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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Win Concert Tixs From Lake County News Sun!

The Lake County News Sun is giving away tickets to Clay's December 1 Waukegan, IL Christmas concert! Here's the scoop from the News Sun's website.

Note the part I've bolded in red - there's a rumour going around that this concert is a near sellout! What a fantastic way for Clay to kick off this year's Christmas tour! Congrats Clay!
Free tickets to winner of 'I love Clay Aiken' contest

October 21, 2006
Are you a registered-in-good-standing citizen of Clay Nation, the band of worldwide devotees who adore singer Clay Aiken and his music? Then you probably already know about the former "American Idol" celeb's concert in Waukegan on Dec. 1.

But in case you're worried about not getting a ticket to the Genesee Theatre event -- there are rumors of a sellout -- we have a deal for you.

We just happen to have two tickets and we're going to give them away.

All you have to do is tell us in 100 words or fewer why you, above all others in the world, deserve these tickets.

Send your entries to Clay Aiken Contest in care of the Lake County News-Sun, 2383 N. Delany Road, Waukegan, Ill. 60087 or e-mail your entry to Or drop off your entry at our office.

Make sure you list your name, address and telephone number and be prepared to pick up the winning tickets at The News-Sun the week before the concert.

We'll publish the winning entries and pictures of the winners on the morning of Nov. 25. Entries close on Nov. 22.

You're allowed multiple entries, but each one must be submitted separately.

The staff of pixies (and one old troll) at the "3 Things" department here at the News-Sun will be the sole judges.
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Tidbits 10/21

  • LA Times Calendar Live- random Clay (and Kelly) mention - article about hip/hop music.
  • Attention Ohio fans- you can win an autographed copy of ATDW and/or a $1000 Target gift certificate in a Clay contest held by the Guardian Television Network. Only Ohio fans are eligible. (too bad they spelled Clay's name wrong, eh?)

  • Taking A Moment's Jemock is back in her signiture style - (woohoo!) - "OMG ya'll. I have had THIRTY (30) different crews out here checking my telephone and high speed internet lines to figure out why Clay hasn't called me."
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Clay Aiken TV Guide Special Postponed?

Clay's TV Guide Channel special, originally scheduled for tonight, MIGHT have been pushed back to Saturday, October 28 at 8 PM ET.

There is some confusion as some cable providers are listing Clay's appearance for October 21 while others are listing it for October 28.

To be sure, make sure you tune into the TV Guide Channel tonight and next Saturday at 8 PM.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Clay A Fan of "Days Of Our Lives"?

According to the October 31 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Clay is a fan of NBC's Soap Opera "Days of Our Lives". Clay will be making an appearance on the show sometime in the near future (no date announced yet).

Days of Clay?

DAYS (OF OUR LIVES) is looking to beef up its musical roster. Sources say the show is now trying to woo American Idol Alum Clay Aiken. Aiken is reportedly a fan of the show.
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Suzie McNeil's "World Class" Interview With Entertainment World

As you know, Suzie McNeil sang a duet with Clay on the ATDW song "I Want To Know What Love Is". Just recently, Suzie had an interview with Entertainment World, and she had some awesome things to say about Clay.

Below is the exerpt from the interview with her thoughts about singing with Clay:

EW: What was your experience with Clay on his album? You’re just such an unlikely pair. What did you think about the whole experience of recording the duet with him?

SM: I was honored to be a part of it. I have always been a fan, an admirer, of his voice. I think vocalists are really drawn to one another because we know what it’s all about and we know what the other person goes through. I’ve always thought that his voice is phenomenal, like world class. I can’t believe this man. I was saying at the party (she attended Aiken’s CD Release party on September 19th) that one extraordinary thing I noticed during my recording experience with him was that the producer was trying to tune or just make sure his vocals were up to scratch, up to industry standard. He was blown away by how “in tune” Clay’s vocals are. I thought that was amazing. As a vocalist I can only aspire to how perfect he is. I actually think I’m pretty good at it too, just not as good as Clay. I admire him so much.
I love the "voice is phenomenal", "World Class", and "blown away by how 'in tune'" parts especially. Its wonderful to see that someone as talented as her sees the great talent of Clay. I hope a lot of people read this interview.

If you want to read the rest of the interview go to Entertainment World.

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Tidbits 10/20

  • Its been one month since ATDW was released. HAPPY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY TO CLAY AND ATDW! ATDW comes in at #32 on the Billboard 200 this week! Well done Clay- another tremendous sales week!
  • USA Today Music blog has some interesting comments about ATDW that I have to somewhat agree with. Although I'm thrilled with the quality of ATDW, I still am not convinced a covers album was the correct path --
    But when you're a young, relatively new artist and have put out exactly one album of new material (and it's closing in on triple platinum-level sales), a covers album isn't such a great idea. It arouses suspicions that the album is just a filler, that you haven't been able to come up with any good new material. That may not be true, and in Clay's case it apparently isn't, as he's stockpiled a fairly sizable amount of new material. It also makes the artist seem prematurely old and past his prime when that, in this instance, is clearly not the case. All in all, a very puzzling career move.
  • - they can't even get their fact straight. Says Clay was an AI3 runner up. Huh?
  • Carbwire- Clay mention in Ruben article.
  • Dallas Ft-Wth. Star Telegram - another mention in a sports article (seems to be happening everyday now). Not a bad mention too!
  • Music- top 10 songs of October 2006- "Without You" comes in at #2
  • LA Times Calendar Live- small Clay mention in an AI related article.
  • Fort Wayne Journal Gazette- Carrie Underwood follows footsteps of Kelly & Clay.
  • News Times Live- nice mention of Clay's Uncasville, CT JBT concert from last year. "Hary said she and her sister especially loved a Clay Aiken concert they saw there last year. Hary said they were also "amazed" at how large the venue was where Aiken performed."
  • TC Palm - very nice mention - "And, what a difference a hairstyle can make. Remember Clay Aiken from American Idol? By the time the American Idol season was finished, Clay's hairstyle was totally transformed, creating a more mature-looking, better-sounding Clay. The change totally transformed his overall appearance."
  • Times Herald- article about AI2 finalist Josh Gracin (mentions Clay and posted the picture seen to the right)
  • Chicago Sun Times- Barry Manilow says: "This is what Clay Aiken is going to look like in 30 years!"
  • Evanston Review- Ruben Studdard "is no Clay Aiken". (this is a positive mention, I take it?)
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Clay's Studio Video Hits The Philippines

Clayrocksmysocks5230 has some great news for us! She is from the Philippines, and she has started a thread at The Clayboard to let us know that she saw Clay's studio video of "Without You" on a big music channel there.

Here is an exerpt from that thread, but you will want to head over there to read the whole thread.

Is this the one of him singing in a studio, or another video?

It's the one of him singing in a studio!

I caught only the second part of the song and the video -- a little before he goes for the glory note!

And as far as I can tell, there isn't a story line. He just sort of stands there and sings his lungs out, looking absolutely GORGEOUS all the while!

And really...the fact that it was shown/premiered on THIS particular music channel is a HUGE thing! Thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of teenagers my age tune in to this channel -- it's the number one music video channel in the conutry!

[One of the things that's different between the music there and the music here is that since a good number of us Asians/Filipinos are hopeless romantics...(the mushy types!)...ballads and balladeers get TONS of airplay and coverage on the music channels!]

And...another great thing is, the segment/show it was premiered on is for the videos deemed "HIT BOUND!"
This is really great news! She said there was no story line to this video, and someone posted a picture of Clay's studio video which she said was the same one, so we are assuming it is not a new video that we haven't seen here.

Thanks, Clayrocksmysock5230, for sharing this great news with us!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Unveiled!

Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! It's finally here! Look at this gorgeous new version of - Clay Aiken's official site. Thank you to the web designers at RCA for doing such a fantastic job on this!

OK... what are you waiting for???... Run over to and have a look!

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Tidbits 10/19

Meeghan's Quote of the Day
"To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart."

-Faye Parker, Clay's mother

  • - In an article entitled "Music Adds To Draw of Fair", Assistant Fair Manager Mike Pleasant says, "He said last year's series was his strongest ever, but that 2004's two concerts featuring "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken proved to be his most successful, with both shows selling out in a combined 20 minutes."
  • October 18, 2006, was the 3rd anniversary of Clay singing the Star Spangled Banner at the World Series. The Clayboard thread has some great pictures of Clay singing. Check them out! Then head over to Clack Unlimited to download and listen to The Star Spangled Banner as you've never heard it sung before! Wonderful memories!!
  • In a CDD article a few days ago, we reminded everyone that 10/20 was the deadline to get those CD's in to be sent overseas to our troops. We were reaching for 2000 CDs. Well, not only did we reach 2000 CDs, but the total as of today is 2059, with 2 days to go! Way to go Clay fans. And thank you easterseal and rubyr43 for all your hard work!
  • If you remember, yesterday, CDD had an article concerning The Bubel Aiken Foundation being one of the Goodsearch success stories. Today, BAF is the Charity of the Day at the Goodsearch website. Click on BAF's logo on the top left of the page and it will take you to their website. Congrats to BAF!!
  • The Portland Mercury - What Ain't Normal, BY WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY...A lot of things ain't normal. Congressman Mark Foley's love for really embarrassing text messages to teens ain't normal. Hot Pockets—those microwavable meat-filled pastries I eat every day for lunch? Definitely not normal. Clay Aiken... super not normal... and yet, I love him.
  • sports - another random Clay mention
  • Canton Rep - new American Idol game hits a "high note" -- "There are 40 new pop songs to croon for Randy and Simon's approval. (That's right. No Paula Abdul.) Cartoony avatars are completely customizable. Just like the show, wannabes have to make it through multiple rounds and impress the judges to actually become an "Idol." Eat your heart out, Clay Aiken."
  • Win Clay concert tixs with 95.7 R&B FM. Norfolk, VA concert.

  • AMEN to this post from There Was A Man- "Good deeds Unacknowledged" -- "Last month Clay Aiken was one among twenty new officers sworn in to serve a two-year term in the U.S. President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. It's unfortunate not more of the good works done by Clay and other celebrities is reported in the mainstream media, not only media darlings like Angelina Jolie, but the countless others who work to support causes that could use some positive press to bring awareness."
  • Chexxy is opening a new website where you can voice your opinion.

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Able To Serve Awards Mentioned in PNN Article

PNNOnline, a nonprofit news and information resource, has an article entitled "Clay Aiken Able-To-Serve Grant Funding Available Now". The Bubel Aiken Foundation and Youth Service America will give grants of up to $1,000 "to support youth-led service projects in which youth with and without disabilities serve their communities together."

The article gives a good summary of BAF's purpose:

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation provides services and financial assistance to promote the full integration of children with disabilities into the life environment of those without. The Foundation strives to create awareness about the diversity of individuals with disabilities and the possibilities that inclusion can bring. To learn more about The Bubel/Aiken Foundation or ways to get involved visit their Web site.
You can also download applications and grant guides at the Youth Service America website.

This is one of the great ways that the money we donate to BAF is used to help children with disabilities. Don't forget some of the ways we can continue to donate: Penny Lane, Goodsearch, printer cartridge fundraiser, buying from the BAF Store, join Beta Alpha, or get involved with Wrapping For Inclusion.

clayis' update: Also check out Clay article this at AAMR's website. AAMR is a non-profit organization that supports goals like the ones set out by the BAF.

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Clay's Bio At "The President's Committee For People With Intellectual Disabilities" Web Page

As if we weren't proud enough of Clay already, we can now read Clay's great bio at "The President's Committee For People With Intellectual Disabilities" web page. This page, which is part of the Administration for Children and Families' Website, lists the bios of all members of the Committee. Click on Clay's name and it will take you right down to the bio.

Clay's bio reads as follows:

Clay Aiken became an international sensation in the wake of his appearance on the hit television show, ‘American Idol.’ In spite of his growing stardom, Aiken has remained steadfast in his desire to remain true to the simple values he learned as a child in Raleigh, North Carolina. “I still live in the town where I grew up,” he says. “I like surrounding myself with people I know and love.” It is this authenticity that his millions of fans have responded to, an almost supernatural earnestness that feels unconventional in the cynical world of today.

While the accolades that followed his stunningly close second-place finish on the second season of American Idol have validated him in ways that he never could have dreamed of, it is the charitable work that his musical career has enabled him to do that means more to him than anything else these days.

Mr. Aiken created the Bubel/Aiken Foundation in 2003, an organization that promotes and funds educational and recreational programs for children with special needs. “I worked with Mike Bubel, who has autism, when I was going to school at UNCC,” says Mr. Aiken. “His mother was very instrumental in encouraging me to get into this business.” The Foundation remains close to the singer’s heart at all times. “My music career has allowed me to do the same thing I was doing before—work with kids with disabilities,” he says. “It has given me a big stage to talk about the same things I always cared about. I don’t get to be as hands-on with the kids anymore, but I do get to work toward enacting change on a much larger scale.”

Also important to Mr. Aiken’s life as a humanitarian is his work as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Since 2005, the singer has been passionately committed to supporting the organization’s education programs. Not only has Mr. Aiken testified before Congress urging the government to allocate more funds for UNICEF’s global work for children, he has also traveled to Indonesia and Uganda to see the devastating conditions affecting millions of the world’s children first-hand—disease, malnutrition, kidnapping, and war, chief among them. “You just cannot believe how some of these kids are forced to live,” says Mr. Aiken. “It’s truly heartbreaking, yet many people don’t even know these conditions exist. I am hoping to shed light on some of these problems and so that more resources can be allocated to help make things better.”

Mr. Aiken’s upcoming album A THOUSAND DIFFERENT WAYS expresses the many different kinds of love in the world, including his deep love for his fellow man, particularly the littlest ones among us. Where did such a driving need to help others come from? “The need for help!” he answers matter-of-factly. “You know, my mother has always been someone who urged me to help people in need. Maybe that’s it. I don’t think it’s something you can learn. It’s just something you do.”
It seems that practically every positive characteristic of Clay is summed up here. The President could not have made a better choice for this Committee. He will add experience, knowledge, wisdom, love, and compassion to the decisions and recommendations to be made to the President.

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WHUD 100.7 Adds Clay to Its Rotation, Has Christmas Concert Ad on Home Page

Here's some great news for us from giftoflove4clay at The Clayboard. Radio Station WHUD 100.7 in the lower Hudson Valley, has added Without You to its rotation. Apparently, its very hard to get a song added and normally takes a long time for this to happen. WHUD has a very big audience and it carries Delilah every evening.

Giftoflove4clay says also says the following:

It is the sister station to the Poughkeepsie KISS station, and reaches West Point! It is now finally an on-line streaming station. It just hit the mediabase as an added station for Clay....Could people not bombard them, but casually request or stream the station and thank them for playing Without You? I am totally SHOCKED they added Clay's song! This station reaches a HUGE audience and is THE station for adult listeners straight to NYC. I know the PD of this station and believe me, this is a major accomplishment getting them to add Clay's song....Maybe do a Delilah request, or send in a thankyou for playing the song? It may be that Delilah added the song, would have to ask the Mediabase experts here, but this is MAJOR as far as a station add in the New York area.

This is a great opportunity for people to stream to listen to this song and to request the song be played. As giftoflove4clay mentioned, don't overwhelm the station with requests. DJ's tend to not like this. But do let them know that we are glad they are playing Clay. You can click on "Request a Song" at the top left of the home page, and a window will pop up that allows you to, well, request a song! Listening and quietly requesting is the best thing we can do.

Here are some other great things at WHUD 100.7.

  • On WHUD's home page is an ad for Clay's Christmas Concert with the Chelsea Symphony Orchestra stating "100.7 Presents.."! How great to know that they are backing Clay's Christmas concert!
  • Go to the "Rate The Music" page, and you can sign up to become a member of the 100.7 WHUD Music Advisory Panel. What a great way to have a say in what music you want played!
So start streaming and requesting Without You now! What a great way to support Clay!!

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Clay and Claymate Mention on Jimmy Kimmel

If you're like me, you find yourself wanting to give Jimmy Kimmel a big ol' hug these days! Last night on his show, he had a really great Clay and Claymate mention.

Anne Heche was on his show and her fans sent flowers to her at the show. From the Aiken Breakin' Broad's site, here are the exact words of Jimmy's great mention:

JK: You got flowers from your fans sent here.
AH: How beautiful is that?
JK: It's great. It only happens to like Clay Aiken..... It really
only happens to Clay Aiken actually.
AH: Only Clay. Clay and me. I found my group.
JK: Well, he's got the Claymates.

They then talk about Anne Heche's fans who call
themselves "Fannes." Jimmy said it's not a good name if you have to
spell it to other people all the time. That's when Jimmy
says, "It's not as good as the Claymates."
Anybody want to send some flowers to Jimmy after that one?!! :)

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Clay Aiken vs. Joe Budden - It's Not Even Close! has posted a poll about Clay's rendition of "Broken Wings". They want to know whether you prefer Clay's version or a version by Joe Budden.

Clay was losing the poll earlier this morning, but when the Raleigh News & Observer posted about this on their blog, Clay quickly overtook Budden. He's crrently holding a lead (94%) over Budden.

Click here to vote at (Warning: course language in comments).

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Tidbits 10/18

Meeghan's Quote of the Day: "Hard work is not a value you enjoy as you acquire it. But it is a value you come to appreciate later- and to disdain the absence of in others." ~ Clay Aiken

  • Final HDD numbers for ATDW this week - 23,353. (not bad!)
  • Newsday: Clay remakes Sedaka classic -- "'Solitaire', a Sedaka song that "American Idol's" Clay Aiken turned into a hit again"
  • Some more Clay mentions in several Ruben articles - AP article (in case you missed it yesterday).
  • - tabloids- fact or fiction? "Why, if we were to take the rumour mill as gospel, we'd all believe that Clay Aiken is gay"
  • Post Chronicle- Clay will be on NBC's Days of Our Lives soon. (this is not new information and article may offend some audiences)
  • Long Island Press ATDW review- "In a bid to become his generation’s Michael Bolton, Clay Aiken goes the tried-and-true route of squeaky-clean troubadour. Aiken is in full-ballad, all-covers mode on A Thousand Different Ways, and while there’s nothing wrong with interpreting other people’s material, not all catalogs are created equal."
  • - Some interesting thoughts about Clay and ATDW from Donna Reynolds, of Idol Thoughts:
    Clay did the rounds of the talk shows and proved that he's still got his sense of humor, and that's a good thing. He's going to need it once the critics have finished reviewing this one. So far, the album has sold around 323,000 copies, dropping from #2 to #20 in three weeks. Skeptics are wondering if this one will even go gold. I don't think that's a problem, but I doubt it will go platinum any time soon. And that's too bad. I think Clay deserves better than this, and have this mental image of him throwing a tantrum when he found out the "new direction" Clive had in mind for this album. Shoot, the title doesn't even make any sense.
  • River Cities' Reader- remember that doodle Clay did a long time ago for charity? That doodle thing is happening again this year. This article has a small Clay mention.
  • Daily Eastern News- random Clay mention.

  • Chexxy- a thousand different questions about ATDW, Clay and RCA. (I totally agree!!!)
  • Southern Girl - celebrating, uh, National Pasta Day. (non Clay and no, we're not joking)
  • ConCLAYve: Revisiting the Genome Music Project post-ATDW release.
  • Debunking The Myth of Claymates- why journalists 'target' Claymates.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Clay in October 2 Issue of Hello Magazine Canadian Edition

Sorry we didn't catch this earlier, but Clay is featured in the October 2 issue of Hello Magazine (Canadian edition), which was only available in Canada. Thanks to the CV's elaine4clay for the scan seen above.

Heads up via David Foster's website.

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Clay Aiken ... In the SAT

Now, we've seen many weird and funny Clay mentions all over the place here at CDD, but this one certainly tops that list! According to a fan posting at a message board, Clay is mentioned in this year's SAT which is being written by thousands of high school graduates. (son) took his SAT this morning, and he was so excited, because Clay was in one of the questions. He said it was in the section where they give you a sentence and then approx. 8 different choices of how the sentence could be better and you pick the best one. This is what the sentence was (as close as (he) could remember)...

-Clay Aiken was the runner-up on American Idol, but was presumed by a lot of people to have actually been the winner.
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Bubel Aiken Foundation A "Success Story": GoodSearch

For months, Clay fans have been searching for not only "everything Clay" via Goodsearch, but they have been searching for EVERYTHING via Goodsearch! The reason, many of you know, is because each search earns one cent for BAF! That may not seem like much, but this adds up!

At the GoodSearch, The Bubel Aiken Foundation is listed as one of their success stories, with a total of $1,200 to date. Look at the right side of the screen and you will see the listing with two other organizations. That is 120,000 searches by the fans! Way to go everyone!

You can read more about the Goodsearch fundraiser at The Clayboard "Goodsearch For TBAF" thread. The first post will tell you exactly how to fill out all of the information at the Goodsearch site.

This is such an easy way for us to raise a little more money for BAF. So climb on aboard and make your first search today!

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Tidbits 10/17

  • Allicat is holding a craft sale for the Bubel Aiken Foundation. All products have been approved by the foundation and will help raise funds for the foundation. To find our more, click here. These are sooo cute!
  • We're keeping our eye on HDD's charts today. With about 54% reporting, ATDW has a power index of 17,355 on track to sell 30-35,000 copies this week.
  • 1iota - This website has some gorgeous pictures of Clay's Outdoor Concert at Jimmy Kimmel's Show.
  • Ruben was mentioned in all those articles about Clay and ATDW last month, so it's fitting that Clay's being mentioned in a bunch of Ruben articles now his CD drop date is apporaching:
    • AP wire- Ruben says this about the pressure of competition with other idols - "Clay (Aiken) is in adult contemporary."
    • Houston Chronicle - "The portly crooner with the sheepish grin bested Clay Aiken for American Idol's season-2 crown. But his gleam was soon dulled by stiff competition from lower-ranking Idol hopefuls (including Aiken) and subsequent Idol winners."
    • Inside Bay Area
  • Beacon Journal - ATDW mention (negative)
  • Harness Racing Portal - horse called "Aiken For Clay" (this has come up several times before)
  • Clay holds on to #13 on the Lycos 50 this week.
  • Raleigh News & Observer - friendship by the numbers - "Number of friends Clay Aiken has on his MySpace page, as of Oct. 11: 13,671"
  • Associated Content - top 10 American Idol songs- "Invisible" comes in at #2.
    Invisible - Clay Aiken
    Clay Aiken appeared on American Idol in the year 2003, and although he lost to Ruben Studdard, he put up a great fight and came in second place. In 2003, he released his first solo album, Measure of a Man, which in fact debuted at #1 on the Billboard 100, and was, with 613,000 copies sold in its very first week, the highest selling debut for a solo artist in over ten years. Invisible was the best-selling single that appeared on this album.

  • There Was A Man - Clay Aiken - then and now.
  • Outdoor Plants and Landscaping Assistance Who would ever think that Clay's name would be found in a landscaping website! This site says, "People born in the November, like Clay Aiken, share the chrysanthemum as their birth flower," and then goes on to talk about diseases of this flower.
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Tyra Banks Show Associate Producer - Great Comments About Clay

California Clayfan at the Clackhouse apparently knows the Associate Producer of The Tyra Banks Show, and she talked with him the day after the recording of Clay's show. Below is the conversation, as first written up at The Clackhouse:

"Well, I called Marc, the Associate Producer, this morning to say I
was sorry I missed meeting him, and he said he was very busy in the producer's booth and couldn't leave to come up into the audience. I asked what they all thought about Clay's appearance on Tyra's show.

Of course, this guy had already been totally Clayverted thanks to spot sending him a DVD of some of Clay's recent interviews which she and I decided would help them discover what a great interview Clay would be for them. He watched that DVD and when I asked him last Wed. morning what he thought about the DVD, he told me "OMG, I love Clay. You guys have Clayverted me."

And then, in answer to my question about what everyone else thought about Clay, he said that everyone there on the show fell in love with him during the taping too and that Clay's demeanor on the show was so charming that no one wanted the show to end.

He then went on to tell me that my mentioning that Clay wanted to be a talk show host and maybe could interview his fans did give the Executive Producer and Tyra the idea of Clay interviewing her. They ran it by Roger and Clay, who liked the idea too, and it was used on the show instead of the fan segment. EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so exciting to hear because you wonder sometimes whether anything you say or do makes any difference. He said he shared all my suggestions and spot's DVD and it all helped a lot. How about that. (Thank goodness the show turned out so great or I wouldn't be sharing all this with you.)

Anyway, I asked about the fandom getting to see the whole show. And he said No. Unfortunately, they have two hours of footage and it will have to be edited down for the TV spot. And the leftovers can't be given to us either. I told him how disappointed we all would be, but he said all the best stuff for sure would be left in. And that he is pretty sure Tyra will have Clay on her show again one day soon.

He promised he would call me when he knows the date Clay's show is to be scheduled."
As we all know from reading the reviews of the clay fans who were lucky enough to be there, this is a show absolutely not to be missed! I'm sure many are disappointed that we won't get to see the whole 2 hours, but thankfully they did use the best of what was taped. Sounds like Tyra's crew was totally taken by Clay!!

No date has been announced yet for the show. We'll keep you posted.

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Tidbits 10/16

  • SOHH Houston - random Clay mention in article about hip hop music.
  • The Exponent - "I don't necessarily want to be a novelist, but Clay Aiken's frosted hair and too-enthusiastic grin seemed to mock me. If I decided I wanted to write a book, how hard would it be for me to break into the scene? Clay Aiken, on the other hand, comes in second in a singing competition and can say whatever he wants?" (???)
  • Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram - another random Clay mention in a sports article.
  • Deseret News - TV on DVD - mentions Clay's Scrubs episode.
  • A few of the usual Clay mentions in Ruben articles:
    • 24 Hours Toronto - "Despite beating Clay Aiken in the second season of "American Idol," plus-size Alabama crooner Studdard hasn't lived up to his potential. His 2003 debut "Soulful" suffered due to repeated delays, and his 2004 followup, "I Need an Angel" took an ill-advised detour into gospel."
    • Entertainment Weekly - (shurg... do we really care what EW says?) "He'll always be linked with his Idol runner-up, Clay Aiken, but Ruben Studdard is obsessed with another singer: Luther Vandross. The production's bland, but his sweet singing carries the day. And he's still better than Clay."
  • - cute Clay mention - What the Measure of A Man? -- "And for the very few, it's their favorite Clay Aiken CD."
  • - don't expect Clay Aiken on soundtrack of Saw II. | Tis' the season for Idols - mentions ATDW.
  • Access Atlanta - Kathy Griffin alert

  • Nothing in blogwatch today!
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids, Using Flyers to Advertise Clay's Concert

LUVclay26 from The Clayboard went to a show at DeVos Performance Hall last night. While there, she was handed one of two flyers that were being passed around. Both flyers were advertising Clay's performance with the Grand Rapids Symphony on December 19! One flyer says "tickets going fast", so if you are planning to go but have not purchased your tickets, you'd better do it in a hurry!

What a great way for Clay's performance in Grand Rapids to be promoted!

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Tidbits 10/15

  • Luann - You'll all be relieved to know that Luann, in the Luann comic strip, is still a Clay fan. In Sunday's comic strip, she has a Clay poster on her wall. Its hard to see in the above picture, but its the bottom left picture in the last frame of the strip. Here's hoping that Clay will be back in the comic strip soon.
  • The Clayboard-Korean Thread - Clay's music is being played on several Korean radio and TV shows, usually as background music. On some stations, it is the most popular of all pop music played! Read more about this at The Clayboard link above.
  • - Clay's picture is at the very top of the home page. If you click on his picture, it takes you directly to It also advertises ATDW by saying, "A Thousand Different Ways Now In Stores Now" alternately with the website.
  • FOX Sports - not sure whether this is good or bad, but a Clay mention nonetheless- "Hey, if Miami football were a recording artist, they wouldn't be Clay Aiken."
  • Ann Arbor News - Kathy Griffin alert
  • Inside Bay Area - ways to complain about an article (???) -- 'he music writer didn't like the Clay Aiken concert, but you, after paying your hard-earned money as a fan, did. "What concert were YOU at?," you accuse. '
  • Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol - no truer words spoken. Fantastic essay by Mitzy --
    The most beautiful words I have ever heard Clay say are, "I want to sing." This simple affirmation tells me that he has confronted all that is negative in his new occupation and has come to terms in such a way that he is confident the good outweighs the bad and that he has gained the wherewithal to rise above troublesome and sometimes vicious circumstances.

  • Chexxxy's Pearls - Hear, hear for this fantastic post -- read on...
    To some people Clay has become a sporting event. There are uniforms, clubhouses for the various teams, referees, cheerleaders and people who keep score. There are spies, moles, reporters, refugees, dissidents, agitators, propogandists, profiteers, saviors and martyrs. Quite a combination and all because of one Clay Aiken that has brought together probably one of the most diverse fandoms in history.

    He will never be your boyfriend, lover, husband or best friend. If you have the opportunity to meet him, you can expect a polite greeting and maybe an autograph. That's it. All other expectations or disappointments are not his responsibility. If you have done volunteer work for one of his charitable projects, then the satisfaction of the giving should be enough. You're doing it for the children, after all, not for Clay, and if you're doing it for special attention from Clay then you need to re-examine your own motives and sincerity.

    If you don't know him by now, you will never never never know him. Hear him, and if you don't like what you hear, please just drift away like a bad smell.
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Clay's Daily Double Announces Amazing Race Clay Aiken 2

After our wildly successful Amazing Race Clay Aiken, Clay's Daily Double is announcing the 2nd Amazing Race Clay Aiken to be held on December 3 at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST.

Join us as we virtually race through some of the Clay nation's best and coolest Clay Aiken websites.

Webmasters who want to get their website included in the race can fill out an application form at the race's website.

For more information, please visit The Amazing Race: Clay Aiken's website.

The official race sponsors are CDD, ClayReport, Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol and the IWCY Clay Club.

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Michael Orland Has Great Comments About Clay in Image Magazine

Thanks to iluvyouclay at The Clayboard, we have learned that there is a great Clay mention in a Michael Orland article in Image Magazine. Image is apparently a magazine that is only available in California. To see a scan of this article, go to the "Image" Clayboard thread (link above) or click the Image link below
Michael Orland, who worked with Clay on American Idol, has some really wonderful things to say about him. In the Image article concerning Clay's AI5 appearance, he said:

First of all, I think Clay's spot was the highlight of the finale. And about his new look - when I first saw it, I was totally shocked and surprised, and then I got used to it.....I think Clay's new, great look is indicative of what is about to break for his future. He'll be hitting the music scene with fresh material in a big way. He's just got it - he's that talented and that different.
Concerning Clay as a person, he said:
Clay is one of the most giving nad generous performers I've ever known. When I worked with him on the Jukebox Tour, it became particularly evident. I have never seen a performer in my life who can share the spotlight as easily and genuinely with other talented people like he does and feel so unthreatened by it. That can only come from a feeling of complete security about who he is as a performer - its one of the things that make him unique.
When I read comments about Clay such as this by someone as talented as Michael Orland is and who knows Clay well, it is then that I especially realize that some of the bad reviews and comments made by other people are really fairly meaningless. These are the things that really count that are said by people who are much more "in the know", and we can feel very good about this great article.

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