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Latest News From CDD

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Broadway Cares Auction

Broadway Cares is auctioning off a 20" x 28" poster signed by Clay, Heather Headley and the cast of Heather Headley's show "Home". Clay guest appeared with Headley in 2004.

Bidding ends on March 9! Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Click here to see the auction.

The Block Party Is Open!

As we reported earlier this week, most major Clay Aiken boards are opening their doors and having a jointly co-ordinated party today! So, get in the festive spirit... don your party hats and head on over for the biggest celebration in Clay nation history!

What are you waiting for? Join in on the fun, go to your message board or:

Tidbits 3/4

  • Vacation update: Clay visited Ljubljana, Slovakia (check OFC blog!)
  • What really happened: LBFCA (hilarious!)
  • Fellow UNC Alum defends Clay -- Beavers on Idol
  • Diane Sprague also defends Clay on her site.
  • podcast includes girl who has met Clay.
  • Horrible baseball player named "Clay Aiken" -- Atlanta JC
  • American Idol Season 2 recap -- Juicee News Daily
  • All about AI -- Juicee News Daily
  • ForClayAlways says some 30ish year old guys were talking about Clay at a LA Kings hockey game last night:
    While we were waiting for the game to start, the two 30ish guys (who turned out to be very LOUD hockey cheering types) sitting behind us were talking about a variety of subjects......Dancing with the Stars, Sex and the City, various movies, and CLAY AIKEN!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Clay Blogs For a Second Day In A Row About His Vacation

For the second day in a row, Clay blogged about his vacation in Eastern Europe. In addition, he added more pictures from the trip.

Go to the fan club and sign in to your account to read Clay's blog and see the pictures he has posted.

Thanks to Clay for sharing his great adventure with the fans!

Charity Auctioning Autographed Clay Aiken Tour Book

A 2004 Tour Book, autographed by Clay Aiken, is on Ebay as part of a charity auction for The Children's Miracle Network at Bayside Medical Center Children's Hospital. The auction ends on Sunday, March 5. For more information or to place a bid, go to eBay.

B106 FM in Columbia, SC is also auctioning off a signed Clay Aiken item for their radiothon.

Clay Claims #4 on MSNBC It List

Clay moved up one spot to #4 on MSNBC's "It" list. Clay debuted on the list last week after MSNBC asked users which former idol deserved to be on it! It's still imperative that we move Clay up to #1!

Click here to vote (be warned: MSNBC did mention the National Enquirer story, but they do say "it's just all speculation")

Voting instructions
Scroll down to Clay's box (#4). Click "Move Up" on Clay's box until he's at #1! (You might also want to move Rachel McAdams down to #5... she's Clay's biggest threat!). Now, scroll down to the bottom and click "Done".

Special Clay "Scrubs" Episode Repeat

NBC has decided to re-air the February 2005 episode of Scrubs which Clay guest starred on playing the cafeteria boy Kenny.

E News says that it will feature special commentary from Sarah Chalke.

"Scrubs: My Life in Four Cameras" airs March 14 on NBC.

Tidbits 3/3

  • Brief mention in St. Petersberg Times about new movie "American Dreamz" (warning... PG-13 content)
  • Paula Abdul was losing it on Idol last night: Boston Herald.
  • We'll see today if Clay manages to stay on or even move up MSNBC's "It" list. In the meantime, you can still keep voting for Clay on
  • Diane Austin: AI week in recap.
  • Clay blogged some photos from Slovenia on his official fanclub blog... he's vacationing in Eastern Europe.

B106.7 FM Radiothon

WTCB's 2006 Radiothon for Palmetto Health Children's Hospital is on and a signed Clay Aiken item is among the items being auctioned off.

You can listen live and donate to the radiothon via their website, the event concludes on Sunday. If you are in the Columbia, SC area, you can listen via conventional radio!

Thanks to The State for the heads up!

In an unrelated auction, 94.7 WMAS-FM is auctioning off a Independent Tour Tourbook signed by Clay.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Clayboard, Clayversity, and Clackhouse "Party" on Saturday!

According to a thread at the Clayboard:

"The Clayboard, Clayversity and Clackhouse will all be hosting parties on Saturday -- a sort of Block Party for the fan community, with games and activities for everyone! You'll be able to hop from board to board and post - even if you're not a member! Sort of one huge open house/block party! We'll have games and activities to participate in across the boards."

What a fun time during this slow period of Clack. So try to head over there, meet some more Clay fans, and enjoy the fun!! Click HERE to read about it at the Clayboard.

Clay Vacationed in Eastern Europe

Clay blogged today about his recent trip to Europe where he says he vacationed. You can read Clay's blog by logging into your fanclub account.

Clay visited: Slovakia, Budapest, Vienna and London.

Have fun Clay!

Update: Clay added some photos!

Verizon Rep Loves Clay!

We found this really cute story from the CB's Claydreamer03. (FYI: I am working on the website with Claydreamer... check it out!)

I just got off the phone with Verizon Wireless.. my bill was a little "steep" and HE was working with me trying to see how I could lower my payments.. I was checking out my new website that I am working on while talking to him.. and as you enter it.. it starts playing.. IWCY..!!! LOUD.. I am like..."Oops, sorry about that..!" He said.. "Oh, thats okay, I love that song!" I said.."really, you know Clay?" He said, "Of course.. he is a very talented young man! I also read his book.. I was surprised to see all that coming from such a 'young man'...!!!!" I was so excited... He said.. "I keep checking to see when his new CD will be out..!!" I told him it looks like it will be sometime in May.." He was very happy to hear that... He knew all about Clays organizations and that he was a Unicef Embassador..!

OMG.. I am going to work, wasn't too happy about that.. BUT I AM SMILING NOW!!! This just MADE MY DAY!!!

Have a good day!

"absolutely" claydreamer

****EDITED TO UPDATE 03-01-06!!****

I was still having some trouble removing a game that was put on my husbands cell phone.. So, I had to go into the actual Verizon Store.. A young man came to up to help me and as we were going over.. (again).. what I had on my phone. He reminded me I was paying .99 per month for ring back tones.. (which are what people here instead of rings when they are calling me) Anyway.. I told him that I knew that and that I wanted to know WHEN were they going to get CLAY AIKEN ringbacks..??? He looked at me and said.. "OH, So you want people to hear INVISIBLE..HUH?" I told him.. "Wow, so you know Clay Aiken..huh? He said.. "OF COURSE!!" I was pleasantly say the least.. Twice now at Verizon, there has been someone who mentioned something positive about Clay..!! I told him I would go home and tell everyone at the board to go to Verizon because they definately hire VERY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE!!! He smiled and said.. "THANKS!" (But he still doesn't know when they will get Clay on ring backs.. )

Tidbits 3/2

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Help Build the Claymania Building at Top Dog City

When you go to the Top Dog City site, you will see that there are buildings for every kind of celebrity there is -- music, sports, actors. But the best building of all and the one that we want to build taller than the others is the Claymania Building! If you'd like to help us build it, head over to the site by clicking on this link.

Once there, click on "Add Brick" at the top left side of the page. You can add a brick for your state, your fan group, or yourself and then leave a message for Clay! Wouldn't it be great if Clay's fans added the most bricks for the month of March!! Its easy to do, so head over there and add a brick!

Clay in Vancouver in 2010? NPR Radio Mention

There was a cute mention on NPR's talk show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" last Sunday. The topic for that show was predictions for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and the first question to the 'panel' was: "What will they do to make the 2010 Vancouver Olympics more interesting?"

Panelist Mo Rocco's prediction, referring to AI's incredibily high ratings and a figure skater at the Turin games who made a quadruple lutz and didn't make the cut, was:

Olympic Skaters Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino and Clay Aiken all compete for the Gold, but the highlight will be Ruben Studdard's Quadruple Lutz !

You can listen to this on NPR's website (scroll down and click on "Panalist Predictions"), runs 2:04.

Thanks to nJOYclayFL for the heads up!

Tidbits 3/1

  • Musikfest continues Idol tradition with Carrie Underwood:
  • Do you vote for American Idol? TV Squad blogger voted like a "mad woman" for Clay Aiken!
  • Last Wednesday's Idol dominated TV... highest Idol ratings since Clay vs. Ruben AI2 finale: ENews.
  • Relive Joyful Noise 2005: The best of Clearwater, FL.

CDD Welcomes J4Clay

We'd like to formally welcome Jan Dixon (J4Clay) who will post news on our main site.

To contact her, use our feedback form and I will forward her any questions.

CDD welcomes her to our family!

CDD, owner/manager,

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Clay's "Invisible" on Favorite List at Raleigh's Sunny 93.9

Its always so good to find a radio station that is playing Clay's songs. On the main page of Raleigh's Sunny 93.9 is a listing of the the top 10 favorite songs that they play. Guess what #10 is!!! If you guessed "Invisible", you are.......right!!!

Head over to 93.9's website to see the list by clicking here. Look at the right side of the screen and click on "Sunny Favorites" to see the listing...scroll down to #10-INVISIBLE!!!

Thank you, Sunny 93.9, for playing Clay's music on your station!

A Clay Aiken Birthday Suprise for Sunny 93.9 FM DJ

Raleigh radio station Sunny 93.9 got a suprise phone call from Clay who sang Happy Birthday to morning show announcer Madison this morning. She interviewed Clay back in 2004 (mp3 download of that is up at ATCA)

The podcast titled "The One Thing - 02/28/06" is now up on their site and includes the Clay clip.

The CB's raleighlady1 e-mailed Madison and got this reply:

Can you believe he did that for me? He is the epitome of CLASS. I just love him dearly. He's mother raised a great young man. That really made my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The station has been a longtime supporter of Clay... in fact,"Invisible" is on their top 10 favourites list!

An MP3 download is now available:
Link #1
Link #2 (same file, different location)

Tidbits 2/28

Monday, February 27, 2006

Clay Moves Up 8 Spots on Lycos50 -- Highest Ranking This Year!

GREAT NEWS!!!! For the week ending February 25, Clay has moved up to #18!!! Last week he was at #26, so that is 8 spots that Clay has moved up!!!! See, from the look on Clay's face in this picture, he is quite happy to hear the news!!! To check out the list, click here. Note that under Clay's name at #18, Dean has put this description, "Idol Winner"!!

Clay has been on "Lycos 50 with Dean" for 140 weeks!!! That is just at 2-1/2 years!! We sure don't want him to fall off the top 50 list, so be sure to keep on searching, searching, searching!!! You can search on the web for news items or pictures. Be creative, but be sure to search!!

Also, in talking about the show, "American Idol", here is what Dean at Lycos had to say about Clay, "Now that the music competition has begun in earnest we expect that the show that brought us Clay Aiken (#18) will try to catch lightning in a bottle and discover the next singing sensation."

Please Keep Voting on MSNBC It List!

As you probably know, Clay made it on MSNBC's "It List" last week. Right now he is at #5 on the list, but you can be a part of moving him up to #1!!!

Click here: MSNBC to go to the website. Follow these steps:

Step #1 – To the right of Clay's picture is a gray area with a "Move Up" button. Click it and it will move Clay up one step. Keep clicking it until he is up to the #1 spot where he belongs!!!!

Step #2 – Click the "Done" button which is at the bottom of all the pictures. You MUST click this button for your selection to count.

Step #3 - A box will come up that asks you if this is the order you want the 5 celebrities to be in. Make sure Clay is at #1 and click "Yes".

Let's keep Clay on the list and get him to #1. Check back to the site each week!

Tidbits 2/27

  • Clay mention in StubHub PR-- the BAF has partnered with StubHub to auction off Clay concert tickets and raise money for the founation.
  • Article about Kirby Heyborne, who read an extended audiobook edition of Learning to Sing. Clay read an abridged version himself.
  • 95% of Idol is 'average' -- only produced Kelly, Clay: Rocky Mountain Telegram
  • echos that sentiment- only Clay, Kelly had commercial success.
  • Olympian Joey Cheek raises $400,000 for charity at Torino Olympic Games... "take that Clay Aiken" (refers to BAF): ESPN.
  • Article about Cumberland Cty. Memorial Arena... Clay had a concert there.
  • ElitesTV AI article

Entertainment Weekly Has News on New CD?

We're getting unconfirmed reports that the new issue of Entertainment Weekly will have news about the new album including:

  • The release date is still set for May.
  • A single may be out in March or April.
Again, these are unconfirmed reports and should be treated as such until we can verify the information. However, EW did report in its Feb. 17 issue that the album was set for May.

The issue hits newsstands Wednesday.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Filming of 2003 Christmas Parade with Clay!

If you remember, back in 2003, Clay was in the Walt Disney World Parade. At the Big Florida Country website is a series of pictures of the filming of this parade, and it includes several of Clay!! In the one that is included in this CDD article, you can't see much of Clay's face, but from what you can see, you can tell he's being Snarky Clay!!! Check out the guy behind him cracking up!!

In addition to the pictures at this site, you can also click and download a short video of Clay singing "Santa Claus is Coming To Town". So, click HERE to walk down a Christmasy Memory Lane with Clay!!!

Claymobile Cruising Streets of Pennsylvania

Now that's what I call on hot car -- hold it, a thudlicious car!

Meet Cookie from the South Central PA Fans of Clay Aiken and The Clayford Wives!

Cookie transformed her Saturn into a "Claymobile" and showed it off to WARM-FM in PA. She says the car has made a name for herself and got herself close with Jerome (Clay's bodyguard)

Click here to go to WARM's website for more of Cookie and her car!

Tidbits 2/26

Clay Made "It" -- Keep Voting EVERYDAY!

Horrah! Clay made MSNBC's hot "It" list, entering at #5. Last week, MSNBC asked users which former Idol contestant deserved to be on the list.

Now that he's on it, it's our duty to keep him on the list. Please head on over to to vote for Clay everyday this week by dragging Clay's photo from #5 to #1 and then scrolling down to click "Done".

MSNBC posted this awesome summary about Clay on the list:

With "American Idol" trouncing the Olympics and all other comers in the ratings, it's no suprise that the most popular "Idol" contestant in the show's history made out "It" list. The question is: Now that he's on it, will we ever be able to get him off. Claymates, do your worst!

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF