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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tidbits 9/8

LBFCA has part 2 of their "He's Not That Innocent" photo/video essay series... don't miss it! It's making me miss the summer tour already and it hasn't even been a whole month since it's ended yet.

  • From Clayversity - Clay was voted the "Biggest Gossip" in his high school class. Hmmm, why does that not surprise me? He talks a lot and faster than the speed of sound, so he could sure tell a lot of gossip just in one day!! SIDE NOTE: Notice that he was wearing stripes even back then!!!
  • National Ledger - In an article entitled, "American Idol Tour Flops" by Jim Roberts, he states that
    A source tells, “It has been tough this time but the star power just wasn’t as big as other seasons where people really wanted to see a Kelly Clarkson or a Clay Aiken or a Fantasia...
  • - New Neil Sedaka article mentions Clay -
    The songwriter behind Clay Aiken's "Solitaire," the Captain and Tenille's "Love Will Keep Us Together," and Connie Francis' "Where The Boys Are" is also the early-Sixties teen idol behind the mic on "Calendar Girl," "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," and, eventually, "Laughter In The Rain." Find out all about Brill Building legend and pop idol Neil Sedaka here in my new profile.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Here's a new blog I found today... it's called Clay - The Man. They have some awesome Clay photos, graphs and YouTube clips you can spend hours enjoying.
  • ClaySpots - post about that wonderful Dianne Austin/ElitesTV review of Clay's LA concert from yesterday
  • Carolina On My Mind gives us some wonderful news -
    It's hard to believe, but this cookie crumb-covered toddler is trying to promote me to the rank of "grandmother."

    Daughter Jennifer is expecting a son in October. She is currently in the hospital for cautionary monitoring with doctor's orders for complete bed rest, so the grandson's birth may be rescheduled from October 10 to late September. Our family is on stand-by in several states for the blessed event.
  • Clayigraphy's Chardonnay invited to post on LBFCA -
    So anyway, it happened exactly like this...

    Out of the blue.. The Broads' people called up MY people and asked them if they thought I might be interested in putting together a little sumpin' for one of their Main Pages.

    My people responded back with a "She would be happy to, but with one stipulation"... that they would shuffle through all of their files and come up with one or two of the most amazing and broadliest Broads they could find to assist me with it.

    And you know what? They did!

    He's Not That Innocent... (Part 1)
    He's Not That Innocent... (Part 2)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Clay's Picture Perfect Tours: Part 5 - The Jukebox Tour

What was your favorite Clay tour? Did you love American Idol tour because it was the first time you saw him live after American Idol was over? How about his Solo Tour because it was his first tour to headline by himself, not to mention all those great songs he sang from his first album.

Those are all great reasons to love a particular tour. But as for me, my favorite is and just might always be the Jukebox Tour. What great music from 6 decades, sung to perfection by the master singer himself! He fit into each decade perfectly. In that black jacket and black jeans, he was Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Jerry Lee Lewis. In his white shirt and skinny tie and head shake, he was the Beatles. Everyone could pick a song out of his list of songs that they loved. His banter between songs was fun and hilarious. And who said the man can't dance???

People have lots of great memories from the Jukebox Tour. I asked for some of those memories from members of the Clayboard, and here is what some of those people said:

Okclayhoman - The JBT......his Elvis impersonation and playing the piano......Stump the Band......When A Man Loves A Woman.......and LLVL....holy moley!

Rainlover - Great Balls of Fire on the piano

sjk1010 - My first concert was Tom's River, NJ-the JBT kickoff. The anticipation was building because we all had absolutely no idea what Clay had in store for us, and that feeling just multiplied the effect when he blew us all away with the show! From the moment he stepped on stage to apply his magic touch to the skipping jukebox, all the way through his MOAM medley, I was entranced. I'll never forget seeing him for the very first time live, and the one thing that came out of my mouth was, "He's REAL!" as if I was shocked that he actually existed after watching him for so long on my TV and computer! The energy that night was just amazing...From Clay, his backup singers, band, and the audience-everyone was so excited! When the show came to an end I was officially hooked on "Live Clay", and I've enjoyed every tour immensely since.

Sunshinewagon - "Great Balls of Fire" standing on the piano; "Yeah, I know your words"; Laughing & leaning over to "kiss" Angela on "So Happy Together"; When the two girls covered his mouth and took his microphone and he gets both of theirs and wraps his arms tight around both their necks on "So Happy Together"; "Back for More"

Rpoppert - ELVIS!!!!!! Dancing on the piano. Back For More. LLVL. WDC. BOTW live! Mandy.. so beautiful. Singing Rockin' Robin (my name is Robin!). Stump The Band. Clay playing the piano.

Riversend22 - Tour: Of course would have to be the dancing on the piano for GBOF. I was also at the New Hampshire show where Clay talked to Terry. I still listen to that portion and laugh uncontrollably every time.
Below are some of the many great pictures from the Jukebox Tour. I've also included two YouTube videos, one of him singing the Elvis songs and the other one of him in Vermont when he couldn't stop laughing about Felix saying, "And Vermont is a great city." I hope you enjoy. Tomorrow we'll remember the Joyful Noise 2 Tour.

Magical Holiday Tour 2007: Easton, PA Date Announced

Clay will bring his 2007 Christmas tour back to the State Theatre in Easton, PA on December 12. The 1500 seater Easton, PA venue was one of the many venues that sold out during Clay's mini Christmas tour last year.

Tickets are tentatively scheduled to go on sale Wednesday, October 3.

Magical Holiday Tour 2007: Omaha, NE Date Announced

Clay will be returning to Omaha, NE for the first time since his 2005 Joyful Noise tour (Council Bluffs, IA) on December 21. This new tour date was announced:

Friday, December 21, 2007
8:00pm CST

Orpheum Theatre
Omaha, NE
Capacity: 2600

Tickets, from $25 to $125, go on sale to current venue subscribers beginning Monday September 10 at 9 AM CDT. We are told that if you were not a venue member by today at 5 PM CST, you will not quality for the advanced venue subscribers pre-sale.

Public or fanclub on sale dates have not been announced yet.

Idol Stalker's "'Unchained Melody' Face Off"

We all know how beautiful Clay's rendition of "Unchained Melody" is. So let's make sure our voice is heard in this new Idol Stalker poll asking which Idol contestant performed the best version of this 50's Righteous Brothers classic.

Competing against Clay are Kellie Pickler and Australian Idol contestant Damien Leith.

ElitesTV Raves About Summer Tour

We're giving ElitesTV top marks for their new review of Clay's Los Angeles concert last month. The review is actually 2 reviews bundled into one article - the first half deals with Clay's concert at the Greek Theatre in LA and the second half talks about Michael Bubel's concerts at the same venue. Check out some of the great things they have to say about Clay's show:

I saw Aiken first. It was different than past concerts for the former AI star. This show sported no frills, bells or whistles (except those that went off in the minds of the Claymates of course). Unlike Clay’s last tour (Jukebox) that had him running from one era of rock n’ roll to the next while he ran from one end of the stage to the other , this was a really bare bones presentation. This time Aiken rested on his laurels and relied on the pure power and clarity of his voice to carry the show.

Did it work? You betchya! If there’s anyone who can pull off a show of this kind, Aiken can. He does it by simply singing. The only extras we got were his southern boy gift of gab and somewhat corny/dork sense of humor coming out in a medley that spoofed the fact that he is not “cool.”

Clay is clever enough to make his country boy image still work, and more than ever, he seems to be happy with who he is and what he’s about. He still wears his heart on his sleeve and it’s this fact and a down to earth demeanor that are so obviously infused into his pop persona now. Early Aiken showed a bit of a struggle with how he should present himself, but it’s clear now who he is--what he gets from his music, his fans, and his life’s work.

Mainstays Quiana Parler and Angela Fisher were there as always to back him with vocals and then take center stage to do their own solos. They continue to add beauty, fun, and talent to any evening with Clay. The two women also help the artist get a reprieve each night for just a few minutes when they become the featured soloists and Aiken gets a chance to rest his voice.

The highlight for me was when the artist performed a song he wrote the lyrics to: “Lover All Alone.” Producer David Foster wrote the music and the collaboration resulted in a piece that should draw serious attention for Grammy consideration. Will it though? Probably not—it was recorded only on a bonus track for Aiken’s last CD entitled “A Thousand Different Ways” and hasn’t been heard much. Still, if a tree falls in the forest. . .?? Yes, for me, it does make a sound. And trust me, the sound of Aiken singing “Lover All Alone” is something else.

Speaking of David Foster, here’s another commonality that Buble and Aiken share. Foster produces Michael Buble. So there you go!

Tidbits 9/7

  • Yahoo! Music - Clay's interview from last September with Yahoo! Music is featured on their homepage today.
  • Foxes on Idol - Kimberley Locke is borrowing a page out of Clay's career ... she's releasing a Christmas album next month -
    Kimberley Locke will be releasing a Christmas album this year. There’s no firm date, but October 9 is being floated around the Internet. More on this when details are available. Kimberley’s done very well with Christmas tunes. “Jingle Bells” and “Up on the House Top” both hit #1 on the Adult Contemporary Charts, and her duet of “Silver Bells” with Clay Aiken made it to #16. Her version of “Jingle Bells” is the only one ever to have reached #1.
  • The Pueblo Chieftain - Clay supports "Flat Stanley" project at the Buell Children's Museum in Pueblo, CO:
    And so it is that “The World is Flat! Cultural Celebrations with Flat Stanley,” is the theme of the new exhibit at the Buell Children’s Museum at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center.

    Kids will be able to make their own Flat Stanley and his wardrobe; create travel stickers for suitcases; and design personal stationery, bookmarks and postcards. Those who want may even post some of their creations on the official Flat Stanley Web site. About that site: In the 1964 book by writer Jeff Brown and illustrator Tomi Ungerer, Stanley Lambchop shows how a positive attitude helps him cope with a physical disadvantage and propels him into a series of adventures.

    The Flat Stanley phenomenon has gained cooperation from celebrities such as Clay Aiken, Jack Nicklaus, Jackie Chan and Muhammad Ali. All have been pictured with their very own Flat Stanley in an effort to encourage children to read.
  • Christmas tour mentions -
CDD Blogwatch

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Goodsearch Updates From Aron Hall at BAF

Aron Hall has made us aware of two updates from Goodsearch. The first one has to do with BAF being Goodsearch's Charity of the Day on September 10. The second one is a new way to raise money for BAF through Goodsearch's Goodshop! Read Aron's letter below for all the information about this great new fundraiser:

2 Updates from Goodsearch:

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation will be Goodsearch’s Charity of the Day on September 10!

And another great opportunity from the Goodsearch e-newsletter:

Introducing GoodShop!

What if every time you shopped online a percentage of the sale went to your favorite nonprofit or school?

Welcome to GoodShop! More than 100 great stores including Target, Macy's, The Gap, Best Buy, Nordstrom, PetSmart, Staples and Wal*Mart have teamed up with GoodSearch to do just that.

The next time you're looking for a new book, computer, DVD, pair of shoes or clothing, go to GoodShop first.

It's simple. No username or password is required. Just designate your favorite charity or school, click on the store's logo from the GoodShop site and then shop as you normally would.

You'll get the same great prices, but every time you place an order, you'll be supporting your favorite cause with donations that average around 3% of the sale but can exceed 20%!

Sounds like another great way for us to help those 100 Camps in 2008!

Aron Hall
Director Services

Creating communities where ALL children can learn, live, and play together.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation
8601 Six Forks Road
Suite 400
Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: 919.882.2152
Fax: 919.882.2155
Don't forget that from now on when you do your shopping online, go to Goodshop first. You can shop in the same way you normally do, only The Bubel Aiken Foundation will get a percentage of the sale. And every little bit adds up!! Let's keep working hard to help BAF raise enough money to have those 100 camps in 2008!

Clay's Picture Perfect Tours: Part 4 - 2004 Joyful Noise Tour

So far in our picture tour series, we have seen pictures and YouTube videos of the AI2 Tour, the Independent Tour, and the Solo Tour. Today we'll take a little journey back in time to Clay's first Christmas Tour, the 2004 Joyful Noise Tour. Clay has said that the Christmas tours are his favorite tours, and I think you can see the joy all over his face as he's singing these Christmas songs that he loves. I think its an awesome blessing for us to be able to share a little bit of the holiday season with Clay.

Here's a few memories from Clayboard fans from this JNT04:

Rpoppert - JNT 1 and 2 : DSIAFCD!!!! Good News. For JNT1: Him coming into the audience to dance with people for WAYDNYE. espeically the woman he picked up out of the wheelchair, which is one of the shows I was at.


J4Clay - Hearing Good News and Don't Save It All For Christmas for the first time. He blew me away with both of those wonderful songs. Also seeing him in that loooooooong black coat. WOW!!
Here's a taste of that first tour.

Clay Singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas", 2004 Joyful Noise Tour

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF