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Saturday, July 15, 2006

"All That's Deemed Wacky" - Fun With ATDW Guesses

As most of you know, we had an acronym winner and Clay has already called her and had a 20 MINUTE LONG phone conversation with her. What a prize!!!

Now that we know the correct acronymn, everyone all over Claynation is trying to guess the name of Clay's CD. There have been some really great guesses! But there are some funny and wacky guesses that Clay fans have come up with that have given me a chuckle or two. Most of these are from the Clayboard thread Winner Announced. Those are the ones I would like to share with you right now. Here are some of my favorites, or to use the ATDW acronym, "All That's Deemed Wacky"!

Aiken Thanks Da Winner
All These Dang Women
Are They Done Waiting?
Aiken's Totally Deadly Wink
Aiken "The Dude" Wails
Aardvarks Tap Dance Wildly
Ahm Teasin' Da Women
Ah Truly Did Win
Album Today! Don't Wait!
Aiken Terminates Disc Wait
Are These Donuts Warm?
Soooooooooo, will any of these be it? Hmmmm, I kinda doubt it. But it sure brings out the creativity in Clay fans. Everyone keep working on ideas for the CD....someone is bound to get it right sooner or later!

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Full Length JBT Concert Available For Download @ Google Video

It's official! Google Video is AWESOME! At this site, you can not only view, but also download, the complete, uninterupted Cary Jukebox Tour Concert by spotlightlover (1 hour and 53 uninterrupted minutes!). What a great way to spend a little time with Clay during this hot summery down time!

>> Walk down memory lane -- go to CDD's Jukebox Tour archives.

Want even more? Check out hosaa's fantastic JBT montages, posted in our Tidbits blog yesterday.

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Tidbits 7/15

  • Hendersonville News: MLB All-Star Game missing a dash of Clay Aiken: "10:33: John Legend sings "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch. This guy has no Fox ties that of which I'm aware. Someone messed up. Where's Clay Aiken?"
  • Music: "When you think of past American Idol contestants who have reached the charts, the obvious artists who come to mind might include Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Carrie Underwood."
  • From 2004 -- The CB's ClaysMyMidlifeCrisis found this video of "Lois & Clark" (an old Warner Bros. show) covering Clay's TITN (scroll down to 3rd row)

  • The ConCLAYve: Life's most embarrasing stories (not really Clay-related)
  • Taking A Moment also shares a frustrating moment with us (again, not really Clay-related)
  • Southern Girl's blog about the the winner of the NANA contest.
  • Southern Girl also has a new Friday photo.
  • There Was A Man: American Idol stars are real artists... the sales and popularity prove it. "Clay Aiken has sold over four million albums and grossed 28 million dollars in concert sales He is getting ready to release his second mainstream album 'quite soon', and there is no telling how far his rocket to the stars will go."
  • Clayigraphy has an entertaining post about ATDW - just WHAT IS IT?
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Phone Call To NANA Winner Already Placed; Clay Blogs

santeyamor, the winner of the NANA fanclub contest, has already been phoned! In a blog last night, Clay talks about their discussion. Here's a quick recap of Clay's blog:

  • Clay congratulated santeyamore.
  • Clay says he's been reading the guesses on the fanclub's message board.
  • Clay says we are VERY CLOSE to actually guessing the album's full titie- we know that the acronym is ATDW. (for more info, see the link above)
Folks over at CH have found an ASCAP listing for a song "A Thousand Different Ways" -- could that be the title?

We'd love to hear from you -- post a comment with your guesses and we'll post a 'master list' of guesses early next week.

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Album's Acronym Will Be 'ATDW'; Winner's Identity Revealed

The winner of the "Name the sophomore album's acronym" contest has been announced. Congrats to the Official Fanclub's santeyamor for guessing the correct acronym- ATDW. This means that the sophomore album's title will be 4 words long - 1st word starting with A, 2nd with T, 3rd with D and 4th with W. Clay told us earlier this week that he had a winner but didn't disclose her identity.

santeyamor will be receiving some awesome prizes:

Here is the full statement from the fanclub:
07/14/06 / Winner of the NANA Contest
Congratulations to fan club member, santeyamor, winner of the NANA (New Album Name Acronym) contest! Santeyamor will receive an autographed copy of will receive an autographed copy of Clay Aiken's upcoming album (when available), a one-year membership renewal, a one-of-a-kind Clay Aiken buddy icon featuring the album acronym, and a congratulatory phone call from Clay himself!

Thanks to everyone who submitted acronyms -- there were some very good guesses and a few correct answers that came in just after the winning entry.

The winning acronym you ask? No, it's not C-L-A-Y! It's actually ATDW. Now that you've figured out the NANA (New Album Name Acronym), have fun pondering the actual album title! Posted by Team Clay
santayamor - if you're reading this, don't miss Jemrock's blog post: "How to talk to Clay Aiken on the phone"

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Tidbits 7/14

  • Arkansas Times: Michael Buble concert review mentions Clay... Michael has been naughty -- "He impersonated a typical man who had been dragged by his wife to see some 'Clay Aiken sh--'(but just stopping short of using the actually profanity)." The Arkansas Democrat & Gazette has almost an identical article (registration required)
  • Des Moines Register: New hair reference...(they don't like it) -- "'Superman' seems weighed down by seven decades as an American idol. (And who wouldn't be? Look what two years did to poor Clay Aiken's hair.)"
  • Winston Salem Journal: Relish Now!: No Idol in NC this year... "For the 2006 season, Idol auditions came to Greensboro, thanks in part to the success of Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrino on the series."
  • Wait... wait... wait. Yes, we're tired of it too. The CB's MistyMystery has her "Top 10 Reasons Press Release May Be Delayed". A preview: "#10 Clay accidentally washed his hair with Nair and his PeekABoo style is all Peek and no Boo. He has to wait for it to grow out again or buy some pricey extensions."
  • The CB's hosaa has some fantastic new "new song" montages from last year's JBT. She's posted them on Google Video where you can now download the videos directly! Cool!
  • Southern Girl gives us a roundup on this week's Clay-blog activity.
  • An Unsealed Room: "Israeli Idol" bridging religious, political gaps and creating popstars like "Mediterranean Clay Aikens".
  • The Invisible Kingdom has some HAWT desktop wallpapers... series 1, series 2.
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Collection of Short Stories To Include One By Clay

Rainlover at The Clayboard has found out via Dudley at the Clackhouse that a new book called House Blend, will include stories from many of the best inspirational authors, including our very own Clay! According to, the book is expected to be shipped on Halloween (Oct. 31).

Thomas Nelson, Inc. (warning: link is PDF file), the book's publisher, lists Clay as one of the contributing authors as well as the following information:

  • This diverse selection of intriguing stories is collected from national best-selling authors who have sold millions of books worldwide.
  • Blending wisdom, humor, information, and suspense, these 75-plus stories provide hours of entertainment and inspiration.
  • The phenomenal success of Christian fiction suggests that readers are looking for great stories.
  • The continuing success of the Chicken Soup and Hugs series indicates the ongoing popularity of collections of stories.
  • The colorful tapestry of true and fictional stories along with a bright coffee-house design make this a perfect inspirational gift at any time of the year.
  • Contributors include: Max Lucado, Billy Graham, Charles Swindoll, Anne Graham Lotz, Barbara Johnson, Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, Marilyn Meberg, Patsy Clairmont, Thelma Wells, Jan Silvious, John Maxwell, Mark Buchanan, Natalie Grant, Michael Reagan, Gary Smalley, Zig Ziglar, Clay Aiken, Os Guinness, and Stormie Omartian.
You can pre-order a copy of this book for only $10.00

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Tidbits 7/13

  • Clay is part of today's Yahoo! Crossword... 55 across.
  • Poor Ruben... Here's what says about Clay outshining Ruben:
    Usually with "American Idol," the winner gets all the glory and everyone else is just an also-ran. But there is the Aiken phenomenon, where a losing contestant ends up outselling the winner and gaining a bigger following after the show wraps.

    Granted, Clay Aiken didn't have much of a challenge; if Ruben would put the pastrami sandwich down, I'm sure he could sell a record or two.
  • Los Angeles Times: very small Clay mention in article about production which involves AI2 semi-finalist.
  • On a news-less day like today, check out this CB thread about men attending Clay's concerts. Share your stories!
  • Taylor Hicks' "Do I Make Your Proud" makes Blender Magazine's wussiest songs list. Blender notes: "Even Clay Aiken could whoop his ass."
  • The Day asks: "What if Clay Aiken hit Simon in the head with a snow shovel?" (???)
  • CBS Boston's Child of the Day, Jessica, is a Clay Aiken fan.

  • Although I've been doing it on and off the past month, all recommended blogs will be bolded from now on.
  • Jemrock (Taking A Moment) has a laugh-out-loud post on how to talk to Clay on the telephone. Yesterday, a lucky fanclub member was announced as the winner of the NANA contest. She will receive a phone call from Clay soon! Tip #1: "View the following instructional film strip on how to properly use the telephone."
  • Recent changes (Payola) may change Clay's sophomore album radio airplay luck: interesting analysis frm Lyrichord's Music.
  • ClaySpots continues their wonderful memory lane journey... next stop: Christmas 2003.
  • Southern Girl posts about the joys and frustrations of blogging (I concur fully!)
  • Clay's Equalizers tells us why Clay is the real deal... they remind of us of Polly Graf's saying: "Some people, who wish to only concentrate on hypocrisy, should be reminded that this is what it's all about." (warning: content on the rest of the blog is blunt and deals with PG-13 subject matters)
  • Have a Kleenex box handy... here's a touching post from Carolina Clay's Blogs remembering the death of the blogger's Clay-fan mother exactly1 year ago today... "She appreciated good music and was a very enthusiastic fan of Clay Aiken. Among the most enjoyable moments of the final two years of her life were spent watching and listening to him sing. She especially loved Clay's rendition of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water.'"
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MOAM Removed From iTunes

Reps from Apple finally got back to CDD's sashntash about the removal of MOAM from Apple's popular iTunes music store last week. Here was Apple's e-mail to sash:

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.

Unfortunately the decision to remove the album "Measure of a Man" was made at a much higher level and I cannot comment on why that choice was made.

Typically if an item is removed from the iTunes Music Store, it is either at the artist's/label's request or on occasion it is due to apple attempting to get a higher quality version of the content. I would suggest leaving feedback to have the album put back up. To ensure your feedback is considered for possible product enhancements or additions to the iTunes Music Store, please visit the Feedback page at
In other words -- more stupidity at RCA!

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Fred Meyer, Kroger, FYE Stores List September 19 Release Date

Another 'confirmation' for the rumoured September 19 release date of Clay's highly anticipated (and very overdue) sophomore is coming tonight from the Fred Meyer/Kroger chain of stores. clayniac2 from the Clayboard spoke with a purchasing agent at the chain's corporate headquarters who informed her that it will be out on September 19. He added: "This is going to be huge."

Barnes & Nobel has the same information -- Sept. 19 release.

Update: clays poppy reports that FYE store also lists the Sept. 19 date.

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Fanclub Contest Closes With A Winner!

We have a winner!

Clay announced on his fanclub blog last night that he has found a clear winner in the fanclub's NANA "New album name acronym" contest, which closed today. Obviously, the winner was chosen based on the sophomore album's title, which has already been decided on. Besides that, the only thing we know about the title is that (in keeping with MOAM's and MCWL's tradition) it will be 4 words long.

Clay said that there were an astounding 456,976 possible answers -- so FANTASTIC job guessing, Claymates!

The lucky winner will be receiving a one-year fan club membership renewal (compliments of Clay), a congratulatory phone call from Clay himself and a signed copy of the sophomore album as soon as it is released.

Thanks to Southern Girl for the heads up on this!

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Tidbits 7/12

  • Clay's May 2005 "Wildrest Dreams" episode of Oprah (he sang a BEAUTIFUL acoustic version of IWCY) will be repeated on Wednesday, July 19. Check local listings.
  • YAY! Clay moves up to #33 on the Lycos50. Keep searching Claymates!
  • The Pulse (Chatanooga's Weekly Alternative)- "Future Not Bleak" by Blair Hickman, an article about a group called Five Star Iris, says "Jimmy Page might rip out Clay Aiken’s hair and Robert Plant might squeeze Ruben Studdard until he explodes. Zep would be the hands down winner. Why? Because the classic rock greats are simply made of a proverbial higher quality of musical clay." Hmmmm, I don't necessarily agree with that!
  • San Antonio Express-News - In article entitled "American Idol Auditions to Land in S.A." by Hector Saldano, it says, "The rest of the winners, and popular runners-up like Clay Aiken and Bo Bice, are all from the South."
  • Wilkes Barre Times (NE Pennsylvania's Home Page) - In "Our Own American Idol Words" by Katie Gross, Ms. Gross says, "I’ll admit that I am a Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Bo Bice, Taylor Hicks kind of girl. American Idol is, in my mind, the best reality television show to hit the airwaves, since Star Search in 1983-1985."
  • ...and another one from the Times Leader calls Clay a "bona fide popstar"... "American Idol, which recently completed its fifth season, remains an enormous pop culture phenomenon. It has helped produce a bona fide pop star in Clay Aiken, a Grammy winner in Kelly Clarkson."
  • Blogcritics: Taylor Hicks article asks 'Ruben who'? "...the big dude who won a while back whose name I completely forget because he's done absolutely nothing since winning, while the little pixie Clay Aiken who came in second actually had an entire career since then."
  • Star - The article, "Idol Finalists Rock Mall", by Molly McCarthy, is about a local competition where the winner will compete "for the opportunity to win an all-expenses-paid trip to an upcoming audition of the Fox Network's "American Idol," which has made household names of acclaimed singers like Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, and arguably less talented vocalists like William Hung."
  • WSOC TV - No NC Idol stop... "Raleigh's Clay Aiken drew huge concert crowds just by coming in second the year before."
  • Antimusic: who will be the "next Clay Aiken?"
  • New Times: Taylor Hicks "just another Clay Aiken" (???)
  • TV Guide: Rock Star Supernova contestants should avoid this: "auditioning to be a backup singer for Clay Aiken"
  • Clay's backing vocalist Angela Fisher has a new messageboard. Check it out.
  • Rolling Stone blog refers to Clay's hair in Chris Daughtry blog... "Meanwhile, Clay Aiken continues to look eerily like Thom Yorke."
  • USA Today Idol blog's comments include: "I would like to see Diana DeGarmo and Clay Aiken record more. They are better than the 3 I just named."

  • A new blog called Back For More has a very detailed "analysis" of the song of the same name...When and where would you expect Harry Potter, Clay Aiken and Mountians at the same place? Weird, but thought provoking.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Photo of Clay With Security Guard

Here's a new photo of Clay with his security guard. This was taken after his May American Idol 5 appearance in LA.

Thanks to members at Clay Dream Believers for finding this on the security guard's MySapce page.

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Tidbits 7/11

  • Easterseal from The Clayboard says that Kathy Griffin was on CNN's Larry King Live Monday night. According to her, Larry and Kathy discussed the following: (clayisouridol's note: credit to this tidbit to CDD's J4Clay)
    Larry asked her about Clay, said first how she really loves him. Stated she does talk about him in her act about he might be homosexual (not really believing it my impression) She said she ran into him at Larry K. party and they talked, she apologized for razing him, he laugh off. States they have become pretty good friends and she has seen him live and loves his shows. They will repeat at Midnight ET time.
    Clay was introduced on 2003's Billboard Music Awards by Griffin. A year later, the duo presented together on the 2004 American Music Awards.
  • American Idol 6 article from E! Online notes: "Clay Aiken proved you don't have to be the winner."
  • Another one from WWAY-TV... No NC auditions for AI6-- "Raleigh's Clay Aiken drew huge concert crowds just by coming in second the year before."
  • The Deadbolt's article on AI5 rocker Chris Daughtry signing with RCA/19/Sony BMG. "Since its U.S. inception in 2001 on Fox, American Idol has turned a variety of everyday "average Joe" types into household names, including such singers as Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken."
  • Clay mention in StubHub PR... this isn't new . It's on every one of their PRs.
  • Irregular Times notes Clay topping Technorati's most searched for list...(mind you with a bit of a political slant) "Was the news of the newly revealed government program to spy against Americans anywhere on Technorati’s top eight list? Nope. But Clay Aiken was there."

  • WebWeaver tells us about the time she met Clay in 2003... "So the first thing I did when I got home was race into work with my signed Rolling Stone and Clingle yelling: 'I MET CLAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!'"
  • Jemrock at Taking A Moment: Clay's hair "through the ages" and the sophomore album. The question is, will it become like THAT (see top of this post) one day? LOL.
  • "Fresh laundry" (new album) -- what will we get with it -- There Was A Man. Talks about 2003 Elle article and includes vid of Clay singing Invisible, circa 2003.
  • ConCLAYve introduces us to Tim Buckley... "Clay’s voice can be so haunting. Another voice that I always found haunting was Tim Buckley. I adored Tim’s music and incredible voice. His Goodbye and Hello is a beautiful showcase for his stunning vocal range and powerful lyrics in a folk-rock style."
  • Shari, a MySpace blogger tells us what Clay Aiken means to her: "Clay is a miracle to us. He is a sign of hope. A sign of life and a breath of fresh air. He is a beacon for those who lose their way. He is positivity reinvented."
  • Hot For Clay has a cute (not to mention informative) "Claymate Curriculum Vitae" (timeline) on Clay's post-Idol journey.
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tidbits 7/10

  • Remember this Rolling Stone cover exactly 3 years ago today? The 'shadow' had us ROTFLing for days! The CDD's Mamarose revisits RS July 10, 2003.
  • I've been amazed over the past few weeks at how Clay has consistantly stayed in the top 10 of Technorati's most searched for list. Last week, Clay was #1 for 6 days! (Clay's currently #8). Keep searching... also, don't forget Lycos.
  • Katharine McPhee AI diva, like "legend" Clay Aiken? -- E! News. (the legend part I get... but what "Clay Aiken diva"???)
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Gazette's Twin Tiers Idol competitor says Clay's her fav idol... "Clay Aiken because he is very talented. I love hearing him sing and he is just so darn cute."
  • BeaversOnIdol: Kelly, Clay and Ruben's friendship is genuine and an example of how the mainstream media will twist it.
  • LBFCA-- Quiana's new baby boy has Uncle Clay!

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tidbits 7/9

  • Toronto Star mentions Clay being in the current issue of US Weekly. "Clay Aiken, who, with his new shag hair-do, looks more like k.d. lang than k.d. lang herself." (careful... this columnist hasn't been nice to Clay in the past)
  • Asbury Park Press: Toms River Fest article... small Clay mention (Clay was there last year... JBT)
  • On the day of the World Cup finals, we just have to throw in something about it. The Electric New Paper (yes... awkward name) from Singapore compares a Czech player Tomas Rosicky (see right) to Clay. -- "Clay Aiken-lookalike Tomas Rosicky of the Czech Republic."
  • Since Eeyore's Not So Gloomy Place isn't on the Blogger network and doesn't have a feed, we don't link to it often. But check it out! It's a fantastic diary/blog with lots of thudly pictures of OMC.
  • USMA Band News - Once you click on USMA Band News and get to the article, click on "1812 Concert is Success with Notable Guest Appearances" at the top of the page. At the bottom of that section, it says, "The U.S. Army Chorale, under the direction of Captain Domingos Robinson took to the stage to perform a number of selections in the pop/rock vein, including Carlos Santana’s Smooth and Clay Aiken’s Invisible." What a prestigious group and they played Clay's "Invisible"!
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