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Saturday, July 14, 2007

TBAF's Message About GoodSearch

The BAF's Aron Hall posted a short message about using GoodSearch to raise money for the Bubel Aiken Foudation. To find out more about this, click here or on the GoodSearch button on the top-right hand side of every page at CDD.

Most of you know about Goodsearch...for those of you who don't, then this is
your chance to help TBAF without doing anything differently than you're
doing now except changing what you say when you search for something on the
Internet. Supporters of the Foundation "goodsearch." They don't "google."

Here's how to help: is a new search engine that donates half its revenue, about a
penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as
you would any search engine, and it's powered by Yahoo!, so you get great

Just go to and be sure to enter Bubel Aiken as the charity you want to support. You can also download a Goodsearch toolbar to make it even easier.

Just 500 of us searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime! And, be sure to spread the word!

Now for those of you that do, how many of your friends and family do? provides this standard email message to send to people you know:

"As you know, I'm a supporter of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

An easy way to help this organization or any other cause you care about is through a new search engine powered by Yahoo! called GoodSearch. GoodSearch will make a donation to your favorite charity or school with every search.
It doesn't cost you a thing - the money comes from the advertisers.

The more people who use this site, the more money will go to those in need.
So please spread the word to your friends and family.

Here's the web site - You can also read about GoodSearch in the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and more."

You may want to add that when they get to the site that they should enter "Bubel Aiken."

With 100 Camps to back in 2008, every search counts!!!

For the kids,

Aron Hall
Director Services

Tidbits 7/14

Clay and the plane incident is on the Yahoo homepage... but we do have to say - Yahoo, you're a little bit late coming out of the gate... this story was so last week!
The other big airplane scandal of the week surprisingly came from Clay Aiken--arguably one the nicest, squeaky-cleanest contestants in American Idol history, whose greatest faux pas up until now had been daring to sully Kelly Ripa's face with his allegedly unsanitized hand. Well, OK, it wasn't quite as scandalous as R.E.M.'s Peter Buck drunkenly pelting a British Airways attendant with a yogurt carton. But apparently Clay did have the gall to prop his Aiken feet up on a female passenger's armrest, causing the irate woman to give him "a minor shove," according to FBI Special Agent Gary Johnson. Who knows why the FBI had to get involved in this case when they could have, seeking out terrorists, or at least making sure no passengers pack toiletry bottles larger than 3 ounces in their carry-ons. It's a wonder Rosie O'Donnell didn't get involved too, just like she did with that Kelly Ripa incident a few months back. But further intervention probably isn't necessary: "The flight crew was able to resolve the situation," Agent Johnson assured us concerned citizens, letting us all breathe a little easier, knowing our skies are safe from Idol-related personal-space-invasion threats one more. Yep, that's our tax dollars at work, right there...
  • Parade Magazine - POLL ASKS "Who is the best male vocalist ever to have appeared on American Idol?" -- VOTE FOR CLAY... CLICK HERE!
  • S.F. Gate's article about "Idol: The Musical" -
    The power of Clay Aiken cannot be underestimated.

    There are few other reasons that could explain why a small theater production in Syracuse, N.Y -- a musical about Ohio high school students delusionally devoted to the Season 2 "American Idol" first runner-up -- has stirred national interest.

    "I like Clay because he does so much charity work for everyone," said Babs Rubenstein, who plays an evil diva named Adrienne. "You see him as a real person. He wanted to be a teacher, and he still kind of wants to go for that."

    But would Aiken enjoy the show?

    "I think he would," Rubenstein said. "If someone wrote a show about me, I definitely would want to come see it."

    Added Ellis, who has yet to extend a formal invitation to Aiken: "We would absolutely love to have him come see the show."
  • O.C. Register - syndicates the Houston Chronicle article from earlier this month - Clay will be making 4 tour stops in California next month. Questions that didn't "make" this published version of the interview were released earlier this week by the author of the article.
  • - short write up regarding plane incident.

Friday, July 13, 2007

J4Clay Review - Frisco, Houston, and Tulsa

Can it be? Can my three concerts really already be over? Why does the waiting seem to take forever, and the actual concerts just fly by in a matter of what seems like minutes? Thank goodness for great memories and lots of clack from some of the best clack gatherers that there are!

I can summarize all three concerts in one sentence. They could not have been better and for me did not disappoint! Seeing Clay in person again after all these months lifted my spirits and had me flying in the clouds! What is it about hearing his voice for the first time, off stage, and then watching him stroll out on stage, that just sends me soaring? I was absolutely giddy, like a kid again. I had chills running up and down my spine and could not wipe the huge, wide, silly grin off my face. He does that to me. His songs fill my heart and soul to overflowing. The many looks on his face just melt my heart, making room for that voice to fill it again. There's no good way to explain what these yearly concerts do to and for me. I'm trying, but I'm afraid I am failing.

I pretty much told all of you about the Frisco concert the day after it was over right here in Clay's Daily Double. You can read that article again by clicking on the preceding link. But I will add this...there were many, many people there at the Pizza Hut Stadium waiting for the fireworks who got to hear Clay sing. I don't know how many were there just to hear Clay, but no matter, there were certainly some who heard him for the first time. I hope there will be people who will go out and buy ATDW to hear more of Clay....My preference is for Clay's smaller, intimate concerts at indoor venues. Having a shorter, outdoor concert in a big stadium makes the concert not as intimate. Its like fitting Gone With The Wind into half an hour. An hour of Clay was not enough, but because of the fireworks and soccer game, its all we could get there. I was thankful to know that I had two more concerts coming up! But Clay did all he could with the hour he had. He sounded wonderful, the limited banter was funny as always, and just seeing 3-D Clay set my heart on fire!!

Now, Houston is my hometown, or at least I live just southwest of Houston. So I have been excited about this concert ever since I heard he was coming back to Houston! Coming back to Houston!!! I didn't think he ever would and yet here he was in the flesh, breathing my same Houston air (hope it didn't bring on any allergies for you Clay!).

Lots of exciting plans have been going on for a couple of months here in Houston. I was blessed to be able to coordinate the Houston pre-party at Biraporettis with the help of many of my friends and others who gave their time and donated items for the silent auction and prize drawing. We had about 140 people at the party and raised over $1,500 for The Bubel Aiken Foundation. There are so many good things about parties and get to meet so many new Clay fans and you get to help raise funds for BAF. It can't get much better than that!

The concert at Jones Hall with the Houston Symphony couldn't have been better. Clay said that the Symphony was the best he had ever sang with. I thought they both sounded awesome together! Tonight, we got two hours of song, banter, and snark from one of the greatest entertainers of our time! The two medleys were even more enjoyable in a smaller setting, and Clay sang his heart out. Especially wonderful was "Lover All Alone". This song should be heard by all. This song comes from Clay's heart because he wrote it. On the one hand, I am thrilled to hear a song that Clay wrote. On the other hand, it brings tears to my eyes everytime to know he wrote these words about having so much love in his heart and yet being alone. If this is an indication of what can flow from his heart to paper, he definitely needs to be writing more songs.

If the concert was not sold out, it almost was. Just looking up from my seat to the back of the floor seats, and up to the mezzenaine and balcony, it looked as though it was full to bursting. I was so thankful to have a larger crowd this time than when he came to Houston in 2004. Between the great advertising, a terrific party, and a full house, I trust that Clay could tell he was loved and welcome in Houston! I hope he could feel that love!

After the concert, fans waited outside Jones Hall in hopes that Clay would come outside and greet the fans. They were not disappointed. Jerome and Clay did come outside and shook hands with all the fans. Unfortunately this writer was at Biraporettis gathering up all of our party gear and missed Clay.

Tulsa was another great concert. Clay, in my opinion, seemed more relaxed and animated in Tulsa. He had been concerned about the song medley he would be performing, and it seems that by the time he got to Tulsa, he realized the fans loved the medleys and so was able to give it his all and just break loose and perform with all he had! Once again, every song was sung to perfection and his banter had us in stitches. There is only one complaint from me...too many people felt as though they could just call out to Clay and say anything they wanted during the concert. This got old real quick. The crowd grew tired of this quickly, and even Clay seemed to have had enough toward the end and finally began ignoring the people. Hopefully this will not happen at his other concerts. Clay knows how to lead the bantering, and even though some in the crowd were too vocal, he turned lemons into lemonade and had us falling out of our seats with laughter!

Of course, Clay told us just a little about being "beaten up by a girl". Most of us weren't aware of the airplane story then. But it was still funny and made us extremely curious as to what had happened. Clay is wonderful at taking whatever happens that day and turning it into a hilarious bantering session during his concerts. Song, banter, gorgeous guy...what else could we ask for?

Once again, after the concert, a crowd gathered outside the theater hoping for Clay to come outside and greet everyone. This time the crowd was huge and formed a big circle around the parking lot and I was able to be there. Some of us wondered if Clay really would come out to shake this many hands. But Clay does his best not to disappoint his fans. He and Jerome came outside and went all the way around the circle, shaking hands, touching hands, thanking us for coming. One 16-year-old girl was beyond excited about touching Clay's hand and called a friend to gush about it. Does Clay realize that just the touch of his hand excites some and soothes others? He brings so much joy to so many people.

There are so many other things I could talk about that took place during the few days of my concerts, but this has gotten quite long already. These memories will always be in my heart. Being with old friends, making new friends, and sharing just a little time with Clay as he entertains us in style makes life so much more worthwhile and joyful. For everyone who still has a concert(s) to go to, be prepared to have the time of your life. I still have 2 more to go to myself, and I am already counting down the days!

NBC Christmas Show Taping - Tickets On Sale

Don't forget, presale tickets for the NBC Holiday Celebration on Ice's taping is now available to fanclub members. The taping will be on November 6 in Las Vegas. Clay will be exclusive musical guest for the 2 hour special airing on NBC on Christmas day.

The public on sale date for the event is tomorrow at 10 AM local time.... call 1-888-234-2334 or 1-702-284-7777 for ticketing information.

This poster was sent by RCA to some of you today... some of you received a blank email.

zippy888 & clayheaven's Frisco Photos: Bring Out The Thudmats

Gah... these photos by zippy888 and clayheaven are some of the best concert shots I've seen so far... get those thudmats out, ladies, and enjoy:

Clay Ready To Return to "All Is Well" Hair Style

The CB's Okclayhoman says Clay told her during the Tulsa M&G that he might go back to the "All Is Well" cover hairstyle soon -

signed a picture of the All is Well EP cover...he looked at it and said that "we are thinking about returning to this hairstyle" of course we all loved it and told him, what do you guy's think about a return to that luscious hairstyle.....I thought it was a perfect look for him......

Tidbits 7/13

  • Apparently, RCA has been sending a weird email to some of you. The email, which is itself blank, is titled with the subject "Clay Aiken presale tickets"... But then again, RCA has done stranger things in the past... like putting 1969 instead of 2007 on (by the way, that one has STILL not been fixed, 2 months later!) /// UPDATE - some people did get the email - read here.
  • Philly Burbs has an awesome article for Clay's Philadelphia concert, which rolls around on Tuesday -
    Clay Aiken has been doing a lot of charity work for UNICEF, but he still manages to tour once or twice each year. Tuesday night, the “American Idol” TV show runner-up will be backed by the Mann Festival Orchestra at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, 5201 Parkside Ave., Philadelphia, to sing tunes from his mostly-covers album “A Thou-sand Different Ways” and his debut CD “Measure of a Man.”

    Among the pop classics that Aiken put on his new CD are Richard Marx's “Right Here Waiting,” Nilsson's “Without You,” Mr. Mister's “Broken Wings” and Elton John's “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word.” He has taken some jabs from the press for not recording new material; but so far, the 2006 album has sold well.

    Aiken's first CD went multiplatinum behind the hit single “Invisible” and strong Barry Manilow-inspired songs like “No More Sad Songs,” “Shine,” “Perfect Day” and “I Will Carry You.”
  • Philadelphia Daily News/ also has a nice mention of the concert -
    Clay Aiken: One of the biggest success stories from "American Idol" (and he didn't even win!) performs with the lavish Mann Festival Orchestra. Mann Center for the Performing Arts, 52nd and Parkside, 8 p.m. Tuesday, $39-$69, 215-893-1999,
  • Buddy TV - American Idol to start a clothing line ...
    The show is also responsible for launching the careers of today’s most popular artists, such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino, all of whom have received recognition for their work.
  • NY Post - Idol: The Musical listing ... Clay mention: "A musical about small-town folk who worship pop-star Clay Aiken"
  • SyFy Portal - Jericho...
    Every once in a great while, you'll open up SyFy Portal and see us talking about some fan campaign somewhere. It could be efforts to bring closure to "Farscape," or some fleeting attempt to give us more Star Trek, or even Clay Aiken single-handedly saving "Jericho."
  • 411 Mania (warning: coarse language) - article about Al Gore's Live Earth concerts mentions both Gore and Clay were famous runner-ups:
    As for Live Earth, the Q'n'D has the HARD numbers on this concert to fight global warming. Was this massive event a success? Has the world's most famous runner-up [Al Gore] (well, second if you count Clay Aiken) saved this climate in crisis?
  • Northwest Herald and Kane County Chronicle are both already listing Clay's Nov. 29 Waukegan, IL Christmas date - "CLAY AIKEN, 7:30 p.m. Nov. 29, Genesee Theatre, 203 N. Genesee St., Waukegan. Tickets: $68-$83."
  • Student Operated Press - talented 14 year old Barry Harris the next Clay Aiken? "Mary Hart: (Entertainment Tonight) 'Could this be the next Clay Aiken?'"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

CDD's J4Clay's Design Featured at Clayboard

CDD's J4Clay's banner design is featured at the Clayboard this week, as seen above in Windows Vista's gorgeous Flip3D feature. A job well done, Jan!

Bubel Aiken Foundation: 100 Camps in 2008

The Bubel Aiken Foundation has laid out an exciting plan for 2008 - they will be expanding their "Let's ALL Play" program to support 100 summer recreational programs across the country. The BAF sent this email to its supporters outlining their plan:

Coming soon on our

100 Camps for 2008
TBAF Excited about Expansion of Let's ALL Play Program

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF) is excited to step forward to expand its
Let's ALL Play Program. For the summer camp season of 2008, TBAF seeks to
support 100 recreational programs in implementing inclusive camps by
providing a program model, funding, and training. Programs will participate
in a grant process to receive funding. TBAF is looking for quality programs
like the ones they have worked with to develop the Let's ALL Play model. To
check out the grant process, please visit our website under Grants

In order to provide the financial backing to these programs, TBAF is looking
to its current volunteer and support base for innovative ideas that will
increase awareness and help raise the necessary funding. The Foundation
will participate in efforts to expand awareness beyond our donor base to
people that are not aware of the message of inclusion and the programs of
TBAF. Corporate sponsors are also being sought as a key element of support
and visibility for inclusion.

Dedicated volunteers and supporters are already busy at work with various
projects to support the Let's ALL Play initiative. In the true grassroots
spirit, volunteers are seeking to raise awareness and money through can
recycling, scrapbooking, social gatherings, and selling items such as
watches, lanyards, key chains, and stuffed animals. To see all the
fundraising possibilities, see Approved Fundraisers on our website.

TBAF will work to update supporters through email newsletters. The first
newsletter release is targeted for August 15. If you would like to receive
the newsletter, register through Connect on the home page. If you would
like to learn more about becoming a Voices of Beta Alpha volunteer, click on
Voices of Beta Alpha from the home page.

Let ALL Play helps to bring an inclusive recreational experience to children
with disabilities. It gives children with developmental disabilities the
same experience as those without. Children with disabilities and their peers
who are typically developing come together to participate in recreational
activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, community service, physical
fitness and more.

The goal of Let's ALL Play is to assist organizations that serve children
nationwide in moving toward full inclusion. In 2004, the inclusive
recreational experience for children with and without disabilities was
instituted by the Foundation in collaboration with the summer camp programs
run by the YMCA of Greater Kansas City; the West Cabarrus YMCA in Concord,
NC; and the A.E. Finley YMCA in Raleigh, NC. The Foundation has also worked
to expand age reach with a preschool pilot program at the Hobart YMCA in
Indiana. Through the pilot program phase, TBAF worked with professionals in
education, recreation, and camp administration to develop a model that
worked. Recreational sites now have as a resource tested, successful,
comprehensive program model supported through TBAF's training module.

TBAF looks to create communities where ALL children can learn, live, and
play together. With 100 camps in 2008 implementing Let's ALL Play, TBAF
will take a big step toward that goal. It is with the continued support of
dedicated volunteers and the assistance of new supporters TBAF will make
this possible. Many thanks!

Aron Hall
Director Services

Creating communities where ALL children can learn, live, and play together.

Brady Theater Praises Clay

Johnny Buschardt from the Brady Theater in Tulsa emailed the CB's pkmiller with his high praise for Clay and his concert:

It was a great show. It didn’t sell out, but like I told Clay on the phone yesterday – every person there had the time of their lives.

Normally it isn’t that hot in the Brady, but I think the combination of a hot summer stretch and 2000 screaming, ecstatic women may have raised the temperature a bit.

I can honestly say that, in the hundreds on concerts I’ve done, I have never seen so many fans wait (and wait so patiently) for a quick handshake after a show. That was a pretty cool sight to see.

We get along really well with Clay’s agency and management team (whom we work with on other artists as well) and I am sure we will bring Clay back in the future.

Johnny Buschardt
Road Work Entertainment LLC
The Historic Brady Theater

"Idol: The Musical" Photos

The CB's murah15 posted these photos and a review of "Idol: The Musical", the off-broadway musical portraying Clay's fans.
so I dont know that I can rightfully justify what I just saw with this review, but it was one thing I will not forget. I laughed so hard that my friend Lauren and I were crying.

We got there and the place was probably half full.....I would love to find the lyrics to some of the songs because thats what really makes the show. The opening song was the best when they came out and sang lyrics about Clay that were soooooo specific. They were talking about his allergies, his fans and I think you would only really appreciate it if you were a true Clay fan. Thats not to say that you wouldnt laugh if you were there along with someone who was.

Throughout the show they talked some more specifics, calling the kids Claymaniacs and Claymates.....they used the word Claygasm at one point, and in one scene towards the end where one of them said something to someone and one of the kids put his hand over her mouth.....well when she came back with "Im not Kelly Ripa" the place went wild!!!

You could totally tell which people there were Clay fans because they laughed at all the stuff you would only know if you were a fan! Those were the great parts of the show....the inside jokes so to speak!

Here are some pics that I took for you guys......everything else was embedded in the show and you would have had to be there to the songs "Quakin for Aiken" and "Burnin Hunk of Clay". In that scene the character is singing to a bust head of Clay and saying "Clay youre so naughty" and "Clay you dont know what you do to me with your eyes" Im sure someone did their research on this one!!

Tidbits 7/12

Clay searches are up dramatically over at Topix after the "footgate" incident. The same trend was shown at Yahoo and MSN.
  • Clay is #9 this week on the Lycos50, up 2 spots from #11.
  • A few American Idol related mentions:
    • Reality TV Calendar - "I am not kidding, if teenage girls could vote for President (by text message), Clay Aiken would be President of the United States. "
    • Heckler Spray -
      If kids really want to feel like popstars they should practise not writing their own songs and running offstage when the tape they're lip-syncing to skips in the middle of a performance. Anyway, each clothes item will have one of the most popular song titles or lyrics from the show visibly displayed on it. We're not sure if we're more excited about purchasing a pair of goucho pants honouring Clay Aiken's Build Me Up Buttercup, or a shirt with William Hung's picture with the caption She Bangs, She Bangs on it. Yeah, that'll help us express ourselves for sure.
  • TV Squad - follow up to their post claiming Clay took credit for reviving Jericho -
    If you like hard work, being yelled at, no money, and scalding hot coffee being thrown on you in response to a negative comment I received on my Clay Aiken post, shoot me an email and join the team!
  • ... NOW Toronto has another Jericho article -
    If casey-from-mr.-dressup-look- alike Clay Aiken and 50,000 pounds of peanuts can convince a TV network to grant a floundering show a stay of execution, then I feel it's my duty as a TV critic to give it an hour of my time, if only to see what's gotten the American Idol alum's knickers in a knot.
  • - Harry Potter article compares H.P. fans to Claymates and Elliot Yamin's fans - "Trust me, if you thought Elliott Yamin and Clay Aiken fans were over-protective, you ain't seen nothing yet."
  • Concert listings:
  • Dallas Morning News - "Clay Aiken" awlful? They need to clean their ears out -
    Clay Aiken was awful, the fireworks were great, and half will never come back due to traffic problems. It is a shame the city puts on such fabulous events that conclude with so many in misery.
  • Bay Area Reporter (website contains some mild adult content, so we are not directly linking to it) - gay actor Ben Patrick Johnson comments on his charitable UNICEF work with Clay and gives another example of outrageous crap the media throws around with no due cause:
    When he had friend Clay Aiken, the former American Idol contestant who's been dogged by speculation about his sexual orientation, videotape a public service announcement about UNICEF to run during his show, Johnson found himself in the center of an online storm of rampant speculation that he was Aiken's lover.

    The controversy led Johnson to confront the gossipmongers, writing on one blog that Aiken's private life is his own business and not something he has discussed with the singer.

    "From the first I heard of Clay's activism, back in his Idol days, I was interested in his work and his foundation. Last year after I helped build a school in rural Thailand, Clay and I met to talk about how we could harness attention for what we believe in," wrote Johnson. "So ... yes, Clay and I are friends. We share beliefs and are both convinced the world can be made a kinder place. We meet on that level, and it's wonderful. I'm gay, and Clay? His private life is his own business. It's not yours, nor anyone else's. And it's not a part of my dialogue with him. We're busy talking about other things ... things that matter more."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vote for Clay's AI5 Moment As Best Reality TV Moment

VH1 is conducting a poll to find out what your #1 reality TV moment is. The results will be broadcast on VH1's 40 Greatest Reality Moments 2 beginning August 10.

To vote, go to, and scroll down to

American Idol "And The Winner Is..." Season 5 Finale Clay Aiken surprises his impersonator Michael Sandecki in a duet
... mark the bubble beside it. You can vote again as many times as you'd like by clicking the "Vote Again" link at the top of the page.

Here's a YouTube clip of Clay's AI5 appearance for your enjoyment:

New Photo From TBAF Gala

HappyClayDay at the CV found and posted this new photo from the March 31 Bubel Aiken Foundation Champions for Change gala held in Raleigh.

Clay is sitting beide Jamie and Jesse.

Clay Photo Front and Center at Google News

With all this crazy media coverage Clay's been receiving, it looks like the Google News auto-generator has decided to plop Clay's photo front and center onto the Google News homepage, even though the story it appearing beside the photo has nothing to do with Clay.

Because of the dynamic nature of this page, you may not get the photo when you load it on your computer.

Clay's also been featured on the homepages of Yahoo and MSN.

Clay Aiken: A Fortune Teller?

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

Take a look at this cute clip from 1999. Ironic how almost everything Clay says he is jealous about has come true... with the exception of a TV show of course. He even predicted that FOX would be television network to air "his" show (American Idol).

Tidbits 7/11

We told you yesterday about Clay being the 4th most searched for term on Yahoo. Today, he is the 2nd most searched for person over at Wow!
  • Houston Press - American Idol tour ready to hit Houston -
    Yep, Idol's the new punk rock. How better to capture rock and roll's death throes than rocking a Clay Aiken album? What better way to flip off the atrophying societal standards of good taste and talent-based achievement than feigning earnest appreciation for that William Hung or, soon enough, Sanjaya CD? Somebody buys those things, by the millions no less. You might even already have a copy in your house, in the closet next to the ironic trucker hats and the Big Mouth Billy Bass.
  • Tour concert listings:
  • And if you need more plane incident lies from the media ... do a search for Clay at Google News.

  • Nothing here yet today.

Questions That Didn't Make The Houston Chronicle Interview With Clay Are Right Here!

I suppose everyone read the interview by Joey Guerra, who did the Houston Chronicle interview with Clay. But what you haven't seen until today are questions that didn't make the interview printed in the newspaper!

Joey Guerra shared these never-before-seen questions with CDD via email, and here they are for your reading pleasure!

On today's music: ``If it doesn't have a melody or a hook, I really can't get into it. If it's just people screaming, I get confused. It reminds me of my childhood too much.''

``The first preset on my radio is the top 40 station, and I try my best to listen to it. But I find myself switching away and going to the AC station or the country station or the Christian station. There are so few real songs on top 40 anymore. And so few real singers. I'd love to try to find a middle ground between songs that are great, hopefully good singing and production that's current.

``I think nowadays radio doesn't care how good someone sings. They just care whether or not people can fake having sex while standing up dancing to it. That's all they want.

On being roommates with Kimberley Locke: ``She and I became really good friends. I think she was probably a better roommate than I was. I was lazy and kind of messy. She's very meticulous and likes to get her stuff done on time. She would wake up at 6:30 in the morning. By the time she was back from the gym, I was just rolling out of bed, sitting in my pajamas watching TV. She would say, 'Clean up this kitchen! Leaving dirty dishes in the sink.'''

On Idol: The Musical: ``I just heard about it not too long ago. I don't know what to think about it. I think it's kind of flattering, a little bit. Someone put some money into it. They think people are going to show up. I kind of want to see it. That way if they do make fun of me, they'll have to deal with me sitting right there. And then I will boo them loudly.

On his Broadway aspirations: ``When you grow up in N. Carolina, you don't really think about being a pop singer. Maybe you might be a country singer. But when you sing in school, the thing that you do is theater. I never really had any aspirations to do (Broadway). But I'd never really seen a real Broadway play until after I got off of Idol. When I watch them, I'm like, 'Wow - people think I can do this?' I've seen Wicked, and I'm like, 'Whoa!'''

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clay #4 on Yahoo's Most Searched For List

Clay landed at #4 on the Yahoo Most Searched for list today (it's at the bottom of the homepage), probably due to all the lies the media is spreading about "footgate".

Hey, Claymates... let's use this "opportunity" and get him to #1 - keep searching at Also, don't forget about

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF