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Saturday, November 04, 2006

RCA Submitted ATDW For Grammy Consideration?

An article appearing in today's Boston Patriot Ledger seems to suggest that RCA has entered A Thousand Different Ways into this year's Grammy awards. And not just some random category either! We're talking about Record of the Year!

But don't start celebrating yet! -- this DOES NOT mean Clay has been nominated for a Grammy. (In fact, nominations don't come out until December.) Rather, this article suggests that RCA has submitted ATDW for to the Grammy awards for consideration.

The Grammys can consider most of the 180,000 records released in a given year, and all voting members can nominate songs or artists. Voting members are those who have produced a certain amount of work on the national level.

The various categories Bellevue is in range from 634 nominees in Record of the Year, to just 56 in Best Pop Performance by Duo or Group. Song of the Year includes 130 entrants, including work from people like K.T. Tunstall, Roseanne Cash and Ben Harper. Record of the Year includes competition from Aerosmith, Clay Aiken and Beyonce, so there is no guarantee Bellevue Cadillac will make it to the final list of nominees.
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Friday, November 03, 2006

Tidbits 11/4

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

  • Gamma C at The Clayboard heard Clay on 94.9 Lite FM in Georgia. She said, "They are playing a "sneak peek" of Christmas music this weekend, and while driving home, all of a sudden, Clay's voice was singing The First Noel!!!" I guess she'll be hearing plenty of Clay on 94.9 at Christmastime!!
  • Vskylark at The Clayboard also heard Christmas music, Mary Did You Know, on 102.5 in Grennville,SC.
  • Rose3333 at The Clayboard says, "Our LITE station WLIT 93.9 just went to Christmas songs this week. And I was listening tonight and they played The First Noel by Clay in CHICAGO."
  • - The Lycos 50 Daily Report shows that for the "Top 10 Most Searched Music Artists", week ending October 28, 2006, Clay is ranked as the #1 most searched music artist! Check out the site for the other 9 artists!
  • Jam! TV - "where is he now???" Canadian Idol 1 winner Ryan Malcolm talks about the challenges of being a Canadian Idol -- "Because the American Idols have motorcycles coming up on stage and Clay Aiken wearing a full-on leather white suit or whatever, they can't afford to do that here. We can't sell-out what they can sell out there which is kind of sad."
  • Gambling 911 - some random Clay mention.
  • MSN Music - nice Clay mention in an MSN Music American Idol update --
    The second season's runner-up and megastar chart-topper Clay Aiken doesn't have as many stylistic surprises on his latest, "A Thousand Different Ways" (Sept. 19), but he does add his stamp to a host of covers. The album consists of his trademark soaring vocals and the emotive inflection that gained him a huge fan base during 2003's episodes. As of this writing it has reached No. 20 on the Top 200 and the single "Without You" has landed at 28 on the Adult Contemporary charts. The follow-up to his debut album, "Measure of a Man," features Aiken's version of Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting," Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me" and Paul Young's '80s classic "Everytime You Go Away."

  • Nothing here yet
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Clay's Schedule - A November and December Calendar For You

If you are like me, I can't keep up with my own calendar, much less Clay's! So Renee4clay from The Clayboard has shared with us November and December calendars to help us do just that! Print these off, cut them out, and tape them on your refrigerator or near your TV so you won't miss a Clay performance or a cellcert at the Clayboard.

Looks to me like Clay could add an appearance or two in November...ya hear that Clay??!! ;)

Thanks Renee4clay...I'm sure Clay would be so glad to know that his Claymates now have his schedule right at hand!!
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Sexy vs. Sexy - Is There A Correct Answer?

It's Clay Aiken vs. Clay Aiken. People Magazine wants to know whether you like Clay's "Smooth" look or his new "Scruffy" look. You determine the outcome - vote at

Also - check out ClayKat's new blog on why she now LOVES Clay's new look --

Well, I have to say that I now take back what I wrote way back in May about Clay's new look: I now love it! That was during the American Idol 5 finale show, when Clay made a surprise appearance, now infamous as one of the most hilarious moments ever of AI, what with Clay wannabe Michael Sandecki's emotional reaction to seeing Clay join him on stage.

I didn't like it so much as his former look (my favourite ever being his hair during 2005's Jukebox Tour); the dark look made him look pale to me, and I didn't like the stringy, plastered-bangs-falling-in-the-eyes thing going on - it hid his beautiful eyes...

What won me over? Since May, he has lightened the hair, added some soft blond highlights, shortened the bangs, so now we see that sweet face, framed by soft, fair hair - all Clay!
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"Gotcha!" - Claymates Clayvert Blogging Music Critic?

I don't ever recall this happening before. We seem to have Clayverted a music critic. On his blog "Instrumental Analysis" (warning: some PG-13 content on the rest of the blog), Joe writes:

Claymates (Clay Aiken fans call themselves this - and I am not making it up, I swear!) responded in droves to my using their man as an example of all that is wrong with pop music, like so many Islamic protesters firebombing embassies. Claymates are not to be trifled with! I am sorry for calling down a Clayslamic jihad upon myself. Always one to put my money where my mouth is, I listed to A Thousand Days (from Aiken’s A Thousand Different Ways) and I, um, kind of liked it. A little. Damn you Clay Aiken!!!
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Clay Goodies @ Meghan Mullally Show Website

Missed Clay's fantastic Meghan Mullally Show appearance yesterday? Meghan Mullally's website has some nice videos you can watch. You can also read Clay's 'guest profile' at the website.

Their recap reads:

November 2, 2006
The 'Claymates' were out in full force today. These rabid Clay Aiken supporters traveled from far and wide to see their man. Hundreds of women lined up along Sunset Boulevard vying for a chance to get one of the coveted tickets. One Claymate we met chalked up over 3,000 miles while traveling to record signings, talk show appearances and other Clay related happenings.

We also tried out something new today called 'Final Exam' where a lucky audience member jotted down notes all show and was subject to a pop quiz at the end. What you didn't see was our writer/producer pair frantically taking their own notes in our downstairs greenroom, (a room you may recognize from our Clay Aiken cold open - it's multifunctional!).
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ATDW Tumbles To #82

ATDW fell 30 spots on the Billboard 200 this week to #82. Billboard now confirms that ATDW has been certified gold by the RIAA.

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Tidbits 11/3

Clay is now listed on The Tyra Banks Show website. Don't forget that Clay appears on the show on November 22.

  • Digital Dream Door says Clay is the 26th best male vocalist of modern times. Other singers on the list: Tom Jones (1), Elton John (19), Luther Vandross (29), John Mayer (56), Ruben Studdard (73).
  • South Mississippi Sun Herald - small Clay mention, another Ruben article
  • Greenville Online- another cool Clay mention in a Ruben article --
    Clay Aiken, who came in second behind Ruben, remains the most popular of the nonwinners. His first disc, "Measure of a Man," topped the Billboard album charts, selling 2 million copies. Aiken's latest, "A Thousand Different Ways," came in at No. 2, selling 211,000 copies in late September.
  • NY Daily News, 411Mania - some more Days of Our Lives mentions.
  • A few mentions of Clay's Christmas tour.
  • Orlando Sentinel makes a really good point- "Thankfully, a friend reminded me that pop culture has what he calls Clay Aiken syndrome, wherein the people who don't win often supersede the people who do."
  • North Dakota Spectrum - the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame becoming lame? -- "If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is really just a place to commemorate the most popular entertainers, then they might as well nominate Britney Spears and Clay Aiken."
  • RealFootball365 mentions Clay - "The year was 1978. Carter was in the White House; Ashton Kutcher, Kobe Bryant, Usher, Clay Aiken and Nelly Furtado were born; Diff'rent Strokes and Mork & Mindy premiered on the tube; and Missouri beat Nebraska, 35-31, in Lincoln. That was the last time Mizzou beat the Huskers in Lincoln."

  • There Was A Man- quotes from the boards about Clay's Meghan Mullally appearance... now here's something that caught my eye:
    I remember in the early days, USUALLY at a TV taping, he appeared to be all business. He came out on stage very serious and totally focused and took care of sound/backups/directions…the cameras came on and he lit up. It seemed like the “performance” was job 1 period—rather than the appearance/experience/performance all as one. It was almost as if he were trying too hard to be perfect. Performance over—lights off--and it was over. Often very little or NO audience recognition or interaction—before or after, especially at the end of a performance or show. He seemed a bit awkward, like he didn’t know quite what to do with himself. Just stood there, shifted his weight, made uncomfortable faces, didn’t know what to do with his hands and that was it. Of course, always LOVED HIM and the performance and all, but the appearances and his comfort level varied quite a bit—especially in regards to audience interaction. Sometimes he seemed in kind of a far away alternate universe and not quite fully there. I know there were a few Meet and Greets where a few felt he was preoccupied and wasn’t quite present. Two entirely different people—Real Life Clay and Performance Clay.

    These days he seems—well, just different, easy, loose and relaxed—and it’s more than just growing older and maturing. I wonder if it might have been a conscious decision--like he wrote in LTS--as soon as he stopped worrying about what everybody else thought and was himself, life got good. Now, he comes out on stage and it’s the same person that “sings.” He is him and the performance is part of him, not separate from him. He enters, acknowledges the audience, smiles, waves, often says something, nods in appreciation of the cheering and welcoming fans. He interacts, sings, whatnot—and it all matches. Totally NOT IN A COCKY WAY, but in a playful way he almost hijacked the show—personally playing with the audience, teasing, bantering and Megan loved it! It’s the closest we’ve come to capturing Concert Clay on live TV. On the couch, he includes the audience in the conversation. He brings us into the performance so we can celebrate with him. He “invites” us in. Talking and teasing and being totally present and engaging with the host as well as us. It honestly felt like we were sitting around the living room eating cheese and crackers. It really is quite remarkable. These days he seems less guarded and more uninhibited, genuinely relaxed and having the best time. The “aw shucks” stuff was missing, and he even graciously accepted a couple of compliments—AND he didn’t even act embarrassed. Can’t explain it, but I’m so totally hooked—and I know I’m not alone. Clay recently seems to embrace his fans, and it looks like he really is just crazy about us and is proud of us. To me, he doesn’t “feel” detached anymore or incongruent. He also on the last several performances is nodding almost in a bow after sings and lets us cheer and appreciate him. That is so different. Now when the lights go off and the show is over, he doesn’t seem in such a hurry to “run.” His hugs to the hosts seem huggier. After I see him I feel like I’ve been so lovingly and warmly embraced and kissed sweetly on the cheek. (And all tingly from head to toe too.)
  • ClaySpots returns after her very long absence. Welcome back shadylil!
  • Southern Girl- news roundup.
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Red Bank, NJ Concert a Sell Out!

Congratulations Clay! Red Bank, NJ's Count Baise Theatre has officially announced that Clay's December 16 concert is SOLD OUT.

For more information, go to the Count Baise's website.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tyra Banks Show - We Have A Date!

We now have an official date for Clay's appearance Tyra Banks Show. The memorable episode Clay taped last month will be aired on November 22.

Be sure to mark your Claylendars for this one since Clay flirted like crazy with Tyra. To see when and where Tyra comes on in your area, go to the Tyra Banks Show website.

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Clay Answers Meghan's Questions

Clack Clack Clack! New clack from today's appearance on the Meghan Mullally Show is now available at Don't miss this fantantastic TV appearance.

Since I don't really have a full summary for you right now, so here is Clay's Q&A. Meghan likes 'quizzing' her guests. Thanks to whoever transcribed this -- Classic Clay at his best.

What's your name? : Clay Aiken

What's in your iPod (or CD player)? : Myself of course

What is "your song" at karaoke? : Like I ever do that

What's your favorite time of day? : Anytime I'm Sleeping

What book are you reading right now? : Sharon Osbornes new book (I think it's 365 pages)

What's your favorite website? : (local news)

What's your favorite old movie (DVD)? : Whale Rider

What's your favorite current movie? : Dixie Chicks documentary "Shut up & Sing"

What is set on your television DVR? : Jericho, ER, The Office, 60 Min. and 20/20

If you weren't in show business, what other career would you consider? : Teacher

What is the strangest job you've ever held? : This One

What was the exact moment you became an adult? : Still waiting for that one

If you could trade places with one person for just ten minutes, who would it be? : My brother in Iraq, so he could have some time off

What was your last purchase? : My phone

What's in your carry-on bag? : My dog

What's under your bed? : Dust Balls

What's your guilty pleasure? : Keeping my favorite color a secret
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ATDW Goes Gold!

Congratulations Clay! CDD has confirmed that ATDW has now officially gone Gold (500,000 copies shipped by RCA). Notice the big dot beside ATDW's listing in the Billboard seen at the top of the post? That means it's been officially certified by the RIAA.

Platinum, here we come!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tidbits 11/2

It's hard to believe that it's now been exactly 1 year since Clay kicked off the Joyful Noise Tour 2005 in Vancouver. Relive the memories at our Joyful Noise 2005 archive.
  • AceShowBiz - Clay is listed as #10 in the Top 10 Celebrity Buzz. Scroll down to bottom right corner to see.
  • - Under the 11/17 Live With Regis and Kelly Show, it says, "Clay Aiken stops by to join Kelly as guest co-host and performs on the "Live" stage."
  • - Clay's Christmas EP, All Is Well, is listed as a top seller in Pop and top seller in Walmart's CD store!
  • iluvuclay @ The Clayboard - She says the following:
    Originally From Butterflyshine at CV via CH:
    Clay has two In Touch mentions this week:
    Found this mention in the 11/13/06 In Touch Magazine page 28 under Seen & Heard.....Quote: Hot Tickets; Clay Aiken ran barefoot from an apartment building in Santa Monica on October 17, but he was too late. Two parking tickets were already on the windshield of his Volvo, and the meter maid was long gone.

    And they mention his upcoming appearance on DOOL (page 92) Idol Worship; Clay Aiken is heading to daytime on December 22. The American Idol star will appear as himself on the NBC soap Days of Our Lives and will also perform.
  • Lycos Top 50 - Clay is at #17 this week, down 1 from last week. Under his name this week, it says, "Making an appearance on "Days of Our Lives".
  • People Online - Do you prefer "Smooth Clay or Scruffy Clay"? As of the writing of this article, 67% who voted prefer "Scruffy Clay". Head over to People and vote for your favorite. Smooth or scruffy, matters not...he's still gorgeous!
  • Oregan Daily Emerald - Invisible mention
  • CT The Day - Clay mention in Ruben article (warning: negative)
  • Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, The State SC- mentions Clay's Meghan Mullally Show appearance today.
  • New York Times - "kid-friendly punch lines about, say, Clay Aiken" on new Cartoon Network show "Class of 3000".
  • MSNBC - Il Divo releases their own version of "Without You" -- "Il Divo’s interpretation means that Clay Aiken will not provide the most overwrought version of the song to be released this year"
  • More DOOL mentions -

  • ConCLAYve- discovering the real meaning of a Climmel - (this is cute!)
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Surprise Pictures at's ATDW Listing has a surprise for you when you go to A Thousand Different Ways' listing on their site. In addition to the picture of the CD, customers can submit their own pictures of Clay to the "image gallery" of A Thousand Different Ways. You have to have an account with to do this.

I just added 2 myself, making a total of 9 images at the site. Only 5 images are showing under the CD picture, but if you click "See 9 customer images", you will be taken to all 9 of the images. You can also vote on the images at this and other listings.

This is something I never knew you could do at Check it out. And if you have an account, add your own image!

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Two New Contests Up at The OFC

News was posted about two brand, new contests at the Official Fan Club today. It's pretty exciting!

11/01/06 : Redeem a Best Buy code and WIN!
By Team Clay
Redeem a Best Buy Fan Pack code NOW for your chance to win... one lucky winner will get a signed 8x10 Clay Aiken photo and an autographed CD! If you've already purchased a fan pack and redeemed your code, you are already eligible to win! If you've yet to pick up a fan pack, or haven't redeemed your code, please be sure to do so on or before January 31, 2007 when the contest ends. Please see the Official Rules for more details.
This next one is for members only.
By Team Clay
We are requesting YOU to create unique Clay Aiken wallpaper for the Clay Aiken Fan Club's "EXTRAS" section. This means you need to put your artistic and computer savvy skills to work to design a truly original and fantastic wallpaper! The winner will receive a signed 8x10 photo, autographed CD, and have their wallpaper posted on the fan club website for everyone to download and receive full credit for their talents! Login to see Official Rules for details.
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New Videos From People, Jimmy Kimmel!

We have some new videos to share with you:

  • ABC has finally put up Clay's Invisible and Without You performance at Jimmy Kimmel last month. You can now stream them directly from
  • Clay is shown quickly in People Magazine's new online video feature called "100 sexy men in 1 minute." Watch it at
  • You can now stream the Without You video at Clay's Sony BMG music player. This is the same one as the one seen in the ATDW TV ad.
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Reports From Meghan Mullally Taping

Clay's currently taping tomorrow episode of The Megan Mullally Show. The two last appeared together on Clay's 2004 Christmas special, A Clay Aiken Christmas. We have this quick report from the CB's ncsupack88:

Just talked to Spartus and she said there were probably over 100 now and that will probably be capacity for the show. Tyra's capacity was about 125 and she doesn't see MM show being any larger. They will take the group in about 11:30 and the show will start taping around noon. She said that they were told it would last til 2 or 2:30 and not to expect any reports til after the show b/c they will take phones.
Don't forget that this show will air TOMORROW. Please check local listings to see when the show comes on in your area.

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Tidbits 11/1

  • Entertainment Weekly - The CW's Veronica Mars star "hamming it up as Clay Aiken" for Halloween.
  • Pennsylvania Times Leader - mentions Clay's Days of our Live appearance.
    Clay Aiken will be making his soap opera debut next month. “People” reports that the former “American Idol” runner-up will perform a song from his new album “A Thousand Different Ways” on the December 22 episode of the NBC soap Opera “Days of Our Lives.” He’s expected to sign at a private concert for Steve and Kayla, and his version of “O, Holy Night” from his 2004 “Merry Christmas with Love,” will also be included in the soap.
  • Cincinnati Enquirer - another Days mention.
  • Chart Attack - Ruben CD review (ouch) -- "When it comes to American Idol's second season, first place is the first loser. Ruben Studdard may have won the show's battle, but, in terms of record sales, Clay Aiken's winning the war against musical decency."
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Preview of Clay on The Tyra Banks Show Is Up At Tyra's Site

The Tyra Banks Show website has a brief preview of Clay on her show, at a yet to be determined date in November.

When you get to the site, click on "Don't Miss November on Tyra" (bottom left of the screen) and a video will start playing. Keep watching it until it shows Clay singing and then sitting and talking to Tyra. The part that is shown is when Tyra asks him if he is allergic to chocolate. Hearing him say "oooOOoo" is worth the whole video!

Hopefully this little bit of video will tide you over until we get to see the whole show!! At least now we definitely know that its sometime in November!

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Charity Cruise Planned to Benefit The Bubel Aiken Foundation

A cruise has been planned benefiting and approved by The Bubel Aiken Foundation for February 23, 2008. A Clayboard thread has been set up which includes all information about the cruise.

The 7-day cruise on the CARNIVAL fun ship GLORY, includes ports of call to Nassau, Costa Maya, Belize, Cozumel, and back to Pt. Canaveral, FL. Cruise prices include all of these stops as well as the following:

*All meals on board the ship including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and room service if desired
(food available 24/7)
*Private cocktail gala with captain
*Gratuities (no worry looking around for money at the end of the cruise)
*All on board entertainment (Broadway/Las Vegas style entertainment nightly)
*Tax deductible donation of $100.00 to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation
Carnival Cruise match donation of $35.00 per person
*$50.00 shipboard credit per cabin
*several surprise gifts
All port taxes of $217.60 per person included

Most beverages included, alcohol and soda are at additional charge.
100 cabins have been reserved. Types and number of cabins, as well as pricing information for each type of cabin and deposit information are also at the Clayboard.

And listen to this great news: If the cruise sells, out Bubel/Aiken will receive a minimum donation of about $27,000.00!!

Also, A two day pre-cruise party is planned for an additional fee.

Be sure to check out all the additional information about the cruise and pre-cruise party that is not included here at CDD. Then start putting those pennies away in a "Cruise Jar"!!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: BAF Charity Cruise Thread.

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Tidbits 10/31


Beautiful Clumpkins from the CB's ncsupack88.
(need a Halloween treat - check out LBFCA's, uh, interesting Halloween post)
  • You can now stream a "Without You" video at AOL Music. Doesn't look like this will be released. This is the same video as seen in those ATDW TV ads which aired last month.
  • The CB's claytonlady informs us about a cute Clay mention in yesterday's Washington Post Express. In a small snippet about Clay's Days of Our Lives appearance this December, they say: "Economy Collapses as Clay Fans Stay Home to Watch"
  • VH1 calls Barry Manilow "the original Clay Aiken".
  • St. Petersburg Times - "A Tale From Wesley Snipes"...In this article about people from debating the height of Wesley Snipes, it says about Clay, "they discuss how wee-seeming Clay Aiken turns out to be fairly tall (6-1)..."
  • Daily Texan - review of AI5 alum Kellie Pickler's album mentions Clay - "Three of the biggest AI contestants, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood, have all found success in three different types of music: Kelly in rock, Clay in pop and Carrie in country."
  • Even more DOOL mentions-
  • Clay comes in at #17 on this week's Lycos50, down 1 from last week.
  • Clay debuts on the Pollstar chart this week, coming in at #41. The Pollstar charts track a tour's search popularity.
  • Huntington Herald Dispatch blog - Idol update - mentions Meghan Mullally Show, ATDW, etc.
  • Foxes on Idol mentions Clay's new Christmas EP, All Is Well.
  • Spokesman Review - Halloween costumes "are less menacing than a Clay Aiken concert." (??)

  • There Was A Man wishes us a Happy Halloween
  • ConCLAYve- Clay Aiken epitomizes "sexy" -- "But the bottom line for me is that sexy can be arousing and erotic without being explicit."
  • WebWeaver - gives us "a beautiful (and very sad) montage up on YouTube called Homeless Pets - Lonely No More - bring a hanky - it made me cry."
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Clay's Halloween 2006 Will Give You A Frightfully Good Time

The Salamandars are at it again!! They do they most wonderful, craziest stories about Clay with great computer graphics. The newest version is just in time for Halloween...Clay's Halloween 2006! Be very afraid of some of the Halloween costumes they have Clay decked out in!! But while this may be frightening, you will have a frightfully good time and laugh yourself silly!

So go through creaking doors. Make your way through hanging spider webs. And definitely watch out for Claykenstein as you head to the Salamandar's Halloween website to enjoy Clay's Halloween 2006!

Oh, and to see the Salamandar's other silly Clay stories, go to their pages at The Clackhouse.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

New Pictures Of Clay Up at The Official Fan Club

For those of you who are members of the Official Fan Club, head on over there and check out the new photos of Clay on the Martha Stewart Show. Here's the news straight from the OFC:

10/30/06 : New OFC Photos: Clay on The Martha Stewart Show!
By Team Clay

To see pictures of Clay from his appearance on The Martha Stewart Show check out PHOTOS section! Be sure to select the "Clay on TV" category from the drop-down menu to check them out. Enjoy!
While you are over there, also look at the new pictures that have been added to the Fan Club Photo Album. There are over 200 photos in the album now!

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NBC Press Release Gives More Info on DOOL Appearance

We all know very well by now that Clay is going to appear as a guest on the daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives. We know he will sing Everything I Have and that his version of O Holy Night will also be featured on the show. But NBC Universal Media Village has now given us a little more information about the plot for that show in an article called CLAY AIKEN SPICES UP THE HOLIDAYS ON NBC'S POPULAR DAYTIME DRAMA 'DAYS OF OUR LIVES'. Check this out from their site:

In this special holiday episode, Aiken gives a private concert at Salem's local club Dune for Patch (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) after the couple offer to volunteer to help Aiken catch a ride to the airport when his car gets stranded.
Hmmm, what I want to know is where was Jerome when Clay's car got stranded? I didn't think they ever left him alone to travel! Or did this happen when he took a week to travel around the country a couple of months ago...and his car just happened to conk out right at Patch and Kayla's doorstep!! Good for us that it did!! :)

This article also mentions Clay's two CD's, A Thousand Different Ways and Merry Christmas With Love, as well as saying that Clay "continues to amaze audiences and his legions of devoted fans with his powerful voice". Can't wait to hear that powerful voice on DOOL!

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Tidbits 10/30

Join us on December 3 at 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST for THE AMAZING RACE CLAY AIKEN 2!
Click here for more info

  • Idol Thoughts - Clay Aiken releasing Christmas EP, All Is Well.
    What, you say? This is not a misprint. Clay is releasing a mini-CD (they are actually called EPs) just in time for the holidays. All is Well will be released on November 28 and will include five tracks - "All is Well," "Christmas Waltz," "My Grown Up Christmas List," and "O Come O Come Emmanuel." But there is an interesting little twist here. It would appear that this CD is only available from Wal-Mart!
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Brookstone's Christmas CD Includes Clay's "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day"

Brookstone's new Christmas CD, Ultimate Christmas will include Clay's beautiful song, Don't Save It All For Christmas, from his platinum selling Christmas CD, Merry Christmas With Love. Ultimate Christmas is up at Brookstone's website at a cost of $17.00.

The CD includes many favorite Christmas songs, such as Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby & David Bowie, Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley, Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano, and Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys. Clay song is the last song on the CD, which to me is saving the best for last! Also, Clay's name is one of the few included on the front cover of the CD.

What an honor to be included with some of the great songs of Christmases past. Clay's songs are classic bound, if not already classics!

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

New TV Guide Channel & Virgin Megastore Clack!

Clay's interview with the TV Guide Channel (finally) aired last night in what was dubbed "TV Guide - Clay Aiken Closeup". Taped at Planet Hollywood in NYC, Clay talked about a wide range of topics and said that "everything on [ATDW] is really me."

While we're on the topic of clack, don't miss SecretlyLovesClay's brand new Virgin Megastore M&G videos from last month. Both of these pieces of clack are available at

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Tidbits 10/29

The Hartford Courant published this big ad for Clay's December 12 Hartford concert in today's issue. Thanks to the CB's clayneticut for this scan.

  • From CH dancermom:
    Totally unexpected Clay sighting in the NY Times. I get parts of the Sunday paper on Saturday. Here I am going through the Arts and Leisure section when my eyes immediately lock onto a picture of Clay. I do a double take...yup...CLAY!!! It's an article on E!'s show The Soup and the host. But who do they put in the pic with Joel McHale but Clay!! Hee!!!! The article doesn't mention Clay but does mention Tyra being mad at the Soup Host for poking fun at her.
    The pic is big although not the new hair. The article is half a page and the picture is one fourth of that.
  • Google News Search - I did a Google News Search of all "Days of our Lives" online articles about Clay. Total number of online sites that have an article about this is 123!! WOW!! Clay is definitely everywhere right now!
  • From Strollynn63 at The Clayboard - Clay's Days Of Our Live Appearance was on the CNN ticker at the bottom of the screen. This is being reported everywhere!
  • Raleigh News & Observer - a critics job is to critique.
    Menconi invited reader invective with his less-than-admiring review of Clay Aiken's latest album. Said one reader: "People like you obviously have a hidden animosity, and you were the people who picked on him when he was a little kid." That's what happens when you take on artists with devoted fan bases who are looking not for criticism so much as affirmation.
  • Stamford Advocate - mention of Clay's Trick or Trick drive last year - "Singer Clay Aiken, UNICEF's ambassador for the project, visited the school last year because they were the top fundraiser. He donated $50,000 from Procter & Gamble on the school's behalf to the campaign."
  • Idol Music - ATDW named the CD of the month.
  • TV Guide - another Days OOL mention.
Meghan's Quote of the Day
"Looks like you folks could use a little refresher. Serving people like you, who save lives everday, has made me happier than a kitten chasing a leaky cow."
-Clay as Kenny on "Scrubs"

  • It's been a while since Graphics in Mind was last updated. A cool new painting of Clay is now up!
  • ConCLAYve - a beautiful montage.
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