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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tidbits 4/9 - Clay promotes "Spamalot" at the heart of New York City -

Clay Aiken stopped by the Planet Hollywood in Times Square, just around the corner from the Shubert Theatre where he's playing Sir Robin in Spamalot. The American Idol runner-up and pop phenomenon joined the likes of Jack Nicholson and Whitney Houston by preserving his hands for display on the restaurant's wall of fame. The adorable Aiken surprised lunchtime diners who looked on as he plunged hands-first into the cement. And need we mention the throngs of so-called "Claymates" who follow the pop star... oh, everywhere?
  • Just Jared - Clay promotes Spamalot at Planet Hollywood in NYC -
    Clay Aiken promotes his starring role in the Tony Award winning Broadway musical Monty Python’s Spamalot with a handprint ceremony at Times Square’s Planet Hollywood on Tuesday in New York City.

    Claymates will soon be rejoice — a new CD next month will be released by their almighty Clay.
  • The Outlook Online - Choir singer a big fan of Clay Aiken:
    Christine Greenhalgh rolls her eyes in mock disgust when asked how many Clay Aiken tunes are in her iPod.

    “All of them,” she answers with a laugh.

    The Gresham High School senior’s iPod now also contains the famed American Idol runner-up’s John Hancock, which Christine was able to obtain after meeting him at the stage door to “Spamalot,” the Monty Python musical playing on Broadway.

    “He is a really good singer, and I respect that in everybody,” Christine, 18, adds.

    However, Aiken only came in second in the 2003 edition of “American Idol,” whereas Christine and her fellow Gresham High Concert Choir members can now claim two firsts from the prestigious Heritage Festival of Music.
  • TV Fan from Entertainment Weekly - David Archuleta almost a carbon copy of Clay Aiken?
    David Archuleta has no problem with this. Choosing that Robbie Williams song was probably smart, considering it just cemented his status as the ultimate soccer mom fantasy. I think he is so much like Clay Aiken, it's crazy. He'll come out with a Christmas CD this year and 50 year old women will play it R
  • Reality Wanted - "Idol 7" - where is the talent?
    The judges keep saying this is the best season of talent but who are they trying to convince, us or themselves? I honestly don’t see it. If that is the case where is this year’s Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, or Jennifer Hudson? Carly definitely has a voice like the three of them, but she just pales in comparison to each of their personas.
  • Roanoke Times - "Idol Gives Back" airs tonight -
    I keep reading conflicting news items on which of the past participants will grace the stage. Some say Chris Daughtry. Some say Kelly Clarkson. Some say Daughtry and Carrie Underwood. I guess we'll see. Whatever the case, this year's show is said to be "bigger and better" than ever, of course. Is that why we won't see former contestants like Ruben Studdard or Fantasia or Clay Aiken, or what about Justin Guarini? Where's he? I liked him.
  • Star Courier - American Idol 7 -
    Part of the magic of “American Idol” was watching someone go from unknown to superstar in front of your eyes. More than half of this year’s top 12 have previously signed deals with major record labels, although all fizzled. This year’s phenom, David Archuleta — picked to be the next Clay Aiken whether he wins or not — even reportedly won “Star Search” when he was 10.
  • antiMusic needs a new taste in music -
    And with the exception of that William Hung guy, most of these mutants have practically no personality whatsoever. (Clay Aiken…need I say more?) Let's give credit, though: Kelly had a great voice, no argument. Too bad about that movie with the kid sporting the Juan Epstein hair, but I digress…
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