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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Clayboarder Receives Huge Surprise In The Mail

The CB's ClaySchatz received a huge surprise in her mail yesterday. Here's what she posted to the Clayboard last night:

I received a huge Clay-surprise in the mail today. Indulge me if you would, please:

Several years ago, right after American Idol 2 as the contestants were touring, I sent Clay a letter, telling him how much I loved his singing and how much my aging mother enjoyed his performances on AI. She is German like me, doesn’t speak any English, but she always recognized him and said that the “tall cute teacher” had the best voice of all.
Anyways, I sent along 4 large pictures I had printed off my computer for him to sign (at his leisure) which I was going to share with my mom. I enclosed a self-addressed envelope and sent it to his mom’s house, where he still officially lived at that time.

Well guess what? The signed Clay-Photos came in the mail today, and they are without a doubt his signatures. Imagine the surprise when I saw that envelope in the mail with my handwriting on it and with a Raleigh, NC return address.
Could this day get any better? I don’t think so. The sad part is that my mom passed away 1 year ago, but I know she’s smiling up there and thanking Clay for taking the time to make a fan happy.

As I look at the pictures now, I am a little embarrassed because they are not the very best quality, there are much better pictures floating around now, and I am much more computer-literate (thanks to Clay). He probably laughed when he saw them, but he signed them nevertheless

Christmas In March - spotlightlover's Cute Montage

So what if it's not Christmas. Check out spotlightlover's new montage of Clay performing "Sleigh Ride" during last year's "Not A Joyful Noise" Tour.

Clay Mention On Letterman

Clay was mentioned during last night's edition of The Late Show with David Letterman. Certainly not the best mention, but it's better than some of the stupid jokes Conan makes. Here's a short recap from the CB's fancynails4:

I feel asleep during Letterman while hubby and I were babysitting our grandson. He told me #7 of the Top Ten (Why Your Team Will Not Win During March Madness)was: While getting ready, your team listens to Clay Aiken.
Coincidentally, Clay hasn't been one Letterman since 2003, but has made numerous appearances on both Leno and Kimmel. Hmmm...

Tidbits 3/3

  • Variety - American Idol is pissing us off ... "Similarly, with so many news outlets lobbying for a seat aboard the gravy train, few in the media dare identify "Idol" for what it is -- a karaoke sing-off designed to create and build up equity in bland pop acts such as Carrie Underwood and Clay Aiken."
  • SF Gate - concert review of a rock band Snow Patrol says they are "veering dangerously close to Clay Aiken territory." ... whatever that means.
  • The Futon Critic ... article related article... I think this is a synopsis of the Idol press conference they had recently... "Paula notes that there hasn't been anyone quite like Ryan Starr since season one. Other favorite water cooler moments: the "panther" from this season, the kid who sang "Like a Virgin," the Clay Aiken look-a-like getting surprised by the real Clay Aiken."
  • Access Hollywood - another Rosie/Clay/Kelly thing - "This is not the first on-screen fracas for Rosie. The outspoken host previously engaged in a war of words with Kelly Ripa (over Clay Aiken) and Donald Trump (over Miss USA Tara Conner)."
  • The ConCLAYve on how Clay is much like Red Sox player Jason Varitek -
    And in the Dead of Winter, Clay beckons.....with a summer tour. Clay Aiken's fanclub announced today that he will be releasing information about a summer tour in a few days. Good thing I gave up that raise for an extra week's vacation. I'd like to think Clay's going to have some old players and some new players too.Clay is a lot like Varitek. He's very good at his job, he is smooth when talking to the media or being on TV and he has an even snarkier sense of humor. He can't throw though. Varitek has a rifle. That's OK, I've seen enough pictures and video to tell me that Clay has a.....sword.
  • Too Much - getting set for a summer with Clay ... "Whoo hoo! I am so ready for a full tour of all his songs, not just Christmas. And to hear him talk. And to see him smile. And waste all my money on the road."

Friday, March 02, 2007

Team Clay Make It Official: Summer Tour To Kick Off In July

The 2007 ATDW Summer Tour is now official. The Official Fanclub posted this brief message on the fanclub homepage earlier tonight about the tour. Time to bring out those cameras, t-shirts, signs and god forbid, credit cards! No word yet on whether Canada will be included during this tour, but count me in as a Claynadian praying for that to come true.
03/02/07 : Tour News Alert!
By Team Clay

Clay Aiken summer 2007 touring plans are close to being confirmed with dates that start in July all across the U.S. Keep your eyes peeled to for show announcements in the coming days, along with on sale and fan club presale information. Get your oil changed, and calculate those frequent flier miles...the summer tour will be here before you know it!

Clay's Concert Listed at San Diego Symphony Website

A page for the August 2 San Diego, CA concert announced yesterday has been set up on the San Diego Symphony website. There's no new information posted there, but it's a darn good looking page, no doubt!

Don't forget tickets are NOW ON SALE to symphony "Summer Pops" subscribers and they will go on sale to the general public on April 2. For more information on how to become a symphony subscriber, contact the box office at: 619-235-0804.

Memory Road - Clay Sings National Anthem in Raleigh

Remember back maybe 3 years ago when Clay sang the National Anthem at a Raleigh hockey game? Well, here's a chance for you to relive that moment again.

Clay's version is at Now forget what the writer of this article wrote. Its not worth even reading. But read all the support in the "Comments" section. And I believe much of the support is not from Clay fans. One of my favorite comments is from a university orchestra/band director...

Being an Orchestra and Band Director/Conductor at one of our large University,I have heard hundreds of singers sing our National Anthem so I was curious to see how a singer from American Idol will fare. I am not really familiar with Clay Aiken so I watched the video. My verdict: Mr. Aiken has an awesome voice, pure in tone and clarity, great phrasing, and an exceptional vocal range. One of the best singers of our national anthem that I have heard in my life. Wow what a great performance. Thank you to who ever posted this. Posted by: wmharrison | March 1, 2007 5:05 PM
...and someone who states he is not even from America...
I am not even an American and I can appreciate how brilliantly and beautifully Clay sang your National Anthem. I don't get the joke and why is it even a joke that people want to hear Clay sing? He's got a beautiful voice and he is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard. I definitely would love to hear him sing more! NO JOKE!
Posted by: Roni | March 1, 2007 8:21 AM
But they are all great.

You will definitely want to go listen to this absolutely fantastic performance by Clay. It will send chills down your spine. And the comments will have you cheering. And whoever wrote the rude words? I think he is slinking away with his tail between his legs.

"A Thousand Days" Is Featured Video on RCA

Clay's video, "A Thousand Days" is one of the featured videos at

I had not watched the video in the last few days (such a long time!) so it was great to hear it again and watch those Clay moves and those eyes he gives to the camera. Oh yes! And what a great song! Since starting this article, I've already listened to it four times! Can't get it off my mind now! Which is not such a bad thing.

Check it out again and give it a few hits. Watching it one more time (or 1000) is never too much!

Tidbits 3/2

  • - Listing their most memorable Idol moments, Simon referenced Tamyra Gray's surprising elimination, Randy the transformation of Clay Aiken, Ken Warwick celebrated last finale's meeting between Aiken and the deluded Aiken wannabe, while Cecile Frot-Coutaz remembered the first time Kelly sang "Respect."
  • The Trades - interview with Katharine McPhee -
    Q: Clay Aiken seems to be all over television, and I think everybody knows about Jennifer Hudson's Oscar. Would they have been able achieve these accomplishments if they had been tied to the first place contract?

    A: I don't know if they would have. I guess I would say no. I definitely don't think the Oscar for Jennifer Hudson. I think that was something that she got because she was right for it and deserved it.
  • Foxes on Idol - "American Idol promotes fierce competition among fan bases. For example, even today, I regularly get mail from Clay Aiken fans who are still out to prove he was the American Idol of all times."
  • Denver Post - article on David Foster... Clay mentioned:
    Interestingly, David Foster, who has composed songs and produced albums for the likes of Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli and Clay Aiken, also is an advocate for organ donation; his David Foster Foundation has raised millions for the families of children in need of organ transplants.
  • Raleigh News & Observer article mentions the BAF gala being held in Raleigh on Mar. 31... they always have to put some sinister spin onto their article, don't they? Clay's multi-platinum days aren't over... selling 500k copies of a covers album with next to no label support is remarkable!
    Raleigh's hometown "American Idol" star has never been a critical favorite, and it's hard to imagine he ever will be. Aiken's multiplatinum days seem over (last year's "A Thousand Different Ways" was his first album to sell fewer than 1 million copies), and he has weathered a storm of personal-life rumors. None of which matters a whit to Aiken's beyond-rabid following of "Claymates," who are some of the most feverishly loyal fans in the music business.

    To his credit, Aiken is still using his clout to do good works. This show is a high-priced charity gala for his Bubel/Aiken Foundation, which works with special-needs kids.
  • National Ledger on Rosie O'Donnell's weird antics the past 6 months...
  • We Love Celebs - another Rosie O'Donnell/Clay mention.
  • Anti Music - random Clay mention.
  • Southern Voice - more trash from this crappy website about Clay and his fake for-fun "Build A Scandal" contest. At least this reader has it right:
    Dish is right, Aiken not only is taking the high road but Aiken’s message was on his fan site to his fans. A site where you pay to be a member. You neglected to mention that. That shows you the level of obsession that his haters-stalkers-gossip mongers have with him. They pay a fee to be on his fan club board. They immediately notified one of the internet tabloids most obsessed with trashing Aiken.
  • Charlotte Observer - random Clay mention in sports article.

Clay In Runner-Up Article

Clay is once again in in an article entitled, "American Idol: Revenge of the Runners-Up". People includes a page on each runner-up from Season 1 through 5. Clay's page has a great picture from Season 2 and a gorgeous shot of him from the American Music Awards this past year.

The article says about Clay:

Ask the "Claymates" and they'll tell you 2003's real Idol was not Ruben Studdard but Aiken, 28, who recently released his third album A Thousand Different Ways. Despite some bumps in the road (his Kelly Ripa encounter!), Aiken continues to hit the right notes. But there's something else he'd like to accomplish: starting a family. "I want to be a father so badly," he told PEOPLE in September.
Just another great Clay mention among the many. As I know all Clay fans do, I love seeing his face out there for others to see and not forget the superstar that he is!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Associated Content: CDD One of The "Best Clay Aiken Fan Sites"

Associated Content has named Clay's Daily Double as one of the best Clay Aiken fan sites on the internet. We're honored to be on this list. Thanks to each and every one of you for making CDD your choice for everything Clay Aiken and thanks to Kari Livingston at AC for putting us on the list!

Here's what Associated Content said about CDD:

Clay's Daily Double ( is a frequently updated blog that consolidates most Aiken news on one site. The site also features polls, a photo gallery and a link to Aiken's chart activity. The site was voted the top Clay Aiken fan site for 2006.

Two Dates Announced For Clay's Summer Tour

Clay's summer tour is in the works!! We now have the first two dates announced for the tour.

The Chautauqua Institution's Online Ticketing System has Clay listed on July 27, 2007 at 8:15 p.m. Ticket prices are shown as $38. This is a New York concert.

Also, Clay will be appearing with the San Diego Symphony Summer Pops Series on August 2, according to an email that FedoraPrincess at The Clayboard received from the Symphony. According to her email:

Single tickets for the concert will go on sale Monday, April 2nd, but all new and renewing subscribers to Summer Pops 2007 have their choice right now of the best seats for what is sure to be the most talked about concert of the season.
I love the quote, "what is sure to be the most talked about concert of the season"! I know they have that right!!

We'll be keeping our eyes open for all newly added concerts and you can read about them here at Clay's Daily Double. Its time to get excited!! Tour time is just around the corner!

San Diego, New York ... Get Ready for Clay In Concert

The first concert dates on what appear to be a tour have been announced:

  • July 20, 2007, Chautauqua, NY - to be held at the Chautauqua Institution, tickets $38 each go on sale April 2. | More info
  • August 2, 2007, San Diego, CA - to be held at the San Diego Symphony; tickets go on sale April 2 to the general public; tickets are NOW AVAILABLE to symphony subscribers. To subscribe, call the box office at 619-235-0804
For the San Diego concert, we've been hearing that Clay will be backed up by both the symphony and his regular band... should be very interesting!

CDD will continuously post tour news on our CDD ATDW Tour 2007 blog. Check it out today!

Tidbits 3/1

  • Wilson Daily - article about a songwriter... "Neil Smith is a song writer and has had songs published in Nashville, Tenn. Clay Aiken recorded one of Smith's songs before his "American Idol" days."
  • LAist - Clay Aiken sings the national anthem (YouTube video)
  • Record Online - AI article ...
    For all the focus on the winners, sometimes runner-ups have better careers. Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson proved that on "Idol," and so far the most notable talent to emerge from "Nashville Star" has been season one's third-place finisher, Miranda Lambert. Her song "Kerosene" received great critical acclaim and was a bona fide hit.
  • USA Today - idol sales update... ATDW moved 1,100 copies last week.
  • St. Petersburg Times - what if American Idol was more like dessert? "Clay Aiken's Secret Swirl"

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Clay Mentions on TV - February 27

We had a few small Clay mentions here and there on TV. To conserve some space, we're summarizing them all into this post:

  1. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy talks about the questionable photos which surfaced of AI6 contestant Antonella Barba... Kimmel joked: "Tabloids report: 'Clay Aiken to star in Idol's Gone Wild! Caught making naked pizza delivery.'" | Clack @ ClackUnlimited
  2. Family Feud - (from the CB's d4kkkks): "one of the question was "Who have the most fan mails in American Idol? The first contestant who got the first answer right " Clay Aiken" (4)"
  3. On FOX News' Fox & Friends - (from the CB's claymate11): "I was watching F & F this morning an they were highlighting AI from last night. When featuring one of the male singers the comment was made that "he was no Clay Aiken"! Loved the positive mention ..."

Tidbits 2/28

  • Lycos50- Clay is down one spot to #17 this week.
  • Wilson Daily compares the popularity of a stage production to that of a Clay Aiken concert...
    It almost had the flavor of Krzyzewskiville tent city at Duke basketball games or fans waiting in line for tickets for the Clay Aiken concert at the State Fair several years ago, and no one could recall anything like this for a previous event at the Boykin Center.
  • A few Clay mentions in articles about Antonella Barba, the AI6 contestant whose racy drinking and sexually suggestive photos appeared on the internet last week.
    • Foxes On Idol -
      Antonella could dip into the library of music from former Idol contestants’ albums and sing tunes that apply to any of the categories mentioned above. For example, she has choices like Clay Aiken’s “Here You Come Again” and Ruben Studdard’s “Blow Ya Mind.” Of course, Clay’s “Measure of a Man” is also a possibility.
    • Gambling911 -
      "American Idol is a family friendly show that should be enjoyed by individuals of all ages without blatant sexual overtones," O'Brien said. "Antonella Barba - like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson and maybe even Clay Aiken - are, by default, role models for today's youth."
  • Billings Gazette - you don't have to win Idol to become successful - "Among them are Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson, who won the best supporting actress Academy Award on Sunday for her role in "Dreamgirls.""
  • ChartAttack Magazine (Canada) - small mention of Clay winning their 2006 Reader's Choice award for best international album earlier this year.

  • Springs TV Talk- what's up in the Idol nation - "Clay Aiken has a rabid fan base, but hasn't crossed over the way Clarkson has. He's sold nearly 3 million albums."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Picture of Clay in Sky Magazine From The United Kingdom

Kimfreeuk at The Clayboard, who is from the United Kingdom, has scanned a picture and write-up of Clay that was in Sky Magazine from the United Kingdom. She says, "We just dont get any mention of Clay over here in England unfortunately...Carrie, Kelly, Jennifer H....yep, but Clay, no. So imagine my delight when opening my Sky Magazine to find a tiny pic of Clay!!!"

The snippet about Clay says, "The nerdy North Carolina student is now a successful recording artist, his third album went into the US charts at number two."

Scans of the page can be seen here (and at The Clayboard):

Its always great to hear about Clay having publicity in other countries, and this is no exception.

Things Slow in Clackville? Then Head Over To The Clayboard's Picture Thread

As always happens about this time of year, the clack slows down to barely a crawl. Makes for long, long days and distraught Clay fans.

Ah, but we have a cure for at least some of those gloomy days! Head over to The Clayboard's "Official Clay Street Picture Thread (AKA: Drowning)". Need a lipbite picture to put a smile on your face? Want to drown in those gorgeous green eyes again? Dieing to relive the Elvis experience? This is the place for you! So far, 17 pages of picture after picture after picture. Here's a few to get you running over to the thread:





And there are hundreds more where those came from. I even found a new lipbite for my collection! There's bound to be a few pictures you've never seen before.

So head over there and check out the gallery of gorgeous pictures. I promise you, you will not be sorry you did!

New Mike & Juliet Fan Videos

dj4Clay, SecretlyLovesClay and claytonaiken4365 have provided us with some wonderful new clack from OUTSIDE the Mike & Juliet studios. These new clips can be downloaded at

Clay Mention in Malaysia's Galaxie Magazine

Malaysia's Galaxie Magazine published the above never-before-seen photo of Clay. Two additional scans are posted below. Thanks the the CB's CAP121 at Red Hot Topic for these scans.

Tidbits 2/27

  • Lycos 50 - Clay dropped one spot from #16 last week to #17 this week. Gotta keep those searches going!!
  • The Florida Times Union - In an article about how tiring its getting hearing only about women celebrity scandals, it says, "Maybe Clay Aiken can punch a photographer..."
  • Toronto Star - In an article about Sarah Silverman, it comments about Clay:
    (By the way, I know I'm not the only person who turns down the volume. It's the same routine you pull when The Pussycat Dolls/Celine Dion/Clay Aiken pops up on your iPod in a crowded space. You do it out of fear that your headphones will, through a satellite feed to a loudspeaker, broadcast your choice to everyone on the streetcar, who will in turn judge you.)
    Hmmmm, my response to that is a long, loud "boooooooooo"!
  • Ottawa Citizen - article about Simon Fuller's latest venture... Clay mention: "Also in the U.S., Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken have had their careers quarterbacked by the man the BBC likes to call the pop svengali."
  • TV Guide - AI article ... "Yeah, Paul had air in his voice, so it's hard for him to have a lot of color or have tons of power. Rudy could have stayed longer, but with the exception of Clay Aiken I don't think those sort of Broadway-sounding voices get very far in the competition."
  • Singer Universe - article about up and coming singer Paula DeAnda -
    DeAnda subsequently signed with Arista, and began working with prominent A&R exec, Steve Ferrera, who is known for his work with American Idol stars Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Fantasia. Ferrera hooked up DeAnda to collaborate and record with such top writers & producers as Ne-Yo, Stargate (Mikkel Eriksen & Tor Erik Hermansen), Frankie J. and Diane Warren. It was Ne-Yo and the Stargate duo who teamed up to write DeAnda’s hit, “Walk Away (Remember Me)”.

  • Taking A Moment - punk'd by Clay's "Build-A-Scandal" contest which never really materialized... "First of all, and I'm completely mortified to admit this, but I think Clay Aiken totally punk'd my ass with that scandal contest blog. I swear, I thought he was serious." (Hey, at least it gave Clay some PR!)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Tidbits 2/26

  • FOX 23 - Chris Daughtry article mentions Clay - "He joins our Oklahoma girl Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Rueben Studdard and Clay Aiken as the only Idol contestants to reach number one on the Billboard 200."

  • Nothing here today.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sony BMG Canada Compilation CD Includes Clay's "Without You"

Sony BMG Canada
recently released a new compilation CD of 21 love songs called You're Beautiful. The CD is now available at all major CD retailers in Canada (buy from and is also available as an import to our American friends at Clay's "Without You" is track #12.

"Dancing Spirit" - CorieLuvzClay's Essay Inspired By The Mike & Juliet Show

Oh, the wonderful memories we now have of Clay's co-hosting on The Mike and Juliet Show. Is there anything he can't do? The answer is, of course, "He can do anything and everything he puts his mind to, and do it amazingly." We saw that on this show. And the pictures and videos are there to remind us of it at any moment we so choose.

And, here is another fabulous essay by CorieLuvzClay, inspired by this very show. This is her way of sharing, after seeing the show, those things that came to her mind. I cried when I read it. I feel these very sentiments in my heart. Maybe you will as well.

Enjoy this beautiful essay.

Dancing Spirit

Have you ever seen a spirit?? Have you ever witnessed a dancing spirit?? Have you ever seen a soul?? Have you ever witnessed a rapturous, luminous, impassioned soul?? If you’re a Clay Aiken fan you have seen and witnessed all of this and in so many varied ways…the brilliance and the after-glow of a true and prominent star. This is the essence of the man we have loved and supported for more then four years now. This is the man whose at once angelic and most powerful voice brought us all together…and we stayed with him not only for his voice but we stayed for his heart, his intelligence, the dignity and morality with which he lives his life.

Today Clay was the Guest Host on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet and once again he brought the “house” down. Although Clay had a cold…he came out to play and to win and he was victorious!

I’m not going to go into the show because every single solitary nuance of it hit the internet as it was airing…we are getting better and better at keeping pace with our gorgeous man…ain’t technology grand?!?!?

What I will do is reflect upon something that so often comes to mind, perhaps because it is branded to my heart. This love affair we have…Clay Aiken and his diehard fans…how we love him and have loved him from day one. I borrow from myself as I quote a few paragraphs from an essay I wrote during the clackless time after The Juke Box Tour.

With the pages of “Learning To Sing” ever reverberating within I wrote in part…

“We are so lucky, he is so very lucky, his family is luckier still; that with all the inflicted pain and agony to his soul, that with the verbal and emotional abuse Clay suffered, he also encountered a miracle. This beautiful soul, so young and impressionable had no relief from its torment. Many children who are abused at home find solace at school and in childhood friendships. Many children who are bullied, ridiculed and cast aside at school find love, understanding and warm hugs waiting for them at home…with kisses to adorn tear stained cheeks and soothe the wounded soul. Not Clay though, wherever this child turned, he was forsaken and abandoned in one way or another.
This wonderful child whose little body housed a loving heart and an amazing spirit, walked an emotional fine line to be sure and how miraculous is it for him first and foremost and for the rest of us that Clay Aiken did not fall to the dark side of life, one perhaps of drugs and alcohol to dull the pain and make it go away, but instead he listed toward the lighter side in his growing up years until he fell full force into the guiding light meant only for him.”

“That guiding light has since turned into a blazing star, and what a phenomenal, enterprising expedition he has been on. And us, what about us? We came along, we came in droves, he couldn’t keep us away, we knew immediately, we saw instantly, we fell in love unabashedly! And Clay? He knows, he sees and he feels us…he misses us…he said so…unabashedly…in a public blog…”Missing You!”

“Clay needs us, every bit as much as we need him…we are nourishment for his soul, for the scars on his heart...for all the times he was thrown away by family members who should have loved him, protected him and accepted him just for him. For the pain in his heart for every lonely hour he spent at school or after school being the "odd" man out, in his too big sweaters and his double strapping. We saw what no one else seemed to see, we loved what no one else seemed to love...we found adorable and endearing what no one else seemed to find adorable and endearing or even acceptable.”

“We loved his adorable ears, when everyone else made fun of them, we loved his freckles when he himself hated them, we loved his feet when others snickered, we loved his demeanor when others would put him a corner, we drank up his beautiful voice and called him sexy, perhaps for the very first time in his life.
We found his hand movements to be a thudding experience when the butterfly-like movements hovered and gently caressed the mic stand, we found his deep knee bends alluring when others told him to "dance a little"..we loved him and uplifted him every step of the way. We filled his soul with what he so desperately needed just as he filled ours. We filled a void in his life just as he filled the void in ours.”

“We fell in Love with each other and I believe that he will take us with him, for the rest of his life, wherever he may go because our mark on Clay is just as indelible as his mark is on us...we are branded to each others hearts for all time, because Clay and his Claymates are a once in a lifetime anomaly.”

“Only "we" could have a Wilkes-Barre moment…when the realization hit him that we knew the words to his song...only we could bring him so visibly to tears in Raleigh when we packed the theatre and he stood and cried. Only we...he and us could have a relationship today that allows us to let him know what we want, that let's him know how important our cameras are because he can actually see the beautiful creations from those cameras that pour out the love we have for him. Only "us" no one before and I venture to say no one that follows...this was a Phenomenon that can never be duplicated because there will never be another stardom/fandom combination like us again!”

“Our love for Clay was unconditional from the start...we fell in love with him from head to toe and from inside out! The one's who "got it" early on needed nothing more then to see his beautiful smile, hear his angelic voice and have their hearts tugged and caressed with every gift of laughter he gave to us, with every humble nod and lip bite holding back obvious joy and pleasure at hearing some very lovely things that were being said to him...Gladys Knight comes to mind as does Paula on the Wild Card show. That adorable lip bite, lowered head & crooked smile as he listened to Paula tell him he raised the bar and he's a star. Clay loved this and ate this up as he never in his life experienced such glowing remarks from the people who had mattered the most.”

“Clay does love us and I'm sure he misses us...we freed his soul and showed it how to soar, we lightened his heart with love and attention...with the desire to have him near us and to sing for us...we nourished that part of his being that was so depleted so hungering for love and acceptance...we let him know that he would no longer sit all alone and off to the side lines. We would raise his spirits and carry him as he in turn did for and to us. I have often said that this love affair of "ours", Clay and his fans, is a love affair of grand proportions. This is a first in the history of stardom and fandom for we are most right when we say that there are no celebrities today nor have there ever been to have the relationship that we have with each other. I would venture to say that the Internet does help an awful lot in these modern times to keep a star alive when out of public discussions, videos, pictures, etc. are such an amazing means to that end. BUT make no mistake that it is precisely because of Clay's sweet, funny, giving, loving and humble nature, that we are so willing to keep him alive during the down periods.”

“He loves us because he has been loved by us. He misses us because he has been missed by us. He wants us in his life, because we want him in our lives. Ours is a mutual love, a mutual respect, he is our Idol, but I think perhaps, that we are his as well! This truly is a love affair to remember and keep safely tucked away in our hearts for all time. I don't think there will ever be another "Camelot" like ours!!”

Clay looked absolutely gorgeous on The Morning Show and I know he made two more friends in Mike & Juliet. You could tell that they had a blast with our man and he impressed in every way possible within a mere sixty minutes. He was charming, witty and intelligent. Clay was serious and informed when the segment turned to the story of the hour regarding the Anna Nicole Smith storyline and he was funny and playful during the “arts & crafts” segment.

Clay is definitely on a high right now…he’s so happy he makes my soul sing. When I look at Clay I see the light of his spirit dance in his beautiful eyes. To see that beautiful bow shaped mouth crinkle up in a smile steeped in sweetness is all I need to know that he’s ok.

Our mantra is “We came for The Voice and stayed for The Man” and what a man Clay Aiken has grown into. The skinny “white boy”, with the big ears and the coke bottle glasses from North Carolina has blossomed into an absolutely handsome prince of a man. We stayed for his humility, loving heart, spirited soul and a demeanor steeped in playfulness, charm, wit and pure good natured fun and silliness all while encapsulated within a body beautiful…a temple, that we have watched grow and change in maturity and knowledge. Today, Clay is tall and slender but filled out in a solid, manly way…gone is the skinny “boy” body. His hairstyles of late frame his face in such a manner as to heighten the model-like cheekbones, enhancing long lashes and his eyes of jade…eyes that sparkle and are alive with happiness and awareness…aware of where he has come from, where he is and where he is going.

A line comes to mind from “It’s a Wonderful Life” by Jimmy Stewart….

“What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.”

We lassoed the moon for you Clay, continue building your wonderful life, we will continue to love you unconditionally and unwaveringly support you…just stay true to yourself, make sure your spirit dances…keep us in your heart and you will never walk alone.

By: CorieLuvzClay

February 22, 2007

Tidbits 2/25

  • Denver Post -article about Jimmy Kimmel ...
    Late night is where he's comfortable, whether plugging mainstream fan favorites (the Clay Aiken crowd of seniors was quite voluble), or hosting more idiosyncratic guests (last year's snakebite video remains a hit on YouTube, showing Kimmel being tended by paramedics and rushed to the "Grey's Anatomy" doctors).
  • UGO Actress Archives - AI article... "Over the five completed season of American Idol, household names have been made of Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice and Taylor Hicks."
  • Los Angeles Times - The CB's CLAYGAL says there was a very nice Clay mention yesterday today's Los Angeles Times print edition (Idol article) -
    Every season's first "Idol" episode brings a lurch to the stomach. We see 24 unformed rough talents and the question looms heavy in the ether: Is there a Kelly Clarkson among this crowd? Can the next Clay Aiken be hanging over that railing before us? And at first glance, the answer is generally: absolutely not. There is no way that these wild, untamed beasts of the musical jungles can rise in one song, in one episode, to the stature of the giants of entertainment. That kind of grvitas comes only after an entire season of trials and setbacks and brilliant breakthroughs.
  • Clay mention in the Mar. 5 issue of InTouch. Thanks to CV's Butterflyshine for this:
    Who wore it better?

    Imitation really is the hightest form of flattery! Jimmy Kimmel showed upon Ellen on February 21 in exactly the same ensemble as Ellen DeGeneres hereself (black pants, white sneakers, pink sweater, white dress shirt and skinny black tie). "This is so embarrassing!" he joked. Jimmy's got real talent for dressing to impress-check out the outfit he wore when Clay Aiken visited Jimmy's show on Valentine's Day!
  • Entertainment World - Diane Austin's article on AI6 ... some Clay mentions:
    - Chris Sleigh - "I’d like to see them do a Clay Aiken makeover on Sligh, but I’m afraid it just ain’t gonna happen."
    - Phil Stacey - "Phil is my favorite at this point, and ironically, he sang a great song I would have said could only be sung by one person, and that no one else since could do it justice. The selection is “I Could Not Ask for More”; the artist is Clay Aiken. But Phil did his own version and nailed it."

  • There Was A Man - "Talk the Talk" - Clay co-hosts The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet ... recap, photos, video.

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