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Latest News From CDD

Saturday, March 18, 2006

CDD Announces "The Amazing Race: Clay Aiken Edition"

Clay's Daily Double and clayisouridol Designs is proud to announce the 1st annual Amazing Race: Clay Aiken Edition.

CDD along with our affiliate, ClayReport will be premiere sponsors of the race.

The virtual online race, based on CBS' Emmy winning reality show The Amazing Race will take participants around the Clay Nation's many Clay Aiken websites in an exciting 1 1/2 hour race. Before landing on the AI2 top 12, Clay said he really wanted to go on the race.

So join us, on May 1st at 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT! It's free, fun and fantastic distration from the current Clay 'drought'

Click here to go the race's official website.

See you at the starting line!

Tidbits 3/18

  • Barry Manilow article from the LA Times (this is a repeat)
  • eBay an AI breeding ground... mentions the eBay Faye dinner package.
  • AI3 Runner Up Diana DeGarmo, who is performing on Broadway mentioned Clay during an interview this morning on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio 1's show "High Definition". DeGarmo said that throughout Idol, people like Simon Cowell have portrayed Broadway as something negative and that Clay has been on Broadway a few times.

Simon Cowell Speaks Out

Appearing on CNN's Larry King Live last night, Simon Cowell addressed the bogus gay allegations facing Clay. King brought up the anti-gay theories surrounding American Idol and eventually mentioned Clay. Simon responded by saying: "You hear all the rumors, whatever. Then you hear the lawsuits are that you pretended to be straight or something. I mean it's just crazy, you know. It doesn't matter. I mean what do I care?"

Quotes courtesy CNN.

Dallas Morning News Ranger Quiz

In Friday's Dallas Morning News, the Texas Ranger Report, by Richard Durrett, includes a quiz given to one of the Ranger players about American Idol. Second Baseman, Ian Kinsler, was asked about American Idol because he has watched it since the first season. Included in the questions is a question about Season 2:

Question: Who was the winner and runner-up in season two?
Kinsler's Answer: "Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. But Clay Aiken is a bigger deal now."
Obviously, Kinsler's answer was correct. He knows his Clay Aiken facts! To read the entire article click here.

Friday, March 17, 2006

New Photos From 2005 TV Guide Photoshoot

The CH's mee2u shared these gorgeous new photos from the July 2005 TV Guide photoshoot.


Tidbits 3/17

  • It's been 2 years since Clay sang his beautiful version of Solitaire on American Idol 3.
  • Green Bay Press-Gazette: Idol talkback... Clay lost, but has more buzz.
  • Direct TV PR about the new "American Idol Extra" show.
  • An interview with the Rhythm Gypsys band... band member says the last CD she bought was Clay Aiken!
  • Idol vocal coach Debra Byrd made some very nice comments about Clay on Wednesday's FOX Reality Channel post Idol show.
  • Beavers On Idol article: Clay was the 13th Idol on Tuesday night (Scrubs)
  • A shrine for Clay Aiken... in the dorm room....
  • Check out this new photo of Clay and Indonisian actress Kai Ling. This was taken in March 2005 during Clay's trip to Indonisia.

LambAiken Project 2006 "Will Bring Smiles"

A group of Clay Aiken fans calling themselves the "LambAikens" have begun their 2006 LambAiken project. In a press release issued today the group says it "plans to give out hundreds of little plush lambs to children with special needs at Clay Aiken concerts throughout the United States and Canada." The PR went on to say that the "lambs will [also] be given to children who are undergoing treatment or having surgery at children's hospitals."

A design contest for the lambs' pocket inserts is now underway. So to all you aspiring sheep designers (sounds weird, doesn't it?), check out LambAiken's website. Winners will be announced sometime in April.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Best Buy Corp. Issues Memo Regarding Clay's New CD

Isn't this neat: The CB's angel003 talked to a Best Buy music department manager today about the new sophomore CD and the manager showed her a memo sent to all Best Buy outlets regarding the release of Clay's new CD and possible CD release parties.

Claymates pioneered release parties; thousands of eagar fans participated in release parties across the world for the October 2003 release of Measure of A Man.

Best Buy is North America's leading electronics and entertainment chain.

Here is angel003's story:

Was in Best Buy today and had a nice long chat with the supervisor of the CD section. I asked her to look up to see if she could get any hint of when the CD will drop. She couldn't find a date yet, BUT........... She showed me an interstore memorandum concerning Clay's new CD discussing, THE FAN CD RELEASE PARTIES THAT ARE NOW IN THE WORKS (The viewing of some Clay Aiken message boards is showing them that parties are now in the early planning stages and to consider this when asking distributors for supplies of Clay's CD.) I discussed with the manager the possibility of using her store for a party some friends of mine are planning and I have to go back tomorrow to see if they will consider opening their store at midnight so we can clean their shelves of the CD, LOL. What surprised me is that Best Buy is already gearing up to provide more of Clay's CD this time, yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That tells me outlets are keeping an eye on internet discussion regarding CD release parties for Clay! The manager also told me I was the THIRD person to discuss a CD release party with her and our tentative needs for the CD.

BeadsForLife Thanks Clay Aiken Fans

BeadsForLife, a non-profit organization that is raising funds for the impovishered people of Uganda thanked Clay fans for their support in a newsletter sent out to its supporters earlier this week. The newsletter said:

In the past year BeadforLife has received support from many unexpected groups. One of these is the fans of pop music star Clay Aiken, an American Idol super star singer. In 2005 Clay, who cares about the welfare of children, was a UN ambassador to Uganda. He came to witness the plight of the children made refugees by the war in Northern Uganda. More than half of the beaders are refugees from this war. When he returned a fan spotted Clay wearing a paper bead necklace given to him by a young Ugandan. A Google search by fans, who call themselves "The Fandom," quickly brought them to BeadforLife.

Since then individuals in the Fandom have sponsored almost thirty Bead Parties before Clay's concerts and are planning others during the summer tour.

Thank you, Fandom, for selling and buying the beads, like the beautiful orange bracelet that Clay wears. We are proud of you for caring about the displaced and the poor in Uganda.

"Appoiyo MaTai" - Thank you in Luo from all of the beaders"
Clay was touched when he visited Uganda under a veil of secrecy in 2005 as part of his UNICEF ambassador work. The country is facing an unprecedented social crisis as its healthcare, education and infrastructure continue to recover from years of war. The situation is still critical as violence continues to erupt on a daily basis.

To see how you can help, please visit the organization's website.

Scrubs "Doctor" Praises Clay

Scrubs star Ken Jenkins , who plays Dr. Bob Kelso on the hit show shared his thoughts about Clay earlier this week on NBC re-aired the February 2005 episode of Scrubs which Clay guest starred on as one of the "cast favourites" on Tuesday. Jenkins said this about Clay in a video that was posted on

"What a dear young man. Absolute pure song. The boy stopped being there and there was nothing but singing. It was like watching magic...this young man unzipped himself and emerged like a butterfly. He did it so naturally and so beautifully that I think all of our jaws dropped and we thought 'wow.' Clay Aiken. What a great kid."
Thanks to for these quotes.

Clay in New Documentary About The "Art of Auditions"

Footage from Clay's 2003 American Idol stint is featured in a new documentary called "Paid to Play" which explores "the art of auditions" ( can we forget Clay's Atlanta audition?).

The 84 minute film was directed by Nick Karner.

Clay Spotted in LA

Clay was spotted last week enjoying dinner at the Palomino restaurant in Los Angeles. Defamer reported that Clay dined with "3 women dressed in black". He apparently wore a "striped sweater" and a "Woody Allen type" hat.

It's nice to see our guy having fun!

Note: CDD's policy is that we will not report Clay's location until 3 days have passed. In this case, 8 days have passed, so we feel it is appropriate to share this story with you.

Tidbits 3/16

  • It's been 2 years since the release of The Way/Solitaire! WOW!
  • Press release regarding the new American Idol extra show.
  • Technology article from Chicago Sun Times -- putting Clay on every part of your computer is "just weird"
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog about Tuesday's American Idol top 12 performance episode.
  • A conversation with a teenage Idol fan: Ruben won, but Clay's doing much better.
  • Michael Buble continuing with his Clay Aiken routine.(if you have no clue, read this...positive)
  • ...and for the excessively obsessed Claymate: Clay "answer tones" from Cingular Wireless.
  • Update on Dinner with Faye Parker -- the auction has been re-listed on eBay. It's currently at $700.

Clay Encourages ASU Students

The CH's cats4clay posted this heart warming story about a recent visit Clay made to Appalachain State University where he encouraged students to follow their dreams.

Also, my DS told me a very nice story about Clay last night, so I wanted to relay it to you guys. My DS works part-time in a video rental store, and I went by to take him something to eat on Saturday and I happened to be wearing my Clay fan club tee shirt. There was a young girl working with my son, and after I left the store, she asked my son was I a really big fan of Clay's. Of course, my son told her that she just wouldn't believe how big of a fan I was. Well, anyway, to make a long story short, this girl told my son that back a couple of months ago, that Clay made a surprise visit to her sister's college (I believe it was Appalachian State University) and met with a large group of students to encourage them to stick with their education, and to stress to them how important a college education is. She said that he also visited the students in their music department there, and how nice everyone thought he was.

America Was Right on Clay: Randy Jackson

American Idol judge Randy Jackson said on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live that America made the right choice when they voted for Clay, Carrie, Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia and Bo.

CDD Video: Randy Jackson: America made the right choice.

Clay Saw "The Colour Purple"

You may recall the story we ran about Clay cancelling his scheduled appearance at the premiere of Oprah's NYC broadway musical The Colour Purple back in December. The CB's mom4clay22 reports that Clay did indeed return to New York City in January to watch the show. Clay was spotted with an unidentified friend.

I've been taking a mini-break from my Clay obsession while he is making those last-minute touches to the best selling CD evah! But I had to post this story for ya!

I have a good friend that I went to high school with and we see each other around the neighborhood once in a while. I happened to bump into her at the Ohio State Fair the day Clay was there. We chatted and I told her why we were there. And, yeah, I suppose I gushed :hehe a bit about our cutesexysingerguy! Thank GOD I did!

Anyway, she appeared on my doorstep the other night and had an envelope in her hand. She said she had gone to New York with another mutual friend to see a Broadway show (The Color Purple) in January and was shocked to see what great seats they had. She said she was thrilled to death when Oprah's best friend, Gayle, sat down next to them (she was very nice!) but the most famous person she saw there sat 3 rows BEHIND was Clay. She said he was there with a girl and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. She also said they were in the lobby during intermission and several people approached them and asked for pictures or just spoke to them and he was very nice to everyone.

The best news is after the show she got up to leave and decided since I was such a big fan she would ask him if she could just take his picture. He said, "Sure you can" and she did!!! I think I freaked her out a bit with how excited I was! I told her how awesome she was to think of ME on HER trip! And the picture is...ohhhhh la la!!!!
In late January, Clay also saw the musical Snow.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Raleigh News 14 Online Article Mentions Clay

It seems as though having so many Carolina contestants on American Idol this year is good for Clay mentions. In an online article about Kellie Pickler, a North Carolina native, Clay is mentioned toward the end of the article where it says, "North Carolina contestants have done well on American Idol. The show turned Raleigh-native Clay Aiken into a star when he finished as the runner-up in the show's second season."

Check out the whole article by clicking here.

Clay Mention in AOL Fitness Article

In the AOL Diet and Fitness Section today, there is an article entitled, "Does 'American Idol' Have a Body Bias?", By Rob Medich. This article is about Mandisa from American Idol's Season 5 and whether her weight will play a part in whether she can win the AI title, as well as about the part weight plays in general in the music industry.

In the second paragraph of the article, Clay and Ruben are mentioned in regard to the weight question. It says, "True, previous 'Idol' winner Ruben Studdard was a big man. But then look what happened to him: not too much. Skinny runner-up Clay Aiken has a somewhat more high-profile career. In fact, Google the two and you'll find Studdard only gets 1,010,000 hits to Aiken's 3,560,000. So do you have to be Aiken-sized to be a hit in music -- and show biz in general? "

To read the entire article click here.

Another Mention in Music Connection Magazine

There is yet another Clay mention in the Feb. 27- Mar. 12 issue of Music Connection. We reported a separate Clay mention in the same issue. Here's what it said:

Music Managers Forum member Mike Gormley, who represents the talents of Lisbeth Scott, Paul Schwartz, and Kelly Fitzgerald, has been a manager for 20 years and a MMF member for three years. "The networking aspect is the best," says Gormley. "I just put a major songwriter together with Paul Schwartz to do some writing for Josh Groban and Clay Aiken, because of a conversation with a New York-based MMF member."
And... here's some information about Paul Schwartz courtesy ASCAP. You can also visit his website.
Composer Paul Schwartz's State of Grace II lies between the musical worlds of innovative concert and esoteric pop music. Schwartz is a classically trained composer who also mastered electronic grooves. He has taken two dramatic classic Christian texts, the Magnificat and the Stabat Mater, and set them to music featuring a mix of concert and modern instruments and vocalists. Imagine dance tracks amid the choir at Westminster Abby... and you have it.
Hmmm... interesting!

Tidbits 3/15

Bear with us today... there are a ton of AI articles. There is a Miami Herald article being syndicated everywhere! We are not going to list repeat articles (ones being syndicated). Also, the USA Today article that showed up a few days ago is being syndicated.

  • Miami Herald: Elliott Yamin ain't no Clay Aiken. (being syndicated)
  • Metro Toronto: Kevin Covais -- a mixture of William Hung and Clay Aiken (positive)
  • Fayetteville Online: Kellie Pickler joining the (long) NC Idols list.
  • Sun Sentinel: Hollywood, FL park got the Clay Aiken treatment (Clay planted trees at this park in 2004, if you remember)... article about school being built in the park (hmmm... since when do you build schools in parks? LOL)
  • Another article about the US military Idol taking place in Tikrit, Iraq. Mentions Clay and Kelly Clarkson.
  • Foxes on Idol: Top 12 critique.
  • MTV: Why does Idol need genre weeks?
  • NBC Scrubs website: Is Ken Jenkins a Claymate (video) -- the Clay episode of Scrubs repeated last night on NBC.
  • Lifetime TV show: Cheerleader Nation -- Click on Profile, then Ashley. She says she's a "secret Claymate"

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Small Clay Mention in "Tennis" Magazine

Clay's name has popped up in Tennis magazine's April 2006 issue! In an article talking about how the American tennis players don't do well in Europe on the red clay the writer says, "Americans love clay pigeons, claymation and, for reasons unclear to some of us, CLAY AIKEN."

I'll bet we could tell this writer a thing or two about why we love Clay Aiken!

Billboard: Album Will Be Out in May/June

Billboard is confirming recent reports that Clay's sophomore album will be out this May or June. In today's "Ask Billboard" column, Billboard said:



When is Clay Aiken going to release his next studio album? I've read some news saying that he started working on it back in March 2005 but there is still no news about its release date. Do you have any idea when will it be released? I've also read that he might be collaborating with Faith Hill and Martina McBride. Is that true?

Yours sincerely,

Ronald Tai
Penang, Malaysia

Hello Ronald,

Right now, Clay Aiken's forthcoming RCA studio album is tentatively slated for release in May or June. It's the follow up to "Measure of a Man," which debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 in 2003. It has sold 2.7 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Aiken also released a holiday set, "Merry Christmas With Love," in November 2004. It reached No. 4 on The Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Top Holiday Albums chart and has moved 1.2 million in America.

As for what you've heard about Aiken working with Faith Hill and Martina McBride, it's only a rumor.

TV Alert: Scrubs is Tonight

Just a reminder that the Scrubs: My Life in Four Cameras (the episode Clay guest starred on in Feb. 2005) is being repeated tonight at 9:30 PM on NBC. It was picked out by the show's star Zach Braff as his favourite episode.

And to enjoy it even more, download special commentary from cast-member Sarah Chalke and play it during tonight's episode. The download (NBC is calling it a podcast... though it's not really a podcast) is available at NBC's Scrubs website, or by right clicking>save targetting as this link (mp3 file).

You do not need an iPod or even an MP3 player to listen to this podcast. It can be played directly from your computer using Windows Media Player.

Did You Know: Clay Born in the Month Of The Chrysanthemum

Did you know that Clay was born in the month Of The Chrysanthemum> andPOP's weekly music column titled "Music Column: American Idol Clay Aiken Born In The Month Of The Chrysanthemum" draws some interesting conclusions from this fact.

The flower is a long lasting flower from the daisy family... in China, it is believed to cure diseases and best of all, it's popularity is surging.

Maybe a sign of better things to come in the future for Clay?

Tidbits 3/14

Monday, March 13, 2006

AD: Sophomore Album

"Superb" Sophomore Album on Track to Summer Release

The CH's mic stand was lucky enough to attend music business conference recently and she reports that there is excitement regarding Clay's sophomore album. In fact, a friend of someone who worked on and has heard tracks off the album says that the album is "superb." Let's get the party started, Claymates!

Update 3/14: mic stand contacted us and told us to post this e-mail address, in case you have any futher questions for her --
Here is mic stand's full report:
anyway, to the point; like i said earlier this morning, i went to a conference last week with a friend of mine, who's a local singer here. it was mostly business management and other areas within the music business. he has his own production company, that he would like to take further, as well as further his music career.

i went more so for the 'something to do' factor, and to kind of give my friend another perspective on how i saw things, not thinking that i'd actually hear something interesting. i mostly only paid half a**ed attention during the conference, since business management doesn't really interest me much. there was about 100-150 people, 3 main speakers, and on either side of the room, they had booths / stands with people who work in different areas of the business. you could ask them questions, get pamphlets, get information of any kind.

after the conference, we went into another room where they had food and more booths / stands, where people just mingled and talked. i mostly just stayed by my friends side, listened and observed. and this is where things got fun! for me atleast.. i'll tell you one thing though.. Clay's name gets dropped; a lot. i actually lost count with how many times i heard his name (mostly used as an example while someone was telling someone something). however, there were two mentions that made my ears perk up and made me eeee!!! a little on the inside.

one of the guys that my friend was talking to had made a comment about a friend of his 'doing some work on Clay Aiken's latest album'. i didn't catch the name of the person if he gave it, what kind of work they did, or if they were still working on it, but he said that he had 'heard a few tracks' (don't know if they were rough recordings or a finished product) and that what he had heard was 'supreme' (i personally thought that an odd choice of words, but shrugs), 'superb' and 'vocally stunning and amazing'. he also said it was some of the 'best work he'd seen from any artist in a long time.' at this point i'm nearly peeing my pants with giddiness.

the second big mention of the night was when my friend was talking to someone who does a lot of PR here for local talent, and he was asking him what kind of things he can do to further his career, whether it be music wise, image wise, or just overall 'package' wise. this guy started giving him examples and ideas, and then goes 'well, you know who Clay Aiken is right?' and my friend nodded, so he continued (this is paraphrasing, but as direct as i can remember) and went 'take him for example. his latest will be like nothing people have ever heard from him. not just musically, but visually. it will be very different from how people remember.' he was basically saying that if you want to evolve, you need change. and with change comes different types / styles of music and a different type of image. he was basically indicating that Clay's new music was going to be something different (gee, where have i heard that before? *g*), but that he was going to look different as well. and then the conversation from there went into image changing, etc.

the over all impression that i got was very positive. the guy who was talking about his friend that did some work on it (the album) seemed really impressed with whatever it was that he heard; hopefully it'll be something that's actually on the album and not something that gets thrown out! it definitely excites me though that the 'buzz' about Clay and this next album has reached Orlando, where most stuff usually doesn't... peopke kind of concentrates on local stuff here for the most part.

and.... that is all. *g* like i said this morning too, what happened with me just kind of reminded me of calliek's posts, so i figured i'd throw something else out here, since what i heard was basically echoing what she and others have posted.

i hope i was able to at least bring a smile to some people's faces
Currently, the CD is scheduled for release in May or June.

A Very Busy Idol Summer - Sophomore Album Update

This summer is going to be full of Idol releases. is reporting these Unconfirmed/Confirmed RUMORS:

  • Ruben Studdard's album is slated for a April/May/June release.
  • Josh Gracin might release a sophomore album on June 20.
  • Fantasia is releasing a sophomore album soon.
  • Anthony Federov might release an English/Spanish album in the fall.
  • Kimberley Locke's new album hits store shelves June 6.
...and best of all:
  • Clay's new album is rumoured to hit selves in May. Apparently, he's been tweaking it in the studio this month!

Tidbits 3/13

  • Star Gazette article about an AI fan who rooted for Ruben and got "a beating from Clay Aiken fans"
  • Barry Manilow mentioned Clay on his PBS concert special last night. He said: "This is what Clay Aiken is gonna look like in 30 years!"
  • Random mention in sports article.
  • Clay reigns again on concert promoter HOB's website! Clay is the most searched artist on the site -- and he doesn't even have a concert listed! Keep searching!
  • ...and we're bugging you once again to search for Clay on Lycos... he's in danger of falling off the Lycos50!
  • BOI: Kevin Covais' Clay Aiken nerdiness is nice, but Clay can sing...
  • Clay is the people's favourite Idol at
  • Don't forget, the Scrubs repeat is tomorrow!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Two "Classic Clay Beauty Montages" Will Melt Your Heart

NZvolClayno of the CB has put together two beautiful montages that will melt your heart, bring tears to your eyes, and yet at the same time put a big smile on your face. In explaining the first montage, she said, "The idea behind this montage was to use a soothing piece of instrumental music and trace the evolution of Clay beauty."

Thinking at first that she could include all three years of Clay's pictures in one montage, she found out quickly that to do it justice, she would need to create a montage for each year. As of today, "Classic Clay Beauty 2003" and "Classic Clay Beauty 2004" have been completed, and you will love them both. Be sure to have a box of tissues handy when watching them!!

To download the first montage, click 2003. To download the second montage, click 2004. Thsi will take you to "You Send It", where you can download each montage.

As soon as "Classic Clay Beauty 2005" is ready, we will post it here at CDD!

Bid on Dinner With Clay's Mom in Support of Literacy Council

The Wake County Literacy Council of Raleigh is presently having a charity fundraiser, and to raise money for this, they are having an auction to have dinner with Clay's mother, Faye Parker. For the second year in a row, Faye has agreed to have dinner with the person who is the highest bidder at the 518 West Italian restaurant in Raleigh.

9 bids have been received so far and it is now at $350. Click here to see the eBay listing.

Because of WCLC's efforts, many people who have never been able to read before can now read. The winning bidder and a guest will not only enjoy dinner with Faye, but will also be helping WCLC carry out their mission of teaching people to read for themselves. To read more about WCLC's mission and to learn more about this fundraiser, go to WCLC's website.

The GOP's Conference Needs An Idol?

A newspaper in New Jersey mentioned Clay in an article about this week's GOP's meeting in Memphis. This is a bit confusing to us, but it probably refers to the the lack of interest in voting at the conference because Clay came from a show (Idol) where voting was VERY popular. In addition, Gov. Romney is a Democrat, so we can conclude that this is all a "poke-fun at the GOP" article with a harmless Clay mention.

We can safely assume that Clay was not at the conference.

The article said:

This weekend, 1,800 activists from 37 states are meeting in Memphis, and many of the 2008 presidential hopefuls- including Sen. John McCain and Sen. Bill Frist. Gov. Mitt Romney and Clay Aiken are there to pitch their cases to the skeptics.
Thanks to the CB's strollynn63 for the above quote.

Realtor Would Invite Clay to Dinner

So this week's been a slow news week. This has to bring a smile to your face though.'s weekly column called "Who's Cooking" profiled Teresa Ottomano, a realtor who lives in the New York City area. When asked who she'd invite to dinner, she said:

I'd invite Clay Aiken, because my 11- year-old daughter loves him, and I always tell her, if you feed people they will come. I don't know any Southern dishes, but I guess I might make baby-back ribs.

Tidbits 3/12

  • Aiken, Clarkson, Idol saving singing lessons (this is a syndication of a CSM article a few days ago) -- ABC News.
  • NC Daily Dispatch: new AI talents from NC following Clay Aiken, Fantasia's success.
  • New York Daily News predictions for the new season of The Sopranos: Christopher will have plastic surgury to become an "Italian Clay Aiken" (they've even included a photoshopped picture of Clay... scary! LOL)
  • American Idol article -- -- warning: negative content.
  • Article about woman who auditioned for AI2 (mentions Clay and Ruben)
  • Chicago Sun Times: celebs requests... mentions Clay's allergies to nuts - Quotes Clay as saying "No tree nuts or anything touching tree nuts may touch the plates."
  • Philipine Inquirer article about talent contests... mentions Clay's success.

Why Does It Matter?

As many of you are now aware of, Clay has been the subject of many tabloid gay allegations in recent months. The big, bad news corporation will do anything to make you believe that it's bad.

Although I don't buy any of the stories being passed around by tabloids, maybe we can learn from this. Why should Clay's sexuality be our business? Why should this quality change the real reasons we love Clay Aiken -- his talent and his affection for people with disabilities?

The answer to these questions are effectively answered in a fantastic essay from Terrie Rosas who credits Clay for bringing her back to reality after being diagnoised with cancer in May 2003.

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF