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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Beard or Not The Beard...That Is The Question

There are lots of important questions when it comes to the Clack in our lives. When will tour tickets go on sale? What songs will Clay sing at his concert? What will be Clay's next television appearance? But, the most important question these days is possibly, "What do you think of Clay's beard?" "Will he keep the beard or not?" Well, we already have the answer to that last question. Clay himself said that he grew it in keeping with the customs of the Afghanistan people, which I think was extremely thoughtful of him.

But in threads all over ClayNation, there were discussions about whether we liked the beard on Clay or preferred a clean-shaven Clay. Some liked that the beard made Clay look older, others preferred the younger look of no beard. Some of us thought it took his gorgeousness to a whole other level (count me in with those). Others thought he looked too "scruffy". Obvious there is no right or wrong opinion here. Its just a matter of preference. Even though I know I'm really right! (just kidding!!)

CDD has had a poll this week asking if you prefer clean-shaven or bearded Clay. Check out these pictures before I give you the results and see whether or not they change your stance on the bearded wonder:

Well, any change of hearts out there?

As of the writing of this article, the results are 64 prefer the beard and 123 prefer Clay clean-shaven. That's 34% for the beard and 66% against. What that boils down to is 66% who are very thrilled that Clay immediately shaved off the probably itchy beard right when he got home and 34% who are disappointed but will take Clay with or without, thank you!! And of course 100% who are very thankful that bearded or clean-shaven Clay is home safe and sound.

Now that we've got that question settled, its off to the next important one...Will a "sweating in the heat and humidity of Texas" Clay need a change of 10 shirts at the Frisco, Texas Outdoor-in-July concert? Now that should make for an interesting discussion!! ;)

CDD Annouces Plans For Clay Aiken Wiki

I'm sure most of you would have now heard about Wikipedia and a mountain of other wikis out there. For those of you who are unfamiliar with a wiki, a wiki is simply a user-aggregated website that anyone can edit, create and share.

As part of our commitment to make our website as user-centric as possible, CDD is in the initial stages of looking to make a CDD/Clay Aiken wiki where you can share your OWN Clay news, works of art, stories, montages, concert recaps and whatever else you may want to share with the rest of the world.

To make suggestions or if you are interested in helping out, either comment on this post or contact us via our feedback form. We look forward to making CDD more fun, accessible and open to every member of the Clay nation.

... and now to the real point of this post:

Before we officially open the Wiki (projected "OFFICIAL" opening date is June 2007), we want you to explore the CDD Clay Aiken wiki for yourself. Feel free to add new pages and your Clay stuff. We want the wiki filled to the brim with everything Clay Aiken by June 2007!

L.A. Greek Theater Promotes Concert

LUVClay26 has posted a scan of an ad for Clay's Los Angeles concert. She spotted it in this week's edition of OC Weekly, a free magazine available in the LA area.

Update: and while we're on the topic of the LA concert, you can enter to win yourself tickets to the show over at

Tidbits 4/28

  • A few mentions of the summer tour:
    • Pegasus News on the Dallas concert -
      For the second consecutive year, the City of Frisco and Pizza Hut Park have teamed up to host the City of Frisco’s Freedom Fest, on Wednesday, July 4. The Independence Day festival will start at 4 pm, and also feature the FC Dallas’ home game versus Chivas USA (5:30 pm), followed by a post-game concert by Clay Aiken and Symphony, and capped off by the largest fireworks show in the Metroplex, organized by the premier fireworks company – the Zambelli Family.
      Pop-singer Clay Aiken and the Symphony will perform on the Pizza Hut Park stage approximately 30 minutes following the end of the game. He has released three solo albums that have each debuted in the top five on the Billboard charts.
    • WRAL -
      He has released three albums since his "Idol" run. In 2003, he released his debut album, "Measure of a Man," which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart. His holiday album, "Merry Christmas With Love," was released in 2004, while "A Thousand Different Ways" was released last September.
  • Connecticut Now - article about Gary Burr, a writer who wrote for Clay on MOAM - "More recently he's collaborated with pop personalities Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken."
  • More about "the end" of Rosie O'Donnell (at least her gig on The View!). You already know the Clay mention they're talking about here:

  • The ConCLAYve - hilarious spoof/skit of Clay and Kimmel on Larry King Live. Last month, Kimmel began substituting for Larry King on his CNN talk show.
  • ClaySpots - NCLD honors Clay with special award.

Friday, April 27, 2007

OFC Announces New Presale Date For Frisco Concert

The following info is from the OFC's public home page concerning the rescheduling of the Frisco Concert presale date.

04/27/07 :
Pre-Sale for Frisco, TX Re-Scheduled for Tuesday, May 1st
By Team Clay

The Clay Aiken pre-sale for the 4th of July show in Frisco, TX is now re-scheduled to occur on Tuesday, May 1st at 10 a.m. CDT.

Please note the following regarding the 7/4 event in Frisco, TX:

- The event is a Major League Soccer game at which Clay will perform afterwards. A 4th of July fireworks display will also be included as a part of this event.

- If you're attending this event solely with the purpose to see Clay Aiken perform, please note that the highest priced tickets are not necessarily the best tickets in order to watch Clay's performance. Especially for this pre-sale, the venue will be allotting reserve tickets that are not the most expensive, however, they will be the closest to the stage where Clay will perform.

- Additionally, after the soccer game and before Clay's performance, the field will be open to anyone who holds a reserve ticket to the game for those who wish to leave their seats and watch the performance from the field. Spots on the field will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

From People Magazine - Everything You Need To Know About Clay Aiken

Want to read some Clay Aiken news from the past? How about Clay's appearance on Dr. Phil's show...or maybe about Clay Aiken, the ultimate idol champ...maybe back when Clay got his college degree...or how about when Kelly and Clay went on tour together.

Well you can read about those and more...a total of 23 articles and 34 photos which are at Clay's Celeb section in Everything People Magazine online has had to say about Clay. Check out the photo of Clay and Jimmy at the Virgin Megastore CD signing. See Clay giving a geography lesson to students in New York. Reminisce about the Top 3 on American Idol 2. Plus 31 other photos.

In addition, there is a biography section, snapshot section, special feature, and a few fun facts. Its an especially fun place to visit when the clack is slow.

Check it out and see if you don't enjoy the great Clay info at

Tidbits 4/27

  • - MLB writer spoofs Larry King (ie. this isn't real!)
    Give me 17 dollars in my cutoff jeans pocket, a right-field bleacher seat at a 62-degree, early-May matinee at the Jake, 4 1/3 perfect innings of Fausto Carmona, an iPod loaded with Clay Aiken and a movie-theatre-size box of Jujubes and I'll sell you a like-new queen-size waterbed that cost me over $700 for fifty bucks and a 12-inch Subway Italian BMT.
  • Even more about Rosie O'Donnell leaving The View. The usual Clay mention:

  • The CONCLAYve -cute read ... why MasterCard & Clay Aiken are the perfect combination for the summer tour-
    MasterCard loves me. I called to increase my credit limit as we are buying a Jacuzzi and I was buying a large block of group tickets for friends to see Clay Aiken perform at The Mann Center in Philadelphia. Sometimes they ask why you want a credit increase. What would I have said? Soaking my head and soaking my heart?
  • There Was A Man - Clay makes a surprise appearance on Today Show.

Clay Wins Children's Advocacy Award from the National Center for Learning Disabilities

Here's one more example why Clay's work with the Bubel Aiken Foundation and UNICEF is affecting and changing lives each and everyday.

According to Vox The Editor's Life, Clay received this honour at a special event held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City on Wednesday night, the same time as American Idol broadcast its 2-hour special "Idol Gives Back":
American Idol Gives Back, Takes Award

Apr 26, 2007 at 11:50 AM

On the same night that top-rated television show American Idol concluded a history-making two-part special, raising (at last count) more than $60 million for charitable causes, one-time American Idol finalist and successful recording star Clay Aiken received the Children's Advocacy Award from the National Center for Learning Disabilities, held at the Marriott Marquis. Aiken was honored for his tireless work on behalf of children's causes.

The evening--though it did not feature a performance by Aiken--was not without its excitement, which came in the form of a live auction for--among other things--a Ford Mustang (won for just under $35,000) and a bespoke suit by New York menswear designer Jay Kos. All told, the gala, which celebrated the NCLD's thirtieth anniversary, raised just over $2 million.
Congratulations Clay from everyone at CDD!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Idol 2 - Remembering Clay's Performances - Top 6

Another week of American Idol has come and gone. This week, of course, was the big American Idol Gives Back show, and the last total shows $60 million raised for Africa and America. Way to go, AI, what a great effort to follow in the footsteps of our own Clay Aiken and reach out to make a difference.

This week was Top 6 week for American Idol, and unlike the Top 6 in 2003, no one was eliminated this week. Of course, AI2 had "Halfway Home" week after Corey Clark was kicked off the show. The contestants sang the favorite song that they had sung in the competition so far, and Clay, sitting on the edge of the stage, sang "Somewhere Out There". He stood up just as the song swelled and sang it to the rooftops! It was as good if not better than the first time he sang it. And one good thing about that night...there were no judges!!

This week was Diane Warren week, and Clay sang "I Could Not Ask For More". He came from back stage wearing a dark leather jacket and just really sang it beautifully. I know I say that every week, but, well, what's true is true!! The judges, including Diane Warren, were loving what they heard. Randy said, "We're trying to find the best we can find in America. And every week, you come up with it dawg, you're definitely one of the best in America." Paula said, "Another wonderful week...great vocal performance....your voice is a are a definite contender for the finals." Diane said, "Wonderful...Clay did a great version...beautiful, excellent, I love your voice." Then there was Simon, who once again started on his Broadway kick..."As a Broadway artist, you will make a fortune on the back of this. I just don't see you as what we were looking for originally which was a recording artist. That's not to say that you don't have a great talent. If I was casting for Phantom of the Opera, you'd get the part." Then Diane gave Simon a t-shirt that said, "Sorry I don't do nice." All I have to say is, "Simon, he is a recording artist, and he's doing great!!"

If you want to download Clay singing any of the AI2 songs, head over to Clack Unlimited's American Idol 2 Solo Performances. You can also download the judges comments, group songs, and the results shows there.

Next week, we'll remember Clay's Top 5 performance. Another great one, of course!

Clay Visits WNYC To Talk About UNICEF

Clay dropped by WNYC-FM in New York City today to talk about some of the recent work he has been doing for UNICEF including this month's trip to Afghanistan.

"I found a very different country while I was there. Kabul is growing and thriving, people are getting back to work, children are getting back to school. It's a country really trying to put itself together after decades and decades of trouble," Clay remarked in the 10 minute long interview.

You can download the full cap at this link:

Download the cap here at SendSpace

Clay Designs Purse for "Center For Women" Auction

We have Clay the singer, Clay the entertainer, Clay the producer, Clay the Ambassador, Clay the philanthropist, and now you can add to that Clay the Fashion Designer!

Clay has designed a purse for the Charleston, South Carolina Center For Women's "Its In The Bag" Purse Auction. Purses are designed for the auction by invitation only, and this year, in addition to bags designed by Charleston women, a new "Men's Room" has been added, featuring the work of area men. Clay's purse, a simple but classy design, also features Clay's signature on the front.

To learn more about the auction, go to "Its In The Bag" at the Center For Women's website. Monies raised go to support the Center for Women's programs and services.

Fanclub: Tour Update

The official fanclub has posted new information about the summer tour, including new fanclub presale dates and new general public on sale dates:

04/24/07 : New & Upcoming On-Sale Dates!

By Team Clay

Included below are the upcoming on-sale dates for Clay Aiken performances. Visit the TOURS (link to page for a complete listing of tour dates and tour dates on sale to the public now.

Date Location Venue On-Sale
July 4 Frisco, TX Pizza Hut Park On-Sale 5/4
July 23 Sterling Heights, MI Freedom Hill AmphitheaterOn-Sale 4/28
July 28 Newark, NJ New Jersey Performing Arts CenterOn-Sale 5/9
August 4 Los Angeles, CA Greek TheatreOn-Sale 4/28
August 10 Cary, NC Koka Booth AmphitheaterOn-Sale 5/5
August 11 Asheville, NC Biltmore EstatesOn-Sale 5/23
August 12 Knoxville, TN Tennessee TheaterOn-Sale 4/27



By Team Clay New pre-sales for Clay Aiken's upcoming symphony tour begin this coming Thursday, April 26. Pre-sale passwords, links and detailed information will be posted on the TOURS page of the website prior to pre-sale start times. You will need to login using your Clay Online fan club account to see the pre-sale links and codes.

Please note that Thursday's pre-sales will be the first in which you will need to use your unique code located in the TOURS section of the site for Ticketmaster venue pre-sales. Also check out the TOURS page for complete details and tips regarding this new system. Unfortunately, not all pre-sales are held at, therefore a generic code will be issued and provided on for any non-Ticketmaster pre-sales.

Date / Location & Venue / Pre-Sale

Clay Aiken Pre-Sale beginning Thursday, April 26:

July 23 -- Sterling Heights, MI -- Freedom Hill Amphitheater - Pre-Sale Begins 10 a.m. EDT

August 4 -- Los Angeles, CA -- Greek Theater - Pre-Sale Begins 10 a.m. PDT

August 12 -- Knoxville, TN -- Tennessee Theater - Pre-Sale Begins 9 a.m. EDT

Clay Aiken Pre-Sale beginning Friday, April 27:

July 4 -- Frisco, TX - Pizza Hut Park - Pre-Sale Begins 10 a.m. CDT

Clay Aiken Pre-Sale beginning Monday, April 30:

July 28 – Newark, NJ – New Jersey Performing Arts Center - Pre-Sale Begins 10 a.m. EDT

Frisco, TX Fanclub Presale Postponed

Tomorrow's previously planned fanclub presale for Clay's July 4 concert in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX has been postponed according to the official fanclub:

By Team Clay

The Frisco, TX pre-sale scheduled for Friday, April 27 is postponed. Please note that this show is still scheduled and is not cancelled. We will post more information on the site as it become available. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Tidbits 4/26

  • The State is giving us a chance to vote for our favourite AI runner up. Cast your vote here by posting a comment.
    Let’s go way back to the beginning and take a look at previous “Idol” runners-up. Who was your favorite? Justin Guarini? Bo Bice? Clay Aiken? Log onto “Idol Tracker” at to cast your vote for the best second-place crooner.
  • Ellen Show - On today's show, Ellen is being shown around in a huge house owned by somebody in Hollywood. She tries to guess whose house it is, and ends by saying, "Clay Aiken?" Download clip at Clack Unlimited.
  • Columbus Ledger Enquirer - no need to win Idol to find a fan base -
    Ray, for example, said she only watched "Idol" in its second season, a season she identifies in the context of contestant Clay Aiken. But he was the second-place finisher.

    "He's actually kind of more famous than (season-two winner) Ruben (Studdard)," she said.
  • WNYC - On the Leonard Lopate Show, Clay is interviewed about his work in Afghanistan. The website says, "Clay Aiken became a household name through American Idol. He’s here today to talk about becoming a UNICEF ambassador, and working to bring the everyday lives of children in Afghanistan to the spotlight." Click on the word "listen" to hear this great interview. Click on the Leonard Lopate Show page, then on "Clay Aiken In Afghanistan" to see pictures of Clay.
  • Quiana Parlor Website - According to Quiana's website calendar, she will be joining Clay on his tour beginning July 19. The site also says this date is subject to change.
  • Foxes on Idol - All seasons are remembered in this "Halfway Home" article. Concerning Clay and Season 2:
    Songwriter Diane Warren was on hand as the top six performed her songs. This was the night that really defined the top three. Clay (“I Could Not Ask for More”), Ruben (“Music of My Heart”), and Kimberley (“If You Asked Me To”) were all exceptional that night and left Josh, Trenyce, and Carmen in the dust. Viewers recognized this as well, and sent Carmen Rasmusen home.
    The Inquirer (Philippine News)- In an article about Michael Buble, it says,
    When we commended him for including ?Me and Mrs. Jones? in his new album, Michael confessed, ?I never heard it until I was preparing this album. I gave Emily s?t. We were having dinner in a restaurant. I was hanging out with the guys from Il Divo. James Caan was there. I think Clay Aiken was there, too, for some reason. When David (Foster, a co-producer) said, we got this song for you, ?Me and Mrs. Jones,? the table erupted.
  • MSNBC - An article about the American Idol Gives Back show discusses the fact that none of the idols were kicked off last night, and it says,
    Whether this was less of a surprise that Chris Daughtry’s finishing fourth, Ruben Studdard beating Clay Aiken, or the “Idol” crew screwing up the phone numbers last season is a question best left for the ages.
  • Los Angeles Times - another summer tour mention.
  • Business Wire- In this article about an agreement between UNICEF and Azureus, it says:
    Azureus, a global leader in aggregating and distributing long-form, high quality video via the Internet's most popular media peer-to-peer (P2P) application, today announced a content agreement with UNICEF, the first-ever peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution initiative for the nonprofit organization....The site will feature touching videos from UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors like Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, Clay Aiken and Roger Federer.
  • The Journal News - "Yes, Kimberley Locke, the second runner-up to Reuben Studdard and Clay Aiken on season two, has opened up Croton Creek Steakhouse and Wine Bar..."
  • Foxes on Idol questions why Clay wasn't on last night's Idol Give Back - "What about Clay Aiken, who has devoted some of his own time to charitable causes?"
  • Charleston Post & Courier - town to hold silent auction. Clay Aiken goodies amongst the items up for bid.
  • Few more Rosie O'Donnell mentions:
  • E! News - seeing double? (reference to Clay's hair)
  • Detroit News - negative mention (refers to Clay's sexuality)
  • 411Mania - Canadian musician Remy Shand, who disappeared off the radar in 2003 was seen with Clay last year. Shand says the two are just "friends".

  • Nothing here yet

Today Show Screen Caps For Your Viewing Pleasure

As you may have already read today in Clay's Daily Double, Clay appeared on The Today Show to talk about the work he did in Afghanistan. Thanks to Clayscience21 and pupchick57 from The Clayboard we have some great screencaps from Clay's appearance on The Today Show.

From CDD's Clayscience21:

From pupchick57:

Clay Talks About Afghanistan on The Today Show

Clay surprised us all and showed up on The Today Show on Thursday, 4/25. He is getting good at tiptoeing around and showing up at places before the fans know about it!

Clay talked with Al Roker, David Gregory and Dr. Nancy Snyderman about his trip to Afghanistan. At the All Day website is an interview Dan Fleschner had with Clay before he was on The Today Show. Here is that interview:

Q: When did you get back from Afghanistan, how long were you there and what were you doing?

Clay Aiken: I got back on Wednesday, and I was there for about two weeks. It was a really eye-opening experience and was interesting because a lot of stereotypes were broken down for me. The people there were wonderfully nice, and the country was really beautiful and peaceful. It was a little surprising because of all the news we hear from over there.

[Clay sees a video clip of President Bush dancing with a Senegalese dance troupe in the Rose Garden on Wednesday]

What in the world is he doing? Please, be joking.

[He regains his train of thought.]

I was observing programs run by UNICEF, observing schools where women are getting an education, often for the first time in their lives.

Q: Why were you particularly attracted to this trip?

CA: I used to be a teacher. I was a special-ed teacher in North Carolina, so there was some synergy there.

Q: You're familiar with our "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" series, which begins on Monday. What's the most interesting place you've been to, and where would you like to go that you haven't been to before?

CA: Well, definitely Afghanistan was the most interesting place. Not just because it was exotic and dangerous, to some degree, but also because it is so beautiful and peaceful. It's the third country I've been to with UNICEF -- I had previously been to Uganda and Indonesia. But I had never been to a place that beautiful and peaceful.

As for a place I'd like to go...I'd like to go to Zanzibar. I imagine it's beautiful, and it makes me sound smart to say I know where it is.

Q: Apparently there's a version of "American Idol" in Afghanistan -- did you see it?

CA: It's called "Afghan Star," and I didn't get to see it.

Q: Have you been able to follow the current season of "American Idol"?

CA: I haven't seen any of it.

Q: Have you heard anything about Sanjaya and his performances?

CA: We were actually in India when everything was happening with him, and people over there were talking about it.

Q: The big entertainment news today is that Rosie O'Donnell is leaving "The View" in June. Any reaction?

CA: Good for her. Do what you want to do. But she will be missed on that show. But I'm sure she'll do something just as big and fantastical -- if that's a word -- as she did when she was on "The View."

Q: What's next for you?

CA: I have a tour coming up this summer. It starts July 4 in Dallas, and tickets are on sale now.
You can watch a video of Clay on Today by clicking on "Launch Video" at the same site as the interview is on. You can also download it at Clack Unlimited.

Clay looked great (as always) and is so well versed and passionate about education in Afghanistan. Every time I see him talk about these things, it makes me prouder to be a Clay supporter, as I know it does all of you! He is getting to be known as much for his philanthropy as his singing! And that is what Clay has wanted all along!

clayis' Update, 4/27: YouTube clip now available:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tidbits 4/25

  • There are now even more photos of Clay singing with Steven Curtis Chapman in Greensboro earlier this year up on 1ElevenImages @ SmugMug. On Friday, 3 photos were posted onto that same website.
  • Sendspace - Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Clay on his show Tuesday night. The clip of this is up at Sendspace for download. The Kimmel bit was concerning Russell Simmons wanting to ban lyrics in hiphop music. Jimmy said, "If those restrictions go through, this is a serious thing, I don't see how Clay Aiken is going to be able to record another album." Ya gotta love Jimmy's snarky humor!
  • News today that Rosie O'Donnell has opted not to renew her contract to be on The View:
    • - "Rosie also accused Kelly Ripa of homophobia because Ripa had the gall to object to American Idol fame fader Clay Aiken putting his hand over her mouth on live TV. She created another controversy by claiming 'radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam.'"
    • MSNBC -
      After the last year on "The View" it's a wonder O'Donnell is standing at all, what with her feuds (Clay Aiken, Miss USA, Donald Trump, etc.), the backlash against her tasteless jokes (imitating Chinese by saying, "ching-chong, ching-chong"), plus whatever did or did not happen between her and Barbara Walters, cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck and anyone else she's supposedly fighting with on a regular basis.
    • AZ Republic -
      Rosie's going after fellow daytime star Kelly Ripa -- accusing Ripa of making homophobic comments after the Regis & Kelly Live host made a joke about where Clay Aiken's hand had been, even though Aiken has never publicly discussed his sexuality -- seemed curious at best.
    • Washington Post -
      "Live With Regis & Kelly's" Kelly Ripa's annoyance at guest host Clay Aiken's attempt to silence her by placing his hand over her mouth. Ripa said: "I just don't know where that hand's been, honey." Ripa vehemently denied that the comment was homophobic.
    • Chicago Tribune - "she accused talk-show host Kelly Ripa of homophobia when Ripa objected to Clay Aiken putting his hand over her mouth."
    • TIME Magazine blog
    • The Hollywood Gossip
  • Top 40 Charts - PR about a new CD by Lisa Palleschi ... co-writer of one of the songs, Jeff Franzel also wrote "I Survived You" for Clay.
  • MTV - AI - uh...
    They're calling this two-night extravaganza "Idol Gives Back." (And let's face it. After "From Justin to Kelly" and Clay Aiken, "Idol" owes us BIG time.)
  • Hartford Courant - why American Idol voting is "broken" -
    Considering past results - Reuben Studdard's victory margin over Clay Aiken was reportedly less than 1 percent in spite of tens of millions of votes tallied - along with currently observable busy signals, results to date could have been dictated by phone capacity constraints rather than true fan appeal.
  • Detroit Free Press - busy line up this summer at Freedom Hills Amphitheater including Clay concert.
  • Philadelphia Tribune - another mention of the tour... i think they have a typo on the date. Should read July, not June.
  • Asheville Citizen Times - one more tour mention.
  • Dallas Morning News on AI6 contestants choosing to perform previous Idols' songs -
    The kids had to pick a meaningful tune all by their lonesome. Which may explain why La-Kisha Jones went with Fantasia's Idol single, "I Believe." (Carrie Underwood last week, Fantasia this week – what's next, a little Clay Aiken number?)
  • Lewiston Tribune - AI6 contestant Jordin Sparks delivered a showstopping performance on last night's Idol -
    I remember a few incredible performances from the years of watching “American Idol” — Fantasia’s “Summertime” and Clay Aiken’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” — but I was awestruck tonight watching Jordin sing.

  • Nothing here yet.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

KOST 103.5 Gives Away Tickets To The Greek Concert

Bouncer15 at The Clayboard let us know that KOST 103.5 FM ,in Burbank, California, gave away 2 tickets to the Clay concert at The Greek Theater this morning. According to KOST's website, fans better keep listening for a chance to win more tickets:

Lorrie Emis of Ontario is going to see Clay Aiken!

Keep listening for your opportunity to see Clay among our 25th Anniversary prizes.

Here's the 'heads up' we dropped before the contest exclusively for bloggers like you! Love Clay Aiken? Better listen with a phone by your side this hour 10 am pdt!
Good luck to KOST listeners. And thanks, KOST, for advertising Clay's concert!

Clay's New UNICEF Interview

CLAYPERFECT has found a new UNICEF interview/PSA with Clay. The clip is short, but Clay has some interesting things to say about his trip to Afghanistan. Download it at MegaUpload.

Tidbits 4/24

  • Lycos 50 - Clay stayed at #12 this week on Lycos 50. This is a total of 199 weeks in a row that Clay has been in the top 50. This week Lycos 50 says about Clay, "Was Rooting For Sanjaya"!
  • Actress Archives - Idol plans on giving back in this week's special episodes -
    Whether it's Sanjaya or Daughtry, Clarkson or Clay Aiken, we just can't seem to help ourselves from tuning in and voting for our favorite singers. Now, American Idol is going to focus all that ratings energy and all its star power into a charity fundraiser that just oozes goodwill from every pore.
  • KOST FM in Los Angeles gave away tickets to Clay's LA Greek Theater concert today. Congrats to Lorrie of Ontario, CA who snapped up the tickets. Apparently, the radio station also announced that tickets go on sale on Saturday. This on sale date has not been confirmed yet by Team Clay.

  • Carolina On My Mind - Clay wraps up UNICEF fundraising, Kevin Bacon makes Six Degrees donation official

New Tour Dates: Newark, Knoxville

The official fanclub has announced two new tour dates. The new tour dates are listed under the presale information on the Tour page. This page is only accessible to fanclub members. The two dates are:

  • July 28 - Newark, NJ - New Jersey Performing Arts Center
  • August 12 - Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Theater - tickets go on sale on THIS FRIDAY via the venue.

Monday, April 23, 2007 Updated With New Tour Dates has finally been updated with Clay's new Summer Tour dates. As far as I'm concerned, I'm pretty disappointed no one at RCA regularly updates Clay's website.

Clay's Afghanistan Appeal Raises Over $180,000

Clay fans, we have something to get real excitable about! In UNICEF's April 23 Field Notes, Chris Phillips has given us the great news that a total of $181,783.03 has been raised, almost double, from Clay's $100,000/10 Day appeal! This is absolutely amazing, and all those who contributed should feel good about the huge difference this will make in the education of Afghanistan's children.

The UNICEF Field Notes includes the following information:

Yesterday was the final day of Clay Aiken's ten day appeal for Afghanistan.

Congratulations! We raised $181,783.03 for the kids of Afghanistan during this ten day campaign. That's $80,000+ more than the original goal we set for this campaign!

This total includes all online gifts made online in the U.S. and Canada. We're expecting some checks to come in through the mail and will post a final total next week.

We appreciate your generous support of this appeal. Hundreds of you posted this appeal on your web sites, blogs and boards and forwarded the campaign to your friends.

My colleagues and I will continue to keep you posted on UNICEF's work in Afghanistan and around the world. We'll show you how your gifts are being put to work in the field.
Note that since all checks have not been received, this dollar figure should rise, bringing us closer to $200,000!

Kudos to the fans for giving so generously at Clay's appeal, to Clay for the loving work he does as a UNICEF Ambassador of Education for the children of the world, and to UNICEF for all they have done all these years and continue to do to help people all over the world. I couldn't be prouder to be part of such an amazing effort!

Clay Mentioned in "Idol Gives Back" Education Website Article

PR Newswire has an interesting press release concerning an education website for children and teachers launched by "Idol Gives Back". This website was developed by "the education experts at Scholastic, the global children's publishing, education and media company", and it "offers a virtual classroom program, for grades K-12, to help raise awareness about important global issues and encourage school communities to get involved, take action and make a difference."

In PR-Inside's article, Clay is mentioned when an online magazine called "The Teen Citizen" is discussed, as follows:

The "Teen Citizen" online magazine profiles young role models who have taken action in their community and includes 2003 "American Idol" Clay Aiken who, in his role as UNICEF Ambassador, traveled to Uganda to visit families in need.
An article about Clay can be found in Page 7 of Teen Citizen Magazine online.

In addition, at the Scholastic online site is a link to "Clay Aiken's Mission". This site includes a picture of Clay in Uganda and a great interview concerning his work with UNICEF. Here are a couple of gems related by Clay from that interview:
In my opinion, there are very few issues in the world that are as important—and solvable—as saving the world’s children. For 60 years, working in more than 150 countries, UNICEF has been the world’s leader for children’s rights, saving more young lives than any other humanitarian organization.

Name one small way and one big way you help to promote UNICEF.

One small way I help is by encouraging people to support UNICEF. Every penny counts! UNICEF uses the money it raises to help improve kids’ lives around the world...

One big way I help is by attracting attention to the most neglected and forgotten emergencies. For example, I traveled to northern Uganda in 2005, where nearly 20 years of war have destroyed millions of families and their homes...
Hopefully through these online educational tools, America's youth will become aware of the ways UNICEF is helping the children of the world and will be motivated themselves to help. Surely seeing the example of Ambassador Clay Aiken will encourage them to do whatever they can.

Tidbits 4/23

  • Syracuse Post Standard - MALE blog reader surprised at Clay's singing, sense of humor:
    I have to admit that he isn't what I expected. I looked around at youtube and there is a lot there of him. His voice is phenomenal. He's funny too. I'm going to try to find a concert near me. Mark, you really should put up more of these. Listen to this one.
  • Foxes on Idol - In an article entitled "This Week in American Idol History: Halfway Home", Seasons 1-5 are discussed. Concerning Clay, it says:
    Songwriter Diane Warren was on hand as the top six performed her songs. This was the night that really defined the top three. Clay (“I Could Not Ask for More”), Ruben (“Music of My Heart”), and Kimberley (“If You Asked Me To”) were all exceptional that night and left Josh, Trenyce, and Carmen in the dust. Viewers recognized this as well, and sent Carmen Rasmusen home.
  • San Jose Mercury News - Clay Aiken deserves more attention:
    A sigh of relief Sanjaya won't win "American Idol." Enough already!

    Not one word about UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken, who recently returned from Afghanistan. He requested contributions for classrooms, clean water and medical attention. His campaign aimed for $100,000 in 10 days. Pledges are now $145,000 in seven days, with Canada asking to be included.
  • Los Angeles Loyolan - American Idol not American enough?
    During season four, incorrect phone numbers were shown for the contestants, forcing the show to discard those results and have a do-over. Somewhere out there, some fans still believe that Clay Aiken really won season two. The list of controversies goes on and on, but overall, none of these have proven anything close to fatal for the show.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clay Mention @ UNICEF's Idol Gives Back Page

There's a small Clay mention in the UNICEF page for American Idol's "Idol Gives Back" campaign. The webpage shows a photo of Clay standing beside Ruben at the AI2 finale.

The Cutest Montage Ever - "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me"

RUN, don't walk, to Clack Unlimited to see the cutest montage ever made. "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me", made by EduClaytionMajor, who used the videos of ClayIzzaQT (her mom), will have you smiling, giggling, laughing, and going back to watch it over again! The montage is made up of videos from the March 31 Gala, and just to give you an idea of what's in store for you, check out these pictures below and then RUN over to Clack Unlimited to download this treat!

"Our" Idol Gives Back - An Essay By CorieLuvzClay

Most of you have read the beautiful essays that CorieLuvzClay writes, many of which we have included here at Clay's Daily Double. Corie has been wanting to write one about Clay's trip with UNICEF for a couple of weeks now, but there have been things going on in her life that have kept her from writing one.

I received Corie's essay last night, and now that I have read what she wrote about our Ambassador Clay Aiken, I believe it was meant to be for the essay to come at this time instead of earlier. It comes just in time for us to include it in our edition of CDD that goes out on the last day that donations are being accepted for Clay's $100,000/10 Day appeal (and, of course, we popped the top off that thermometer!). It comes just when UNICEF and Clay are putting the final touches on his "Field Report". It comes just after we saw the fantastic Entertainment Tonight report on Clay's trip with UNICEF. It comes when excitement is high in Claynation from seeing all of the beautiful pictures of Clay with the children in Afghanistan and watching the videos, including that heart-melting picture and video of Clay and the baby..."All Done Darlin'". Will I ever get over that one?

So, as you read this extraordinary essay, see if you don't agree that it came at the perfect time, and also that she sums up the thoughts and feelings of all of Claynation for their UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken!


I sit here at my computer, looking, watching, listening and falling in love…over and over and over again. I listen to and watch recent videos…I look at precious few pictures many, many times. I suck in my breath, my heart clenches and yet again, for the umpteenth time I think…just what is it? Just exactly what has he got that no one else has? What in the name of all that is holy is the hold, the rapture…the absolute most spellbinding grasp this man has on us? We don’t seem to know, those of us who have some modicum of an inkling find it hard to put into words, he most assuredly has no clue and the rest of the world…”out there”, out of this realm, out of “his nation”, is so far removed that they are utterly lost…lost and confused at the unabashed, unconditional love, commitment and support we have for this man, “our” American Idol, my Pied Piper, my Prince of Thieves as I have named him in other writings.

This man who dips long, slender fingers into pools of philanthropic waters and causes a ripple effect so strong that without his knowing to what extent…”his nation” watches…it waits and it watches, holding a collective breath, wondering the same thoughts…is he safe? What will he do today? How will he touch someone on the other side of the world? What will he leave behind? Will his footprints be emblazoned on the hearts of those he comforts, will his soft voice be branded to the memories of those he speaks to, will his smile be stamped in their minds eye…will sparkling jade green eyes be forever hallmarked in the hearts, minds and souls of the people whose lives he touched for a brief five days? Will Clay Aiken, America’s sweetheart, superstar pop-singer, UNICEF Ambassador for the well being and education of the world’s children make the impression upon the people of Afghanistan that is needed there…letting them know that someone cares? That someone will fight for them, that someone will try to “save” them in some small way…if in no other way, at least to make known, their hearts desire for the fulfillment of education? Helping them to fill the void, the hunger and quenching their thirst for knowledge, one of the most important tools they must have in order to survive the ever developing world around them? I think he does, in his own distinctive, exceptional way; Clay will let them know that he will do all in his power to help them to realize their own dreams of a brighter future.

By now, most of us have seen the video of Clay giving a polio vaccine to an infant held snuggly and lovingly in his warm, safe arms. The look on his face is one of profound attention to the mission at hand. Once completed, his face lights up with an affectionate smile and he softly says…”all done darlin’, all done, all finished” and the look on Clay’s face is real and true and it just melts your heart and those words just suck you in. Although unclear, he then seems to whisper…”aw sweetheart, sweet” as he gently caresses the tiny infant’s soft cheek with feathery thumb strokes. At some other juncture in the video you see Clay gently rubbing the arm of another baby and saying “poor darlin’ “ as that baby receives an injection from the doctor and it’s these soft murmurings, sweet gestures and gentle looks that make Clay Aiken stand out and away from other celebrities. He loses himself in the moment, never paying attention to the camera around him and just is himself…never ashamed or embarrassed to show his softer side, to reveal his tender and loving nature…never too macho to show the rest of us how to love and to share what’s inside of us with those in need. Clay wears his heart on his sleeve, he is more than simply a human being…and he has not one care what others may think of his gentle nature. This is Clay Aiken…he is like this whether on a mission with UNICEF or on a stage singing songs of love and angst or songs in prayer to the Heavenly Father…he gives of his heart and his soul, in their entirety until the light pours out of him and shines on all of us. His look, at those moments become virtually ethereal and therein lies one of the mysteries…how does this man, who is human, seemingly change his appearance to that of an Angelic force when engaged in something from his heart and his soul? I don’t think we will ever have the answer to that question; it’s not for us to know…it’s only for us to witness, love and learn from. Clay Aiken is “A Spiritual Being on a Human Journey”!

I know that Clay Aiken is not the only celebrity Ambassador for UNICEF, I know that there are actors, singers and sports figures who also travel with UNICEF in an effort to bring help and relief to other developing nations…but no matter their popularity, it just seems that Clay brings awareness like no one else can…and he can do this because of us, his fans. Because of the love and respect we have for Clay, we make sure that his appeals and cries for help are not only met but they are met with a fervor and a pitch that shakes the organization on the receiving end to it’s very core. He asked for one hundred thousand dollars in donations to bring educational supplies to the children of Afghanistan and his quest is being met with almost double that in less time then the allotted ten days to reach this goal. As of this writing we are at $161,798.82 in donations with still one day to go and without having the ending total for Friday, April 20, 2007.

"I want my tombstone to say that I made a difference somewhere...I don't want this to be for naught, I don't want all this to be a waste, I kind of would like to think that I am here for a reason" By Clay Aiken November 2004

We love you Clay, we’re here for you, helping you to realize your dreams for children in need everywhere, in all walks of life and under all circumstances, whether through UNICEF or The Bubel/Aiken Foundation. We’re here…loving you unconditionally, supporting you unwaveringly and respecting you beyond measure…Always & Forever!

April 21, 2007

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