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Saturday, December 16, 2006

clayniac2's WONDERFUL Christmas Tour Photos

The Clayboard's clayniac2 has some wonderful Christmas tour photos posted on this Clayboard thread. Here's a sneak peak... get ready to THUD!

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Chart Attack Nominates Clay For Readers Choice Award

Historically, Canada's ChartAttack magazine hasn't been exactly nice to Clay. However, Chart Attack nominated Clay this week for their Readers Choice Award.

Have your say - VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

"Meanwhile, 249 misguided music fans propelled Clay Aiken's Thousand Different Ways to the top of the international album heap this week, where the soothing warbler's biggest competition lies in Snow Patrol."

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Tidbits 12/16

  • More on Kelly Ripa/Clay:
    • Mercury News
    • Edmonton Sun (AP wire story about his taped R&K appearance yesterday)...
      It was surprising to see Clay Aiken sing a Christmas song on Live With Regis and Kelly two weeks after Kelly Ripa offended him. But it was even more surprising that the confrontation never came up.

      Turns out Aiken taped the song after the episode where he put his hand over Ripa's mouth and she took it off, saying she didn't know where his hand might've been.
  • Connecticut Now - show makes fun of Clay Aiken, Laura Bush, Santa Clause... uhh... yeah.
  • Oakland Press (PDF file) (you can also read this article by clicking on the scan to the right) interview with Clay about his upcoming Detroit concert:
    Christmas can be a
    stressful time of year.

    But Clay Aiken has figured out how to take some of the anxiety out of his third annual holiday tour. “We don’t have the dancers and actors and all that other stuff to deal with like we did last year,” says the second season “American Idol” runner-up, whose 2003 debut “Measure of the Man” holds the record for the best fi rst-week sales by one of the show’s contestants. “This year it’s strictly music.”
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Clay Mentions in People Magazine 2006 Yearbook

There were not one, two, but three Clay mentions in this year's People Yearbook: Best & Worst of 2006 (on newsstands now). Thanks to the CB's JesBen for these scans:

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TV Tidbits

We have a few Clay TV mentions to tell you about:

  • E! News mentioned Clay's appearance on Days of our Lives on last night's show. Watch a clip of this below. Thanks to the CB's Pattilynn for the cap:

  • Someone has uploaded a wonderful preview of Clay's Days of our Lives appearance onto YouTube. Although I have no clue where this clip came from, enjoy:

  • As we told you yesterday, Clay and the Kellygate 'scandal' was mentioned on The Insider. The CH's snowdrop says:
    The Insider bit today promoted during the whole show ("was there friction backstage? Did they make up?") and then at the end of the show, said how it was taped the same day as the whole hand thing (and my favorite part was that they showed Ripa hugging Clay...and this was AFTER the incident she was supposedly so mad over.) They said Clay sent her a letter a few days after, and they've patched things up, "though no Christmas gifts have been sent."

    After the piece, Lara says "this breakthrough year for Clay is almost over. Now, tell us what you think Clay should do in 2007. A tour? Broadway? A movie." The Insider text message poll today is "what should Clay do in 2007." I love it.
  • And while we're at it, here's a really cute clip of Clay venturing out into the audience to hug mama Faye during the recent Norfolk, VA Christmas concert:

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Times Herald Record Pre-Concert Article

What a treat! We got this lovely pre-concert write up delivered to our inbox this morning courtesy Google News. You can read the entire Times Herald Record article here, but here are some highlights:

Those that don't know every detail of his life, as his fans the Claymates do, might be surprised to know he's not just a second-place winner of a national TV talent show. Or maybe that guy who made headlines recently for an on-air encounter with chatty "Live With Regis and Kelly" host Kelly Ripa. How much has that "incident" affected him?

"Oh, Lord, none whatsoever," Aiken says. "I've laughed at it, are you kidding me? None whatsoever. I didn't know I was that big a star."

When told about the Record's message board filling up in response to it, he replies, laughing, "Oh my gosh, people need to worry about bigger things."

The bigger things Aiken cares about come through in his charity work. This pop star uses his celebrity to help others. When his career as a special education teacher was halted after his success on "American Idol," he co-founded the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. The foundation helps open doors for developmentally disabled children, encouraging their interaction with all children. He was also recently appointed to the President's Committee for People With Intellectual Disabilities, was ambassador for UNICEF and spokesperson for Toys for Tots.

Hopefully that won't affect fans' chance to hear "that note" in "Don't Save It All for Christmas Day." On the CD, he holds a note perfectly for what seems like minutes. In actuality, it's precisely 22 seconds.

"You've been timing me?" he asks, laughing. "Twenty-two seconds. Now I'm going to have pressure to see if I can do 23."

The challenge is on, Clay.
... and here is a cute Q&A the Times Herald Record conducted with Clay:
Q: Colored or white Christmas lights?
A: White

Q: Cute or classy ornaments?
A: Classy

Q: Eggnog or cider?
A: (pause)
Q: You don’t like either?
A: Dr. Pepper
Q: Dr. Pepper?
A: (laughs)

Q: OK. Tinsel, garland or popcorn?
A: Tinsel’s like the shiny ...
Q: Yes, yes
A: Garland is ...
Q: The long shiny strings of it, the ropes of it
A: Oh ...
Q: Popcorn strings?
A: You know what my mom uses a lot on the Christmas tree? She uses baby’s breath.
Q: I do, too!
A: Yeah, baby’s breath and hay. And the first time I saw her do it, it was not hay so much as what looked like dead grass. The first time I saw her do it I was like, that’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and then she turned the lights on and it was the most gorgeous Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. So I say dead grass.

Q: Great. Star or angel?
A: Angel

Q: OK, tough one: Rudolph, Charlie Brown or the Grinch?
A: Oh, the Rudolf claymation thing is so much, it’s so good, it’s a Christmas tradition, you know what I’m talking about?
Q: Yes, yes, of course. That’s one of your traditions?
A: Well, I mean, I remember watching it.

Q: Turkey or ham?
A: Turkey

Q: Real tree or fake?
A: Fake. So the dogs don’t eat it.
Q: Yes, although my cats eat my fake one. Which I shouldn’t have said (I’m panicking now) ’cause I know you don’t ... (Clay has an immense fear of cats).
A: Oh my God ...
Q: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to, but I love dogs, I have a dog, too. OK. In a fight, who would win: Santa Claus or Hanukkah Harry?
A: Who is Hanukkah Harry?

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Clay Is Sick

Clay gave it his all last night in Greenvale, NY, despite being sick from a cold.

Get well soon, Clay!

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Tidbits 12/15

  • VH1 - a flood of Idol albums just in time for Christmas.
  • Verizon Wireless press release - Two Clay Aiken Christmas songs (Have Yourself A Merry Christmas, Winter Wonderland) are available as "V CAST" musical ringtones.
  • TV mentions:
  • Connecticut The Day: AI3 contestant Jennifer Hudson a rising star - "And if she's able to build a successful film and music career, she could soon outshine even million-selling “Idol” alumni Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood."
  • Washington Blade - users sound off on Kelly/Clay controversy:
    If Kelly Ripa would have been bothered by anyone else, then why didn’t she say anything when Simon Cowell put his hand over her mouth when he co-hosted? Also, Kelly has done this to Regis many times. Maybe it was not as she intended but it was taken that way by me and I am straight. I like Kelly, I like Rosie and I like Clay. Too much has been made out of this and it’s time to end. Kelly has never liked Clay. She was a Ruben fan. And whether Clay is gay or not doesn’t matter anyway. It wouldn’t change his singing. Kelly should show mutual respect to her co-hosts. She always tries to monopolize the conversation. Clay was only trying to be funny. He sent her flowers, apologized and she apologized for any drama she caused. Let it be.
  • Christmas tour mentions:
  • Barre Montpelier Times Argus - Christmas music everywhere!
    Music stores stock Christmas albums from a variety of styles and performers. The range is wide, from the Beach Boys and Elvis to Bluegrass mandolinist David Grisman, from Clay Aiken to Mannheim Steamroller, Chris Issak, the Barenaked Ladies, Jessica Simpson, LeAnn Rimes and Jethro Tull. The list is nearly endless.
  • Palm Beach New Times - Rosie O'Donnel - small Clay mention.
  • E! Online - Rosie O'Donnell/Clay mention.
  • Business & Media - is it "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"? (includes a clip of Clay's GMA performance from last month).

  • Nothing here yet.
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MDYK Performance Airs On Regis & Kelly

Making no reference to last month's firestorm, Regis Philbin introduced Clay as he gave his taped performance of "Mary, Did You Know" on this morning's Live with Regis & Kelly. Last month, co-host Kelly Ripa and Clay caused controversy when Ripa accused Clay of inappropriately putting his hand over her mouth. We learned yesterday that the two did speak on the phone to "patch things up."

You can find the video cap of this at

The Insider will be doing a so-called "follow-up" story to this tonight:

Have tensions between KELLY RIPA and crooner CLAY AIKEN finally been resolved?

This morning, the "American Idol" heartthrob appears on Kelly's show for the first time since their public disagreement -- will they forgive and forget?

Clay's appearance only included a song -- no interview. And "The Insider" has learned that the performance was taped in November, the same day and the hand-over-mouth incident.

The talk show host and the crooner made headlines in November when Clay sat in for REGIS PHILBIN as Kelly's co-host on "Live" -- and raised eyebrows when he playfully put his hand over her mouth during an interview with "Dancing with the Stars" winners EMMITT SMITH and CHERYL BURKE.
Entertainment Tonight will also air a story on this (not that there's anything new!) on their show tonight. You can read their new Kelly/Clay article at

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Symphony Director Says Clay's Show Was A Success

With 10 out of the 18 tour dates completely sold out, the Hartford Symphony's director Edward Cumming is calling Clay's Hartford, CT Christmas show a success. He made these comments in a Hartford Courant mini-review of the concert:

Between holiday songs, Aiken, in a blue suit and really big shoes, joked with the audience, including a third-row fan who brought binoculars sporting a Christmas motif, and made fun of himself by bringing up several times the whole "hand-over-the-mouth" controversy that occurred when he was a guest host on the "Live With Regis and Kelly" morning show a few weeks ago.

"Just call me Mr. Controversy," he said jokingly. "I'm a scandalous person." Performing with the Hartford Symphony, Aiken's performance marked the first time the convention center has been used for a concert.

"When you do something the first time you don't know what to expect," said symphony music director Edward Cumming. "But sometimes doing something new works out well. We think this did."
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Christmas Tour Sells Out!

We're very excited to confirm that 10 out of 18 Christmas shows are now near sold out or completely SOLD OUT. Wow! This is a tremendous achievement for Clay!

Thanks to the CB's Joy2talk2U for this list:

Friday, Dec 1............Genesee Theatre, Waukegan IL - 8pm CST
Saturday, Dec 2........Star Plaza Theatre, Merrillville IN - 8pm CST
Monday, Dec 4..........Turning Stone Casino, Verona NY - 8pm EST SOLD OUT
Tuesday, Dec 5.........Bergen PAC, Englewood, NJ - 8pm EST
Wednesday, Dec 6.....Lyric Opera House, Baltimore MD - 8pm EST
Thursday, Dec 7........Scope Arena, Norfolk VA - 8pm EST
Saturday, Dec 9........Comm. Arts Center, Williamsport PA - 7:30pm EST SOLD OUT
Sunday, Dec 10.........FM Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre PA - 7pm EST SOLD OUT
Monday, Dec 11........State Theatre, Easton PA - 8pm EST SOLD OUT
Tuesday, Dec 12.......Connecticut Conv. Ctr., Hartford CT - 8pm EST SOLD OUT
Thursday, Dec 14......Tilles Center, Greenvale NY - 8pm EST
Friday, Dec 15..........Eisenhower Hall Theatre, West Point NY - 8pm EST
Saturday, Dec 16......Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank NJ - 8pm EST SOLD OUT
Monday, Dec 18........Orchestra Hall @the Max Fish, Detroit MI - 8pm EST SOLD OUT
Tuesday, Dec 19.......DeVos Hall, Grand Rapids MI - 7:30pm EST SOLD OUT
Thursday, Dec 21......Moran Theatre, Jacksonville, FL - 7:30pm EST
Friday, Dec 22..........Blumenthal PAC, Charlotte NC - 8pm EST SOLD OUT
Saturday, Dec 23......War Memorial Auditorium, Greensboro NC - 7:30pm EST SOLD OUT

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Interview with KJOY Now Available

Clay's interview with KJOY-FM in Long Island is now available for download at KJOY's website.

Clay will be performing tonight at the Tilles Center in Greenvale, NY.

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Clay Aiken Becoming A Verb?

The CB's DogGoneGirl shared this cute story today on the Clayboard:

My daughter (Mom4Clay22) was on her way to school this morning and was listening to 97.1FM a local radio station here in Columbus. The DJs were yakking (mostly over the top of each other as they usually do on morning shows) and finally one DJ said to the other..."Don't make me Clay Aiken you!"

She said it was said in a very nice way and everyone laughed.

I think Clay is on his way to becoming a verb.
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"A Clay Aiken Christmas" To Re-Air on Bravo Tonight

Get in the Christmas spirit with Clay Aiken.

will re-air Clay's 2004 Christmas special, A Clay Aiken Christmas, TONIGHT AT 9 PM.

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Tidbits 12/14

Clay visits a local high school in Pennsylvania to thank the students who contributed to the BAF's first book, "Our Friend Mikayla" (more info)
  • A few mentions of Clay's PA school visit to honor the authors and illustrators of "Our Friend Mikayla":
  • Although this article is supposedly about Clay's NY concert tonight, Clay speaks out about the entire Kelly Ripa 'mess' from last month in a new interview with AM New York and Newsday. Clay says Ms. Ripa did indeed apologize to him two days after making her little diva-rant on her show.
    "I had no idea I was that famous," says a still-baffled Aiken, speaking by phone from the bunk of his tour bus somewhere in Connecticut early Tuesday morning. "We're talking the first story on 'Entertainment Tonight' three nights in a row. I'm like, 'Damn! I've made it now.'"

    Aiken says the entire issue caught him off-guard. He left Ripa's show and heard nothing about it all weekend, he says. "Then Monday it turned into this huge thing," he recalls. "She called me Wednesday afternoon to kind of apologize for all the drama, and that it blew up so much. I think it surprised both of us, really."
  • The CB's INeedAClaybotamy says Kelly promoted Clay's appearance this morning with a "straight and pleasant" face - "And it must have been easy for her to pull off both of those presentations. One for each face, since she has two." The appearance was also mentioned on today's The Insider.
  • ... in the meantime - the New York Post reminds us that Clay's "Mary, Did You Know" performanced (taped last month) will be aired on tomorrow's Live with Regis & Kelly:
    CLAY Aiken is returning to "Live! With Regis & Kelly" tomorrow - but only on tape.

    The former "American Idol" star will be making his first appearance since upsetting co-host Kelly Ripa earlier this month by covering her mouth with his hand.

    Aiken taped a singing performance that same day two weeks ago when he was sitting in for Regis Philbin.

    Since the controversy, Ripa and Aiken have reportedly talked by phone and patched things up.

    It is not known whether she'll bring the incident up again tomorrow, a show official said.
  • More Ripa: 411Mania, Broadcasting & Cable.
  • TechWeb - cool mention of Clay being this year's hottest male at's search engine. (More info here) "AOL users picked Paris Hilton, a professional celebrity, as their most searched-for celebrity while singer Clay Aiken was the top choice at Lycos."
    Here are a few more Lycos mentions:
  • Bravo is re-airing Clay's 2004 Christmas special "A Clay Aiken Christmas" TONIGHT at 9 PM EST. A few mentions of this:
  • Fayetteville Observer - Days of our Lives mention. Don't forget Clay's episode airs on December 26 on NBC.
  • Christmas tour mentions:
  • Huntsville Times - Ruben Studdard making his "Return" after years of being in the shadow of Clay Aiken.
    Studdard's post 'Idol' fame has been somewhat diminished by the fact that he has been considerably overshadowed by the runner-up Clay Aiken. Despite not winning the formal contest, Aiken has gone on to be the most successful artist associated with the second season of 'American Idol.'
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette article about AI3 Finalist Jennifer Hudson who recently signed with Arista/Sony BMG. Small Clay mention.
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette Taylor Hicks CD review - negative Clay mention.
  • wants an explanation for "Clay Aiken Fans"... what?
  • MSNBC - some people have too many things to worry about... like this ridiculous example from MSNBC's awful gossip writer - "Did Clay Aiken have some work done? suggests that the “American Idol” contender had his lips plumped, but fans say it isn’t so"

  • Nothing here yet.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ATDW Sales Rebound!

Sales of A Thousand Different Ways went up last week, selling 15,000 copies (up from 10,000 copies the previous week).

A Thousand Different Ways is #119 on this week's Billboard 200 and MCWL is #25 on the Billboard holiday charts! Woohoo!

Update: a few of you commented about the total sales for ATDW. Total sales, from Sept. 19, 2006 to last week were 441,039.

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New 2007 PAHERS Clay Calendar Ready for Printout at The Clayboard

Have you been longing for a Clay Aiken 2007 calendar? Well, the PAHERS 2007 Clay Calendar is now ready for you to use to put together a calendar for yourself or to give as gifts! The is the second annual calendar that they have created, according to Clay The Ambassador of Love at The Clayboard. Click on The Clayboard link here and scroll down on page 1 until you get to the pictures for the cover and all 12 months. Then just click each picture to enlarge, right click and save as, and stock up on ink so you can print it out. All instructions are in the first post at the calendar thread.

Thanks to all the Clay fans who made pictures for the calendar. You are all so talented! This will look great hanging in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices all over the country!


clayis' note: On a related note- CDD will be releasing its 2007 Calendar later this month. Our popular 2006 Calendar, which can be seen (and downloaded, if you're a bit nostalgic today) here.

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Wilkes Barre Goodies!

The CB's LUVClay26 has posted some goodies from the Wilkes Barre, PA concert's program and a few press reviews. Cool beans!

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Lycos: "Clay Aiken, Web's Most Wanted Man" of 2006

Congratulations Clay! Lycos, in a press release issued today, revealed that Clay Aiken was their most sought for man (hee hee...) at their popular search engine, The press release reads:

Clay Aiken takes over as the most-searched man of 2006, pushing the top man of 2005 Eminem to number three on this year's list. Aiken generated consistent search interest throughout the year, due in part to the release of a new album, and questions surrounding his sexuality, as well as his recent on-air run-in with Kelly Ripa while co-hosting "Regis and Kelly" last month.
Once again, congrats Clay! Let's kick 2007 off with a bang - search for Clay everyday at and check the Lycos50 every week to see Clay's chart position.

The Detroit Free Press has a small tidbit on this.
Lycos also released the leaders in specific categories, like the most-searched man of the year, Clay Aiken, who bumped 2005’s top dude, Detroit’s own Eminem, to third place. Aiken was a big attention-getter for several reasons, including his recent celebrity “feud” with Kelly Ripa, according to Lycos.
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Clay Makes Top 40's Top 10 Christmas Albums of the Last 20 Years

Christmas is a special time for most everyone. A time to be with family, enjoy its spiritual meaning, share gifts and foods of the season, and especially enjoy the wonderful holiday songs that we hear at Christmastime.

Somehow, ever since "Merry Christmas With Love" was first released and Clay's Christmas tours have come on the scene, Christmas music means even more to me and many others. To hear Clay sing "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day" or "Mary Did You Know" touches my heart in a way that no other singer ever has. You all know that feeling.

And because of our love for Clay's Christmas songs, I think you will agree it is even more meaningful to hear that Bill Lamb's Top 40 has chosen "Merry Christmas With Love" as #4 in the top 10 Christmas albums of the last 20 years. Bill says about the CD, "Former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken's warm, engaging vocal style is a perfect fit for holiday music. He has put together one of the most eagerly awaited Christmas concert tours in both 2004 and 2005." The only thing I would add to that is his Christmas tour of 2006 has also been equally eagerly awaited!

Yes, this CD will be much loved for many many years to come. Probably the next 100 years and then some! Merry Christmas with love, everybody!

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Tidbits 12/13

Clay performing in Hartford, CT last night. For the latest on the 2006 Christmas tour, join us at
CDD's Christmas tour blog!

  • Newsbusters - questioning the purpose of Christmas - "The camera pans across a sparkling Christmas tree, then zooms in on singer Clay Aiken, who begins to sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”: “... and ransom captive Israel … that mourns in lonely exile here, until the Son of God appear …”"
  • Christmas tour mentions:
  • WRAL publishes yesterday's AP article about Clay visiting a PA school earlier this week.
    The Associated Press also put out a short follow up article today. This is also being syndicated everywhere - read it at There was also a small mention at (Africa News Dimension).
    Clay Aiken dropped by a gathering of students in Nazareth, Pa., to thank them for a book they wrote about a handicapped student.

    Just his mere presence was enough for two girls in the front row of the chorus to fall out of their chairs.

    The Express-Times reported the assembly was to thank 19 authors of the book "Our Friend Mikayla," which was written about their classmate, Mikayla Resh, when they were third-graders at Lower Nazareth Elementary School two years ago.

    Resh has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

    Aiken's Bubel/Aiken Foundation published the book. Aiken asked the students if he could read the book to them, and they all chanted, "Yes."

    Aiken singled out the author of the page that showed Aiken on "American Idol" and had her read that page with him. Aiken talked with the 19 authors before he left.

    Since the gathering was at the local high school, Aiken even arranged for limousines to take them back to their school.
  • Ripa/O'Donnell/Clay... NewsMax, Boston Herald.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tidbits 12/12

  • After much drama, it was announced on this morning's Live with Regis & Kelly that Clay's performance of "Mary, Did You Know" will be aired on their Friday show. Whether you want to tune in and give viewership to this pathetic show is an option I'll leave to you...
  • Another heads up - Clay's Christmas appearances on the Tyra Banks Show and the Meghan Mullally Show have changed:
    • Catch Clay on the Tyra Banks Show December 18.
    • Catch Clay on the Meghan Mullally Show December 22.
  • You can watch a video of Clay's performance of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" at The video was taped last year.
  • - small Clay mention in article mentioning Simon Fuller (Clay's former manager). "Later on Fuller discovered Will Young and Gareth Gates who were the 2002 UK pop idol winners and the US pop idol winners Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard."
  • E! Online - flock of celebs visit Africa - "Other celebrities who have put in face time in Africa over the past few years include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Clay Aiken, Alyssa Milano, Lucy Liu, Alicia Keys, Matt Damon, Mia Farrow, Laurence Fishburne, Ashley Judd, Jessica Simpson, Quincy Jones and Oprah Winfrey"
  • WFMZ announces the winner of their "Achin' for Aiken" contest. The winners won tickets to last night's Easton, PA concert.
  • E! Online, TV Envy- some more Kelly Ripa/Rosie O'Donnell mention...
  • Yahoo Buzz - Clay is in #6 position on the Yahoo! Search Buzz index for American Idols. Keep searching for Clay at to move him up this index!

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"Our Friend Mikayla" Associated Press Article on THOUSANDS of Media Outlets

Yesterday, Clay's Daily Double reported that Clay had visited the students who wrote the book, "My Friend Mikayla" and read the book to them. In addition, Clay signed books for all these students as well as students for the whole school, sang a song to Mikayla, and arranged for limousines to take the students back to their elementary school.

This and more was written up in a wonderful Associated Press Article which has in turn now been included in online news sites around the United States. I counted over 60 sites myself. One of the great things about this is that this wonderful article talks of the things that Clay holds nearest to his heart...the inclusion of children with special needs, giving an example of inclusion in the book that was written about Mikayla and the opportunity Clay had to be with these students and sing to Mikayla. In addition, it shows the giving nature of Clay in signing books for all the students and arranging for the limousine to give the excited students a first class trip back to their school. Finally those who read these articles will get to see some of the many reasons why his fans adore him so much and why he is such a top notch classy person.

Just a few of the sites where you can find this article are listed below. Clay...thank you for all you do!!

Here's a quick sampling of the AP's wonderful article:
Two girls fell out of their front row seats when "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken strode on stage at the school assembly.

Aiken, who was appearing Monday night at the State Theatre in Easton, read to the student body of more than 680 from the book, talked with the 19 authors, and posed for many photographs. To Mikayla, he sang a few lines from "When I See You Smile." Then he announced a final treat: limousines to take the students back to Lower Nazareth Elementary.

In the cars, boys popped open cans of soda and girls giggled. "Is this a dream?" said one boy, Michael Allen. "It is like the first time I'll be in a limo. It is so awesome!"
You don't want to miss these non-AP articles too:
  • E! Online - "Season two runner-up Clay Aiken created a stir at a Pennsylvania high school Monday, when he turned up at an assembly celebrating a group of elementary students who wrote a book called Our Friend Mikayla, about a classmate who suffers from cerebral palsy."
Pictures of Clay with the students can be found here at the McCall site or on our post from yesterday.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Clay Spotted Out-And-About in Philly

The Philadelphia Daily News says Clay was spotted at a trendy Philadelphia restaurant over the weekend:

Out and about

Between tour stops in Norfolk, Va., and Williamsport, Pa., singer Clay Aiken stopped at Davio's (111 S. 17th) on Friday night for a dinner party for six.

For a skinny guy, the "American Idol" runner-up sure was hungry. Aiken dined on cheesesteak spring rolls, pasta bolognese, and desserts of creme brulee and chocolate mousse cake.

The star made sure to alert the kitchen that he is allergic to nuts.
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Clay "Wins" XM Satellite Radio "XM Nation" Award For...

... "Don't Duet - Bad Idea Clay Aiken & 50 cent". I don't know whether we should be flattered or be upset by this notion. At least I agree with it! A Clay & 50 Cent duet? Ewww....

As I've bolded in this press release from XM, XM will be airing a special retrospective on 2006 beginning at 12:00 AM EST January 1, 2007. Hopefully, we'll be able to catch some Clay music!

XM, the nation's leading satellite radio service with more than 7 million subscribers, today announced the winners of the Second Annual XM Nation Awards. Music fans nationwide cast their votes for nominated artists and categories selected by XM's programming staff in categories ranging from "Best Comeback of the Year" to "Least Favorite Celebrity-turned-Music Act" to "Artist Most Overlooked By FM Radio." Fans were also able to write in their choice for the artist they'd most like to have their own music show on XM.

Additionally, XM will air a four-hour XM Nation Awards special throughout New Year's Day 2007, highlighting this year's nominees and winners, along with the best musical moments of 2006. Hosted by XM on-air music programming staff, the special will debut at 12 midnight ET on January 1, 2007 on XM LIVE (XM 200), with encores airing throughout the day.
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Great Write Up About Clay in Charlotte Symphony Program

Usually CDD puts reviews and write-ups such as this one in the Charlotte Symphony Program in a listing of smaller articles called "Tidbits". However, I could not bring myself to do that with this writeup. I think when you read it you will understand why.

This writeup starts and ends talking about the values and humility of Clay. Even when talking about Clay's newest CD, "A Thousand Different Ways", it emphasizes the many different kinds of love that Clay focused on in making the CD instead of whether a particular arrangement of a song was good or not. "This album is very different than my first, "Measure of a Man", in that I had a lot more say in how I wanted things to be." The writeup goes on to say about the CD:

The new songs give Aiken the opportunity to show off his emotional growth, with each track highlighting a different facet of his personality. Covering such a varied emotional spectrum but always remaining true to the essence of who Clay Aiken is, "A Thousand Different Ways" is bound to please the millions who loved 2003's "Measure of a Man" (triple platinum and counting) and 2004's platinum "Merry Christmas With Love", the best selling holiday album of that year.
The next few paragraphs talk about Clay's work with children who have autism and his foundation, The Bubel Aiken Foundation. "My music career has allowed me to to do the same thing I was doing before--work with kids with disabilities", he says, "It has given me a big stage to talk about the same things I always cared about..."

The great work Clay is doing with UNICEF is also emphasized, including his travels to Indonesia and Uganda, and his testifying before Congress. All of these things that are emphasized in this writeup show first hand the kind of love that Clay shows to others in a thousand different ways.

Even the ending to this great writeup shows a beautiful side of the man we all love. When Clay was asked where such a driving need to help others came from, his answer was, "The need for help!"

This writeup is every Clay fans' dream come true...instead of focusing on the good or bad of Clay's voice, songs, and music career, it focuses on the good this wonderful man has poured out mixed with large doses of love. Thank you Charlotte Symphony Orchestra!

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Tidbits 12/11

  • The Citizens' Voice - "Aiken Injects Holiday Performance With Humor" Geri Anne Kaikowski, is a great review of Clay's Wilkes Barre concert. Included in the article:
    Clay Aiken brought a surprising dose of humor along with holiday song and spirit to his Christmas concert before a sold-out crowd" and " Aiken brought a refreshing contrast to a traditional holiday concert by mixing the more familiar Christmas standards, such as “Hark the Herald Angels Sing’’ and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,’’ with some newer selections like “My Grown-Up Christmas List’’ and “Merry Christmas with Love,’’ which were as equally received as the more well-known tunes.
  • AP article (courtesy CNN) - radio listeners don't want Clay Aiken's version of "White Christmas" (which, by the way, doesn't exist!)
    "It's a sad fact and a sad reality that there are 30 to 50 Christmas songs that research really well. We already know them," said Moore. "They don't want Clay Aiken's version of 'White Christmas.' They want Bing Crosby, for the most part."
  • Christmas tour mention
    • WSOC-TV
      Clay Aiken returns to Charlotte this December to celebrate the holidays with the Charlotte Symphony. The Charlotte Symphony will perform songs of the season to start the show and then Aiken will join them for a full set of holiday favorites, many of them featured on his Christmas CD, "Merry Christmas With Love."

      North Carolina's own multi-platinum singer returns to the public spotlight this month with his new studio CD, "A Thousand Different Ways," to be released Sept 19th, and a long list of major television and other media appearances.
  • Kelly Ripa/Clay mentions:
  • Postcard from Pug Bus (satire) - Bush twins sued for having a large collection of illegally obtained Clay Aiken songs. LOL.
  • Blogcritics reminds us of Clay's 2004 A Clay Aiken Christmas which airs on Bravo several time this week (check local listings).
  • American Idols like Clay Aiken have "become best-selling performers" but fail to become movie stars like AI3 contestant turned actress Jennifer Hudson.
  • ESPN Soccernet - comparing a soccer thing to Clay: "It's like going to a concert expecting to see Luciano Pavarotti, only to watch Clay Aiken turn up instead. Both guys can sing, but given the choice, whom would you rather listen to?"

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Young Authors of "Our Friend Mikayla" Honored By Clay

Several weeks ago, CDD had an article about a book called "Our Friend Mikayla," which was written and illustrated by a third grade class about a fellow student in their class with disabilities. The book, for which BAF paid the cost of printing, is available for purchase at The Bubel Aiken Foundation website for $14.95.

Today, between concerts, Clay went to greet and honor these students at their local high school for the work they had done. According to, the students knew why they were being brought to the high school, but they didn't find out until they arrived that they would be honored by Clay himself. Mcall says,
Busloads of children -- the entire elementary school in fact -- filled the auditorium, and they listened attentively as Aiken read the book that tells the story of Mikayla Resh, a girl who loves lollipops and cheerleading and American Idol..."This is a prime example of what we want to do … spreading the word of inclusion" said Aiken. The fifth graders, he said, were perfect messengers.
And listen to what else Clay did for these young authors. "After the assembly, Aiken hosted a private question-and-answer session with the authors that concluded with yet another treat: The singer had arranged for the children to return to the elementary school in limousines."

I can only imagine how excited all of these children were to be able to ride back to the school in limousines! Clay is such a great example of reaching out and doing something special for these students who first did something special in writing the book. This is something I'm sure they will never forget.

Read the whole article at

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