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Saturday, March 31, 2007

UPDATE: "Champions of Change" Gala Watch

We promised to run photos from the BAF gala tonight in Raleigh... Here's are the first images broadcast on Raleigh's WRAL-TV.

Raleigh's WRAL At BAF Gala and Has an Online Write Up

According to several fans who were at The Bubel Aiken Foundation Champion of Change Gala, WRAL had cameras at the Gala. This could mean some video clack from the event.

Also, even as the Gala was still in progress, WRAL's website had already run a story about it. "Clay Aiken is sporting a new look these days, but he hasn't changed his favorite cause," the article starts out.

"We have a lot of different programs,” Aiken said. “We give out a lot of grants throughout the year to YMCA programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, you name it -- any community organization, educational organization, extracurricular activity organizations that are able to include kids with disabilities into their programs, we give out grants.”

The foundation also helps train organizations to build curriculums for children with disabilities.

This was the first time the gala was held in Raleigh. Organizers said they expect to raise more than $100,000 for the foundation.
While the article does not include an up-to-date picture of Clay, we understand that he has a full beard and moustache at the Gala and is looking better than ever! Just as soon as pictures from the Gala are posted online, we will have then right here at CDD for you.

Straight From The Clayboard GalaCert - Gala News For Those Who Couldn't Be There

As you all know, tonight is The Bubel Aiken Champion of Change Gala in Raleigh. Many of our friends have been lucky enough to be able to attend the gala. Because of that there is a great Galacert at The Clayboard tonight, with various fans phoning in details about the Gala. The actual Galacert starts on Page 12 of the thread.

The two most exciting things that I have read from the Galacert are that Clay has a full beard and moustache (be still my heart), and that someone who works for the Gala said that Clay has a surprise for us. What could it be? A TV show he will be on? A new record label? Another CD this year? I can hardly wait to find out if this is true and what it is!!

Here are some items from some of the fans at the Gala that have been called into The Clayboard Galacert:

  • From CV and xxx4clay
    Clay is there!
    Full Beard!!! Dark Hair!!!!!!! He is gorgeous!!!!!!! Natch!

  • From CV:
    Spoke with curiousgladys and Claysfayeorite and they think they saw Jaymes Foster walk by. Also in the program it talks about the skating special and says '...currently looking at locations in Nevada and FLORIDA!'

    Also it was reported by someone working the Gala that Clay has a surprise for us! Now it can't be the beard because that news has already spread but I wonder what it could be?

  • Gala update from toni7babe -
    Clay is sitting a table next to Linda Loveland and Jamie. Jaymes, Quiana, and Jesse are also at the table. Jerome is there doing his Jerome thing.

    Clay looks gorgeous! (You may have already guessed this.) toni didn't have an up close view but he has some bangs, sorta off to the side according to her, hair longish. Dark suit she thinks.

    stripedshirts has an up close and personal view and should be able to give us more.

  • From the CH:
    Invisible926 on the phone again.
    They are in one of the smaller dining rooms for now.

    Jaymes stopped near their table. She is very cute, leopardskin top, skirt with ruffled bottom and boots. She's been hanging out in their room, very friendly and selling raffle tickets. She's prettier in person than in pictures. (She must have said she's very cute three times.)

    Diane Bubel just came into their room.

    Report that his hair is nice and between that and the dark beard that you wouldn't recognize him if you didn't know it was him.

  • From whatever at CH..
    Sunnydays just called me from the dining room. Boy, it's LOUD there! It seems that, as has been mentioned above, there is the main dining room and then perhaps 3 satellite rooms. Guests are not necessarily seated with their companions and there is a great mix. Sunnydays says that that's not a bad's an opportunity to meet some fans you may not get to meet ordinarily. She told me some things we already who is there in Clay's party, how Clay looks, and that Jesse and Quiana are listed in the program. A table with coffee was made available, set up within view of Clay's table. Funny how EVERYONE drinks coffee, isn't it? *g* Cell connections are spotty depending on the location.

  • PER CH
    Got off the phone a while ago with MLK973 and beagle2.
    MLK973 says the beard is about a half an inch to three quarters of an inch long. She says he looks as good as she's ever seen him! Right up there with Tyra. Hair is similar to Tyra hair but with the beard. Bangs a little to the side.

    They said the M&G was fast but he was very happy, funny and friendly. He said he knew he had met many of them before but to forgive him for not remembering names.

    beagle2was worried about her bid on the signed Look What Love has done CD. She thought she had it, then someone doubled her bid. She was in a quandry whether to bid more.

    They say about 400+ people there

  • Gala Update from toni7babe -
    (I hope I can remember all this)

    Clay's hair is longish - long in the back. He has on a dark suit - brown she thinks, with a pinkish-reddish tie.
    He seems to be having a great time - talking and laughing expecially with Linda Loveland.

    Kristy is there - wearing a two piece pink outfit.
    Jaymes is circulating and selling raflle ticket! She likes toni's shirt!
    Mary is there.
    WRAL is there filming - may be something on the news later.

  • Faye is selling raffle tickets too.
    No glasses.
    Dinner was Steak/Salmon Asparagus Mashed potatoes, salad, cheesecake served wine and champagne.
    Dr. Brown Suit with a hot pink tie!

  • OK folks...just got off the phone with Clandy. I will try to remember everything. She said over and over that Clay looks fantastic. He looks very happy. He is perfect...his hair is perfect.

    He is sitting with Linda Loveland on one side....Jamie on the other. Jesse next to Jamie....Jaymes next to LInda. Jaymes looks great too. Diane Buble sat at Clandys table for a bit and said that they are ready to take the foundation to the next level. They hope to get corporate people on the board.....its all good.

    Clandy said the Wacovia setting is PERFECT....the city is beautiful, all very nice.

    Oh...Clay doesn't look skinny or chubby....just PERFECT!!!

    Oh..people have cameras....there should be pictures.

    She doesn't know about any surprises....she is looking forward to the concert. She told Jaymes how happy she was that Jaymes was there...she agreed.

  • from the ch - clay

    Clay saying something about "You can have my seat". I think some people snuck forward.

    I talk a lot about how I believe that each place that I've been in my life has given me a lot of opportunities

    He's talking about how working at each place led to something else. YMCA to Special Ed to Charlotte
We will keep you posted as more information comes in about the Gala.

And here is more....Gala photos that is. If there is anyone more handsome in the world, I can't imagine who it is. Enjoy these photos. I sure did!

Clay Sees Deja Vu, Makes A Six Degrees Appeal

Clay blogged moments ago about the Six Degrees campaign which currently has the Bubel Aiken Foundation in second place. He mused about how the race up to the finish line was "like American Idol" all over again. "Second place, AGAIN?" he jokes.
Claymates - you have less than 9 hours to make your voice heard. For today, Six Degrees has added a PayPal method for our international friends to donate to TBAF via this campaign. The top 6 charities will receive an additional matching donation up to $10,000 from actor Kevin Bacon.


Bubel Aiken Foundation Gala Tonight

The Bubel Aiken Foundation will hold their Champions of Change gala at the Cardinal Club in Raleigh tonight, the official fanclub reminded us today. The event will be hosted by WRAL's Lynda Loveland and Clay is expected to make an appearance himself!

03/30/07 : The Bubel Aiken Champion of Change Gala
By Team Clay

Raleigh, NC- The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF) will be hosting its annual Champion of Change Gala, Saturday, March 31, at the Cardinal Club in Raleigh. The Gala honors individuals and groups who have created opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in all that life has to offer.

The event will feature a special performance by multi-platinum recording artist Clay Aiken as well as an exquisite three-course dinner from Executive Chief Fred Leach, compliments of the Cardinal Club. Lynda Loveland, local news anchor for WRAL-TV, will serve as mistress of ceremonies. Champion of Change awards will be given to State Farm Insurance, Coach Jim Johnson, TBAF’s Voices of Beta Alpha volunteers and Youth Honoree, Jonathan Bunzey.

"I am proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our honorees. State Farm Insurance’s corporate commitment to seeing communities become places where all children can participate, our own Beta Alpha volunteers’ passion and dedication to raising awareness all across the country, Coach Jim Johnson’s decision to include a child in an event that in turn gave hope to countless people, and Jonathan Bunzey’s willingness to take the benefits from his own experience and turn it around to help others should inspire all of us to use our voices to make a difference in our own communities for inclusion", said Clay Aiken, co-founder of TBAF.

Tidbits 3/31

  • The Desert Sun - tickets to Clay's Pala, CA concert are now on sale.
  • Bella Online - columnist's friend is a fan of Clay Aiken ...
    And she’s not. She likes music. She has CDs. She just doesn’t spend as much time as I do in music departments and on However, our friendship works well – and occasionally there is cake! We also go to concerts together. Let’s see, there’s been Clay Aiken, Blue Man Group—later this year we will see Clay Aiken again, and Genesis in September.
  • has a small piece about the panic attacks Clay says he used to have. has a full story on Clay's story here.
    Clay Aiken, pop singer and former American Idol contestant, began experiencing panic attacks after the death of his stepfather. The attacks increased during Aiken's quick rise to fame, particularly when he had to make a public appearance. After trying a number of medications, Aiken has found Paxil to be helpful in managing the attacks. Read more about Clay Aiken and Panic Disorder.
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution - American Idol fashion notes - "Clay Aiken's prominent ears were camouflaged with a new hairstyle by "American Idol" hairstylist Dean Banowetz, who is often credited with the singer's phoenix-like rise from the ashes of the second season."
  • Houston Press doesn't get why Clay is having a concert at the Houston Symphony... perhaps the responses say it best: "So what if Clay Aiken does not write for the power of an orchestra? It does not stop him from sounding beautiful singing with it. Here are some videos from his last tour. Judge for yourself."
    Note, the Symphony was speaking about being Clay Aiken’s back-up band. Is the Symphony really trying to tell me that Clay’s the same level of musical genius as Elvis Costello? And when did Clay Aiken write specifically for the power of a full orchestra? Hell, when did Clay Aiken write specifically for the power of an acoustic guitar? And, as an attorney, I think that, if Elvis Costello were to decide to sue for defamation, the Houston Symphony would be relegated to being his backing band.

  • Chexxxy's - The Clay Aiken train is coming ... Summer Tour 2007.
  • GFTCSA reminds us that TODAY is the last day to donate to The Bubel Aiken Foundation via Six Degrees.
  • There Was A Man - run to get those Clay Aiken iTunes podcasts... (not so) hot off the "press"!
    I can barely comprehend this, but I do believe the ClayNation is falling down on the job. We have just yesterday discovered interview podcasts that are dated...ummm...Dec 11, 2006. Now that is a little embarrassing.

    In part one, he discusses "Here You Come Again". Dolly Parton was a great favorite of his mom's, so he grew up with her songs. He wanted to sing on AI during country week, but Michael Orland and Debra Byrd talked him out of it because they felt it had too much of a Broadway vibe. Something Simon Cowell kept harping on with him. He tells of how the song came to be an the album, and how it got changed to more ballad-like.

    In part two, he discusses "Broken Wings". His mother almost entered him for Star Search when he was eleven, and he was going to sing "Broken Wings". Seventeen years later, he finally gets to record it. Clay explains how he came up with the ethereal version on his album.

    In part three, Clay talks about the original songs on his album and how he came to choose them. "Lonely More More" Jaymes Foster, his executive producer wanted on the album because Clay helped write it. "Eveything I Have" was a favorite of all the females in Clay's life, "A Thousand Days" was a song that considered for his original song album. "These Open Arms" is Clay's favorite perhaps due to these poignant lyrics.

    In part four, he talks about blending his singing career with his work with children with disabilites, and his passion for he cause of inclusion.

    In part five, he talks about UNICEF, how he came to be an ambassador, and his work with the organization.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Saturday Final Day to Donate to Six Degrees For BAF

Saturday, March 31, is the final day that donations can be made to Six Degrees for The Bubel Aiken Foundation. At this time, BAF is in second place, and the top six groups will receive matching funds up to $10,000 from Kevin Bacon. All the groups are starting to climb upwards with their donations, so none of the six spots is safe. In one day, a lot of changes can be made among the top six spots.

CDD would like to encourage you to donate as well as get your family and friends to donate to Six Degrees on this final day. The minimum donation allowed is $10. And remember, its not the dollar amount that determines the top six spots but the number of donations made. That's why its important for as many people to donate as possible.

To donate, click on these words: TBAF PERSONAL CHARITY BADGE. It will take you to TBAF's badge, and then click on the badge. You can then complete the information on the page you are taken to in order to complete the donation process.

Check back at CDD on Sunday and we will let you know the final results of the Six Degrees Fundraiser.

New Clack On iTunes

The CB's Snitchseeker has found a gem on iTunes. A podcast called "Your Idols" has 5 never before seen videos of Clay talking about the Bubel Aiken Foundation, his choices for ATDW and his experiences working overseas with UNICEF.

If you have iTunes, click here to download the podcasts free of charge (iTunes will launch).

iTunes is available free of charge for computers running Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Clay To Be Featured on People Magazine AI Special

Clay will be featured in a new People Magazine special called American Idol: Where Are They Now? The Fame, the Shame & How Life Changed. The special issue goes on sale at newsstands on April 6.

Thanks to the CB's joycez for the scan above.

Tidbits 3/30

  • Rolling Stone - In a Rock & Roll Daily article about those from American Idol who have not won the show but have cashed in on their exposure, there is a Clay mention:
    There is, of course, Kelly Clarkson, who has managed to live up to the title, but what about Ruben Studdard, who won Season Two? Studdard has released three albums and sold 2.25 million copies overall. Compare that two Season Two’s runner-up (and inexplicable sex symbol) Clay Aiken, who went on to sell a combined 4.6 million over the course of three albums.
    Uh, I think the word they meant to use to describe Clay as a sex symbol is "undeniable".
  • The Clayboard - SJK1010 has informed us that Wawa (which is apparently a convenience store in some parts of the country) once again has soda cups with the Season 2 American Idols on them. If you don't have a Wawa near you, maybe you can beg someone who does to send you one. Me thinks she has found EBay gold!
  • Electric New Paper - AI5 contestant Chris Daughtry set to join Idol "elite" -
    Daughtry's unprecedented post-Idol breakthrough has already surpassed the rookie efforts of Idol winners Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino, and he's poised to join the elite club of successful alumni like Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood.
  • PR Leap - another press release for the Bubel Aiken Foundation Six Degrees fundraiser. Hurry, you have only 1 more day to donate ... click on the banner on our homepage for more information.
    The Bubel/Aiken Foundation — Clay Aiken’s charity for the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities. Creating communities where ALL children can learn, live and play together.
  • MSN Money - voiceover actor Don LaFontaine finally getting his dues...
    LaFontaine's hobby is cutting video, including a piece featuring Clay Aiken, Ben Vereen and other stars for the sweet 16 birthday party of his daughter, Skye.
  • Houston Chronicle and a bunch of other sites has the same article about Don LaFontaine.
  • Search Engine Land - photo caption reads "You even invited Clay Aiken (doesn't that look so much like him?)" even though I don't think the guy looks anything like Clay.
  • The Student News - SATIRE ... "[Deans of Students] Quinley has spent hours each night plotting her route to becoming the next Omarosa, or better yet, Clay Aiken"
  • OC Register - another article about Sanjaya Malakar, who many thin needs to be booted from the AI6 Top 12 immediately ...
    But I don't see anyone with a white-hot future ahead of them, like many of us did with Carrie and Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia. Left-field successes like Clay Aiken or Daughtry? Those are even harder to predict, but do you see any possibilities?
  • The Spoof - SATIRE ... American Idol romances? "Rumors also swirled about Ryan Seacrest and Clay Aiken and about Simon and Paula and even about Simon and his mirror."
  • Baseball Toaster - some random mention... not sure if it's good or bad.

  • Southern Girl can barely contain her excitement over Clay's planned Christmas TV special, announced yesterday by the OFC.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bubel Aiken Foundation is Goodsearch's Charity of the Day

Many of you know that Goodsearch is a site online where for every search you make, the charity of your choice earns a penny for every search made. In our case, that would be The Bubel Aiken Foundation. For the month of March, those searches have made $263.46 for BAF. That would convert to 26,346 searches in one month!

At Goodsearch today, The Bubel Aiken Foundation was listed on their home page as "Whose Doing Good" along with a link to their "Whose Doing Good" page. Each week a new group is featured on this page, so BAF should be there until the end of the week (Saturday, 3/31). In addition to a link to BAF, also included on this page is information about Clay and the work that he does:

American Idol Clay Aiken is co-founder of The Bubel Aiken Foundation and a graduate of UNC-Charlotte where he earned his Bachelors degree in special education.

He is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, a multi-platinum recording artist and an American Music Award and Billboard Music Award winner.

Clay’s passion for music started at a young age and followed him throughout his adolescence. He performed in numerous musicals and was a member of his school choir.

When Clay entered college, music took a backseat while he pursued a degree in special education. While earning his degree, he worked with individuals with autism, among them Michael Bubel, son of Diane Bubel.

As Diane and Clay’s friendship grew, it became apparent they both shared the same vision – a world where children of all abilities were offered the experiences of full inclusion. Their goal became to create TBAF and make this shared vision a reality.
Clay has used his celebrity status to make the world a better place for those with disabilities, as well as everyone he comes in contact with. There are so many ways we can help him as he continues to make a difference. One way is to continue our searches at Goodsearch. Click on the Goodsearch link, scroll down, enter your search, enter The Bubel Aiken Foundation as your charity, and then click "Verify". Its that easy. We can make a difference, one search and one penny at a time.

Clay Supports Preservation of Raleigh Park

According to the Carolina Newswire, Clay has signed a petition showing his support for the preservation of open space in Raleigh and the development of a "world-class destination park". The petition was started by the Friends of Dorothea Dix Park, who is trying to preserve 306 acres in Raleigh.

Clay's comments about this were:

“I am so excited about the opportunity that we have to protect such an amazing amount of open space right here in the Triangle. It's an opportunity that won't likely ever come again. It is an opportunity that the over developed cities and towns around the country can only wish they still had, and that we are blessed with,” said Aiken.
He also said that the park would contribute to the quality of life in Raleigh, and he is encouraging others to also sign the petition. The Friends of Dorothea Dix Park are excited to have Clay as a supporter, and of course, rightly so. Its not surprising to me, however, that Clay would take such a positive interest in the town he calls home and loves so much.

If you would like to sign the petition go to the Dorothea Dix Park website.

Update 3/30: The Raleigh News & Observer has also posted an article about this:
Count American Idol’s Clay Aiken among supporters of turning the Dorothea Dix Hospital campus into a park.

Friends of Dorothea Dix Park — a group pushing for the creation of an urban park on the 306-acre Dix grounds near downtown — touted Aiken’s support in a news release today. Aiken has signed a petition for the group.

“I am so excited about the opportunity that we have to protect such an amazing amount of open space right here in the Triangle,” the news release quoted Aiken as saying. “It's an opportunity that won't likely ever come again. It is an opportunity that the overdeveloped cities and towns around the country can only wish they still had, and that we are blessed with.”

Clay To Tape NBC Christmas Special In November

The official fanclub has announced that Clay will take part as the "exclusive" musical guest in an NBC Christmas special that will be aired on Christmas day.

The OFC notes that there will be a limited number of tickets to the taping which is tentatively scheduled for November.

Fanclub members need to log in to see the news item since it hasn't been put on the public side of the website yet.

Hard Rock Orlando Confirms Aug. 19 Clay Concert

It's been in the rumor week for about a week now, but a rep from the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando has confirmed to the CB's Misty1958 that Clay will be making a stop at Hard Rock Orlando for a concert on August 19.

The Hard Rock Cafe Orlando is the biggest Hard Rock Cafe in the world an has a concert capacity of around 3,000 people.

Here is the ticketing information posted today by the official fanclub:

03/29/07 : New Clay Aiken Tour Date and Pre-Sale Information
By Team Clay

Clay Aiken Pre-Sale beginning Tuesday, April 3:

August 19 - Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live Orlando - Pre-Sale begins 12 p.m. EDT and ends April 5 at 11 p.m. EDT

Public on-sale begins April 6 at 12 p.m. EDT

Tidbits 3/29

Scholastic News Online, a website aimed towards kids and teens has a very nice interview with Clay on being a UNICEF ambassdor:

Name one small way and one big way you help to promote UNICEF.

One small way I help is by encouraging people to support UNICEF. Every penny counts! UNICEF uses the money it raises to help improve kids’ lives around the world. It doesn’t take much money to help a child live a better life. For instance, just $2.50 provides a child with school supplies for an entire year. More than 121 million kids around the world are not in school. UNICEF gives school supplies, trains teachers, and rebuilds schools that have been destroyed in disasters. And just $17 immunizes one child for life against six killer diseases. Many kids around the world don’t get the shots they need to protect them from dangers like measles and tetanus. UNICEF saves more than two million kids’ lives every year through immunization and medicine.
  • ABC 7 News - MIT researcher says people are motivated by love, not hate in terms of TV shows -
    "With 'American Idol' younger viewers have a chance to experience the best music of the past with an updated style and fresh faces which are sometimes nice to look at. I've always loved that aspect of the show. I also really like how it can take an ordinary person and turn them into a superstar. Take Clay Aiken for example. Here is a guy who had a very hard childhood, got picked on constantly, but because of 'American Idol' discovering his amazing talent, he is now loved by hundreds of thousands," she wrote in an e-mail.
  • {A} - blog about the Six Degrees campaign ... nice TBAF mention:
    I also wanted to take a minute and talk about a scrapbooking connection related to the contest. The other top badge right now is raising money for the Bubel Aiken Foundation which "serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with special needs and the world around them. We will support communities and programs in creating awareness and opportunities for full inclusion where barriers break and doors open." That is totally something I believe in and something that is beginning to impact our lives more and more as Simon develops.

    One of the cool things about this organization is it has a scrapbooking connection. Scrapping 4 Inclusion is a fundraising arm for Bubel Aiken that organizes full day crops around the country that raise awareness and generate funds. Here is a link to their current events and more info on organizing an event in your area.
  • Stuck In Idol - AI article, this paragraph about Melinda Doolittle has a nice Clay mention:
    This woman comes so ALIVE when she sings it’s such a joy to watch and listen to her. She makes it look so effortless and that’s the mark of a truly gifted professional. I just love her but won’t proclaim her the winner just yet — this show is waaaay too fickle (two words - Clay Aiken) and I don’t trust the voters either.
  • New York Times - random Clay mention in an article about Pandora - the free online radio station that adapts to your musical tastes.
    Now that the free ad-supported service has been operational for 15 months, it can use the behavioral data of its six million listeners to add a new layer of suggestion. For instance, even if, on paper, the musicologists think it logical to pair a song by the "American Idol" superstar Clay Aiken with one by the Canadian folk balladeer Ron Sexsmith, several hundred listeners may give the juxtaposition a vote of no confidence.
  • Superconcesionario - tips for starting a successful internet business... now here was an interesting idea:
    During the auditions of the second season of American Idol, a young man by the name of Clay Aiken stuck out because of his “nerdiness” and voice. I had a strong feeling he was going to become popular so I created a “vote for Clay Aiken site”. It had a message board and pictures. Some of his friends from North Carolina saw our site and asked our help to promote him.

    Because we were the first website to promote Clay, it ranked #1 for almost an entire year in Google. Because our site was at the top, we were able to make an Amazon link to his CD, and thousands of people bought through our Amazon affiliate link.

    We weren’t the first person to introduce Clay Aiken. American Idol did that for us. But, we were second.

    You never know what’s going to catch on. So, find things that interest you and be the place to go right after somebody scoops something.
  • The Olympian / Orlando Sentinel - review of a new movie called 'Blades of Glory'... small Clay tidbit: "Heder plays Jimmy McElroy, the sissy- king of skating, all flamboyant costumes and "American Idol"-sappy routines. Think Clay Aiken on ice."
  • Glens Falls Post Star- Sanjaya Malakar doesn't deserve a spot on the AI6 top 12 -
    Performances by the 17-year-old contestant from Federal Way, Wa., can be adequately summarized in a single word: suck. Unlike some of my lowbrow critical contemporaries, I'm not going to pick on his hair obsession and I won't scoff at him for making Clay Aiken look like a plainclothes G.I. Joe. I will however state the obvious; Sanjaya Malakar has no place in a legitimate singing competition.
  • South Florida News Sentinel - why hairstyles make an Idol contestants and Idol -
    Clay Aiken's prominent ears were camouflaged with a new hairstyle by "American Idol" hairstylist Dean Banowetz, who is often credited with the singer's phoenix-like rise from the ashes of the second season.
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette - reader responds to the Post Gazette's article on why RCA doesn't promote Idols well -
    RCA has made all the right decisions regarding the "American Idol" contestants on whom to plug and whom not to. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are proof of that. And let's not forget, they pushed Clay Aiken, who didn't win, harder than they pushed Ruben Studdard.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Houston Press "Aching For Aiken" Article A Must Read

Houston continues not to disappoint with its advertising of Clay's concert, first with a great article in The Houston Chronicle, and now with an even better one in The Houston Press. With the picture from the cover of The Rolling Stone, the article starts out,

American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken is coming to Houston for a show with Houston’s own Symphony Orchestra (HSO). The show isn’t until July but ticket sales went crazy on Monday when the Symphony held a pre-sale limited to Symphony subscribers and Clay Aiken fan club members. Today tickets were made available to the general public and while sales have slowed some, they are still steady. Chances are Aiken’s show will be sold-out, a rarety for HSO. The only other shows that have sold out this season are Yo-Yo Ma and the Chieftains.
The Houston Symphony also has their own comments in the article, saying that they like to present "a wide spectrum of a broad and diverse audience."

In addition, the Symphony spokesman says that those artists who appear with them "have invested substantially large sums of money to have symphony arrangements of their material written so they can perform their shows with symphony orchestras all across the country.” This should be the show of the century! The Houston Symphony is a world renowned orchestra, and backing Clay up, this concert will be spectacular.

You can leave your own comments at the end of the article. If you are inclined to do so, leave a positive comment to encourage those who read it to come to the performance.

American Idol 2 - Remembering Clay's Performances - Top 10

As we have done for the past two weeks, we are remembering each week of Clay's performances on American Idol 2 in conjunction with this year's American Idol. This week the Top 10 performed, and we had a few surprises. Randy was actually left speechless, Simon was nicer than normal, and Sanjaya's hair, well, it was definitely a surprise. However, go back to Season 2 and there were no surprises there...Clay was in top form as he was every week!

It was Tuesday, March 25, 2003, and Clay was the last contestant to sing. For me, this was the first show of any of the American Idol shows that I had ever seen. I tuned in to watch a local girl I found out was on the show -- Kimberly Caldwell from Katy, Texas. Well, when I heard her, I wasn't really a big fan of her style of music. But I had heard via America Online of this skinny geeky guy with a big voice and I was curious. When Clay came out and first started singing, "Someone Else's Star", my mouth dropped to the floor. I had never heard such a voice! I thought it was the best voice I had ever heard. And I was totally taken in by those dreamy eyes that seemed to be looking straight at me right through the television screen and that sweet smile. Now, this is not my favorite song that Clay sang during the competition, but still, he totally wowed me with that crystal clear pure voice.

Randy, Paula, and guest judge Olivia Newton John all gave Clay a standing ovation. I remember when I first realized that Olivia Newton John was on the show, I thought, "What is she doing on a show like this?!" I had a preconceived idea of what American Idol was, and she was too big a star to be on such a show. But that went right out the door after I heard Clay sing and I was drawn back each week to hear him sing again. Well, our last judge, Simon, was not so kind with his remarks. He said, "I hope I can sum up because I thought it was very sweet but sounded identical to last week, had nothing to do with the show, identical to last week, could've swapped songs, very good." Now that I know how awesome Clay sounded the week before, I suppose I could take this as a compliment. Clay always sounded identical in that he was always awesome when he sang!

If you would like to download Clay's Top 10 performance of "Someone Else's Star", go to American Idol 2 Solo Performances at Clack Unlimited.

Next week we'll look back at the Top 9 and another great week for Clay!

Tidbits 3/28

AOL Television says Clay is the 9th most sexy American Idol. Of course, in our books he's #1.

  • Foxes On Idol on why Melinda Doolittle has it to win AI6 -
    Ever since Season 2 of American Idol, I have always picked a favorite whom I vote for repeatedly. In Season 2, that favorite was Clay Aiken; in Season 3 my favorite was LaToya London; in Season 4 I first was interested in Nadia Turner and then in Vonzell Solomon; and in Season 5 I rooted for Paris Bennett. With the exception of Nadia, my previous favorites have always managed to come close to winning but never won. Now, I have a new favorite for Season 6. Her name is Melinda Doolittle.
  • Esquire - random Clay mention...
    Mom's in the kitchen serving up homemade peanut-butter pies. And in the dining room, there's talk about the best site to score purebred Pomeranians online. This fish fry in Lebanon, Tennessee, could well be the only party tonight within a thousand miles where there's more Bordeaux to be had than Budweiser. And this is what one of the allegedly rowdiest bands of drug-addled, tight-panted egomaniacs in rock 'n' roll calls a party? Clay Aiken probably throws better dinner parties.
  • Mrs. Jones On Idol - nice write up for the TBAF Internet Auction which is happening right now:

    This is a great cause - click here and check it all out! Clay's raising money for a great charity! Click Here!

    The Bubel Aiken Foundation has a live Internet auction going on!! Check out the stuff, people - signed items from Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Katharine McPhee and the rest of the gang!

    This is the Internet Auction instructions: Click Here!

    This is Clay and Friends Items - Click Here!

    There are lots of really hot autographed items from various Idols, all to benefit The Bubel/Aiken Foundation - Go win this stuff!!!!!!!!!
  • The Art of Getting By - AI6 has no real standouts... not as exciting as AI2 when they "rejoiced in rooting for the underdog that was Clay Aiken."
  • DVD Verdict - a review of a new DVD set for FOX's TV show "The Loop". During one of the episodes earlier this season, an "I Love Clay Aiken" shirt was spotted -
    Add to that drunken egg-eating contests, a burro race in Mexico, humans made out of cold cuts, Nair-induced crotch burns, 'I Love Clay Aiken' T-shirts, lewd references to hard drives, beer-drinking canines and diaper-clad chimpanzees.
  • Raleigh News & Observer - mentions Clay's Aug. 10 concert in Cary, NC:
    Meanwhile, if you couldn't get tickets for Clay Aiken's ultra-exclusive Saturday charity gala at Raleigh's Capitol Club, he'll be singing out at Cary's Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency Park on Aug. 10.
  • 11 Eyewitness News-Raleigh/Durham/Fayettville - Article entitled "Judge Hears Aiken Lawsuit"
    The Clay Aiken lawsuit is expected to go before a Wake County judge. An author is suing Raleigh's favorite American Idol.

    Jeannie Holleman, the author of "Clay It Forward: The Unauthorized Biography" is suing Clay Aiken for emotional and punitive damages.
    She says Aiken, his family and associates ruined the sales of her book by denying the truth of the book and saying she is not a family friend.

    Aiken's attorneys have filed motions to dismiss the case.
  • Clay Aiken, The Ideal Idol - A new poll is up at The Ideal Idol which asks, "What states would you like Clay to appear in concert that haven't been listed in the upcoming tour?" Scroll down a little and look for "POLL 3/28/07 NEW".
  • Daily Gamecock... whatever this is. I wonder who on Earth keeps 20 Clay Aiken CDs at an athletic department...
    Instead of getting ornery with their girlfriends or crying after sex, they allegedly chose to break into the athletics department facilities and steal computers, money and 20 Clay Aiken CDs.

Good Morning America Segment On Idol Makeovers Includes Clay

MonicaJuliet from The Clayboard was lucky enough to be watching Good Morning America on Wednesday morning when they did a segment on Idol Makeovers called "American Idol: Style or Substance". She said:

GMA showed a few clips of Clay from his AI2 audition and the ATD music video. They were doing a piece on AI transformations from this season, but also showed past contestants...he was the only past Idol contestant that they showed more than once!
Of course, we know that Clay is the one that most people think of first when they think of Idol makeovers. And he has had his share of different looks. However, I think you will all agree with me that Clay's wonderful voice and what's in his heart has remained the same, if not become better. He has both the style and the substance.

To see the video online, go to ABC News' website

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Clay Included on New 80's Covers Compilation

musikfest at the Clackhouse informs us that a new compilation CD featuring Clay's rendition of "Everytime You Go Away" is being offered as part of a new compilation CD currently on iTunes. She didn't provide the title of the disc, but we'll try to go track that down for you right now.

I just saw this on my Tuesday iTunes E-mail...seems there's a 'new' compilation of '80's cover songs for sale, sung by current artists...There are 80 tunes...and I looked through them to see titles Clay has covered. He actually shows up as one of the artists contributing to this CD...but look at the rest of 'Clay's songs'...

When Doves Cry---The Be Good Tanyas
Broken Wings----Rick Springfield
Open Arms---Mariah Carey
I Wanna Know What Love Is---Wynonna Judd

Bubel Aiken Foundation Opens Internet Auction

On the heels of Saturday's Champions For Change gala, The Bubel Aiken Foundation is allowing you to get in on a piece of the action... auction, to be accurate. Their online Live Auction runs until March 30, so you better get bidding if you want something like this nice autographed Invisible sheet music set.

For more information about the auction, visit the Bubel Aiken Foundation website.

Here are links to the items that are available for bidding:

Setlist To Include "Invisible", "The Way"

Looks like we'll be hearing some old classics on the Summer Tour, according to an email sent to the CB's claysbuttercup99 from the Houston Symphony:

Clay Aiken's song list has not been confirmed. But he will be perform a combination of his hits such as Invisible and The Way and classics such as Bridge Over Trouble Water and Moon River with the Houston Symphony. The entire set list will not be confirmed until the concert.
The set list as it stands right now is as follows:
  1. Invisible
  2. The Way
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  4. I Want To Know What Love Is
  5. For Once In My Life
  6. Moon River
  7. Measure of A Man

Orlando Tour Date To Be Announced?

We have some speculations of an Orlando, FL tour date courtesy our friends over at Claymaniacs News:

A fan has reported that a representative of the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando FL revealed that Clay is scheduled to perform there on August 19th.

Could Florida really get three shows? Does anyone want to spend August in Florida? It's not official yet, so stay tuned for more details!
A Tampa Bay date was added last night if we indeed end up with 3 Florida concerts!

Tidbits 3/27

  • The Florida Time Union - In an article about Phil Stacey, it says,
    Of course, Hicks, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia Barrino, Clay Aiken and so many others didn't exactly start from scratch. They were thrust into the country's pop consciousness on American Idol, the most-watched show on television.
    Keep in mind that the first singles by four of the first five Idol winners debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. The only winner who didn't was Season 2's Ruben Studdard, and that's because he was topped by runner-up Clay Aiken.
  • USA Today Idol blog on why Blake Lewis might win AI...
    Blake is never going to sound like LaKisha or Melinda -– or even male singers like Clay Aiken or Elliott Yamin from past seasons –- and that’s OK, but he does need to make a concentrated effort to show off the voice he does have.
  • - some Idols oversinging? "American Idol ... Throw a rock, and you'll hit someone over-singing, such as Clay Aiken."
  • Houston Chronicle - country single Jack Ingram has a track called "Measure of A Man" on CD, and it's not Clay's version:
    That much is evident from the title of the first track, Measure of a Man, one of those phrases that surface only in mainstream country songs about fathers and Clay Aiken albums about, well, other things.

Clay Climbs Lycos 50 List To #15

In a week when there has been so much excitement about Clay's tour as well as some ticket stress as some of us struggled with the phone lines and online to buy tickets, Clay was steadily climbing the Lycos 50 list! Clay went up five spots to #15 on Lycos 50 for the week ending March 24. This is the most he has climbed in at least a month. Could this possibly be due to tour and concert searches? Of course, we don't know, but this is great news. Let's keep those searches going and bring him up even higher on the list next week!

Houston Chronicle Publicizes Huge Response To Clay's Houston Ticket Sales

Hold on to your Stetsons, Clay fans. The Houston Chronicle has put some great early advertising in the newspaper for Clay's Houston concert! This is quite a surprise since when Clay came to Houston in 2004 there was not any big articles about Clay until right before the tour. This is awesome news for which this Houstonian is extremely grateful!!

The article is in both the newspaper itself and at The Chronicle's online site. On the front page of the Entertainment section is a gorgeous picture of Clay with a snippet leading you to the article on page E4. And the great irony of this snippet is that it is right next to an article entitled, "Taking the Measure of a Man"!

Here is the article about the great response received by the Houston Symphony:

Big push for Aiken tickets

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

A slow-selling second album and a daytime TV feud have done little to quell Claymania in Houston.

The Houston Symphony's phone lines were jammed Monday with calls inquiring about tickets for American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken's July 6 appearance with the orchestra.

The symphony sent e-mails to its subscribers and to Aiken fan clubs, prompting the onslaught.

"We've never seen response like this," symphony spokesman Art Kent said. "Not that we're unhappy about it. The response has been great. But I haven't even put out the press release."
Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Call 713-224-7575 or log on to is just another example of the great response that Clay always receives for his concert sales, and for it to happen in Houston is an absolute delight! Get ready Houstonians... Claymania has been released on your unsuspecting city!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tampa Bay Added to Clay's Tour Cities

Great news for you Florida fans! According to info from The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center website, Clay will be performing with a 42-piece orchestra on Friday, August 17, at 8 p.m., at Carol Morsani Hall. Not only is this great news for Florida fans, but its great news for everyone, because apparently Team Clay is still adding cities to the ever-growing summer tour concert list.

In its announcement of Clay's performance in Tampa Bay, the TBPAC website had some great things to say about Clay:

As the runner-up to FOX TV's second American Idol, Clay Aiken wowed television audiences in 2003 with his Southern charm, sweet demeanor and bright, glorious voice. Originally from Raleigh, N.C., Aiken released his debut album The Measure of a Man at 25 in October of 2003. The Measure of a Man sold 613,000 copies and went to number one on Billboard's Top 200 during its first week of release. His first holiday effort, Merry Christmas with Love, followed in November 2004, debuting at number one on Billboard's Top Holiday Albums chart, giving it the biggest debut week sales figures for a Christmas album in SoundScan history. He released A Thousand Different Ways in September 2006.
Tickets go on sale to donors on Wednesday, May 23, at noon, and to the general public on Friday, May 25, at noon. Ticket prices are $75.50 and $55.50, not including service charges.

Get those fingers ready to dial or rattle a keyboard, Florida fans. Ticket stress is just around the corner for you!

BAF Falls To #2 at Six Degrees

The Bubel Aiken Foundation has fallen to #2 at You have 5 days to change this!

Donate to the BAF today by clicking on this banner. Actor Kevin Bacon has pledged to match donations for the top 6 charities up to $10,000.

Tidbits 3/26

Need something to spruce up your desktop? Here's a cool wallpaper from the CB'ers' PAHers. Get yours at the Clayboard.

  • LBFCA - time to hit the ticket box offices, Claymates!
  • Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol and berkleylovesclay on what might be in store for Clay ...
    What will Clay sing on the summer tour? Doesn't matter much to me, because he will be there, singing to me.

    Each and every tour has been different --- and I have enjoyed my experiences with every concert I've been able to attend. I don't know if it's "grass is greener" syndrome or not, but I wish I could have seen the JBT and the JNaT in person. Those seem like his very best shows as singer and as entertainer. With all of the wonderful memories I've had of Clay on stage, in person or via clack, I will never miss a concert tour if I can find a way to be there.
  • PNN News - article on the 2007 TBAF Clay Aiken Able To Serve awards which were announced last week...
    The Bubel/Aiken Foundation and Youth Service America are pleased to announce the grantees of the Clay Aiken Able-to-Serve grants for National & Global Youth Service Day, April 20-22, 2007. These awards of up to $1,000 support youth-led service projects in which youth with and without disabilities serve their communities together. A selection of the service themes include: emergency preparedness, building wheelchair accessible gardens, disability awareness, and building intergenerational relationships.
  • Herald Net - In an article entitled, "Fair aims to aid disabled as they enter adult life", by Eric Stevick, there is a mention of a young woman with disabilities who got to meet Clay, "And she's a big fan of "American Idol" winner Clay Aiken and held his hand and personally thanked him for his work in behalf of the disabled when he performed in Seattle."
  • The Trades - In "Grease: You're The One That I Want - Episode 11- Finale" by Sheila Franklin:
    All four finalists are impressive, and its admirable how all the previously eliminated Greasabees are getting into it. A bit of a flashback to fill space at the beginning, then David comments that he thinks that it is “Tom Cruise versus Ben Stiller.” That’s an odd comparison. I am thinking it is more like Clay Aiken versus a short Travolta personalitywise.
  • National Ledger - Sanjaya Malakar "ruining" American Idol ...
    Continuing: Comparing themselves to Clay Aiken fans, the Claymaniacs, or whatever they prefer to be called; Fanjayas are flooding the phone to vote for Sanjaya each week. Ugh - now I'm not sure that I can eat. Will these fans, Howard Stern and Vote for the be able to push him though for another terrible week?
  • Washington Post - article mentions Clay's manager, Simon Renshaw.
  • Foxes on Idol - this week in Idol history, AI5 -
    It wasn’t all bad, however. This was the night Taylor introduced Ray LaMontagne to Idol, singing “Trouble,” and Katharine sang Christina Aguilera’s “The Voice Within.” Paula and Randy loved Taylor, but while Simon couldn’t find fault with the performance, he criticized Taylor’s outfit, calling it “very Clay Aiken.” Paula and Randy weren’t as enthused over Kat’s performance, but Simon loved it and said, “This was the best so far and was almost as good as Christina’s.
  • Buddy TV users on why AI6 underdog Sanjaya Malakar is so popular... "AI has become a vehicle to launch careers and celebrities, good, bad and questionable. Don't forget Clay Aiken, William Hung, etc. etc. etc. Underdogs seem to garner a lot of sympathy."

  • Nothing here today.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Malaysia's Galaxie Magazine Loves Clay

This is the second time in as many months Galaxie Magazine in Malaysia has published something about Clay. Check this out. Thanks to the CB's NamenAiken for the scans and transcript!

A Thousand Different Ways

Ruben Studdard may have won American Idol 2, but Clay has proven you don't have to be a winner to make it in the music business. While Ruben's albums are hardly heard of, Clay has three he can brag about. His debut single, This Is The Night, made history when it hit No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart selling more than 329,000 copies beating Elton John's record for Candle In The Wind. In A Thousand Different Ways Clay sings numbers you know by heart like Bryan Adams' Everything I Do (I Do It For You). True Claymates would have to wait a little longer for an album of all new songs (this only has three), but A Thousand Different Ways is a great album to have even if it is an album of cover songs.

Clay Mentioned in Hollywood Reporter

There is a photo of Clay in the March 20-26 issue of entertainment industry magazine, the Hollywood Reporter, says the CB's LosAngelesDawn:

Hollywood Reporter, March 20-26, has American Idol all over the cover, has a big article on AI, much like Billboard had last week, congratulating them on the 200th episode.

Clay in the group pic that opens the article, and again the same ad with the 200 and his pic along with others in one of the '0's. Again it was mentioned how well the Idol winners have sold and mentioned all the winners, "and runner-up Clay Aiken" - no other non-winners included in that particular mention.

I didn't buy it because that's all the Clay coverage. I do highly recommend it if you are interested in TV or the entertainment business, or AI, of course, all the behind the scenes stuff, run downs on the producers, pics of them, very interesting for anyone interested in the business aspect of it all. The focus is on the business, not the contestants.

Beta Alpha Teams To Be Honored At Raleigh Gala

Another press release from (see it at Newswire Today) has been issued for the TBAF/Six Degrees program and the TBAF Champions For Change gala to be held on Saturday in Raleigh. According to the PR, Bubel Aiken Beta Alpha teams will be honored at the gala.

Don't forget, you have less than 6 days to donate to the Six Degrees program. The top 6 charities will receive a matching donation of up to $10,000 from actor Kevin Bacon. TBAF is currently #1!

Clay Aiken’s Charity for Inclusion of Children with Developmental Disabilities to Honor Volunteers

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Fairfield, NC, United States, 03/25/2007 - Clay Aiken’s charity for inclusion of children with developmental disabilities is holding a Gala to honor volunteers and others on March 31st, when Kevin Bacon's contest for charities ends — and volunteers want Clay's charity to win.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF), Clay Aiken’s charity for the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities, is holding a Gala — and the Foundation's organization of volunteers are among the honorees. The TBAF annual Champions of Change Gala, to be held in Raleigh, NC on Saturday, March 31, celebrates people and organizations who have made outstanding efforts to open doors so children with special needs can be included in their communities. The event will feature a special performance by multi-platinum recording artist Clay Aiken.

On that same evening, Kevin Bacon's contest for charities to win $10,000 in matching funds also comes to an end — and hundreds of volunteers are working hard to keep TBAF on the winner's list.

Six of the charity badges with the highest number of donations will win a matching fund of up to $10,000 from Kevin Bacon — that could be an extra $10,000 over the $20,000 plus already donated to the TBAF badge. This young Foundation, that is making a difference in the lives of children with and without disabilities through programs of full inclusion, is currently in 2nd place — but anything could happen over the next five days until this challenge ends at midnight on March 31st.

Among Champions of Change honorees at the Gala are TBAF’s Voices of Beta Alpha volunteers, who have played an important role in the success of the TBAF Six Degrees charity badge fundraiser. The Bubel/Aiken Foundation's Beta Alpha chapters, established in twenty states and on nine message boards, actively raise significant funding and awareness to support the Foundation’s mission of full inclusion.

“I am proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our honorees. Our own Beta Alpha volunteers’ passion and dedication to raising awareness all across the country should inspire all of us to use our voices to make a difference in our own communities for inclusion”, said Clay Aiken, co-founder of TBAF.

Anyone can help TBAF win the contest. To donate $10 or more through the TBAF badge, use the click Here To Donate link on this press release or visit the TBAF Six Degrees Charity Badge page.

Tidbits 3/25

  • Remember the New York Times article we told you about yesterday? It has finally shown up on their website:
    The Southern dynasty began in Season 1, when Kelly Clarkson, a waitress from Burleson, Tex., triumphed over Justin Guarini of Doylestown, Pa. It has continued every season since. An Alabama native, Ruben Studdard, won Season 2, defeating Clay Aiken of North Carolina. That state got revenge in Season 3 when Fantasia Barrino beat Diana DeGarmo of Snellville, Ga.
  • Wichita Eagle - AI ... "Presuming Stacey's not the winner, he could still go on to release a hit record like last season's fourth-place finisher, Chris Daughtry, or season two runner-up Clay Aiken."

  • Taking A Moment's Jemock tells us how she plans on staying organized for the 2007 Summer Tour. With a journal, of course! "I think that little pouch might come in handy for small items like tickets, receipts, Clay's room key oh wait that's just me, and so forth and so on."
  • Carolina On My Mind - we like to stay away from politics here on CDD, but here's such a compelling and moving story that we just had to share it with you... plus, there are some gorgeous PAH's in the post. Carolina Clay talks about John Edwards and his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth's brave and symbolic decision to stay in the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination race.

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