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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Possible Jimmy Kimmel Date Change

There are unconfirmed reports that Clay's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live has been shifted forward one day to Friday May 16 - that is, taping on Friday May 16, and airing in the wee morning hours of Saturday May 17.

We'll keep you posted on this, but as of right now, this new date is not official and Clay is still scheduled to appear on May 15.

Tidbits 4/26

  • From The Clayboard, here's a neat story from Clayperfect:
    I met Jodie Messina this afternoon. at the restaurant I work at.. tour bus pulled up.. and it was her.. come to find out she tours with Steven Curtis Chapman.. and is a HUGE fan of Clay's.. what a day..we were both as fan girlly as they come she is a gospel country western singer out of Nashville.. I am afraid to post everything we discussed.. but can tell you her and her crew adore Clay Aiken.. said the first time she met him a few years ago by way of Steven.. her heart almost jumped out or her chest..asked me if I had ever met him.. replied yes.. and my heart is still not back in my chest.. the crews exploded in laughter you never know what life will bring you..I learned today that there are more Clay fan's out there than just us..she gave me a big hug at the register.. and said keep the faith God knows his chosen ones.. and soon the world will too..she made me cry.
    You just never know when you'll meet a special Clay fan.

  • From Cindilu2 at The Clayboard, here is an interview with Billboard -
    Posted at FCA, via the CH

    May 03, 2008


    During its six previous seasons, TV juggernaut "American Idol" has launched countless music careers-but the caveat is maintaining staying power. Season-two runner-up Clay Aiken continues to trump the odds. His third RCA album, "On My Way Here," due May 6, follows his 2003 double-platinum debut, "Measure of a Man"; 2004's platinum "Merry Christmas With Love"; and 2006 gold covers album "A Thousand Different Ways." In May, he'll wrap a five-month Broadway stint in the Tony Award-lauded musical comedy "Spamalot."

    On the new album, his first of original material since "Measure," Aiken worked with Grammy Award-winning producer Kipper (Sting, Chris Botti). The singer talks about the road ahead and his journey to this point.

    You call "On My Way Here" a thematic reflection on life lessons, a sort of road map of your last five years. What do you hope listeners will take from the collection?

    When [executive producer] Jaymes Foster and I came across the song "On My Way Here," written by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, I really connected to it lyrically. It sums up how the experiences we go through make us who we are. As I'm knocking on the door to 30-and it's knocking hard-this decade has been about figuring out who I am. That set the tone for the album; they're all about things I've learned or universal lessons.

    Once we had that road map and knew what we were looking for, the songs started falling in our laps. In the past, I'd sing about dog food and sunshine, as long as it was catchy and had a great melody, so it's the first time I've paid close attention to lyrics. I'm not Alicia Keys or Norah Jones when it comes to artistic lyrics, but I like what these songs are saying-and they're still pretty.

    Knowing that we probably weren't going to get radio made the process even easier, so we just made an album that is me-songs written for me or whose meaning I connected with, and songs that I sing well.

    "The Real Me" was written by Natalie Grant, who comes from the Christian world but is popular at AC. Her songs tend to explore life's challenges and offer a positive spin.

    We first looked at that song as one of four originals on the last album. The thing I love so much about "The Real Me" is that when I listened to it, I thought, "It's about God." Jaymes heard a romantic song. Other people think it's about their mom. Everyone is able to take their own message. Natalie was kind enough to change a little bit of the lyric so that it fits my life even better.

    You've managed to achieve success, as you noted, without a lot of radio support. You have 32,000 friends on MySpace. What vehicles are you looking at to help get the word out, particularly in the digital frontier?

    The record label surprised me by saying they think this record is radio-friendly. Maybe that came as a result of not trying so hard, but we don't count on it. Look, some people that come from "Idol" are meant for radio-Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry. I think they'd have been successful at some point without the show. I'm a TV star. That's where I came from, so that's where I look to spread the word. I do blog in places and we've got the Web site, but a lot of the digital thing is aimed at teenagers. TV is just as big as digital, and it's always been my best vehicle.

    Will you tour again to support the record?

    I haven't had two days off since October, so I'm just not going to worry about a tour right now. This time, we're going to let things sit, see how the album does and put it together when and if it's right.

    "Spamalot" is pretty silly. Your public persona is not. Why did you choose to make your Broadway debut with this show? And are you funny?

    That's pretty much the very reason. We had offers from other shows and I'd looked at doing Broadway for years, but I wanted something totally different. I was drawn to this because it was a way to branch out. And [director] Mike Nichols-who is so talented and another reason I wanted to do "Spamalot"-made it pretty clear to me at the start: "Clay is not funny. The script is funny." So I play it pretty dry and it seems to have worked. I've had a great time and worked with a lot of really talented people, who have become my family in New York.

    You probably knew this was coming: Even though you're onstage at night, have you caught any of this season's "American Idol"?

    I watched the season with Carrie Underwood, but I haven't seen a lot of the show since. Listen, I am emphatic that I will always be appreciative of "Idol"-it gave me this opportunity, I know that-but I kind of equate it to high school. Just because I went to high school doesn't mean I still go back to watch the team's football games.
  • - In an article entitled Idol Controversies, Clay is mentioned as follows:
    Season 2

    Some 1,100 people complain about the voting system when Clay Aiken loses to Ruben Studdard by fewer than 140,000 votes out of some 24 million votes cast.

    •Judge Simon Cowell alleges that Clay Aiken saw the results card backstage prior to the show, and therefore knew in advance he had not won -- host Ryan Seacrest now holds a blank card when announcing the winner.

    Season 5

    •During a stint as a co-host for "Live with Regis and Kelly," former finalist Clay Aiken upsets hostess Kelly Ripa, after putting his hand over Ripa's mouth while they interviewed "Dancing with the Stars" winners Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke.
  • - In an article about Mark Lowry winning a Dove award, Clay is mentioned:
    His lyrics include the phenomenal Christmas classic, "Mary Did You Know?" - recorded by Michael English, Wynonna, Kenny Rogers, Clay Aiken, Reba McEntire, Natalie Cole, Brian Littrell, Donny Osmond and over 50 other international artists.

Friday, April 25, 2008

"Clay TV" To Look Forward to in the Coming Weeks

Clay is scheduled to be on quite a few shows in the coming weeks. From VH1: Rock on TV, here is a listing of shows Clay will be on in the upcoming weeks:

Click on the word "info" to see more information about each program. Note that the newest show added on that list is "ET" on Friday, May 2. Not included in this list are the following shows Clay will appear on:

Wednesday...5/7 Good Morning America - 7-9 am EDT ABC

Thursday...5/8 The View 11:00 a.m.-12 bNoon EDT ABC

Monday....5/12 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 11:35pm EDT NBC

Friday......5/16 Jimmy Kimmel Live approx Midnight EDT ABC (Guests: Ryan Seacrest, Clay Aiken, Kate Nash (musical guest)
Taping to start at 7:00pm PDT on Friday May 16

Monday.....5/19 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 12:35 am EDT CBS

Also, Clay will be on the Rachel Ray Show sometime in May. Mark your calendars now for all 9 of these shows. Stay tuned to CDD for any other shows that may be added.

Birmingham News: Clay Aiken a "malleable singer"

The buzz around Clay is everywhere. Birmingham News' Mary Colurso interviewed Clay this week. The full interview can be found at - Birmingham News:


Most of the credit should go to Aiken's voice, of course -- the way his clean, clear tenor flowed through pop hits such as "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Looks and personality do matter, however.

In the five years since he graduated from reality TV, Aiken has developed his balladeer voice through recordings, concerts and TV appearances. At the same time, he has polished his wholesome-yet-trendy style.


He's on the phone to spread the word about his new disc, which comes out May 6 on the RCA label. But in a series of brief chats with reporters, which are lined up like dominoes that morning, Aiken is willing to deviate from the script.


His time in "Spamalot," Aiken says, has been "phenomenal, without question," and has subtly changed his ideas about performing.

"Did I know how to be on stage? Sure. But this gives you a whole different perspective," he says. "It's just been a different experience for me. I'm sure I'll be slightly sentimental in a couple of weeks, when I have to leave. But I won't cry."

Aiken, after all, is likely to step right into a media blitz for "On My Way Here." It's his first album of freshly minted songs since 2003's "Measure of a Man" -- he released a Christmas CD and a covers disc in the meantime -- and Aiken says he selected its 12 tracks carefully.


For "Measure of a Man," Aiken says, producers tried to "fit a square peg in a round hole." They chose material for a radio niche and asked him to fit his voice and talents to it. That CD went double platinum, but its commercial success didn't bring him real artistic satisfaction.

"If I hear the term 'radio-friendly' one more time, I'm going to scream," Aiken says. "I did that on my first album, to my detriment."


He and executive producer Jaymes Foster convinced RCA to accept one simple goal, Aiken says: "To find songs I could do beautifully and do well."

No oldies. No dance tunes. No R&B crossover.

"Let's face it," he says. "I'm not right for something like 'SexyBack.' For Justin Timberlake, OK. For Clay Aiken, no."

Clay's MusicPass Design Unveiled

A few weeks ago, RCA asked you to vote for the design to be used on On My Way Here's MusicPass. The results are in, and has the winning design posted:

A MusicPass is a new media being explored by Sony BMG to distribute albums. You can buy MusicPass cards at most music retailers and redeem it a digital download from

The On My Way Here MusicPass, featuring exclusive content not available on the regular CD, will be in stores June 24.

Tidbits 4/25

  • On My Way Here mentions:
    • SoulShine - they have Clay's age wrong ... 10 years younger?!?
      "American Idol" runner up Clay Aiken will release On My Way Here this May via RCA Records. The album will be the 19 year old pop singer's fourth studio release and feature 12 new songs. It was produced by Marc "Kipper" Eldridge and executive produced by Jaymes Foster. The first single will be the disc's title track, "On My Way Here", which was written by Ryan Tedder of One Republic, Chris Faulk and Hunter Davis.
  • - Clay tells Access Hollywood: private life isn't your business:
    For Clay Aiken, his private life is exactly that – private.

    Asked about the frequent speculation about his personal relationships – in particular, his sexuality – the second-season American Idol runner-up, 29, tells Access Hollywood's Billy Bush in an interview to air Friday: "I think for the most part ... people who are living in Omaha or in Charlotte or wherever, they don't want stuff like that pushed in their face.

    "I don't think that that's necessary, and that's also not what I'm here for."

    Still, the Raleigh, N.C.-born Aiken – whose new album, On My Way Here, arrives May 6 – says he's had a rough time dealing with the public interest the surrounds him.

    "It can be difficult, especially initially," he says. "I think when you get into anything and you're not used to people scrutinizing this that or the other, it bothers you."
  • MSNBC/Access Hollywood -
    Clay Aiken has no interest in taking his love life public.

    During a promotional appearance for his upcoming album, “On My Way Here,” and his Broadway show “Spamalot,” the “American Idol” Season 2 runner-up told “The Billy Bush Show” it’s only the media who cares whether he is gay or straight.
  • All Headline News -
    "American Idol" second season runner-up Clay Aiken has had a successful career since leaving the reality singing show. The singer, who is now starring in "Spamalot" on Broadway, says he still isn't used to people wanting to know so much about his personal life.

    Aiken, whose new album "On My Way Here" is due out May 6, appears on Friday's "Access Hollywood." Interviewer Billy Bush asked Aiken about the frequent speculation on his sexuality, and Aiken replied by saying, "I think for the most part... people who are living in Omaha or in Charlotte or wherever, they don't want stuff like that pushed in their face."
  • - article about Adam and Nikki Anders, who have written for Clay -
    Adam and Nikki Anders have written songs for a wide range of performers including Backstreet Boys, Nick Lachey, Clay Aiken, and Sheryl Crow.
  • - Britain's richest pop stars -
    It's Winehouse's first time on the Rich List, and the singer made her debut at the No. 10 spot, tying with R&B artist Craig David and the UK's prettier version of Clay Aiken, Pop Idol winner, Will Young.
  • American Idol pays a visit to Clay on the set of Spamalot:
    • Blogcritics -
      Broadway performances were discussed and a montage of past Idols involved in stage productions came next. LaKisha Jones and Fantasia (The Color Purple), Diana DeGarmo (Hairspray), Tamyra Gray (Rent), and Clay Aiken (Spamalot) were all featured, but Tamyra and Clay had the most coverage.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Carolina On My Mind takes OMWH around the world. Take a look above at the superb Photoshop work that has placed Clay in England, Thunder Bay, Ontario and Brazil (to name a few). All of these cool covers at up at Carolina Clay's special blog.
  • Clay - The Man - We're "Falling" for Clay's new album
  • Techno Geek Girl - 11 days to Clay's new album! The excitement is here.
  • All That Is Clay Aiken - clips from OMWH leaked
  • Anew and Afresh - Clay has "a genuine heart for service to others":
    Although I personally think Clay Aiken is a cut above most in the talent department, there are a lot of good singers out there. And although Clay's particular looks are what floats my boat (except when someone gets after him with a flat-iron!), there are other good-looking guys around. But the ones who put pure talent, good looks, and charisma (which Clay Aiken has in spades) together with a genuine heart for service to others...well, those are a treasure.

Clay's Interview With Billy Bush A Keeper

Some interviews with Clay are really great, and then there are those that are not worth even listening to again. Clay's recent interview on The Billy Bush Show is a definite keeper!

You might remember that back when Clay was on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Billy Bush was also on that show about that same time...
thus the picture at the beginning of this article! That's the first time I'd heard of Billy Bush, and the second time is in this interview. And for the most part it was a really good interview. You can listen to it at the above link to The Billy Bush Show and also download it at that site. In addition, there is an article with an exerpt from the interview at Access Hollywood. Unfortunately they decided to focus in this article on Billy's question to Clay about his sexuality. To Clay's credit, he knows how to answer these questions and keep them from pushing forward.

At the beginning of the interview, as Billy was asking Clay about his new CD, he stopped and stopped the interview and played On My Way Home. Also, a snippet of The Real Me was played before Billy asked Clay questions about this song.

Smittenwithclay at The Clayboard has typed up a transcript of the whole interview! Thank you! That took a lot of work. Here is that transcript:

Billy: you are listening to the Billy Busy Show and we are honored right now to have clay in the studio, Clay Aiken hello. Got the new album that were excited about
Clay: yes, yes were working overtime. Between that and the spamalot show so Im only waking up for you! Thats the only reason.
Billy: He's in spamalot on Broadway which has been a lot of fun, people were wondering could Clay pull this off and apparently you pulled it off beautifully.
Clay: well, thats what weve told the people to say at least.
Billy: now do you want to confess to people, you keep looking out of the corner of your eye, what your looking at
Clay: well you have tv in here and you hav the news on, and there is a bear running around the city apparently and people are chasing it and I just think thats facinating.
Billy: they are trying to trying to capture a bear in a community in New Jersey
Clay: and its the biggest news today apparently.
Billy: well no, the news today is you, well someone turn that darn tv off. Clay your new album you say is songs that relate to whats going on in your life in the last 5 years, its taken you 4 years since American idol, since Measure of a Man to come out with a new album thats all originals, why so long?
Clay: well um I mean, there are a lot of factors that play into that, we went into a christmas album right after the first album, and then the label kind of suggested that we do a themed album of love songs so, maybe it was my favorite thing to do and maybe it wasnt, Im leaning toward it wasnt, but I wanted to have songs that ya know, were mine verses same old thing.
Billy: It takes an artist a little time to assert themselves, your doing what they tell you to to.
Clay: yeah, especially cause..Im passive initially so it took myself a minute to convince myself that this is what I should be doing, and fortunately the label was very interested in letting us do it this time and um we found um weve been working on this album essentially for the last 4 years kind of, finding a song here or there and then saving it for the day we could finally do something and we ended up finding um, we had 5 songs in the bag to do and came across this song On My Way Here which kind of talks about,different things, experiences that people um, go through in their life or people that they meet, you know just the thing that make us who we are that kind of, makes us come into our own, and I thought..I thought the song was so great, the lyric content was so great that I said, you know what, lets scrap these other 5 songs all together and find songs that kind of relate to that, and make it an overarching theme.
Billy: How hard was it for you to deal with the lows, meaning the scrutiny about your personal life, more importantly your sexuality which wherever you go, it seems to follow you, and its one of those things, why do people care at all.
Clay: I really have no idea. I think at some point and it can be difficult, I mean especially initially and when you get into anything you really arent used to people scrutinizing this that and the other it bothers and after awhile you just start to say "forget this" you know, this is not who I am, this is not about me, what I want to do is be a singer, I want to be an entertainer and forget all that stuff.
Billy: Does it play to your advantage to sort of leave it as a mystery?
Clay: I dont know, does it play to my advantage(cute laugh) I dont know, maybe it does who knows.
Billy: lets try this, are you dating anyone? You sing love songs, have you found love yourself.
Clay:well I, I, I have said a number of times, some of the songs on the album are personal, some are not personal, some of them are universal and um I like to keep that and let people inerpret their way, you know there are songs on the album
Billy: the real me! the real me, track number 7. and were going to get to that, because you seem to be singing about someone who was there for you in a clutch time. A very special person..I going to try, Im going to try
Clay: You can try all you want
Billy: IM sure you will dance beautifully. Its also a great song, we are going to listen to the first single On My Way Here
Clay: Oh were gonna play the first single right? its On My way Here on the Billy Bush Show
Billy: by Clay Aiken
Clay: oh thats right
on my way here
Billy: Clay Aiken and his first single, On My Way Here really a beautiful, beautiful song
Clay: Well thank you very much
Billy: and Ryan Tedder again, from one republic
Clay: thats right dont give me to much credit for it, I just sang it.
Billy: but, felt it..why that song
Clay: just the fact that uh, I talked about it uh a lot of times that whether it be my relationship with my biological father or my sister who committed suicide when I was um a few years ago, you know just a number of things that Ive gone through in life that kind of, makes you who you are...had I had a blessed a favored life, I think that people who live like that really dont learn much about yourself and you learn more about yourself and you become a better person based on the experience you go through and that song says that I mean, thats exactly what it says, and Ive been very lucky with a lot of things,and um so Im very fortunate for idol and for anything thats happened beyond and even before, and the song kind of talks about that, it makes you who you are, so.
Billy: The Real Me is an interesting track, you said "I want people to..ah Clay.. you said, I want people to take a song
Clay: well because I know exactly where your going Mr Billy Bush
Billy: No, Im not, lets play the beginning part, lets just..give me the beginning, this is not the first single, but it may be the second, lets hear it.
alright Clay, the real me, listen to these words, and I think it suggests some pain here.
The Real Me Plays
Billy: alright, much will they take before Im empty..its about picking away at inner Clay.
Clay: No its a beautiful song and the story behind it..
Billy: It is
Clay: I didnt write the song, I say a lot of the stuff..a lot of
Billy: you dont need to tell people that
Clay: No well,I do cause I didnt write it..the point is that you sing songs that you think will affect other people as well, the first time I heard this song, you know its not..its one of the songs on the album that has been released before, and so we put it on, its not completely original to me, it has been released before, its actually a christian song. its written by a Christian Artist named Natalie Grant. Who just won the Dove Award for best female vocalist, a night or 2 ago. Phenomonal singer and the song Im sure is very personal to her, and when I listened to it the first time, actually I listened to it.
Billy: why did it connect to you?
Clay: well I heard it definitely, I still hear it, and I hate to say things like this cause I like people to be able to interpret songs the way they want to. To me it is, I hear the religious um, you know its a song to God. You see the real me, versus some people who will listen to it and think its their brother or their mother, their best friend or their lover you know what I mean. It needs to be interprable, to me, yeah there are definitely things that, there are things that um that I connect with, the second verse says " Painted on, life is behind a mask, self inflicted circus clown" you know obviously there are things that I think people assume, you know. I constantly meet people who, they think they know who I am because of idol. Oh your that sweet little boy from North Carolina who taught kids with dissabilities, and I say yeah thats the case, but I can sometimes become a..sometimes to, so its amazing what people will um, assume just cause they think they know you, and thats not neccessarily the case, Im not different, I mean I dont portray myself to be different then I am, but you know, I have friends who are in similer positions to me, in the industry and Ive talked to them a number of times, about how its interesting when you meet people they think they know who you are, and they find out your not as cool as you were on tv and they dont want to talk to you anymore.
Billy: in studio with Clay Aiken here celebrating his new album and listening to some songs here. Clay a couple of quick questions, do women still hurl their panties up onstage?
Clay: (cute laugh)um you know, it took a break after idol for awhile and we havent had that thankfully in spamalot because that could be quite dangerous to the rest of the cast. The last time it happened, it happened at a christmas tour, like a full symphony show, I sang with the minnisota symphony for a christmas tour, beautiful, sentimental type show and someone threw their underwear up on stage and I dont quite get it
Billy: youve had I mean pairs, I mean that was recently. I mean, in the begining after idol
Clay:they used to attach checks to them which was pretty funny, they would attach checks to my foundation to the underwear, and weve had a few ladies who threw up depends that says "your older fans love you to" so, if you cant beat em.
Billy: you know, thats so..thats just great though. You know what the amazing thing is CLay, probably back in school you werent one of the most popular kids
Clay: What? not at all
Billy: but your first album goes over 600k copies in the first week, and you shoot to number 1 on the billboard charts faster then anyone ever has, and you know what..your wildly popular today. Back then I can almost see your mother saying "oh son, its going to happen your going to have" and most people would say that woman is crazy
Clay: well she wanted, well she wanted it more then I did to, I mean she always kind of said that thats what she wanted for me the most, she wanted me to be a singer and when I became a teacher she was like "oh ok"
Billy: sing son
Clay: but what about your, when are you gonna sing
Billy: you know what you deserve every bit of the success, and im so happy..this new album is fantastic folks, if your a Clay Aiken fan, and if your not check it out its really good stuff
Clay: please
Billy: thank you very much man
Clay: thank you
Billy: clay aiken, on the billy bush show

Thursday, April 24, 2008

OMWH Going for Adds on April 28

"On My Way Here" will be officially release to radio stations on April 28, RCA Records announced today via Radio & Records.

Clay Mentioned During Entertainment Tonight's Birthday Segment

Clay is definitely popping up everywhere nowadays. He was mentioned during Entertainment Tonight's daily birthdays segment, tonight, reports the CB's PS Bonnie:

I did not see another post on this.
Clay was one of the 3 people on the birthday segment that they do every night. Question was "which of the following 3 American Idol contestants once sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door?" Choices were Clay, Kelly and Daughtry. They flashed his photo. Was ATDW era. I did not wait around for the correct answer, knowing it was not Clay! lol

Washington Post has "Six Questions For ... Clay Aiken"

Washington Post's interview with Clay, dubbed "Six Questions For ... Clay Aiken" is now up online. Read the full article at the Washington Post website... link above:

Six Questions For ... Clay Aiken

He's so pretty, oh so pretty ...

The 2003 "American Idol" also-ran and author and Broadway star, etc., has a new album coming out on May 6. It's called "On My Way Here." It's also the name of Aiken's new single. The singer called during a visit to his hometown of Raleigh, N.C.

In your new single, you sing that your "address has changed almost every year." Why don't you settle down and anchor yourself somewhere? Or is that lyric just a metaphor?
I didn't write the song, so I have to interpret it metaphorically. I have moved a lot ... but it's more about changing scenery, changing things in your life and trying to grow personally and professionally.

So it's not that you keep moving because you're afraid that your loony fans might bother you at home?
(Laughs.) No, no, they found me already. They know where I live. You can't beat 'em.


You've been playing Sir Robin in "Monty Python's Spamalot." How does the theater stage compare to the concert stage?
When I'm on stage in concert, it's usually my show and I can do what I want to do. I can't do that in "Spamalot." You have to stick to the script. You have to stand in the right place. But the biggest challenge for me was really having the fourth wall and not being permitted to break it down. We break it and respond to the audience and acknowledge their presence once or twice in the show, but not consistently. It's strange. When I'm in concert, I talk to the audience a lot, I make eye contact with people, and you can't do that here.
Meanwhile, Clay is defending himself from accusations from another Washington Post reporter that his busy schedule has prevented him from being active in the Presidential Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, which he was appointed to in September 2006. People Magazine posted:
Work is keeping Clay Aiken busy – as he pointed out to a reporter in Washington, D.C., who asked him if he was doing enough as a member of the Presidential Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

The second-season American Idol runner-up and current Broadway headliner, 29, blamed his busy schedule when a reporter from The Washington Post confronted him. "The last time I had two days off in a row was October," said the crooner. "I was on tour throughout the country through Christmas, then I went straight to Mexico for UNICEF. [Then] I went straight to New York for Spamalot."

OMWH Digest: April 24

  • KMart will be selling a special edition of OMWH with a poster, according to an ad at Clay's MySpace page.
  • now has 30 second has snippets from OMWH!
  • Not only is Clay generating huge buzz Stateside, he's also shaking things up in Korea where he is the #1 pop album/#3 top album this week at, a popular Korean entertainment website:

Autographed Spamalot Score Being Auctioned for Broadway Cares

Broadway Cares is auctioning off a Spamalot score signed by Clay via eBay. Bidding is currently at $1500 and is scheduled to end on Sunday. All proceeds of the auction directly benefit Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS. To learn more about the organization please visit's Mother's Day e-Card

There's no better way telling your mother how much you appreciate her than having Clay do it. has a cool Mother's Day e-Card you can send out to show your mother how much she means.

Clay on The Insider

Clay was mentioned briefly on The Insider tonight in its daily poll.... will you be tuning into QVC to see Clay debut his CD on Monday?

Download the Sendspace cap

American Idol Visits Clay Aiken at Spamalot Set

What great promotion for Clay's new album! American Idol visited Clay on the set of Spamalot and televised a 2 minute segment with Clay on last night's results show. Watch the video below, courtesy YouTube:

There's no denying the marketing power of Idol. Take a look at what happened on after last night's appearance - a 100% increase in sales. OMWH is currently #13 in music. Similar rises were noted at iTunes where the album is available for pre-order with an exclusive bonus track:

Tidbits 4/24

  • published a photo of Clay with Tyra Banks, who recently taped a Clay segment on the set of Spamalot. This is the same photo that appeared yesterday at People Magazine.
  • TV Squad - Clay Aiken is back with new album -
    Clay Aiken's career track is an interesting one. For someone with my musical tastes and interests, he virtually disappeared after his season of American Idol was over. His act is really just not for me. Unlike so many other also-rans from the show though, a couple times a year, he pops up again. Clay is performing here. He's sold another million albums there. And along the way he's managed to build one of the most devoted fan bases anyone could ask for.

    That brings us to the latest rise of Clay on to the radar for the rest of us. He's kicking off the release of his fourth studio album next Monday, with an appearance on QVC. I'm reminded of Arsenio and the old "things that make you go hmmm" bit. I'm not sure I get it, but we should probably just not question Clay's judgment. He seems to be doing alright. He's never going to have the media exposure of Kelly Clarkson, but he's not going to just fade away either.
  • More CD mentions:
    • Philadelphia Inquirer -
      Aiken's latest soul-crushing product
      American Idol-manufactured niceboy Clay Aiken will don his sexiest ensemble for a night of consumerist prostitution with a live TV performance on QVC at 7 p.m. Monday.

      Clay will play tunes from his new CD, On My Way Here, which you'll be able to order eight days before its May 6 release date. Info:
    • -
      Claymates, start screaming

      Clay Aiken will perform at 7 p.m. Monday at QVC's West Chester Studio Park, previewing his new record "On My Way Here," before its May 6 release. QVC is selling a version of the CD that includes a bonus CD/DVD for Claymates out there.
  • Tons of AI related mentions today. AI paid a visit to Broadway on last night's results show, including a visit to Clay on the set of Spamalot:
    • GearLive Television - AI reflects on successes of past idols on Broadway:
      Idol took a few moments to pay homage to two former competitors, Tamyra Gray (season 1) and Clay Aiken (season 2), who are both in current Broadway productions (“Rent” and “Spamalot,” respectively). Lakisha Jones, who is also starring on Broadway, was present in the audience for the footage.
    • Blogcritics - same as above:
      Broadway performances were discussed and a montage of past Idols involved in stage productions came next. LaKisha Jones and Fantasia (The Color Purple), Diana DeGarmo (Hairspray), Tamyra Gray (Rent), and Clay Aiken (Spamalot) were all featured, but Tamyra and Clay had the most coverage.
    • Read Express -
      Then, we're quickly confronted with the pasty complexion of Clay Aiken, the runner-up from Season 2 and still the darling of Claymates everywhere. He's in "Monty Python's Spamalot," which is also playing on the Great White Way.

      Both "Idol" alums give us tours of their theaters and talk about how hap-hap-happy their lives are.
    • CanMag -
      Since musical theater was highlighted this week, we were shown a clip of the Idol alums on Broadway. Diana DeGarmo (runner up Season 3), Fantasia (winner Season 3), LaKisha Jones (fourth place Season 6), Tamyra Gray (fourth place Season 1) and Clay Aiken (runner up Season 2) have all appeared in Broadway musicals.
    • myFox -
      Now we get to see how many former Idols have been on Broadway or are actually starring right now. Tamyra Grey is currently starring as Mimi in Rent and Clay Aiken is in Spamalot (OK, at least he has a reason for that awful hair).
    • Variety -
      Erin: "Idol" also wanted to remind the hopefuls that there is life after reality TV on Broadway. We get a heads up on Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken in their post-TV careers as performers in "Rent" and "Spamalot," respectively. This is to reassure "Idols" that not all paths lead to the TV Guide channel, reunion shows and tabloid magazines where you talk about your illicit affair with Paula Abdul.
    • -
      The evening also featured a performance from Cowell-produced British star Leona Lewis (who sang her international hit "Bleeding Love"), a trip to Broadway to visit ex-"Idol" contestants Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray at their new gigs, a bizarre animated, zombie-like Ford commercial starring the contestants and yet another primetime appearance by President George Bush, who followed up his recent "Deal or No Deal" cameo by dropping into "Idol" with First Lady Laura Bush to thank Americans for contributing to the "Idol Gives Back" charity special.
    • IGN TV -
      We also got to catch up with some Idol alums who've made it on Broadway, like Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray. I was happy to catch up with Tamyra, her "A House Is Not A Home" is still one of my all-time favorite Idol performances.
    • -
      The “Where Are They Now?” segment with former “Idol” contestants on Broadway was solid. After mentions of Diana DeGarmo in “Hairspray” and Fantasia Barrino and LaKisha Jones in “The Color Purple,” we saw sit-down interviews with Tamyra Gray, who’s performing in “Rent” and Clay Aiken, who’s starring in “Spamalot.” Nice to see both of them getting props for their excellent voices.
    • Radar -
      Claymates also got their fix when the show visited Clay Aiken at Monty Python's Spamalot, where he's enjoying top billing and a new hairdo.
    • Deseret News - Carmen Rasmusen, former AI2 contestants, apologizes for her remarks last week about Clay:
      And to Clay Aiken and his great fans, let me say: He deserves every bit of success he's enjoyed and more. He's wonderfully gifted and the reality is, I needed the coaching more than he did. I apologize if what I said came across the wrong way.
    • Entertainment Weekly -
      and a taped segment featuring past Idol finalists Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray talking about their respective runs on Broadway in Spamalot and Rent.
    • -
      The episode included a boring performance by British singer and Simon Cowell discovery Leona Lewis and a quick visit with former "Idol" finalists Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray, who are now starring in Broadway musicals.
    • Philly Burbs -
      Things could be worse for Carly. She’s now free to display her tattoos without viewer voting repercussions. She can go hang out with Michael Johns (Who wouldn’t want that?). She can avoid taking the Clay Aiken route and doing whatever the hell that was to his hair (I thought it was for the role in “Spamalot,” but, no! He wears a wig on stage).
    • Foxes on Idol - "Clay Aiken can act like himself on Broadway without being accused of being effeminate. That’s the great thing about musical theatre, right?"
    • North by Northwestern -
      Idol checked up on some of its alumni. Tamyra Gray is on Broadway, starring in Rent. Clay Aiken is now in Spamalot. I never liked Clay. The creepiness of his single was too much to handle. That whole “If I was invincible I’d make you mine tonight” and the theme of invisibility? Can you say rape?
    • Reality Wanted -
      I loved the segment on Idol alumni which focused on previous contestants who have performed or are performing on Broadway. Tamyra Gray was in Bombay Dreams and is now playing Mimi in RENT (that I would love to see). Both Fantasia Barrino and Lakisha Jones appeared in The Color Purple. Clay Aiken is still performing in Spamelot (I would love to see this as well), and Diana DeGarmo was in Hairspray.
    • TV Fodder -
      We got to see Season 1’s Tamyra Gray as she performed in “Rent,” and Clay Aiken (creepy blond hair and all) as he sang in “Spamalot.” Neither one of these is a real surprise, since both were very expressive singers with giant voices.
    • Washington Post -
      In honor of Lloyd Webber week, we see how successful people who did not win "American Idol" have been on Broadway. Like Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken, in "Rent" and "Spamalot," respectively.
    • iVillage -
      We heard from season one's Tamyra Gray who placed fourth, and Clay Aiken who was runner up in the second season. They are both enjoying success on stage. Tamyra in Rent ... and Clay in Spamalot.
    • Foxes on Idol -
      Season 1’s Tamyra Gray is currently appearing in Rent, her second Broadway show. Clay Aiken, who I think you may have heard of, is in Spamalot. Tamyra and Clay give us tours of their stages and dressing rooms. Tamyra likes putting away her own stresses and being someone else (she’s playing Mimi). Clay says Broadway is something completely different than anything he’s done before. His next album is out May 6th. Tamyra still gets recognized from American Idol and loves her life. Clay says he’ll keep doing what he’s doing as long as people like it.
    • TV Grapevine -
      Before we move on to more results, we get a little video piece on former AI contestants now on Broadway. First we have Tamyra Gray,now in her second show (RENT). And of course Clay Aiken, starring in SPAMALOT.
    • Rocky Mountain News -
      There was also a brief visit to New York to see how Idol alumni are faring on Broadway. Featured were Tamyra Gray, who appears in Rent, and Clay Aiken who is starring in Spamelot
    • -
      And, in conjunction with this week's theatre theme, we had the pleasure of checking in with lost Idols Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray, who have recently found fame on Broadway.
    • Monster & Critics - "After a Broadway video segment with Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken, Leona Lewis performed “Bleeding Love.”"
    • Orlando Sentinel -
      Ryan Seacrest said more than 38 million votes were cast after Tuesday's show. The Wednesday edition featured a sexy performance by Leona Lewis, a charming look at Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray in Broadway musicals, and a tepid group sing by the six finalists. The song: Lloyd Webber's "All I Ask of You."
    • Baltimore Sun - "Next, there's a look at the Idols who are starring on Broadway. (Clay Aiken is in Spam-a-Lot right now, and Tamyra Gray is in Rent.)"
    • Reality TV Magazine -
      After a Broadway video segment with Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken, Leona Lewis performed “Bleeding Love.” After Leona’s performance, Ryan Seacrest called Syesha Mercado and Brooke White to center stage. Seacrest revealed that Brooke White was safe and Syesha Mercado was in the bottom two.
    • -
      We then get a clip of Idols on Broadway. Ryan mentions Diana DeGarmo, Lakisha, and Fantasia. But we get clips of Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken who are both on Broadway in Rent and Spamalot respectively.
    • -
      Clay Aiken has an album coming out soon, so he's decided temporarily to remember his Idol roots and take viewers on a backstage tour of Spamalot. How do we feel about Clay referring to himself in first-person plural?
    • - ranking the idols' style -
      At this point in the competition on "American Idol" in seasons past, Clay Aiken had already transformed from geeky, tufted duckling to slick, metrosexual swan. Viewers are continually reminded that this is the "best group of contestants ever."
  • - Clay to release album .... too bad they got the title wrong ;( "Clay Aiken's "On My Way Home." The former "American Idol" is slowly turning into Barry Manilow. Expected release: May 6"
  • Iowa City Press Citizen - Spamalot planning show in Iowa City -
    Some big names have had roles in the production, including Clay Aiken as Sir Robin, but Hancher has not yet received a cast list of who will perform here.
  • Leader Telegram - Josh Gracin to release new CD -
    Gracin's first CD was boosted by the power of "Idol," where he came in fourth place during the show's second season - the same season as Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.
  • Kansas City Star - local "crooner to spread wings" -
    It’s not the path of, say, a Clay Aiken or a Kelly Clarkson of “American Idol” fame. But for Von Lee Smith, it’s a career path that seems promising nonetheless.
  • - could AI be headed for an all-male finale - the first since AI2?
    He thinks "Idol" could end up with an all-male finale — the first since season two, when Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard faced off.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tidbits 4/23

  • DigitalMediaWire - Amazon removes AI7 contestant's CD from its store -
    "As someone who has purchased music by Daughtry, Clay Aiken, and other similar artists, you might be interested in Analog Heart, the self-released David Cook album available for download at Amazon MP3," reads an e-mail reportedly sent by Amazon to a user who posted it at
CDD Blogwatch
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More May TV Appearances Added - Tyra, GMA, The View, Late Late Show

Clay's May is shaping out to be pretty hectic. Not only is he wrapping up "Spamalot", he's also going to appear on quite a few TV shows. Corabeth, who is in contact with RCA marketing, posted these dates for Clay's upcoming TV appearances -

Some bigger TV appearances so far noted below. He said this list does not include the obvious like ET, Insider, etc.

Monday....4/28 QVC - 7:00pm edt

Wednesday...4/30 Tyra Banks Show - syndicated

Wednesday...5/7 GMA - 7:00 - 9:00am edt ABC

Thursday...5/8 The View 11:00 - Noon edt ABC

Monday....5/12 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 11:35pm edt NBC

Thursday....5/15 Jimmy Kimmel Live approx Midnight edt ABC

Monday.....5/19 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 12:35am edt CBS

I asked him about Kimmel and not performing and he said "instead of a performance, he's going to do something fun"

So the Kimmel appearance is definitely an album promo date but they have something else up their sleeve.


Sometime in May - Rachel Ray
CBS Television confirmed in a press release that Clay will be on Rachel Ray's show sometime in May:
Big events and contests are only part of "Rachael Ray's" biggest May Sweep ever. The show is also welcoming V.I.P. celebrity guests; including, Barack and Michelle Obama, Regis Philbin, Maria Shriver, Patrick Dempsey, Valerie Bertinelli, Clay Aiken, Mario Batali, Ty Pennington, Michael Buble, Gordon Ramsay, "Ugly Betty's" Eric Mabius, Mary J. Blige, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Carrie Ann Inaba, the Jonas Brothers' mother and chef Ming Tsai.

On My Way Here - Digest for April 23

Entertainment Tonight brings "Clay Aiken album news" -

Fan favorite CLAY AIKEN is preparing to wow the crowd again with his upcoming album, On My Way Here, when it hits stores on May 6 -- but Claymates won't have to wait until then to get a listen!

The singer will be debuting the album on Monday, April 28 at 7 p.m. on QVC's QSessions Live, where he will perform all-new songs. Shoppers will also have the chance to buy their own copy of On My Way Here, which includes a special CD/DVD created just for QVC.
  • is looking for your Clay questions - they will be interviewing Clay this week:

    I love to listen to Clay Aiken sing. He a superstar in his own right. He's sold over 6 million albums. Co-authored a bestseller. Now he's singing and dancing in Monty Python's SPAMALOT. And Gather's proud to get the word out about his charity, The Bubel/Aiken Foundation - which helps integrate children with disabilities with their peers - and his work with UNICEF. Check out this Gather-exclusive webisode with Clay

    If you're a Clay Aiken superfan, a Bubel/Aiken or UNICEF supporter, or just a curious Gather member, get your questions ready. Later this week, Gather will be interviewing Clay. And we need some fantastic questions! So get your thoughts together, and leave your question as a comment below or email your question to Music Editor. Then keep an eye out for his answers in the article that will be published soon in Clay Nation!

  • Monsters & Critics - Clay Aiken busy prepping end of Spamalot, release of new album -
    Former American Idol star Clay Aiken is making a splash on Broadway, and has a new CD coming out.

    The North Carolina singer will wrap his Tony-award winning musical May 4.

    His fourth album, On My Way Here, will be released two days later on May 6.
  • QVC press release - Clay to debut new album on QVC next Monday between 7 and 8 PM EDT:
    Clay Aiken has been capturing the hearts of music fans everywhere since he shot to pop superstardom nearly five years ago. Since then, Aiken has sold more than six million CDs, authored a best-selling biography, performed on Broadway and has left fans "Aiken" for more. The multi-platinum artist will once again be exciting fans when he makes his QVC debut on Monday, April 28 at 7 PM (ET).
    Scheduled to appear on QVC's QSessions Live, Aiken is scheduled to perform songs from his much-anticipated new album On My Way Here, giving viewers exclusive insight into the inspiration behind the album. QVC shoppers will also have the opportunity to order On My Way Here, with a bonus CD/DVD created especially for QVC, eight days before its scheduled release.
    "We are excited to offer our viewers this specially packaged CD, with a bonus CD/DVD that is only available through QVC," said Rich Yoegel, director of merchandising for QVC. "Fans will love that in addition to being able to order this one-of-a-kind release before street date, they can watch Clay Aiken perform live."
  • Speaking of QVC - an ad for Clay's QVC appearance appeared in the current issue of TV Guide, on page 53:
  • E! Online -
    While this news will no doubt bring joy to all you Claymates, it definitely left us scratching our heads.

    Clay Aiken is scheduled to appear and perform on—of all places—QVC next Monday to hawk his new CD (and fourth studio release) On My Way Here.

    "Starting my career on national, live television, it seems fitting to be unveiling my new album live on QVC," says Clay. "To be able to connect with QVC's viewers and broadcast my performance to over 93 million households is an amazing opportunity."
  • Just Jared -
    Clay Aiken’s new “On My Way Here” album cover has been released!

    Although the album won’t hit hits stores until May 6, the 29-year-old singer will perform all-new songs on Monday, April 28 at 7 p.m. on QVC. Of course, all you Claymates will be able to buy the album too

OMWH Begins Charting on iTunes

"On My Way Here" has charted on iTunes, after the popular online music store began accepting pre-orders yesterday.

The album is currently:

  • #7 on the top albums chart in the US
  • #6 on the top albums chart in Canada
  • #4 on the top pop albums chart in the US
  • #3 on the top pop albums chart in Canada
Way to go, Claymates! This CD is going to be a smash!

Star Magazine Gives OMWH 3/4

Star Magazine published a review of "On My Way Here", reports the CH's ellenpoppy:

Star Magazine has reviewed the CD and given it 3 stars out of 4. The review's toward the back, in case anyone wants to check it out at her local newstand and maybe happen to leave the page open when putting it back. It's the new issue, I believe with "Britney's New Bikini Body" on the cover; we just received it today, but it will be on most newsstands tomorrow or Friday.

I'm definitely paraphrasing from memory here. I don't remember if "American Idol runner-up" was mentioned, but the AI reference was there with the mention to Ruben.

Clay Aiken has often been the butt of jokes, but he has proven that he has staying power. (Looking at you, Ruben Studdard.)

His new CD is about [can't do it justice here because I just can't remember enough... something about the journey, adulthood... a positive mention, what Clay has said the CD is about, nothing negative at all]. The adult contemporary songs have two particular standouts in As Long As We're Here and the more upbeat Falling.
end Quote

3 out of 4 stars, people. Top of the page review, good placement. Covered what Clay has said the CD is about. Targeted two songs as standouts. Pointed out that he's become a career artist.

This, in a tabloid publication that hasn't been all that kind to him.

I'm definitely sensing a change this time around.

Clay's New MySpace Page Launches with New Photos

RCA finally got around to updating Clay's official MySpace page. There are tons of album promos on the new layout ... absolutely stunning!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reminder: Clay on QVC Next Monday

Clay will be making an appearance and a performance on QVC next Monday between 7 and 8 PM ET to sell "On My Way Here". QVC's website now has a detailed listing for the show, along with a video promo for the album:


Monday, April 28, 2008
07:00 - 08:00 PM ET

Multi-platinum selling singing sensation Clay Aiken is poised to release his first album of original material since his double-platinum debut, “Measure of a Man.” This eagerly anticipated new CD, “On My Way Here,” is set to release on May 6, 2008. Reserve your copy before it hits the stores, and receive a special 5-track Bonus CD created especially for QVC. He'll win your heart again, as Clay performs select songs from On My Way Here. Release date subject to change without notice.

If you love cool, clever, handy, gotta-have-it kind of stuff…you'll find it in Gadgets & Gizmos. Most items are small in scale, some are purely practical, others are practical and novel, and some are just-for-the-fun-of-it selections. There's always something that'll make you say "Why didn't I think of that!" Tune in and enjoy.

Reality TV World Reviews OMWH: "Clay will not leave you disappointed"

Reality TV World filed their review for Clay's new CD, On My Way Here, due in stores May 6. The review is a fair, balanced critique, although it isn't clear whether the reviewer based it on those 30-second snippets or from the actual full CD.

Sleepy But Smooth: A Review of Clay Aiken’s New CD, On My Way Here…

April 22, 2008 02:28:44 by Jennifer Brown


Clay definitely had something to say in this CD. He’s taken some heat for turning out some cliche lyrics; and indeed the theme of growing up, finding himself and finding his way is pretty in-your-face. It’s empowering, yes, but is very… mature. Doubtless Clay’s devotees in the adult contemporary crowd will rejoice with each song; but it’s doubtful he’s going to make much of a splash with the younger crowds based on this music.

This is not to say the music is bad. How could it be? Clay’s voice is richer and fuller than ever and all but flawless. Tracks like Sacrificial Love and Lover All Alone practically cradle the listener and others, such as Something About Us, are just screaming to be background music for a romantic date. [...]

If you’re looking for a real toe-tapper, you’re not going to find it here (Falling and Weight of the World try valiantly, but neither really gets there) . But Clay Aiken fans probably already know that and aren’t looking for something to dance to anyway. If you’re out for a buttery voice and a great message (who cares if it’s cliche?!) that will leave you feeling relaxed and empowered, Clay will not leave you disappointed.

Regardless, it’s easy to see how Clay made it so far in the American Idol competition. And his continued success is a definite argument against those who say the show can’t turn out a real talent.

Tidbits 4/22

Clay and Tyra Banks are featured in today's People Magazine StarTracks. Tyra recently visited Clay on the set of Spamalot to tape a special segment for her Tyra Banks Show. An air date has not been set yet. The same photo is also featured at

  • antiMusic - Clay makes the rounds on late night shows to promote new album -
    f you're a bit underwhelmed by the current crop of American Idols, an old favorite is returning to your television screen and you won't have to put up with Paula to watch. Which favorite is it? It's the guy who's fans sent over dozens emails to let us know that their hero was going to be back on TV. That's right, it's Clay Aiken and he's going on a late night TV blitz to promote his new album.

    Claymates will make a run on record retailers on May 6th, when Aiken's new album, 'On My Way Here,' is released and the following week he'll make two late night appearances to promote it.

    First up, he'll head over to Burbank to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on May 12th and then he'll make an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on May 15th. We received conflicting information from the fans that wrote in about the Kimmel appearance. Some said Clay was performing and others said he wasn't. So we fired off an email to the show's publicist and she confirmed that "Clay Aiken is booked for an interview" only. The musical guest on that night will be Dierks Bentley.
  • American Idol mentions:
    • All Headline News -
      While judge Simon Cowell often chastises contestants for sounding "too Broadway," all six will have to pull out the big numbers for the Broadway themed show. Despite Cowell's remarks, many former "American Idol" contestants have gone on to have successful runs on Broadway, including Fantasia and Clay Aiken.
    • Deseret News on Carmen Rasmusen's thorn with American Idol -
      Rasmusen's April 18 column gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how "Idol" works. She wrote of one experience waiting to consult the show's vocal coach while Clay Aiken was being coached.

      "I could hear him going over and over his song, dissecting it. Finally, after about 30 minutes, the door opened. It was my turn. I walked in and sang my song about three times before being dismissed. Hardly the personal one-on-one attention Aiken had just received."
    • Courier Post Online -
      But who cares about costing an innocent bystanders hundreds of dollars? In the 2003 "American Idol" finale, 130,000 votes separated winner Ruben Studdard from the runner-up, Clay Aiken. A few days later, a phone company in the Midwest said it had received 240,000 misdialed calls during voting.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer -
      It's unlikely that the producers who saw the very pretty Kelly Clarkson triumph over the even prettier Justin Guarini that first summer ever envisioned anything like the tuneful but less-photogenic showdown between Season 2 finalists Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, much less the Season 5 victory of Taylor Hicks, a twitchy, gray-haired Alabamian whose personality charmed millions but who's been eating the dust of fourth-place contestant Chris Daughtry ever since.
    • The Campus Press - Idols ... where they are now: "Clay Aiken, the runner up on season two of American Idol has been singing and dancing his way on Broadway in Monty Python's Spamalot, which tells the story of King Arthur and his knights of the round table."
  • antiMusic - random mention:
    You see the Ozzy track was playing on my iTunes when I clicked over to Pendulum's Myspace and one of their songs started autoplaying. It was a strange mix, but actually worked. Maybe we'll start a new online crazy with Myspace/iTunes antimash-ups? We're gonna go try Iron Maiden and Clay Aiken right now.
CDD Blogwatch
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Pre-Order "On My Way Here" at iTunes with Pre-Order Bonus Track!

On My Way Here has landed at iTunes! You can now pre-order the entire album and receive a special iTunes pre-order bonus track, titled "It's In Everyone of Us". This track will only be included on pre-order versions of OMWH sold at iTunes, so make sure you order BEFORE May 6.

Download iTunes
Click here to launch iTunes and purchase OMWH.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Austin360 Interviews Clay Tomorrow: Looking for Questions

Is it just me or are a lot of journalists a little bit clueless when it comes to interviewing Clay? Especially the part when they are supposed to come up with the questions. Well, thankfully, we're always here for them. Austin360 needs some help choosing questions to ask Clay during an interview tomorrow:

Chattin’ with Clay Aiken

By Gary Dinges | Monday, April 21, 2008, 02:22 PM

So it seems we’ve lucked our way into a 15-minute phone interview with Clay Aiken Tuesday.

He’s making the rounds to promote his new CD, which hits stores May 6.

What should we ask? We know you’ve got some really great questions, so send ‘em our way.

Post your queries for Clay in the comments section below, or shoot an e-mail to

Then look for our writeup — and, hopefully, an audio recap — later this week. Releases New Clay "Webisode" is the latest media outlet to receive exclusive Clay Aiken "webisodes", promoting the new album. In this webisode, Clay talks about UNICEF and the BAF.

LALate's Coverage of OMWH

LALate News has ran some wonderful coverage for Clay's new CD, On My Way Here. Here's some of the things they have said recently:

  • Songs often grab you deep down from your first listen, even if heard the first time in busy traffic, or in a crowded club, or even if just from a snippet, and when you hear that song, you stop, and ask, and maybe even shout, “what WAS that song?”

    For LALATE, that song from this album could very well be “Something About Us” that appears to have a sweeping melody that captures the talent and beauty of Aiken’s vocal range. There is something about “Something About Us” that has captured LALATE’s attention ….
  • "The story, first picked up in the U.S. by LALATE NEWS, was broken by a member of an Aiken fan site messageboard, the Clayboard. Now today, those Vodaphone online snippets have spread across the net like wildfire.

    Why? Because the songs are a-mazing!"
And even more.... OMWH was featured on LALate's weekly video-cast, "LALate Minute" yesterday:

Tidbits 4/21

  • We've heard some pretty weird Clay mentions in the past 3 years of running CDD, but this one has got to be one of the best ones we've encountered. From the CB's tiggy52winkle:
    I work as a cataloger for a large public library system and came across a book titled, "5-Star Baby Name Advisor" by Bruce Lansky this afternoon. It's a book about the meaning of names you might choose to name your baby. Of course, I had to look up Clay and this is what I found. "First impression: People say Clay is a talented musician who's confident, calm, kind, and cute, much like American Idol winner, Clay Aiken."

    You just never know where his name will pop up! Did you catch the phrase AI WINNER? Love it!
  • The CB's snarkystripes reports that OMWH was promoted on-air at Syracuse, NY's Y94-FM. The Y94 FM website has a button: "Clay Aiken is back!"
    I did not hear it, but my friend just called me and said she was driving in her car, had Y94FM on, and all of a sudden she heard a snippet played of "OMWH" and the promo simply said, "Clay Aiken has a new CD coming May 6....On My Way Here!"

  • -
    "He is going to be in the final three, hands down. If he doesn't win, he's going to have the Clay Aiken effect where he ends up selling a jillion records anyway."

    -- Todd Herzog, "Survivor" winner
  • WRAL - WRAL reporter Lynda Loveland dances to support Clay's Bubel Aiken Foundation -
    WRAL-TV news anchor Lynda Loveland is among five prominent local personalities pairing with professional dancers for charity.

    Loveland, former WRAL News reporter Mark Roberts, radio DJ Brian Dawson, Miss North Carolina Jessica Jacobs and Elvis performer Keith Henderson will perform April 27 in the 2008 "Dancing Like the Stars" competition.

    All proceeds from the contest benefit the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, which was cofounded in 2003 by former American Idol alum and Raleigh native Clay Aiken. The nonprofit promotes the inclusion of children with disabilities in activities with children who are not disabled.
  • Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram - update on Idols -
    Clay Aiken (Season two)

    The latest Idol finalist to invade Broadway, Aiken (currently putting the finishing touches on On My Way Here, a new album due out in May) appears through May 4 in the Mike Nichols-directed Monty Python adaptation Spamalot as the hapless Sir Robin.
  • TV Grapevine - American Idol ... being #1 isn't all that glorious, sometimes:
    Season Two – Reuben Studdard. This was probably the most controversial year because of the talent of the two finalists and the confusion regarding the votes. Reuben has had some success but was recently dropped by his record company. He will be in the touring national production of Ain’t Misbehavin’. Clay Aiken, the runner up, on the other hand has had two albums which was considered hits, been a guest host on many shows, and taken a turn on Broadway in Spamlot.
  • El Dorado Times -article about singer ...
    After auditioning in New York City and Omaha, Neb., for FOX’s hit reality series – which has made bona fide celebrities out of former nobodies like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Clay Aiken – Sidwell is now trying his hand at a different side of the “American Idol” rocket to superstardom.
  • The Trades - ranking the AI7 idols -
    David Archuleta. Most like Clay Aiken, with a Disney Channel influence. David's fans remind me of the Claymates of Season 2, who went rabid over Clay's debut to a triple-platinum status. Clay's success hasn't lasted through his most recent release (2006's "A Thousand Different Ways"), but he's still a very saleable commodity.
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - selling yourself to America important in winning Idol -
    Selling yourself to an audience of mainstream Americans requires a little bit of repackaging. Think of how Clay Aiken remade himself back in the second season, and he just made it to second place.
  • - Idol...
    Sure, Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson made us cheer and dial the phone until our fingers were raw (I nearly cried when my pick for 2004, Fantasia Barrino, won), but the real joy comes from watching those of you who don't have a chance.
  • Boston Herald - Kathy Griffin rants about Idol -
    “I’m not seeing the next Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken here,” she opined. “And the ones who have won in the past are boring. Jordin Sparks is a yawnfest. Melinda really should have won.”
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