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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Claymatized's Beautiful 2006 In Review Page

Our friends at have compiled a jaw-droppingly extensive and absolutely wonderful "review of 2006". Filled with pictures galore, you'll spend hours browsing through the year that was in the Clay nation... Don't miss it! Run (don't walk) to

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Remembering Clay's Christmas Tour...Via Pictures - Part 4

As much as I hated to, I had to take a day off yesterday from my 6-part article which has been walking us down a festive memory lane of Clay's wonderful Christmas shows. However, I'm up and going again and ready for Part 4, complete with the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen of Clay singing, bantering, laughing, and, well, just being Clay in every way!

Here, for your enjoyment, are the Hartford, Greenvale, and West Point concerts! Hang on to those thud mats!!

Hartford, CT - December 12

Greenvale, NY - December 14

West Point, NY - December 15

I believe for this last show in West Point, I could have posted at least 15 pictures that would have knocked your socks off. When you consider the fact that Clay was singing while sick, its especially amazing how absolutely fantastic he looked, complete with smiles and pictures of him doing some heavy duty singing!

Well, we are down to our last two concerts. I hope you are enjoying this time of remembering everything about Clay and the concerts via the great pictures taken by our "clack pack"! Tomorrow...Red Bank, Detroit, and Grand Rapids!!

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Tell AOL: Clay Will Stick Around

AOL is running a poll on Clay's American Idol feature at The poll asks:

Will Clay's success continue in 2007?
He's here to stay!
We'll see.
His time is up.
Make sure you head on over to cast your vote.

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Here We Go Again: Crazy Tabloids Spin The Truth

The Globe is featuring a cover story claiming Clay is fat and on pills. Uh. You read right. Now, where this comes from, I have no clue. Does Clay even look remotely fat in these photos taken on the same day???? Tabloid = lies, lies, lies, spin, spin and more spin.

Thanks to Claymaniacs News for the heads up on this and to Something That Really Happened for the slideshow seen below.

Update: read this blog from ConCLAYve to see how pathetic this is.

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Tidbits 1/13

The CB's mu99le has found some new UNICEF Snowflake lighting photos from November. Check them out here.
  • The CB's tiggy52winkle says Clay was mentioned on the TV Guide channel today. Apparently, the segment was taped back in the summer when Clay and Claymates together helped raised over $70,000 for the children of Lebanon.
    Just flipping channels and Kimberly Caldwell is interviewing Clay. I've seen this before but never heard him telling about the biggest gift from all of this being the support of his fans, not just for him but for the things that are important to him. He talked about our UNICEF donation, that within 1 day we had donated $30,000 and within 3 days over $70,000. I've seen this several times but never heard the UNICEF bit. Is this new?? So nice to hear him bragging on his fans. Just love the man!!!
  • Variety - diehard AI fans can make themselves look like Clay Aiken or Carrie Underwood in the new American Idol PlayStation game. -- "In a great feature, players can use the EyeToy camera for the Playstation 2 to make a picture of themselves the face of the contestant hoping to be the next Clay Aiken or Carrie Underwood."
  • Reuters - American Idol looking to spread its wings with new songwriting contest - "Now the franchise -- which through the years has given rise to the platinum-selling careers of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino -- is thinking even bigger as it heads into its latest season."
  • E! News - getting to the bottom of a Clay Aiken mystery - why he doesn't like Evian spring water -- "Ditto with Clay Aiken and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose contract rider reportedly states, "no Evian or other local spring water." (The band instead prefers water culled from a still glacier.)"
  • LiveDaily - American Idol returns to primetime on Tuesday - "Previous editions of "American Idol" have spawned recording artists such as Kelly Clarkson (music), Clay Aiken (music), Carrie Underwood and, most recently, Taylor Hicks."
  • Louisville Courier-Journal - AI judges reunite for the first time... a spoof:
    Paula: Then we won't get drunk at all. I got it, guys. How about we drink every time some Clay Aiken-looking loser walks in and sings a Richard Marx song?
  • Delaware Online - "next Superstar" not looking to satirize Clay Aiken.

  • Nothing here yet.
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Clay Comments About His American Idol Experience in Billboard

Cover courtesy
Here's an interesting snip from the January 20 issue of Billboard. Billboard interviewed Clay and asked him to reflect on his AI experience four years later:
Clay Aiken

SEASON/FINISH: 2003, second

CHART HISTORY: The Billboard 200: "A Thousand Different Ways," 2006 (No. 2, 489,000); "Merry Christmas With Love," 2004 (No. 4, 1.4 million); "Measure of a Man," 2003 (No. 1, 2.8 million). The Billboard Hot 100: "This Is the Night," No. 1; "Invisible," No. 37; "Solitaire," No. 4.

I'll clear up a misconception people have. When I watched the show last year, [I've heard it said] I said to myself, "I'd much rather be the second-place winner because the first-place person is tied into the contract and the second-place person can go and shop their own." Well, that's not the case. I signed with RCA—there was a right of first refusal with RCA so I signed with RCA automatically at the end of the show. But there's definitely not a downside to that at all. I'm happy with that. Every person who's been on the show at some point wants to distance themselves a little bit, but no matter what, I came from there. I'm only here because of that show and so I can't help but be appreciative of that. Any time that they want me to come back, I'll be happy to. [Working with Simon Fuller] has turned into a really great relationship. I mean, he's really exactly what anybody would want in a record label head. We auditioned for the show because it looked like fun. I think every year after that, the fourth and fifth [season] especially, you found people who got into the show because they knew something big was going to come out of it. I kind of liked seeing contestants come up out of obscurity. It's lost a little bit of its innocence and so it's not as much fun for me anymore.
... and here's a few more items from Billboard and its array of music industry websites:
  • - write up for Clay's new single "A Thousand Days" --
    It's "Idol" release week, eh? The previous single from Clay Aiken's "A Thousand Different Ways," an inexplicable cover of Mariah Carey/Harry Nilsson's "Without You," barely connected at AC radio. Follow-up "A Thousand Days" is an original song that delivers upon the potent interpreter's signature: hand-flinging vocals, a soaring melody and a simple, singable chorus. Aiken's challenge at this point is more a public relations issue. As press reports continue to spread repeated tales of his lack of humility and haughty, diva-like disposition, how much longer before fans retreat and any semblance of radio support fades like a Christmas wreath? —Chuck Taylor
  • - American Idol the "American Way" --
    Clay Aiken has had two albums scan more than a million units: His 2003 RCA debut "Measure of a Man" sold more than 2.8 million units, while his follow-up 2004 holiday album, "Merry Christmas With Love," sold 1.4 million units.=
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Friday, January 12, 2007

Clay "Golden" To Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks has decided to feature Clay in a new promo clip for her popular daytime talk show. Since the two hit it off in November, Tyra's been very fond of Clay. The CB's onesingergal reports:

in southern california, tyra will be moving from 10am to 11am, starting jan. 22.

tyra's promo goes kinda like this ....

tyra says - tyra will be moving, and i'll be giving the love to you !!

then a clip of Clay, with Tyra pressing his cheek to hers, + clips of nelly furtado and nicole richie walking out, to a voiceover of 'big gold stars'....etc.

i saw the promo around 9:40am, yesterday and today (before tyra's show), and around 10:45am, during tyra's show.
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Clay Mention in SELF Magazine's January 2007 Issue

There's a small, but cute Clay mention in the January 2007 issue of SELF. The magazine advises readers: "Choose a song that gives closure, like the last song you heard at a concert or a guilty pleasure tune (Clay Aiken fans, you know what we mean)."

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Sun Sentinel Poll - A Great Clay Mention!

Now, this is what we're talking about. In a poll featured on the South Florida Sun Sentinel's website, Clay's name is mentioned. Whoever came up with this deserves an award.

Will 'American Idol' be better than ever?

Do you think this season's 'American Idol' will be the best one yet?
  • Yes, the show keeps getting stronger
  • No, there's too much hype and we've seen it all before
  • No way, how could anyone ever top Clay?!
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Soap Opera Digest's Interview with Clay

Soap Opera Digest published their interview with Clay about guest starring on Days of Our Lives last month. The interview can be read in its entirety at An abridgment appears below:

Clay Aiken's Soap Days
By Janet Di Lauro

Soap Opera Weekly: Are you a fan of DAYS OF OUR LIVES?
Clay Aiken: I'd never seen it, not that I'm not a fan. I've never been on another soap opera. (He laughs.) But my best friend, Kristy, is a huge fan. She's a DAYS OF OUR LIVES nut. She's a Daysmate. She watches it every night. She TiVos it and watches it.

Weekly: She must have been excited when you told her you were going to appear on the show.
Aiken: I had to be very careful about how I broke the news to her. I knew that she was going to flip out, and, lo and behold, she did flip out. She's watched DAYS since she was three. She knows every character. And, today, I decided that I would bring her with me. She has literally been sitting in the dressing room, giddy as a 13-year-old. She's always very composed and professional. Today, she'll meet someone and say, "Hi. Nice to meet you," very calmly. Then, as soon as they walk out of the room, "Ohhh, my Goooodddddd!"

Weekly: So how did your soap opera debut go?
Aiken: You know what's interesting? When I did AMERICAN IDOL, we were at CBS. We would literally stay locked in our dressing rooms. Not like in a cage or anything, but we were stuck in the dressing rooms for hours every day. Y&R and B&B were [taped] on that lot. We would get the feed of those soap operas, so we would watch them. They would take FOREVER to do one scene. They'd do them over and over. I thought, "It's going to be a LONG day today. I'll have to do this scene six times." I was so impressed at how quickly they worked. We rehearsed the scene once, taped it once; then, we left.

Weekly: Which gets your adrenaline going more, doing AMERICAN IDOL or appearing on DAYS?
Aiken: I would have to say your adrenaline gets pumping on IDOL. A, you have the judges. B, you have the pressure of it being live. C, the most important thing, you have the audience right there. The benefit to doing something like this is that it's taped. So if I did mess up, we could have done a second take, a third take....

Weekly: Did anyone on the DAYS cast hit you up for autographs?
Aiken: I signed a bunch and took photos [with Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Alison Sweeney (Sami)]. Kristy took photos with almost everybody, including the custodial staff. Just for the fun of it. Just because she's here.

Weekly: It sounds like this was a positive experience. Would you consider coming back to DAYS?
Aiken: I'd love to. They talked about having Patch and Kayla's theme song be "Everything I Have." We'd love to come back and do that again. If Kayla is a Claymate, we'd do a concert for her.
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Rumors Surrounding Upcoming Tour Surfacing

Barely 3 weeks after the close of the Christmas tour, we are already receiving rumors of new Clay concerts coming up in the Spring and Summer. True or not, these should keep you preoccupied as we slowly move through this Clay drought.

  • Ledyward, CT - Foxwoods Casino: The Clayboard's Rainlover says a member on the OFC saw a poster at the Foxwoods Casino promoting a Clay Aiken concert in June or July.
  • Kalamazoo, CT - Miller Auditorium: The CB's mad4clay reports -
    At the risk of having tomatoes thrown at me, I thought I would share a tidbit. A fellow teacher also works at the box office of the Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo, Mi. He said Miller has been contacted about having CLay come in March or April. Don't know anything else about it. But I made him promise to keep me posted.
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The UNICEF PSA announced last week, featuring UNICEF ambassadors like Clay, is now up on UNICEF's website.

  • In the 1 minute version of the PSA, Clay come on at the end and says "UNICEF works in over 150 countries"
  • You can also spot Clay in the 3 minute version of the PSA
This PSA will begin airing on TV stations nationwide soon.

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Tidbits 1/12


Detroit Fort-Worth Star Telegram - making fun of American Idol -

Clay Ache Hen

Song: The Chicken Dance

Judge's comment: [Simon Cow] Well, I'm at a loss. That was just dreadful. It was like being at a wedding, watching your drunken uncle flap his arms on the dance floor, making a complete idiot of himself.

  • Clay's appearance on The Meghan Mullally Show last December will be repeated on January 24. The show is in re-runs after being axed in a round of cancellations last week.
  • Malaysia Star Online E-Central - In an article entitled, "Rising Star", there are two Clay mentions:
    Of course, runners-up Clay Aiken (S2) and Bo Bice (S4) (and most recently, last season’s Katharine McPhee, who has already duetted with Andrea Bocelli), have also made their name, and now an army of previous season finalists has begun to strike gold.

    Underwood and Clarkson dominated 2006 but as the year ended, 15 Idol-related albums were actually listed on the Billboard Top 200 album charts, also featuring the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Miranda Lambert, Aiken, Studdard, Kelly Clarkson, McPhee, George Huff, Tamyra Gray and Barrino.
  • Hartford Courant - AI article - "And when Clay Aiken showed up it was not to sing "Invisible" or any of the tepid tunes he has belted out as a solo artist but to take another run at 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.'"
  • Tennessean - Sony BMG's marketing success with Carrie Underwood (hope someone over in RCA's marketing department is taking note)...
    On the surface, it doesn't seem like any big feat that Underwood went on to secure a string of high-profile TV appearances and that her album Some Hearts has sold more than 5 million copies in the space of about 14 months, scoring as 2006's third best-selling album of any genre.

    After all, American Idol's average audience hit 30.6 million viewers last season and past stars of the show, including Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, have gone on to find plenty of media exposure and sell lots of al bums. Love it or hate it, Idol creates an intense buzz.
  • Foxes on Idol - CD sales update.
  • Daytona Beach News-Journal - small Clay mention in a sister about the Beu Sisters. The group opened for Clay during the Summer 2004 Not-A-"Tour"
  • Kelly Ripa/Clay/O'Donnell mentions:

  • Coral and Opal (non-Clay blog) says Clay's appointment to President Bush's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities is a fantastic move. Well said!
    I came across a look-back article by Phil Kloer of the Cox News Service entitled, "Could This Year Have Been Any Stupider? " (as an aside, the definition of "stupid" is "lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull," which could aptly be applied to the writings of Mr. Phil Kloer).
    Sandwiched in between a lawmaker wanting to make red clay the official dirt of Georgia, and someone being awarded a patent for a cordless jump rope is this nugget of "stupidity":

    September: Clay Aiken named to the President's Committee for People With Intellectual Disabilities.

    Actually, Mr. Kloer, naming Clay Aiken to this post is an excellent move by President Bush. If he had named Justin Guarini, Diana DiGarmo, or some other American Idol runner-up to the Commission, that may have been a questionable call. But Clay Aiken is a grand call. Quite simply, Mr. Kloer, you have no idea what you are talking (or writing) about.

    In 2003, Mr. Aiken graduated from college with a degree in Special Education. He helped run YMCA camps for children and served as a substitute teacher for a classroom of students with autism. He also worked as a personal assistant to a young child with autism.

    Think he's a bad choice? Well, he's no MaryMargaret Sharp-Pucci or Harris Hollin, that's for sure. Never heard of them? Well, how about any of the following: Ricardo Barraza Jr., Herb Bartlett, Valerie Billmire , Stephen Bird, James Boles, William Edwards, Casey O’Halloran , Linda Hampton Starnes, Brian Kelly, Stephanie Pershong Brown, Thomas James Reilly, Steven Rhatigan, Neil Romano, Steve Suroviec, William Tienken, Carmela Vargas Gonzales, or Sharman Word Dennis, M.Ed.
    Not ringing any bells for you?
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Remembering Clay's Christmas Tour...Via Pictures - Part 3

Well, we come to Part 3 of our Christmas Tour reminiscing, courtesy of those luscious eye-satisfying pictures taken by our fabulous clack gatherers. For those of you who have not checked out CDD in the last couple of days, we are remembering three concerts a day for six days using the most gorgeous and memorable photos I can put my hands on. For those of you who have been here for each day, are you enjoying it so far? If so, stay tuned. I promise you that Part 3 is every bit as good as Part 1 and Part 2 were. If you haven't seen Parts 1 and 2, click here on Part 1 and Part 2 to enjoy a few breath-taking pictures of our guy from the first 6 concerts.

And now, on to Concerts 7, 8, and 9.

Williamsport, VA - December 9

Wilkes-Barre, PA - December 10

Easton, PA - December 11

We are halfway through our walk down memory lane. We will have the last half on the next three days. Makes you feel like you're almost there, doesn't it!!

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New Clay Mentions in People, In Touch & J14

We've been alerted to several new magazine magazines courtesy the CB's ellenpoppy...

  • January 22 In Touch Weekly mentions Clay in an article called "Idol's biggest questions answered":
    Even though Carrie Underwood has sold more than five million albums, and Clay Aiken isn't far behind at five million, Kelly Clarkson is the most successful American Idol of all, having sold 13 million copies of her two CDs, Breakaway and Thankful.
  • January 22nd People has a picture of Clay on page 4, the Index page, shaking Michael Sandecki's hand while singing at the AI5 finale: "Singer Clay Aiken met his match last May." The article on pages 110-111 is about "last season's American Idol rejects" who were "Almost Famous", and the picture of the "madeover" Sandecki is the biggest one. The article reads:
    The Clay Aiken Lookalike
    Michael Sandecki

    The Clay Aiken doppelganger sang on the show's May 24 finale and got the surprise of his life when Aiken joined him onstage. But after his big moment, Sandecki (who got rejected at his first Idol audition) did some soul searching. "I kind of got thrown into the spotlight. I had to question myself: Where do I fit in? Who am I?" he says. Now the Phoenix-based Sandecki, 22--who does clerical work for an on-line school--has changed his look so as not to be mistaken for Aiken. Still, he's not giving up his dream. "I eat, live and breathe music, and I'm going to make it somehow," says Sandecki. "But now I just want to be Mike."
  • January 2007 J14 - (courtesy the CB's claysbuttercup99):
    He is on page 52 on a section called Ultimate American Idol Trivia.

    The first mention is on question four. His name is just mentioned; he isn't the answer. The question is:
    Which former finalist starred in the Broadway show for which Zac Efron is now filming a movie version?
    a. Constantine Maroulis
    b. Tamyra Gray
    c. Clay Aiken
    d. Diana Degarmo - the correct answer.

    The second mention is on question five. Ya'll know the answer to this one.
    During last year's finale, Michael Sandecki freaked out when his American Idol role model (who he resembles) graced the stage. Who was it?
    a. Ruben Studdard b. Clay Aiken
    c. Taylor Hicks d. William Hung
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Clay To Co-Host On The View Soon

Clay and Rosie O'Donnell are ready to put the sillyness of 2006 behind them, it appears. In Rosie O'Donnell's blog last night, she said Clay will be co-hosting with the ladies on The View "soon".

No word yet on the date, but major news outlets such as Access Hollywood are already picking up the story. The story mentions: "In other Rosie related news, she let slip on her Web site that she'll soon be reuniting with Clay Aiken. He will co-host "The View," "soon," she posted."

In November, O'Donnell made headlines when she accused Kelly Ripa of making a homophobic remark after Clay jokingly placed his hand over Ripa's mouth while guest hosting.

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Tidbits 1/11

  • South (Sun Sentinel) - There is an article called "American Idol" returns for Season 6. There is no Clay mention in the article. But there is a poll that is to the right of the article as follows:
    Do you think this season's 'American Idol' will be the best one yet?
    Yes, the show keeps getting stronger
    No, there's too much hype and we've seen it all before
    No way, how could anyone ever top Clay?!
    You can vote on this poll. So far "No way, how could anyone ever top Clay?!" is winning...uh, as it should be! Check it out and vote!
  • - AI underdogs prove Simon Cowell wrong - "One could argue that the likes of Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson have proven him wrong."
  • The HUB - another good AI mention - "The kid who blossoms the best doesn't always win. Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson are two grand examples."
  • Waco Tribune Herald -
    Clay Aiken, the next season’s runner-up, created a loyal and avid fan base during his “Idol” run, one that has supported his three CDs — Measure of a Man, Merry Christmas With Love and A Thousand Different Ways — to the tune of 4.5 million copies sold. Ruben Studdard, that year’s winner, also has released three CDs — Soulful, I Need an Angel and The Return — though his sales have been slightly more than half of Aiken’s.
  • MTV- Paula Abdul helping launch new Bratz doll movie:
    Over the next few months, Abdul will be assisting in the selection of the four young actresses who'll portray the Bratz, as well as helping dress them and decide what music they'll be listening to. Clay Aiken, we can only assume, is preparing his demo tape.
  • - students at local high school take on Idol, but don't want to look like Clay Aiken.
  • Media Life Magazine - Nashville Star finds success- "Miranda Lambert, a contestant during season one, has become the Clay Aiken of “Nashville” graduates."
  • Newsday - Simon Cowell compares Taylor Hicks to Clay.
  • - Internet can help spread gossip (small Clay mention)
  • Billings News - random Clay mention.
  • Hollyscoop - Simon Cowell comments on Clay's sexuality (not too bad)
  • Philadelphia City Paper - article about some karaoke contest... Clay mention.
  • Appleton Post Crescent - although we couldn't care less... they say"Clay Aiken sucks"
  • Kelly/Clay/O'Donnell blurbs:

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Remembering Clay Christmas Tour...Via Pictures - Part 2

Yesterday we had our first in a six-part walk down the not so long ago memory lane of Clay's Christmas Tour. Using only pictures of course to satisfy your eye's longing! Today we will revisit Englewood, Baltimore, and Norfolk.

Englewood, NJ - December 5

Baltimore, MD - December 6

Norfolk, VA - December 7

Come back tomorrow for more pictures from our next three concerts! There's lots more memories to go!

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