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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fantastic New Clay Montage!

This is such an appropriate tribute to us Clay fans and Clay. Click the play button to watch this fantastic YouTube montage.

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New Poll

Now here's something we can all agree on!

People Magazine is asking: "Who is sexier than he gets credit for?"

Make sure you cast your vote for Clay at People Magazine's website.

Clay currently has a 65% lead.

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Tidbits 11/11

  • Contra Costa Times - article about Without You mentions Clay's version -- 'Clay Aiken covers it on his new CD, "A Thousand Different Ways."'
  • USA Today Idol blog - comparing Idol numbers.
  • Foxes On Idol - ATDW update - Billboard 200 #89 this week.
  • Raleigh News & Observer quotes Clay in an article about education -- "Middle school is where everybody goes through that change. ... Be kinder than necessary because everyone who walks the halls with you is fighting some kind of battle."

  • You remember - it's been almost 2 years since MCWL arrived in stores. shadylil at ClaySpots shares her, uh, "buying experience"... (this is too funny!)
    I walk to the electronics department, trying not to skip for joy and look for THE CD. It's not there! My eyes dart left and right, my head whips around faster than Linda Blair's while spewing green pea soup. I see the 'new release' bin and I'm there faster than a duck on a June bug. Search for boyfriend and finally, after my long-ass wait, spy him in a primo location, the two left upper bins.
  • Something That Really Happened - recap of Clay's interview with LiveDaily.
  • Southern Girl- blog about Clay's UNICEF Snowflake lighting.
  • Carolina On My Mind- Clay's musical journey.
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Singapore Articles/Interviews with Clay

There are two fantastic articles/interviews with Clay in the Singapore media this weekend.

The first one appeared in yesterday's Singapore Electric New Paper. Thanks for mezzogal at Clay Aiken Singapore for typing it out:

American Idol 2 runner-up Clay Aiken when told he looks better and fitter: Are you saying I was ugly?
By Jeanmarie Tan

After more than a year away from the spotlight, Clay Aiken (left) is back with a new look, new album and, best of all, a new attitude.

The hiatus seems to have blessed the American Idol 2 runner-up with new found levity.

Where once he was bored, uncomfortable and guarded during media interviews, Aiken was all sweetness and light during a chat with The New Paper over the phone yesterday from his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The 27-year-old balladeer was unnaturally chirpy and gave interesting answers, while compliments on his handsome image were met with uproarious, disbelieving laughter.

When told it’s an extreme makeover from his geeky, scrawny American Idol days, he joked: “Are you try to say I was ugly before?”

According to Aiken, he grew his hair out due to his “laziness”.

“It’s been so long since I’ve done anything different, so I just decided not to cut it and see what happens. Maybe one day, I’ll grow it to my ankles. I’m not very good with style or fashion though, so I just sit back and let a team of highly-trained professionals make me look like this!”

To suggestions that he looks more buff than before, the reluctant heart-throb cracked up uncontrollably.

Did he work out?

“Oh Lord, no! I’m not the gym type. Wait, are you saying I’ve (become) fat? I’m trying to figure out if you calling me fat is a compliment,” he said, highly amused.

“I’m not sure how much I weigh now, but maybe it’s the ‘Freshman 15’ (a slang for the 15 pounds a college student usually piles on in his first year of college).

“So maybe it happened in my first year in this business.”

Aiken unveiled his new image at the American Idol 5 finals – which was made even more dramatic when he went onstage and sang with his impersonator-@#%$-fan Michael Sandecki, a spitting image of Aiken’s dweeby former self who almost went into convulsions upon seeing his idol in the flesh.

Aiken recalled: “It was like facing a time warp mirror. I had not met the young man until I got onstage, and the reaction that came from him…words cannot describe.

“I may have looked calm and cool on the outside, but inside I was like ‘Where’s the exit, how do I get out of here?’

“But it made for good TV, and it was an exciting night for me because I got to return to the show and be part of such a spectacular and funny routine.”

Maybe Aiken’s so cheery nowadays because he’s been on happy pills.

He openly admitted on Larry King’s talk show that he’s battling paralysing panic attacks and is taking anti-anxiety medication.

He said: “My family has never been one that is big on medication, mental help, therapy or counselling. So I was sceptical and hesitant when I started the treatment.

“Now, I’m not always so nervous in public, and I’m losing my hat more often.”

Even though Aiken claims he hasn’t suffered an attack recently, he’s still a “work in progress” because there’s no “miracle cure”.


Not even bringing up the sensitive topic of his oft-speculated sexuality put a dent in Aiken’s aw-shucks armour.

Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer tried to get him to “come out of the closet” on national TV recently.

But he’s past feeling frustrated or annoyed after being dogged by gay rumours for the past three years.

He said: “There are journalists who want to make a name for themselves, who want the bigger story, so I go in always expecting someone to ask something controversial.

“But at least (during the Diane Sawyer interview), I went to a place where I said I’m done. I’m not talking and not addressing this anymore. I’m tired of fighting the fight. My job is to sing and perform and entertain people.”

Sure enough, his legion of loyal fans who call themselves Claymates are lapping up his latest album, A Thousand Different Ways, in which he covers 10 classic love songs and introduces four original tracks.

It has sold over 300,000 copies since its release last month, compared to his 2003 debut album Measure of a Man’s 2.8 million.

Aiken agrees that the public enthusiasm over albums by American Idol alumni have been waning over the years.

“The show continues to maintain its appeal, but after a while the market is saturated with this Idol, that Idol, this Idol. So for the newer Idols, it’s more important to make sure your album is phenomenal.”

But Aiken assured he won’t get another panic attack if A Thousand Different Ways doesn’t match up to the record-breaking sales figures he used to enjoy.

He said: “Everything happened so big and so early for me, that anything that comes after would be disappointing. It’s hard to sell 615,000 in your first week again.

“But I do feel this is like my first album again. We’re selling it with a normal amount of publicity and fanaticism. It’s a true test. But from now, anything I do is successful in my eyes.”
A nice piece also appeared in today's Singapore News Today. An online version is available at their website. Thanks to suz at CAS for the scan.
Aiken's not breakin'

American Idol alumnus takes the media frenzy and gay rumours in his stride
Weekend • November 11, 2006

Juliana June Rasul

Plucked from suburban North Carolina to become the unexpected darling of middle-aged women who christened themselves Claymates, Clay Aiken's near-overnight success on the American reality TV show American Idol has come with more than its fair share of harsh realities.

When his latest CD, A Thousand Different Ways, was released in September, the media flurry was not only over the album of 80s covers but also over rampant rumours that Aiken is gay.

The 27-year-old singer had to address the issue twice in interviews with top US news figures Diane Sawyer and Larry King.

In the end, Aiken told Today over the phone from Raleigh, North Carolina on Thursday, the attention is part and parcel of having a career in entertainment.

"I've always known that I'd have to handle things, certain things that come with the territory of being in this business," he said.

"I don't necessarily pay attention to it, but I will address it when other people talk to me about it."

Indeed, this pragmatic attitude does lend weight to Idol judge Simon Cowell's claims that Aiken was the most "grown up" of his fellow contestants in 2003.

Then again, Aiken's squeaky-clean image is an anomaly in an entertainment business preoccupied with bad boys and sexpots.

"There's a misconception about the kind of pressure you get once you're in entertainment," he said. "I've never felt pressure to do things that I never wanted to do."

Although Aiken mentioned no names, he acknowledged that people's misconceptions of celebrities have been based on the conduct of "some people who prefer to go with an edgier image".

As for the singer himself, it was clear during the phone conversation that he is sick of the media's unblinking focus on his personal life and was more than happy to talk about A Thousand Different Ways.

Initially meant to feature only a few cover tunes, the record ended up including a selection of classic love songs at the urging of label boss Clive Davis.

"I was a little apprehensive because as a brand new singer, it's risky to pretend you can sing other people's songs," Aiken admitted.

In the end, he and album producer Jaymes Foster were intent on "changing up the tunes and doing something special with each one of them".

"We weren't trying to be competitive or anything, but we did want to do things a little differently," Aiken said.

Most of the songs are reminiscent of the kind of power ballads the singer specialised in during his stint on Idol: Foreigner's I Want To Know What Love Is is given the Aiken treatment, as is Bryan Adams' Everything I Do (I Do It For You), which received the thumbs-up from Adams himself.

"Yeah, I got some email from Adams as well as Diane Warren, who said they enjoyed my take on their songs," Aiken said with a laugh.

"I'm fine with being the guy who sings the songs that everybody likes. Now, that's different."

As pragmatic as Aiken is, he is fully aware that fame in the pop music game is fleeting.

"I don't really know whether I'll be around forever," he said. "I'd be second-guessing myself right now if I thought about it too much, but I know that once I get tired of this, it will be time to stop."

He gamely recounted a recent incident on board a plane when a mother tried to point out Aiken to her four-year-old son.

"He was all: 'I don't know who that is!'" said Aiken with a chuckle.

"He was probably only a year old when I was on American Idol. That's when I realised that soon there'll be all these kids who'll grow up and not know who I am."
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Clay Chats With Fans

Clay was in the official fanclub's chat last night to chat with a some surprised fans. This is believed to be Clay's first time in the fanclub chatroom. Here's a quick recap courtesy Clayversity:

summery: basically he said thank you for all your support, we are amazing and he doesnt know what he would do without us. He gave permission to post on the message boards one line...if a mod says its ok ill post it, but that was the gist..he corrected some girls grammer, poor girl he could only stay a minute....he was in bed with raleigh and durham was in the other room..he was wearing his jammies and was gonna leave to let the gals talk about them lol...he was very cute, but didnt say much.
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Friday, November 10, 2006

Clay To Help Light UNICEF Snowflake in NYC

The Official Fanclub says Clay will help UNICEF light their 2006 UNICEF Snowflake in New York City at 6 PM ET on November 18. Cool!

11/10/06 : Clay to Light UNICEF Snowflake in New York City!
By Team Clay

UNICEF Snowflake lighting ceremony in New York City on Saturday, November 18 at the intersection of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. The UNICEF Snowflake, designed by Ingo Maurer with 16,000 Baccarat crystal prisms, will be illuminated by UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken to kick off the holiday season.
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Tidbits 11/10

  • Clay is in this week's Soap Opera Weekly says the CB's ellenpoppy:

    Here an early present for all you Claymates. Clay Aiken is heading to Days of Our Lives for the holidays. The American Idol star appears Dec. 22, performing a private concert for Steve and Kayla. He will sing Everything I Have,?from his new album. His version of O, Holy Night?will also be featured. Aiken was runner-up to second-season Idol winner Ruben Studdard.
  • There's also a mention in Soap Opera Digest - Nov. 21 issue. Again, thanks to ellenpoppy:

    Clay Aiken (Himself): The American Idol alum will appear on Dec 22 to sing "Everything I Have" in a scene with Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).
  • ellenpoppy also says the Tyra Banks Show has taken out an ad in the Nov. 20 issue of Us. Clay's November 17 appearance on the show is promoted:

    An ad for TYRA that takes up 1/3 of the vertical right of page 42 and all of page 43. Page 42 has a Where to Watch" schedule (great idea!) that lists the cities, channels and times that TYRA is on. The right side is a huge picture of Tyra, with a banner that says "LUV2TLK" across her mouth. At the bottom of the page is a scrawl with pictures (1-1/4x1-1/2 inches?) of Hilary Duff 11/14, PartyParty 11/15, Diddy 11/17, Janet Jackson 11/20, Clay Aiken 11/22, Beauty 911 11/24.
  • LiveDaily has a really nice update on what Clay's been up to:
    Though Clay Aiken (tickets | music)'s upcoming December concerts will have a holiday theme, the singer plans to get back on the road next year to support his third album, "A Thousand Different Ways," which debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 album chart after selling 205,000 copies during its first week in stores.

    It was Aiken's third consecutive debut inside the Top 5: his debut, "Measure of a Man," entered at No. 1 and "Merry Christmas With Love" debuted at No. 4.

    "A Thousand Different Ways" combines 10 cover versions of songs from the '70s, '80s and '90s with four new songs--though that wasn't the original plan, Aiken said in an e-mail interview.
  • Electric New Paper Singapore- nice, fair article about the new Clay:
    But Aiken assured he won't get another panic attack if A Thousand Different Ways doesn't match up to the record-breaking sales figures he used to enjoy.

    He said: 'Everything happened so big and so early for me, that anything that comes after would be disappointing. It's hard to sell 615,000 in your first week again.

    'But I do feel this is like my first album again. We're selling it with a normal amount of publicity and fanaticism. It's a true test. But from now, anything I do is successful in my eyes.'
  • Green Bay Press Gazette, Chicago Courier News- Kathy Griffin warning
  • Collegiate Times on why America doesn't like to vote -- "The main reason why people decide not to vote is because they believe that their vote won’t make a difference. Well it certainly won’t while they sit on the coach and frantically call in every two minutes to vote for Clay Aiken. "
  • Boston Herald- weird article - negative Clay mention. Don't bother.

  • Graphics In Mind- check out this stunning computer generated painting of Clay... cool!
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Verona, NY Concert A Second Sellout

Clay is adding a second sellout to his name! It's been officially confirmed that Clay's December 4 concert in Verona, NY is officially sold out! The CH's Dance4Me reports:

We went to Turning Stone tonight for Ruben's concert which was cancelled about 1.5 hours before showtime.

The Casino is passing out trifolds of their November and December concerts. Clay is on the cover with Dolly Parton and Jewel. Inside the brochure is a listing of 22 concerts, with pictures of performers. Clay is one of three listed as SOLD OUT. I was told they actually have a few singles left, but it is a sell out for them. They also were playing videos & Invisible and The Way were in rotation.
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Clay Listed As AMA Presenter at

We've known for weeks now that Clay will be an award presenter at the 2006 American Music Awards on Tuesday, November 21. However, Clay is now listed among the presenters at's website. Scroll down to the fourth paragraph on the page and you will see Clay's name between Taylor Hicks and Greys Anatomy stars.

The Futon Critic, which calls itself "the web's best television source" also has the press release including the presenters at its site. Within the next few days, the press release will undoubtedly be on a multitude of sites, which means, of course, so will Clay's name.

Clay received the 2003 AMA Fans Choice Award and performed there as well. He is not mentioned as performing at the awards show this year.

Mark your calendars for November 21!

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Tyra Site Has Clay's Appearance Date with Picture

The Tyra Banks Show website has a listing of all November shows, including Clay's appearance on November 22. Clay's date on the site says:

Tyra invites American Idol superstar Clay Aiken to discuss his much-anticipated new album, “A Thousand Different Ways” and answers the one question all of America wants to know. He also performs “A Thousand Days” and meets one of his biggest fans.
After reading all of the reviews from fans who were at the taping, and now having his picture and date on the website, I think I'm as excited to see the show as a kitten chasing a leaky cow! Hmmmm, now where have I heard that before...

Only 13 more days. Make sure you have your VCRs and DVDs ready to tape. And if you still aren't sure what time the show comes on in your area, just click here, then click your state to find out.

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Tidbits 11/9

  • The News and Observer - In a story about Raleigh's Daniels Middle School's 50th anniversary, several "notable" alumni were asked to offer some words of wisdom. Clay's words of wisdom:
    'Middle school is where everybody goes through that change. ... Be kinder than necessary because everyone who walks the halls with you is fighting some kind of battle.'
  • AP Wire story on Kellie Pickler mentions Clay's success - "Except for Clay Aiken, each of the runners-up have had pitiful album sales."
  • article about Taylor Hicks mentions some background info about AI - "Previous Idol winners and runners-up have sold a staggering 33 million records, which include music from Clarkson, Underwood, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Fantasia and Bo Bice."
  • Reality Blurred - Idol winners and losers -- "With his three albums, Clay Aiken is a close second, having sold 4.3 million copies."
  • Pitchfork media - Kellie Pickler article mentions Clay.
  • Salisbury Post- aspiring actor says he was inspired by Clay -- "Hearing Clay sing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" inspired him to start singing, says Adam, who has since seen Clay in concert several times — which is "better than watching him on TV," he says."
  • The Hornet -- "Of course it didn't help that Rolling Stone only gave it one star, but they also gave Clay Aiken one star and look how musically talented he is."
  • Valdosta Spectator article about Josh Gracin - Clay mention.

  • nothing here today.
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ATDW Hits Hong Kong!

Yes, you're not going crazy! ATDW is not priced at US $105. This is a cool display for ATDW at a Hong Kong HMV store. It's great seeing the international support Clay has been picking up!

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Sony Music Had All Is Well Snippets...Now Gone, But Available Thanks to Clack


There was quite a bit of excitement today when it was discovered that Sony Music Online Store not only had the EP for sale at its site but also had snippets of all the songs available to listen to. Then, within hours, POOF!, they were gone. The Sony Music Store now says that the merchandise is unavailable.

However, you'll be glad to know that thanks to some of our many clack gatherers, the snippets are now available for download! These fans deserve something special in their stockings this year for having the whereabouts to quickly download these snippets! A standing ovation for all of them!

The Clayboard thread entitled "All Is Well" SOUND CLIPS WERE UP!!! @!! has several of these sites posted. In case some of the downloads may be used up at these sites, you might want to hightail it over there now! Both Sendspace files below have all four snippets at each site.

Sendspace File #1 (Thanks to Khrystah)
Sendspace File #2 (Thanks to Gerwhisp)

MP3s of the clips are up on VIVAVOCE.

These snippets are gorgeous. Clay's voice couldn't be any more beautiful. I'm especially loving the lower notes on these songs. Wonderful!

All of a sudden November 28 seems so far away (when the EP is released)! Meanwhile enjoy these exerpts as an early Christmas present!

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Great Inclusion Interview From 2004 With Leanza Cornett Unearthed

Claysmymidlifecrisis at The Clayboard has found a "hidden" gem for us to enjoy and learn from. In case you missed this interview at Celebrity Parents with Celebrity Parents Columnist Leanza Cornett back during the JNT of 2004, be sure to read it. And if you remember reading it in the past, read it again! Its a great interview about inclusion and Clay's thoughts about working with children with special needs.

If you are like me and don't know who Leanza Cornett, she was crowned Miss America in 1992. When her reign ended, she was a correspondent and host of Entertainment Tonight and has appeared in many television shows. I love how she started off her interview article, "...I’ll tell you that there is one young man who is burning white-hot these days. He’s an unlikely hero, a surprising icon in this age of flash and sex appeal. His voice is smooth and powerful and his persona aloof and at times even awkward. He is Clay Aiken..."

There are so many great things in this article. From the things he learned in the classroom from a teacher he worked with:

Kids with disabilities model kids without disabilities. They learn social behaviors from other kids – they learn what is and is not socially acceptable.
to the things he saw:
I saw first hand how inclusion helps everyone in the classroom. The special needs child learns social skills from the typical kids and the typical kids learn tolerance and respect from the ones in the classroom with disabilities.
to the humility and honesty he shows:
I don’t have any clue what I would tell parents. I’m not a parent myself and I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to be one, or to try and raise a child with or without disabilities. I would feel more comfortable with sharing ideas with principals, or educators.
This article is full of great information from a man whose love for children with disabilities shines.

When you get to the opening page about the article, click on the word here at the end of the paragraph to get to the interview.

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Tidbits 11/8

  • Clay up 1 spot this week to #16 at the Lycos50.
  • Portland Press Herald-Maine Sunday Telegram - In an article about Gun N'Roses cancelling a show because they were told they could not drink alcohol out of a bottle on stage, it says, "The statement implies the two attempted to subject Guns N' Roses to rules that were not applied to Clay Aiken and Green Day, two acts that have recently performed at the civic center" and "He said Green Day agreed to the alcohol rule and Clay Aiken did not have a pyrotechnics show, so fire marshals weren't needed at his performance." Well, obviously they didn't have to worry about the alcohol rule with Clay's show either.
  • The Clayboard - Everyone knows who Flat Stanley, right? You may have seen this first picture of Clay with Flat Stanley... but how about this second one? Check out both pics at this Flat Stanley site.

  • From The Clayboard - Claysmymidlifecrisis tells us of a site, EJM Online, which includes songs written with Clay in mind. The songs from that site are “I'll Know When I Get There”, “I Would Give My Life For You”, “Live and Die”, and “Like There's No Tomorrow”. Click the word HERE at the end of each song listing to listen to a snippet and see what you think.
  • The Hollywood Reporter - An article entitled "The Changing Face of Ticket Selling" includes this Clay reference, " Clay Aiken, the Eagles, Jewel, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are just a few of the performers who have experimented with new promotional services offered to them by Ticketmaster and StubHub."
  • Futon Critic mentions AMA presenters - Clay is scheduled to appear on the ABC telecast later this month.
  • FOX News - did you catch Faith Hill's laugh out loud reaction to Carrie Underwood winning her Country Music Award... short mention at FOX News -
    But "American Idol" is a juggernaut. And no matter what any professional artist thinks of it, it's a proven marketing machine that not only knows how to sell records, but has been lucky enough to have some pretty good artists — like Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Taylor Hicks, Fantasia Barrino and Underwood — come out of the reality show.
  • WCNC - Ruben Studdard article - the usual Clay mentions.
  • MediaFiends is calling this awkward piece an 'interview' with Clay. Most of it is Clay bashing, so don't even bother.
  • - you can now watch a clip of Clay and grandma Aiken making their Hot Pineapple Salad.
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tidbits 11/7

  • The Gauntlet - article about Guns N' Roses mentions Clay briefly (band manager upset that the band didn't get the same treatment as Clay Aiken and Green Day from venue manager.).
  • Manila Bulletin - Idol related article.
  • Hollywood Reporter - a new face for concerts -- "Clay Aiken, the Eagles, Jewel, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are just a few of the performers who have experimented with new promotional services offered to them by Ticketmaster and StubHub."

  • Nothing here today.
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Monday, November 06, 2006

Star Magazine Grades Clay

According to Fancynails4 at The Clayboard, in the 11/13 of Star Magazine, there is an American Idol Alumni Report Card-(Where do they stand with fans?) Oh she also says there's a current picture of Clay in the article. Below is Star's accessment (on Page 82 of the magazine)

Taylor Hicks: B+
Fantasia Barrino: B+
Kelly Clarkson: A+
Chris Daughtry: C
Ruben Studdard: B
Katherine McPhee: C
Kellie Pickler: C+

Not sure where they got their grades, but Clay is an A+ in my gradebook!!

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VOTE, VOTE, VOTE....For Clay, That Is!

Everyone knows what Tuesday, November 7, is, correct? Its Election Day when everyone in the whole United States gets out to vote for their favorite candidate(s), laws, and amendments. Well, maybe not everyone.

In honor of that day, here is a list of some of the places where you can go to VOTE FOR CLAY!! My fellow Claynationians, voting helps to keep Clay at #1!!! So, if you are so inclined, check out these sites where you can show your claytriotism!

  • - Per their site, "Want to DJ for Channel One? Vote for your favorite of the artists below, handpicked by our staff from the hottest sellers and those mentioned this week on Billboard's Top 100. Then check out the show the following Thursday to see if the your choice gets played." Clay is the first name on the list.
  • in 06 - Nominate Clay for Big Reality Star of the Year. Yeah, he wasn't on AI5 this year UNTIL THE FINALE! Then he was part of a history-making moment when he came walking out with that new hairdo and sang to Michael S. and all of us! Now THAT deserves to win!! Check back on November 13 for the final four!!
  • AOL Music - This page at AOL Music lists the top 100 songs being listened to. Clay is now at #99! He has been higher but has dropped. All you have to do is click on his name and listen, listen, listen! Let's bring him back up in the TOP 10 where he belongs!
  • Yahoo Music Videos - Scroll to Clay's "Without You" video. Click on the 4th star to give Clay a 4-Star rating. Then click on Clay's name or "Without You" to watch the video. You know you can't get enough of Without watch, watch watch to bring his video higher on the Top 25 List! And enjoy!!
  • Search/Vote Thread-Clayboard - Check out this thread at the Clayboard. It lists streaming sites, polls, search sites, and many other Clay links. Especially important is that Goodsearch link that pays The Bubel Aiken Foundation a penny per search. It adds up quickly!
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Tidbits 11/6

  • - lack of enthusiasm at basketball game -- "Then, the people who were actually there were about as excited as a biker dude at a Clay Aiken concert."
  • MyFOX WGHP - American Idol article -- "Over 100,000 people lined up this summer in San Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Memphis, Minneapolis and Seattle in order to strut their stuff and prove that they have what it takes to be the next Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson or Reuben Studdard."
  • 411Mania - Canada exporting 'Idol trash' to the US - "But, other than Clay Aiken, have ANY of the “AI” losers ever wound up with more than a little bit of coverage here and there? The answer, of course, is no." (warning: course language)
  • Lexington Clipper Herald - "Price Is Right" journey for two Lexington residents leads to seeing Clay and Howie Mandel on Jay Leno.
  • Chicago Tribune blog - "Bo Bice the new Clay Aiken" (?)
  • Newsday - Clay on Days of our Lives in December.
  • Connecticut Post - Ruben article mentions Clay.
  • Foxes on Idol mentions ATDW sales (they have their facts wrong- ATDW received gold certification, not platinum certification)
    Clay’s A Thousand Different Ways dropped 30 spots from #52 to #82 on the Billboard 200. This represents a 37 percent drop in sales this week. There is some good news, however. I understand that the CD has been certified platinum based on initial shipments rather than sales. Hopefully, the remaining 150,000 or so will sell out, and he can at least have a legitimate gold album out of this.

  • Donna Reynolds Idol Thoughts - Taylor Hicks should spoof Clay's AI5 finale appearance -- "They use the American Idol set and do a spoof on the Clay Aiken/Michael Sandecki surprise on the finale."
  • Puzzling World (non-Clay blog) on Clay 'groupies' and their Clay Aiken obsession (not negative)
  • Southern Girl on Clay's new blog.
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

FOX 50 Contest Yields Very Creative Clay Poems

You may remember reading about a contest that FOX 50 (WRAZ) in the Raleigh/Durham area held for North Carolina Clay fans. Well, all of the poems are up at Fox 50's website, and three of the poems that placed as runners-up can also be found at The Clayboard. Runners-up received a CD for their efforts.

Here are the three runner-up poems from The Clayboard:

From yea4clay:

Cast in the limelight, a
Likeable young man.
Adored by millions
You are a true

American Idol.
Invisible no more, a
Kind, gentle teacher with an
Engaging grin, who
Now can sing to the world.

From CLA4L:

What can I say
About that wonderful day
When I first heard the voice of Clay

But there was something more
Not heard before

It was coming from above
And filled with love

God sent us a gift
To give us a lift

Proclaiming throughout the land
The true Measure of A Man

Many have tried to make him fall
But he continues to stand Tall

Brightening our days
In A Thousand Different Ways

So what else is there to say
God is the potter, he is THE CLAY

From Morgan Rowan:

spit and polish
make up and hair gel
just the right colored shirt
to bring out his eyes

they made him beautiful
they created an idol. . .
the once ugly duckling
had now magically become a swan

at least that's what they thought
what they didn't see
couldn't possibly know
was that Clay was already beautiful

on the inside. . . behind those heavy glasses
under that fringe of dyed brown hair
despite that funny shell necklace
behind that timid smile

was a heart bigger than all of his lithe body
a heart that outsized his huge hands
larger than his elfin ears
bigger even than his shattering voice

no, they didn't make Clay beautiful
they just uncovered him
like a priceless, rare painting
and he began to shine . . .
Congratulations to these fans and everyone else who entered. What very talented people are a part of ClayNation!!

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Clay Blogs: "I'm awake!"

Clay blogged several minutes ago apologizing for his long abscence from the fanclub blog. He said the promotional tour for ATDW was exhausting (awww... poor thing, better rest up before the tour!).

Clay also told us that The Tyra Banks Show appearance will be a full hour, upped from the originally planned 30 minutes. He said he had a blast taping the show with us.

We received the first words from the man himself about his upcoming Christmas EP. Clay said he decided to make the Christmas EP since some of his JNT favourites were not on featured on MCWL. Jaymes and Clay recorded the CD a few weeks ago. Don't forget- the disc will be released exclusively at Wal-Mart on November 28. Clay also said that most of the JNT crew will be back for this year's Christmas tour.

All in all, we've got a jam packed two months ahead of us! Thanks Clay!

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Shhh... I Think Clay's Got A Crush

This is so adorable! Clay sent flowers to Tyra Banks after taping an episode of Tyra's show together last month. Clay calls it his "best interview to date." Wow!

And here is the close up to prove it! (many thanks to Vincent @ the CB for finding these).

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Detriot Venue Says: "Tickets are going fast!"

Clay's Detroit Christmas concert is the bestselling concert for the Detroit Symphony this holiday season according to their website. With one sellout and this, we're pretty sure this tour will be another smash.

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Tidbits 11/5

  • La Voz Online presents a compelling reason Americans should vote this week (though they got their dates wrong... the last election was in 2004!):
    In the last presidential election only 20 million people voted for the President of the United States. But for the same year's "American Idol," 50 million people voted for Clay Aiken.
  • Calgary Sun article about Suzie McNeil mentions her ATDW duet with Clay. "This summer she performed as a backup singer for Pink on her North American tour and recorded a duet with Clay Aiken on his new album A Thousand Different Ways."
  • Edmonton Sun - Clay Aiken has no soul (??)
  • Raleigh News & Observer- AI5 finalist Kellie "Pickler may follow Clay Aiken into the ranks of Tar Heel pop stardom."
  • Florida Today - nice Clay mention in this American Idol article --
    Only Clay Aiken, who came in second behind Ruben, remains the most popular of the non-winners. His first disc, "Measure of a Man" topped the Billboard album charts, selling 2 million copies. Aiken's latest, "A Thousand Different Ways" came in at No. 2, selling 211,000 copies in late September.
  • Billboard - some American Idol chart numbers.

  • Nothing here yet
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High Praise for ATDW in AI Magazine

ATDW is getting top marks in American Idol Magazine's November 2006 issue say in2clay at the CH:

I picture two different groups of songwriters lining up outside Clive Davis' office, begging for a chance to be covered by Clay Aiken: those who have written new sterling ballads that deserve masterful delivery, and those who wrote classic pieces in another time that Clay can carry up the charts again in 2006.

These two groups feed right into Clay's third album, A Thousand Different Ways. This 14-track collection of memorable love songs from the past 30 years receives the classic Aiken touch of tender rearrangements, lilting melodies, and a voice from heaven that continues to grow and dazzle. Which is a good thing: For this effort Clay leapt off the cliff to cover songs by icons (Celine Dion, Elton John, Jon Bon Jovi, and Dolly Parton) and a host of former chart-toppers by familiar names among the over-35 crowd (Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Paul Young, Harry Nilsson, Richard Marx and Mister Mister).

Numerous songs stand out on this CD. Clay's rearrangement of "Everything I Do, (I Do It for You)" caught my ear because instead of trying to emulate Adams' raspy voice, he deepened the feeling with a wonderful Celtic sound. His rendition of Dion's "Because You Love Me" serves the song very well, while he gives us plenty of range in terms of both sensitivity to material and vocals with "Everytime You Go Away", "When I See You Smile", and "I Want to Know What Love Is". These songs might have started out in your parents' collections, but Clay just made them your songs. Buy them now.

- Mitch Velez
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