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Monday, November 03, 2008

Spamalot 11-02-08

A report for the 11-02-08 matinee from dancermom2 at the ClackHouse:

No matter how many times she sees it, she still laughs -- in 2nd row, so close she feels like she could touch Clay
Not Yet Dead -- the part where he asks about fighting and Lance says there's a lot of that and Clay says ... "Oh" ... then "Good" ... his voice dropped so low ... very funny
Camelot scene -- He looked at the girl in Blue and said "I want you"
Lots of Tongue action, esp. during the horse riding in "Grail" ...
she said can hear his "real" voice, not just the mic'ed voice and it's so neat
LOTL's gauntlet ... guy above Clay caught it right out of his hand, and Clay was "so up.set."
Merle (LOTL) is much better than opening night -- this time she def. held her own in the "Song That Goes Like This" with Galahad
Orchestra almost full (some empty far sides) & mezz full in middle -- can't see balcony


Good things was good to see Spam again. Merle has grown into her role so that I didn't miss Hannah tonight. In the guard scene he picked up leaves that had fallen on the stage and added them to his spear decorations. We got a wonderfully sung Amen. It was soft...and he did a scale....amen. It was almost like a lullaby amen. Rick and Tom and David are wonderful in the show and I am so glad they were all there today. During the Curtain Bright Side of Life...something was going on with Patsy's hat...and Rick was massaging his head...and then got it straightened out. It was funny! In the Wedding scene...Clay popped his top hat out. I have never noticed him doing that before!

Here is a report from Zippy888 at the Clayboard:


Waiting at the airport on our way home.

Nov 2 Matinee recap:
- Clay sang ""; he does it quietly as if in Church. He pauses, looks out over his glasses and then sings "Amen."
- In the finale no., Clay played with his top hat and somehow squished it and then popped his top hat with a loud pop!
- Clay's ears stuck out his helmet, with all the ribbons and floral arrangement.
- Clay bent down to pick up a branch with 3 leaves and started to play with it and stuck it in his helmet.

No stage door - Jerome came out to say that Clay was in rehearsals. He would not have come out anyway 'cos of some audience distractions. One of the distractions mentioned was the audience laughing inappropriately and/or knowing what the joke might be and laughing before the joke or funny part might be. Also, Jerome mentioned he didn't want us to lose the energy of the show. IMO, Randy Cohen was the substitute conductor for the evening show so the rehearsals may have happened 'cos of this change.

My observations from the show:
- There were 2 ladies that sat slightly off-centre orchestra on the left hand side in Row C. They were loud and laughing at almost anything during the show. I could see heads turning towards them during the show when they started to laugh 'cos we were sitting in Row D. During "I'm All Alone," when the knights come up and line up to sing with the King, one of the 2 ladies started to laugh for no rhyme or reason. It was a short loud laugh but I could see the eyes of the performers trained on her.
- There was also another lady who sat in front row who was singing and bouncing in her seat to almost every song during the performance.

Zippy888 is home now and has posted at the Clayboard:

My recap from Sunday, Nov 2 evening show:
- It was quiet during the show that evening. Not sure what the etiquette is any more. Did clap lots and gave Clay a standing ovation at the end.
- There were Monty Python fans behind us and they knew all the words to the different scenes in the show. They all laughed heartily at all the funny parts and especially loved Clay during YWSOB and Brave Sir Robin song.
- Clay sang church-like! It was sung quietly again.
- Even when Clay flipped the tunic and did the hula scene, it was deadly quiet.
- Clay braided the ribbons during the guard scene. Lots of laughter there.
- Clay waved at the crowd before the curtains came down.
- No Stage Door.

and a report from linluvsclay at the Clayboard, thanks:

...Quiana was outside the theater (first standing there alone, and then talking to fans and taking pictures once people realized it was her) during the time that Clay would have been doing the stage door thing. So they were not together during that time. Also during that time, Jerome was inside the threater talking to some people. I saw him as I was walking out--stopped to say hi--and man, he's tall!! I know we all know that, but it's not until you are standing right next to him that you realize just how tall he really is!! He's such an incredibly nice guy and is so willing to go above and beyond for the fans and for Clay.

Not much to say about the show--it's been recapped and recapped and recapped over these past few months and weeks so that there is really very little to add. Clay of course was great. It was wonderful to see the entire cast together again. I love the smiles between various cast members--when they are near each other, or when they glance at each other from across the stage. Just a kind of affectionate, "in" kind of smile if you know what I mean. Very nice to see the closeness between them and the trust, respect and just plain enjoyment of being together and performing.

Clay did do some new types of moves and I have no idea what to call them--don't even think they have an official name and probably have never been done by anyone else before!! I think they are just "Clay-isms"! Funky little moves, funky looks, lots of tongue movement (and he most certainly knows because it is so purposeful and he almost smirks as he does it). It's almost as if he's thinking "Ok, I know you want it so here it is. See? Told ya you wanted it". He did some John Travolta Saturday Night Fever disco moves last night and I almost lost it. I honestly never thought I would see Clay Aiken doing that "pose"--you know the one I mean--hand in the air, head turned to the side, etc. He did a few of those kinds of move. Hysterical.

He gets our hopes up with the ribbons...he toys with our emotions....he teases us by looking at them so fondly and then touches them so reverently. He began braiding them. Be still my heart. And then he stopped!! Braiding interruptus. So not fair!!

There are so many scenes in this show that I totally love. Besides every single one that Clay is in, I adore Patsy and the Laker girls. When he comes to center stage and does his thing, I crack up. Love, love it. Love how he moves, how he says the words. So very funny. And his facial expressions when the King sings "I'm all alone". David does not need words to act--he only needs his body and his face. He uses them so expertly--he's truly amazing.

And of course Tom--how I will miss him as Herbert when the show ends. He's another actor who does not need words--he does it all nonverbally. Astounding facial control and expressions.

I saw Bradley walking to the stage door before the show. A very, very attractive man. Gorgeous hair and no matter how many pictures I see of him, it always surprises me to see him without his wigs! Just don't expect to see dark, very curly hair!! But I would recognize that smile anywhere.

Rick--another great actor. Very talented and I hope he finds a great role when this ends. All of them so deserve to keep working--such talent should not be wasted.

Spamalot is the showcase for ensemble acting/performing. No one tries to outshine the other--they all work together to give the best possible performance and show for the audience. Egos are checked at the door and camaraderie is the name of the game. I will miss each and every one of them after Jan 18th. Do try and go one more time if you can. The cast and show is amazing.

And now a little treat for hanging in there till the end:


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