aiken's rendition of Heatwave's hit "Forever and Always," CSU students displayed true original talent on Friday night."
  • Times Tribune- mention of Christmas concert
  • Burlington Free Press - this is weird - article about coyotes & hunting - "Aren't coyotes responsible for everything vile like Act 60, global warming and the new Clay Aiken CD?"
  • The American Street - not sure what this is. Mentions: "I dunno about you, but I think Clay Aiken will save us all."
  • QNotes- music class of Fall 2006 - "Clay Aiken: Drama club president. (Even though he can come up with “A Thousand Different Ways” to explain why he doesn’t have a girlfriend, everybody knows the deal.)" (what???????)
Mee-ghan's Quote of The Day
"Everything you are. Everywhere you've been. The sinner, and the saint that fight the battle within. Everyplace you go. Everybody knows. Shadows fall across the sun sometimes. Shine. Your gonna shine."
-Clay Aiken- from the song, "Shine"
  • Taking A Moment's halloween post (and no, it's not too early. I've seen "Season's Greetings" signs up around my town already. LOL.)
  • Christian blog H-n-T: Clay mention in a little section about "You Were There" - a controversial Christian song Clay performed during 2004's Not-A-Tour.
    I was working on a story about Clay Aiken sometime ago, and was struck by something he did. He asked to put a worship song into his concert set, and he was amazed when his sponsor agreed. He said he'd deliberately chosen to become a mainstream artist rather than a Christian artist because he knew he'd get big opportunities to share his faith in small ways. Now, if Clay had performed solely Christian contemporary songs, surely some people who weren't believers would have gone to his concerts. But I'm guessing his choice gives him better access to the unbelieving world. Cynical me might think, Well, Clay's just in it for the money. In my spirit, I know this: He doesn't have to sing any songs about God or Jesus. The fact he's made that choice and takes that risk suggests he's one of those missionaries in Hollywood. There may not be a zillion of them, but I do believe there are Christian missionaries in the entertainment industry.
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Raleigh N&O - "Claymates get busy"

Now this is interesting! The Raleigh News & Observer has posted this article about the poll we told you about earlier this week.

The CB's ThuddingInRaleigh says: "This is by the same guy that NEVER has a nice word to say about Clay. "

Claymates get busy
David Menconi, Staff Writer

One thing we've learned about Clay Aiken fans: They're quick to come to their hero's defense.

On Monday, the music blog Idolator ( ran a poll in its "Cover-Song Showcase Showdown," pitting Raleigh homeboy Aiken against rapper Joe Budden. The poll asked which cover of Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings" is superior, Aiken's version on his new album, "A Thousand Different Ways," or Budden's freestyle rap version.

By late Tuesday afternoon, Budden was outpolling Aiken 63.1 percent to 39.9 percent, with fewer than 200 total votes cast. Figuring Clay Nation could use a nudge, we posted a link to the contest in the "On the Beat" blog ( and a challenge to the Claymates: "So are you really going to let this stand?"

Two hours later, the results were dramatically different -- an Aiken landslide with Clay getting 91.6 percent to Budden's 8.4 percent. By Thursday afternoon, Aiken had racked up more than 1,600 votes, while Budden had yet to crack 100.

To see the poll, go to and punch "Clay Aiken" into the search box at the top.
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Think Aiken Is Sexy? Tell People Magazine So!

People Magazine is asking you which male celebrity is the sexiest man of 2006. In an online nomination form, you can nominate Clay for these categories - we did not make this up.
  • Which guy has the sexiest eyes?
  • Who has the sexiest nose?
  • How about the sexiest smile?
  • Sexiest head of hair?
  • Sexiest abs?
  • Sexiest chest and shoulders?
  • Sexiest arms?
  • Sexiest butt?
  • Sexiest legs?
Go vote-

In a separate People Magazine poll, they want to know which person you find most inspiring. Here's how to nominate Clay:
Who's the Most Inspiring Person You Know?
Do you know someone working to make a difference in the world? Send suggestions to

Please include your name, phone number and return e-mail address.
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Tidbits 10/22

In case you missed it earlier this week, there are some awesome new photos from last month's Jimmy Kimmel mini-concert at

Meghan's Quote of The Day
"When it comes to getting through life, laughing at it sure beats crying."
-Clay Aiken
  • Tongue firmly in cheek mention of Clay in USA Weekend:
    The "Don't-Blame-Me-I-Voted-For-Katharine-McPhee" Voter Reward Act. Because more people are voting for their favorite crooners on "American Idol" than for their own congressperson, it's time for democracy to ride the coattails of prime-time entertainment. (Undoubtedly, this is just how our forefathers envisioned it.) This act proposes that Nov. 7 will be the only day to vote for the winner of "American Idol" and that all votes must be registered at your local polling booth. Bonus feature: After making your selection, the screen will allow you to choose a background vocal track, and you will have three minutes to record an audition tape. Voters should be clearly advised, however, that all ballots with the write-in "Clay Aiken for president" will be voided.
  • YouTube Homeless Animal Montage - Clay's song, "Lonely No More" is the musical background to this montage, by Shanna1010. It is a heartbreaker, especially if you are an animal lover, and the words fit perfectly with these sweet homeless cats and dogs.
  • YouTube Josh Grobin Interview - Josh Grobin has a Clay mention. When asked who would win in a cage fight, Josh grinned and said that he has been working out, so Clay has his work cut out for him! (Note: This interview is 3 years old. Josh is now 25 and was 22 when it was made.)
  • Toronto Star- plain weird mention - "A date with Paula Abdul fails to attract bids on eBay Ryan Seacrest is still holding out for that spa day with Clay Aiken."
  • Boston Globe- don't you just love these stupid, pointless Clay mentions? I'm not going to read through it all to put it into context for you, but read the entire article if you must.

  • ClayKat- congratulations to ClayKat's blog on their 1st birthday.
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