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Saturday, September 17, 2005

AD: Vancouver, BC

Free Image Hosting at

Emmy Duties Story/Photo on AP Wire

"American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken tapes a segment Thursday for "The Insider" among photo placards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. On Sunday, Teri Hatcher will be sitting in that seat.

A photo and article of Clay as the special Emmy reporter for The Insider have made its way onto the Associated Press wire.

Clay and the Housewives
This is Hollywood -- nothing is ever done in a single take. The cameras needed a different view of the action.

One reporter looking on was Clay Aiken, the runner-up in the second "American Idol" who is now a correspondent for an infotainment show. Later he milled around inside the Shrine, where the seats were labeled with Emmy nominees' names and photos.

He tossed aside "Idol" judge Simon Cowell's placard and sat rebelliously in the seat. Then he settled dreamily into the empty second-row seat between those reserved for Longoria and "Housewives" co-star Nicollette Sheridan.

"I'm gonna do my best to try to be in this seat on Sunday night myself," Aiken told his camera, arms around the placards.

Cast members from "Desperate Housewives," "The West Wing" and "Everybody Loves Raymond" get primo seats. The producers of "Survivor" and "Amazing Race" will receive a dose of their own reality with seats in the 26th row -- the very back of the nominee section.
It seems scripted TV still rates -- at least at the Emmys.

Same article, different sources:

Clay on Cover of "Whatever" (Canadian East Coast Music Magazine)

Isn't this cool! Clay bearly gets any press in the East Coast of Canada, and he suddenly lands on the cover of a prominent music magazine called Whatever.

Click to enlarge. Thanks to the CB's llbun.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Claymates on Guard
His rabid fans, known as Clamates, attack anyone who would dare sully the reputation of their beloved Aiken, whose 2003 debut, Measure Of A Man, was followed by a 2004 Christmas album, Merry Christmas With Love.

"They formed themselves while I was on the show and have grown in strength and energy ever since, which is nothing but thrilling for us," says Aiken of the Claymates.

The Toronto Sun rankled Aiken devotees when it suggested he should be singing musical theatre on Broadway in a review of Measure Of A Man.

So who are they exactly?

"I have a feeling they are probably mostly ladies," says Aiken. "We don't get played in gentlemen's clubs," he adds with a giggle.

Aiken says he has no desire to hit the Great White Way although he did see Vanessa Olivarez in Hairspray at the Princess of Wales Theatre here last summer.

I've seen some shows and they seem fun," he says. "But in the popular music world that's kind of an insult to say someone belongs on Broadway, so thanks a lot. I mean I've seen people who've done it and I think they're very talented. Maybe one day, but our focus is on something different at this time."

Aiken and his nine-piece band are currently a month into his so called Jukebox tour - an overview of pop covers spanning the 1950s to today.

Aiken is working with Canadian producer Jaymes Foster Levy - sister of David Foster on his sophomore effort which he hopes to have out by the spring.

"She's excellent," says Aiken. "It's really great to have somebody, we see eye to ete, ear to ear, I guess, on a lot of the stuff that we both like. She helps me figure out how to slow down and how we make sure that this next album is as good as it can be.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Clay on The Insider Friday

Clay appeared on The Insider again today showing viewers the Emmy's Architectural Digest room (for the stars!). Co-Host Lara Spencer also said Clay would be on Monday's edition of the show, so be sure to tune in.

UPDATED 9/16: Clay Co-Hosting The Insider's Emmy Coverage

Originally posted 9/15. We're bumping this to the top so everyone sees it.

Clay throwing Simon Cowell's sign at the Shrine Auditorium, where the Emmys will be held on Sun.

The Official Fanclub is confirming that Clay will indeed be doing co-hosting duties Sunday at the 57th Annual Emmy's for The Insider, hosted by Pat O'Brien. We are not sure whether Clay will be on the Emmy Telecast itself, but he will be on both The Insider and Entertainment Tonight on Monday, Sept. 19, 2005. Canadian viewers should keep an eye on Entertainment Tonight Canada (airs at 7 PM on Global) on Monday. Check local listings.

Clay will be on Thursday's editon in areas where the show has not aired yet, as reported first by Clayversity memebers.

Clay is in Calif. Showed him at the Shrine Auditorium and he was showing
where various stars would be sitting. He was hysterical when he picked up the
sign showing where Simon would be sitting -- threw the sign on the floor and
said that is where he will sit instead. haha He was so cute.Wearing jeans,
purple shirt and jacket. Hair combed off to one side.

Update: Photos have been uploaded over at WireImages and FilmMagic.

More JNTII Concerts

More tour dates were announced today. The tour dates as o 9/16 are posted below. Stay tuned to our special Joyful Noise Tour II blog and Claytracker for the latest.

Concert Date
Ticketing Info

November 2, 2005
Vancouver, BC, Canada, Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Ticket sales TBA

November 3, 2005
Portland, OR, Theater of the Clouds at Rose Garden Arena
October 1 @ 9 AM PDT via Ticketmaster

November 5, 2005
Eugene, OR, Hult Center

November 8, 2005
Oakland, CA, Paramount Theatre

November 18, 2005
Council Bluffs, IA, Mid America Center

November 19, 2005
Kansas City, MO, Midland Theatre

November 25, 2005
Louisville, KY, Louisville Palace Theater

November 26, 2005
Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Music Hall

December 8, 2005
Albany, NY, Palace Theater

December 9, 2005
Providence, RI, Providence Performing Arts Center

December 10, 2005
Baltimore, MD, Lyric Opera House
Ticket sales TBA

TENTATIVE DATE: December 14, 2005
Wallingford, CT, Chevrolet Theatre
Ticket sales TBA

December 17, 2005
Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Civic Center

December 28, 2005
Melbourne, FL, King Center for the Performing Arts

December 30, 2005
Clearwater, FL, Ruth Eckerd Hall
SOLDOUT; Venue trying to add 2nd show; ONSALE VIA VENUE SITE (FOR VENUE MEMBERS), Onsale via TM for General Public

Cleveland, OH, Palace Theater
Ticket sales TBA

New York, NY, Beacon Theater
Ticket sales TBA

Clay Stopping by Jay Leno

The Official Fanclub tells us that Clay will be on Jay Leno Sept. 19 to sign a motorcycle for Katrina relief.

09/15/05 / Clay Stops by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
This coming Monday, September 19, 2005, Clay will be stopping by The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno to sign the motorcycle that Jay is auctioning off to
benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. Posted by mca

Idolhabit Compliments LTS's Sales Success

Sticket over at has written several nice articles about Clay. This mention will sure brighten your day!

American Idol: Simon Cowell: You Oughta Be In Pictures?
full article

While the Clay Aiken book, Learning To Sing, conquered the
New York Times bestseller list, the Simon Cowell book, I Don't Mean To Be Rude,
But ..., conquered maybe the remainder bin at several local dollar stores.
Not to be rude or anything.

Ellen DeGeneres Mentions Clay in USA Today Interview

Cute little reference of Clay in September 18th USA Weekend (Weekend edition of USA Today). Read the full article here


turning on this Sunday's Emmy Awards show for one reason: hilarious host Ellen
DeGeneres. I think she should host all Hollywood awards shows; she proved
herself after Sept. 11 when she emceed the twice-delayed Emmys. OK, she's not
perfect. "When I review the tape [of the show] the next day, there's lots of
screaming and crying," DeGeneres, 47, tells us via e-mail. "Then I recover the
same way I do anytime I'm injured: ice, elevation and my Clay Aiken CD."

Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Tour Dates Announced

2 new tour dates have been announded:

  • Portland, OR
  • Council Bluffs, IA
  • Cincinatti, OH

For more info, visit our CDD Claytracker.

Buy Clothes Off Clay's Back

From the Official Fanclub:

If you've ever wanted the clothes off of Clay's back (and we know some of you have!), here is your big chance! Various participants in the Emmy Awards, including Clay, will auction off the clothes they wear to the Emmy's for charity. Clay plans to auction a new Kenneth Cole suit he will be wearing that night. If you heard that Clay was at the Kenneth Cole show during Fashion Week in New York, now you know why! Posted by mca

Scrubs Re-Airing Tonight

Clay's February appearance on NBC's Scrubs will be repeated tonight. Check local listings.

UNICEF Package For Trick-Or-Treat Campaign

UNICEF sent out these packages for it's 2005 Trick-Or-Treat campaign. Clay is this year's official spokesperson and the packages features Clay quite prominently.

Click to enlarge.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Video from Fashion Show Now Up!

Videos of Clay attending the Kenneth Cole fashion show in New York on Friday, as part of Fashion Week are now up at ATCA.

Clay @ Fashion Week Mentions

There are quite a few media outlets who have mentioned Clay being at last Friday's Kenneth Cole Fashion Week fashion show. InTouch magazine's current issue has a picture of Clay attending the events, while GMA mentioned him yesterday.

Cute Clay Picture at has posted this cute picture of Clay attending last Friday's Fashion Show in New York City. See the caption below. Snarky Clay!


American Idol star Clay Aiken (with country singer Lee Ann Womack, right) watches the action on the Kenneth Cole runway Friday. "I didn't take enough medication because this is freaking me out," said Aiken about the Fashion Week frenzy. "It is a little hectic."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Clay Still in NYC - JNTII Coming to NYC

Apparently, Clay is still in New York (maybe trying to escape Hurricane Ophelia?) and and watched the movie Wicked with an unidentified girl wearing a sweater (some boards are calling her 'The Mysterious Sweater Girl' already). They managed to talk to Clay and Clay said they'd be at NYC's Beacon Theater for the Christmas Tour We have this report courtesy Clayversity.

Courtesy the CV's mustbeeme:

I thought by now this would be all over the boards but to my surprise I haven't seen anything posted!!!
Last night my friend (registered here but never posts) went to NYC to see Wicked....we made jokes about any Clay sightings that she was to call me asap!!! Well around 10pm my cell phone rang and when I saw the caller id # I knew something was up!!!! She was just leaving the theater ....she was on another planet by this time so it was hard to understand her.....she did manage to tell me that Clay was sitting 3 rows behind her!!!!! He was there with the mystery sweater girl ( I wonder whats more of a mystery the girl or the color of her sweater!! ) Anyway the guy that she was with went up to Clay at intermission and said my friend is one of your biggest fans!!!! She is very shy so lucky he was with her or else she would never have met him!! He asked her what her name was and he signed her playbill and she told him she saw him 6 times for the JBT...he asked her which shows and she doesnt remember what she said but she did manage to say that now she is waiting for the JNT2! He told her they were coming to NYC.....not MSG but the Beacon Theater!!! When she was leaving he was right in front of her ....all I heard over the phone was sreaming ....I guess I got a screamcert !!!! He was taking pictures with people outside and signing thing she knew he was off in a black car!!!
She mentioned that he had on his glasses but I'll have to wait till I get to work to find out all the other details!!!!
Just checked ...the Beacon seats 2,800!!! I feel ticket stress already!!!

Jukebox Tour Photos at

Rolling Stones Magazine has posted some awesome Jukebox Tour pictures to its website. Click here to see them.

Clay on All My Children

Clay was on ABC's Soap Opera, All My Children playing a Clay Aiken who appears on one of the cast member's new TV shows. He talked about about UNICEF and his work with UNICEF in the past 8 months. This was taped last July 29th after Clay's appearance on the Good Morning America summer concert series.

Video is now available at and

Photos- Click to Enlarge
Caps courtesy CB's clayglo.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Many thanks to the CB's ClaysMyMidlifeCrises.

clay: So this is an all new talk show today?

erica: All new talk show. Brand new. You're going to be on the premiere episode.

clay: (straightening clothes) What a great, great subject.

erica: Can erica be a claymate?

clay: Please do.

erica: I understand you've been recently appointed as an Ambassador to UNICEF.

clay: Well, UNICEF has a number of ambassadors. They have ambassadors for education, people who focus on different things, and since I was a teacher and spent so much time in the classroom, they asked me to do the education aspect of it. So actually I went to visit Indonesia after the Tsunami to kinda get an idea of, they called it practice, to go and kinda see what was going on there, to kinda get an idea a natural disaster and UNICEF tradgedy. It's been a very heavy first part of the year for me, to say the very least.

erica: I can imagine. What major trips to take and how really great that you stepped up to the plate and that you're doing this.

Big Hug

erica: All the best to you, Clay, and congratulations

clay: And congratulations on your new show.

erica: Thank you.

Was Erica, or Susan, seriously checking him out, or what??

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Clay on Emmys

According to the CH's GBB, a reliable source has said that Clay will be interviewed by The Insider host Pat O'Brien backstage at the 57th Annual Emmy Awards, this Sunday. The Emmys air at 8 PM EDT this Sunday the 18th and also tune into Monday's The Insider.

Clay Interview at the Emmys

A reliable 'in-the-know' source (according to the the Clackhouse's GooodBabyBrush) tells us that Clay will be interviewed by The Insider's Pat O'Brien backstage on Emmy's Sunday Night.

This will probably be aired on The Insider on the following Monday, but it could also be a live interview on air during the Emmy telecast on Sunday Sept. 18, airing on CBS at 8 PM EDT.

New Concert Dates Announced

These new concert dates have been announced for the Joyful Noise Tour II:

  • Nov. 19 - Kansas City, MO, Midland Theatre - Tickets onsale Oct. 1 @ 10 AM CDT via Ticketmaster.
  • Nov. 25 - Louisville, KY, Louisville Palace Theater - Tickets onsale Oct. 1 @ 10 AM EDT via Ticketmaster.
  • Dec. 28 - Melbourne, FL, King Center for the Performing Arts - Ticket sales info TBD. Stay tuned to CDD for the latest.

All My Children Previews Tomorrow's Clay Episode

Clay will guest-star on tomorrow's All My Children (ABC, check local listings). Clay is 'playing' a guest who appears on one of the show's character's TV shows.

ABC previewed the epsiode in today's episode. From the CB:


He said, "Congratulations, Erica, on New

It was from backstage at the GMA concert. First they showed
'Erica', then Clay, followed by Rudolph Guliani and Regis Philbin, then 'Erica'

He was so cute!

Clarification: First Erica was shown next
to a taxi, waving but not talking. Then they showed a backstage clip of Clay at
the GMA concert where he made the above statement, then they showed a clip of
Guliani in an office and he said, "Good luck Erica on New Beginnings", then they
showed a clip of Regis on the set of Regis and Kelly, sitting in his chair
saying the same thing Guliani said. Then they showed a clip of Erica on the set
of New Beginnings, being welcomed by the audience, and she said, "Thank you so
much" then throwing a two-handed kiss.

The entire clip is 12 seconds


Our webhost has informed us that they will be performing maintenance work on our Claytracker, corporate, extra and corporate pages. These pages may be down for a period of time from now to Friday. These pages will also not be updated until Friday.

Our Ads/News, Charts, Jukebox Tour, Joyful Noise Tour II pages will not be affected.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Cute Mention in Sept. 12 Pearls Before Swine Cartoon Strip

Cute little mention on the AI2 Voting in this cartoon strip. Thanks to the CB's CharlotteClayFan for the scan.
Free Image Hosting at Interview With Backup Vocalist Quiana Parler

Voice Coach to Voice Coach – An Interview with Clay Aiken Backup Singer Quiana Parler
by Barbara Pasternack -- 09/12/2005

Clay Aiken has assembled a talented group of backup singers and musicians, many of whom have accompanied him on all three of his successful tours. Barbara Pasternack had a chance to sit down with Quiana Parler, a former AI2 competitor, and shares their conversation here.

I have been around the music industry for many years, and very few vocalists have blown me away. But Quiana Parler is just that kind of vocalist. I had the privilege of first hearing her rich and powerful voice when I attended last year's Clay Aiken/ Kelly Clarkson Independent Tour concert.

I was curious to find out more about this incredible talent and did some research. Quiana and I connected and, last week, I was able to sit down with her in Atlantic City where she was performing with Clay Aiken's Juke Box Tour. Our interview was supposed to be a thirty minutes long, but Quiana and I really clicked, and by the time we had finished our conversation, two and a half hours had elapsed.

Quiana was among the top 49 finalists for the second season of American Idol, and boy did they make an error not allowing her to continue further in the competition! She is a native of Charleston, South Carolina, where she performs and, like me, is a voice coach. We discovered that we both admire the same singers and genres of music and, because of this, we bonded immediately. I am not only impressed with this young woman's talent, but also with her level of maturity for a 25-year-old entertainer.

Quiana was born into a musical family; both her mother and father are singers. The singing bug bit Quiana at the tender age of eight when she began formal voice training with an operatic voice teacher. Two years later, she was entertaining large audiences and loving every minute of singing and being on stage where she played the role of "July" in the Dock Street Theatre's production of Annie.

Jazz has always been Quiana's favorite genre of music. She told me that her favorite vocalists are Sarah Vaughn, Diane Reeves, and gospel singer Kim Burrell. When these women sing, you not only hear a voice but finely tuned instruments. Hopefully, Quiana will be included on this list of remarkable performers in the near future. I was curious to hear Quiana's opinion of rap and hip-hop, and was not surprised by her answer. "What has happened to music today? I am only 25 and I don"t get it," she said.

Quiana has been on several national tours as backup singer for her good friend and "boss," Clay Aiken. Clay and Quiana met at the American Idol 2 audition in Charlotte, North Carolina. Quiana made it through to Hollywood and Clay did not. Clay then tried out in Atlanta, made it to Hollywood, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, Quiana was cut in Hollywood, but even then, Clay knew a great voice when he heard it. He asked her to be his back-up vocalist when he did the Independent Tour with Kelly Clarkson in 2004.

Touring the country can be tough with appearances in a different city every night. I asked Quiana about the positive aspects of touring, and she told me that she was just a "country girl," and for the first time was able to experience different cultures and witness the diversity of the United States. She felt the only negative was missing her family, friends, and home cooking. Quiana's cell phone is her direct tie to her family and friends, and she was frustrated that cell phone access in Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel (Atlantic City) was blocked due to casino security.

A long nationwide tour is very demanding on singer's vocal cords. I asked Quiana what she does to prepare herself for the nightly vocal gymnastics that she so effortlessly provides for the audience. I was amazed to hear that her only preparation is getting at least eight hours of sleep and a good meal. She also said that a day of shopping is most beneficial for a great performance! It is evident that this formula is successful. Every night during the tour, Quiana brought the audience to its feel when she sang her solo "I Will Always Love You." I have heard many vocalists perform this Whitney Houston mega hit, but Quiana's rendition gave Whitney a real run for her money.

In closing our interview, I asked Quiana what she would like to do if she were not a singer. To my surprise, she told me that she loves to do nails and would be a nail technician. My final question was what she wanted from her career. She replied that her goal is to have a lasting career, not necessarily fame, but the lifelong opportunity to sing and perform good music.

Quiana impressed me by her sense of self-respect and strong moral beliefs. She is the type of performer who demonstrates the kind of character traits that, unlike so many of today's pop stars, make her a positive role model for young woman.

The two and a half hours went by so quickly, but you can read more about Quiana on her website ( She was looking forward to going home, but will be back on the road with the Clay Aiken Christmas tour this winter. If you have not experienced her glorious voice, please attend the next tour or one of her many gigs in the Charleston area.

Barbara Pasternack is a professional singer and voice coach. She studied theatre and music at the University of Massachusetts, and has become an avid fan of American Idol. Check out her music at You can email her at

"Clay" Scrubs Episode Wins Emmy

The February episode of Scrubs Clay appeared on won an Emmy last night!

From the CB:
The Creative Arts Emmys were awarded last night and the winner for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing For A Series:

Scrubs - My Life In Four Cameras • NBC • Touchstone Television

Wal-Mart Sign: Clay CD- Oct. 25

A Wal-Mart sign says a Clay CD will come out Oct. 25. We are not sure what this is but it could be a re-release date for MCWL. The sophomore album comes out in 2006, according to Clay.

Free Image Hosting at

MCWL Added to BMG Music Service

Merry Christmas With Love is now available to BMG Music Service members at the BMG Music Service.

From the BMG MS newsletter:

Clay's warm voice chases the winter chill away on Have Yourself A Merry
Little Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Don't Save It All For Christmas Day,

AD: Kansas City, MO

Free Image Hosting at

Sunday, September 11, 2005

NEW Photos From Fashion Week

Update 9/12: Even more...

New photos of Clay attending the Kenneth Cole Fashion show in New York Friday were posted at Splash Photography. Since navigating the site is difficult, we are posting the picture here. They are very small, but are still worth a look. New hi-res pictures have also been uploaded to for downloading.
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Help "Measure Of A Fan"

Clack site Measure Of A Fan needs your help. You can donate via


Measure of a Fan Needs Your Help!
Last month we went over our bandwidth by 80%, but due to your generous donations we were able to stay online through the end of the tour.

However now, it's only the 10th of September and we've already surpassed our bandwidth for this month. Please help us to keep our Media Gallery online by supporting our site with your donation. Our site costs thousands of dollars to run each year, and we can't afford to keep it online by ourselves.

We've supported over 1,000,000 downloads on our site over the last two years -- and we thank you in advance for your support and dedication to Measure of a Fan.

Clay On Weekend Access Hollywood 9/10

Clay was on a weekend editon of Access Hollywood (called Access Across America) yesterday.

From the CB:
It's the weekend edition of Access Hollywood. Just a clip from when Clay visited the set and talked to Nancy O'Dell about getting the kids back into a normal routine after the Tsunami.

Nothing new but very nice. Comes at 15 min. into the show, right after they show Dustin Hoffman.

Showed Clay clip during the NBC Tsunami relief show.

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF