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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kimmel Appearance Making Waves

Clay's hilarious Jimmy Kimmel appearance on Valentine's Day is still making waves.

The Portland Mercury says this was the reason they fell in love with Clay again:

Now I Love Clay Aiken Again
Posted by Wm. Steven Humphrey at 04:15 PM

I’m not sure when or why I stopped liking CLAY AIKEN... but as of this appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel show from last night, he is now my absolute FAVE American Idol winner, as well as the recipient of the “Good Sport of the Year” award.
P.S. Not only do I want a recording of his love song to Jimmy, I MUST HAVE THAT T-SHIRT.
BestWeekEver says:
“Clay Aiken on Jimmy Kimmel” Headline Might Ruin Your Afternoon

But there it is. Clay Aiken made a very special Valentine’s Day appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night… and was pretty entertaining. He and Jimmy have the kind of chemistry Sarah Silverman could only dream of. And you know what else? Clay seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about himself and any “rumors” floating around about him, which is always the best way to approach those kind of things. But don’t ask us: We wanted him to beat Ruben back in the day, so we’re partial. Make sure to watch his improvisational candy hearts song.
Idol Blogging...
Clay Aiken on Jimmy Kimmel

I stayed up late last night to watch Clay Aiken on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which is always a fun time. It helped erase some of the sour taste in my mouth from this year's AI audition process. For those of you who missed it, Clay is funny as Hell. Laugh out loud funny. Funnier than Chris Sligh funny. And after a few months of trying on a neo-hipster image, he looks like Clay Aiken again- kinda cute, kinda dorky, but totally lovable. He sang, too- a song he made up using the candy hearts that taste like Elmer's Glue. It was funny, and his voice was in fine form- and that is why I watch AI. Every once in a while, out of tens of thousands of people, AI finds someone like Clay Aiken or like Elliott Yamin- two unlikely people with once in a lifetime voices that would never have gotten a chance otherwise.

Merry Christmas With Love On Sale @ Amazon

Call this strange marketing if you will, but Merry Christmas with Love is on sale this week at for $7.99. Hey, like Clay says, you can get into the Christmas spirit anytime of the year. What a great opportunity to stock up for Christmas 2007.

Order your copies here.

Entertainment Tonight Will Follow Clay to FOX Morning Show Appearance

Entertainment Tonight will be following Clay to his Thursday Feb. 22 co-hosting appearance on FOX's new Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

Rock on TV says ET will broadcast a short piece on Clay's first guest co-hosting appearance since the now infamous Live with Regis and Kelly gaffe on Thursday night (Feb. 22). Make sure you tune in!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tidbits 2/17

MSN TV's Talent Show Roundup features Clay on the banner. There's also a nice mention about Clay in the section about Idol - "Millions of Americans tune in, vote for their favorite singer and loot music stores in a primal hunt for the latest Clay Aiken album."

  • Just Jared - nice write up for Clay's Kimmel appearance (watch the video here):
    Former American Idol Clay Aiken makes a hilarious Valentine’s Day appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, singing off phrases from pastel-colored candy hearts like “Love Me,” “Fax Me” and “You’re A Tiger!” ROAR!

    Sweetheart Clay brought along a huge balloon heart for Jimmy for V-Day and a t-shirt with whowse face on it? Clay’s, of course! (Clay wore a t-shirt with Jimmy’s face on it to the show.)

    Clay did show up with a new haircut and admitted to having some work done on his teeth. He pointed out his “blindingly white” teeth and said he had his top two front teeth fixed (they were slanted in before). Clay will also be doing UNICEF work in the near future…
  • Lycos50 - Clay takes a small dip to #22 this week. He's #2 on the top music searches list, says Lycos:
    Britney Spears leads our music searches this week followed by Clay Aiken and Jessica Simpson. The most popular music searches for the week ending February 10, 2007:

    1. Britney Spears
    2. Clay Aiken
    3. Jessica Simpson
    4. Jennifer Lopez
    5. Beyonce
    6. Shakira
    7. Christina Aguilera
    8. Mariah Carey
    9. Hilary Duff
    10. Nelly
  • AOL Journals - poll for best American Idol surprise... vote for this:
    Clay Vicious! Reinventing himself in the mold of punk icon Sid Vicious, Clay rocks the Kodak theater, serenading a tied up Kelly Ripa and duct taping her mouth shut to the screams of fans.
  • ATD #29 on Billboard AC charts, says Foxes On Idol.
  • The Oregonian - preview of a new movie called "Disturbia" compares one of the characters to Clay ... "LaBeouf, who is apparently a heartthrob, though in that geeky, nonthreatening Clay Aiken way."
  • Orange County Register - Kenny Chesney denies gay rumours surrounding him - "Look at how some people view Clay Aiken in the wake of charges (from a rather dubious source) about his sexuality. There is bound to be unexpected fallout from this, especially considering Chesney is a country star."
  • "Bite me" says The ConCLAYve. We have a few new blogs about Clay's new and "blindingly white" teeth from:
  • Chexxxy's - Clay Aiken... co-hosting (again)!
  • There Was A Man - a blog about Clay's Kimmel appearance.
  • Clayigraphy - this spoof is an absolute riot! Hilarious... Read about Chardonnay's "date" with Clay Aiken.

A Jimmy Kimmel Live Valentine Essay

Every so often we are blessed to have author extraordinaire, CorieluvzClay, write one of her wonderful essays for CDD. After watching Clay last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she was moved to write another one that I hope will touch you as it did me.

We have so many talented Clay fans among us. So may I present to you a beautiful essay from one of them, CorieluvzClay:


After the AI5 Finale I wrote an essay entitled “ America ’s Own… Prince of Thieves”…in one section I wrote…” Once upon a time he was my Pied Piper, he is now my Robin Hood, The Prince of Thieves…for within those two + minutes Clay managed to steal the stage, the show and the hearts of not only the audience on hand, but of millions of people around the world…two hundred million viewers world wide saw for the first time possibly, what we fans have seen and known from day one. But Clay wasn’t finished with his thieving, for he stole whatever pieces of our hearts remained after the first ravaging three years ago and every assault upon our hearts since that time. Clay leaves his fans in a most delicious state of emotional disarray and chaos!! AND make no mistake we happily, adoringly keep coming back for more!!”

The Prince of Thieves returned last night on the Jimmy Kimmel Valentine Special…he was an explosion of light and laughter!! Within a split nano-second…my breath caught in my throat, the blood pumped, the heart thudded and I fell in love all over and over and over again with the same man who has already stolen my heart a thousand times in a thousand different ways before. Clay Aiken graced the Kimmel stage with a shorter hair style that framed his gorgeous face perfectly…his spirit was soaring, his heart was dancing and his gorgeous jades gleamed with a breathtaking light just shining through…and he never looked so delicious after a *53 day break…as he did on Valentine’s night 2007!!

Clay is never boring and is always full of surprises to say the least. We never know what to expect except to expect the unexpected!!! AND the man did not disappoint…his hair was cut much shorter then he wore it throughout the Christmas concert series. It was a yummy combination of the Tyra look with a Kennyesque overture, he was fit & trim and the bright look of “white” started with beautifully newly veneered teeth to the obvious new trainers on his feet…in between was a Kimmel tee-shirt, a tan blazer and dark jeans, that for this writer, could have been a bit tighter, hugging the seemingly new curvaceous and quite adorable derriere! BUT…make no mistake; I will take whatever I can get whenever I can get it because seeing Clay is more important then food, water and air!! Y’all know what I’m talking about!!

I’m happiest for Clay when he is happy with himself…last night he was filled with so much confidence and although he didn’t want to make a big deal out of his teeth, he was absolutely adorable talking about the new change and making those precious faces as only he can!! He was clearly pleased, tickled and very happy about the choice he made to fix the teeth that he was obviously unhappy with.

Clay’s looks fall into so many categories…the Adorkable is definitely alive and well…and thank God…he’s precious and I never want him to go away. Had he left when Mr. Stunning came along then we would not have had the little mis-step Clay had last night on stage!! Over the course of the last several months…Messieurs Stunning and Drop-Dead Gorgeous have emerged with and without stubble dressed to the nines in beautifully tailored suits, silk ties, classy shirts, French cuffs, boots, mis-matched striped socks, and quite long hair as well as the Beatlesque do that made a grandstand appearance on AI5 and on to the Kimmel Show, Martha, Insider, GMA, The View, etc. dressed in casual jackets, jeans, boots, great looking shirts and loosened ties…all in addition to a look that many of us still can’t get over and that’s the look of the rock ‘n roll era sporting a Black Leather Jacket, Black Pants of Perfection, Blue not-Suede Shoes and shorter hair. These varied looks checked-in with and without glasses depending on Clay’s needs at the time…speaking of glasses, let’s not forget the Preppy Professor look and I would give anything…ANYTHING…to be under his tutelage…I mean to be taught by Clay.

Last night’s show was so wonderful and way too short for Clay’s fans. I love the easy camaraderie that has grown between Jimmy and Clay...they really play off of each others jokes quite well and their little preordained skits are just too funny. Last night’s “Valentine Song” was just brilliantly played out and kudos to whoever came up with this bright idea!!! I kept looking at that little table with the bowl of candies and just knew there would be something going on with it but never figured on the calculated interlude that took place. Clay making up a song as he went along by reading pre-stamped words of love on pieces of valentine heart candies was just hilarious and Clay pulled it off masterfully!!! If he doesn’t get his own TV show I’m going to have a coronary…he wants one, he deserves one, we need to see him every day and the world would be so much richer and fuller for having him in homes around the globe. Ok, ok…at least here in the States to begin with. My Lord…the guy was literally created and born to perform!! Clay’s got it all…the “It Factor” the “X” Factor, the comedic flair, the angelic voice, the intelligence, the personality, he’s a gentleman AND it’s all one hundred percent REAL!!!!

Suffice it to say that I simply cannot wait to see Clay on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, they seem so nice and I’m sure will make Clay feel very welcomed and very much at ease. No KR crap to be sure!!!

In a couple of months Clay will be traveling again with UNICEF to a third world country where he will once again learn, discover, help, work and hold a little life in his amazing hands. Hands that will sooth and make secure…hands that I am sure will clutch his own love-filled heart, at night, in the quiet times when he is reflecting over the day’s enlightenment…hands that will most assuredly wipe away the tears of his eye’s discoveries…the unveiling of daily strife in yet another land with another people in desperate need.

And then…Clay, our sweet man, will come home to us...changed yet again, a little bit older and so much wiser then when he left. And when he’s ready, when the time is right, Clay will have a Love filled Concert Series where the give and take between fans, no, “family” and “our loved one” will be a healing of sorts for us all.

Godspeed Clay, may He keep you ever safe within the Palms of His Hands…Always & Forever!!

By: CorieLuvzClay
Admin. Head Over Heels 4 Clay Aiken

February 15, 2007

* The reference to 53 days without Clay 12/23-2/14…I just cannot count the Diane Sawyer attempt at a UNICEF interview, sorry, but she really did not do justice to the man or the cause!!!

Tidbits 2/16

  • - Clay friendly ClearChannel station WSRS in MA is featuring "A Thousand Days" on their Music On Demand section. WSRS was the first station to play "Without You" on radio last September.
  • Comcast - fan videos from Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel appearance are featured exclusively at Comcast's website. Although the homepage is visible to everyone, in order to watch the videos, you must be a Comcast customer.
  • - Clay's been on this poll for a very long time... if you have time, help our Asian friends get Clay's music onto Singapore's Channel One "All Request Thursday" show.
  • Access Hollywood - Clay was featured on' daily poll yesterday in a question about our "favorite Idol non-winner". The poll ended earlier today and Clay won with a landslide 60%.
  • Raleigh Chronicle - article about Clay's former Raleigh elementary school, Clay mentions.
  • Some American Idol related articles:
    • News 14 Carolina - no NC talent on this year's Idol...
      Fantasia Barrino of High Point won the 2004 competition, while Raleigh's Clay Aiken was the 2003 runner-up. Season four in 2005 had one North Carolina semi-finalist, Wilmington's Sarah Mather.
    • Everything Alabama - interview with Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe... Lythgoe has some nice comments about Clay:
      I think this is going to be a great season where there isn't a Kellie Pickler, a Carrie Underwood, or a Clay Aiken, that you know is going to really steal everybody's votes.
    • Raleigh News & Observer - North Carolina idol fans will have to settle for an "outsider" -
      It has become a February ritual for many North Carolinians -- the "American Idol" finalists are announced, and we start furiously phoning in support for Clay, Fantasia, Chris or any other Tar Heel singers who make the cut.

      Given North Carolina's "Idol" success, that's like the Atlantic Coast Conference getting shut out of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Raleigh homeboy Clay Aiken finished second in 2003's season two, and High Point's Fantasia Barrino won it all in 2004.Still, that's not the same as having a Clay or a Fantasia to pull for. Not that it's hurting viewership. Even with no locals, "Idol" won its Wednesday-night time slot in the Triangle with 22 percent of local viewers tuned in.

      Still, that's not the same as having a Clay or a Fantasia to pull for. Not that it's hurting viewership. Even with no locals, "Idol" won its Wednesday-night time slot in the Triangle with 22 percent of local viewers tuned in.
    • TV Grapevine - "They are looking for another Clay Aiken, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, etc... something that adds serious dollars to the Idol bank account."
  • Pugbus (Satire) - some random Clay mention
  • Southern Voice - Clay takes shot at tabloids with new fanclub contest.
  • Detroit News - country star Kenny Chesney defends his sexuality, like Clay.

  • Nothing here yet.

Mike & Juliet Gear Up For Clay's Co-Hosting Appearance

Yes, you're thinking exactly what I'm thinking... This is absolutely hilarious! Someone at the Morning Show with Mike & Juliet Show has photoshopped a photo of Clay putting his hands over both Mike and Juliet with the words "co-hosting again!". The special co-hosting appearance will be airing on most FOX affiliates next Thursday Feb. 22. Make sure you mark your calendars!

Thanks to gerwhisp, you can download a short clip of this promo, shown during today's show, at SendSpace or you can stream it below thanks to YouTube.

For more information on the appearance, click here.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Comedic Valentine's Day With Jimmy and Clay

Usually, we like posting these horribly boring TV appearance recaps. But, why do a recap when you can let the videos speak (or sing) for themselves?

Don't forget, also has these clips available for download.

Exhibit #1: this hilarious impromptu performance of a "love song" for Jimmy will go down as one of the highlights of 2007... no doubt... AOL has already named it as one of today's top TV moments:

Exhibit #2: the entire interview... 7 minutes 23 seconds long:

SASS - A Clay Group Mentioned By Jimmy

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy mentioned a group of Clay fans called SASS. At first I wondered if he had made it up, you know, just being crazy Jimmy. But today I found out for sure that there is a Clay group called SASS, or The Sisterhood for the Adoration of his Serene Sweetness. HOSAA from The Clayboard, who is a member, told us a little about the group.

SASS is just a group of us who met right here on CB and started e-mailing each other...we made up the name because we wanted to have our own tour passes for the JBT, and then we wanted a team jacket like the pink ones at JNaT (but we decided on teddy bears instead). The gifts we sent to Clay were our way of thanking him for giving us each other!
SASS also gave Jimmy and Clay a teddy bear wearing a shirt with their logo on it.

Just finding out about SASS makes me wonder how many other groups of Clay fans are out there that we aren't aware of. As another SASS member (hanapepe) said,
One of the best "bonuses" of being a Clay Aiken fan is the chance to have all these great friends all over the US AND all over the world! I'm sure that our little SASS sisterhood is only one of many, many other groups that exist in the fandom, but I am so grateful to have these great friends due to a certain sexysingerman...

TIdbits 2/15

  • Progressive U - An article about American Idol being more popular than politics says, "Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Katherine McPhee, Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson? These people have all received stardom and then some (keep in mind not all of them were the first place winners either.)"
  • - For the first time since its inaugural season, "American Idol" will hold a competition without any contestants from North Carolina...Fantasia Barrino of High Point won the 2004 competition, while Raleigh's Clay Aiken was the 2003 runner-up.
  • Raleigh News & Observer - Same article as above
  • Los Angeles Times - AI article ... "It certainly is no longer necessary to win “American Idol” to become a star; losers from past top 12’s have gone on to produce bestselling albums (Clay Aiken), receive Oscar nods (Jennifer Hudson) and hold microphones on red carpets (Kellie Pickler)."
  • - another AI article... "Even a second place finish can make a career, as evidenced by season two winner Clay Aikens moderate success."
  • FOX 30 Online - nicknames already popping up for AI6 contestants -
    Phil Stacey's fans have even already given themselves a nickname. Just like Clay Aiken had the “Clay-mates”, and Taylor Hicks had the “Soul Patrol”, Phil now has the “Phil-natics”.
  • Reality TV World - poor representation for Southern "Idols" on AI6 ... top 24 revealed last night:
    Although the South has traditionally been a hot bed of American Idol talent -- former Idol finalists Ruben Studdard, Bo Bice, and Taylor Hicks all came from Alabama and Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barrino, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, and Bucky Covington are all from North Carolina -- only a handful of Idol's sixth season semifinalists are from the southern part of the United States and neither Alabama or North Carolina are represented in this year's semifinals.
  • Reality TV Magazine ... this is so similar to the preceding article, it makes us wonder whether someone plagiarized:
    Another Southern state which is typically well represented in the American Idol top twenty-four was also shut out. North Carolina has produced the likes of Fantasia Barrino, Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, and Bucky Covington, but the state doesn’t have a single contestant in the top twenty-four for American Idol
  • Blogcritics - AI article ... "Only those who were truly talented or unique enough can overcome obscurity — people like Clay Aiken and Bo Bice, neither of whom was featured at all during the early auditions."
  • Los Angeles Times - article about a band called "Altar Boyz" and how one of the members is a "Clay Aiken type" (anyone care to tell me if this is in a good or bad sense?)
  • Reality TV Magazine has also picked up the story about a possible "American Idol All Stars" special.
  • ZNet - Celebs attacted to the power of Africa -
    Before the end of the year [2006], the continent somehow managed to attract the interest of big name stars – and therefore big media – beginning with Bono, then Clay Aiken, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, George Clooney and a few others.
  • Box Office Prophets - some random Clay mention in a music article.
  • Since no one else is reporting this, this is probably just a typo. The Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram says Clay is on Leno tonight.... they probably got confused with last night's Kimmel appearance.

  • Nothing here today

Clay's Valentine Song For Jimmy Makes AOL TV's Top 5

Of course, we all enjoyed Clay's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Hearing him make up a song for Jimmy from the words on candy Valentine hearts was classic. And today that moment has made it on America Online's TV's Top 5. AOL says, under his picture, "Clay Aiken stops by to sing an improvised Valentines Day song with candy as his only inspiration." As of the writing of this article, he has 45% of the vote...a nice lead over the others. Since I doubt those who voted at AOL are all Claymates, this just goes to show you that Clay's singing and humor is still of interest to the general public out there. And, of course, loved by his fans!

Vote if you can, before they take today's Top 5 down and put up tomorrows.

NOTE: About 3-4 hours after writing this article, I am adding this note. Clay is up to 62%!! WOW! And one thing that is amazing about that is this...I vote on this almost every week and American Idol always wins. AI has only 10% of the vote now!! Clay is pulverizing the TV moment that wins every week! Alright!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Little Pre-Kimmel Clack For Your Enjoyment

There's magic in the air tonight...excitement, chills, anticipation. Everyone is waiting for Jimmy Kimmel Live to start so they can see Clay and all the excitement that the show is bound to be filled with.

But while we are waiting, there is plenty of pre-Kimmel clack for you to enjoy. The Clayboard is in touch with many of the fans who are waiting in line. So for your reading pleasure, here are some high lights from The Clayboard Pre-Kimmel thread (Line reports start on Page 17). You might want to call this a Kimmelcert:

  • She said they are lining them up double file. She said there are probably 100 people there now. Lots and lots of flower and balloon deliveries. She said they are coming in left and right...They asked someone at Virgin Record Store if they could play Clay for them once an hour and the guy who would handle that is not there but will be back shortly but the guy they spoke with said he didn't see why not.
  • I just got a call from hotclay who is in line at Kimmel. She told me that they just delivered a heart shaped mattress!!
  • Clayperfect said she is standing 3 feet from the bed. Two police officers are there now but they told CP that they don't why they've been called. A security guy told them they usually call law enforcement when they are going to be doing a skit out on the street....
  • Concerning the heart-shaped mattress...yall will laugh at me, but my first thought was, "Okay, which fan group ordered that for Clay", and my second thought was, "Why didn't I think of that!"
  • There was 60 bands given and 80 did not get bands. There was a lady there that flew in from Baltimore who didn't get a band and one fan was gonna give hers away to that lady and the lady denied such kindness. I mean how beautful is that?
  • I just talked to my friend who is waiting for Kimmel. She said they are about 30th in line and they have their wristbands. She went down the line and asked people who had gotten wristbands and she estimates only 30 did not have wristbands yet. These people were told by Kimmel people that they have to wait to see how many VIPs show up before they know who can be admitted. So, there is some hope yet.
  • People allowed in...80 were turned down, 75-80 VIP and those people who didn't get bands left already. No other news as of yet but one of the staff came out and gave a scare to the entire line by saying Clay canceled, everyone flipped out as you can imagine. They go in at 5:30 pst!
  • Word from ellenpoppy in line. The security guard told them Clay's room is completely filled with flowers, balloons and presents. She (the guard) took a picture on her cell phone. She said Clay can't even get into the room to change clothes. Ellenpoppy suggested he change clothes on stage...
  • I'm thinking that his dressing room is filled with more than the flowers, etc. It is filled with LOVE! Surely Clay can feel that love tonight. It just warms my heart. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this night so wonderful for Clay.
  • Freakin gorgeous. Hair is cut shorter. Gave JKL a shirt with his pic on it!
Well, we are now closing in on time for Jimmy Kimmel Live to start. About 35 minutes here in Texas. Hope you enjoyed the pre-Kimmel clack. Now, I think we are ALL ready for the real thing!!

Clay Finally Hits 500,000 in Sales For A Thousand Different Ways

We have some great news via USA Today's "Idol Chatter" by Ken Barnes. Barnes tells us:

And finally, Clay sold another 1,400 copies, enough to put him over the 500,000 mark (500,400, rounded off). Congratulations are in order to him and his fan base, considering he did not have any big radio impact this time.
And Barnes is radio play, little promotion. Clay's CD is top notch and his fans are always there for him, supporting him because they know that he is a class act and his voice is the best out there. CONGRATULATIONS Clay on reaching over 500,000 in sales.

One other Clay mention in this same article has to do with one of the Idol girl's trying out for AI6. She sang "Without You". I heard it and didn't think she did that great of a job. Ken must have heard the same thing. He said, "Alaina Alexander sounds dreadful on her clip of Without You. If Clay's watching, he must be cringing. Bad judgment on the part of the judges, unless they heard something we weren't permitted to. Yikes." Yep, gotta agree with him.

sugarpi's Wonderful Essay, "Men Who Drive Women Crazy"

It's not everyday we pass a masterpiece like sugarpi's new essay "Men Who Drive Women Crazy"" which she posted to the Clayboard earlier today.

We hope she does not mind us sharing her work of art with you all:

Men Who Drive Women Crazy (Elvis-Clay)
Many Clay fans experienced Elvis with all the hormones of a fledgling teenager, but in that generation, they weren't supposed to know anything about sex/hormones/sex appeal; and NOBODY but ELVIS seemed to know what Rock-n-Roll was! But somehow even the youngest of his fans knew that the 20-year-old Elvis Presley was unquestionably the Whole Package -- so you might say that generation got the maximum dosing of all that. And obviously, his great four-ctave tenor voice, and yes, with a lower register close to bass, seemed to vibrate on the inner scale of every teenager in America in 1956! They loved the high tenor, but man oh man, when he 'got down' he could muster with that lower register, fans exploded! Elvis translated this into his moves on stage, so it was a 10.0 assault on the senses!

It's not so much a question of How Does Clay Aiken Measure Up To Elvis? But it seems obvious that the major factor was TIMING!! TIMING!! TIMING!! Aside from the Elvis Package, it was the readiness of that generation for something new. We were bored and nothing was more boring as the pop music of that day -- if we can imagine a time when there was no Rock-n-Roll! When America not only heard, but eventually SAW Elvis perform, that helped kindle the fire that is still burning. The Ed Sullivan Show on TV gave America the visuals of how Elvis 'told the story' of each song -- he sang about teddy bears, rings around yo' neck, tutti frutti, hound dogs, and much more. It's undisputed that his live performances played a huge part in his rocket rise to the charts!! Teenagers and women of America went CRAZY!

America Was Ready!

Same with Clay!! After nearly four decades, and Elvis gone for nearly three decades, the post 9/11 generation, still unsettled by the reality of terrorism on American soil, sat poised, ready for a new star. But each week as we watched Clay on AI2, nobody had any way of knowing that we were sooooo ready for Clay Aiken -- he just came out, lit the match and we all went up in flames!! Again, I think, due in large part to where America sat in the fall of 2003. Yes, it was the Timing Ghost of Elvis '56. TIMING!! TIMING!! TIMING!!

Regarding the Clay Package: How can the fans feel the same way about Clay as they did about Elvis?? That's the mystery of all mysteries since they're so different, but are they really?

Both young southern mama's boys who first sang in church, unexposed to the rest of the world, shocked that they were being screamed at and adored, often blushing and saying, in the most charming southern drawl, "I don't know what the excitement is all about," but then going out on the stage and doing it again and again!

Clay Did What Elvis Couldn't Do

Similar Voice and Singing Style: four-five octave tenor, which includes a near-bass lower register; but it was that higher octave that Elvis tried to reach throughout his career, most notably during the last few weeks of his life as shown in a recent TV documentary. Elvis sat at a piano and tried to reach that high note in Unchained Melody, "I Neeeeeeeeeeeeed your love..." and did a pretty good job of it, but alas, The King just couldn't give it that effortless fullness, that crystal ring.!

When Clay sang UM on AI-2 during the finals, he glided in and out of that highest octave like a bird on the wing! I just about died -- I thought, "Elvis, wherever you are, you'd probably like to come back for just one moment in time to shake Clay Akien's hand if not punch him out!" This with how Clay became the water-cooler topic around the world after his performance of Bridege Over Troubled Water!


No Other Since The King Has Driven Women So Crazy!

Clay & Elvis both FEEL their songs, and are able to translate a given song through their voices, ex-pressions and movements. They seem to actually BECOME THE SONG in some way! When that happens, we get in on it by some undefined phenomenon, and that's why the LIVE Elvis & LIVE Clay is so important! Clay's mass appeal wasn't just his amazing performances on AI-2, but it was his live performances during the AI Concert Tour in 40 cities across America that proved he has the formula for superstardom, just like Elvis. His subsequent tours have revealed a live concert experience second to none! Like Elvis, Clay is an entertainer extroidinaire!

The Crown Prince

Most of his fans believe Clay is undoubtedly becoming such a phenomenon. He will never settle for anything less than what his fans have perceived, and rightly so. He is the new Crown Prince of Pop, there's a huge void to fill in this arena, and we're all ready for something new!

As each generation of viewers saw and heard Clay sing 'their song' on AI as they moved through each music genre, and it was a clarion call that spanned four generations -- WE ALL SUDDENLY WOKE-UP! Clay is raising the dead, and that is very ELVISesque as he stood pop music of the 1950s on its' ear, and it was never the same again. Well, we know what happened, he invented Rock & Roll!

We've come to expect nothing less from Clay, who doesn't want to just be known as a cover artist, although he is the best ever! He wants to create something for his fans, and we're all anxious to follow him every step of the way.

It was good to dream again after 9/11. Watching Clay, we can remember what it was like to dream, feel, hope and yes, GET EXCITED! Baseball, apple pie, and Elvis! Move over, Clay is rapidly attaining such status! And the biggest surprise of all to Clay is his appeal to women of all ages. Without a doubt, Clay's the new Elvis, but kicking it up a notch in the morals department, and as a role model. We've yet to see and hear the Definitive Clay Aiken, but we're closer now than ever has each new CD and tour is greatly anticipated by the Clay Nation! Every time Clay performs on TV or in concert, he gathers in new fans, regardless of their gender.

Ed Sullivan & American Idol -- TV Exposure

Again, I don't think if the 50s Elvis generation had just had him on wax, that it would have been the same! It was really those live TV performances seen by millions that fueled the hysteria. He would have done well with just his great singing voice, but that never would have brought him the mass appeal and endurance of so many millions around the world had they not SEEN HIM EMOTE!!! Clay is going to give us all that AND the real inspiration of a superstar who is making a grand effort and succeeding in putting his life where his lyric sheet is! We watched Clay way before we bought his CDs -- we gave him the winning votes on AI-2 and Clay has continued to go out and win-win!

Maybe four generations of Pop/Rock fans got tired of watching Elvis disintegrate before our eyes, and yes finally dying! Maybe Clay is, to some extent, raising ELVIS, an Elvis with morals, who really believes in his religious roots! An Elvis who won't disappoint or leave us before his time??

Someone asked me about their mutual sex appeal. Well, who can define that? In retrospect it had a lot to do with Elvis' out-of-this-world good looks. Clay is beautiful, there is an inner radiance that graces him at all times; and he has it all when it comes to the X Factor! Move over Elvis, WAY OVER!

With Clay, it's even more indefinable because it's not just that he's sexy -- there are other mysterious appealing aspects to his person and personality that have captured the attention of America's Pop culture. And, thank God for the Clay Revolution -- that call to Clean It Up America!!

Clay Has Entered The Building!

Elvis has left the building, and we want our New and Improved Superstar with all the magnitude and power of Elvis and more, WE WANT CLAY! WE WANT CLAY!! We've been locked up in a tower for too long now, and we've let down our golden locks (and some of it gray already) to Clay Aiken!

Tidbits 2/14

  • LBFCA's Valentine's day post.
  • - The ATD video is now streaming at ClearChannel's music website. Click on "C" under Video Vault to find a link to the "A Thousand Days" video.
  • MovieWeb - AI judge Randy Jackson comments on the continuing success of American Idol.... very good Clay mention:
    You listen to music from the '50s and '60s that kids don't even know, but they can sit there and enjoy it with their parents, I think, which is really, really cool. Because it's kind of the Rocky story set to music, if you will. You're pulling for that underdog. You know Clay [Aiken] can change his appearance and win.
  • Boston Herald - lower CD sales numbers for former idols (well, duh! Whoever thought of making a covers album and not promoting it!!!??? RCA!!!???)
    But you don’t have to ask Justin Guarini to find that "Idol" exposure doesn’t automatically translate into a thriving career. Take a look at the numbers for the sophomore releases by ex-"Idol" runnerup Clay Aiken and past winner Fantasia.
    Aiken’s "A Thousand Different Ways" sold 211,000 copies its first week last September, but only recently did it creep past the half million mark. Respectable, yes, but also a sign that the glow is off Aiken’s popularity. Meanwhile Fantasia’s self-titled CD has sold fewer than 300,000 copies in eight weeks, despite some of the best reviews for an "Idol"-spawned release.
  • TV Envy - questioning why runner-ups often overshadow winners of AI, in the case of Clay, Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. "And yet, winner Ruben Studdard falters while Clay Aiken makes out like a bandit."
  • A bunch of Jimmy Kimmel mentions... Clay appears on the show tonight; check local listings:
  • Orange County Register- "fifth rate Clay Aiken clone" cut from American Idol 6. The show will reveal their top 24 tonight on FOX:
    19-year-old Brian Miller of Placentia, who somehow managed to secure a drive up the 101 to the Orpheum by awkwardly overstating Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" like a fifth-rate Clay Aiken clone.
  • Reality TV World - more press about Clay's much hyped "Build-A-Scandal" contest:
    Clay Aiken apparently thinks the tabloids do such a lousy job creating what he describes as "fabricated tales and pics involving his sex life" that he's inviting Claymates and the rest of his fans to come up with their own lurid tales through a "Build-Your-Own-Scandal" contest on his blog.

  • Southern Girl - Jimmy Kimmel blog... reminding us that tonight is the night for the much anticipated show! Get your TiVo's ready, Claymates!
  • Carolina On My Mind - celebrating "Clay Aiken" week as we gear up for Jimmy Kimmel appearance tonight.

Winning Poem Picked For The Fan Club Poetry Contest

A winner has finally been announced for the Official Fan Club Poetry contest. Since the information is on the public page at the OFC, we can include the name and poem below. Congratulations to Claymaniac113078 for her prize-winning poem! Lucky lady will now receive a phone call from Clay!

02/14/07 : "A Thousand Days" Poetry Contest Winner!
By Team Clay

Congratulations to fan club member, Claymaniac113078, winner of the Clay Aiken Poetry Contest! Claymaniac113078 will receive a special phone call from Clay today, Valentine's Day!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem for the contest--all of the entries were very thoughtful and heartfelt as Clay had a difficult time choosing the winner!

Here is Claymaniac113078's poem:

I believe in angels
Cause I believe in you
Way down in your soul
Your light shines through

When you reach out for me
I just drown in your eyes
Like a thousand spinning lights
Seen up in the skies

You're the man that I love
All my days and my nights
You're my sun and my moon
For your love I would fight

A promise to you
Said back in the start
Your love I will hold
Right home in my heart

Cause I believe in angels
And I believe in you

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Idol" Producers Considering All-Star Special

TV Guide informed us about some exciting news today. It appears that AI producers are open to the idea of an "All-Star" special featuring idols from the past 5 seasons:

Fox Ponders American Idol: All-Stars Special

What if American Idol featured a night of ringers versus mere singers? In a conference call with reporters, show boss Nigel Lythgoe confirmed that he's hot to present an "all-stars" night in which past finalists, perhaps even an actual winner or two, return to the stage as part of this season's forthcoming songwriting competition-with-a-competition. "Yes, it's something I'm trying to make work this season," says Lythgoe. "My idea is [for viewers] to [write] me 10 songs, and then I'll bring back 10 Idol finalists to sing them." The likes of Clay, Kellie, Bo et al need not book any plane tickets just yet, however. Says Lythgoe, "I've pitched [the idea] to Fox, and they have yet to come back to me to say yes or no."

Kimmels Warns: "Look Out Ladies!"

ABC aired a hilarious promotion clip for Clay's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Outfitted in what looks like a chicken with pink fur (seriously!), Jimmy warned: "Look out ladies".

You can dowload a video cap of this from the CB's gerwhisp at SendSpace.

Clay Cuts His Hair?

This new and recent photo of Clay arriving at LAX in Los Angeles seems to suggest that Clay has finally cut his hair to a more normal level.

He arrived carrying a copy of a novel called "The Places In Between" by Rory Stewart. Anyone want to be how long before it goes #1 on Amazon?

This book is similar to "The Kite Runner"... Here's some more information from the Amazon listing:

We never really find out why Stewart decided to walk across Afghanistan only a few months after the Taliban were deposed, but what emerges from the last leg of his two-year journey across Asia is a lesson in good travel writing. By turns harrowing and meditative, Stewart's trek through Afghanistan in the footsteps of the 15th-century emperor Babur is edifying at every step, grounded by his knowledge of local history, politics and dialects. His prose is lean and unsentimental: whether pushing through chest-high snow in the mountains of Hazarajat or through villages still under de facto Taliban control, his descriptions offer a cool assessment of a landscape and a people eviscerated by war, forgotten by time and isolated by geography. The well-oiled apparatus of his writing mimics a dispassionate camera shutter in its precision. But if we are to accompany someone on such a highly personal quest, we want to know who that person is. Unfortunately, Stewart shares little emotional background; the writer's identity is discerned best by inference. Sometimes we get the sense he cares more for preserving history than for the people who live in it (and for whom historical knowledge would be luxury). But remembering Geraldo Rivera's gunslinging escapades, perhaps we could use less sap and more clarity about this troubled and fascinating country.(May)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Tidbits 2/13

TIME TO GET TO WORK CLAYMATES! wants to know which idol "has the most powerful voice?"
Click here to cast your vote!

  • Clay drops to #22 on the Lycos50 this week. Keep searching for Clay on Lycos, everyone!
  • The CB's Khrystah says she spotted Clay on E!'s show 10 Ways to Superstardom on StarTV here in Canada:
    I Couldn't sleep last night so I was flipping around the dial and at around 2am ET I stopped on Star! TV which airs a ton of E! stuff here in :claynadian A Show called "10 Ways to Superstardom" was just beginning and since I was bored and there was nothing else on, I figured I'd just leave it on while I tried to get to sleep.

    Well, didn't I just wake right up when Clay suddenly appeared on the TV!!! :lol

    Can't remember anything about the show other than seeing Clay 3 or 4 times. I believe he was included in #7 or #8 on the list (which was to be "geek" which is now considered "chic").

    They never mentioned him by name, but they did show 3 or 4 VERY short clips of him (along with many other "nerds" (their term not mine) ). From what I can remember, they showed 2 or 3 clips from the Invisible video, and the last clip was Glasses Clay and I *think* it may have been the Disneyland clip (?) it went by so fast I barely had time to register the outfit/look he was wearing (glasses, green/white striped shirt and short hair).

  • - In an article about Constantine Maroulis, it says, "Like some other "American Idol" contestants who technically lost (Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken), Maroulis' career has had a kind of radioactive half-life."
  • Knox News - The article "Morrow: 'Idol' needs to pick it up already", says, "In that 24 will be our new Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia or Clay Aiken, maybe."
  • Gamespot News - "Game companies appear eager to get into the American Idol craze that has spawned millions of Clay Aiken wannabes across the country."
  • The Washington Times - "If you wanted to take the positive point of view, you could say that Miss McPhee crushed season one loser Justin Guarini (57,000 in first-week sales) and season three loser Diana DeGarmo (47,000 in first week sales). However, the most recent "Idol" runner-up, Bo Bice, sold 225,000 copies of "The Real Thing" when it debuted in December 2005. That's not even getting into the 613,000 in first-week sales for Clay Aiken's 2003 debut, 'Measure of a Man.'"
  • ZeroPaid - Torrent sites cashing in on the success of Hollywood stars... illegally...
    After opening the Pirate Bay website, type a search query in the box and press ENTER. We'll use the ever talented Clay Aiken as our test case.

    You'll see a variety of Clay Aiken material to choose from. We'll select Clay Aiken Clips.

    This will bring to you where the tracker download is located. The tracker is what will help the client server keep track of the seeders and leechers in the swarm and thus download the file or files. In the interest of legality, I am not going to download the Clay Aiken video clips here as shown in the picture, nor from anywhere else EVER for that matter, but rather will download a tracker from instead. So we'll pretend I clicked on "Download This Torrent," but in reality I clicked on another tracker instead.
  • TV Guide - in an interview with TV Guide, AI2 contestant Kimberley Caldwell had some nice things to say about Clay:
    The reason people have been so successful on Idol is because they're original, they don't look and conform like everybody else. Ruben Studdard is not the typical American Idol, and neither is Clay Aiken....
  • Sign On San Diego - why American Idol is so successful... AWESOME mention!
    It's also about the pure joy of watching talent trump everything, whether it is the heartbreaking “Solitaire” turning the sweetly awkward Clay Aiken into a star, or the voices of gifted dreamers turning a money-grubbing, ratings-hogging TV beast into something beautiful.
  • E! Online- comedian Dane Cook jokes about Kelly Clarkson's song "Since U Been Gone"...
    Having no trouble in the popularity department in funnyman Dane Cook. Numerous girls flock to his table, trying to pick up a joke—or something. But apparently all the comedian can think about is an American Idol winner. “I’ve been singing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone,’ ” he says. “It’s stuck in my cerebellum, and it won’t escape.” Cheer up Dane, it could be worse. At least it's not Clay Aiken's "Invisible."
  • Courier Journal - more on Clay's "Build A Scandal" contest... wonderful press for Clay.

  • Taking A Moment's Jemock has a wonderful idea for Valentine's with Clay... ROTFL!!!
    I have an idea on how we can all tell Clay how much we love him this Valentine’s Day. He can’t have a box of chocolate because, well, basically it would kill him. So here’s what everybody should do. Go out and buy the biggest box of chocolates you can find, something approximately the size of a funeral arrangement. Then, eat all the chocolate. Dump the paper wrappers in the floor, and find your digital camera. Hold the camera out at arm’s length, and snap your picture. Think about Clay and smile real big, or go with a sultry, seductive look. Take your camera down to Wal-Mart and have a 16 x 20 print made. Run back home and using the box as a template, cut out your picture so that it fits inside the box. Glue it in there so it won’t come out if it gets slung across the room when Clay opens it and is overcome with love or something.

  • Southern Girl - TV alerts for Jimmy Kimmel and FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tidbits 2/12

  • Los Angeles Times "The Envelope" on Carrie Underwood's big Grammy win. A commenter wrote this in response... AMEN!
    I think the Grammy's finally had to realize that the Idol is a big part of today's music business. Maybe even more so than some of the groups they promote and highlight. I just wish this would have happened sooner, however. It is a shame that Clay Aiken wasn't nominated as Best New Singer a few years ago when he first came on the scene. If anyone deserved that recognition, it was Clay. He broke records and his rise to fame was magical. Now we'll just have to wait - since Clay will indeed continue to be a force in music for many years to come.
  • BuddyTV - winners of "America's Next Top Model" struggling in fashion industry... very nice Clay tidbit:
    Competition shows like American Idol prove that it is possible to find popular talent through the reality format. Whether or not Tyra can convincingly continue to call her show “America’s Next Top Model” without ever once producing a fashion equivalent to Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken or Carrie Underwood, remains to be seen.
  • East Valley Tribune - Chris Daughtry --
    [Clive] Davis is, of course, is the head of RCA Records and one of the music industry’s legendary executives. He’s had huge success in signing other “Idol” finalists, including Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrino. He recognized that the groundswell of support for Daughtry — and the publicity that surrounded his departure from the “Idol” competition — made the singer a hot commodity.
  • Peter's Reviews - upcoming late night show appearances... Clay on Kimmel on Wednesday.
  • Socialite's Life ... uh...
    Las Vegas is also the place where a lot of older entertainers come to die. Sort of like a celebrity retirement community where you can still perform and make heaps of money without having to tour. It's actually a pretty sweet deal for people like Celine, Elton, Manilow, and even Toni Braxton has her own residency show at the Flamingo now. I give Clay Aiken five years before he takes up residency at Mandalay Bay with his new show Cirque De Clay.
  • Entertainment Weekly - Popwatch... new videos from Idols -
    Clay's video (streaming here) — which appears to have been shot on a budget even paltrier than Locke's — is essentially an in-studio performance clip. If you like your vocals bombastic, and you like your Clay making sexyface to the cameras, then this is the video for you! I, however, will not watch it again, at least not for a thousand days. I know, I'm a betch, he's an easy target. But also, it's not a good song. Sorry, Claymates.
  • MSNBC - Tired of gossip, Clay turns to his fans for "Scandal" ideas...
    The “American Idol” runner-up is so miffed about what he says are fabricated tales and pics involving his sex life that he’s invited fans to do a little creative writing about him.

    The “Invisible” singer then invites fans to “Build-Your-Own-Scandal.” He explains: “Come up with the most outlandish story you can that places me (either alone or with others close to me) in a really juicy, tawdry, scandalous, shameful story. Then, use any photos, videos, audio clips of me that you can find along with your favorite multimedia enhancing/‘doctoring’ program (like a Photoshop or a sound/video editor) to create your ‘evidence’! Maybe you have ‘pictures’ of me being ‘abducted by oversized turnips’ or ‘video’ of me ‘dancing with a three-legged gorilla.’ Be creative!”
  • Post Chronicle - More about Clay's "Build-A-Scandal" contest
  • Sacromento Bee - Celebrities and their private lives (negative... this writer is a major idiot!)
  • Nothing here today.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Something to Make You..... THUD

Yahoo/UNICEF UpClose has uploaded a high-res promotion photo of Clay onto their official Flickr album... Click on the version above to see it in high-resolution. Get the thud mat out!

Clay participated in the Yahoo/UNICEF UpClose campaign earlier this month.

Congratulations Carrie Underwood!

Although we don't usually make a habit of posting non-Clay related posts, we thought we'd congratulate Carrie Underwood on the THREE Grammy awards she won tonight. Last month, her debut album, Some Hearts, went 5x platinum.

Carrie won the Grammy under the following categories:

  • Best New Artist
  • Best Female Country Vocal Performance: "Jesus Take The Wheel"
  • Best Country Song: "Jesus, Take The Wheel"
Congratulations on behalf of the Clay nation!

February 14, 2005 - When The Valentines Kimmel Tradition Began

I think we can all remember that date - February 14, 2005. We had not seen Clay since he was in the Rose Bowl Parade on January 1. And we were ready for the drought to end!

So when it was announced that Clay would be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Valentines Day, the Clay groups began to go crazy making plans to send him flowers, stuffed animals, balloons, and even pizza. And they sent stuff to Jimmy as well!

Can you remember Clay walking out there with a plant for Jimmy? And, of course, that did not compare with the many Valentines Day gifts for Clay!! An unbelievable amount!

Mylar Balloons...

Pizzas and balloons in the shape of a big heart...

A white teddy bear...

And flowers mixed in with all of the above...

Actually, the white teddy bear came with a gift of 3 red roses for Jimmy Kimmel. How do I know that? Well, a group that I am in gave him that gift, and the bear was brought out to Clay's chair!!

So, on this Wednesday, February 14, 2007, the Valentines Day tradition continues. Will there be as many or more gifts on stage for Clay and Jimmy? Will the number of pizzas double? Will the stuffed bear be 3 times its size this time? Will there be gifts given as donations to BAF? Tune in Wednesday night to see Aiken and Bacon celebrate another Valentines Day together. What better way to celebrate than to share the love with Clay and Jimmy in the 2nd of what is bound to be a long, long tradition!

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF