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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wish Clay A Happy Birthday!

For the second year, we are starting a birthday card of sorts for Clay. It's hard to believe that 4 years has passed since Clay first auditioned for American Idol in Charlotte. At that time, he was only 24. On November 30, Clay celebrates his 28th birthday and we want to send Clay our best wishes.

I am currently arranging to have all birthday wishes left on this post to be sent to Clay during the Christmas tour as we did last year.

Please leave your birthday wishes for Clay using our commenting system:

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Clay Helps Light UNICEF Snowflake

Photo courtesy the CB's clayshines.
More photos at WireImages.
More photos at Getty.
More photos at FilmMagic.
More photos at Yahoo News.
No better way to change the world and promote peace than to save the children...
-Clay Aiken, speaking at tonight's UNICEF Snowflake lighting.

Moments ago, Clay helped light a giant illuminated glass snowflake for UNICEF at the corner of 57th St. and 5th Ave. in New York City.

Here are some reports courtesy the Clayboard, uh, "Flake-cert" (get it?), thread. Thank you to all the reporters tonight for keeping us up to date. We hear we'll be getting some nice clack from the event. Of course, we'll keep you posted on that.

  • "They said it was a much larger crowd than usual for this event (wonder why?) and that they have a giant light switch for Clay to pull to light the snowflake." ~ Rainlover
  • "They're talking with UNICEF PR representative..he says Clay is the nicest and most genuine guy...he is exactly the way you see him, very involved with UNICEF....very humble.....very highly respected

    Says his celebrity page on UNICEF site is the most viewed of any celebrity" ~ linlas
  • "Brooklyn Youth Chorus is on stage now." ~ Clayscience21
  • "Mayor Bloomberg is expected to be there!" ~ CV's cotton
  • "Clay just came out. Gray jacket, gray scarf ... no hat. Long coat." ~ windstar2
  • "Before they flipped the switch, Clay said something about having a lot of screaming ladies with him." ~ windstar2
  • "now he is talking to a little girl on stage..lot of people left.. but some still there.. she is headed to the fence where he is ..he might be siginging autographs.. [TV station] NY One is interviewing him.." ~ CLAYPERFECT
  • Clay spoke to the "flakecert'ers" on via phone - "first one to get Clay to say Hello on the phone..and it was just for us ..the streamers.." ~ CLAYPERFECT
Update 11/19: Some more photos and clack from TV & NYMom.

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Raleigh ABC Station Inteviews Clay

The local ABC affiliate in Raleigh, WTVD, interviewed Clay in New York after Clay's appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly yesterday. Raw footage of the interview is now available on the station's website.

Clay talks about the upcoming Christmas tour, A Thousand Different Ways, and what it was like to co-host Regis & Kelly with Kelly Ripa. He still insists that he really wants a talk show of his own (my goodness... give the man his own talk show PLEASE... look at him - he's a natural!).

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"Clay Aiken: Like You've Never Seen Him Before"

The Tyra Banks Show posted this cute preview of Clay's upcoming appearance on her show. You can now watch the preview here. Tyra calls this interview one of her "favorites".

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Tidbits 11/18

  • 11 seconds... yes, 11 seconds of Clay were shown last night on Entertainment Tonight. The ET crew followed Clay backstage at Regis & Kelly where he co-hosted and performed yesterday. Clay offered his congratulations to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who are getting married today. | CDD Video: Clay on ET 11/17
  • We were just mentioned on VH1, says the Cb's Sue4AllYouDo. The VH1 host was mentioning celebrities' fans and mentioned "Clay Aiken's Claymates". Cool!
  • AOL TMZ - Mario Lopez feeling the "Clay Aiken" effect after losing Dancing With The Stars to former NFL'er Emmitt Smith.
    Mario López ("Secondest Man Alive"): In the grand tradition of American Idol number two's Katherine McPhee and Clay Aiken, the runner-up in this fall's runaway smash run of Dancing with the Stars now knows first-hand just how hard it is to try and thwart charisma with competence.
  • Some more Christmas tour tidbits:
  • St. Louis Today - ATDW mention.

  • Nothing here yet for today. Check back later.
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Upcoming TV Appearances

Since there is so many TV appearances coming up soon, here's a master list for you to copy onto your Claylendar:

  1. The American Music Awards, ABC - November 21
  2. The Tyra Banks Show - November 22
  3. NEW: Meghan Mullally Show - (Clay sings a duet of "Silver Bells" with Meghan) - December 22
  4. NEW: The Tyra Banks Show - (Clay performs "Mary Did You Know") - December 22
  5. Days of our Lives, NBC - December 26
  6. NEW: A Clay Aiken Christmas (repeat), Bravo - Dec. 14, 15, 17.
  7. Good Morning America, ABC - (Clay performs MDYK or "O Come O Come Emmanuel") - date TBA.
  8. NEW: Live With Regis & Kelly, ABC - (Clay performs MDYK) - date TBA.
  9. DirectTV "Songs of Praise", Direct TV Channel 103 - (Clay performs "Silver Bells") - date TBA
Many thanks to the CB's Rainlover for compiling this list.
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Clay Tapes Christmas Segment For Good Morning America

According to the Clayboard's linlas, Clay stopped by Good Morning America's studios yesterday morning after his Live with Regis & Kelly appearance to tape performances of "Mary Did You Know" and "O Come O Come Emmanuel" which will be aired sometime in December.

Thanks to bigappleclay and ncsupack88 for these photos.

Video clips courtesy bigappleforclay are now available at ClackUnlimited.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Video of Clay's KIIS Interview Available

E! Online has posted a video clip of Clay being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on his LA KIIS FM Morning show earlier this week.

Watch it here.

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BAF Launches Wrapping For Inclusion

The BAF announced the kick off of Wrapping For Inclusion, one of the foundation's most successful projects.

Each holiday season, the foundation recruits Clay fans like you and me to help wrap up Christmas gifts in malls across America. All proceeds raised benefit the Bubel Aiken Foundation and all important projects such as Our Friend Mikayla, Let's All Play and the Clay Aiken "Able to Serve" award.

If you are interested in helping out, be sure to visit where you can find out more about this exciting project.

Here is the full text of the BAF's press release posted to Yahoo! earlier today:

Clay Aiken's Foundation Sends Out Call to Wrappers
Friday November 17, 11:28 am ET

RALEIGH, N.C., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Calling all Wrappers -- gift wrappers that is. The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF), co-founded by Clay Aiken for children with developmental disabilities, is asking for volunteers to help spread the word and raise funds this holiday season through their annual Wrapping for Inclusion event.

Wrapping for Inclusion is a nationwide awareness campaign where volunteers wrap gifts in exchange for donations at local merchants and malls across the country. Donations support TBAF's efforts to provide opportunities for inclusion for children of all abilities.

"We're looking for anyone no matter their level of 'present presentation' to help organize our Wrapping for Inclusion event in their area," said Kristy Barnes, President of TBAF. "This event helps raise funds that support our push to include children of all abilities in activities of school, community and recreation."

Since 2004, more than 1,200 volunteers have wrapped their hearts out in support of TBAF Let's All Play program -- a nationwide initiative to provide all children the opportunity to have fun together. Each year the event raises over $50,000. This year the Foundation hopes to raise record funds.

"It is so amazing what the efforts of this event afford the children and families we serve. It started as this grassroots campaign and grew into something that is making a huge difference. Every gift wrapped represents an opportunity for a child," said Barnes. "In fact, the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association applied for a grant and received one for its summer camp program because they found out about the Foundation at a wrapping location."

Volunteer roles for the event consist of a Volunteer Coordinator, State Coordinator, City Team Leader and Volunteer Wrappers. "We're looking for City Team Leaders to organize the event at their area mall or merchant location, or even school. This could be anyone interested in going out and finding a great location to set up a wrapping station and finding volunteers to staff it," said Barnes. "It's incredible what just a few people can accomplish; the difference they can make is astounding."

The Foundation makes it easier for volunteers with 'how to' guidance and even provides a Wrapping for Inclusion manual -- available at the Foundation website, -- to help organize event details. "It can be a relatively easy event to organize, that is usually not overly time consuming or demanding, but the results of having wrapping stations across the country would be tremendous," said Barnes. "It's a simple way to raise a voice and help make a real difference."

Information on how to join Wrapping for Inclusion is available on TBAF's website at where you can find all kinds of ways to get involved.

Can't wrap this year? Visit TBAF's website to find out where volunteers in your area are wrapping and support the effort and get your gifts wrapped at the same time!
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"Merry Christmas With Love" Makes 3rd Debut on Holiday Charts

One day after celebrating it's 2nd birthday, Clay's hit 2004 holiday disc, Merry Christmas With Love, entered Billboard's inaugural 2006 Holiday charts at #25. [via Foxes on Idol]

Don't forget MCWL makes a great stocking stuffer for everyone - although the music is now 'old' to us Claymates, MCWL is an album that will never get old with the general public.

Make sure you pick up your copies today at where it is on sale for only $11.99.

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Tidbits 11/17

Photo courtesy People magazine - notice the "Clay" cue cards Clay is holding. Too cute!

Tune in next WEDNESDAY to see Clay kiss Tyra Banks on The Tyra Banks Show.
» Exclusive sneak peak available @ Tyra's website.

In a newsletter to her fans, Tyra said this about Clay:

Someone that has the freshest clean smelling breath is Clay Aiken. I know cuz he came on my show, and I had one of the most fun interviews with him that I have ever had. I am so in love with him. He is so funny, loving and just darn amazing. He even sang with me. Yes, we did a duet. I was awful. He sounded like an angel. Clay has the most loyal fans in the world. They call themselves "Claymates." I told Clay I am a "Clay-frican American," meaning that I am an African American that loves Clay Aiken. Get it? You gotta see how much fun we had. The show airs next Wednesday, November 22nd.
  • In an article about AI5 runner up Chris Daughtry, the Miami Poetry Review declares: Clay Aiken is the Bono of "American Idol."
    Season two's finale was a bit different. The R&B crooning Rubin Studdard beat out the shy and awkward Clay Aiken. Studdard hasn't done too much since claiming the title, but Clay Aiken is still out there, using his fame to support worthy causes and sell Christmas albums. In that respect, Clay Aiken is the Bono of "American Idol."
  • - don't forget to join Clay for the lighting of the UNICEF Snowflake tomorrow in New York City.
    Lighting of the UNICEF Snowflake -- On Saturday, join Clay Aiken for the unveiling of the 16-foot Baccarat crystal UNICEF snowflake and the seasonal window displays at Tiffany & Co. Enjoy free cookies and cocoa while you admire the holiday bling.
  • ATDW falls to #136 on the Billboard 200 this week.
  • CB Music - Josh Groban article mentions Clay -- "While his music may not really be my style—like Clay Aiken, he seems better suited for the stage than the radio—he has quite a devoted fanbase."
  • - Taylor Hicks follows Clay by appearing on NBC Christmas special - "Following in the footsteps of Clay Aiken, Hicks will be among celebs performing at the 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center' special, broadcast live at 7 p.m. Nov. 29 on NBC."
  • Orlando Sentinel on the runner-up of ABC's Dancing With The Stars, Mario Lopez... Will he become the "Clay Aiken of Dancing"??
  • A few mentions of Clay's Live with Regis & Kelly appearance:
  • Christmas tour mentions:
  • Las Vegas Review Journal - Kathy Griffin alert.
  • Entertainment World - Diane Austin on the suprising outcome of Dancing With The Stars -
    We all knew who the better dancer was of the final two. But as if to parody the biggest reality show fiasco of all time—the Ruben/Clay debacle on American Idol--we were struck dumb once again with last night’s reveal, as the popular “big guy” took it over his obviously superior competitor and proved once again that reality often bites when it comes to determining true talent.
  • New Orleans Times-Picayune - article mentions "Open Arms", a song Clay performed on AI. "In 2003, Clay Aiken warbled "Open Arms" during an "American Idol" semi-final round."

  • Nothing here today.
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Clay Dances On Regis & Kelly

For a person who "can't dance", Clay did a marvelous job co-hosting, performing and dancing on this morning's episode of Live with Regis & Kelly with the winner and runner-up of ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

If this isn't reason for Clay to get his own talk show, I personally don't know what would be. Make sure to download a cap of this at if you, like me, missed the appearance.

Here are some more screencaps courtesy gerwhisp:

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Insider Viewers: Clay's Their Sexiest Man

In another The Insider poll last night, viewers told the show that Clay was their "sexiest man". But we've known that all along, right?

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TV Update - "Days" Date Change, Regis & Kelly and ET TOMORROW!

We've got a few TV appearance related updates we need to pass on to you:

  • NOV. 17 | Live with Regis & Kelly (ABC)- don't forget that Clay will be on Regis & Kelly tomorrow to co-host and perform. According to the official fanclub, Entertainment Tonight (Syndicated) will be backstage with Clay and footage of Clay co-hosting will air on ET tomorrow night.
  • NOV. 21 | Clay presents on the American Music Awards (ABC)
  • DEC. 26 | The fanclub tells us that Clay's NBC Days of Our Lives appearance has been moved to December 26, from the originally announced December 22. Make sure you note this change on your Claylendar.
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Snarky Clay Tries to Give "Fake Booze" to NBC "The Office" Star

Looks like Clay had some fun while taping his December 22 appearance on NBC's Days of our Lives yesterday. The Office's Kate Flannery blogged today about Clay dropping in on the set of their NBC show:

What a day! It was a weird day. I met none other than American Idol star, runner-up and most successful alum Clay Aiken. It turns out that Mr. Aiken is a huge fan of The Office. Who would have guessed? We met at NBC. He treated me like a rock star. We took pictures, exchanged publicist numbers. He even tried to give me fake booze (for a photo op). Clay is doing a guest spot on longtime soap Days of our Lives. Somebody pinch... somebody! I have to say, it wasn't long ago that I was waiting on Randy Jackson at Kate Mantilini Restaurant in Beverly Hills. I've come along way, baby. It's pretty surreal.
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Clay To Be Featured on DirectTV Christmas Special

DirectTV has announced their 2006 Christmas special will feature Clay. Called Songs of Praise, the 90 minute Christmas special will debut on DirectTV channel 103 on November 24 and will run continuously throughout the rest of November and December. According the press release seen below, Clay will be performing "Silver Bells".

Here is DirectTV's full press release:

DIRECTV Heralds in the Holiday Season with Grammy Award-Winner Amy Grant and NASCAR Legend Darrell Waltrip in Songs of Praise for Christmas

New Entry in DIRECTV’s Successful Songs of Praise Series Features Inspirational Performances by Clay Aiken, Nicole C. Mullen, Michael W. Smith, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and the Alfred Street Choir

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DIRECTV, the nation’s leading satellite television service provider, heralds in the holiday season with Songs of Praise for Christmas, a 90-minute television special hosted by Grammy Award-Winner Amy Grant and NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip. This all-new Christmas special debuts November 24 exclusively on DIRECTV Channel 103 and will run continuously through the month of December. Featured performances from celebrated artists and choirs include Clay Aiken, Grammy-Award winners Nicole C. Mullen and Michael W. Smith, as well as the famed Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

A follow-up to the tremendously popular Songs of Praise debut last Easter, Songs of Praise for Christmas will take viewers on a musical journey through the story of Christmas. DIRECTV viewers will be treated to Clay Aiken’s rendition of Silver Bells, Nicole C. Mullen’s performance of O Come O Come Emmanuel, and Michael W. Smith’s Silent Night. The special will also feature inspirational performances from choirs around the country including the Brentwood Baptist Church, Crystal Cathedral, the Hyde Park Baptist Church and the Anderson University Choral Group.

“We were literally overcome with emotional feedback from the millions of viewers who tuned into the Songs of Praise debut last Easter,” said DIRECTV President of Entertainment David Hill. “Following that sensational start, we’ve decided to extend the special to a full 90-minutes and are excited to have Christian music leaders like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and singing phenomenon Clay Aiken on our roster for this new addition to the series.

Songs of Praise for Christmas is part of an ongoing DIRECTV initiative to bring more religious programming to DIRECTV subscribers. Beginning November 24, this 90-minute special will air on DIRECTV channel 103 continually through December 31. Songs of Praise for Christmas will premiere on DIRECTV’s channel 103 alongside a variety of other exclusive spiritual programs, including Sunday Masses from Notre Dame and The Very First Noel, an animated family program telling the story of Christmas, through out the month of December.

“The Brooklyn Tabernacle is honored to be a part of another special with DIRECTV,” exclaimed Jim Cymbala, Pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. “Our hope is for viewers to be inspired to draw nearer to God through these Songs of Praise.”

Songs of Praise for Christmas is produced by DIRECTV Original Entertainment in conjunction with Propeller Consulting and Triplehorse Entertainment for broadcast exclusively on DIRECTV and is available at no additional cost to all DIRECTV subscribers.

For more information on the artists and choirs performing in Songs of Praise for Christmas, please visit our website at
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Tidbits 11/16

2 years ago today, we were all eagerly waiting in line purchasing our copies of Merry Christmas with Love and Learning To Sing. Happy birthday LTS and MCWL!

  • Fremont Tribune recalls Clay's appearance on the 2003 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade - "We saw Clay Aiken on rehearsal night at Harold Square."
  • Lake County News Sun - last call for entries to their Clay concert contest.
  • Indiana Daily Student - laughable Clay Aiken Christmas CD. (what's so laughable about it??)
  • ABC 7 - American Music Awards article mentions Clay (Clay's presenting!)
  • Richmond Times Dispatch reminds us of Clay's Regis & Kelly appearance tomorrow. Clay will be co-hosting and performing on the show tomorrow. Don't miss it!
  • Nice Clay mention on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy invited the winners and losers of ABC's Dancing With The Stars to his show. Clay told runner-up Mario Lopez: "look what it did to Clay Aiken!"

  • Taking A Moment - Clay Aiken the human chameleon?
    Clay's appearance changes so much, depending on where he is, and what he's been doing, that it's hard to keep up sometimes. Clay is like a chameleon. A chameleon with hair, I mean. But it doesn't matter whether his hair is blond, red, auburn, dark brown, medium brown, almost black, dark reddish blonde, dark blondish brown, or light blondish black, he looks great.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tidbits 11/15

  • OC Register - general entertainment article mentions Clay and American Idol -
    If any doubt remained about the importance of "American Idol" to the music business, check out the latest Billboard charts. Albums from five "AI" alumni rank in the top 200 – Kellie Pickler, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson. ("Breakaway" is the "AI" equivalent of "Dark Side of the Moon.")
  • Shipwreck Studios which did an awesome ATDW review back in September has a nice little tidbit about AIW:
    On November 28th Clay Aiken will release his 2nd Christmas disc of his career. This disc will be exclusively released through Wal-Mart and will feature the songs "All Is Well," "Christmas Waltz," "My Grown Up Christmas List," and "O Come O Come Emmanuel." Look for Clay to hit the road for a selected set of live concerts starting December 1st. In 2004 Clay released "Merry Christmas With Love" as well as a DVD of his special "A Clay Aiken Christmas."
  • Ez-Tracks - Guns N' Roses are still complaining about their treatment at a Portland venue - "G N’ R’s Public Relations hatchet-man tried to compare G N’ R to Clay Aiken, the boy wonder, from American Idol. Hatchet-man asserted that Clay Aiken played the Portland venue without incident and that authorities were singling out G N’ R. "
  • article about the American Music Awards - Don't forget that Clay will be presenting.
  • mentions BAF project -
    The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (yes, as in Clay Aiken!) and Youth Service America (YSA) are pleased to announce grants of up to $1,000 to support youth-led service projects in which youth with and without disabilities serve their communities together. Projects can address themes such as the environment, disaster relief, public health and awareness, community education, hunger, and literacy, and any issues youth identify as a community need. Deadline for application is November 30th.
  • Grand Haven Tribune - fantastic article about Clay's Dec. 19 Grand Rapids, MI concert (they have their dates wrong here, but a correction has been issued).
  • Clay Aiken has an amazing, almost inexplicable connection with his audience. Ask any one of his millions of fans. This holiday season, the "American Idol" star is performing with select symphony orchestras during a national tour and will make his only West Michigan appearance with the Grand Rapids Symphony.
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Clay Clears The Confusion

Clay cleared the air last night on the weird fanclub chatroom hacking incident which took place last Saturday. In a blog posted last night, Clay says a glitch in the chat system allowed the hacker to temporarily take Clay's screenname "ClayAiken". Clay has assured us that the glitch has been taken care of and urges us to report suspicious incidents to Clique immediately.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Clay Chats With Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM

Clay is in Los Angeles today to tape his Days of Our Lives appearances. He dropped by Ryan Seacrest's morning show on KIIS FM to talk about a bunch of topics.

  • Clay, Ryan and the hosts spent a good three minutes pointlessly talking about babies and placenta (yes... what??)
  • The usual ATDW stuff was discussed.
  • Ryan also brought up the Christmas tour and asked Clay why the Christmas tour was entirely on the east coast. Clay said the east coast venues were the first ones to call his booking agency.
  • Ryan also brought up the Diane Sawyer interview and Clay responded saying he and Diane were still "buddies" and that Diane was "doing her job".
  • Clay joked about his panic attacks: "I'm having one right now... I'm pretty heavily medicated."
  • Clay says he was turned down by CBS' Guiding Lights and talked a bit about his NBC Days of Our Lives appearance.
  • Clay called Ryan the "numb-nut" who showed him the result cue card seconds before announcing the AI2 results.
Download a cap of this here. Thanks to the CB's gerwhisp for the cap.

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Join The Clayboard In Celebrating Clay's Birthday and Raising Money For BAF

It's hard to believe it's been almost four years since we met Clay Aiken. Clay will celebrate his 28th birthday on November 30 and the Clayboarders are celebrating with a new project that will help the Bubel Aiken Foundation's Beta Alpha initiative.

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Tidbits 11/14

  • Clay moves up 1 spot to #15 this week on the Lycos50.
  • Some nice mentions of Clay's UNCC Award:
    • Charlotte Observer -
      Clay Aiken, class of 2003, "Outstanding Young Alumnus Award." The "American Idol" runner up is a founder of the Bubel-Aiken Foundation, which puts children with disabilities together with children without disabilities at summer campus and other programs. Aiken also served as an ambassador to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, UNICEF National Ambassador of education and was appointed to the president's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
    • Raleigh Chronicle - "The University of North Carolina at Charlotte honored Raleigh's Clay Aiken as one of its most outstanding alumni at a recent dinner and ceremony in Charlotte. "
  • ... and a few mentions of Clay's Christmas Tour:
    • Grand Haven Tribune - "Clay Aiken has an amazing, almost inexplicable connection with his audience. Ask any one of his millions of fans. This holiday season, the "American Idol" star is performing with select symphony orchestras during a national tour and will make his only West Michigan appearance with the Grand Rapids Symphony."
    • Detroit News - "The Detroit Symphony Orchestra presents more than a dozen holiday programs this season, including a one-night-only performance by "American Idol" contestant Clay Aiken, who will sing holiday songs, many from his CD, "Merry Christmas with Love.""
  • ABC Press Release about the American Music Awards mentions Clay as a presenter. The award airs Wed. Nov. 21 on ABC.
  • The Spoof (satire) has a piece on Kellie Picker. Not a bad Clay mention too - "After finishing sixth place in last year's American Idol competition, Pickler's current success reiterates emphatically, say the experts, what previous loveable loser Clay Aiken had already suggested with his commercial success: a popularity contest is no way to select the music we listen to."

  • Taking A Moment - does receiving a fanclub membership package in the mail call for this much celebration? (LOL ... cute post!)
  • Southern Girl and Graphics in Mind congratulate Clay on his UNCC Award (link to the story at the very top of this post)
  • Here's something we all agree on. Bogus Gold (non-Clay blogger) says Clay should be on TIME's All-Time 100 Albums list. "Absolutely NO Clay Aiken on the list!!! (Yes, I'm kidding. Not about him not being on the list, about being upset about it. But American Idol 2007 is fast approaching. Bwaa-haa-haa!!)"
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Having Problems With Our Poll?

We are aware of the issue with our poll, as some of you have pointed out. If you are using Internet Explorer 6, please DOUBLE CLICK on the drop down arrow to see a list of choices.


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Clay Honored With UNCC Outstanding Young Alumnus Award!

Note - Yesterday we had heard that Clay received an alumni award from UNCC, but we didn't have any firm evidence of this. Today, we have a picture and article as proof that Clay has won this most prestigious award!! Read on!!

Clay Aiken, along with four other UNCC alumni, were honored by the UNC Charlotte Alumni Association at the 2006 Alumni Awards Banquet on Saturday, November 11th. According to the Alumni website, "each year, the UNC Charlotte Alumni Association honors alumni, faculty, and friends who have reached great levels of achievement and have distinguished themselves through public and University service." This description of those honored is very much personified in the things Clay has chosen to do with his life. He received the UNCC Outstanding Young Alumnus Award at the ceremony.

At this same website, achievements of each person receiving an award are given. Clay's section includes many outstanding highlights of the past few years as follows:

Clay Aiken is this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award. The Outstanding Young Alumnus(na) Award was established in 1996 and honors an alum who has graduated within the last ten years and who has shown exceptional service to the UNC Charlotte community and the Alumni Association.

Many people know Clay Aiken as the first runner-up from “American Idol,” but it is his dedication to children across the globe that sets him apart from others. After graduating from UNC Charlotte in 2003, Clay has embarked on a successful career both through music and writing. His first album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, and his book entitled “Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life” was a New York Times Best Seller. Apart from his music career, Clay has been an education advocate and founded the Bubel-Aiken foundation, which supports the integration of children with disabilities into the life environment of their non-disabled peers through summer camps and other initiatives. In addition, he has served as an Ambassador to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, UNICEF National Ambassador of education, and in September 2006, President George Bush appointed Clay to serve on the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
I know we all want to send our congratulations to Clay and let him know how very proud we are of him for receiving this prestigious award and for the many things he continues to do to make a difference in the world.

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Two New Polls In People Online

There's nothing like a new Clay poll or two, especially when its in a high profile online site like and when he is winning by a healthy margin!

  • The first poll, new at People as of Sunday night, is: "Who would you most like to be serenaded by?"
Head over there, scroll down, and vote and show them that there is no other who you'd rather be seranaded by!

  • The second poll, which has been at People for a few days, is : "Who is sexier than he gets credit for?"
No doubt Clay should win this poll. He is sexier than most people give him credit for...including himself! But the fans know better!

Check out the picture above. Wanna be serenaded by that man? Think he's sexier than he gets credit for? If you answered yes, then head over and vote on both these polls. He is ahead on both of them...let's keep it that way.

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Tidbits 11/13

Jimmy Kimmel is celebrating his 39th birthday today. Happy Birthday Jimmy!
  • From The Clayboard - LUVClay26 ran across an article from the entertainment section of The Detroit Free Press with a Claymate and Clay mention.

    The Claymate mention, which gives the reporter's view of daytime television:
    ...But I did encounter teeth whitening, Jerry Springer ring tones, Fanillows, Claymates, Meredeth Viera spilling wine, a guy with a humongous mohawk 'do, and Rosie O'Donnel proclaiming, "I saw Madonna's baby last night...adorable!..."
    The Clay mention, which comes from the reporter's view of The Megan Mullally Show:
    But when American Idol launched crooner Clay Aiken (whose shrieking fans are, yes Claymates) pays a visit, at least she has a little fun, suggesting that the singer's look has morphed from "nerd chic" to "hot rock god." Uh-huh.
  • On The Clayboard - ClayAikensLosAngelesLover tells us, "This morning, while we had on The Wave (94.7-- Smooth Jazz), a commercial came on previewing this week on Regis and Kelly, and it ended with "and Friday, Clay Aiken"!!" Hopefully lots of people who did not know he would be on The Regis and Kelly Show will not watch it!
  • The Rebel Yell - random Clay mention.
  • Press release about the UNICEF Snowflake mentions Clay. Clay will help light the NYC Snowflake on Saturday. "The UNICEF Snowflake, designed by Ingo Maurer with 16,000 Baccarat crystal prisms, will be illuminated by UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken to kick off the holiday season."
  • MSNBC - Fall 2006 the season of Idols - mentions ATDW.
  • reminds us of Clay's Live With Regis & Kelly appearance, coming up this Friday.
  • E-Insiders - negative Clay mention in review of Scrubs DVD.
  • Raleigh News & Observer trying to find the location of Clay's home -- "Last week in a graphic the front of the North Raleigh News we asked, "Where for art thou, Clay?" It was a playful reference to Clay Aiken's keeping the location of his North Raleigh house a secret."
  • Herald Dispatch - radio station ready to launch Christmas season with music from artists like Clay Aiken.

  • ConCLAYve: Clay Aiken & laughter - the best medicine.
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