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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Countdown to Spamalot II

LALate2 Video Contest

LALATE2 is having its first contest - a Clay Aiken fan video contest!

One ultimate Clay Aiken fan has the chance to become the Clay Aiken Fan Video Winner I.

The winner will get (1) themselves and their video linked and pictured on Clay Aiken’s LALATE2 celebrity page and (2) their video as a Featured Video on LALATE2 both for one week - proving you are the fan among fans of Clay Aiken!


1. If you haven’t already, add a video on LALATE2 of your favorite celebrity Clay Aiken moment. (One video per person.)

LALATE2 is located at

2. Post here on LALATE2’s Forum the link to your video.

3. Deadline: You have only until next Tuesday at midnight to submit! So hurry.


On Wednesday, voting starts on LALATE2. Clay Aiken’s celebrity page on LALATE2 will show all the contestants for you to vote on. So fans will be voting for the ultimate fan!

Deadline for Voting: You have only until Thursday at midnight to vote. Yes, less than 48 hours. So vote vote vote.


On Friday, the winner will be announced on LALATE NEWS and LALATE2!

Hurricane Ike

To all in the path of Hurricane Ike, CDD's thoughts are with you.

BAF Fundraiser - Don't forget Our Friend Mikayla

School is Back So Please Remember They May Need Our Friend Mikayla

Our Friend Mikayla Book

Written and illustrated by third-grade students, Our Friend Mikayla, is an honest portrayal of the children’s first reactions to Mikayla, their barriers to acceptance and finally the true friendship they formed with her. At her parents’ request, Mikayla was included in a regular classroom. Not only did Mikayla’s classmates accept her, but they also began to see her as “just like them.” Their relationship with Mikayla and their journey to acceptance inspired the book. Our Friend Mikayla became the class project, mainly because Mikayla’s friends felt they had an important message to share with other children. Their goal was to teach other kids that, “From Mikayla, we’ve learned that people with disabilities aren’t really different. It doesn’t matter if your friend is in a wheelchair. Their disabilities don’t mean you cannot be friends. Having a friend with a disability is cool.”

Yes, school is opening and it is time to remember that there are school's out there that still do not have a copy of Mikayla in their library. Perhaps even your local library, or hospital could use a copy. So why not stop by the BAF Store and order your copies today? Think of all the sweet young lives you will be enriching...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Countdown to Spamalot II

Clay to Participate in Friars Roast for Matt Lauer

As reported by People Matt Lauer is set to be next victim of Friars Club Celebrity Roast!

The burning question is, will Matt Lauer still be speaking to them in the morning?

On October 24th at the New York Hilton celebrities will gather to roast Matt Lauer.

Also promised by the entertainers' fraternity to deliver no-bars-held remarks at its event: Clay Aiken, Joy Behar, Bob Saget, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vanessa Williams, Aretha Franklin, Eric McCormack, Tony Shaloub, Jerry Stiller, Mario Lopez and others.,,20225436,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Durham Bulls Athletic Park Sings Clay's Praises

Clay is usually the one doing the singing, but several members of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park were singing his praises in a WRAL interview in 2007.

Thanks go to procjoiner at The Clayboard who brought this video to my attention. This is a great video, recorded in August 2007 by and shows Mike Birling, General Manager, Matt DeMargel, Promotions Director, and George Habel, Vice President, where they are remembering back to 2003 with many compliments. This was when Clay made his trip home during Top 3 week on American Idol. For part of that trip, he sang the National Anthem at a Durham Bulls game and threw out the first pitch of the game.

The men compliment Clay by saying such things as:

  • "it was a once in a lifetime experience"
  • "he was a phenomenon"
  • "he didn't have any real idea just how popular he was"
  • "the screaming from the fans was louder than the helicopter"
  • "he sang the National Anthem and everybody just went crazy...that was just a real special was an incredible job"
For men of this caliber in such an outstanding organization to have such admiration for Clay after all these years says a lot. Clay is an amazing person and there are so many people who know this!

Check out the video at And if you really want a treat, watch the youtube video below of Clay singing the National Anthem that day at the Durham Bulls ball game. Perfection!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Countdown to Spamalot II

BAF Fundraiser - Shop at Macy's thru September 20th

Cablelady from The Clayboard (CB link at the end of this article) tells us of a fundraiser to benefit The Bubel Aiken Foundation:

Macy's "Shop For A Cause" is a One-Day Shopping Event on Saturday, September 20th.

With the purchase of a $5 shopping pass the bearer will have special savings on select merchandise throughout the store. All proceeds of the sale of shopping passes go directly to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. By purchasing a $5 shopping pass you can support the BAF and enjoy a full day of fantastic discounts and events throughout the store.

The sale of these passes can benefit your Beta Alpha group as well. With each sale of a pass we are asking that the buyer designate which Beta Alpha group they would like to have credited with the sale.

To purchase shopping passes please send an email to me at

with your name, email address, address, the number of passes requested and the Beta Alpha group you would like credited to. We will then respond with payment information.

Thanks - Karen

Tidbits 9/11

  • - Reference to Clay:

    Semi-finalist Andrew and trainer Laurie Williams came in second in the contest for "Greatest American Dog"...

    ...She doesn't know if she'll get any prize for being runner-up. But, with all the attention and support she's received as a result of the program, she said sometimes it works out just as well to come in second.

    "It's kind of a Ruben Studdard," she said, referring to the American Idol contestant.
    "He won, but Clay Aiken got the better recording contract."
  • The Northerner - Even in the presidential elections Clay gets mentions:...

    It seems every year the presidential election is one step closer to being nothing more than an Olympic-sized popularity contest, with voters choosing candidates like American Idol chose its Rubin Studdard (even if everyone believes Clay Aiken should have won).

  • USA Today - Emmys, Josh Groban will salute TV theme songs

    Does this sound familiar???

    LOS ANGELES — It's the story of a man named Groban, who is singing ).
    TV theme songs we all know. In a musical tribute, singer Josh Groban will perform bits of memorable themes at the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards on ABC (Sept. 21, 8
    Wonder where they got the idea, LOL...

  • From Jesben and Lilred at The Clayboard, we learn that Clay was a clue during jeorpardy:

    From Jesben:
    Under the heading, "Celebrities' Original Names" - they gave the original, the contestants had to identify them as they are known now.


    I answered. My husband said, "Who?" The lady in the middle got it right away (she won tonight.)

    Along with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Tony Orlando, Roman Polanski and Tom Cruise.
    From Lilred:
    The clue read "American Idol HEARTTHROB Clayton Holmes Grissom"
    And the answer, obviously is "Clayton Holmes Aiken"!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Countdown to Spamalot II

Tidbits 9/10

  • Yahoo News - In an article called "Shopping Channel QVC Sees Music Opportunities", Clay is mentioned as follows:
    So far this year, QVC has broadcast only two music shows -- for Clay Aiken's "On My Way Here" and Randy Travis' "Around the Bend" -- with a third one planned for September 12 on James Taylor's "Covers."...

    ...Aiken's QVC appearance seems to have inspired 25,000 scans through the nontraditional nonstore Internet/mail-order/venue category, which accounted for 27% of his album's first-week sales of 94,000 units in the week ended May 11, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Year to date, it has sold 150,000 units.

  • - GoodSearch has a new page called "Who's Doing Good?" which, according to their site "feature(s) celebrities, musicians, athletes, and companies that are helping to make the world a better place." Today's celebrity is Clay!

    Click on Clay's picture on the homepage (link above) and you will be brought to the "Who's Doing Good?" page. Here'a little of what it says about Clay:
    As Diane and Clay’s friendship grew, it became apparent they both shared the same vision – a world where children of all abilities were offered the experiences of full inclusion. Their goal became to create TBAF and make this shared vision a reality.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tidbits 9/9

  • Fayclay at The Clayboard gives us some great news she received from her friend in Singapore. The news is in the form of a review of On My Way Here:
    The review is from a local Singapore mag called Life Style, August issue and a star album pick of the month.

    Life Style magazine is a mag send to union members monthly. It had been giving good review to Clay's all other cds as well as his book, Learning To Sing.

  • There is a McDonalds commercial out right now that has a little boy who looks like Clay when he was younger. Watch this YouTube video below and see if you can pick him out. Here's a couple of pictures of Clay as a boy to help you:

  • (Detroit Free Press) - In an article called Check Out Our Baby Name Database, Clay and baby Parker are listed under Celebrity Baby Names :
    Here are some of the names celebrities picked for their new bundles of joy:


    • Singer Gwen Stefani's son: Zuma Nesta Rock

    • Actor Matt Damon's daughter: Gia Zavala

    • Singer Clay Aiken's son: Parker

Countdown To Spamalot II

Clay Tells How To "Give The Gift of Growing Up" By Donating To UNICEF

As you know, Clay visited Somalia as a UNICEF Ambassador earlier this year to see just how UNICEF is working with children there.

Now, at UNICEF's website, Clay tells us in a short video how we can "give the gift of growing up" to these children by giving $10 or more to purchase insecticide treated bednets. Also, UNICEF is teaming up with Malaria No More, who will match your donation. So, $10 becomes $20, and $50 becomes $100.

You can read more information about Malaria No More's challenge to raise $1 million to treat and prevent malaria.

You can also make you own donation by going to UNICEF's donation page.

So head over to UNICEF's website to watch the video, or scroll down and watch it here at CDD. But above all, "give the gift of growing up" and watch your gift double in size thanks to Malaria No More and UNICEF.

Clay Blogged!

A most wonderful thing happened today when we least expected it. Clay blogged! If you are a member of the Official Fan Club, you can head over and check out his blog.

Though we can't tell exactly what Clay said on his blog, I will say this. He is doing great, Parker is doing great, New York is just around the corner, and an assignment has been given.

Its amazing how one blog from Clay can make the sun seem to shine brighter!! Thanks for the blog, Clay!

Alaskan Cruise to Benefit Bubel/Aiken

Have you ever dreamed about going on an Alaskan Cruise? How about an Alaskan Cruise that includes Faye Parker and Diane Bubel, co-founder of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation? Well, Diane Walsh has done it again and will be making the arrangements for all those interested in this fantastic deal. Why not come sailing with us?

The cruise will be on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ship Rhapsody of the Seas and will depart from Seattle, Washington on May 22nd 2009, returning to Seattle on May 29th, 2009. You will need to arrive in Seattle on the May 21st 2009 in order to be there in time for the cruise departure. Royal Caribbean will donate a portion of the cabin charge for every cabin booked, and used to the BAF. Other means of benefiting TBAF will be discussed pending approval from the Foundation.

Your ports of call, at this time, will be Juno, Skagway, Tracy Arm Fjord, and Victoria, British Colombia. Pricing upon request, Diane must get your commitments now however, as time and space are limited. Don't forget that there are about 30 excursion trips that may be added to your voyage, including panning for gold, flying over the glaciers, wilderness trips to gaze upon the grizzlies. The excursions are at an extra charge, but they can add to the total cruise experience.

Since space is limited, deposits must be in by September 29th if you want a guaranteed balcony or junior suite. The deposit per cabin would be $500.00 or if you are sharing it would be $250.00 per person based on double occupancy. Inside cabins, if still available, can be deposited on at a later date, but must be arranged at this time. Airfare can be arranged through Royal Caribbean or you may obtain it on your own.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Please e-mail Diane if you have any questions at

Monday, September 08, 2008

Countdown to Spamalot II

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Countdown to Spamalot II

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Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF