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Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Every Mother's Son" - A Poem by Ol Mass

In honor of Mother's Day, and no doubt in honor of Clay and his mom as well, Ol Mass at the Clayboard has written a beautiful poem. This poem will touch every mother's heart, especially those with sons. And for everyone who dearly loves Clay, this will touch a chord in your heart as it also describes the son that he is.

You can see this poem by clicking The Clayboard.


Every Mother's Son
By Ol Mass

Every mother's son wants to do the best he can
To make his mama proud, to prove that he's a man
Who's built on character, with heart and moral strength,
And though he's not a hero, he will go to any length
To struggle for survival as he lives through every day,
To take care of his family, he'll always find a way.

Every mother's son, of his mother he is proud,
See him on the rooftops and hear him shout out loud,
"Mom's the one who made me the man I am today,
And mom is the hero, for she took God's lump of Clay,
She molded it, kneaded it and with magic in her hand
She turned a little boy into an independent man."

Yes-No-Yes-No? Calendar Saga Continues

In a suprising move today, withdrew Clay's 2007 Calendar from its site. This move follow's's similar decision last month.

When it was posted on last month, the calendar quickly shot up to #3 on the retailer's bestselling books list. It is unclear why withdrew this calendar, but it is assumable that sales were not a factor as sales have been brisk over the past 2 weeks.

There is rumor that the publisher, MeadWestco, is experiencing licensing issues with Clique Inc. -- the company that runs Clay's fanclub and has jurisdiction over all Clay merchandising. Mead did however list the calendar on its website. It has also since been deleted.

Meanwhile, many people on the boards are reporting that their order status on continues to indicate that the item will ship in early July. Adding to the confusion, the calendar is still available on, the Canadian branch of

Update 5/14: The Calendar has been relisted on the manufacturer, Meadwestco's website. Confused yet? Status is "Out of Stock". Additionally, has cancelled orders.

Tidbits 5/13

  • Forbes: Watch out... Chris Daughtry may be the next Clay Aiken... "From previous seasons, also-ran Clay Aiken inked a deal with Sony BMG's RCA Music."
  • Entertainment: "Winning [American Idol] is not always necessary to kick off a musical career with a bang - just ask runners-up Clay Aiken."
  • The State's American Idol Panel: "[Elliott Yamin's] transformation rivals Clay Aiken's, and I'm just over him."
  • The CB's Matlyn says Clay's the "The Way" video was shown on the MTV Hits channel this morning.
  • Media Fiends: our top 12 idols EVER. Clay comes in at #3/#4.
  • Sun Sentinel: AI article says "The only question as the second season wore on was whether Clay Aiken's insanely loyal fans would get through on the phones often enough to get him past Ruben Studdard."
  • Thanks to ClayReport for giving us the heads up to this cool blog appropriately called "The ClayBlog"

Friday, May 12, 2006

More Sophomore Album News

The CH's moonhead has some exciting news about the album for us.

In a post on Rob Seal's (a singer/songwriter) website forum, Seal says Clay worked with pop/Christian rock composer John Fields before the album changed its focus back in December last year. It reads: "John Fields, musician turned producer genius whose production credits read like a Billboard Charts roundup (Switchfoot, Pink, Andrew W.K., Glen Phillips, Backstreet, Mandy Moore, the new Clay Aiken)."

Additionally, Seal says he heard some songs from the new album. As with other news tidbits we've put out, we're not sure whether these songs made the cut when the album changed into a love song collection back in Dec. (as we pointed out above).

Tidbits 5/12

  • Check out Clay on AOL's Idol Hall of Fame. Above screenshot courtesy ClayReport.
  • MSNBC article on yet another AI voting scandal and recently expelled contestant Chris Daughtry. Has a small section that says "Season Two: Ruben won, but Clay went on to massive success."
  • Canada's jam.canoe network is still confused as to the release date of Clay's CD. It's still insisting the drop date is June 20, this time via its Winnipeg Sun newspaper. (This is most likely wrong info... not a reliable source.)
  • Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald: past AI 'losers' have done well.
  • Baseball Toaster: Taylor Hicks will entertain 50+ "old women", like Clay Aiken (CDD's note: this guy has obviously not been to a Clay concert where there are tons of screaming teenagers!)
  • Foxes On Idol says Clay's Solitaire performance during AI2 was the 3rd best performance ever on AI. Also on the list, Build Me Up A Buttercup (16), Unchained Melody (32), Open Arms (42)
  • Media Matters: article about Iran has a really strange Clay mention.
  • Asheville Citizen Times: Elliott Yamin brings vulnerability like Clay Aiken did.
  • The Insider (which employed Clay back in the fall) said on today's show that AI5's 3rd runner-up Chris Daughtry may be 'bigger than Clay Aiken' after being voted off AI this week. According to posters over at Clayversity, The Insider showed a photo of Clay attending the American Music Awards back in 2004.
  • The CB's dardar1126 says she heard Invisible (not Clay singing...just the song) during a preview of Disney's new Disney On Ice: The Incredibles show. dardar says: "They had the main cast skate out & showed the very beginning of the show. [Invisible was] sung over the action which introduces the Incredibles family."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tidbits 5/11

  • Thanks to Yahoo! for this new photo of Clay at his recent UNICEF school visit, which we told you about yesterday.
  • After last night's shocking American Idol, the Detroit Free Press questions whether Chris will "go the Clay Aiken route" to success.
  • Lycos press release about this week's Lycos50. Mentions Clay coming in #33.
  • Kansas City Star: sports article... Clay mention (I don't get it, so check it out yourself)
  • Lots of opinions that mention Clay in this Reality TV Magazine AI article.
  • article about Canadian Idol 2's Jacob Hoggard... has some not-so-nice mentions of Clay and Kelly's concerts.
  • Reality News Online: Clay/Ruben all over again on Idol?
  • Media Fiends: Taylor Hicks will join the Kelly/Clay/Carrie "elite club"
  • The CB's Khrystah says she heard that Clay was mentioned on i network's game show Pyramids (which has since been cancelled, apparently). She says "the category was 'People on American Idol' and Leeza Gibbons gave these clues: Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul and Clay Aiken"
  • The official fanclub is looking for opinions as to what should be put in Clay's online store. They posted this on the homepage today:
    05/11/06 / 2006 Clay Store Wish List
    Thanks to Clay Aiken Fan Club member txhighlights for starting a new Clay Store wish list thread on the message board. We'd love to know what you'd like to see in the Clay Aiken store for the upcoming year ... so be sure to let us know your thoughts by adding them to the Clay Aiken Store Official Wish List.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MSNBC Report Cites AI's Flaws

MSNBC today broadcast a news report about the flaws facing American Idol.

You can watch the video here.

The report had several Clay mentions, as summed up nicely by the CB's claylee:

  • The guy from In Touch Weekly I think said how someone from Newsweek overheard Simon saying about Clay "We must stop him at all costs; we must stop him" and they did.
  • Then that same guy said of the four winners, Ruben was the only one they ruthlessly pushed who didn't pay off on the pop charts and of course Clay has.
  • Then how Simon hates power ballads like Clay and Kat do.
  • They showed a couple of clips of Will. I always really liked him. His MP3 of Lady was really beautiful.

Clay Visited CT School Recently For UNICEF

File photo
Clay recently visited Middlesex Middle School in CT according to a statement posted today on the Clay Aiken fanclub. The visit comes after the school won UNICEF's 2006 "Kids Heling Kids" challenge that saw kids being encouraged to help peers who were less fortunate. Clay visited several schools back in December 2005, including schools in Raleigh, Boston and New York City.

Here was the full statement from Team Clay:
05/10/06 / UNICEF Spokesperson Clay Aiken visits Middlesex Middle School in CT

UNICEF Ambassador and 2005 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF spokesperson Clay Aiken visits Middlesex Middle School in CT

Procter & Gamble Will Donate $150,000 to UNICEF in Honor of the Schools

NEW YORK, NY (May 10, 2006) - - The U.S. Fund for UNICEF today announced the winners of the first-ever UNICEF Kids Helping Kids® Challenge. Three schools won the nationwide fundraising contest which encouraged students to help vulnerable children by raising funds for UNICEF. This year's winners are Middlesex Middle School in Darien CT, which raised $14,209.34; Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School in Carlsbad, CA, which raised $13,203.65; and Lakehill Preparatory School in Dallas, TX which raised $8,473.96.

In support of the UNICEF Kids Helping Kids Challenge, Procter & Gamble generously offered to donate $150,000 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in honor of the winning schools. Each school was visited by a representative from P&G who presented a check to a U.S. Fund for UNICEF representative on their behalf.

"The winning schools did a tremendous job in raising money for their less fortunate peers," said Elva Lewis, associate director, P&G North America Corporate Marketing. "They are an inspiration to all of us at P&G as our Company's community relations focus is to help children in need live, learn and thrive. It is an honor to be able to recognize the commitment, tenacity, care and concern that these students have exhibited."

Students from grand prize winner Middlesex Middle School also participated in a service learning program. Students, inspired by what they learned in class, engaged in aggressive fundraising. The students made appeals to family and friends, conducted bake sales and even encouraged friendly competition between the grades to increase student motivation to fundraise. In one instance students created paper cut-outs of children's hands and for every $10 raised by a grade a cut-out hand was placed on a designated school wall. Additionally, high earning homeroom classes were rewarded with a private screening of Harry Potter at a local theater.

In addition to having a donation from P&G made in their name, the top-winner - Middlesex Middle School - was visited by UNICEF Ambassador and 2005 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF spokesperson Clay Aiken. Multi-platinum recording artist Clay Aiken served as the national Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF spokesperson. Throughout October, the Raleigh, N.C. native and former teacher, encouraged kids to participate in the program.

Today's announcement comes at the end of what has already been a historic record-breaking year for the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program. The Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program raised a record $5.1 million dollars this past year. Since its inception in 1950, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has raised over $132 million to fund UNICEF's lifesaving work for the world's poorest and most vulnerable children.

This past year's campaign also marked the first time in the history of the program that funds raised were used to help American children. Fifty-percent of the proceeds went toward the U.S. Fund for UNICEF's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. It was the first time ever that the U.S. Fund for UNICEF encouraged American children to help raise funds for other American children.

"Kids are powerful fundraisers," said President of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF Charles J. Lyons. "As evidenced by these winners, once kids learn how they can make a difference, they jump into action to lend support any way they can. The money they raised will help UNICEF to provide services to vulnerable children in the developing world in addition to helping American kids who suffered from Hurricane Katrina."

About the U.S. Fund for UNICEF Founded in 1946, UNICEF helps save, protect and improve the lives of children in 155 countries and territories through immunization, education, health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation. UNICEF is non-partisan and its cooperation is free of discrimination. In everything it does, the most disadvantaged children and the countries in greatest need have priority. For more information about UNICEF or to make a donation, please visit or call 1800-4UNICEF.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tidbits 5/10

  • The IWCY Clay Club pin is now available. Show people that you "will carry Clay" by purchasing one $6 (S&H included)
  • Raleighwood at the Clayboard said that Clay was mentioned on the Rita Cosby Show on MSNBC. Clayzycarol at the CB said that Kim Locke was on Rita's show and was asked if someone can skyrocket (on AI), and Kim's reply was, "Yes, a perfect example is Clay from our season, it was absolutely phenomenal."
  • Clay Aiken-The Ideal Idol - Read the article called "One Arrow, Good and True" by Nageea. This is a great read.
  • Indianapolis Star: Indiana State Fair article/AI... mentions Clay being there last year for JBT.
  • This is just weird. People magazine compared Elvis' style of music to "The thought of Clay Aiken's arteries clogged with fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches" (???)
  • Clarion Ledger: AI likes the south... "North Carolina has already given Idol two of its most popular contestants - Clay Aiken (the second-year runner-up) and Fantasia Barrino (the third-year champion)."
  • The Deadbolt: AI article... mentions the fact Clay has been made into a household name... "To date, American Idol has only produced one bonafide pop superstar in Kelly Clarkson with Clay Aiken following close behind with his own loyal fan base."
  • Quick DFW: who will win AI? Mentions under Taylor Hicks' profile that "Justin Guarini and Clay Aiken were interesting diversions, but America got sick of them. Same with ol' Taylor."
  • Ryan Welton blog: AI around the world. Beside World Idol 2003 winner Kurt Nilsen, "Clay Aiken look like Brad Pitt."
  • Norwich Bulletin: Elliott Yamin's vulnerabilities are like that of Clay.
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution updates readers on Clay's status saying this:
    Clay Aiken (runner-up, Season 2) -- After a huge start to his post-"Idol" career, including a big-selling first album, a Christmas CD and several big tours, he's been quiet lately. His Web site,, says he's working on a third album, but no details are given.

Clay Mention in Romantic Novel

The CB's freckles4clay found a Clay mention in the romance novel "You Got Male" by Elizabeth Bevarly. It says:

But Andrew was agreeing with her that the music of Clay Aiken could, if people would just open their eyes and ears and hearts to it, bring peace and harmony to the entire planet.

New Clack From 1998

The CB's Karma4Clay has found some new "old clack" from a 1998 appearance. It's of Clay singing the duet "Lean on Me". Here was her post:

Greetings from NC where the partay celebrating Wild4Clay's retirement is in its fourth day. Go US!!

Oh, in the midst of all our revelry, we stumbled upon some Clack. Now we think this is New-to-the-Fandom Clack, but we cain't swear to it. It's from Johnson CC--1998. Unfortunately, both of us are technologically challenged. And the owner of the video tape(s) would only release them to our care for one nite. Long story short (shut up, I know it's too late!) we bring possibly new Clack that we tried to get off of a video tape as best we could....which was with my digital camera (while it played on the teevee). Ripped it from the unwatchable video with Goldwave (two parts are unfortunately stitched together quite badly, sorry)...and now are gonna share it with y'all. Aren't you excited?

What? I'm rambling? Well I told you it's the fourth day. Heh.

Without further ado, here is the one song we managed to pull off the tape. Hopefully, someday in the future we can get the others. We thought this was the best of the bunch, anyhow. It's called "Lean on Me". (It's a duet, btw.)
Click here to go to a page where you can download the MP3.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tidbits 5/9

  • Foxes on Idol - "Which Idol Will Fall Ninth" by Sting 7 and David Bloomberg - Two Clay mentions in this article about American Idol 5's next Idol to fall.
  • ...and another one from Foxes on Idol... "not suprised Clay and Ruben ended up in the finals"
  • 94.9 KLTY Christian Radio - Don't forget to request Clay's "I Will Carry You" every weeknight to be included in the top 10@10 on 94.9 KLTY. Clay has been #1 the last 4 nights in a row. Email to make your request....P.S. Clay's "I Will Carry You" was #1 again on Monday night. Keep on voting!!
  • Associated Press wire story on Chris Daughtry... mentions Clay and Fantasia also being from NC, like Daughtry.
  • another Chris Daughtry article from the Raleigh News & Observer... pretty much the same thing, paraphrased.
  • Inside Bay Area: 1+ year between follow-up albums is too long. Indirectly mentions Clay's delayed sophomore album.
  • National Ledger: Elliott Yamin article... says that AI has treated Elliott badly, much like Clay.... still, Clay was treated "like a king" compared to Yamin's treatment.
  • eMedia Wire press release from Elliott Yamin fans mentions Clayfans' voting problems during the AI2 finale.
  • South Bend Tribune article mentions success of past idols.
  • Former AI3 finalist John Stevens tells that the worst comment he's gotten was "Are you Clay Aiken?"
  • Clay moves up to #33 on the Lycos50.
  • Media Fiends AI article: "I was there when, in auditions, Clay Aiken announced himself as the next American idol, and celebrated with him many shows later when he beamed with happiness for Ruben as he himself lost the competition."

American Idol Top 4 -- Walking Down Memory Lane to 2003

As many of you know, this week AI5 has only 4 contestants left. Let's think back a few years ago to May 6, 2003. The top 4 contestants were Josh Gracin, Kimberly Locke, Ruben Studdard, and Clay Aiken. The theme was "BeeGee's" and the guest judge was Robin Gibb.

Clay sang 2 songs that night. First he sang an absolutely outstanding version of "To Love Somebody". Randy said "that was brilliant", and Robin Gibb said that Clay had a "fantastic voice" and that that's "the way the song should be sung". Paula commented that Clay had "found a safe place with your vulnerability and your maturity as a performer has caught up with your beautiful voice". Simon even gave Clay a great compliment by saying that this was probably "one of the best performances I’ve ever heard throughout the entire competition".

Then Clay sang the never-to-be-forgotten "Grease", wearing what I thought was an awesome red leather jacket! We not only got the great voice, but a little "hip shakin'" action as well!! Randy "liked the moves" and Robin Gibb loved Clay's interpretation of the song. Paula said "you shook your thang" and was glad Clay was "having fun and not taking yourself too seriously." And then the infamous words from Simon..."Horrible..everything about that was horrible!" Well, 3 out of 4 judges got it right!!

If you want to watch Clay's performances from "BeeGee's Night" on AI2, go to All Things Clay Aiken. You can download these and other videos there until May 31, when the site will close.

Georgia Claymates Accepting Donations For New Program

The CB's 123somethingextra has informed the Clay nation of a new project the Georgia Claymates are organizing. The program aims to teach the club's younger members "civic responsibility" and the fun of "spreading the joy of Clay Aiken." The club is seeking donations of Clay books, CD's, stuffed animals, colouring books, etc., as she explains:

The Georgia Claymates are starting a new project for our young (under 20) members to aid and teach civic responsibility and to spread the joy of Clay Aiken by getting his name out there. They will be known as "Friends of Clay Aiken". They are going to be learning the proper way to become Clowns to visit children in hospitals. I took this class many years ago not realizing that there is a certain way that you go about it so that the children aren't frightened. One thing the make up is different and not scary, the clothes are freindly and fun too. They will be learning skits, a few tricks, etc. Then they will visit children in hospitals. Now to get to my request. We have many generous members in the Georgia Claymates and they will be donating everything from balloons, stuff animals, Clay's CDs and Clay's book, however. hopefully this will be larger than us though . So, if anyone has Clay's CDs, his book, stuffed animals, small games, coloring books, crayons, or anything else that we could give away that you would/could donate, would you contact me, aikeninmyheart, or whatwouldclaydo07. We would appreciate it.

When we get this finalized and going we will send pictures to the Clayboard for everyone to see. Oh, and pray for us and this project. Thanks,


Tidbits 5/8

  • Halifax Chronicle Herald: Enrique Iglesias's birthday... mentions the fact he co-wrote The Way and the fact Clay is "cable TV's American Idol winner"
  • PR Inside: Neil Sedaka article, "They don't realise that I had the top-selling record in the United States of 2004 - Solitaire by (American Idol runner-up) CLAY AIKEN," says Sedaka.
  • NC Times: The human side of the web. Has a very good section about the Claydawgs and their fundraising efforts after the tragic death of Jim Leverton last November.
  • Foxes On Idol: Top 4 Idol history...3 season ago... GREASE!
  • Beavers On Idol: article by Terrie Rosas about Elliott Yamin declares that "Clay Aiken [was] the closest thing to an American idol the franchise has ever produced."
  • AskMen: random Clay mention in music article.
  • article about former season 2 Idol contestant. Small mention about the season being the Clay/Ruben season.

New ASCAP Listings For Clay

Two new songs have been added to Clay's roster of songs over at ASCAP's music database.

  • Dream is co-written by the composer of Compromise, Matt Bronleewe, another new song that was confirmed for the sophomore album last month. Jason Ingram was the other co-writer.
  • Try was also written by Ingram and Bronleewe. Ben Glover also helped co-write the song.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Idol Guitar" On The Auction Block

An 'idol guitar' is on the auction block over at eBay. The guitar, signed by Clay and label mates Fantasia and Kelly Clarkson, was donated to an unnamed NY arts organization by RCA Records/Sony BMG.

Bidding closes next Saturday and currently stands at $400.

Tidbits 5/7

Clay Mention on QVC

Clay was mentioned today on the QVC shopping channel, according to the CB's lsdollylovesclay:

Sitting here watching QVC and what do I hear...a testimonal Clay Aiken shout out phone call....A Camcorder is being featured for sale, and a woman named Barbara phoned in to say she's purchasing it for when she attends Clay Aiken Concerts!!! Whoo hoo...Barbara are you here!!!!

CDD supports:

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