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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tidbits 4/8

  • Analyzing the 'myth of Clay Aiken' ... Diane Sprague
  • Bored? Try these online Clay jigsaw puzzles
  • Small mention on WITN's website
  • RealityTVGames: Sir Bitter's AI recap
  • Media Fiends: the history of Idol's bottom 3's.
  • New York Times-- Life after Idol: Runner ups can do well (Clay) or fail (Justin)
  • Blogcritic's Idol article
  • Toronto Star: List of 'anti-hit' songs includes something that 'sounds like a Clay Aiken album'
  • Daily Herald article about a trio who appeared on last year's WOW Christmas CD (Clay's MDYK was also on there).
  • E! Online... "Freaks and Geeks" category, Who would you like to get stuck on an island with? Vote for Clay! (you must vote on all the categories on the first page, then scroll down and click Keep Voting. You'll be directed to page 2, where Clay's category is listed. Make sure you scroll down and click on the Keep Voting button again.

Friday, April 07, 2006

AD: Sophomore Album

Update: CDD has learned that the release date is not June 20, as indicated by this ad. I made this a while back, when the tentative date was set as June 20.

Tidbits 4/7

  • The Benchwarmers - There is a Clay mention in this movie, which opens April 7. When driving by a mansion, one of the guys in the movie says something like "man I never knew who lived here... I always thought it was Clay Aiken".
  • Uxbridge Cosmos: Canadian teen idol idolizes Clay Aiken -- determined to 'marry him'.
  • New band, King Henry has a devout following, like Clay Aiken's fans.
  • Article about former AI2 contestant.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Entire Cast of "Guiding Light" Invited To Joyful Noise Concert

Michelle Ray Smith of the Guiding Light posted on her website that Clay invited the entire cast to the Joyful Noise Tour at the Beacon Theater in New York this past year. Almost all the cast members attended. Michelle said that it was a "romantic and lovely evening" and that Clay was a gracious host.

Go to Michelle's site to see pictures of Clay and the cast.

Tidbits 4/6

  • Sorry... this week's been really slow in Clay news -- bear with us, hopefully we'll have more exciting news next week.
  • Eye TV: Scrubs' 'finest season'... mentions Clay's Feb. 2005 cameo appearance
  • The Phoenix: The 100 Unhottest People... Clay at #56, but who really cares? We all know Clay's not only hot, but he's HAWT.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"The Kite Runner" is Climbing the Amazon Best Selling List

Just a couple of days ago, Clay blogged and let us know that he was reading a book called, "The Kite Runner". Of course, now every board and group in ClayNation is talking about the book, and not only that, apparently some people are running out to buy it as well!!

A friend from my Clay group informed us of this: "Just got notification that my copy of The Kite Runner had shipped so I went on Amazon to see what the # was for this book now. Day before yesterday it was in the 40's, yesterday it was #21 and today its #14."

I just went to's bestseller listing and checked for myself, and it has dropped to #15 on the bestseller list, only one from earlier in the day. The book has gotten great reviews on, so its definitely worth buying and reading.

Now, can you think of another explanation for this rise on the best seller list than the fact that Clay is such a great book salesman!! Hmmmm, maybe Clay should start his own bookclub!!

Past Idols' Songs To Be Sung on Idol 5?

An unnamed former employee at FOX has reportedly leaked the themes of the next several weeks of American Idol. They are:

Top 9 (Country)
Top 8 (Queen)
Top 7 (Rod Stewart)
Top 6 (Songs of Past American Idols)
Top 5 (Disco)
Obviously, you noticed the top 6 theme and rumor has it that songs from former idol contestants, including Clay will be included on the show.

However, we won't know which songs made the cut until the day the top 6 show airs because like always, contestants are free to choose their own songs.

Tidbits 4/5

  • MTV: Geeks fight back!
  • Clarion Ledger talks to AI wardrobe stylist about Clay's diet... hmmmm...he says touring fast food is taking its toll on Clay's health.
  • Don't forger, is supposed to return today. As of right now, they are still not up yet. Keep checking!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Clay in Teen People

  • Teen People Magazine (with Shakira on the cover) - In an article about an Aids walk in Africa, several celebrities who have been to Africa are mentioned. About Clay, it says, "Clay Aiken- As a Unicef Ambassador, he traveled to Uganda last May to draw attention to the plight of children in the war-ravaged country".

Radio Station KCFO Will Play Your Clay Requests

Each Sunday at 6 p.m. EST (5 p.m. CST), DJ Mejon at radio station KCFO plays a Clay Aiken song for his fans. All week, fans are asked to email Mejon at (yes there is an extra "c" in there) to request the Clay song they would like to hear, and the song that receives the most requests is played. Occasionally he even plays a "surprise" for the fans.

Jesben at the CB points out that this is like having our very own deejay, one we always know will be playing a Clay song. She says that all requests must be in by Thursday, and any received after that will be counted for the following week. Also, only one request per person per week (you can request "Invisible" 100 times, but it will only be counted as one).

To listen on Sunday, click on KCFO. Then, click on the left side of the screen where it says "Listen Live". A small screen will play a 30-second commercial, and then the station will begin to stream.

The songs that Dejon has to work with are as follows:

Measure Of A Man CD (all songs but "Touch" as this is a Christian country station)

Bridge Over Troubled Water
On The Wings Of Love
What The World Needs Now (with Ruben & Rickey)
What The World Needs Now (with AI2 Group)
God Bless The U.S.A. (with AI2 Group)

Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Dream Lover
For Having You To Love
Go The Distance
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
I Know How The River Feels
I Will Be Here
In Not Of
Look What Love Has Done
Love Of My Life
More To This Life
My Girl
Open Arms
She Said Yes
Still The One
Unchained Melody

Merry Christmas With Love CD

Miscellaneous Holiday Songs
Good News
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
You Were There

Recently Added
The Great Adventure
Jesus Is Love/Emmanuel
I Knew You Were Waiting

Keep those requests coming in at and then listen on Sunday at 6 p.m. EST (5 p.m. CST)!

Clay Has Moved Up Again On Lycos 50

Clay Aiken has moved up from #32 last week to #21 on this week's Lycos 50 with Dean. Dean once again has Clay listed as "America's Idol". In the last 2 weeks, Clay has moved up 20 spaces total, from #41 two weeks ago to #21 this week. Can you imagine what will happen once the CD hits and news of a possible tour hits the air waves!

Way to go, Clay fans, keep Clay moving up by searching online for Clay on Lycos!

Chapman Worked With Clay

Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman mentioned Clay today in an interview with a Dallas radio station.

From the CB's jtx4clay:

Steven Curtis Chapman is in the studio at KLTY, a huge Christian station in Dallas and just talked about Clay.

I wish I could remember it word for word, but it surprised me.

He talked about writing for Clay and Clay having a brother in the military. Apparently Clay wanted a song about that but Steven said it probably won't be on the album since the record company wants love songs or something.

Home Depot Story from lovesclay

We thought this was a cute story we'd share with you.

From the CB's lovesclay:

I was just telling my son today that whenever I go to Lowe's or Home Depot, they have one of Clay's songs on. It seems weird because I'm really not in those stores too often, and it has happened almost everytime I am. Anyway today we walk into Home Depot, and who should be singing? Clay!!! It sure surprised my son. I asked the girl at the checkout counter what radio station they play. She said she didn't know, but it wasn't a local one. I let her know that I love shopping there because they always have him on. Got a few people in line laughing over my obscession, but in a nice, friendly way.

Tidbits 4/4

  • In an OFC blog today, Clay told us he is currently reading The Kite Runner.
  • PR from Disney: New Disneymania CD, old Disneymania CD, featuring Clay's Proud of Your Boy was a hit.
  • NY Times: Altar Boyz cracking Clay jokes -- Note to NYT: who cares!!
  • USA Today: AI vocal coach Debra Byrd recalls: "Clay used to say, 'Byrd, if this is a great song choice, blink your left eye.'"
  • MSNBC: Idol article, small Clay mention in the right column's Idol Flashback section.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Foxes On Idol AI5 Article Contains Clay Mentions

This week's Foxes on Idol article, "Idol Thoughts, April 4: Nobody's Perfect!", written by Donna Reynolds, is a summary of last week's show. There are a lot of interesting thoughts about the performances and performers, and amongst those thoughts are a couple of mentions of Clay Aiken.

The comment Simon made to Taylor Hicks about his wardrobe, calling it "Clay Aiken" is mentioned by Donna. Her comment about this is very interesting: "Aha, I thought at the time. That’s the problem Simon has with Taylor. He has no clue what he would do with Taylor should he win. But if Simon decides that he doesn’t want to have to deal with Taylor post-Idol, his criticism may get a lot harsher as time goes on. We’ve seen this before, certainly with Clay, but also with people like George Huff and Kimberley Locke, who also puzzled Simon." Check out the link at the end of this article to see what else she has to say about this.

Also, Donna walks down memory lane of the last 4 years, reminiscing about what took place during this week of those years. For Season 2, this was disco night, and her comment about Clay will make you smile: "The best of the night? Probably Clay’s 'Everlasting Love.'"

To read this very interesting article, click here to go to Foxes on Idol.

Clay's Music Being Heard Around Las Vegas

Several posters at the CB have been to Las Vegas recently and say they have heard Clay's songs while there. One person said that her friend heard his music no matter where she was, whether it was in the casinos, on the strip, or by the pool. Usually she heard "Invisible".

Another CB poster said she was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and heard him at Caesars. While on a shuttle bus, someone else heard "I Will Carry You". And yet another person said, "They played him at the Venetian as well. One of the ladies working the tables perked up just as I did and said, 'That's my sweetie!'"

Everyone on this thread at the CB agreed that Las Vegas would be a great place for Clay to perform. Only time will tell, but its great to know that his music is being played at so many places in Las Vegas. As Clay fans often say, "Clay is everywhere!"

Tidbits 4/3

I'm back! Thanks a lot to J4Clay for covering for me! I'm excited that she has agreed to stay on as a CDD news poster!

Now, back to business...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Latin American Idol Show Includes Several Clay Mentions

According to Clayargentina at the Clayboard, on Friday in Buenos Aires, "Latin American Idol" had a show aired on Sony Channel and there were several Clay mentions. The show title was "American Idol: Idols Factory" and was a special show with lots of Idol photos and videos.

Clayargentina said, "They started with photos and videos of Clay (!!!) like flashes in between the pics of the four winners." Other mentions about Clay were:

  • They mentioned that the Idol winners are rich and famous, but without a doubt, of those who were not the winners, Clay Aiken has the major success.

  • There were pictures of Clay in Rolling Stone, on Saturday Night Live, Ability Magazine, and a SNL Invisible flash.

  • Clay was the first finalist who appeared on Rolling Stone's cover.

  • Clay's TV appearances were mentioned, including the fact that he was the first finalist who appeared on Saturday Night Life. Also, Kenny's scenes and the song "Isn't She Lovely" from Scrubs were shown.

This is great news that Clay had so many mentions on this show in Buenos Aires. Clay is truly becoming an international superstar, and this is just one proof of that.

GuluWalk For Uganda Scheduled for 4/08 in Buffalo NY

WNYClayFan at the Clayboard has posted information about an upcoming GuluWalk scheduled for April 8 in Buffalo, NY. Below are all the particulars about the walk that she included in her post. You can go to That's The Clay for more information. Also, go to the Guluwalk website for more information about the New York GuluWalk.

"In Spring 2005, UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken visited war-torn Northern experience which changed his life forever.

In Clay's 10/17/05 Fan Club website blog....Clay told us about the first International GuluWalk scheduled for 10/22/05 and pointed us to the organization's website. Finding out about this monumental show of support for the people of Uganda came too late for most of us to participate. We now have the opportunity to participate in an event this year....and "Use Your Voice" to speak out against these atrocities.

The Western New York Coalition GuluWalk is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 8th in Buffalo, New York. I have been in contact with the local organizers of this event and have volunteered to bring this information to Clay's internet community. TTC will be the Clay Fan Headquarters for communicating details for this event....and rallying the troops!!

If you live in the Western New York region, Southern Ontario, North Western Pennsylvania or North Eastern Ohio... or if you have the means to travel from another section of our country....please join us for this show of solidarity for the people of Northern Uganda. If you can't physically join us, please consider sponsoring a Clay fan who will be walking.....we'll help to coordinate that at TTC as well

If you work at a school (university, high school, or elementary school) or attend school....I encourage you to get your campus involved in this event. We will have event packages available for your use shortly.

Please join the TTC thread on this topic HERE.

Thanks, WNYClayFan"

Hello CDD'ers!

Hello CDD members and visitors!

It's clayisouridol checking in here from the local library! I'm almost done my move and will be reconnected later today. I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience my move may have caused, but it's apparent that J4Clay (Jan) has done a TOP NOTCH job covering for me while I relocate. So, once again, THANK YOU Jan!

I'll be back here tomorrow!

Take care!


Tidbits 4/02

  • Star - In talking about Katherine McPhee's last performance on American Idol 5, the writer says he expects her "to post the biggest “Idol” comeback since Clay Aiken went from dweeb to dream."

  • - This online news journal has an article called "Chic to be Geek" and says of Clay, "Self-professed "Geek in the Pink" Jason Mraz's most recent album, "Mr. A-Z," debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200, while "American Idol" Clay Aiken continues to thrill fans with his geeky-sweet image and powerful pipes."

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