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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

BAF Fundraiser for the Holidays!!

An approved Bubel/Aiken Foundation Fundraiser
Once again to benefit the Bubel/Aiken Foundation this holiday season we are selling holiday cards. There are 2 different styles of cards available. Each style has 3 different card designs. Each package of cards contains 12 cards; 4 of each design. Both sets; "Holiday Fun" and "Winter Wonderland" were drawn by family members of those in our group.
All cards are 4 1/2 by 6 1/2 and envelopes are included.

Style #1 - Holiday Fun
Inside card - JOY TO THE WORLD

Style #2 - Winter Wonderland

Each package of 12 cards is $12 plus $3 postage. For orders of 2 packages and over postage will only increase $1 per package.
To place your order please email us at

In your email include -
Your name and address
The number of packages you will be ordering and the style being ordered.
We will respond to you with payment information.
We would prefer check or money order, but will be accepting Paypal. All Paypal orders must add an additional $1 per order.

53% of all proceeds from the sale of these cards will go to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. We hope that you will join us as we celebrate the holidays and continue our goal of Creating Awareness and Supporting Inclusion.

Tidbits 11-04-08

This was reported at today:

This is a sad day for Team Clay. No comments required.

Judge: Aiken book writer can pursue damages

RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina Court of Appeals ruling says the author of a book about Clay Aiken can seek compensation from an incident involving the "American Idol" singer's bodyguard.

In the ruling filed Tuesday, a judge said Jeannie Holleman had provided enough support for her claim for compensation.

At a fundraising event in Hawaii in 2005, Holleman says Aiken's bodyguard grabbed her and pulled her from a chair she was seated in next to Aiken.

Holleman wrote a book, "Out of the Blue ... Clay it Forward - How One Man & His Fans Are Changing The World." Holleman said Aiken's mother and family friends conspired against the book, calling it untrue and disparaging it on fan sites.

Isn't it great that Clay gets such great acceptance amongst some of the big names in the industry. The more connections he makes, the more his name is brought up the better chance he stands for a continued career, thanks Gayle.

Did anyone post Gayle King (Oprah's friend) mentioned on her XM radio show last Friday Clay sit down beside her at David Foster's birthday bash? She asked him to see pictures of Parker and of course he was delighted. She said he was a beaming dad (not sure exact adjective)...but very excited to talk about Parker. She said he had one picture of Parker made with his "Passport"....(how cute).

She said they were sitting at the table with Donald Trump and a lot of big name celebrities but I cannot for the life of me remember who else....

Gayle said she is a Clay Aiken fan and has him on her IPod...!!! Yea Gayle!!!

Rpoppert at the Clayboard says of her montage on YouTube:

I love seeing the smile on Clay's face. The sheer joy of when he is just happy. HE almost glows. This is a montage to highlight recent months, and just how happy Clay has been. I hope you enjoy!

I couldn't resist this since today is the big voting day. MorganRowan posted this at the Clayboard and I just love it and thought all should see it. Even though Clay voted about three weeks ago, it is still something I know he is sad about. Check out the photo and see why:

Spring Awakening

This is just a sample of all the wonderful photos of Clay along with the kids at Spring Awakening. Clay Aiken Visits "Spring Awakening" on Broadway, 11/03/2008 at The Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Broadway. Wouldn't it be nice if Clay became one of the headmasters in this play from Jan 6th through the 18th when Spring Awakening closes? Well, perhaps some have had enough drama with Broadway already, but after all it is Clay's career. I am just pleased that he visited the kids and had some wonderful photos taken. If you haven't heard of Spring Awakening, it is a play that has been kept from being produced for over 100 years because of its content. It is a story with the usual problems of kids, but has some dire consequences. It sounds like an excellent play and probably worth a look see while you are in NYC getting your last chance to see Clay in Spamalot.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Spamalot 11-02-08

A report for the 11-02-08 matinee from dancermom2 at the ClackHouse:

No matter how many times she sees it, she still laughs -- in 2nd row, so close she feels like she could touch Clay
Not Yet Dead -- the part where he asks about fighting and Lance says there's a lot of that and Clay says ... "Oh" ... then "Good" ... his voice dropped so low ... very funny
Camelot scene -- He looked at the girl in Blue and said "I want you"
Lots of Tongue action, esp. during the horse riding in "Grail" ...
she said can hear his "real" voice, not just the mic'ed voice and it's so neat
LOTL's gauntlet ... guy above Clay caught it right out of his hand, and Clay was "so up.set."
Merle (LOTL) is much better than opening night -- this time she def. held her own in the "Song That Goes Like This" with Galahad
Orchestra almost full (some empty far sides) & mezz full in middle -- can't see balcony


Good things was good to see Spam again. Merle has grown into her role so that I didn't miss Hannah tonight. In the guard scene he picked up leaves that had fallen on the stage and added them to his spear decorations. We got a wonderfully sung Amen. It was soft...and he did a scale....amen. It was almost like a lullaby amen. Rick and Tom and David are wonderful in the show and I am so glad they were all there today. During the Curtain Bright Side of Life...something was going on with Patsy's hat...and Rick was massaging his head...and then got it straightened out. It was funny! In the Wedding scene...Clay popped his top hat out. I have never noticed him doing that before!

Here is a report from Zippy888 at the Clayboard:


Waiting at the airport on our way home.

Nov 2 Matinee recap:
- Clay sang ""; he does it quietly as if in Church. He pauses, looks out over his glasses and then sings "Amen."
- In the finale no., Clay played with his top hat and somehow squished it and then popped his top hat with a loud pop!
- Clay's ears stuck out his helmet, with all the ribbons and floral arrangement.
- Clay bent down to pick up a branch with 3 leaves and started to play with it and stuck it in his helmet.

No stage door - Jerome came out to say that Clay was in rehearsals. He would not have come out anyway 'cos of some audience distractions. One of the distractions mentioned was the audience laughing inappropriately and/or knowing what the joke might be and laughing before the joke or funny part might be. Also, Jerome mentioned he didn't want us to lose the energy of the show. IMO, Randy Cohen was the substitute conductor for the evening show so the rehearsals may have happened 'cos of this change.

My observations from the show:
- There were 2 ladies that sat slightly off-centre orchestra on the left hand side in Row C. They were loud and laughing at almost anything during the show. I could see heads turning towards them during the show when they started to laugh 'cos we were sitting in Row D. During "I'm All Alone," when the knights come up and line up to sing with the King, one of the 2 ladies started to laugh for no rhyme or reason. It was a short loud laugh but I could see the eyes of the performers trained on her.
- There was also another lady who sat in front row who was singing and bouncing in her seat to almost every song during the performance.

Zippy888 is home now and has posted at the Clayboard:

My recap from Sunday, Nov 2 evening show:
- It was quiet during the show that evening. Not sure what the etiquette is any more. Did clap lots and gave Clay a standing ovation at the end.
- There were Monty Python fans behind us and they knew all the words to the different scenes in the show. They all laughed heartily at all the funny parts and especially loved Clay during YWSOB and Brave Sir Robin song.
- Clay sang church-like! It was sung quietly again.
- Even when Clay flipped the tunic and did the hula scene, it was deadly quiet.
- Clay braided the ribbons during the guard scene. Lots of laughter there.
- Clay waved at the crowd before the curtains came down.
- No Stage Door.

and a report from linluvsclay at the Clayboard, thanks:

...Quiana was outside the theater (first standing there alone, and then talking to fans and taking pictures once people realized it was her) during the time that Clay would have been doing the stage door thing. So they were not together during that time. Also during that time, Jerome was inside the threater talking to some people. I saw him as I was walking out--stopped to say hi--and man, he's tall!! I know we all know that, but it's not until you are standing right next to him that you realize just how tall he really is!! He's such an incredibly nice guy and is so willing to go above and beyond for the fans and for Clay.

Not much to say about the show--it's been recapped and recapped and recapped over these past few months and weeks so that there is really very little to add. Clay of course was great. It was wonderful to see the entire cast together again. I love the smiles between various cast members--when they are near each other, or when they glance at each other from across the stage. Just a kind of affectionate, "in" kind of smile if you know what I mean. Very nice to see the closeness between them and the trust, respect and just plain enjoyment of being together and performing.

Clay did do some new types of moves and I have no idea what to call them--don't even think they have an official name and probably have never been done by anyone else before!! I think they are just "Clay-isms"! Funky little moves, funky looks, lots of tongue movement (and he most certainly knows because it is so purposeful and he almost smirks as he does it). It's almost as if he's thinking "Ok, I know you want it so here it is. See? Told ya you wanted it". He did some John Travolta Saturday Night Fever disco moves last night and I almost lost it. I honestly never thought I would see Clay Aiken doing that "pose"--you know the one I mean--hand in the air, head turned to the side, etc. He did a few of those kinds of move. Hysterical.

He gets our hopes up with the ribbons...he toys with our emotions....he teases us by looking at them so fondly and then touches them so reverently. He began braiding them. Be still my heart. And then he stopped!! Braiding interruptus. So not fair!!

There are so many scenes in this show that I totally love. Besides every single one that Clay is in, I adore Patsy and the Laker girls. When he comes to center stage and does his thing, I crack up. Love, love it. Love how he moves, how he says the words. So very funny. And his facial expressions when the King sings "I'm all alone". David does not need words to act--he only needs his body and his face. He uses them so expertly--he's truly amazing.

And of course Tom--how I will miss him as Herbert when the show ends. He's another actor who does not need words--he does it all nonverbally. Astounding facial control and expressions.

I saw Bradley walking to the stage door before the show. A very, very attractive man. Gorgeous hair and no matter how many pictures I see of him, it always surprises me to see him without his wigs! Just don't expect to see dark, very curly hair!! But I would recognize that smile anywhere.

Rick--another great actor. Very talented and I hope he finds a great role when this ends. All of them so deserve to keep working--such talent should not be wasted.

Spamalot is the showcase for ensemble acting/performing. No one tries to outshine the other--they all work together to give the best possible performance and show for the audience. Egos are checked at the door and camaraderie is the name of the game. I will miss each and every one of them after Jan 18th. Do try and go one more time if you can. The cast and show is amazing.

And now a little treat for hanging in there till the end:

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Spamalot 11-01-08

SmittenwithClay at the Clayboard came up with the first report for the matinee:

I got a call from GrandmaJane
stagedoor!! mob of people, came out for the stagedoor!!
nice hair, white hoodie someone took pictures
The whole cast was back lots of enthusiasm, standing O, clapping during the last song

Here comes Zippy888 also at the Clayboard:

My recap from the Saturday matinee, Nov 1, 2008:

- The whole cast is now back together! What a show! Rick Holmes is now back. Yay!
- Launcelot said "Sorry?" instead of "What?" during the door scene.
- Clay swishes up his tabard when he's get excited about the announcement of "musical theatre!" and jumps up and down excitedly.
- YES!! Clay did STAGE DOOR!! He was wearing Roots Canada Sweatshirt and blue track pants (I think.) My mum got a picture with Clay. I took it and he even signed our MOAM CD Cover. What a guy! Clay forgot to give back the CD cover and my mum got distracted and he put it on my mum's head when her back was turned to him. If you don't know my mum, she's really short!! Stage Door was packed with people, about 3-4 rows deep.
- Yes, clayheaven and I have videos and a pic. Please wait for them.
- Clay was laughing so hard during the guard scene when he's on the floor; we can see him 'cos we were sitting in the front row. He was shaking with laughter on the floor. He was watching Launcelot and Herbert and Herbert's father up on the stairs.
- Clay did an interesting dance in the finale no. He did a stomp, lift the leg and do a half-twist, repeat on other leg. Repeat action. Very cute!
- Clay widened his eyes at us when he was singing "KOTRT" - we were dead centre, row A!!! First time ever!
- Got spat on by the King! Watch for it if you ever sit in the front row.
- The Knights of Ni did the Sarah Palin joke and also the lipstick on the pig.
- During the Tim the Enchanter scene, he said "Oh, Tim. What a silly name!" LOL I soiled my armour and I was so scared...." He then took his tabard and rubbed his bottom furiously. LOL

Also from Zippy888 at the Clayboard, here is Clayphan's matinee video:

Ms Marmalade at the ClackHouse gave this report:

butterflyshine at CV wrote:
Hello all! Amee (AJ30) and I just got back to our hotel from the matinee today. All I have to say is that it was amazing! All the original cast members were there...and yes that means that Rick is back!! The show was great today. Clay especially looked like he was having an amazing time up there. It was really great to see Rick though because the Knights who say Ni was just not the same without him. I mean don't get me wrong his fill ins were great but Rick is the best. All of the cast members seemed to be having a great time up there. I think when there is a larger crowd they seem to feed off of the audience more. Tom Deckman is so cute as well. I love the part when he gets so excited when Sir Lancelot comes to rescue him. Too Cute!! Very exciting news, there was a stage door but Clay was out there for no more than 30 seconds (or that's what it seemed like). He seemed very rushed. He was wearing his white Roots Canada shirt (which I really liked since I'm I said nice shirt but he didn't hear me. Amee (AJ30) got a picture with him and it's such a great picture of him. That was our first time seeing him so close and all I have to say is that he is DRAW DROPPING HOT in person. I mean I didn't think that he could get much cuter but he Well we are off to get food before the next show. So we will be back to recap some more from tonights show.

Nicki503 at the Clayboard reported that SecretlyLovesClay wrote:
From the Saturday matinee.............SO FUNNY!!!!!

I am surprised no one else mentioned this, but maybe they didn't "get" it is all of it......

During the Not Dead Yet scene, Lancelot is supposed to sing, "My name is Lancelot, I'm big and strong and hot......occassionally I do, some things that I should not." But instead he messed up and sang, "My name is Lancelot, I'm big and strong and hot.........I'm big and strong and hot..........and that's all I've got to say."

It was sooooooooooo funny!!! BUT THEN.............

During the Prince Herbert scene, when Herbert, Lancelot and the father are in the tower, Herbert climbs out the window and says his usual, "Hurry brave Sir Lancelot" and then the father and Lancelot talk about killing the wedding guests and then Herbert is supposed to say, "I am ready Sir Lancelot, just climb on over and ahhhhh" as he is falling, but instead he said, "I am ready Sir Lancelot, that's all I've got to saaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy" as he is falling. OMG, it was sooooooooo funny!!! I could not stop laughing!!! And then I noticed that while Clay was laying "dead," his tummy was going rapidly up and down and realized he was laughing hysterically and could not stop! He laughed throughout the entire rest of the scene!!! All the way up to where he has to get up and sing, "He's going to tell." He was STILL laughing while he was singing that - oh it was so funny!!!

Now on to the 8PM performance:

From Austenfan at the Clayboard, Saturday evening performance....

Those Pre-Marathon fireworks must have travelled over to the Shubert cause Clay and the entire cast were red hot on fire tonight...Yeehah....Jenny Hill replaced Merled Dandredge tonight. Jenny was terrific. Really funny. She did lots of her own original ad libs and with great scatting and lip purses. She actually got spontaneous applause during the Camelot lounge scene. Clay did not catch the armor....I actually prefer Jenny Hill to Merle. Tonight with the full cast back except for Merle and long time cast member Jenny Hill doing such an outstanding Lady Of The Lake - we got that everyone is on the same page, just having a blast kind of feeling. Just magical tonight.

Lots of cheers for the Tower and laughs on every phrase. Timing was perfect. Music except funny lines instead of notes. Incredible rhythm. Great extended double take by Clay on responding to the Kings 'I am looking for men' with I had a feeling. Audience laughed for ages. For Not Dead Fred, Rick (back yay!!!) swung his legs from side to side on the 'Scotch dancing' bit and Clay once again imitated his dance. Clay's chicken entrace got big cheers. Idol Of My Age got great cheers as well. Those piercingly high yodels blew the audience away.

When the Camelot ladies appeared Clay grabbed for the ladies' rear and came quite close to contact...The mace womand did their thing and Clay bent his knees and shook what his mama gave him, up and down and back and forth. Mama was very generous. The Cocktail Waitress gave Clay a kiss on the cheek and he stuck his tongue out...Love me some dancing tongue. Dice Lady wrapped her napkin/scarf behind Clay's neck and slowly moved it back around to Clay's chest. Dance of the Seven Veils part 1...Course with that strapping lad you might need seventeen veils.

When Grail Lady turned to give Clay his lantern he presented her with a lovely red flower. .So sweet...and she smiled demurely. Just she and the other Grail ladies left waving good bye, he pointed at her and smiled like crazy and she waved right to him...Then the Find Your Grail Sway...Clay leaned back with his legs a bit bent, his back far back and his arms way up in the air, one finger pointing. His head bobbing as he swayed in deep contemplation of his grail...Bend backwards and snap...Bend backwards and snap...

We once again got a start of tongue with slomo horse riding and then the tired/shaking from exhaustion of holding up those lovely thighs (understandable) but can always use more tongue. Little staccatto knee moves as he got lower and lower. Mild funky dance tonight with side to side hip moves more subtle. Much more hip and funky and Broadway would have exploded with coolness and that would have been a shame. So playing it cool tonight.

Can Can Lady kind of scraped and clawed at each of Clay's thinks there's a Can Can dancer whose trying to see some skin too...can't blame a Can Can girl for trying...Clay once again pulling his tabard forward, tighening the fabric grip on the back....trying not to let Can Can lady have anything to grab on to but I think that may have backfired into revealing more back end for her joy and amusement. Tights anyone? Tights on a tight end....

Soiling involved a scrunching of his tabard forward, trying to contain himself methinks (impossible Clay, just impossible - reavealing the nice shapely rear view all the more. Legs open, with one side sunk down. More holding the tabard forward and tight with Clay's arms, giving 'rear view emphasis'. And legs held together, with almost no knee bend as Clay swirled and twisted his derriere and legs in a nice slow dance of soil prevention.

For YWSOB, the new 'cutesy' dance with alternating kicks to the side and back. He lowers his voice to emphasize 'sh*tty' on 'they'll say it's sh*tty and refuse'. We got a Grande Piano Tunic Flip. Wooh...waistband and above once again. The Can Can girl wanted skin and she got it. To quote Christopher Sieber's 'Father' - Heh, heh, heh. YWSOB literally brought the house down....That house went so far down it hit Magma...The core of the Earth was exposed tonight, among other things. Maybe that explains the heat on that stage. NJU men and families were cheering and whooping. There was applause before he even started the Bottle Dance...the stomp was so stompin people erupted right then. Even more applause as Clay crossed his feet and turned and knelt down and that front leg went forward and he pulled the other leg over with pure thigh strength. Everybody went wild. Papa's in Israel could hear Clay shake the world with those high kicks....then kneeling down, hands over heart....glorious applause and then turning on a dime to serious, beseeching and concern for the King's benefit.

The Guards were quite wobbly again. Playing it all very clueless. Nice to see Guard 2 (David Hibbard smile and react more). Every line got a laugh. Clay almost doubled over into a question mark on his kooky laugh when he realized he was supposed to guard the Prince. "I thought you meant HIM (ponting at Guard 2). Cause it would indeed be daft to guard him when he's a guard. Another familiar, buddy slap at the Father until all knowing, but may not so much Guard gets back to serious business. He picked up the spear ribbon and swirled the end around just slightly...a tease... oh that teasing spear...then he picked up two ribbons and stretched them out and then he pulled them right up to and across his eyes as he examined those ribbons with such intensity. Or maybe Guard 1 needs glasses. Those eyes should never be covered up but in service of great comedy, I can handle a momentary lapse of ribbon coverage.

Clay's scrunched up pouty, squinty eyed looks had the audience guffawing so you'd think there was an earthquake. Props to Tom Deckman for some inspiringly funny faces as Herbert. Loved his saying 'I thought he meant me with such amazement after Father says 'Who are you?' and he answered I'm your son. Clay does that too...Clay's expressions are a story unto themselves.

West Side Story dances...oh we go the eye....flirty, come hither eyes. Mouth puckered, almost blowing little breaths on the audience...He got it...He got it.

Clay's deadpan 'Oh brother' look when Tim (Rick Holmes) did his 'B'low me....lies the cave' was absolute classic and went on for quite some laugh time. Brother Maynard was exquisitely, overly proper English Clergy. You could feel his nose pointing up in the air without even looking at him. Now for a completely different sung Amen - so reverent and sweet, like a formal church choir, lilting and beautiful and the Knights sung Amen in answer, not repeating the same melody, but in harmony to Clay. 'Get Your Hand Off My Knee' got a more quiet reaction as the audience was still enjoying 'Amen'.

A man was the peasant tonight. Clay held out his hand to shake but this peasant was too busy basking in 'Peasant' glory. As Clay put out his hand the peasant 'kissed' his Arthur award. Clay did a wonderful 'mifffed' look. To miss a handshake so peasant could kiss a foot...ooh....he di'int. Yes he did.

The white suit was most cooperative in its form fitting, brilliant and happily translucent quality. I just love a good tailor or better yet, a bad one. The finale dance had Clay and Patsy (David Hibbard) and Bedevere (Wally Dunn) doing this funky chicken arm moves while turning and stepping back, alternating each leg going back and round. Then a hip circles, thrusting forward in an area of interest. Round and round you go....Then they all leaped in the air with arms fully up. At Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, Clay turned back towards the dancer in back of him again and did kind of a sideways 'bump' with her. That dancing fool....And a circle round on one foot as they backed up off the stage. Audience on their feet at the end and just glowing. I did hear someone at intermission say 'He was really good (not sure who yet) and then ' He's much taller than I thought...who could she possibly mean? Hmmm....

Nice crowds for stagedoor today and lots of excitement. People still got pics and signatures despite the big crowd.

Tidbits 11-02-08

Rayosunshine45 at ABB said, "I got this post from returnofaiken at the OFC she said it can travel."

It was a normal Parent's Day weekend here at Hamilton College, where I'm currently a sophomore at, and, as I'm getting ready to go to a dry tech rehearsal for our play opening next week, I decide to grab some breakfast from the dining hall.

I walk inside, (grumpily, mind you, since my mother decided she'd outcast me and not take the 4 hour train trip up to see her only daughter.... ). Now, I had dressed comfortably since I had known that I would be stuck in the theater for eight hours, so I dressed in my black JNT2 shirt and sweats...I'm standing pouring some delicious hot apple cider and when I turn around, there's Glenn Close, right next to me!

I smile and say "Good morning!" and she smiles and compliments my shirt! Need I remind you that it was a Clay Aiken t-shirt? She then went on to say that she [her daughter, Annie] was 'excited' to see Clay in Spamalot, which they had tickets to later this month.

Every Parent's Day I completely forget that Annie, Glenn's daughter, comes to Hamilton. The same thing happened to me last year with
Stanley Tucci
, except, I was the stage manager for one of the shows his step-daughter was assistant stage managing in (and a really good friend of mine), and we had like an hour long conversation about the most oddest things.

Anyway, thought I'd just share that with you! Even A-listers like Glenn Close recognize the talent that is Clay Aiken!

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