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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Daylight Savings Time - Turn Your Clocks Ahead One Hour

Just a reminder to everyone that if you forgot to turn your clocks ahead one hour last night, then be sure to do it this morning. If not, you're gonna be late everywhere you go today!!

With this turning ahead of the time one hour, we are now an extra hour closer to Clay's CD being released!! Makes it worth losing that hour's sleep last night, doesn't it!!

Tidbits 3/8

CDD Blogwatch

  • Clay - The Man - looking back at the past fives years of the Clay nation
  • Anew and Afresh - celebrating the "Ultimate Blog Party" with Clay Aiken -
    I know you're wondering about the music you hear and who that fellow is singing with the beautiful, pure voice. Why, that's Clay Aiken, my pretend boyfriend and the multi-million album-selling singer who spends much of his time lending his celebrity to wonderful causes like UNICEF and his own Bubel-Aiken Foundation, which promotes inclusion for children with disabilities, and who is currently starring in Monty Python's SPAMALOT on Broadway and getting rave reviews. If this party were a little later in the year, like after May 6, you'd be hearing his latest CD, which comes out on that date and is already on for pre-order. In less than 24 hours on Amazon, it is already the #1 best-selling CD. If your only knowledge of Clay is from American Idol, season two, you might be surprised what five years has done. ;)

Friday, March 07, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot 3/07

Today we've got some hot new Spamalot ticket discounts for you via Here is the info about these discounts:

$70 Orchestra & Mezzanine Seats!
$45 Balcony Seats!
Valid for performances now through April 27
Tue. - Thurs. at 8; Sat. at 2; Sun. at 2 & 7

Visit and enter the code SPBBX25.
Call 212-947-8844 and mention code SPBBX25.
Bring a printout of this e-mail to the
Shubert Theatre box office at 225 West 44th Street.

Here are some more great fan reports from Spamalot today.

  • Clayngel from The Clayboard gives us this report:
    While I was waiting in the lobby for the door to open two guys came in and asked if there were any Clay fans there who wanted to be interviewed for Idol Extra. About 10-15 people rushed up to him with excitement. He asked people's ages and how many times they'd seen the show and picked 7 to be interviewed and I was one of them! We had to sign waivers and were taken outside to be asked questions on camera. The two guys were apparently at the show the night before and said that they interviewed Clay earlier today. They said they didn't know what to expect, and were surprised by how much he talked! They said that he just kept going. That's our guy!

    I think the first scene was thrown off a little without David because King Arthur messed up a couple of his lines and then that cause Clay to flub a bit on his "air speed velocity" line, but they all covered perfectly and the only ones who would know that something was wrong is if you'd seen the show a bunch of times. The understudy for Patsy was actually the same guy who replaced Tom last week.

    The audience was really full and there were a lot of Claymates there for a weekday, or maybe they were just a little more enthusiastic than usual because he got a lot of cheers and applause throughout the night!

    It continues to amaze me how Clay can keep getting better and better, even when I thought he had the parts down perfectly to being with. He just lights up the stage and has so much energy and enthusiasm that it is just fun to watch. The drunken guard and Brother Maynard scenes are hysterical and the audience is gasping for breath because they are laughing so hard. The show is never the same twice and I love getting to see how everyone changes things up.

    There was a big crowd at the stage door tonight and Clay seemed to be in a really happy mood. And he was wearing a coat! (Keep any sickness far far away!) He went through the crowd signing as much as possible and I think he got to just about everyone. At one point he commented on not even knowing what he was writing anymore and then a few more people down he said "I think I just signed that Josh Groban." It was sooo funny!
  • D4kkkks from The CB was one of the lucky ones to make it on stage as the "best peasant" winner. Here's her review:
    Clay looked professional last night as an actor and as a dancer. He seems so effortless. He even gave some extra dancing moves. He is in good spirit. Everything he does on the stage looks so easy for him last night. He is so adorable and hug able. The three big notes,(yodeling, haying, final "Find the Grail" song) are truly amazing. I only have my eyes for him when he is on. I enjoy every minute of it. Until......

    They unveiled the clue. I held my eldest niece's hand, closed my eyes and I heard the Hebrew announcement "BI OI"! I felt my heartbeat faster. I looked down. All I heard are very loud enthusiastic cheering from the audience, especially from my 4 nieces. Still looking down, Patsy came down to me and did the scene routine. I stood up; he found the grail in my seat; King Arthur said something; Sir Robin invited me up the stage. I felt like a robot; I just saw myself walking up the stairs, like climbing to the stairs of heaven, up on the stage standing and I heard King Arthur asking me if I was nervous (because I was worried that I might embarrass my Nieces and Clay). I don't remember how I answered him. I had to ask my nieces. I smiled and nodded."yes". He asked my name and my last name.

    After the mini ceremony I heard my name announcement as "THE WINNER FOR BEST PEASANT IN NEW YORK CITY IS ME" !!!!!!!

    Patsy pronounced my last name funny & cute. I looked at the audience and I can only see the front row seats since I was on spotlight. I heard a very loud cheering from everyone. I just felt someone is guiding me toward Clay and the casts. When Clay and the casts were all singing, I know I couldn't stop myself not to look at Clay and I heard the audience laughing. But it didn't stop me. All I can remember, I continued looking at him . In my blurred moment, I don't even remember Clay's face clearly. All I know is that he was singing to me. I smiled & paused as they turned me for the Polaroid picture on stage, which after Clay gave to me. He said something but I forgot. I know I said "Thank you". They were guiding me off stage. I felt I was walking alone in cloud 9. I looked at my eldest Niece as she came to me and assisted me in going down the stair. Mrs. Evelyn Clasicas seating in A101 congratulated me.
    After the show, I am asked my Nieces how I did on the stage. They were all very happy and proud of me. All the Asian Claymates and even the Claymates from Oregon who were there congratulated me and wished me "Happy Birthday" as well. Sir Lancelot, told me I did a wonderful job on the stage. Herbert said "Congratulations" and "Happy Birthday". After all, I hope Clay feel proud of me too I am Blessed. It happened on my Birthday. I like to thank everyone and all who wishes and support me in spirit.

  • From Clayversity, Clay will not be coming outside to sign autographs tonight. Apparently this is because of heavy rain:
    Smitten called and said Clay's not doing the stage door. First Jerome came out and said they'd see how it goes and then the grumpy security dude (not Jerome) came out and said Clay wasn't going to and started taking down the barracades.
  • Clayfan2003's mom took some great pictures at the Stage Door. Check these out:

Bubel Aiken Foundation Announces 2008 Grant Recipients

The Bubel Aiken Foundation is doling out more than half a million dollars in funding support to non-profit organizations across America, as it does every year. The funding is being supplied as part of the BAF's Let's ALL Play program, which expanded to support 30 camps this year. The BAF posted this news release on their website. A full list of organizations receiving support can be found here.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Announces 2008 Grant Recipients

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is thrilled to announce over $500,000 in grants to support programs nationwide as part of the Foundation’s Let’s ALL Play program.

This is an exciting development in the Foundation’s goal to expand Let’s ALL Play. The Foundation will support over 30 recreational programs in 2008. Programs receive a program model and Foundation training in addition to grant funding. Because of the Foundation’s support, children across the country will participate in inclusive programs for the first time.

Let's ALL Play brings an inclusive recreational experience to children with disabilities by giving them the same experience as children without. Children come together to participate in activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, community service, and physical fitness. The Foundation is also excited to announce grant partnerships with Best Buddies International, The Dancing Wheels Company and School, and LA’s BEST After School Enrichment Program.

The goal of Let’s ALL Play is to assist child and youth organizations in moving toward full inclusion. In 2004, the inclusive recreational experience for children with and without disabilities was instituted by the Foundation in collaboration with several summer camp programs run by the YMCA. Through the pilot program phase, the Foundation worked with professionals in education, recreation, and camp administration to develop the Let’s ALL Play model. Recreational sites now have a tested, successful, comprehensive program model supported through the Foundation’s training module.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation looks to create communities where ALL children can learn, live, and play together. With over 30 programs in 2008 implementing inclusive programs, the Foundation will take a big step toward that goal. It is because of the continued support of dedicated volunteers and the assistance of new supporters that the Foundation was able to make this possible.

“We’re very excited about the opportunities these grants will bring to so many children. The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is proud to support the efforts of organizations across the country as they move toward full inclusion,” said Clay Aiken.

Sound Engineer/Mixer for New CD has Impressive Portfloio

We have more information to share with you about Clay's new CD. The sound engineer/mixer has been confirmed to be Lawrence Manchester, who has previously worked with an impressive slate of celebs including Diana Krall, John Mayer, Norah Jones, Billy Joel, Gloria Estefan, Neil Young, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Moby, Duran Duran and Nelly.

Lawrence's website has a small blip about Clay:

Currently Lawrence is in preproduction with Clay Aiken and music producer, Kipper, and has just finished producing Jonathan Sheffer's score for the fantasy film, The Hollow Tree.

New CD Listed at Best Buy,

May 6 is solidifying as the release date for Clay's new album, with new listings up at Best Buy and Both retailers are listing the album as "TBA". lists the CD as an import, which also happened when ATDW, MCWL and MOAM were released. However, there is almost no doubt that Sony BMG Canada will issue the CD as a regular domestic release for our Claynadian fans.

Over at, the CD has slipped to #3 on the music bestsellers list. Let's keep those orders coming and bring it back to #1!

Tidbits 3/7

  • Clay is mentioned in an American Idol section in this week's People Magazine, reports the CB's JesBen:
    This week's PEOPLE magazine with Drew Barrymore on the cover. In the "Scoop" section, they have a small article on David Archuleta. They say - "he's talented, he's relatable and he's fan-club ready - First came Clay Aiken's Claymates, then Taylor Hicks' Soul Patrol. Archuleta's groupie moniker? The Arch Angels.".
  • Hollister Free Lance - defining an American Idol "loser" -
    Loser: Which actually doesn't always mean you're

    a loser. Just ask Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken,

    not to mention contestant Chris Daughtry -

    both have enjoyed mega album sales.
  • National Ledger - American Idol contestant David Archuleta -
    And People Magazine notes that he already has a fan club at the ready. First came Clay Aiken’s Claymates, then Taylor Hick’s Soul Patrol. Archuleta’s groupie moniker? The Arch Angels. It certainly seems like David Archuleta has more talent than Taylor and Clay and certainly more than David Hernandez.
  • Los Angeles Times - American Idol commentary -
    The numerical scores for each contestant are of course subjective. However, coming from very different perspectives (Shiraki is a Clay Aiken loyalist, I carry the banner of Katherine McPhee) we attempted to reach consensus numbers between us.
  • am New York - things to do in town -
    Theater: I don't mean Broadway; who wants to spend $200 to watch Clay Aiken rehash Monty Python? But there are hundreds of black-box theaters downtown offering unusual, potentially mind-blowing fare. Do a little research, and you could end up having a night out like no other.
CDD Blogwatch
  • There Was A Man - Claymates push new CD to #1 on -
    May 6th seems more and more definite as the release date now that the CD is for pre-sale at It's already at #1 for new release rank which is an indication of how eager fans are for the new CD of original Clay Aiken music. Now if only there were a nice press release or official word from RCA or a song released to radio. I don't have much faith in their competence since they and the whole record industry is in such a turmoil, but it is what it is.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot 3/6

Here are some reports from Thursday's show. Canuck2010 at The Clayboard brings these to us.

Starhorse from CV:

The Patsy sub is pretty good but seemed to mess up the coconuts when he first came out.

The king messed up his line in the beginning...and paused....

In Camelot when the girls are swinging their "thingies" for want of the right word...Clay is off on the side with Chris and Clay was talking to Chris and kicked his leg up...and then turned to Chris and said "OW" like that hurt.

At the end when the girls are on top of the dice table...he helped one of the girls down and they held hands and they both shimmied together...and they kept doing it until God came down... (where is that shuttle?????)

Seems like there are a lot of people there from work or something...the people behind her all seem to know each other.

There is a lot of cheering for Clay the minute he comes out....more than when she went on Tuesday night. She thinks that there are a lot of fans there tonight.

It's pretty full.

Orchestra is pretty full from she can see and the Mezzanine is pretty full too! Outside the theater two limos were parked...but has no idea why or what they are there for. Patsy is out tonight...there is a sub. It's crowded...there was a huge line again to get in. There are a lot of guys in the audience. They just let people in. And from katy4clay I'M HAVING A FIT!!! I just missed a call from Claysrainbow as they were going into the theatre and she said 3 out of the 4 of her group were interviewed outside under the marquee about Clay, by AMERICAN IDOL! OMG I can't believe I missed this call and of course now, she isn't answering! I'm leaving messages to call at 1/2 time with details!!! Maybe that's what the limos were about? AI executives?
From Katy4Clay at CV:
7 fans were interviewed, all ages, for American Idol Extra, in front of the Shubert, under the Clay Aiken sign. They wanted to know who was there more than once, etc. Full house inside. The limos are there every night but gone when they go to the stage door.
  • From irishbookgirl:
    I just talked to terter and she's loving it!! Her favorite so far is "Knights of the Round Table". She said he's just too cute and very good at chasing after the girls. She also said he can dance like nobody's business!! She also loved the scene with God and the grail.

    Her DH is having fun and enjoying the show. They are in the balcony and it looks to be about 1/3 or so full up there. Lots of cheering and color Playbills again tonight. She was able to meet smitten before the show! She also talked with Claysrainbow but left before they were interviewed.
    Here's a great review from scrpkym at The CB:
    Well, I just made it home from my mini-vacation to NYC. I'm glad you all enjoyed the pics I posted from the last two nights. I wish I could just move to NYC for the next two months and take pics of him every night!!!

    I'm not very good at recaps, which is why I usually just stick to the pics, but I wanted to mention a couple of small change ups I noticed. It's been mentioned many times, but every time I see the show, Clay seems to get better......even when you think he couldn't possibly do it better. I love noticing all the little differences and watching for the ad-libs especially when he's not on mic. I loved the way he delivered the line "African swallows are non-migratory so they couldn't carry a coconut back ANYWAY", with emphasis on "anyway" cute! And he also changed up some emphasis in the Not Dead Yet scene too. He said "I can't take him like THAT!" when the emphasis used to be more on "can't" It's just small little changes, but they make a big difference.....especially since he's just much more comfortable and natural in his delivery.

    During the French taunter scene, he is so funny when tying up his horse. On Tuesday, Patsy seemed to be worried about Clay's horse, so Clay made this action as if to say "It's okay -- he's okay" and then pet the horse. Very cute! And then during the "le vache" part, Patsy's line is "what could they possibly do with a cow?" and Clay makes a milking motion with his hands and says "milk it?" with this confused look on his face. OMG! Soooo cute!

    His big number is AMAZING!!! I loved how he warmed up before he started playing the piano. He floated his fingers above the keys, but kept moving them if he wasn't sure where he was going to start playing. It was very funny!

    And the guard scene is THE BEST!!! I laugh more and more at that every time. He's just sooo silly! And now when he starts to leave the room with Herbert's father, he does this little hop-kick before he starts to walk -- soooo cute! I LOVED THAT!!!

    And he changed up the finale too. You've all seen the video from the TV footage where he says he's found his grail....."MUSICAL THEATER" He used to do it with his legs spread, arms out and knees bent. Well, now he's doing it with all his limbs pulled in before he bursts into his song and dance.

    I'm sure there is much more.....more than I even noticed. I LOVE THIS SHOW! And I can't get enough!
  • Here's a few more new pictures from The Stage Door.

  • Follow New CD's Amazon Rankings at CDD Stats

    Clay's Daily Double's Stats area is keeping tabs on the ranking of Clay's new CD, which is now available for pre-order at

    Let's keep it at #1 - PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!

    Clay Interviewed by "Idol Extra"

    Clay was recently interviewed in New York City by "Idol Extra", a new American Idol "talk show" premiering on the FOX Reality Channel on March 13. Clay's interview has not been scheduled for broadcast yet, but we will keep you posted!

    MKL973 posted this information on the Clackhouse, as part of her Spamalot recap:

    Flyinpenguin was lucky enough to have a lay over. She will probably post in more detail when she gets home tomorrow about the conversation she had with a guy from LA from Idol Extra show who came out to interview Clay tomorrow. He said he knew Clay could sing but was surprised at how much he could dance and act. She will be able to give better context to that since she talked to him for a long time during intermission.
    More information about "Idol Extra" is available at the FOX Reality Channel's website:
    Premieres March 13th

    Want More Idol?

    Watch American Idol Extra, coming to you STRAIGHT from the Idol studios.

    Our host, JD Roberto brings you the VERY first interview with the eliminated contestant and our new co-hosts, former Idols Constantine Maroulis and Gina Glocksen, get you inside and behind-the-scenes of American Idol.

    Get exclusive access and see all the twists, drama and emotions from backstage. No other show gets you CLOSER with EXCLUSIVE access to bring you inside Idol each week.

    Watch American Idol Extra Thursdays 10pET / 7pPT

    A Fox Reality Channel Original Series

    New CD Skyrockets to #1 on Amazon

    Wow! We've done it again! Clay's new CD has hit #1 on the bestseller's list, hours after the retailer began accepting pre-orders for Clay's 4th studio and 3rd mainstream album, due in stores May 6 - exactly 2 months from today.

    Tidbits 3/6

    • interviews Clay's fellow Spamalot cast member Hannah Waddingham, who debuted on the same night as Clay in the role of the Lady of the Lake. Waddingham said some great stuff about Clay:
      By the time Waddingham's visa came through, her debut was set to coincide with Clay Aiken's as Sir Robin. “He's a triumph in the show,” she says of the American Idol runner-up. “His accent is flawless and his voice is beautiful. In fact, I said to him, ‘You must get this all the time, but I'm your colleague now, so can I have one of your CDs please?'” As for herself, “Coming out of that floor [as the Lady of the Lake] and thinking, ‘I'm on Broadway,' is everything I dreamed it would be.”
    • Bunch of American Idol mentions:
      • Knox News - David Archuleta has a strong grip on the Idol crown -
        By all indications, the world will be shocked and amazed if David Archuleta doesn't win 'American Idol'. For all intents and purposes, he's sewn up a victory.

        He's the golden-voiced guy whose flawless performances have stolen every "Idol" installment this season. And sure enough, Archuleta has what it takes to be named the "Idol" winner. He has the skills and the look.


        Can somebody explain to me why Danny Noriega is still on this show?

        He's not a very strong singer, and his personality is very annoying. He should have been axed two weeks ago, way before Carrico or Yeager.

        Those guys have pipes, but, unfortunately, had bad performances the previous week. (Maybe those "vote-for-the-worst" people are keeping Noriega around.)

        With his girlish looks and flamboyant style, it's hard to decide if he's the next Clay Aiken or the next Sanjaya.
      • Navasota Examiner - "I have become hooked on American Idol. I missed out on Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Rueben Stoddard."
      • Variety -
        [...] there's little sense that she has any playfulness or stylistic range.

        Those qualities have been key to past winners and runners up, especially Kellly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Fantasia. They gave audiences multiple reasons to like them in addition to performing solidly week after week, which should lead to Smithson's earlier than expected dismissal.
      • Seattle Pi -
        Steve Perry is another of those unmatchable voices, and Faithfully and Open Arms, hell, just about any Journey song, should be off limits. Clay Aiken came close, but that's the only contestant who ever has.
      • Foxes On Idol makes the call on which AI top 8 girls are going to make it through to the top 12 -
        [...] Well, let’s make a list of people, places, and things that Paula Abdul has given a standing ovation: Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Bo Bice, Barry Manilow, the Jackson Five, a lamp, Count Chocula, knitting needles, the number eight, vitamins, colors, hair gel, and the “take a penny leave a penny” tray. So, there you go. Need I say more? NOT SAFE
    • Mount Union College - upcoming concert featuring Jody Guinn, who has performed with Clay -
      Guinn has also performed throughout America and Europe and has performed with the Three Tenors, Barry Manilow, Ray Charles, Josh Groban and Clay Aiken. Guinn is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music and is currently on the faculty of Westminster College and Malone College.
    • London Free Press - enough with "thank you"'s -
      But how do you explain somebody like Clay Aiken, the former American Idol contestant?

      Not content with thanking God, the omnipotent and omnipresent creator of all, Aiken also thanked Jesus on the back cover of his debut disc. I guess the sexually ambiguous crooner didn’t want the Saviour to feel slighted, but why no shout-out to the Holy Ghost?
    • Associated Content - America ready for a gay idol winner?
      Clay Aiken was the runner-up to Rubin Studdard and was assumed to be gay. This was not the reason for Clay's second place win, Rubin had more supporters call in votes, it is as simple as that.
    CDD Blogwatch

    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    Straight from Playbill, Inc. - Playbill Information and No Spamalot CD or DVD In Store For Us

    Several Clayboard members were posting on the Spamalot thread Wednesday night when what to our wondering eyes did appear but the Director of Playbill Merchandising with news we didn't want to hear. In addition to posting some interesting information about the color and black and white playbills, he also let us know ever so gently that there will not be either a Spamalot CD or DVD released. As is true of many things, cost just won't allow it. Here is Bruce Stapleton's post to the Clay fans about this:

    Quote by one of the fans: They have been great but believe me - it's all about the money. They aren't printing extras to be nice. At $10 a pop they know a good thing when they encounter the Claymates.

    Mr. Stapleton's reply: Well of course we are a business, and we are in business to make money, and we make no apologies for that. But that said, I hope that we do get some credit for responding positively and politely to Clay's fans! We would not have even thought of offering the March Spamalot Playbill, or the Playbill from Clay's first performance, if the fans had not contacted us first and asked us to do so. And those that ordered the Playbill from Clay's first performance can attest to the fact that we understand that these Playbills are collectibles, and the packaging is top-notch to assure it arrives in your mailbox in perfect condition. And if there is any problem at all with your order, we stand behind our product and our service and we will make it right. We really do appreciate your business. Follow the link below. Follow the link below. Follow, follow, follow the link below!

    Okay, enough pimping out of, hi everyone! I hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but I get so many questions, and wanted to take this opportunity to respond to a few things.

    First of all, Playbill produces the programs for Broadway shows (not the fancy souvenir programs available for purchase in the lobby, but the program you receive as an audience member attending the show). We do not produce Broadway shows. We have no financial stake in any Broadway show, and no say in what the producers decide to do about anything. Nor do we have anything to do with any merchandise produced for a Broadway show (other than our Playbills we offer at Yes, we carry merchandise from Broadway shows in our store, but we buy it at wholesale from companies that produce merchandise for Broadway shows, and we sell it at retail to the public. Believe me, if the company doing the merchandising for Spamalot was offering any Clay/Spamalot merchandise at wholesale to retailers like myself, I would have been here weeks ago trying to sell it to you!

    But for whatever reason, what little Clay/Spamalot merch that has been produced is only for sale at the Shubert Theatre. The company that produces the Spamalot merch also runs the store on the official Broadway Spamalot website, and they don't offer any Clay merchandise there either. I've heard it's because a portion of the proceeds for Clay/Spamalot merch goes to charity, and they confine the sales to the Shubert to keep a tight control on inventory and accounting, but don't quote me on that! That's just what I have been told from one source.

    Anyway, back to Playbill not producing Broadway shows - we get so many emails from fans wanting to know when and if WE are going to release a new cast recording featuring Clay, or a DVD of Spamalot featuring Clay.

    Well, we won't ever produce either, because we aren't producers. We'll happily sell a new CD or a DVD if they should become available. But we have no say at all in whether either of those things happen.

    Both are very, very longshots by the way - I can only think of two instances in which a Broadway show, after releasing an original cast album, went back to the recording studio and released a new CD with replacement cast members. That would be the last Grease revival in the '90's, not the current one. When Brooke Sheilds replaced Rosie O'Donnell as Rizzo, a new cast album was released. The other would be when Vanessa Williams replaced Chita Rivera in Kiss of the Spiderwoman. The thing is, it is very, very expensive to produce a cast album. The cast and musicians get paid something like triple overtime for the recording sessions, on top of royalties. It's hard enough for an original cast album to turn a profit, let alone a replacment cast album, no matter who is headlining it, and that's no knock on Clay. Just the facts of the market.

    And DVD is even more difficult. Just about every Broadway musical gets an original cast recording on CD. But very, very, very, very, very, few Broadway shows are ever filmed for release on DVD. This is because of the way Broadway contracts are structured. The royalties due to the creators, cast, musicians, etc., are astronomical. So the very few shows that get filmed for release on DVD are bankrolled by networks like PBS in exchange for the broadcast rights. Of the few Broadway shows that are available on DVD, all are the original cast. There are no DVDs of Broadway shows featuring replacement cast members available for sale at all, that I am aware of.

    Sorry to be a downer to those hoping for a CD or DVD of Clay in Spamalot, but those are the realities. All the more reason to get off your butts and come to NYC to see the show!


    Bruce Stapleton
    Director of Merchandising
    Playbill, Inc.
    In addition to this post, Mr. Stapleton came back and left another post with more information for us:
    Oh, and the April edition of the Spamalot Playbill will have a color cover also. No word yet on the whether the May edition will have a color cover. Black and white covers come at no cost to the producers of a show. There is an additional charge for a color cover. So whether a Playbill for any particular show has a color or black and white cover is up to the producers of the show.

    The April edition will not have the article on Clay. Playbill is printed monthly. The cover and the cast section are unique to each theatre, the rest of the magazine, articles, ads, etc., are the same for every Playbill in every Broadway theatre, and change every month.

    Here's a direct link to the March edition of the Spamalot Playbill, with color cover and the article on Clay:
    To order a color playbill, go to:

    Color Playbill Ordering Info

    Better buy them now. This particular one won't be there next month!

    Thank you Mr. Stapleton, for taking the time to post this information for the fans. Broadway has gone above and beyond in the way they have treated both Clay and his fans!

    Clay's Upcoming CD Now Available For Order From now has Clay's upcoming CD listed on their site as ready for pre-order.

    Amazon says two things about the release of the CD:

    1. Availability: This title will be released on May 6, 2008. Pre-order now! Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

    2. Pre-order Price Guarantee! Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and release date, you'll receive the lowest price. Here's how (restrictions apply)
    Order yours now, and let's watch Clay's first week sales skyrocket!

    What's Hot From Spamalot 3/5

    Do we ever have some sizzling hot things for you today!! So get your fire hoses ready, and here we go!!

    • - For those who won't be able to make it to a Spamalot show or for those who want to make certain they have a color playbill, you can now order them at the Playbill Store. Cost is $10 per playbill. Information at the site about the playbill is as follows:
      By popular demand, is pleased to present the March issue of the Spamalot Playbill with a color cover and a Clay Aiken feature article.

      We've gone back to press to make this issue available to Clay's fans. This Playbill will ship on Friday, March 14th via USPS; is sealed in a custom fitted vinyl bag with a backing board; and mailed in protective packaging. Shipping, handling, and packaging are included in the purchase price. does not ship outside the USA.

      In addition to the feature article on Clay Aiken, inside the Playbill you will also find Clay Aiken billed on the title page of the production credits section; Clay's headshot; and his bio.
      Note that this is a pre-release sale and will not ship until March 14. Also available for purchase are the black and white playbill for $10 and a color Spamalot poster for $25 (Clay is not on this poster).
    And have we got some awesome pictures for you today from the Stage Door. You are gonna love these!!

    • Here are some great Stage door screen caps from catsmomsny at The Clayboard:

    • Rhustress from The Clayboard has an intermission report from Wednesday night's show:
      Intermission report from Rhustress: Good crowd tonight, all cast members are there. Lots of Clay fans in the audience. King Arthur ad libbed a bit during Knights of the Round Table song (the part where he "scats") - cracked people up. Clay was adorable during Bring out Your Dead scene. Lots of applause for Clay when he was introduced during All for One Number. There is an older guy sitting in B101 - he looks unsuspecting!
    • Claylily, also at The CB, gives this intermission report:
      Just had a phone call intermission report from claylily: Her grandson is having a ball and thinks Clay is doing a great job. He especially loved the French taunters (as did my grandson last weekend) She said Clay didn't hang his tongue out while riding the horse but he did dismount beautifully and "tied the horse up" and "petted" it. She said it was so cute! When Clay first appeared in the tower window there wasn't much of a reaction. There is more as the evening is going on. LOTS of Claymates in the house tonight and the theater is very full.
    • Claylily also told tiggy52winkle this exciting news:
      Got a phone call from claylily and she had Clay say "Hi, Judy!" to me on her cell phone!!!! EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I had asked her to do that this morning since I couldn't go today. She said he raised his eyebrows and got this cute look on his face. I'm in heaven!!! Okay, on to the details....he was wearing a new blue Carolina hoodie that a friend of ours from NC gave him (if you remember he ruined the other one recently when he dropped the Sharpie down the front of it). She was there tonight and I know she is in heaven, too!!! Good job, gal! He had on jeans that looked verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy good and fit him well and Puma sneakers that looked like they were rust and grey to her. We were too busy EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeing over him saying hi to me on the phone and making the cute face and now she and her grandson have gone to Carmine's to eat. Hi to all of you who asked about me at the show tonight. Missed you! See ya on 3/21 and I can't wait! claylily I cannot thank you enough for the phone call! MWAH!!! Praying that someone got that on video!

    Tidbits 3/5

    Clay was mentioned in today's email newsletter. It reads:

    Aiken's Breaking Hearts at the Shubert
    American Idol's most loved runner-up, Clay Aiken, is attracting hordes of his fans to the Shubert Theatre, where he started performances last week in Spamalot. Backstage buzz says the boy-next-door crooner is pretty great in the role of Sir Robin, stopping the show with this second act "You Won't Succeed on Broadway." Seems like Clay's succeeding just fine!
    • The Earth Times - In an article about this weeks Lycos Top 50, Clay has the following mention:
      Meanwhile, Clay Aiken (#2) and Angelina Jolie (#5) enjoy their highest rankings to date on Lycos's top search list, as Aiken continues to ride high on his current "Spamalot" role,...The Lycos 50(TM) Top 10 Search Terms for the Week Ending March 1, 2008: 1) Lindsay Lohan 6) Pamela Anderson 2) Clay Aiken 7) Disney 3) Britney Spears 8) Pokemon 4) Paris Hilton 9) Naruto 5) Angelina Jolie 10) Easter About Lycos, Inc.
    • Connie Talk - Janet Jackson tells Jimmy Kimmel her fans do not have nicknames, like the Claymates:
      Kimmel mentioned that Janet's fans are very, very enthusiastic, and asked whether or not they have nicknames like Clay Aiken's "Claymates" do. Her answer is just adorably Janet.
    • California Progress Report - Clay mention in political commentary -
      Remember, Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken may not have won “American Idol,” but they wound up doing just fine, thank you. So did Al Gore, for that matter.
    • Clay was mentioned in a Spanish newspaper called Prensa Libre:
      Quedó en segundo lugar en la temporada dos, pero tiene más fama y admiradores que muchos primeros lugares del concurso. Después de Clarkson y Underwood, es quien más discos ha vendido. Ha realizado ocho tours, publicado un best seller sobre cómo cantar, es productor de TV y embajador de Unicef.
      Here is a rough English translation:
      Clay Aiken

      He placed second in season two, but has more fame and fans that many first place finishers in the contest. It was in second place in season two. After Clarkson and Underwood, it he is who has sold more albums. He has done eight tours, published a best seller about how to sing, is a TV producer and an ambassador for Unicef. He has done eight tours, published a best seller about how to sing, is a TV producer and an ambassador for Unicef.
    CDD Blogwatch
    • Carolina On My Mind - remembering Broadway week on American Idol 2.
    • Clay - The Man - great post this week ... lots of photos, videos and goodies from AI2, the 2007 Christmas tour and Spamalot!

    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Tidbits 3/4

    • Jimmy Kimmel Live - Janet Jackson was on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight talking about her fans. Here is the exact discussion courtesy of annie2053 at The Clayboard:
      Kimmel: Do they have nicknames, like a lot of times groups like a... the Claymates... Clay Aiken has his Claymates? Do you have any?
      Janet: Janet Fans
      Kimmel: Very creative. Get with it guys! (laughter by audience).
    • The Bubel Aiken Foundation Store has a couple of new shirts available for purchase from their online store: a black button polo, a black v-neck polo, and a white button polo. Take the link above to see the shirts.
    • The Bubel Aiken Foundation Grant Program - Information about BAF's grant program has been posted at their website. BAF states:
      The Bubel/Aiken Foundation’s Grant Program will focus on programs that fulfill our mission. Eligible programs are ones that focus on the inclusion of children with special needs with their peers.
      The programs that are their top priorities for grants are then listed along with those that they will not fund.
    • Herald Tribune - AI mention: "Henderson remembers when Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood turning in awful performances during their winning seasons. She’s liked Syesha from the beginning, when she lost her voice during auditions for the Fox program."

    Carmen Rasmusen Mentions Clay In Her Book

    Clay's fellow American Idol 2 finalist, Carmen Rasmusen, mentions him several times in her new book, "Staying In Tune". The CV's lvclaycdparty reports:

    I just bought Carmen's new book, Staying in Tune, for my daughter. I know that there are varied opinions about Carmen, now and before, but let's all enjoy these Clay mentions in her book. Many places in her book she talks about her quest to keep her standards of modesty, abstaining from alcohol, and standing up for what she believed in. In the Introduction, she told about how the stylist for the People magazine shoot wanted to dress her like Britney Spears, with a white miniskirt & a pink halter top. She declined, saying that she couldn't wear that and came up with an alternate shirt she found in the wardrobe room and wore her own jeans. Then followed this excerpt:

    Two weeks later, fellow contestant Clay Aiken came up to me to show me the latest issue of People. "It looks like someone sure liked you, Miss Centerfold," he said with a smile.
    "What do you mean?"
    "Look, you've got the only two-page spread!"
    I took the magazine from him to see what he was talking about. I slowly began to flip through the pages. Each American Idol finalist looked so beautiful. Everyone had a photo spread across a full page, along with a little blurb about their likes and dislikes off to one side.
    Everyone, that is, except me. Clay was right. My picture was the only one spread across two pages. pgs. xv-xvi

    Interestingly enough she mentioned that when she got called back for the Wildcard show, they had to sing in front of Nigel Lythgoe & Simon to determine who would be going through to actually compete on the Wildcard show. Even then, some were sent home who had come to compete to be able to perform on the Wildcard show. The next Clay mention was after they had been notified who would be on the Wildcard show. She said:
    Clay Aiken and Kimberley Caldwell were two of my favorites. They were always laughing and joking together, and were very nice to me.
    One day as we were waiting around in the red room, I decided to finish up the journal entry I had started in "class." Clay saw me writing something and said, "What's that?" Before I could say anything, he leaped over and snatched the paper away from me.
    "No! Give it back!" I yelled.
    "Oh, come on," he said. "Who cares? It's not like I'm going to show anyone. I just want to see what you're writing."
    I was so embarrassed, but he was actually complimentary about how descriptive I was in my writing. I think that's when Clay and I first became friends." pg. 61

    Next Clay mention is a short one, after her name had been announced as Simon's pick for the Top 12:
    I threw my hands over my mouth and stood up. Clay immediately grabbed me and wrapped me in a huge hug, laughing and whooping for joy, right along with me. pg. 66

    Next mention was after they went to perform at the Academy for Performing Arts and Sciences. They rode in a limo and on the way to the Italian restaurant where they were going to eat:
    … some of the contestants decided to 'celebrate' right then and there with some alcohol from the limo's mini bar. Pretty soon everyone except Clay Aiken and I were drinking….
    "Hey, Carmen!" Corey Clark yelled from the back of the limo. "Could you pass us some?"
    I looked to see what he was talking about, and I saw that I was conveniently sitting by several bottles of alcohol….
    "Hey, Carmen." I looked up to see Corey still staring at me. "I saw how you were eyeing that bottle when you passed it to me. It looked like you wanted to try some."
    Now I had a choice to make. I could refuse to drink, or I could try some-just a sip- to see what it was like….
    (after some commentary about her thoughts and some religious quotes, she then goes on with her story)
    I took a deep breath, but before I could open my mouth, Clay piped up from the back seat, "No, Carmen's a Mormon. She wouldn't touch that stuff with a ten-foot pole!"
    Immediately, Corey stopped pressuring me. I was so grateful to Clay for sticking up for me, even though I had never planned on taking that first drink. He respected my values. Clay was a true friend. pgs. 71-73

    A one line mention after singing on Motown night: I ran backstage and Clay was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, and he gave me a huge hug. pg. 75

    During the AI2 season: Before every performance, we would stand in a circle backstage, hold hands, and pray. Sometimes it would be me who offered it, sometimes it would be Clay or Kim or Ruben. pg. 79.

    Clay Moves Up To #2 on Lycos 50

    Clay moved up one spot from the #3 position on the Lycos 50 to #2 for the week of March 3-9. Clay's continued upward move toward #1 seems to be for the very same reason as the caption that Lycos has under his name, "Broadway Debut". It appears that in addition to fans searching for Clay, there are those who have become aware of his acting talent by seeing it for themselves on the Broadway stage, and they are searching as well.

    Now if the fans can do a few extra searches each, we can possibly move him up to #1 next week! Let's give it a try!!

    What's Hot From Spamalot 3/4

    Today we have some great news to report. Tom Deckman is back!! Apparently he has been out for so long because he was hurt. So glad he's well again and back to carrying on the antics of Not Yet Dead Fred and Prince Herbert. Just to let you know how glad people are that Tom is back, here are some comments from The Clayboard:

    • Most excellent news reported on another board from starhorse via dancermom that Tom Deckman is back tonight.
    • From starhorse....(my DD!) who is seeing Spamalot tonight for the first time... Tom is back!!!!!! (does happy dance!!!!) No substitutions tonight!!!!!
    • hooray!
      I love Tom (and everyone else).
    • Hurray!! No one could possibly be as perfect for his roles as he is. I'm so glad he's back!!
    • Yippee for Tom D being back! I was thinking of going this weekend, and now I just might do that.
    • So happy to hear that Tom is back. He is a fabulous actor and just a riot as Herbert! I've missed him and hope he's there on 3/21 when I go to my next show!
    • Glad Tom is back and feeling better...
      I've not seen the show and won't have the pleasure..but I take it, he's I'm happy he's back!
    • YES, Tom was there. He explained at the stage door that he had been out because he'd been hurt.
    As always, here are some reports from Spamalot.

    • This first one is really cute. Nancy3133 at The Clayboard tells us:
      Last night there was a little girl by the stage door with her Mother and my friend noticed her. My friend called her up so we could make room for her between us. She was just beautiful. She was telling us that she LOVED Clay Aiken. She was telling us how Clay had to take his wigs off before he came out and my friend asked her how she knew he had on a wig. She said she saw the big picture in the front of the building. My friend was telling her his hair would be messed up because he had just taken off his wig. She was 9 years old and she was trying to decide what to have signed.. When the door opened and Clay and Jerome came out we said Here comes Clay now get ready. She yelled THAT"S NOT CLAY AIKEN. and she kept saying it over and over When he came over he looked down on her and said HEY How are you and he signed her poster I think it was. and gave her a big Smile. I said to him She said That's not Clay Aiken? and he just put on the biggest smile. She thought he was going to come out with the dark hair. Every time she said something her Mother kept says SHHHH I will tell you later. But she insisted it wasn't Clay Aiken.
    • Clay's Sister In Christ at The Clayboard has a really good review for us as well:
      My day started at around 1am on Sunday because I was too excited to sleep and too nervous for my 1st plane trip. My friends and I went to the March 2 matinee showing and I must say that if anyone out there had any doubts about seeing this, please read.....
      I flew into NYC on March 2 and got to tour NYC a little before the show. I must say that my cab experience was like nothing else I had ever been through!!! I'm not sure why they even put lines in the road when NO ONE even regards them. I swear, at one point I could shake a guys hand with me in a cab and the car next to me. There were many close calls and held breaths in every cab ride. LOL! We ended up eating at Lombardi's Pizza Place for lunch. It was different but good. After lunch, we went to Central Park for an hour walk. It was nice but I bet it's soo much prettier in the spring/fall seasons. From there we caught another cab to Shubert and anxiously awaited for OMC and the show to begin! From having read what others thought about Spamalot in the beginning, i was leary of even wanting to go in the first place. But, am I glad I did!!! It was spectacular! Clay nailed every scene like a pro. It was extremely funny most of the time, but it did have some "off-color" humor that I could do without. I have to tell you that Clay's parts were the funny ones, b/c I never saw anything "off color" about his performances. Immediately after the show, we raced to the stage door to await for Clay. I had my camera ready and my playbill in the open for him to sign. But the best part of this is that when he got to me, he took my playbill, looked at me (to remember who's it was), signed it and handed it back to me. As quickly as he signed it, I jammed the playbill under my arm, grabbed my camera and Clay SAID, "well you better hurry up and take the picture!" and flashed that OH SO GORGEOUS SMILE right at me into my camera. I now know what the Aiken fog can do, b/c my camera had it as well! I heard my camera click so I thought the picture took and lo and behold I have a green blob (i'm sure it was Clay's hoodie in motion) and before I could take another picture, he was off. I could just kick "mahself" for not being more careful, but I knew I only had a short amount of time to do it. So, if ANYONE has video or pics from that stage door, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share it! I was in the front along the gate and almost at the end of the line. I just don't know how all you clack gatherers get all these gorgeous pics and not be in the Aiken fog!?!?!?!?! Well, before we flew home that night (yes, we flew in and out in one day to see Spamalot), we were able to see Times Square and catch a bite to eat at Virgil's BBQ. The service was very good there, but was not at all pleased with the food I ordered. But that is just my opinion on that. I want time to go back to 2pm on Sunday and replay it all!!! After being up for 24 hours, I was ready to go to dreamland and replay it all there!
    • Via OneSingerGal at The Clayboard:
      Intermission report from Starhorse:

      He was playing with his helmet strap...and it was interesting to watch him....
      Camelot scene...he was shimmying with one of the girls
      Making funny facial expressions and it was fun to watch.
      The orchestra is pretty packed but the two seats next to her are empty.
      She thinks he saw Jerome in the back watching the Act 1.
      Tom Deckman is really good
      She is snitching a couple of Playbills...CTLover gets one since she asked already. She doesn't know how many she can snitch....*g*
      Clay looks really good...lots of energy and he looks really

      Stage Door report He came out...he looks really good...wearing some really really really nice dark jeans and his dark black jacket. Nice tousled hair. Didn't notice what he was wearing underneath it too much gorgeousness. Starhorse got a wink she is happy...and giggly flying....oh and the jeans were really really nice jeans. *g*He was in a good mood...and talking to people near her. Starhorse can give the details...she was talking so fast and giggling and thudding I couldn't get it all. Someone asked Tom wasn't there....said he was hurt. Claysrainbow also reported 4 suits in the 2nd row and everybody is speculating on who they are?????????

    The Clay Channel Videos - Entertain and Educate

    If you haven't seen any of The Clay Channel videos that are up at YouTube, well you are in for a treat. And they not only will entertain you and have you laughing, but the educate as well. Want to know what Sir Robin's chicken does in its spare time? Have you seen the Clay Spamalot trailer? Want to know what the proper Spamalot Etiquette is? Well, check out these four videos and then run to YouTube to see more from The Clay Channel!! Now if I can only figure out how to get my video ideas to them.

    The Chicken of Bristol

    Clay Spamalot Trailer

    Spamalot Etiquette

    Requests? Shout it out!

    Monday, March 03, 2008

    What's Hot From Spamalot 3/3

    The Spamalot happenings are somewhat less than hot right now, since Monday is the day off for the cast. However, we predict that it will be back to sizzling hot on Tuesday.

    • Here are some great pictures of Clay in a green hoodie from Sunday afternoon's stage door appearance taken by Robyn428 at The Clayboard:

    Since the news is slow today from Spamalot, here is a Spamalot Quiz to see how many things you can remember from the show. Answers are at the bottom of this article (no cheating!):

    1. In the first scene, why did Guard #1 (Clay) say that an African swallow could not carry back a coconut?

    2. What did Robin think that being an enlistee was all about?

    3. What did the dead people on the wagon do after "Not Yet Dead Fred" started saying, "I am not yet dead"?

    4. What are the first 2 lines of the song that Robin and Lancelot sang as they left the stage in the wagon?

    5. After King Arthur's knights, Sirs Bedevere, Galahad, Lancelot, and Robin, are introduced, another knight is introduced. What is his name?

    6. In the song "All For One", Sir Robin sings, "Before our battles I would always sing, for I have got a voice to thrill a king." What are the next 2 lines that he sings?

    7. The Knight of Ni wanted King Arthur to bring him what? And if he didn't bring it, he'd have to cut down the biggest tree in the forest with a what?

    8. What did Sir Robin do when he saw the Black Knight in the forest?

    9. Sir Robin does a bottle dance and Russian dance in the second act of the show. What original musical are these dances from?

    10. In the finale song, "Find Your Grail", what was Sir Robin's grail?

      If the total you get correct is:

      1-3 - You think Spamalot is when you put a heaping portion of Spam on your noon time sandwich.
      4-6 - You are not yet dead, but you getting awfully close.
      7-9 - You bearly made it as one of King Arthur's knights.
      All 10 - Congratulations!! You have found your grail!!

      And here are the answers:

      1. African swallows are non-migratory.

      2. Dressing up and dancing

      3. Got up and started singing

      4. "I don't know but its been said we're off to war we're not yet dead."

      5. Sir Not Appearing In This Show

      6. "When I'm up here on the stage I'll be the idol of my age!"

      7. Shrubbery; Herring

      8. Soiled his pants

      9. Fiddler on The Roof

      10. Musical Theater

        CDD supports:

        Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF