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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Clay in "Inside TV" Magazine

Clay is featured on page 79 of July 25-31's Inside TV Magazine with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey on the cover.
Click to Enlarge this scan (courtesy the CB's claikendee):
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AD: Darien Lake, NY (July 23, 2005)

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W Publishing Announces Paperback Version of LTS

W Publishing has announced that its version of Learning To Sing will be released on January 5th. W's LTS's are found most commonly in Christian bookstores.

Friday, July 22, 2005

CNN Headline News Running Amazon Delivery Story

CNN Headline News has been running the Amazon Delivery Story all day today and showed a picture of Clay delivering a copy of LTS to the Clackhouse's nicegurll (read her full report here).

Clay GMA Appearance Promoted on Today's GMA

During this morning's Good Morning America, ABC showed clips from Clay's appearance on last year's Summer Concert Series, as a promo piece for Clay's appearance on this year's Concert Series next Friday. Thanks to Clayboard members who reported this.

"Segments" of AI Season 1-4 on DVD Soon

From USA Today:
Suffering from American Idol withdrawals? Have no fear. The show's first four seasons are coming to DVD just in time for the holidays.


'American Idol' hits high, low notes on DVD

American Idol is returning to DVD, this time in triplicate. Due Nov. 22 are three compilations of highlights from the show's first four seasons: The Best of American Idol, Seasons 1-4 ($20); The Worst of American Idol, Seasons 1-4 ($20); and a limited-edition gift set combining the two ($35).

Segments to be featured in the collections have yet to be determined, says Pete Kalhan of Fremantle Media, co-producer and licensor of American Idol.

"From some of the funniest auditions we've ever seen to the most inspiring performances, these DVDs will have it all," he says.

The only previous DVD incarnation of American Idol came out in October 2002 from Bayside Distribution.

•Thomas K. Arnold

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Access Hollywood to Interview Clay

Access Hollywood is looking for "need-to-know" question from Claymates. The interview should air within the next week.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

TV Guide: Hitting Shelves NOW!

Clay Aiken on the Covers of TV Guide

Just a reminder that the Clay-TV Guides will be out (if it's not already out) by Thursday. The TV Guide Store also has 50 sets with both covers included, for $9.99, which you can buy here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Clay a sex symbol: E!

From CV:
I'm sorry but this was really excting for me to see this morning, specially after this long drought. lol. Anyways the show is called Temptations--High Price Of Fame and it's on E!. They're talking about some celebrities wants for sex and how much they'll do to get it and then the lady says on there.(Parapharased) "You look at Mic Jagger or Clay Aiken and wouldn't expect their appeal to bring them up to that sex god status. But their on screen appearence just does. You look at Clay Aiken and he's not the most attractive on the outside but has that charm to bring him to that level." and while she said that they showed like a five second clip of Mic and a fifteen second clip of Clay at an awards ceremony. I just had to share this, this show was the last place I'd expect to see Clay on .

AD: Good Morning America (July 19, 2005)

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In light of recent events...Support the BAF

In light of recent allegations by members of the so-called "Clay fanbase" about BAF expenses, (read 'WRAL looks into BAF expenses at the request of "fans"'), please show your support by going to the Thank You Diane thread on the Clayboard and/or by making a small donation to the BAF.

Monday, July 18, 2005

WRAL looks into BAF expenses at the request of "fans"

From the CB (edited by Clay News Service):
The BAF was mentioned on WRAL-TV Raleigh's 6 o'clock newscast. Internet fans questioning were questioning the validity of BAF tax forms and requested that WRAL investigate. The fans contend that expenses were too high and benefit to the charity was too low. WRAL had an auditor review tax returns and they interviewed Diane. Clay's spokesman said he is too busy to comment at this time.

An independent auditor found 85% went to services which is very good.

Bottom line: WRAL found no irregularities and said that the money being used for charitable endeavors was about 85% well in line with other non-profit organizations.

Diane stated that she was frustrated because they were trying to do good and "all we get is complaints."

Diane was quoted as saying that expenses were high because it is a start up nonprofit and some of the funds were spent to create public awareness. The WRAL reporter said that the expense of the Galas was a source of contention and Diane said that they don't make much money but were also used to create public awareness.

The reporter also mentioned the cost of training and setting up the Project Gonzo camps in NC and Missouri.

So I guess nobody took you know who up on her offer to pay thousands of dollars to disrupt the Florida Gala so she decided to get the foundation this way.


TV Guide: In Perspective

A fantastic editorial regarding the new TV Guide article has been posted on Touch of Clay. Click here to read it.

Pittsburgh Interview

Clay was interviewed by a FM 92.9 Pittsburgh today.

A MP3 file of this is available in the Tour News/Media section of our site.

Here's a quick run down from the CB's ljparismama:
End of song. DJ talking. He's on!!!!

He's ok. She seems overwhelmed with emails. Mentioned the Bolt Babes.

Hard to pick his favorite decade. Favorite stuff is from 80s

Won't say his particular song favorite. Loves Motown section too. 60s

Grew up on 90s, looked down on 70s. Now easy to find songs from 70s. Hard to find which one to do. Doesn't like 90s now.

Milli Vanilli -- "Umm bop" Edited to add: He actually sang 2 snippets of 90s stuff. Was pretty cute.

Fads change quickly.

Talked about text messages and cell phones at concert. Trying something out. Might hate himself later for doing this.

Text a number to send messages backstage and during the show. Some venues with screens for messages during the show. Might need an edit. Interactive element. He can text message back!!!!!!!!!

Favorite part is to meet people. Try to have people up on stage. Not sure if there will be someone on stage this show.

GMA now. TV Guide cover. Took a few months off at the beginning of this year. Actually was "quite bored" "Nothing's too busy for me at this point"

Playing INVISIBLE!!!

Clay interviewed by Cleveland Radio Station Today

From the CB's clayzycarol:
Surprised this hasn't been posted! Here's the situation, I don't listen to the radio since they never seem to play Clay, but my good friend was commuting to work this am and was scanning the radio and came across Q104 interviewing Clay. She was so excited (and no she doesn't have a cell phone) and she just now got a hold of me.(I was gone all morning).

Here's the summary of the interview:

They asked him what he was up to....He told them he had been out the country for UNICEF.

The mentioned him now as a sex symbol/International star. He downplayed the sex symbol thing.

Asked him if he keeps in touch with past Idol...He said he talked to Ruben few weeks ago/still good friends, talks to KLO and talks frequently to Kelly, they are good friends.

They asked him if he has a home base since he no longer lives with KLO and he said he bought a home in LA and lives close to KLO's new home. His mother decorated the home, if it was up to him he'd have clothes on the floor. Was excited when last year agency gave gift certificate to Loew's and he's excited to go there and shop.

Talked about JBT he said he doesn't have a fave song, but that the 80's is probably his fave decade, really likes the 70's now, he said he had no trouble finding songs from that decade and the 90's least favorite. Hope to do songs from his new CD which he said might be out in the next 5 years then he laughed. She said he sounded a little wistful when he said it!

He also talked about being a roll model and he doesn't read negative comments in articles if he can avoid it because some things are said that are not true!

She said he sounded upbeat and happy. She also said he said Ohio crowds are energetic and he enjoys playing in Ohio!

If she remembers anything else she'll let me know.

New Zealand Magazine features Clay and NZ Clay Fan

Clay and Clayboard member, NZClay is featured in the New Zealand magazine called New Idea, with a circulation number of aprox 140,000. It is NZ's premier women's magazine.
Free Image Hosting at

My Secret Obsession

A Whakatane woman has followed Clay Aiken’s rising star ever since he lost to Ruben Studdard in American Idol.

Clay Aiken has been providing a bridge over troubled waters for Whakatane woman Helena (I've left out Helena's last name for her to retain some privacy). Helena first fell in love with the American Idol runner-up last year. As one of Clay’s biggest fans, she has all his CDs, his autograph and collects anything she can get her hands on about her idol.

But, at 38 years old, she is not your typical teenage groupie. In fact, Clay is the first pop star Helena has ever been obsessed with.

“I have never followed anyone quite so closely,” admits Helena. “He grew up quite insecure, and I was a bit like that – I can relate to him. He seems so normal.”
“I like that he is intelligent. He has a degree in special education and works as an ambassador for UNICEF, and I admire that,” she adds.
Helena was struck by Clay’s voice and when he became one of the final few on American Idol, and immediately joined other Clay Aiken fans on the Internet. She discovered 20 serious New Zealand fans and met American fans when she travelled to the US last year where she went to six of Clay’s concerts at a cost of about $100.00 each. But she was lucky enough to meet Clay at one of the venues.
“Our American fans told Clay’s bodyguard that we had come all the way from New Zealand, so he let us into a “meet and greet” at a gig in Baltimore,’ says Helena. “It was pretty fast. He joked around with us quite a bit, and then we had our photo taken with him.”
Helena says the singer transforms into a ball of energy on stage. “He is all over the place, bouncing around all over the stage.”
She discovered Clay had a traumatic childhood. His father was abusive to his mother, and Clay lived with a distant stepfather.
“At school he was bullied because he was not the sporty type. He was a bit of a nerd.” Helena explains.
Helena has made new friends with other Clay Aiken fans. But his Kiwi fans are disappointed at the lack of promotion of his CDs.
“He is not well promoted here,” says Helena. “But he is becoming more and more popular in the States. His star is not fading at all.

Reminder: Clay will be interviewed by Pittsburgh's 92.9 FM TODAY!

Attention all Pittsburgh area Claymates- Clay will be interviewed by 92.9 FM between 1-2 PM local time today. This station does not stream, so you will only be able to hear it in the local Pittsburgh area.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Happy Birthday ClayNation

Happy Birthday to the owner of the Clayboard and, ClayNation.
-from your friends at CDD.

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF