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Saturday, April 07, 2007

San Diego Fans - Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets to Clay's August 2 show in San Diego is now on sale says the official fanclub:

04/06/07 : Tickets for Clay's San Diego Performance
By Team Clay

Tickets for Clay Aiken's August 2, 2007 performance at Embarcadero Marina Park South in San Diego, CA are now on sale to the public.

Unfortunately, there will not be a fan club pre-sale for this tour date.

To purchase tickets for the San Diego show, please click here.
Good luck to everyone attempting to get tickets today.

Tidbits 4/7

TIME Magazine photographer Kwaku Alston comments on Clay's obsession with McDonald's:

This was right when he was so hot on American Idol. And the editors wanted me to capture him like he was a huge star, but he walks into my studio, and he's just a nice country boy. We had this huge spread, wonderful catering, and he asks if we could order McDonald's instead.
(hint... click "THUMBNAILS" at the bottom of the gallery player thing to find Clay's name)

  • Beavers On Idol - nice compliment for the Clay nation:
    It is well known, or at least should be well known by now, that the Clay Aiken fan base is one of the strongest AI fan bases on the Internet. When an Internet poll goes up and Clay is one of the items on the poll, usually Clay gets the highest percentage of votes. One of the largest Clay Aiken discussion board websites is The Clay Board, having over 13,000 registered users.

  • Chexxxy's - nice "time-waster" for Easter Sunday ... clips of Clay's best AI2 performances.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Listen To Clay's Videos on YahooLaunch to Move Him Up on Their List

Swgen has a very important thread at The Clayboard called "Clay's videos on Yahoo Launch; GOAL: In The 200's; Stream Daily". She tells us:

Clay's videos were meant to be enjoyed and loved!! We already do, but other people need to see them to try them! They are not likely to do this if they are in the 300s and beyond!!!!

OUR GOAL: TO get all of Clay's songs, especially ATD and WY into the 200s by the next update!

Yahoo Launch videos is one of the most popular music sites on the internet! The way to raise these videos up on the chart and made them VISIBLE is to play them. Right now they are really L O W!!!
If you go to YahooLaunch, a list of the most popular videos comes up on the screen. The more often we listen to Clay's videos, the higher on the list they will move, thus being more visible to other people to watch. Right now they at #185-189. Of course, it would be great to move them up higher since a lot of people go to this site.

Here are instructions that Swgen has included at the Clayboard thread. If you have any questions about how to do this, go to the thread and PM her for further instructions. Other than that, happy listening, and listen often!!

1. Be sure you are in BETA version
2. Click one of the videos from the list on my link..
3. It will pop open the player and the video will load. SO WILL a list on the right of other videos under VIDEO LINEUP. Leave it for now.
4. UNDER that list is a narrow, white search window.
5. WHILE your video plays, type Clay Aiken in it.
6. Clay’s 5 videos will show..
7. Now, go to the top left, and CLEAR VIDEO LINEUP.
8. Start clicking the +lineup under Clay’s videos, and they will be added to the list. Keep adding up to 25 if you want.
9. Let them just play and you can do other things.
10.Be sure you don’t let them finish playing and do nothing because they will load other videos. Check it once in a while, and you can +lineup some more!

New Gala Video and Picture Clack For Your Viewing Pleasure

Have any of you had enough Clack already from the Gala this past weekend? Uh, I didn't think so!! You'll be glad to know that there is both new video and picture Clack that many of you may not have seen yet.

Over at Clack Unlimited are four perfectly clear and closeup videos of Clay (taken by ClayIzzaQT) making the cutest faces as he auctions off four items...the Wango Tango shirt, his ring, the Learning To Sing framed book, and NBC skating tickets. Trust me, you are absolutely going to fall in love with these videos. Clay has never looked so adorable. Come back to CDD and leave your commnets on what you think of these soon to be Clay Classic videos! And thank you, ClayIzzaQT, for this fantastic clack.

Then, if you can pick yourself up off the floor after looking at the videos, head over to The Clayboard Pics and Graphics section (BAF Gala Photos) and feast your eyes on some extraordinary pictures taken by Invisible 926, Irishbookgal, toni7babe, bfs, pinkcocoa, Ztilb, Enigma, and a few that have no name on them. Also there are about four or five short videos capped from Ztilb's videos taken at the Gala. Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite:

There are no words to thank our Clack gatherers enough for collecting and posting these pictures and videos for those of us who were not able to be at the Gala. These memories are worth a million dollars.

America's Own...Prince of Thieves - Do You Really Want to Know How To Quit This Man?

Today, in CDD's Tidbits Section, we have an article that from the Orlando Sentinel entitled "Need a fix to stop the Achin' for Aiken?". It is an ad for his upcoming tour performance in Orlando on August 19.

But the sentence that caught my eye is this, "Oh, who are we kidding? We wish we knew how to quit you, Clay." I thought to myself, "Now how many fans could we ask that question to and have them honestly be able to say, 'Yes, I sure do wish I knew how to quit Clay.'" C'mon now...some of us may wish we could quit smoking. In my case, I wish I could figure out how to quit chocolate!! I even sometimes wish I would quit drinking so many soft drinks...sort of. But, quit Clay Aiken? Get real, not on your life, the thought never crossed my mind nor will it! Let me see a show of hands for how many of you have ever thought about quitting Clay Aiken....Yep, just what I thought...a big fat zero!!

And for those of you who in the very back empty dusty corners of your mind have maybe let that thought speed through your mind, read CorieLuvzClay's wonderful essay entitled "America's Own...Prince of Thieves", which is about that ne'er to be forgotten performance on American Idol 5. I'll bet after reading it, that empty dusty corner will remain forevermore just that...empty.

America's Own...Prince of Thieves

The oval stage doors presented with swirls of purple color lit from within, they parted to reveal back-up lights of purple, red and orange…and then the true revelation emerged…he strutted…composedly, deliberately, looking like The Lord of the Manor, Lord of the Kingdom, like he owned the Kodak Theatre and American Idol in it’s entirety. Casually walking down the steps and onto the stage exuding bold determination, a fearlessness and a confidence abundant with a sense of credence in what he was, what he is yet to become and what he most assuredly is right now!! With aplomb and a vital inner-strength Clay Aiken took the American Idol Finale stage and brought the audience, gasping and cheering non-stop throughout his performance up on their feet and into an unforgettable frenzy!!! Clay was sterling with stunning good looks and his stellar voice!

The look on Clay’s face is almost indescribable; it held a fusion of magic, mystique, whimsy and an air of all-knowing…all at the same time. What was that look, what did it say?

Last night, in a matter of two + minutes Clay accomplished so many things…no matter what he changes on the outside, the inside is always gracious, admirable, compassionate and chivalrous…last night Clay showed the world how to treat someone who is different. He was kindly and generous with the so-called “Aiken wannabe”…and with the exception of Michael’s flamboyant actions and reactions; Clay was looking into the mirror of a long ago young man…skinny, wearing unflattering glasses & a striped shirt…knowing that the judges were having some fun at his expense. Together, side by side on that stage, they conjured up an uncanny “Before & After” visage. What irony that it was on the American Idol stage, during an American Idol finale for other contestants that Clay made the loudest, clearest most memorable statement without uttering one single word…”that is where I was and this is where I am.” I am the buzz of the evening, I am the interest of the evening, and I am the American Idol.

Once upon a time he was my Pied Piper, he is now my Robin Hood, The Prince of Thieves…for within those two + minutes Clay managed to steal the stage, the show and the hearts of not only the audience on hand, but of millions of people around the world…two hundred million viewers world wide saw for the first time possibly, what we fans have seen and known from day one. But Clay wasn’t finished with his thieving, for he stole whatever pieces of our hearts remained after the first ravaging three years ago and every assault upon our hearts since that time. Clay leaves his fans in a most delicious state of emotional disarray and chaos!! AND make no mistake we happily, adoringly keep coming back for more!!

Still, though, that look…so puzzling…What was that look, what did it say?

He walked out onto that stage and at first was almost unrecognizable, it’s funny how the Ugly Duckling comes to mind, the story of rejection and scorn and in this case, a gathering along the way of liars and story tellers, vile individuals who would delight in nothing better then to see a promising, golden career come crashing to the ground. But, what stood before us, for all the world to see, was a most magnificent specimen of the most gorgeous Swan to ever grace our eyes and set our senses reeling.

Our Swan appeared with darkened hair layered and styled in Beatle fashion. Long bangs teased his eyelids, even the darkened lashes fringing beautiful jade colored eyes got caught at times. Clay looked dashing in a spiffy suit appearing refreshed and rejuvenated. He looked sleek, slick and every bit The Hunk. Clay oozed seduction, he looked sultry and provocative…his body language screamed sex symbol and the Thuds of ClayMates could be heard around the country!

So, what did this new metamorphosis reveal? Something we already knew all along, Clay most definitely has the IT factor…he always has and he always will, no matter what he dresses it in. And that look, when he first stepped onto the stage, what did it say? It said, “I am Clay Aiken and I have arrived!”

BY: CorieLuvzClay – May 25, 2006

Tidbits 4/6

  • Orlando Sentinel - nice write up for Clay's Orlando concert:
    Need a fix to stop the achin' for Aiken?

    Posted April 6, 2007
    Clay Aiken
    May 24, 2006

    Clay Aiken has been off the hard stuff for months now.

    "I feel like (American) Idol is a drug of some kind," our fresh-faced junkie told People this week. He then goes on to say that he hasn't watched this season at all.

    Good for you, Clay. If you can kick it, there's hope for us all. We're going to lock ourselves in a room right now, huddle up in the fetal position, and renounce all Idol pleasures.

    Except for your Aug. 19 concert at Hard Rock Live. That's OK, right? It will be more like a support group.

    Oh, who are we kidding? We wish we knew how to quit you, Clay.

    Tickets are $58-$75, on sale at noon today.

    Details: 407-351-5483.
  • YouTube - There is a Michelle Kwan montage at YouTube that is to Clay's version of the song "Broken Wings". Check it out!
  • Autism Key - There is a video at this site about autism awareness and what parents with children with autism deal with every day. It is the first video on the left.
  • Foxes on Idol - Interesting article by Bruce Barker called "The Idol Analyst: Sanjaya and the Angles" mentions Clay, "Clay Aiken became the talk of America not just because he had a great voice, but because nobody could believe that a voice that good could come out of such an odd looking young man. In short, Clay took the Jim Nabors path and it worked for him."
  • Charlotte Observer - the making of an Idol - "UNC Charlotte grad Clay Aiken's prominent ears were camouflaged with a new hairstyle by "American Idol" hairstylist Dean Banowetz, who is often credited with the singer's phoenix-like rise from the ashes of the second season."
  • NY Post - no Chocolates for Clay Aiken this Easter - "Come Sunday, who will nibble those yummy little chocolate-covered bunnies? Not Clay Aiken, who's allergic to chocolate. Or Henry Winkler, who says chocolate 'causes a sore on my lip.'"
  • E! News - random Clay mention in this article about TV and NBC's Scrubs (Clay appeared on the show in Feb. 2005) - "Tubers, my name is Korbi Ghosh, and I am really into Clay Aiken. And yes, I mean that in a weirdo sorta way."
  • Quick Online Tips - article about the Lycos50 ...
    The second tier of the Lycos 50 Elite lists items that have been on the Lycos 50 for at least 50 straight weeks at one time. This includes Clay Aiken, Pokemon, Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Naruto, P*ker, Carmen Electra and Jessica Alba.
  • Addison Road on the state of the music industry -
    [Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target] sell[s] to your aunt, who hasn’t bought a CD in years, but will pick up a Clay Aiken CD in the checkout line while she buys 9 pairs of summer shorts for her kids.
  • Daily Colonial - random mention.
  • Houston Press - another mention from the Houston Press... getting bored now!

  • Nothing here today.

Fanclub Down

Update: the fanclub is now back up! Yay!

The official fanclub is currently down. It looks like someone at Clique forgot to re-register the domain name "" after it expired yesterday. The website has now been hijacked by a company called ENOM Inc.

Unfortunately, this is not the first tiome I've seen domain names hijacked. Let's hope Team Clay get this sorted out as quickly as possible.

CDD will keep you posted.

This WHOIS record shows that the website's original registration expired yesterday:

Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 06-apr-2007
Creation Date: 05-apr-2003
Expiration Date: 05-apr-2008

Visit for more information about


Domain name:

Administrative Contact:

Clay Aiken (
Fax: +1.6785532100
3290 Northside Parkway
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30027

Technical Contact:
Anoroc Agency
Bob Witchner (
Fax: +1.9198211145
13-A Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27603

Registrant Contact:

Clay Aiken (
Fax: +1.6785532100
3290 Northside Parkway
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30027

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 05 Apr 2003 14:47:10
Expiration date: 05 Apr 2007 14:47:10

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dallas, Tulsa Tour Dates Cause Confusion

There is wide confusion tonight as the Nokia Theater in Dallas, TX has withdrawn Clay's July 7 concert from Ticketmaster. Yesterday, the Brady Theatre in Tulsa, OK announced that Clay would be performing there on that same night - July 7.

As it stands right now, the official fanclub is still listing the July 7 Dallas, TX date NOT the Tulsa, OK concert.

In addition, the Dallas venue has moved the public on sale date from April 16 to April 21.

CDD will keep you posted on this confusion as it develops and gets resolved.

Tidbits 4/5

  • Springfield State Journal Register - article about summer fairs & concerts - "Lately, we’ve all been spoiled by increasingly early releases of who will play each Illinois State Fair. That’s good, as we’ve made surrounding state fairs work around our dates for a change. But peeking at their schedules generally is a strong indicator of who might fill our remaining slots (such as Clay Aiken’s mini-tour of state fairs in 2004)."
  • Broadcasting Cable - American Idol isn't fair?
    A Clay Aiken fan, she lost faith in the process after making a shocking discovery last year: No matter how often she tried, she couldn't place her vote.

    Law says she tried to dial "five or six hundred times" on the final night of competition but hasn't tried since. "I'm not gonna get suckered into voting again," she says. "Why should we sit here and waste two hours of our time when our votes aren't going to be counted?"
  • TIME - on the success of American Idol - "Idol Season 1 champ Kelly Clarkson has sold more than 8 million albums; Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood, 5 million; and even Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken, more than 4 million."
  • NY Post - new MTV show makes fun of Claymates... There's another mention of this at theDetroit Free Press -
    This time, it's a fictional talk show on a public-access channel in North Carolina co-hosted by a couple of Clay Aiken fanatics.

    If the sketch proves anything, it's that no more comedy ore remains to be mined from the topics of public-access cable and Clay Aiken.
  • Murfreesboro Daily News Journal - another Idol article -
    Since the show's inception six seasons ago, the five "American Idol" champions — Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks — in addition to Clay Aiken who was a runner-up, have sold more than 23 million CDs, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch - Illinois tourism board to announce winners of "Seven Wonders of Illinois" contest, but "even the runners-up take some solace in knowing they came close. Sort of like Clay Aiken on TV's 'American Idol.'"
  • Fayetteville Observer - why Sanjaya Malakar is so darn popular -- "The last and only time I voted in “American Idol” was season 2, when Ruben Studdard was facing off Clay Aiken for the title. I cast a single vote for Ruben. But Tuesday night, I spent 20 minutes text-messaging 30 votes for Sanjaya, marking my official entry into the ranks of his “Fanjayas.”"
  • The Ithacan Online - review of new movie "Blades of Glory" - Clay comparison:
    Ferrell’s foil in “Blades of Glory” is an eerily androgynous Jon Heder, who plays the delicate professional skater Jimmy MacElroy, a flamboyant combination of Clay Aiken and Brian Boitano.

Bubel Aiken Foundation Article To Be In Exceptional Magazine

According to icame4themusic at The Clayboard, an announcement was made at the Cypress NAG Gala event by Dianne Austin and Sue O'Hearn that an article they had written about the Bubel Aiken Foundation has received approval to be included in Exceptional Parent Magazine. Dianne Austin is icame4themusic's daughter, and she tells us:

For a year and a half, Dianne and Sue have labored on this special article concerning the dramatic rise in growth of the Foundation through these past four years, and especially the introduction of our little Mikayla, about whom those third grade classmates wrote so touchingly, and with such new and deeply felt awareness of making a friend with a disability.

Dianne and Sue worked closely with Clay's Foundation contact, Kristy Barnes, over an incredibly long period, culminating in the publication, and now availability of this article in the Exceptional Parent Magazine, in their current issue.
The article is in the current April issue of Exceptional Parent, April being "Autism Awareness Month". If you want to order this issue, go to Exceptional Parent's website. On the home page's top left column, it says, "Order this EP Special Issue". Click there and then register to order. After registering, you can also go to the table of contents page to see the table of contents for the month of April. The article is on Page 32 of the magazine, and it says, "An Update On The Bubel Aiken Foundation By Dianne Austin and Sue O’Hearn; The organization that was once a vision for a pop star now exhibits a sure footing with strong support, model programs, and a book that offers a simple blueprint for the inclusion of all children." Price of this special issue is $6.50.

What a great place for many people to read about the vision of The Bubel Aiken Foundation as well as a great keepsake for Clay's fans.

Why do I have bragging rights, you ask? Well, Dianne Austin is my daughter, and all I can say is., "You've come a long way, baby!"

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

American Idol 2 - Remembering Clay's Performances - Top 9

Each week we are remembering Clay's performances from AI2 as it coincides with this year's American Idol. This week, the Top 9 performed on AI6. On April 1, 2003, AI2's Top 9 also performed. The genre was "Disco", and the guest judge that week was Verdine White from Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Clay was the 4th person to sing. He came out wearing a shiny brown shirt and tan pants and sang "Everlasting Love". As always he sang brilliantly. The highlight, in my opinion, was that last long note that lasted 27 beats. WOW!! Fantastic!! Never wavered one bit...perfectly in tune...absolutely golden! Guess he was preparing himself for that awesome glory note in Solitaire! Oh, and he gave us one of my favorites, a lip bite, about halfway into the song.

The judges were mixed in their reviews. Well, it was 3 against 1 anyway. Randy said that's how you do it right there...make it your own, that was brilliant dog." Paula said, "Clay, you've proven it doesn't matter what genre of music you are singing. You're voice is your voice, its golden, its golden. I just was looking for you to dance a little, but you didn't. Great job." Clay's response to the "dancing" comment was a giggle and, "I need some help on that yet." I think we can safely say that Clay no longer needs any help with his dancing...he's got that down to a fine art! Verdine's comments were, "Clay I saw you back stage this afternoon. You didn't look like you could sing like that. You can sing. You've got chops man." And Simon? He said, "I have to say Clay if I'm being honest, within the context of this competition, I thought that was terrible....Maybe I'm missing the plot here. I'm looking for a future superstar and based on that I just didn't get it." Well, Simon definitely did miss the plot and he is eating those words now...they must taste pretty bitter. Future superstar is definitely what Clay was, and he continues to define the meaning of the word "Superstar" with his talent and character.

No need to worry about Simon's comments, though. Clay was safe for another week. America continued to love him!

If you would like to download Clay's performance of "Everlasting Love", go to Clack Unlimited AI2 Solo Performances. Judges comments can be found at Clack Unlimited AI2 Judges Critiques.

Join us again next week for Clay's performance during the Top 8 week.

Tulsa, OK Concert Announced; Date To Be Confirmed

The Brady Theater in Tulsa, OK has announced that a Clay concert that is currently scheduled for July 7. The problem? Clay is actually scheduled to perform in Grand Prairie, TX that night.

CDD will update this story as soon as news becomes available. The Brady Theater sent this email to Clay fans today:

Due to the overwhelming number of e-mails regarding the Clay Aiken show, I will not be able to respond to them. While I certainly appreciate the enthusiasm each fan has for Clay and his music, I have received an overwhelming number of e-mails. The information, as it is given to us by Clay’s agency, is put up immediately on our web site. If it is conflict with another site, I will wait for a response from the agent before changing it.

Please stay tuned to for any announcements regarding this show.

Tidbits 4/4

  • Great Clay mention on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet this morning, says the CB's CB's lsdollylovesclay:
    The Mike and Juliette show is featuring a segment on Panic attacks..they have an expert on who is talking about causes and cures...They showed some video clips of celebrities who have battled with the attacks and Clay was one of them..showed him singing A Thousand was quick...very interesting segment.
  • TV Watch - ABC promoting Kimmel with new ads - "In either case, it's nice to see those funny clips - Clay Aiken beating up Kimmel, or a wrestler beating up on Kimmel."
  • OC Register - mention of Clay's People interview from yesterday under celebrity news article - "Presumably a good thing. ... also reports that this season's "American Idol" is the first one that Clay Aiken hasn't watched religiously. Make of that what you will."
  • A few mentions of the Summer Tour:
    • Palm Beach Post - (West Palm Beach, FL) - "Country superstar Kenny Chesney, pop star Clay Aiken crooning with an orchestra, a double bill of Ziggy Marley and the Neville Brothers and comedians Sinbad and the "Last Comic Standing" tour are among the upcoming concert attractions announced this week."
  • 411Mania - article about Saturday Night Live -
    Season Twenty Nine was similar to the prior season in regards to bringing in fresh musical acts to the main stage. John Mayer opened the season with Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Jet, G-Unit, Clay Aiken, The Black Eye Peas, Maroon 5, NERD, and J-Kwon all performing.
  • Entertainment Weekly blames the American Idol Idol "Finger Wiggle" on Clay -
    One thing about American Idol contestants that continues to annoy me no end? When they wiggle the corresponding number of fingers on their hands to match the number people are supposed to call to vote for them. I blame this all on Clay Aiken, who first invented the Idol Finger Wiggle back in season 2. It has since evolved into a full-blown epidemic.
  • Foxes on Idol - a bit of American Idol Top 9 history ...
    Simon didn’t “get” Clay’s “Everlasting Love,” while Paula and Randy loved it. Trenyce sang “I’m Every Woman,” and Simon said it was “okay.” Then it was Ruben’s turn. He sang “Can’t Get Enough of your Love,” and while the judges praised it (Simon said he thought Ruben should win the competition), Sting7, who recapped that season, wasn’t as impressed. “I just didn't feel like he ignited like he usually does,” he wrote.
  • MSNBC - AI article ... "By this time in the second season, Clay Aiken was becoming what he is today, whether you find that heartening or frightening."
  • Houston Chronicle blogger plays April Fools joke ... "Yep. I'm a Claymate. Some people say he's only into guys but let's just say that my Tattoo-Clay gets to third base with me every minute of every day." Read follow up post here.

  • Taking A Moment's Jemock, inspired by TBAF's Champions of Change gala, is launching her own gala & auction ... "Champions of Pocket Change gala" -- very clever!

Syracuse Concert Confirmed For July 18

According to a listing of future concerts at the Syracuse Symphony website, Clay will be performing at The Crouse-Hinds Concert Theater in Mulroy Civic Center at Oncenter on Saturday, July 18, at 8 p.m. This site also states that tickets will go on sale on April 16 at 8 a.m. EDT.

Here's an article published today by the Syracuse Post Standard:

Clay Aiken, an "American Idol" runner-up in 2003, will close the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra's season when he performs with the orchestra at 8 p.m. July 18. The 28-year-old pop singer, who appeared at first as geeky on "American Idol," released his 2003 debut single "This Is the Night," which sold more than 392,000 copies during its first week, breaking the previous record set by Elton John's "Candle in the Wind 1997." His debut album, "Measure of a Man," hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart and went triple platinum.

Last fall, he released "A Thousand Different Ways," which is mostly covers.

He previously played in Central New York in July 2004 and December 2006.

Tickets for this special concert range from $35 to $100. Tickets for SSO subscribers and Clay Aiken Fan Club members will go on sale at 10 a.m. April 16 through 5 p.m. April 17. General public tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. April 18.

To purchase tickets, call 424-8200 or 800-724-3810 or go to

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tidbits 4/3

  • Lycos 50 - Clay stayed at #15 this week, same as last week. Under his name at the Lycos 50 site, it says "Bearded", with 196 weeks in the Top 50. Way to go!!
  • Coverage of Clay's new interview with People Magazine (read here):
    • Reality TV World -
      Since he was the runner-up on Idol's second season, Aiken has been busy with his music career, so it's a bit surprising he's had any time to watch previous seasons of the Fox mega-hit that made him a household name. He's released three albums with the most recent, "A Thousand Different Ways," being released last September. However ten of his most recent album's 14 tracks were cover songs, making Aiken eager to return to the studio following a tour this summer.
    • AOL TMZ -
      Clay Aiken tells People that this year's "American Idol" is the first one he hasn't watched religiously, and that the program is "a drug of some kind ... Like you think you can't live without it..." Not, as he points out, that he's ever done any drugs
  • Chicago Tribune interviews founder of, a website which encourages Idol viewers to vote for the worst singer -
    Q: And it’s not as though everyone who does win does as well as Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken. Winning is not a guarantee of anything.

    A: “No, it’s not, especially since 19 Entertainment, the record label [winners are signed to], they’re just horrible at promoting their artists. Kelly Clarkson … made her new album with a competent record label and became a megastar.”
  • C-Ville - it's not only about winning American Idol -
    Sure, a handful of “Idol” runners-up like Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson had managed to find a modicum of success (it would be another 10 months before Hudson would win her Oscar). But the odds were that Daughtry would slip back into obscurity like the Justin Guarinis, Diana DeGarmos, and Constantine Maroulises of the world.
  • PopMatters - Idol article ...
    Now, I see a lot of records getting ground out of this current cast - if Bucky Covington can score one (due April 17), then so can Chris Richardson. But I don’t see anyone with a white-hot future ahead of them, like many of us did with Carrie and Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia. Left-field successes like Clay Aiken or Daughtry? Those are even harder to predict, but do you see any possibilities?
  • Toronto Star - not so nice mention of Clay in a Neil Sedaka article -
    That means couples who danced to Connie Francis doing "Stupid Cupid" in 1958 saw their children do the same to the Captain and Tennille with "Love Will Keep Us Together" in 1975 and watched their grandchildren sigh over Clay Aiken's recording of "Solitaire" in 2004.
  • 411Mania - random Clay mention ... movie article: "Luckily for Elliot, he and the Devil are invisible – Clay Aiken would be proud"

Clay Calls Idol a "Drug", Reveals Plans of New Album in New People Interview

People Magazine has published a new interview with Clay conducted last week at the Champions of Change TBAF gala. in the interview Clay says he's planning another album "soon". While this is certainly good news, I think it comes without saying that Clay's definition of "soon" is not exactly the same as ours. ;)

Here's an excerpt:

Have you been keeping up with this season's American Idol?
It's the first year I haven't watched it.

Why is that?
Just don't want to. Too much stress for me. I don't know, I just always get stressed out when I watch it.

Do you have a new album in the works?
We are going to be going out on tour this summer. And we're actually looking into making another album pretty soon. This time we're going to do something more creative. And so I'm excited about that, 'cause I'm looking forward to having a little more free reign than I've had in the past. Each time I've done an album, I've had a little more creative control over what happens.

What would you recommend to Idol contestants about making the most of their fame?
I think that where I am today is a direct result of God's plan to put me in each place in my life. Find something that you are passionate about that gives back to your community. I think there's a misconception that really upsets me when people say, "If you're in the public eye you have an obligation to let me know when you're gettin' married, who you're gettin' married to and who you're dating." That's bull. But you do have an obligation to be a role model. From the beginning, I realize I got this only because God wanted me to be here. I think anybody who has any microphone to use who doesn't use it for the benefit of those around him is remiss.
The founder of who started the Six Degrees TBAF fundraiser was also contacted by People last week:
And I know you are having a great time with it! Until something became public, it was inappropriate for me to discuss it on the boards, but here is a little side blip to add to the People Magazine coverage of the Gala and Clay.

About a week or so ago, the New York People office contacted me to get in touch with whoever was running the Gala facility setup. She had one of my press releases that talked about the Gala and the competition. She had been out to the Website and asked me a few questions, and then she told me they were covering the Gala and she wanted to know if there was going to be a red carpet area for press. That would have been fun, I think! She said they were wanting to have a one-on-one with Clay and cover the Gala. I was not certain at that time if the one-on-one was already arranged. I gave her the contact information for TBAF and let her know that Aron Hall was the place to start.

The next day an assigned correspondent, Constance Richards, called me. She had gotten my contact information from NY. She had visited and was particularly interested in a feature I had on the home page entitled "What's New With Clay Aiken UNICEF Ambassador" -- so we briefly talked about Clay's humanitarian interests and I told her I would send her the links from any official Websites such as TBAF and UNICEF and the contact information for these organizations so she can complete her legwork. I suspected from the first contact in NY, this was to be coverage of humanitarian Clay and anything else he mentioned during the interview.

Constance then sent me an email which I passed onto Aron. I was particularly pleased that Constance was assigned to this story, because I sensed from the beginning she would write an interesting and perhaps revealing and personal piece. In her email she said the one-on-one was already setup, and that she was to write about the Gala, TBAF and "other charitable endeavors." She needed TBAF to "enable People Mag. to cover the event and shine light on Clay's involvement with these worthy causes." She had not realized that Clay was a UNICEF Ambassador, which struck her in that she commented, "We hear about Angelina Jolie, why not Clay?"

To which I replied, "Well, you have that right!"

She has written much more than is online in the above article, so I am hoping there will be more, perhaps in the print publication or as future articles. If I hear anything that I can mention, I will let you know.

I have a lot of media visiting because it supports several celebrities and many foundations. I worked with People Magazine a bit during the AI Season 5 Live Tour when they spent days with the Yamin family and covered our Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation events in Richmond and Los Angeles. But they were a different group than the people who usually cover Clay, and Constance has never covered Clay before, usually she covers NC and SC. The person usually covering this beat was out on assignment and it was apparently important to NY that the Gala was covered.

The only other thing to add here is that she interviewed Clay upstairs I believe between dinner and the show. She did not come with a photographer. She was able to stay to watch all of the show -- how could she leave that early! -- and then she had only a few hours to meet her editorial deadline before driving home.

She and I talked while we were both enroute back home Sunday afternoon. She enjoyed the show, she loves what TBAF is all about, and I think her experience was wonderful. Isn't it always.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Quentin Tarantino - Add To The List of Potential Claymates

With the news today that Patti LaBelle is Clay fan, comes Quentin Tarantino's confession that he too loves Clay. The CB's ClayReno says Tarantino made these comments on today's Morning Show with Mike & Juliet which Clay co-hosted back in February.

Quentin Tarantino the film director was the guest on Mike & Juliet Morning Show today.He said he started watching AI only from the second season." I tuned in the show and everybody was like,amateur,amateur,amateur and then.....Clay and Ruben came on........OKAY!!!" The audience all wearing I love NY t-shirts burst into wild applause.Mike and Juliet were all smiles.
... and dependable as always, the CB's gerwhisp has a cap of this for download at SendSpace.

Clay Blogs About BAF, Jericho

Clay posted a short blog tonight thanking us for our effort in raising funds for the BAF over the past few weeks. He said the Champions of Change gala was "unbelievable" and mentioned that a tremendous amount of money was raised for the BAF (no total yet, but Clay promised to let us know).

Clay also mentioned his favorite show, CBS' Jericho. He said rumours of him guest-starring on the show are not true, but that he plans on tuning in to the last 5 episodes of the season. Jericho is currently in a ratings sag so Clay's asking fans to tune in and support the show.

Jericho airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on CBS.

Patti LaBelle A Fan of Clay Aiken

The New Yorker Magazine says singer Patti LaBelle is a fan of Clay:

LaBelle says she’s a fan of Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard, and Clay Aiken—“people who can bring it, people who can sing.” For the rest, she has but one morsel of advice: “Girl and boy, shut up!”

Clay Concert In Boston This Fall?

Nevermind ... another April Fools joke, yet I don't get how this is funny.

The Heights, a publication out of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College says Clay is rumored to be in the concert lineup for UGBC's fall concert. The issue is dated April 2, so I assume this isn't some kind of joke. YES - THIS IS AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE.

Dubbed both "drippy" and a "vocal Olympian" by the legions of mid-tempo adult-contemporary soft-rock fans across the globe, Celine Dion will take a hiatus from her lucrative concert series in Las Vegas to perform on BC's campus. In an even bigger coup for the UGBC, the Canadian diva will perform her "vocal workouts" in Alumni Stadium, not Conte Forum.

This may come as a surprise to those who were expecting a run-of-the-mill act following the Kanye West concert. Among the other acts rumored to be performing at BC were Marilyn Manson, Eminem, the Wu-Tang Clan, Jim Jones (of "baaaaaallllllin!" fame), and Clay Aiken - all, unfortunately, were deemed "not in line with Jesuit ideals," according to a University source who asked not to be named.

Tidbits 4/2

  • Southern Girl has an absolutely wonderful recap from Saturday night's Bubel Aiken Foundation Champions of Change gala... fantastic read:
    Last night in Raleigh, North Carolina was a charity gala for The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, founded by Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel, a woman with whose son he worked in his pre-American Idol days. TBAF states their mission this way -- We will serve to bridge the gap that exists between young people with special needs and the world around them. We will support communities and programs in creating awareness and opportunities for full inclusion where barriers break and doors open. It is our goal to create an environment for children where inclusion is embraced.

    Keep reading at Southern Girl's blog
  • There Was A Man also has a nice compilation of recaps from various members of the Clay nation. Here's one from CV's Butterflyshine:
    One of the most touching moments for me was Diane Bubel talking about her son Mike, on the video. He is autistic and is non verbal. She says she imagines conversations with Mike and believes he would tell her, "I just want to be a kid, Mom, I just want to play." Diane tears up at this statement and i think most of us did the same in the audience. The last few minutes of the video is of TBAF children playing with Clay singing Because You Loved me in the backgroud. It was the perfect song and it gave me a whole new appreciation for the it, it was a no longer a song about a man and a women, but it about anyone who is lifted up b/c of was beautiful and another tear jerker moment.
  • Last but not least, ClaySpots also has a nicely done recap & some photos.
Rest of today's news:

  • Raleigh News & Observer is looking for the "Greatest TV Character" as part of its TV Tourney (Clay was announced as a celebrity participant last month). Clay's entered his answer... "Florence Johnston of "The Jeffersons" fared a bit better, being named as champion on three ballots, including the one submitted by Clay Aiken."
  • KSAT San Antonio -
    Even Clay Aiken, who seemed destined to ride the shoulders of the Claymates to stratospheric heights, has largely disappeared since a holiday-themed disc dropped to execrable reviews.
  • Glossip - negative mention ... Idol related.
  • Houston Press - "not impressed" by Clay Aiken. I guess everyone's entitled to their opinions. There's another random mention in another article at the Houston Press here.
    Now, for something non-sports related. You Clay Aiken fans. I’m happy that you like the guy. But I don’t have to attend a concert to know that he’s not a musical genius. I never attended a Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin concert. But I know that they’re musical greats. I never got the chance to see the Beatles in concert. But that’s probably the greatest band of rock history. Now, I did see Clay perform on American Idol, and I wasn’t impressed. And I saw him perform on Ed and Scrubs, and I still wasn’t impressed. To compare Clay Aiken to Elvis Costello insults not just Elvis Costello, but also Elvis Presley and Elvis Grbak.
  • National Ledger - old news ... more Rosie O'Donnell.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nationwide "Not A Gala" (NAG) A Success

All across the country this weekend, Clay fans who could not attend the Champions For Change Gala were having their own "Not a Gala" Gala's, also known as NAG's. And we have learned from The Clayboard NAG Thread that these celebrations were a rousing success.

Here are some highlights from the various cities that hosted NAG's around the country.


Rottenrubysmom tells us: The Raleigh NAG was a huge success! We raised awareness for Inclusion and the goals of the Bubel Aiken Foundation, had raffles, silent auctions, relieved everyone of their spare change and raised the roof with all our hooting & hollering while watching the New Hampshire JBT clack....Our preliminary count puts us at about $2000 to donate to BAF plus we sold 7 My Friend Mikayla books. Not bad for 44 people! We had guests from as far away as California and British Columbia as well as a good group of locals.
From joaniemason: Our NAG GALA was an amazing success....We had over 50 guests and 4 'Newbies' who found all of us so inspiring, so dedictated and yes so "CLAYSZY'!!!! Welcome to our ClayWorld!!!!!....We had entertainment also....4 of our guests voluntered to play the 'Candy Heart Song Game' (Clay's Valentines song on Kimmel)....each contestant was so great and so funny and each won a prize!!!!

Our Raffle and Silent Auction unofficially netted about $1700, with donations still being counted, so we will check in with the final count a bit later.
From geemaree144: We had a very small group of 12. All of these women were the cream of the crop. We had such a great time. We sat at a round table in the back of the restaurant and made some noise for sure, but nothing that caught too much attention. It was clear to me that these women were the pioneers. They were the long time lovers of Clay and we all shared that kindred spirit.

I am proud to say that our little group mustered up $390.00 in raffles and actions. It was a very fun and successful evening.
Nicki503 tells us:
We had a GREAT time....We ended up raising $1,240! We had 25 attendees so that was beyond my wildest dreams!
MA, CT, and ME
Madison228: We had a small group of 16 fans who got together last night in Westborough MA for a "Not a Gala" party in support of BAF. We had a great time watching clack, attempting to listen to the cellstream, playing games, gushing over you know who, and eating too much! The numbers aren't finalized yet, but we raised in the neighborhood of $500 for BAF.
We were lucky enough to raise over $3600. A good size chunk of that will also be matched by Bank of a match program....I have to add to this to say...we have some of the most dedicated volunteers in the country who worked so very hard to make this all happen here in NE PA.....I'm proud to be associated with this wonderful group of people.
As of this writing, these are all the NAG's that have reported in thus far. I must say this, it never fails to amaze me at the hard work and dedication of Clay fans everywhere. From the loose change that someone puts in a jar at a fan party, to searching via Goodsearch, to fan parties with silent auctions and raffles, to someone purchasing an item at the Gala for a higher dollar amount, fans are helping in every way they can. Nothing is too small or too large. And the largest of all are hearts of the fans and the man they support, Mr. Clay Aiken.

On behalf of CDD, I'd like to say to everyone involved in raising money for BAF, thank you for reaching out further, for showing so much love, and for inspiring us all to give a little more.

Video Clack From Raleigh Gala

Clack Unlimited now has video clack of Clay during the auction at The Bubel Aiken Foundation Champions For Change Gala. These videos are not to be missed. He is a hoot in them and makes me wish I had gone to the gala even more! Go to: Clack Unlimited ... to see these hysterical videos!

Audio of the songs that Clay and Quiana sang at the gala can also be found at the above Clack Unlimited link.

Tidbits 4/1

  • Grand Rapids Press - American Idol "ice cream"? "Now I was getting nauseous. Ruben Studdard-flavored ice cream? Clay Aiken 'n' Cream? Moose Underwood Tracks?"

  • Carolina On My Mind - "jubilant weekend" as BAF throws its big party. (Thanks for the CDD mention, Carolina Clay!)

More Photos & Clack From Raleigh TBAF Gala

Invisible926 has posted some of her shots from the Bubel Aiken Foundation Champions of Change gala held last night in Raleigh. More photos are available here and here.

You will also want to check out clack from last night at So far, we only have audio of Clay singing "Home", "I Can't Make You Love Me", "The Prayer" and "Unchained Melody".

For those of you looking for a recap, here's a fantastic one from LynninNJ and scrpkym at the CB:
This is a joint-recap, as i am sitting on scrpkym's couch after getting about 5 mins sleep....but that's only b/c i feel asleep for 5 mins while Clay's West Point JNat played for 2 hours!!!! We are obviously home from the Gala and what an amazing evening it was.

We arrived in sunny, warm Raleigh at 3pm so had to get ready quickly for our BIG DATE with Mr Aiken!!! We arrived at the Cardinal Club around 5pm all "dolled up" and were greeted by a sea of Claymates and lots of smiling, familiar faces. We met up with [name removed], [name removed] and got our tickets to the event (Brianne from JNT 2 was volunteering and later we found out Nick was too)a nd headed up the elevator 28 FLOORS to BAF-ville! When we walked in, we were at the Silent Auction where lots of great Clay and non-Clay things were on display. We milled around for some time, did some bidding and then went to our tables when dinner was about to begin. Gala attendees were in 5-6 different rooms set up with round tables for parties of 10ish....but they were located all around the 28th Floor of the Club. Most of us were in Dogwood and [name removed] was in Sir Walter Raleigh with more NC fans. Turns out we met the rest of our "clan" also seated in Dogwood......with rumors flying that Clay would also be eating in that room....omg!!!

And sure enough.....HE WAS! Seated at his table in a far corner were Clay, Quianna, Jesse V, Jamie, Faye, Aunt and Uncle, Jennifer, and Linda Loveland from WRAL....with Jerome standin by!
OK.......this was CLAY - full beard, mustache, bangs, highlights, three-piece dark suit, white shirt and red/pinkish solid tie......OHMIIIIGGGGOOOOODDDD....FULL BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had gotten word from the Gold Girls of the beard, and were anxious to see it live and in person..........AND WE LOVED IT!!!!! We were pretty much on the others side of the room, so we couldn't really stare and watch him eat, but we did get our glances (lots of water drinking and table chatting) and some tablemates snuck some pics! Clay in the room at the table about 50-60 mins, and miraculously the COFFEE BAR (they weren't serving at the tables) was set up RIGHT NEXT TO his obviously, we all needed a caffeine fix!!!!!!! :) The line was long (thank GOD!) and allowed for looooong glances of MR BEAUTIFUL.....and of course we called Kym in for coffee right away too!!!! As we were waiting, someone made an general announcement and mentioned that Claytinis would be served upstairs and we saw Linda L. ask Clay "what's a Claytini?" We heard and saw Clay say, "It's a Martini with a little bit of ME in it. It's a little bitter."
Before we could get coffee, they ran out, and then Clay Jerome's and Mary's motion......we guess to go get ready. Soooooooooo annnnnywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.................
we headed upstairs - for Claytinis!!! There were non-alcholic Claytinis....but of course we chose the ALCOHOLIC CLAYTINIS......and have pictures to show for it! They were yummy!!!!!
Oh yeah - Jaymes Foster was there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time was getting close. We assemled into the Hall which sat about 300 people, and found our seats. We were off to the side, but in 2nd row behind the piano.....Kym was back row center! So we all settled in and the show started around 9:15pm. Linda Loveland from WRAL was the Mistress of Ceremonies and did most of the introductions and she was warm, funny, smart - and looked STUNNING. Even Clay said later in the night (commenting on her just having her baby 7 weeks ago) that she was HOT. Awards were presented, speeches were made by Diane, Clay. Kristy and award winners.....and then, the FUN BEGAN!!!!!! It was then time for LIVE AUCTION/COMEDY HOUR...featuring none other than Clay Aiken (who said he wasn't planning on being involved, but his butt hurt from sitting too long - so he was). He was excited about the auctioneer (and mimicked auctioneer talk - real fast talking...imagine him doing that) and it was obvious he was going to be very involved in the process. With the first few items, there was a vacation to the mountains of NC, and Clay liked it so much - he kept bidding on it himself, but the guy wouldn't take his was funny! Then came other items such as signed Proud of Your Boy music score (which he doesn't remember....but he thinks he may have slept with), Invisible music/45, Grammy jacket came up and Clay really started getting into it with the crowd. He was interacting ALOT and pleading with the bidders for higher amounts "it's for the children" he would yell into the microphone....of which at one point - yes, ladies, he did have his finger in the mic stand....ONCE AGAIN. *thud*

The excitement came with a 2003 Wango Tango shirt (striped, bright colored) that he decided he was going to put on, take off, rub all over his body, and swing around his head like a stripper. NO LIE.

We think that went for $8k (OMG) and the winner got to collect on stage and got a big hug and kiss from Clay - sooooo worth the investment. The biggest item sold was the handwritten SCORE of Lover All Alone - music written from DFoster and lyrics handwritten by Clay........*sigh* and signed by them and Eman. This is the ORIGINAL and only 3 other "copies" are out there....and belong to DF, JF, and CA....whoa. Final winning bid.....$55,000.00!

He was cute, he was funny, he was flirty....he was sexy - he was playful....he was a TEASE. Especially when someone in the front row said "Clay, I'll buy your ring" And then led to the not only the bidding of his thumb ring (he left the other 2 at home - forgot to put them on after his shower) but of all his jewelery that he had on......ring (with the other 2 included later) and necklaces....that he whipped out from under his white shirt. He then proceeded to put the ring in his mouth *excuse while i take a moment* and roll it around with his tongue seductively - and also rumor had it he LICKED the necklaces as still my heart. Final bidding ended around $8,000....again, money well spent.

The auction/comedy show ended at about 11:30pm - and we didn't even get ENTERTAINMENT yet!!!!!!!!! Clay introduced Jesse, Quianna and gave away some suprises like the Oklahoma stop on the Summer Tour and Jesse and Q joining him (didn't mention anyone else)......and then sat on a stool, Jesse at piano.....and sang ICMYLM....beautifully.
It was a little tough for him to get serious, so when you listen to the MP3's.....he's making funny faces, so that's why we're all laughing during the song. Then Clay brought Q up with him and introduced David Foster's THE PRAYER.....omg - a dream for some come true. Gorgeous harmony, amazing vocals....touching lyrics....they must have practiced in the car as Clay was driving Q and Chamberlin from Charleston back to Raleigh (they were staying at this house, by the way). Next came Home from Quinna (with Jesse on piano playing with no sheet music), and then Clay's finale of Unchained Melody..........simply AMAZING.

A few more thank you's, a farewell from Linda Loveland and Clay was gone with a "See You This Summer".........and he was swept away by Jerome.....waving a few times back to the crowd as he left.

*ouch* My fingers hurt and I'm seeing that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed our recap!

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF