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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tidbits 7/17

  • Tim Johnson Photography & Calligraphy-SmugMug - There are two pre-American idol photos of Clay from a wedding at this site with the following under the pictures:
    Clay Aiken Was Always A Talented, Kind Young Man, Becoming An Idol Was Just A Bonus. Here he is preparing to be the wedding singer in his pre-Idol days.

  • Lalate Celebrity News - This site is an awesome site with some positive articles about Clay. Give it some hits! Lalate reports the following:
    LALATE’S Clay Aiken videos now are the most watched Clay Aiken videos on two of three of the top video websites in the U.S.

    “eLATED for Clay Aiken”, the premiere of LALATE’s third celebrity news TV program called “eLated”, now is the most watched Clay Aiken video on Brightcove and Daily Motion.

    “eLATED” for Clay Aiken was a biopic video premiere of Aiken’s career, produced in advance of his current album. It’s first aire date was May this on Daily Motion, but didn’t get deployed even onto Brightcove until June.

    Yesterday, LALATE was proud to learn that it has become the highest ranked celebrity news site for Clay Aiken. This month, Aiken has raised online $50,000 for the effort in Somalia.If you enjoy this story, and love Clay, start chatting about it now in the new chat!
    In addition, check out the following links to other articles in lalate about Clay:

    Clay Aiken Somalia Picture
    Clay Aiken Somalia II - In this article, lalate also asks fans the following:
    In other Aiken news, many LALATE readers have been asking if Clay will go on tour this year. So how about this - should LALATE start a petition to urge a Clay Aiken winter mini-tour?

    Hollywood Hottest Body 2008 (For men, Clay was chosen as the best "heart")
  • Pasadena Weekly - An article called A Tribe is Born, by Kristy Lucero, which is about a hip hop dance group for kids, Clay is mentioned as follows:
    “They see what I do and they want to be professional dancers,” says Cain, who is an award-winning dancer and has choreographed shows for various hotels in Las Vegas, as well as for Clay Aiken’s “Invisible” video. “I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be in this industry,” she says.

Jimmy Kimmel Sports Clay Aiken Cap For Q & A

Thanks to fan Starfishy2000's eagle eyes, she caught a quick clip on The Insider of Jimmy Kimmel wearing a Clay Aiken cap and posted it on The Clayboard. After seeing the post, Clayscience videoed the spot and posted a screencap along with a link of the Q&A where Jimmy wore the hat.

The event was a Q&A session with the ABC Entertainment president. An Associated Press article entitled, Kimmel, ABC get laughs out of Leno's future gig, By Lynn Elber, has all the information about the Q&A.

Yep, Jimmy's a Clay fan for sure!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OMWH Used in Olympics Promo in Korea

Clay's "On My Way Here" was used on a TV promo for the Olympic games, which aired on South Korea's MBC-TV network. The CB's Bloomingclay provides us with this transcript:
The captions are pretty nice-it starts with how MBC staffs caught the precious moments of Olympics like
"Kim Chang-bae,cameraman,participated 3 Olympics,15 Gold 25 Silver 15 Bronze'
'Park Kyung-chu,announcer,participated 2 Olympics,17 Gold 22 Silver 19 Bronze'
'Cho Duk-hyung,engineer,participated 3 Olympics,33 Gold 27 Silver 32 Bronze'

and then goes like
'28 times of Olympics,186 moments of glory, and the sweat and tears of 3108 people
and we recorded all those moments although we're not the ones who play, sweat and shed tears.
Now we're preparing for the 29th stage to experience again with you'

Tidbits 7/16

  • Access Atlanta crunches American Idol winning single sales numbers -
    My numbers-obsessed friend Ken Barnes at USA Today posted the total sales of the various coronation songs here.. Given that back in 2002-03, most sales were CDs and now they are all downloads means a bit of an oranges to apples situation but Clay Aiken is at the top (and he didn’t even win!), followed by Kelly, Carrie and Ruben. Taylor is fifth but David Cook’s “This is My Time” will probably lapse it in a couple of weeks.
  • Mullet Wrapper - Taylor Hicks follows idol footsteps to Broadway - "Fantasia Barrino starred in The Color Purple, while Clay Aiken nabbed a recent role in Spamalot."
  • The Liberty Papers on why American Idol democracy doesn't exactly work -
    How have the results turned out? Well, not so stellar. Of all the American Idol alumni who are releasing records, the top two sellers are Idol winners, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. The next two highest on the list, Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry, are non-winners. Being from different seasons than the above two, one can’t claim that they were “overshadowed” by the winner’s success. Following these two, in 5th and 6th place, are season 2 and 3 winners, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia. Given the length of time between their seasons and now, one can be sure that their album sales won’t climb much in the future– unlike Daughtry above them, who is still on an upward path in his career. In the case of Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, Aiken– who finished runner-up to Studdard– has sold over 2 million more albums and his follow-up albums have peaked far higher on the charts than Studdard’s non-debut albums.
  • Washington Post -
    Washington Post music critic J. Freedom du Lac is online every Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET to talk about the latest on the music scene: alternative, country, alt-country, pop, hyphy, harp-rock, reggae, reggaeton, R and B and whatever it is that Clay Aiken does.
CDD Blogwatch

  • Clay's appeal for Somalia:
    • Something That Really Happened -
      Clay Aiken has been blogging about his recent trip to Somalia. So far, he has posted two blogs. The situation is dire. My heart goes out to the children. Here are some excerpts from the blogs, but be sure to click on the links for the blogs to read the rest of what he has to say as well as to see more pictures:
    • FlippinBirds
    • The ConCLAYve -
      UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken is continuing his work to promote support for the children of Somalia, following his recent trip to the northwestern region of Somaliland.

      In a blog entitled Somalia: Keep spreading the word, Aiken thanks donors for raising $50,000 for Somalia's children in the last six days, and challenges UNICEF supporters to take action in advocating for children.
    • There Was A Man -
      In light of Clay Aiken's recent trip to Somaliland on behalf of UNICEF, I would like to feature a 2005 documentary of Somaliland produced by BBC journalist Simon Reeve. Somaliland is a breakaway state that no one in the world recognizes as a legitimate land.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UNICEF Posts Clay's Second Field Note Blog

Clay's second field notes blog has been posted at UNICEF's Field Notes site. In addition, there are two wonderful pictures of Clay and the Somalian children (see above). What strikes me in each of these pictures is one of the most joyful and shining smiles I've ever seen on Clay, as well as on the children. Its as though none of them have ever enjoyed such a moment as much as this one. This is the kind of photo that pulls at your heartstrings...a "kodak moment" of enormous proportions!

While Clay's blog emphasizes the seriousness of the children's situation in Somolia, he also sings UNICEF's praises for all they have done there. Read what Clay has to say in his blog:

Somalia: Keep spreading the word

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken recently returned from Somalia, where UNICEF provides children in the war-torn nation with health care, education, nutrition, clean water and sanitation. This is the second in a series of blog posts he will write about his experience in the field.

For children in Somalia, the situation is dire. But, it's just amazing to me that UNICEF is still able to make a difference in children’s lives in one of the most dangerous places on earth.

For instance, while I was in northwest Somalia—where 45 percent of the population are children and women—I observed how UNICEF improves water, sanitation and hygiene conditions for everyone in the region. One of the ways they do this is by drilling "borewells" so that clean drinking water is easily accessible and readily available. Without these borewells, children would have to walk hours to fetch water instead of going to school and getting an education.

I also visited health clinics where women waited patiently in long lines to get insecticide treated bed nets to prevent malaria. With an estimated 700,000 cases annually, malaria is a major public health problem in Somalia. One bed nets used to cost a Somali family about $4—an enormous sum in one of the poorest countries of the world. But UNICEF now provides them for free.

UNICEF also provides much needed support to the education system in Somalia with teacher training and the funding of school supplies. Every child I met wanted to be in school. And because of UNICEF, these children—who would probably never have had any type of education—can go to school and learn in a safe, clean environment.

Educating children is much easier when teachers are trained and school facilities exist. And, providing healthcare is more easily done when aid workers do not have to worry about their security. I applaud UNICEF for doing whatever it takes to make sure children get the healthcare and education they deserve, even in Somalia.

And, I applaud you too. Since my previous blog post, you have donated over $50,000 for children Somalia. On behalf of these children, I can't thank you enough. But I also challenge you to not stop now... encourage your friends and family as well. Ask them to learn more about UNICEF's work in Somalia and around the world, and cheer them on to help out too!

Tags:Clay Aiken education field visit health care hygiene malaria sanitation school School-in-a-Box Somalia water
Posted by Clay Aiken, UNICEF Ambassador on July 15, 2008 5:45 PM | Permalink
Its exciting to know that $50,000 has already been donated by Clay's fans and others. But more is needed to be able to continue to improve their education, health, and overall situation. If you'd like to donate, go to UNICEF's donation page. Your donation will make a difference, and just might put a smile on your face as big as the smiles in the pictures posted above!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Less Than 35 Beta Alpha Cookbooks Remain To Be Sold -- Proceeds Go To The Bubel Aiken Foundation

Via The Clayboard - Less than 35 of the "Cooking For Inclusion" Beta Alpha cookbooks are left to order. Cindy, the co-chair of the Beta Alpha Cookbooks, tells us, "As of Saturday, July 12th, 35 left - thank you so much!!"

When all 500 cookbooks have been sold, BAF will receive $5000!

Here is the information for purchasing the cookbooks. Get your order in fast before they sell out!

The Beta Alpha Joint Chapter Project


Shipment in July 2008

Price: $20.00 (includes shipping)
Cost Breakdown: $10.00 goes to TBAF
$6.25 covers printing expense
$3.75 covers shipping
If you elect to pay by PayPal add .75 per book for PayPal Fee 22 Beta Alpha Chapters and the TBAF board, staff and family contributed favorite recipes from around the country to Use Their Voices as One in support of the inclusion mission of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation. You will definately want at least one of these cookbooks for yourself. It includes 461 recipes from the chapters, Faye Parker, Aron Hall, Kristy Barnes, Jerry Aiken and the rest of the TBAF board and staff. There is also a write-up about each chapter and what inclusion means to them. They make a great gift.

Each Beta Alpha chapter will get credit on their BAF scoreboard for the number of cookbooks ordered under their chapter. If you do not belong to a chapter, you can designate which chapter is to get your credit. To clarify, if you order 5 cookbooks and $50.00 goes to BAF, that $50 goes on your chapter scoreboard. Cindy will be doing all the recording and sending the money to TBAF and advising them which chapter gets the credit. TBAF is aware of this procedure.

Payment Information:

1. You must designate which chapter the $10.00 per cookbook credit goes to.

2. Checks can be made payable to: Cindy Skuce, 28 Sandra Circle, Coventry, RI 02816. She has to take out her $6.25 and $3.75 to recoup print and shipping costs, then the $10.00 goes to TBAF.

3. PayPal orders go to Please add .75 per cookbook ordered to cover PayPal fees. Indicate "cookbook" in your message and remember to provide your full name and address for shipping. If you have any questions on ordering, or the cookbook itself, please e-mail those to Cindy Skuce at or Carol Erickson at We will be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks in advance for your orders and for supporting this project. We can all make a difference in the life of a child and their family by supporting the Foundation and its' mission of inclusion.
Cindy Skuce/Carol Erickson
Cookbook Chairpersons

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No Clay News To Report?? Well, This Time Last Year...

So its hard to find any Clay news to report on these days. Spamalot is over and our next Clay appearance apparently isn't until August. In fact, here are the next three appearances that we are aware of:

  • August - Paula Deen's Party (Food Network)
    This series is scheduled to be shown on Friday Nights at 10:00pm EDT
  • October 18 - Champions of Change Gala (Raleigh) - Marriott
  • Monday, January 26, 2009 - 2nd Annual Golfing for Inclusion
    Mirasol Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

We do expect to receive another UNICEF blog from Clay, but meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to look back at what was happening this time last year. Of course!! Clay's 2007 Summer Tour, The Soft Rock and a Hard Place Tour, was going on. He had already been to three different cities:

Wednesday July 4...Pizza Hut Park, Frisco Texas
Friday July 6...Jones Hall, Houston TX
Saturday July 7...The Brady Theater, Tulsa OK

Being from Texas I was, of course, beside myself, as were countless other Texas fans. And Oklahoma being just around the corner made for a nice trio of concerts! the weather even cooperated for the outdoor Frisco concert. It was somewhat cooler than normal July 4 weather in Dallas.

To think back on these three awesome concerts, here are some pictures and videos from each one. Enjoy and reminisce Clay's great summer tour of 2007.



TULSA, OK, The Brady Theater - July 7

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