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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Clay's Picture Perfect Tours: Part 3 - The Solo Tour, aka NAT

I'll never forget Clay's Solo "Not a Tour". It started out as a few cities here and there, and it slowly grew and grew, more cities were added, till the "Not a Tour" became a Big Ol' Tour. This was Clay's first tour where he headlined by himself. The AI2 Tour of course featured all of the Top 10 contestants. The Independent Tour was co-headlined with Kelly Clarkson. But this was Clay's tour and his alone. And I don't think there was a Clay fan anywhere who wasn't totally wired up about this tour!

From The Clayboard, we have several memories from people who attended this tour:

From Sunshinewagon - The steps rising and Clay singing WTSHNN.

From INeedaClaybotomy - The Leg Wrap in Charlotte.

From Rpoppert - Being at the very first show, and not knowing anything. Everything was a surprise. The mother ship! I LOVED the video montage he used with TITN!!! Bringing up the singers and thre dancers.

From Riversend22 - Well it was an amazing tour but I'd have to say my two best memories was 1) Me dancing on stage with him at the Erie county Fair. Loved the way he laughed at me when I did the worm. And 2) Probably the entire Charlette was hilarity done to perfection.

From Tedy4Clay - Clay doing the "Nasty Dance" in Charlotte, 04'... I still watch this one over and over! Toooo funny!!! Clay singing with "Brianna"? the little 4 year old....awwwww!
Clay singing with John and John "ripppppping" the mike off the stand during "This is the Night".

From Beedawn - My favorite Clay Aiken concert of all times was the 2004 Solo Charlotte NC concert. Everything was perfect that night and I will always remember it.
As for my memories, in addition to having the closest seats I ever had (5th row), Clay was in Houston and one of my friends I had never met before in person, only online, came to go to the concert with me. It was as though we had known each other all our lives when we finally met. That's how Clay fans are. Then, I got to go to the concert in Charlotte because another friend I had never met emailed me and talked me into coming. There I was at the airport waiting for a carload of woman who I had never met to pick me up. Again, it was as though we had always known each other. And today, we are all the very best of friends. Of course seeing Clay live once again was next to heaven. I almost couldn't breath waiting for him to come out of the "mother ship". I'll never forget the feeling when he came up from there. And what a show!

Finding pictures to include with this tour was extremely hard for me. I have so many from this tour, and all of them are equally good. I hope you enjoy these. And I hope you enjoy the YouTube video I chose. Hey, I know you will...its little Brianna and Clay!!

Next will be Clay's first Joyful Noise Tour.


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