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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tidbits 4/12

  • Billboard Chart Beat - Fred Bronson mentions Clay in his latest "Chart Beat" column, answering a question about Leona Lewis, UK's X-Factor winner that took North America by storm last week with her CD "Spirit" -
    Leona Lewis' achievement is quite remarkable, given the number of U.K. artists who have been successful on the Hot 100 over the last few years. As I mentioned in this week's Chart Beat, her success in the United States is based strictly on the merits of her song and her talent since we did not get to know her over a period of weeks while she competed on the U.K. TV series "The X Factor."

    Her six-week climb to the top represents a rapid rise to No. 1, but she doesn't win the race for achieving pole position. In 1998, Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)" entered the Hot 100 at No. 1. Hill had appeared on the chart as a member of the Fugees, but this was her debut single as a solo artist. Five years later, Clay Aiken debuted at No. 1 with "This Is the Night." That was his solo debut, although he had charted a few weeks earlier as one of the American Idol Finalists with a version of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A."
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here yet's Bob Lamb Reviews "On My Way Here" (Song)'s Top 40/Pop music critic, Bob Lamb, posted his take on Clay's new single, "On My Way Here":

The title song and first single from Clay Aiken's upcoming album is not likely to get him back on mainstream pop radio. However, the lush arrangement and his vocals that flow like honey could spell an adult contemporary smash. Trite lyrics threaten to sink the recording, but Aiken's vocals here will remind many listeners why he charmed TV viewers enough to just miss being an American Idol champion.


Enlisting Ryan Tedder as the lead name in writing the song Clay Aiken hopes will bring him back to the widespread attention of pop listeners is a good move. Tedder's group OneRepublic have proven their staying power with their own top 10 hit "Stop and Stare" following the band's monster debut with Timbaland, "Apologize." Ryan Tedder is also a co-writer of Leona Lewis' #1 smash "Bleeding Love." Musically, "On My Way Here" maintains the Ryan Tedder touch filled with big strings and keyboards in a production that stops just south of a Broadway sound.

Lyrically, the song attempts to sound autobiographical. However, cliched lines about faith conquering fear, trying and failing, and being loved and lied to threaten to sink the project. Fortunately, Clay Aiken sings the words with such conviction it's rather easy to ignore the weakenesses.

Clay Aiken fans will be quite happy with this recording. It showcases the natural, polished warmth of his voice. It's not too difficult to imagine this could be a track he might have chosen to sing on American Idol. Unfortunately, it's difficult to imagine the extremely lush production on current top 40 radio in the US. A niche at adult contemporary, alongside fellow AI alum Kimberley Locke, is much more likely. also gives you a chance to RATE THE SONG ... so get voting, Claymates!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Clay Mentioned on Today Show

Clay was mentioned on the Today Show this morning, in their discussion of American Idol. From the Official Fanclub:

Clay was mentioned today on the TODAY SHOW. Kathy Lee and the other host were discussing the shock about Michael Johns getting voted off Idol last night. They went on to say that he will be another Daughtry....and look how well Daughtry, Clay Aiken (said with enthusiasm) and Jennifer Hudson have done. They then went on to say they didn't even know what Taylor Hicks or Katherine McPhee were doing. was a quick mention about Clay....but, a good one all the same.

Tyra Banks at Spamalot Tape Upcoming Clay Segment

Film crews from The Tyra Banks Show were spotted today at the Shubert Theatre in New York, where Clay is beginning to wrap up Spamalot on May 4. Tyra will be doing a segment about Clay, in the near future. No firm air date has been set yet.

Reports from the boards:

just saw this at CV: ClayIzzaQT just called me from Shubert Alley with some interesting news. Both ends of Shubert Alley have signs posted that read, " By entering this area you agree to be video taped or photographed." She said there are both film crews and photographers milling about the stagedoor area. She can't be sure if the film crews are waitng to go in or have already been in the building. I asked if she thinks they are in Shubert Alley to interview fans before Spamalot and she said she wasn't sure the reason the crews were there. Maybe it's not even Clay related, but it's highly doubtful they are there for any other reason. She didn't see any logos to indicated where the film crews were from.

ClayIzzaQT is having dinner at Juniors with Mr. and Mrs. WinkatMe and will keep us posted if she sees anything else happening.
She also stated she is not sure what's going on , because we aren't used to seeing it, but she thinks it's called PR! LOL

From TCH...GBB..

Just talked to ficus. There are photographers and cameramen from the Tyra show in Shubert alley right now. She thinks they may have been filming something to do with the "biggest fan" thing because one of the cameramen said something about filming a girl getting a ticket.

More from CV

More news from ClayIzzaQT.... She said she saw flashes from the cameras going off and the flim crews rushing to the stage door . Tyra Banks was at the stage door being interviewed and photographed by the flim crews. She said it was pretty choatic at Juniors where she is having dinner. People were rushing up to the windows to see what was going on, but she thinks she saw Tyra and Jerome both going back into the building via the stagedoor. No Clay sighting.

More photos:

Insider Video: Clay Talks about Spamalot, New York City

Clay's interview with The Insider from Tuesday's Planet Hollywood Spamalot event is now available in full at the show's website. You can view it below:

Tidbits 4/11 asks - "Whose elimination was more shocking than that of Michael?"
Vote for Clay!
  • PR NewsWire has an audio/podcast report about Clay's new album. Click "Play Now" under "Entertainment Round-Up for Week of April 11, 2008". - "Clay Aiken to Release Brand-New Album, On My Way Here, on May 6th 2008 "
  • OK! Magazine - "Clay Aiken: 'I Haven't Watched Idol in Four Years'":
    One-time American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken has found his niche now that he’s playing Sir Robin in the Tony-winning musical Monty Python’s Spamalot.


    Though none of the American Idol judges have been able to see his performance because they’re not allowed to travel while the show is taping, Clay certainly acknowledges that the show made him the star he is today.

    “Being able to make a career out of something that used to be a hobby is a big difference,” the former special education teacher says.

    Still, the season two runner-up doesn’t tune in to root for his favorites. “I haven’t watched it in four years,” he admits.
  • Argus Leader - where the American Idols are now:
    Clay Aiken: Ruben Studdard’s runner-up enjoyed huge popularity initially with early singles and debut album “Measure of a Man”, but sales have steadily fallen.

    While mainstream support has eroded, Claymates remain ferociously loyal, and the geeky popster’s odd projects and antics keep him in the headlines (a memoir, “Spamalot ”role, in-flight tiff).
  • Raleigh News & Observer - how Raleigh & Spamalot are related -
    Spamalot/Raleigh connections

    Raleigh and Camelot may have nothing in common. But "Spamalot" is practically a sister city.

    Raleigh native Clay Aiken made his Broadway debut as Sir Robin this year. He's scheduled to remain in the role through May.
  • Clay was mentioned briefly on E! News last night ... about his AI2 transformation ... SendSpace cap via gerwhisp.

CDD Blogwatch
  • Carolina On My Mind - The buzz is getting started around "On My Way Here" -
    In Clay Cyberspace, heads are spinning from the stupendous buzz swirling in the media and online about On My Way Here and the singer's appearance at Planet Hollywood. All this activity parallels another point Yaknelle made in her "cliff notes" course on viral advertising:

    "The big viral marketing is really done by professionals. I think in the last few days we have seen some really important moments. The ad in Playbill, the single preview, the iTune pre-sale and bonus cut, the webisodes, QVC and the Insider, for example. I really hope Clay gets some prime TV exposure."
  • Anew and Afresh - Clay Aiken "looking good" on new RCA PR photos
  • Anew and Afresh - Clay leaves his "mark" (literally) on New York City
  • All That Is Clay Aiken - RCA's official biography for OMWH

Thursday, April 10, 2008

MSG Network Interviews Hannah Waddingham...Includes Lots of Clay Mentions and Short Appearances

MSG Network recently interviewed Hannah Waddingham about Spamalot, and the interview was shown on Thursday evening. Though Hannah talked about many things concerning Spamalot, Clay had several mentions as well as some small videos of his parts in the musical.

The funniest thing Hannah said about Clay was that they both opened the same night, and she could have been nude with a flower pot on her head and no one would have noticed her! She said it was like Elvis was in the building!!

You can download the entire interview at Clack Unlimited, and it is also up at YouTube. The YouTube video is below.

Fans Pick The Cover For Clay's MusicPass Card....What Is A MusicPass Card? Read on...

Have you ever heard of a musicpass card? I'll bet most of you haven't. So I'm about to educate you as to what a musicpass card is, how you can use it, and how you can vote for the cover of Clay's musicpass card.

A musicpass card, according to the MusicPass website, is:

A wallet-size gift card with a unique PIN code that lets you download a full album plus great other artist materials....The music downloaded through these cards will be playable on all MP3 players, including iPods, and of course on your computer.
Other questions about the card are answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page at MusicPass's site, such as where the card can be purchased and how much it costs.

What is really exciting is that there will be bonus material available on the cards. This will include music videos, artist interviews, bonus audio tracks, and other such things.

Many artists already have cards, such as Elvis Presley, Celine Dion, John Mayer, and Carrie Underwood. And now, Clay is about to have one as well. This is where you, the fans, come into the picture. At, there are three covers to choose from. Fans are being asked to vote for their favorite and the one with the most votes will be the new cover for Clay's musicpass card. No deadline is mentioned at the site, so I'd hurry over there to vote.

Check at your local Best Buy, Target, and other stores listed at the FAQ page for availability of the new Clay Aiken MusicPass cards, coming in the near future!

OMWH Up at Clay's MySpace

On My Way Here is now playing as you enter Clay's MySpace page. It sounds full and beautiful, and plays continuously while you are there.

In addition, there is a link to iTunes where you can order OMWH for $7.99, a long bio of Clay, earlier songs you can listen to, and pictures of Clay from Spamalot.

Check it out. Its another place you can listen to Clay's great new single!!

Tidbits 4/10

  • Access Hollywood video has a nice report on Clay's "Spamalot" promotional appearance at Times Square in New York this past Tuesday:
    Maria Menounos shows off her eco-friendly style. Clay Aiken celebrates his starring and very demanding role in Broadway's "Spamalot." Plus, Tina Fey reveals new season plot secrets for "30 Rock."
  • Lycos 50 PR - Clay #5 this week
  • Globe Photos - Pictures of Clay and Tyra Banks are at this site. The site also says:

CDD Blogwatch

Amazing Promo for OMWH at Gupta Media

An amazing promotional ad for On My Way Here is now up at Gupta Media. Gupta Media says about itself on its home page:

Gupta Media is an online marketing firm that conceives, develops and implements large scale online marketing programs. Our team will help your team find an enthusiastic and interested audience and help you achieve your marketing goals.

We count many of the world's largest entertainment companies as our clients.
And they have succeeded in both their goals. They found an enthusiastic and interested audience via Clay's fans, and hopefully others who take a look. And the marketing of OMWH is awesome!

You'll find several things at page:

  • A huge picture of the CD, On My Way Here, as the background
  • A video of Clay talking about the making of OMWH
  • A link to both Walmart and where you can purchase the CD
  • A Clay Aiken "Word Jumbler" game where you can "guess the song title"
  • A place to click and listen to On My Way Here - IMO, it has the best sound of any of the places that have the video online...very crisp and clear
All this on one page. Oh, and the song and video play continuously until you stop them.

Clay's promotional team is doing a great job of promoting OMWH. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us next!

Run over and check out the page. You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Clay #5 on Lycos50

Clay is #5 on this week's Lycos50, his 435th week on the list.

Keep those Clay searches coming at Lycos to move him up to #1.

Album Interviews You Tube'd

In case you missed it: Clay's recent interviews about the new album with AOL and are up on Clay's YouTube page.

It appears this video is blocked to those of us (including myself) outside the United States.

Clay on Insider Tonight

Clay's interview with The Insider from yesterday's Spamalot event at Planet Hollywood in NYC, will air tonight. The online version of this interview was posted last night and can be viewed at

Clay Interviewed by ET in NYC This Morning: Report

The Clayboard's Dazaccent reports that a crew from Entertainment Tonight interviewed Clay this morning at the trendy Sardis restaurant in New York City:

Just left Sardis with Tangerinee and lsdolly.....and found out that Clay was interviewed there this morning. Seems like the interview wil be featured on ET soon. We should be on the lookout!
No word on when this will air on TV... but it does appear to be part of RCA's push for the new album.

"On My Way Here" Digital Download Coming Soon

"On My Way Here" - the song, that is - will be released soon exclusively to the Amazon Music Download store, according to the CH's Corabeth who received the information from RCA marketing: "The digital single of 'On My Way Here' will be available via Amazon's digital music store exclusively as we go to radio (starting on April 29)."

Call us a little confused, as to why this single would be "exclusive" to, especially when we're hearing that Amazon's competitor, Apple's iTunes music store will offer an "exclusive" bonus track for everyone who pre-orders before May 6.

As always, we'll keep you posted!

RCA Issues New Press Photos

Yep, we're been officially spoiled rotten of Clay the past week. But, hey, that's not a bad thing, as these new RCA press photos prove. THUD.

Tidbits 4/9 - Clay promotes "Spamalot" at the heart of New York City -

Clay Aiken stopped by the Planet Hollywood in Times Square, just around the corner from the Shubert Theatre where he's playing Sir Robin in Spamalot. The American Idol runner-up and pop phenomenon joined the likes of Jack Nicholson and Whitney Houston by preserving his hands for display on the restaurant's wall of fame. The adorable Aiken surprised lunchtime diners who looked on as he plunged hands-first into the cement. And need we mention the throngs of so-called "Claymates" who follow the pop star... oh, everywhere?
  • Just Jared - Clay promotes Spamalot at Planet Hollywood in NYC -
    Clay Aiken promotes his starring role in the Tony Award winning Broadway musical Monty Python’s Spamalot with a handprint ceremony at Times Square’s Planet Hollywood on Tuesday in New York City.

    Claymates will soon be rejoice — a new CD next month will be released by their almighty Clay.
  • The Outlook Online - Choir singer a big fan of Clay Aiken:
    Christine Greenhalgh rolls her eyes in mock disgust when asked how many Clay Aiken tunes are in her iPod.

    “All of them,” she answers with a laugh.

    The Gresham High School senior’s iPod now also contains the famed American Idol runner-up’s John Hancock, which Christine was able to obtain after meeting him at the stage door to “Spamalot,” the Monty Python musical playing on Broadway.

    “He is a really good singer, and I respect that in everybody,” Christine, 18, adds.

    However, Aiken only came in second in the 2003 edition of “American Idol,” whereas Christine and her fellow Gresham High Concert Choir members can now claim two firsts from the prestigious Heritage Festival of Music.
  • TV Fan from Entertainment Weekly - David Archuleta almost a carbon copy of Clay Aiken?
    David Archuleta has no problem with this. Choosing that Robbie Williams song was probably smart, considering it just cemented his status as the ultimate soccer mom fantasy. I think he is so much like Clay Aiken, it's crazy. He'll come out with a Christmas CD this year and 50 year old women will play it R
  • Reality Wanted - "Idol 7" - where is the talent?
    The judges keep saying this is the best season of talent but who are they trying to convince, us or themselves? I honestly don’t see it. If that is the case where is this year’s Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, or Jennifer Hudson? Carly definitely has a voice like the three of them, but she just pales in comparison to each of their personas.
  • Roanoke Times - "Idol Gives Back" airs tonight -
    I keep reading conflicting news items on which of the past participants will grace the stage. Some say Chris Daughtry. Some say Kelly Clarkson. Some say Daughtry and Carrie Underwood. I guess we'll see. Whatever the case, this year's show is said to be "bigger and better" than ever, of course. Is that why we won't see former contestants like Ruben Studdard or Fantasia or Clay Aiken, or what about Justin Guarini? Where's he? I liked him.
  • Star Courier - American Idol 7 -
    Part of the magic of “American Idol” was watching someone go from unknown to superstar in front of your eyes. More than half of this year’s top 12 have previously signed deals with major record labels, although all fizzled. This year’s phenom, David Archuleta — picked to be the next Clay Aiken whether he wins or not — even reportedly won “Star Search” when he was 10.
  • antiMusic needs a new taste in music -
    And with the exception of that William Hung guy, most of these mutants have practically no personality whatsoever. (Clay Aiken…need I say more?) Let's give credit, though: Kelly had a great voice, no argument. Too bad about that movie with the kid sporting the Juan Epstein hair, but I digress…
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here yet

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

RCA Marketing Email for OMWH

Many of you will have received an email from RCA Marketing today getting the word out about the new album. At the end of an email is a Raleigh phone number - if you call it, you will get a recording of Clay talking about the album. Cool!


Be the first to hear "On My Way Here"
Go to AOL's to catch a glimpse of Clay's new album with the title track "On My Way Here." The album hits stores May 6th and is available for Pre-Order now!

Creating the Album - Webisode:
Now you can catch Clay's new webisode about the creation of "On My Way Here" on

Mobile Sneak Peeks of "On My Way Here"!
Call Clay at 919.883.5111 from your mobile phone to hear exclusives and sneak peeks on his new album!

Tidbits 4/8

Clay is featured in Yahoo! TV's gallery of American Idol's Biggest Transformations.
  • Austin 360 - New Clay Aiken CD on the way -
    Claymates everywhere are rejoicing — and rightfully so.

    Their hero, the almighty Clay Aiken, will release a new CD next month.

    “On My Way Here,” featuring a title track by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, offers “a little bit of something for everyone, from symphonic-type ballads to upbeat, edgy stuff,” according to an interview in USA Today.
  • - Claymates rejoice for new album -
    Claymates around the universe are rejoicing as Clay Aiken has set a release date for his first album full of original material since the release of his debut album in 2003. Technically this is Clay's fourth album, but albums two and three featured Christmas music and cover songs.

    "On My Way Here" will hit record stores near you on May 6th. Clay says these songs show a more mature side of himself.
  • American Idol mentions:
    • Associated Content -
      But in the end, the show is about making only one of them the season's American Idol (regardless of which one goes on to greater fame and success, like Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, and Clay Aiken).
    • Reuters -
      Past winners such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, and even those who didn't win such as Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry, have gone on to successful music careers.
  • New York Daily News - Leona Lewis, winner of UK's "The X-Factor" releases CD in America -
    Judging by Lewis' full CD, which hits U.S. stores today, "X Factor" makes "A.I." seem downright avant-garde. No "American Idol" winner yet has released an album quite this slick, conservative or derivative. Not even Clay Aiken. It's wall-to-wall characterless ballads penned by the predicable likes of Ryan Tedder, Johnta Austin and Walter Afanasieff.
CDD Blogwatch
  • ClaySpots - Clay ready to drop new album -
    It's Aiken's first CD of all original material since his debut CD, 'Measure of a Man', which sold 613,000 copies its first week, with total sold of 2.7 million. Aiken's second CD, 'Merry Christmas, with Love', was, at the time, the fastest selling Christmas CD in Soundscan history, selling 1.3 million out of the gate in just 6 weeks.

Clay at Time Square Today - UPDATED

Clay hit Time Square in New York City today to promote Spamalot. The Insider accompanied Clay and has video forthcoming of all the action, according to the show's website,

CLAY AIKEN is heading to New York's Times Square this afternoon to promote his hit Broadway show Spamalot with a handprint ceremony at the ever popular Planet Hollywood restaurant -- and the "Insider" is there for all the action! Keep checking back here for the exciting video!


Updates! Photos are in! Clay was at Planet Hollywood to add his "mark" on the Planet Hollywood Wall of Fame, and to promote Spamalot. Looking handsome, as always. If you are really observant, you'll notice Clay wore the same shirt back in 2004 during the Independent Tour: and The Insider are both running stories on their websites.
  • ET:
    At New York's Planet Hollywood today, CLAY AIKEN tells ET about coming to the end of his hit role on Broadway's Spamalot, and whether he would consider auditioning for "Dancing with the Stars"!

    "I don't think I could pull it off," he reveals. "The choreography for 'Spamalot' is tough enough for me!"
  • Insider:
    FROM NY TODAY: A blonder CLAY AIKEN adds his famous handprint to Planet Hollywood's wall of fame! "Clay's Amazing New Song" is "definate number 1 material"

The reviews are starting to come in of Clay's new single, "On My Way Here".'s review praises the song:

A very clean, simple, fluid, and beautiful flowing song that seems almost timeless in its melody makes “On My Way Here” definite number 1 material. And that’s irrespective of the fact that it’s so good it doesn’t resemble any other current sound getting airplay currently.

"On My Way Here" Impacts Radio April 28

"On My Way Here", the lead single from Clay's new album of the same name, will be officially released to radio on April 28, reports All Access, a music website:

April 28, 2008
impacting songs

Artist - Clay Aiken
Title - On My Way Here
Label - RCA/RMG
Format - AC
Listen to Clay's new song exclusively at AOL Music.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bubel Aiken Foundation Fan Video Wins Goodsearch Contest

On March 25, Clay's Daily Double ran a story entitled Your YouTube BAF Video Could Raise Funds For The Bubel Aiken Foundation. If you entered a video about your favorite non-profit group and it won, you would win $100 for that non-profit group.

Well, Foxylady at The Clayboard got a notice from Kari McMinn at Goodsearch about a winner who sent in a video about the Bubel Aiken Foundation. Here's what that notice said:

I just wanted to let you know that BAF was featured in the winning video of the GoodSeach video contest! As a result, this video and BAF will be featured on the GoodSearch homepage on 4/11/08 and BAF will receive an additional $100 donation from GoodSearch which will be reflected in the amount raised page.
The winning video was sent in by Yollie950. You can view the video at Goodsearch or watch it below:

What a great video!! Congratulations Yollie!! And congratulations to The Bubel Aiken Foundation for winning $100 to help in the wonderful work that they do for inclusion!!

Exclusive Bonus Pre-Order Track To Be Available on iTunes

Ellenpoppy at The Clayboard has some interesting news that she got from Corabeth at the Clackhouse concerning an I-Tune bonus. Check out this news below:

I'm bringing over Corabeth's post from CH. Her contact at RCA has continued to feed her prompt, RELIABLE information and has asked her to relay this to the rest of us to keep us updated on what we can expect.

From RCA Marketing

In addition to the Amazon (physical) preorder, there will be an exclusive digital preorder on Itunes which will begin on April 21.

This digital version of the album (which will include the standard album and a digital version of the booklet) will include an additional bonus preorder only track.

That song will only be available when the album is purchased during the pre-order period.
No word on what the bonus is, but I'm sure it will be something we will all enjoy!

Clay to Sell OMWH on QVC

Clay will sell his new CD, On My Way Here, in person, and live on primetime TV on April 28 via the QVC shopping channel. QVC's website has Clay scheduled for April 28 between 7 and 8 PM:04/28/2008

07:00 - 08:00 PM

QVC TV can be viewed on the internet at - click on "Watch Live TV" on the left hand side of the page.'s OMWH "Webisode": Clay on his recording "family" posted a slightly different version of the AOL Webisode that was released several weeks ago showing the behind the scenes workings that went into producing the new CD, "On My Way Here". Clay talked about how it was nice to have a "family" working with him on the entire CD, eliminating the need to switch producers or musicians for every song, as he did for MOAM, MCWL and ATDW.

View the webisode at

Tidbits 4/7

  • AOL PopEater - stars going blond -
    Follicular schizophrenia is nothing new in the music world -- everyone from Miley Cyrus to Clay Aiken have changed their hue at some point.
  • AM 1150 News - Clay Aiken to release new album -
    Clay Aiken will release his new album, On My Way Here, on May 6th, E! News reports. It will be the former American Idol runner up's first album of entirely original material since 2003's Measure of a Man. Since then, Aiken has issued a Christmas album and 2006's A Thousand Different Ways, a mix of original songs and cover tunes.
  • Birmingham Weekly - Spamalot article -
    The Playbill program for the show has an awful lot about Clay Aiken, who is performing the role of the Sir Robin in the New York production of Spamalot. Even if you didn’t care about American Idol, it’s hard for a Birminghamian not to wince when she reads “… he has long since outsold that season’s ‘Idol’ winner, the affable, velvet-voiced Ruben Studdard…” Pah! No doubt Aiken’s mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries. Anyway, the role of the Not-So-Brave knight is played in the touring production by the terrific James Beaman whose, “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway” is one of the highlights of the show, even though the song’s repeated punch line (“You won’t succeed on Broadway if you don’t have any Jews!”) doesn’t get the laughs from a Deep South audience that it surely does in New York.
  • Clay was mentioned in an off-Broadway play in NYC, the CB's heartsaiken4ca:
    My friend just returned from New York and said she saw the off-Broadway play, Alter Boys, which she said was hysterical. From what I could gather, there are some guys who are singers, or aspiring singers, and one of them says he wants "to be as good as Clay Aiken", or "like Clay Aiken", or something like that. She said it was a positive mention.image I'm just speculating here, but perhaps it was added to the show after hearing all the buzz about our guy "on" Broadway.
CDD Blogwatch
The Clay nation reacts to Clay's new single, "On My Way Here"
  • All That Is Clay Aiken -
    My opinion - It is very powerful. The arrangement is perfect.
    I love that you can hear Clay's voice above the music. The balance is just that - balanced.

    It has an underlying beat that you cannot get out of you head. Some are calling it an "ear worm". I love how it starts out slowly and then builds. Clay puts just the right amount of emotion into this song.

    OK - I admit it - I am addicted to this song.

    I do believe Clay has a hit on his hands.
  • Something That Really Happened - "It sounds great! I love it."
  • There Was A Man
  • Carolina On My Mind -
    AOL First Listen no doubt has received lots of weekend hits as CA fans make sure all systems are "go" for the Monday premiere of "On My Way Here," the album's lead single.
  • Chexxxy's Pearls

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF