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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Curtains Close On Christmas Tour Tonight

Another tour has come and gone! Clay's 2006 Symphonic Christmas tour will come to a close tonight in Greensboro, NC.

In case you've missed any of the tour highlights, we have recaps, photos and much, much more compiled at our Christmas tour blog:

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Singapore "Crazy for Clay"

Another interview with Clay was published in a Singapore teen magazine. Thanks to the CH's happyclayday for the scans and to the CB's clayaikenrulez for typing the article up. An interview was also published this week in Singapore's LIME Magazine.
Sheryl: Based on record sales, you’re the most successful runner-up in American Idol history – what’s the reason behind your success?

Clay: Wow, I have no idea! (Pauses) Really, honestly, I don’t know. I guess it’s just the timing of things. When Kelly Clarkson (Winner of American Idol, Season 1) and I released our albums, it was the ‘pop era’, if you could call it that. We were able to give fans what they wanted. Now, the music in the market is mostly urban, so that’s why Fantasia (Winner of American Idol, Season 3) is releasing urban albums. Besides good timing, I really don’t know why, I just thank God for all of it!

Sheryl: You’ve been under the constant scrutiny of the media and the public lately. How do you cope with paparazzi and gossip tabloids?

Clay: Well, it just gets easier over time. When what’s printed becomes more outlandish and far-fetched, it’s easier to pay no attention to them. After you’re more familiar with tabloids and the industry, you start to realize how ridiculous these rumours and statements are. You have to thicken your skin, and learn to laugh at it. Just let it pass!

Sheryl: Share with us some of your most memorable experiences from high school.

Clay: (Excitedly) Oh, it’s definitely when I’m performing on stage! I’ve always sung in musicals and in choirs during my elementary and middle school years. But when I got to high school, I was cut from my senior musical! It got me really depressed, but I’m more than okay now! (Laughs gleefully) Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team, but look now, he’s the Michael Jordan! (More laughter) I’m not saying I’m Michael, but you know, it works out eventually!

Sheryl: What’s your most embarrassing high school memory?

Clay: (Playful sigh) I’ve had so many embarrassing moments that there isn’t really one that stands out! Oh, when I was twelve, I was not popular at all. In fact, I was kind of a dork. When I was going to school, the cool thing to do was sit at the back of the bus. I was the kid who always sat right in front, and because I lived further away from school, my stop would be one of the lasts. So as more and more kids got off the bus, I’d slowly try to sneak closer to the back of the bus. It didn’t work, I got beat up by the cooler kids for moving too far back! Not cool at all.

Sheryl: Did you have a nickname back in high school?

Clay: Hmm… No, not really. There wasn’t a nickname that stuck. I think that’s a good thing!

Sheryl: Besides appearances, how have you changed since high school?

Clay: Well, I’m definitely ore confident than I was then. (Jokingly) I’ve got a few more friends now! I had friends who were older than I was, and they’d tell me that once you got out of high school, no one really cares how popular you were. I didn’t believe them until I graduated and went out into the ‘real world’. They were right, the superficial things like whether you were popular or cool in school don’t really matter! So now I’m a lot more comfortable with myself, and I know there are more important things that matter.

Sheryl: You have a bachelor’s degree in Special Education. Is this what you’ve always wanted to study?

Clay: Not always. I was always planning to study music! But when I came out of high school, I spent two years working with kids before going to college and discovered my passion for it. I worked with kids who had autism, and I just kind of fell into it. I still have a huge dream for it! (Clay Aiken is on the Presidential Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities)

Sheryl: What are some New Year’s resolutions that you have for 2007?

Clay: Oh, I’m a ‘never-make-resolutions’ kind of person. I mean, if there’s something you want to change about yourself, you should just change it now! Why wait until next year? I’m a ‘right-now-resolution’ kind of man. (An amused laugh fills the line)

Sheryl: What can fans (aka Claymates) expect from your latest album, A Thousand Different Ways?

Clay: We had a mandate to do an album of the greatest love songs: it’s a test and a challenge in a way! I want to change them in my own way, you know? Deliver it with a spin to make something that’s true to the song and true to me – a sound different enough to be current and original, yet still genuine.

Sheryl: You’ve toured the United States and Canada on various occasions to promote your albums. When can we expect you in Asia?

Clay: (Energetically) I’d love to come to Singapore! I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur, but that’s as close you guys as I’ve been. We’ve actually be considering it in the last year, it’s been a topic that’s ‘floated’ within conversations. But no promises just yet though!
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New Photos From The Set of DOOL

Days star Stephen Nichols has posted some backstage shots of Clay on his personal website. Clay guest stars on NBC's Days of our Lives on Tuesday.

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"American Idol Worship" Gives Clay Top Marks

Our friends over at American Idol Worship are complimenting Clay left and right in their fantastic new write up on Clay's current Christmas tour:

"Clay is in a league of his own with Christmas carols, and this tour proves as much. His range has grown each year of his career, and the finale, “All Is Well” is a how-to primer on soft, low notes sung with passion up to the soaring, glory notes well above a tenor’s range."

"In each city, while Clay might have crossed his fingers and planted his feet for luck in hitting that final note, the audience shot to its feet and screamed in appreciation as he hit it. Even more impressive is that for the last week, Clay has been suffering from a debilitating inner ear infection that has given him vertigo and dizziness.

He was forced to sing an entire concert from a seated position on a stool, gripping it with both hands to keep his balance. Most entertainers would have canceled, but Clay wanted the show to continue even though he had to be helped on and off the stage by an assistant."

It is also important to note that during each concert, Clay stresses the need to reach out to others. He spends a few minutes talking about his work with UNICEF and the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, and encourages people to reach out and contribute any way they can to whatever organization they choose to support. He then launches into “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day,” the last song of his set before the “All Is Well” encore.
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Download CDD's 2007 Clay Aiken Claylendar!

We're pround to unveil our brand new 2007 CDD Clay Aiken Calendar!

Many thanks to riversend22, ooc4clay and mad4clay for letting us use their beautiful concert photographs.

Please do not sell this calendar in any way shape or form - either digitally or physically.


Update: We've spotted an error in September and October... you can obtain a fix here:
September fixed
October fixed

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Tidbits 12/23

  • Meghan Mullally's website now has a clip of Clay singing a duet with her on Friday's Meghan Mullally Show.
  • More Clay/Ripa/O'Donnell/Trump stuff.... *sigh*, when will the media give this a rest?
  • Arizona Republic - radio stations stick to old holiday classics, but do often add new covers -
    Most of the stations that go holiday this time of year tend to have adult contemporary formats, playing established artists to a sonically conservative, older audience, says Geoff Mayfield, director of charts at Billboard magazine. This is why songs from quirky albums such as Twisted Sister's Twisted Christmas will rarely hit the airwaves, but new songs and especially updated covers by familiar artists such as Wynona, James Taylor and Clay Aiken will get added.
  • A few more Christmas tour mentions:

  • USA Today Idol blog - ATDW numbers:
    124-119 Clay (19,000; 460,000 total): There probably were inflated expectations with Clay, thanks to his formidable track record. He's seeing only a modest holiday-season boost (he's up about 4,000 this week), but it would be hard to detect much evidence of a label marketing push on the record. This subject has been exhaustively discussed in comments; fans just to have hope for a different sort of record next time, and definitely a different level of support.
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Friday, December 22, 2006

Clay's Christmas Greeting & NBC Daytime Preview

You can go to right now to see a clip of Clay hosting a short segment promoting NBC's Daytime lineup for next week.

Don't forget, Clay appears on Days of our Lives on Tuesday.

Switching gears, Clay also left a short holiday message for fans on the official fanclub. Fanclub members, once logged in, can find this audio message under Media > Audio.

In the greeting, Clay wishes all of us "the very best this holiday season" and advises us to "devote" time to the ones we love. Awwwww......

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Meghan Duets With Clay

You can now download Clay's "Silver Bells" duet with Meghan Mullally on SendSpace thanks to the Clayboard's gerwhisp. The taped performance aired on today's Meghan Mullally Show.

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Clay Aiken - A True Humanitarian

The Phoenixville News praised Clay for his humanitarian efforts in an article posted online today:

Clay Aiken,the popular young singer who was runner-up on American Idol several years ago, has become a true advocate for the disabiled, especially handicapped kids. He has a foundation which helps the disabled, has been named to the President's Board on Disabled Issues, and was once on the road to becoming a special education teacher before fame and a singing career came his way.
But despite his wealth and popularity, his devotion to the disabled has only increased. For instance, Clay recently did a holiday concert in Easton, Pa. While there, he visited a third-grade class that included disabled students, and even provided limo rides to and from school for the kids.
Good to see someone so young and popular hasn't forgotten his roots, morals and what is truly important in life.
Well said.

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Tidbits 12/22

LBFCA - parody of "Mary, Did You Know" - Tyra, Did You Know (this is absolutely hysterical!)
  • A few mentions of Clay's Days of our Lives appearance - TUESDAY on NBC:
    • Entertainment Weekly: "Days of Our Lives (NBC) Like sands in an hourglass, so numerous are the television appearances Clay Aiken has been making as of late. This time, he guest stars as Clay Aiken."
    • TV Fodder - preview of Clay's DOOL appearance.
  • Not all that interesting - TV Guide takes great pains to insult us Claymates, while at the same time serving up Clay's horoscope... on newsstands now (if you must buy it).
  • The State - last minute Christmas gifts - “If he brings me Shania, I’ll bring him Clay Aiken.”
  • The State - Chris Daughtry pulling a "Clay Aiken" on Idol winner Taylor Hicks? "Or will [Hicks] roll away like Ruben Studdard, leaving Daughtry to bask in the Clay Aiken-like glow of an also-ran?"
  • Austin Statesman: three Texas families looking for a brighter future- "Roxane would like music CDs (Clay Aiken is her favorite artist.)"
  • Seattle Pi - Sony BMG still cleaning up from their anti-piracy "rootkit" mess... "You probably popped that CD of the Dave Matthews Band's "Stand Up" or Clay Aiken's "Merry Christmas" into your computer without thinking much of it." (Select copies of MCWL had Sony BMG's faulty anti-piracy software)
  • Christmas tour mentions:
  • More Kelly/Clay/O'Donnell - now Donald Trump is involved... oh my!
  • Foxes on Idol- American Idol CD sales update - ATDW #124, MCWL #21 on holiday charts.
  • Tacoma Daily Index - brief mention of Clay being's most searched for man of 2006.
  • Speaking of Lycos, Clay drops 1 spot to move to #13 on this week's Lycos50.
  • ChartAttack Reader Choice Poll - Clay Aiken still holds big lead in "international record" category (more info here)
  • Pensacola New Journal - random Clay mention... (Christmas article)
  • TV mentions:

Make sure you make a stop at LauraQ's Smugmug photo gallery for some fantastic shots from last week's Grand Rapids, MI concert. Whew! HAWT!

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ET, VH1 Highlight Clay Aiken In 2006

Entertainment Tonight is listing Clay as 2006's #2 newsmaker on their annual Year In Review:

From TOMKAT and CLAYNATION to the birth of BRANGELINA's baby SHILOH -- 2006 has been an unprecedented year for star news, nuptials and scandals!

So who was off the celebrity charts for our online voters? You wrote in by the thousands -- now, here are the results for the top stars and stories of the year!


2. CLAY AIKEN: Claymates by the droves wrote in to pledge their support for the singer, who they say is a simply amazing performer, humanitarian and all-around good guy.


8. The Clay Aiken and KELLY RIPA "hand flap" incident on "Live with Regis and Kelly."
VH1 also mentioned Clay's much talked "American Idol 5" makeover and the Clay/Kelly Ripa ordeal on their show - "Best Year Ever"

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Clay Performs on Meghan Mullally Show TOMORROW

Clay will sing a duet of "Silver Bells" with Meghan Mullally on her show tomorrow. Make sure you check your local listings.

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New Interview with LIME Magazine

Clay's new interview with Singapore's LIME Magazine has been posted to the Clayboard by mu99le. Click on the thumbnail above to read the full article.

For those of you in Singapore, you can read this article in the January 2007 issue of LIME.

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"A Thousand Days" Is Officially The New Single

It's official, "A Thousand Days" will be the new single from ATDW! The song will go for adds on Adult Contemporary stations on January 15. The CH's ArtyAna found the above ad from a music industry magazine.

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UNICEF e-Newsletter Mentions Clay

Clay was mentioned in the latest issue of the official UNICEF e-Newsletter sent out today to UNICEF supporters. It reads:


Gracing the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in New York City, the UNICEF Snowflake is an illuminated crystal ornament that serves as a beacon of hope and a dazzling reminder of UNICEF's commitment to the world's children. This year, Ambassador Clay Aiken lit the Snowflake on November 18.
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Another DOOL Preview ... Courtesy USA Today

has posted one and a half minute preview of Clay's upcoming Days of our Lives appearance. You can watch it at their .

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Tidbits 12/21

  • AP wire - Donald Trump wages 'war' against Rosie O'Donnell after the Kelly/Clay 'scandal'
    Walters publicly acted as a peacemaker in November after O'Donnell accused Ripa of homophobia for a remark she made about Clay Aiken. Walters noted the next day that O'Donnell and Ripa had talked "and all is well with the world."
  • Variety - Taylor Hicks' sales fail to match Clay's MOAM sales -
    While results may vary from one "Idol" to another, the most astonishing fall may belong to Clay Aiken. In 2003, his debut "Measure of a Man" sold 613,000 copies in its first week; his second non-holiday disc, "A Thousand Different Ways," has yet to top 500,000 in the 2½ months it has been up for sale.
  • National Post -Nelly Furtado does a Clay Aiken - "Like Aiken, like Furtado? While American choir-boy Clay is all set to do a spot on Days of our Lives next week, our very own Nelly just signed up to suds it on One Life to Live in the new year!"
  • Times Dispatch - DOOL mention.
  • USA Today blogs - another Taylor Hicks article mentions MOAM's record breaking first week sales.
  • Baseball Toaster - more Hicks/Clay... "It won him enough votes from the Clay Aiken audience to win the show, but it makes him a really lame rock star."
  • Charlotte Creative Loafing - pre-concert article for Clay's Charlotte concert. There's also a small mention of Clay's concert in their events calendar.
    If you're unfamiliar with the milquetoast vocal stylings of Clay Aiken, then I envy the sound-proofed cave you've been living in for the past three years. Even those ├╝ber-hip underground music aficionados who successfully manage to immerse themselves in artists who are destined for a career in lawn care cannot have entirely avoided the crooning of the UNCC and American Idol alum. If you have dodged Aiken's rise to fame then count your blessings or the cash in your wallet -- Aiken performs with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra for a Christmas Concert on Dec. 22nd at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

    Criticism of Aiken is nothing new. In fact, it seems part and parcel of success that comes as part of being associated with American Idol. Had Aiken merely relied on his boyish charm and Eisenhower-era musical aesthetics to propel him to the top of the charts, he might still be the curiously androgynous Special Education teacher in Charlotte or Raleigh that he set out to be.
  • Charlotte Observer- another small Christmas concert mention - event calendar.
  • More Ripa/Clay:
  • NC Times - commonly played Christmas songs on radio include Clay Aiken.
  • E! News - Clay Aiken still champ of first week Idol sales - "Clay Aiken is still the champ. Although he finished second to Studdard in season two, Aiken's Measure of Man topped the charts in its first week, moving a whopping 613,000 copies."
  • What an awesome mention in today's Charleston Post Courier -
    Worst song: "SexyBack," Justin Timberlake, Jive: Not because it's a bad song. No, sir. In fact, I dance to this delicious track at church every Sunday. What bothers me about this song is that JTim is taking credit for something he didn't do. Anybody with an IQ over 40 knows Clay Aiken brought "Sexy Back" like three years ago.
  • Rochester Democrat & Chronicle calls JBT the worst concert ever... yeah... whatever.
  • WJZ - best friends attend Clay Aiken concert.

  • Nothing yet.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Go Behind The Scene With Clay and ET Canada TOMORROW!

Attention all Claynadians! Entertainment Tonight Canada will go behind the scenes with Clay at Days of our Lives on tomorrow (December 21) night's show.

ET Canada airs at 7:30 PM in most regions on Global.

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CDD Now on New Blogger System

We've successfully completed an upgrade to the new version of Blogger. While the CDD website will for the most part remain the same, if you are seeing anything funny (ie. things out of place or links not working), please let us know.


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Grand Rapids Press: Aiken has "the right touch"

Woohoo! The Grand Rapids Press published this truely delightful review of Clay's Grand Rapids concert, which was held before a sold out crowd last night:

Claymates everywhere slept easy Tuesday night.

Diehard fans of Clay Aiken go online each night their "American Idol" favorite has a concert to listen to that evening's pirated, cell-phone recording. They need to know if their guy hit the high note of his encore, "All Is Well."

He did.

Aiken was a hoot and a holler, full of Southern charm, telling stories, cracking jokes, bantering with the audience.

He also sings rather well.

But beyond the songs, it's the whole package -- the easy grin, the down-home demeanor, the good ol' boy charm -- that made the former special-education teacher from North Carolina the kind of celebrity who makes headlines just by clapping his hand over Kelly Ripa's mouth.


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Days Star Blogs About Clay

Days of our Lives star Stephen Nichols wrote about Clay on his TV Guide blog. Clay appears on the popular NBC daytime soap on Tuesday December 26.

TV Guide also has an exclusive sneak peak at the episode on their website. Don't forget to check that out!

Coming up: in their newfound bliss, Steve surprises Kayla with tickets to a Clay Aiken concert, but Steve’s reading of the Christmas story at the hospital runs late, so he and Kayla miss the concert. Steve runs into Clay on his way out and talks him into doing a private Christmas concert. There were so many people at the studio who are fans of Clay — the excitement was palpable. Josh Taylor said he was a big fan, and Clay’s best friend and roommate, Christy, is a huge fan of Days, so I asked Josh if he could introduce Christy to the rest of the cast. He was happy to do it. Clay was very gracious, taking photos and signing autographs.

This DOOL appearance has even made news down-under in Australia. The Clayboard's hnspice posted the scan (seen above) from the latest issue of Australia's TV Soap magazine.

We've also found a recap of Clay's appearance courtesy a blog called Prevuze. Apparently, this episode will air 1 day early in some places in Canada, due to Canada's post Christmas "boxing day"

Kayla tells him Hope can take care of herself. Patch says he has a surprise. A special present. He holds up two tickets to the upcoming Clay Akin concert.

"OK," says Kayla, "And what's the special present? "

Kayla is amazed he got the tickets since the concert has been sold out for so long, and thanks him. They unmercifully huckster Clay's Christmas CD. Oops, suddenly Kayla remembers something, "We can't go..."

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Tidbits 12/20

Now, here's a rather interesting and thudly photo of Clay - see more of sunnydays' fantastic Grand Rapids photos here.
  • Beavers on Idol - fantastic new Clay article - Clay Aiken, the Clay Nation and its addiction to 'clack'
  • Christmas tour mentions:
    • Charlotte Observer - "CHRISTMAS WITH CLAY: A former UNC Charlotte student named Clay Aiken joins the Charlotte Symphony to perform holiday music from his CD. 8 p.m."

  • Star Magazine - most annoying "cat-fight" - Clay vs. Kelly.
  • MTV - Taylor Hick's #2 opening on the Billboard 200 isn't as impressive as Clay, Carrie or Chris Daughtry's entries - "Clay Aiken's 2003 Measure of a Man racked up 613,000 in first-week sales, which was enough for the chart's peak position."
  • Flint Journal - list of Christmas things to buy... Clay Aiken calendar (the only problem is there isn't one available this year!)
  • AOL TMZ- Stephen Colbert says AOL's TMZ is the "only place I go for a minute-by-minute update on Clay Aiken's vertigo", referring to this TMZ story from yesterday.
  • Press release from Mrs. Smith's Dishes (the company makes pies) mentions their American Music Award backstage party for the stars. "'Mrs. Smith's fans are everywhere,' said Chef Kit as he posed with Josh Groban, Nickelback, Vanessa Williams, Flavor Flav, Billy Ray Cyrus, JoJo and American Idol's Clay Aiken and Katharine McPhee"... uh... yeah... a press release about pies!
  • Jalopnik - Clay Aiken act alike...
  • Miami Herald - Ruben Studdar's latest CD failes to impress - small Clay mention.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy 21st Birthday, Brett!

Today, Clay's brother Brett celebrates his 21st birthday. From everyone here at CDD, Happy Birthday Brett!

... and in case you missed our post last night, Clay left a birthday message for Brett over at his MySpace page:

Sorry that I missed your call. I've been feeling somewhat bad. Been sleeping a lot. Try me again when you can. I'll keep the phone by me on your birthday. Call so I can tell you Happy Birthday.
Joe and his family came to the show tonight. It was good to see them.
Be safe. Hurry home! I miss you!
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Grand Rapids Concert Program

Thanks to the CB's claikendee for these scans from the Grand Rapid Symphony's holiday program, which includes two pages on Clay. This program will be handed out at tonight's concert at the DeVos Hall in Grand Rapids.

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Tidbits 12/19

MSNBC readers caption this photo. Here's what they came up with:

1. Clay Aiken attempts to get on with the American Music Awards, but Tori Spelling insists on telling another story about life on "90210."
2. Aiken was set to tell America what he really thinks about Kelly Ripa's "germaphobia," but luckily Spelling was there to stop him.
3. Ever famous for her discretion, Spelling shows Aiken that this isn't the time or the place for deeply personal revelations, no matter how obvious they may seem.
  • simonncharge has some beautiful Red Banks concert photos on her Photobucket gallery. You'll want to check this one out.
  • Clay's ATDW is shown briefly in a new Wal-Mart Holiday commercial, now airing nationwide, according to the CB's missmusic07:
    I was watching TV today and saw this new WalMart commercial where a guy forgot to get gifts for people so he distracts the other guests and rushes to WalMart. He grabs like, 3 CDs, (one of them being Clay's new AIW!!) then rushes back just in time to hand the gifts out.

  • Crunch Gear (technology blog) - what you can do with your new MP3 boombox: "[listen to] your favorite tunes and lyrics on the display (a Clay Aiken song for Blake I’m sure)"
  • Roanoke Times - radio DJs need to get a grip of reality, writes one reader:
    I am concerned that some of our local radio stations are having a negative effect on our children.

    Even worse than the lyrics to some of the songs, disc jockeys take every opportunity to make fun of everyone -- not once but over and over.

    Just recently, Clay Aiken, a multi-platinum singer, was made fun of because he was unable to reach and hold out the note of his final song of the night.

    There was no mention that the previous songs in his show had shown off his tremendous vocal ability.

    My student told me that Aiken's effort to reach this note was played over and over while the disc jockeys laughed.

    They are teaching our kids that trying means nothing and that you should make fun of people whenever they don't succeed. Is this the kind of society we want?

    I'll just turn off the radio and listen to my Aiken CDs.
  • TVgasm: American Idol says season 6 will include suprises, but "we don't think they're talking about the return of Clay Aiken."
  • Christmas tour mentions:
  • Kelly/Clay mentions:
  • eJazzNews - something about a music student touring with Clay this past summer... huh? Clay didn't have a tour this summer!
  • - Jennifer Hudson article mentions Clay's manager.
  • AOL TMZ - as if they don't have anything else to talk about- here's TMZ's article about Clay's recent bout with an ear infection.

  • Nothing here yet.
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Monday, December 18, 2006

E! News Poll - Vote For Clay

E! News wants to know which American Idol YOU would hire for your party.

Thanks to the fantastic voting from the Clay nation, Clay is now up to 52%, but both Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Hicks have respectable standings in the 20% range...


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Clay's Crazy McDonald's Experience?

Clay had a little fun on MySpace today, posting comments to both Quiana and Brett's MySpace pages. On Quiana's, Clay writes:

We (Jamie, Jerome, and I) had the CRAZIEST EXPERIENCE at a McDonalds drive-thru in Pennsylvania! I SOOOOOO wish you were with us! Probably THE most unbelievable 20 minutes of my life! Miss you! Can't wait to see you!

And he writes this on Brett's (warning: mature content from some of Brett's friends):

We are able to confirm that this is indeed since these messages were posted under his official RCA MySpace account.
Sorry that I missed your call. I've been feeling somewhat bad. Been sleeping a lot. Try me again when you can. I'll keep the phone by me on your birthday. Call so I can tell you Happy Birthday.
Joe and his family came to the show tonight. It was good to see them.
Be safe. Hurry home! I miss you!
Isn't Clay so sweet? I'm sitting here wondering what his McDonald's "experience" was. Hmmm....

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Clay Says He's Feeling Better Now

In a blog posted to the official fanclub earlier tonight, Clay gave some wonderful news to us. After his bout with an ear infection and flu-like symptoms last week, Clay says he's feeling healthier now and ready to go back into full gear.

He also mentioned that tonight's Detroit show will be abbreviated (less talking) due to time constraints imposed by the venue. Clay says this has nothing to do with his health.

We're glad you are feeling better Clay and let me express how impressed I am at how Clay has soldiered on with the tour despite this illness. What a class act!

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Clay Has Made It To Detroit

By the time this news hits CDD's news site online, this will already be old news, but its still a neat story concerning the reaction that Sandy CHA at The Clayboard got from an employee at the MAX concerning Clay.

Sandy CHA posted that she called the MAX to make certain that Clay would be performing tonight. Here is her report:

I got this old man on the phone to ask him if the concert was still on since Clay has been sick. This is what he said to me:

"Oh yes my dear! As a matter of fact he is here right now rehearsing. I have never heard this young man before -he is really good" - and it made me laugh a little. Another convert I'd say.

So no worries - Clay has arrived in the Motor City!
Just knowing Clay arrived, feels good enough to rehearse, and this employee thinks he is "really good" put a big huge smile on my face. I know everyone going will enjoy the show, and hopefully we will get lots of clack!!

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Let's Send Clay to the Oscars: Insider Viewer

If you recalled on Friday, The Insider asked their viewers what Clay Aiken should do in 2007. Today, the show aired a response from a viewer. I love this one:

"Movie soundtrack song that will send him to the Oscars and to the top of the charts"
- an Insider viewer.

Be sure to tune in to the show tonight as they announce this and have the latest on the Kelly Ripa/Clay "controversy".

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Clay Rings In Holiday Season With Tyra Banks

Clay rang in the holiday season today on The Tyra Banks Show with a taped performance of "Mary, Did You Know". Tyra and Clay heated things up last month with an electrifying appearance which Tyra hailed as "one of her favourites yet."

In case you missed this performance, downloads should be available on by tonight. Or, you can download gerwhisp's cap at SendFile.

Thanks to the Clayboard's gerwhisp for the gorgeous screencaps.

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Tidbits 12/18

  • Beavers on Idol's Joan Price's analysis of Clay... AMEN!
    Don’t you see what I see? In spite of the transformation from pre-Idol “geek” to today’s Armani-clad stylish trendsetter, my image of Clay has very little to do with his physical being. I am not among my fellow fans who download and save countless pictures or who can’t wait to hear whether Clay appears sans glasses. The length of his hair and the size of his feet hold no interest to me beyond the fact that I acknowledge he is an attractive young man. What I see relates to the confident stride of someone who is comfortable in his own skin. Someone who radiates joy in sharing not only his vocal gift but whose countenance lights up when around a child or acting the clown in front of his fans.
  • We have a bunch of Christmas tour mentions:
  • Christmas list for the celebs from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette -
    Clay, Clay, Clay! You're from the South. You're supposed to have manners.

    Anyway, we know the singer didn't mean any harm.

    So the next time you have the chance to cover chatty Kelly Ripa's mouth, use your hand sanitizer first.
  • Detroit Free Press - another Kelly Ripa/Clay mention.
  • Foxes on Idol - chart summary... ATDW #119, MCWL #25 on holiday charts.
  • The Clayboard's starcrossdclaym8 says Clay was mentioned on the Cartoon Network's show, "Class of 3000" today:
    In today's episode, the gang's school is hosting a career fair. During the first scene, we get a pan-over of all of the career fair booths (ie; pottery, nursing, etc.) One shot shows a shapeless grey blob. An artistic looking blonde fellow runs over and cartoonishly molds this blob into a booth which reads at the top "Clay Maiken."
  • TV mentions:
  • St. Petersburg Times - negative review of ATDW... you can vote for Clay at their site.

  • Carolina on My Mind- there's no stopping Mr. Aiken now!
    An inner ear infection escorted by bouts of dizzying vertigo has been present at the past three concerts, but the illness has yet to stop the show. Clay is a trooper; and he has managed admirably, one night literally hanging onto his mic with one hand and the stool from which he performed with the other.
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