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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Clay-UDL FM Valentine Story

The Kansas Claymates posted this awesome story about Clay-UDL (KUDL) FM in Kansas City.

From the CB's Mando1:

Every Year 98.1 KUDL does there Card Shower. they have people/groups in Kansas City make valentines for the local Childrens hospital(Childrens Mercy Ect...)

Well for the last 3 years the KC CLAYFANS have made valentines for them. we get together as a group and make valentines.
This year we got together at one of our monthly meetings and made a bunch.

3 of us took them down to the radio station and gave them to the morning show DJs. WE talked to the djs for a minute or so.
I made lots of cookies for them and my special Giant Dark Chocolate peanut butter cups. We also made this Giant Valentine for the DJs at the station.
this is kind of blurry cause this was taken with a cellphone camera. BTW we made it gaudy on purpose.

The djs said they were going to have this at the table at there anual Chocolate breakfast on Valentines day. they've been doing the Choco.. breakfast for many year. people from all over KC come. thats for charity also.

after we left the station, we were in one car and listening to KUDL. after a few minutes, Dan one of the morning show DJs, mentioned that we were at the station and dropped off the valentines. said about 30 people got together to make them and we got gabbing so much we had to make more another day. Darcie is the other dj in the morning.

after he gave us props, he played This is the Night. all 3 of us in the car screamed soo LOUD!!

then when the mid day show dj Roger came on, he mentioned us again and all the goodies we brought and valentines we had.

WE LOVE KUDL cause they have played Clay since TITN first came out. they were at our first CD release party(said they would probably be at the next one well the djs said,) they were at both Pre-concert parties we had. they helped sponsor the Benefit dinner for the BAF. We love 98.1 CLAY-UDL!!!

if you ever want to send anything to the djs you can visit

Results Are In For CCM Magazine Readers' Choice Awards

CCM's 2006 Readers' Choice Awards' results are in. CCM asked people to vote for the favourite book last September. Today, the results were published.

Clay's Learning to Sing placed 3rd in the favourite book category, led by Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and JK Rowling's summer smash, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Congratulations Clay! Click here to see the results page.

Clay Mentions 2/4

  • The CB's claysdabomb says poor Troy Aikmen, a NFL player, got referred to as Troy Aiken (again) on CNN Headline News this morning... poor guy, ever since Clay appeared on Monday Night Football last September, Troy's last name seems to have changed to Aiken.
  • Recap of the week's event- mentions National Enquirer story.
  • 2003 Flashback: Clay sings acapella at Carolina Hurricanes' game.

Sophomore Album Will Be A DualDisc

Yahoo Music is reporting SONY BMG, owner of RCA Records will release Clay's sophomore album on a DualDisc, similar to Bo Bice's release last December. DualDiscs are playable on both sides and therefore the disc will not bear a label. Most DualDisc releases have the regular CD on one side and a DVD on the other side which normally features exclusive videos, concert footage, a surround sound DVD-Audio version of the album and artist computer software.

The sophomore album will also be offered on a regular CD. It is scheduled for release 'soon', Clay said earlier this week.

Pricing for a DualDisc is relatively on par with regular CD's. At last check, Bo Bice's normal CD was $12.99 on Amazon, while the DualDisc version was a dollar more, at $13.99.

From Yahoo Music:

Sony BMG is set to release more than 100 DualDisc titles in 2006. The shipment total is expected to surpass its 2005 output of more than 13 million units on 102 titles. Among the acts with DualDisc titles in the first half of this year are Pink, Dixie Chicks, Barry Manilow, Teddy Geiger, Miranda Lambert, Clay Aiken, Weird Al Yankovic, the Fray, the Jonas Brothers and London Pigg.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Randy Jackson: "Clay is a diamond in the rough"

Idol judge Randy Jackson praised Clay today on the FOX News Channel.


Randy Jackson is on Fox News right now.. talking about AI.. talking about Clay being a diamond in the rough.. really good ...comments.. by everyone..

before Randy said a word the lady said.. oh my ..I followed Clay and Ruben through the whole thing..and Clay oh my gawd and held her hand on her heart.. Randy came back and know you never know what your gonna find.. Clay was a diamond in the rough..they showed clips of him on AI and video of was all good...the lady is definately a Claymate..

Clay Credit Card Featured in Good Housekeeping

Clay's MYplash Master Card Debit Credit Card is featured in January's issue of Good Housekeeping. Thanks to the CB's J4Clay for the scan.

You can get one via be warned- the service fees are ridiculously high.

Hits Daily Double Cartoon

Hits Daily Double published a cartoon with Clay, Kelly and Carrie about the upcoming Clive Davis Grammy party. No confirmation yet as to whether Clay will be present at the party.

FYI: The cartoon is animated and portrays Clay as a girl... not nice.

Faye is A Good Storyteller

We found this follow up article about last weekend's Piedmont Talent Showcast where Clay's mom Faye Parker was a judge says Faye is an excellent talent story.

The article, from's M.A. Andrews says:

At a conversation after the event was over while enjoying dinner, Faye told some interesting stories. Like hearing about fans coming by and pulling up grass from her home's lawn when Clay reached the finals! She also said that when her husband, Ray Parker passed away, a friend related to her that he had told them: "I've got one son that is going to be a hero and one son that that is going to be famous some day!" His prediction has come true. 20 year old Brett is in the Marines and already served in Iraq and 27 year old Clay is now very famous. Clay renamed himself and took his mother's maiden name for his last name, Aiken. Although Ray Parker was his step dad, he always called him dad and when Brett was being deployed to Iraq, he flew half way around the world to get home and see his brother off. Faye says it has been quite a whirlwind in the last few years. She has pleasant memories of the boys. One of the most interesting stories she told us was about Simon on American Idol. She was on the West Coast when he made his famous comment about Clay "I like you better with my eyes shut!" The next day, Faye gave Simon a sleep mask and drew some dollar signs on it! The family is now building a new home in the Raleigh area. Where? Well, for obvious reasons. the location will be kept secret as long as possible so that construction will not be interrupted by fans seeking keepsakes.

Super Bowl Ad Features Clay?

MSNBC aired a story earlier today about Super Bowl ads and numerous Claymates at the Clayboard report seeing nano-second of Clay in an orange shirt at the end of the story.

From the CB's Melodi:

The story was on new superbowl ads. They showed a clip of Jessica Simpson's new ad (pizza) for the superbowl Sunday & some others. It was all about the new ads coming up on superbowl Sunday. Nothing was said about Clay at all, just that nano-second clip at the very end of story.

Clay Mentions 2/3

Clay makes a cameo appearance on Monday Night Football, Sept. 26, 2005. The Super Bowl is this weekend.

  • Short mention on a Narnia fansite that quotes yesterday's announcement that WOW Christmas has been nominated by the GMA awards. The Narnia soundtrack is nominated in the same category. Clay's MDYK appears on the WOW Christmas disk.
  • Another GMA awards mention at Breathcast.
  • AI article from American Prospect Online - not a very nice mention of Clay.
  • Ryan Seacrest storms out of radio station after Clay or Kelly question???
  • ...oh wait, the radio station actually says it was a 'hoax'
  • NC has become a hotspot for reality TV stars, article from Greensboro News Round
  • National Ledger defends Clay in article about the gay story. "Pretty seedy and outrageous, and it seems he may just be after money and publicity."
  • Dallas Morning News article solves the confusion between football player Troy Aikmen and Clay Aiken.
  • Clay's former music director enjoying success in Philidelphia
  • LiveJournal blogger says CDD is stalking her - actually, we were just citing your journal as an information source. LOL.
  • nky4clay reports hearing the lyrics of WYSYLM on today's Days of Our Lives. "If you want to make God laugh all you have to do his tell him your plans." Coincidence or not?
  • American Idol recap- week 3 by Diane Austin.

In this post yesterday, we said that Ryan Seacrest stormed out of a radio station after a gay question involving Clay and Kelly. To clarify, the radio station today issued a statement it was all a hoax. (see bolded item above).

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Finding Clay Aiken Launches Media Site

Our friends over at are launching a media site and will be offering a Clay retrospective in the near future.

Click here for more info.

WOW Christmas Nominated for GMA Award

WOW Christmas Green, last year's smash Christian Christmas CD release has earned a Gospel Music Award nomination. Clay's Mary, Did You Know appears on the compilation.

Read article about GMA awards
See full list of nominees. Clay's name is under "Special Event Album of the Year"

Clay Fans Issue PR

We've never seen this before. A Claymate at issued this press release about Clay's success via the PR Newswires today.... Hmmm... if you ask me, this stuff should be left to the professionals- team Clay.

Clay Aiken Fans Celebrate Third Year Anniversary
Clay Aiken fans everywhere celebrate the music, the teachings, the charity, the concern for children, the spiritual drive, and the compassion of this Raleigh, North Carolina man who first stepped into the public eye three years ago.

(PRWEB) February 2, 2006 -- Three years ago on January 28, 2003, Clay Aiken stepped into our lives saying the words, "I'm the next American Idol." He didn't win the competition, but instead, he became something so much more important to thousands of fans and followers of all ages around the globe.

This week marks not only the 3rd year celebration of the public awareness and music career of this amazing man, known to his fans, the ClayMates, as "OMC" (Our Man Clay), but also as a celebration of a long line of friendships and acquaintances made by thousands who attend Clay Aiken concerts and concert pre-parties, or connect through his Official Fan Club (OFC), popular online message boards, and through the numerous charities and fundraisers that have been born from his own charitable efforts.

Celebrate The Man
Clay, a Raleigh, North Carolina native, intended to pursue a career in special education and was in the process of completing his degree at UNC-Charlotte when Continue reading...

Clay Mentions 2/2

New photo from the Broadway show Clay attended last week in NYC.
  • Clay mention in press release about Clive Davis' Grammy pre-show party. No news, just a mention of Clay being a RCA artist... however, don't rule out Clay attending the party- that list is kept secret until the event on Feb. 7.
  • America's Next Top Idol is no Idol... Clay mention.
  • American Idol article - short Clay mention "I voted for Clay Aiken"
  • Star of new NBC show is a "chirpy Clay Aiken type"
  • Cowell's Il Divo following footsteps of Clay...
  • vMix features Clay montage -- this montage was featured at video upload site vMix yesterday.
  • Has Clay been abducted by aliens?
  • Check this out -- get ready to thud.
  • Radio Shock jock questions Seacrest's sexuality. Clay mention. -- what a jerk, this radio DJ.
  • Recap of San Francisco Idol auditions, the one where Matthew "Wolfie" Paulson said he's similar to Clay.
  • Happy anniversairy- a photo montage from LBFCA
  • What if Clay never made it on idol?
  • As we reported earlier this week, Star Magazine has published an article about the story. It was very pro Clay and had a quote from Clay's team who 'put things into perspective'.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stay Tuned...

Another mention on American Idol tonight. During a preview of the upcoming Tuesday episode which will show auditions from Boston, a geeky-looking auditioner says, "I'm the next Clay Aiken."

Clay Worked on Manilow CD?, website of Cue Recording Studios says Clay was recently there cutting tracks for a 'new Barry Manilow CD' (Manilow did put out a new CD last month). Sources from the Clayboard say that this did not occur. Confusing.

Clay Aiken "American Idol" superstar shown with staff engineer Mike Andreski and producer David Benson in Cue's "Red Room" studio. Clay is cutting new tracks for an upcoming Barry Manilow CD.

Teen People: Clay is the 2nd Most Successful Idol

There is an outstanding mention in March's Teen People. Teen People says Clay is the second most successful Idol, next to Kelly Clarkson. Although many of you will argue Clay is top, looking at Kelly's current sales and radio play, it's hard to make a case for Clay-- but worry not, Kelly will soon have to make way for Clay as the sophomore album drops. Thanks to iluvuclay for the scan.

Clay Aiken

The North Carolina native, 27, may have placed second on Idol 2 in 2003, but more than 3 million "Claymates" bought his Measure of a Man and Merry Christmas with Love discs. They also snapped up Learning to Sing, a memoir packed with inspirational tales of how he survived a tumultuous childhood (bullies, parental problems and more).

The Mayor of Nerdville- Entertainment Weekly

The CB's Pikly says there is a small (positive or negative... make your own call) mention of Clay in the Feb. 3 issue of Entertainment Weekly. But don't run out to the newsstands... this is the same magazine that has repeatedly bashed Clay in the past. To be fair, it did run a fairly positive LTS review in 2004 and featured Clay on the cover of a summer 2003 issue. Thanks to angelcat4jc for the scan.

HI! A small Clay mention and photo is in the newest Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Feb. 3, 2006 edition, with Kanye West on the cover. Go to the last page: "Stupid Questions" and this week's interview is with Ryan Seacrest. They ask Ryan what elected post he would hold, compared to Clay's office of "Mayor of Nerdville." Nice mention with a small head shot photo of Clay.
Thanks, Pikly
Update: For the record Clay himself said he was the "Mayor of Nerdville" in an old interview.

Clay Mentions 2/1

  • Greensboro newspaper "Yes Weekly" - 2 of the best Idol voices from NC
  • E! News report about Idol ratings up, mentions Clay-Ruben AI2 finale

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mission Accomplished, Claymates!

Claymates have saved Clay's name from falling off the Lycos50. Clay is the 21st most searched term on this week, up from 47 last week! Lycos declares that Clay is "Still America's Idol"

Congrats Claymates and keep searching.

Clay Mentions 1/31

  • Clay's giraffe takes on Manhattan (hilarious spoof from CB)
  • News release from blogger says American Idol has hit 'all time low' - Gay reference (not too bad)
  • Kathy Griffin is 'hated' by Clay- article - referring to the Clay gay jokes Ms. Griffin has made
  • News release from Lorilee Craker about her new book, mentions the fact she has interviewed Clay
  • We have reports from the CB's pamforclay and RedBay that Star magazine will be publishing 'the story', but not without a comment from Clay's team - positive sign, shows that even tabloids doubt the credibility of the National Enquirer.
  • An interview with Clay's JNT2005 opening act, William Joseph
  • A recap of the San Fransicso Idol auditions

Album Will Be "Something Different"

An 'excited' Clay had thousands of Claymates (mostly on the west coast) up all night late night/earlier today as he blogged tidbits about the new album during the wee hours a few sentences at a time (he blogged 6 times overnight). Clay seemed to have trouble holding details back, but he did say that the album will be 'something different' and will be out 'quite soon'.

So, let's brainstorm hypothetically... what could different be? How about...

  • a DualDisc?
  • A double album?
  • A radio-orientated album?
  • Acoustic songs?
  • A live concert CD/DVD with the album?
Heck, Mongolian Polka isn't out of the picture, is it? Clay said in an interview late last year he said:
A number of songs have been recorded. It's a matter of what we should keep. There are a couple of different ways we can go. I've recorded some traditional Top 40, minus the hip-hop, some adult contemporary and some covers. If it's going to be a theme, do I want it to be favorite love songs? The good thing is that the songs are recorded. The only way I'll record more is if our theme is Mongolian polka. Then I'll have to record some new songs.
Any other ideas? Leave them in the commenting feature of this post.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Marry Clay, Right Now...

...well sort of. If a 'digital relationship' with Clay is fine with you, you can marry Clay in a matter of minutes - albeit without the ring, certificate, wedding - cake and guests.

There are 3 Clays on the Marry Your Favourite Character Online site.

Thanks to Clay Report for the heads up!

Chris Botti Apologizes to Clay

You may have recalled that Clay attended a Chris Botti concert earlier this month in North Carolina. Botti did not know that Clay was in attendance and he made a speech at that concert saying that American Idol was ruining music.

On Jan. 27, at his Prescott, AZ concert, Botti issued an apology to Clay according to this LiveJournal post.

Chris did his usual speel about kids & music & how American Idol is ruining music for kids, making them think they can have instant fame and not have hours and hours of practice and how he was giving this same speech a few shows ago and Clay Aiken was in the audience (thought of you there Allie!) and that he apologized to Clay, but Clay agreeed with his point.

New Poll

American Idol wants to know which one of their 4 'fantasy' finalists should win.

The choices are Kelly, Fantasia, Constatine and Clay.

Cast your ballot for Clay.

Clay currently holds a narrow lead.

The Trendsetting Clay Aiken

Want futher proof that Clay is a trendsetter? Check out this ad from Chaps that appeared today in newspapers nationwide. Clay wore the same style to the Emmy's last September. Thanks to pattipandaluvsclay for the scan.

AD: Bubel Aiken Foundation

CDD's Ads are back after a January haitus.

"He is a man of his word"

A woman who knows Clay through Clay's work at the Raleigh YMCA left this post on a Clay fan group.

From kimpossible at Heartful House Clay group:

I used to observe Clay as my kid's Y counselor. I watched how he treated
people. I saw his modesty (about his talent). I saw his humor and intelligence. I
saw his joy at helping kids grow to be responsible Christians. I saw him pray.
I listened to a lengthy talk he gave all the parents and kids concerning his
father death and God's place in his life (I cried!). I watched his interaction
with the high quality individuals he chose to be friends with. He was very
strict with the kids--not bad language, rowdy behavior or off color remarks.
Everytime I talked with him he was respectful, and deserving of my respect. He
came across as a very straight (woman loving!) very devoute man. I was glad my
kid was in his camp for so many years. He was a wonderful influence.

I am not saying he was a saint, I am saying that his goodness was not just a
figment of the Claymates imaginitions. He is a man of his word.

Clay Mentions 1/30

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ira Siegel Website Lists Clay CD

The website of guitarist Ira Siegel lists Clay's new sophomore disk as one of his current projects.

Siegel worked with Clay during the recording of Merry Christmas With Love in 2004.

Does this mean an acoustic-guitar song on the next CD?

Raleigh is Clay Aikenville Seacrest Declares

Short, but sweet Clay mention by Ryan Seacrest on E! TV's Screen Actor's Guild award coverage. Video can be found at CDD's Clayscience21's personal webpage.

CDD VIDEO: Ryan Seacrest mentions Clay at SAG Award

From the CB's murah15 and clayfan4ever:

I saw was actually Tony Hale from Arrested Development and his sister because his wife is pregnant. She said she was from Raleigh and Ryan said that was Clay Aikenville....he asked if she was a fan and she said "absolutely" and he asked if she was a Claymate and she said "absolutely".....

Ryan said "If I was Invisible" and tried to get her to sing!

Another Mention on Nickelodeon Show

Another good mention of Clay on Nickelodeon's show 'Drake and Josh'. Clay was also mentioned on a Jan. 6 episode of the same show.

From the CB's starcrossdclaym8:

On Drake and Josh, the two were having an argument over who would win in a "slap fight"; Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff. Drake said Lohan, Josh said Duff. After a while, they dropped the subject. Later in the same scene, Drake says, "Clay Aiken or Frodo?" the two pause... then declare in unison, "Frodo."

Clay's a lover, not a fighter.

Clay Enjoys Broadway Show

Clay and some of his friends are still in New York having fun (Clay was spotted in NYC's Central Park and NBC Studios last week). CV's murah15 friend was lucky enough to sit 4 seats away from Clay, who was out with 3 unidentified friends. Thanks to murah15 for the small cameraphone photo and this account of what happened - take a look at what he's wearing!

Well its about time we know that he is out and having fun....I dont want anyone thinking that he's sitting at home in Raleigh in some kind of prayer circle or anything.

Im gonna give you guys some breaking other board has this. (At least not yet)

I know for a fact that Clay is still here in NYC and he's having FUN! Gasp! My roommate was out at a show last night (very off broadway) and sitting not 4 seats away from her was Clay. She called to tell me and give me the scoop.

Clay was there with 3 other people, two guys and one girl. She gave me confirmation that it was indeed YSG (for those of you who dont know Yellow Sweater Girl). She is the one who was with him at The Early Show, and the one who was at the KC Fashion show with him. The other two guys have yet to be identified. I showed her some pics and its no one we know as far as I can tell. YAY, Clay has a new friend!

Anyway....attire for the evening was black puffy coat (never once took off the jacket because you get dirty in the front row at this show), bucket hat, and NAT Nike's.

I wanted to get this out there so everyone can rest easy and know that Clay is fine, having fun and enjoying himself!!

Faye Co-Hosts, Judges NC Talent Show

Clay's mom, Faye Parker, co-hosted and judged during the 2nd annual Piedmont Talent Showcase yesterday. The event was held in conjunction with Gardner-Webb University in Boling Springs, NC.

Read this short article about the event from the Shelby Star.

Clay Mentions 1/29

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