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Saturday, September 02, 2006

CatchingTheClayAikenTrain's Review of CDD

I hope I don't come off as a "show-off" here, but I'm flattered! See what CatchingTheClayAiken train had to say about OUR blog.


Now this is a blog that GETS IT. Well designed, interactive, up to date and fun to read.

This blog has tons of information for any fan new to the Internet or a new Clay Aiken fan. This Blog has it all. The color format is good although they state a new design is in the works and I am anxious to get a peek at that if this one is any indication, it is sure to be a good one.

This is not "just any old blog". I like the fact they keep on top of it all. When you get the time, browse the page and check it out. I certainly have and really can't find much wrong with this one. The ONLY issue I have is this: They do have a Blogroll and I wish they would check out some of the blogs listed. I clicked on one of the blogs listed and was treated to a rather X-rated naked picture of a girl which took me by surprise to say the least. This the ONLY problem I found with this site.

Grade: A

Recommend it and will be adding a link to my favorites on this blog for my visitors to visit.
BTW- we are actively investigating that BlogRoll problem. Please contact us immediately if you spot inappropriate content linked from CDD.

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ADs: Insider, GMA, Kimmel

Our barrage of TV appearance ads are here (finally... something other than ATDW to promote!). I'll try to get ads for The View and Leno done by next weekend. Click to enlarge.

See all our ads at our Ads Gallery.

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Exclusive Yahoo! Performances, Interviews Coming Oct. 1

Clay has a date with Yahoo Live Music! On October 1, Yahoo! will release exclusive interviews and performances by Clay on Yahoo! Music.

The CB's Claylily says: "I just received an email from Yahoo Music and at the bottom it said "Mark Your Calendar" 10/1 Clay Aiken Live @ Y! Music"

Go to to see what they are all about. Don't forget -- October 1!!

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St. Louis Today Music Article Pits Clay Against Ruben

In the article entitled "Fall-release Bouts Pit Some of Music's Biggest Names", By Kevin C. Johnson, Pop Music Critic, some of the upcoming CD releases are being pitted against each other. Justin T vs Fergie...John Legend vs John Mayer...Chingy vs. Ludacris...oh, and what they are referring to as "David vs Goliath"--Clay Aiken vs Ruben Studdard.

Note what they have to say about this matchup:

David and Goliath

Clay Aiken vs. Ruben Studdard

Main event: Aiken's "A Thousand Different Ways," out Sept. 19; Studdard's "The Return," out Sept. 26

Opening jabs: Studdard's "Change Me" is a top 50 R&B/hip-hop hit; Aiken has no single listed on Billboard's Hot 100.

Added punches: Studdard's got Ne-Yo, Scott Storch and the Underdogs; Aiken has a number of cover songs from the 1970s, '80s and '90s, and a handful of new songs.

Pros: Claymates are clamoring for Aiken's overdue return; R&B fans are greatly missing Luther Vandross, and Studdard covers "If Only for One Night."

Cons: Aiken's Pee-wee Herman/k.d. lang look is questionable; the fact that Studdard isn't pictured on the cover of his CD speaks to image issues.

Last time in the ring: Studdard's 2004 "I Need an Angel," 500,000 copies sold; Aiken's 2003 "Measure of a Man," 2 million (he has since released a holiday CD)

Likely champ: There's no taking on Claymates.
Although I'm not crazy about a couple of things they said about Clay, I love the 2 million comment (isn't it more like 2.7 million?). And, oh yes, I love that last sentence. Claymates, are you ready for the challenge??!!

Clay's CD release date is September 19. See you at the CD store!

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 16

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Tidbits 9/2

  • Clay and Ruben are being highlighted on AOL's homepage. | Read the story.
  • Aberdeen - Story about college student trying out for American Idol. She says she's obsessed with the show, and "Real confession time: Johannsen, a Northern State University junior, said she drove to Chicago in December 2004 to meet season two runner-up Clay Aiken, who was doing a book signing."
  • The Press Enterprise - In this story about a British teenage cook, it states, "If he isn't drawing the numbers or generating the frenzy of a Justin Timberlake or Clay Aiken, Stern clearly is developing a following."
  • Christian Post - Christmas album season just around the corner (mentions MCWL)
  • Clay was mentioned on ET last night. In a piece about a bride to be who got American Idol's hair stylist, the bridge noted that it was the same person who did Taylor Hicks', Katharine McPhee's, Clay's and Kelly Clarkson's hair. (note: Clay was the only name mentioned without a last name!!!)
Meghan's Quote of the Day

That's the beauty of it, when you lose your way- close your eyes and go to sleep and wake up to another day.
-Clay Aiken from I Will Carry You

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Friday, September 01, 2006

AOL Music Lists Length For All Songs On ATDW

AOL Music has a listing of all of the songs from ATDW as well as the length of each song. The total of all 14 songs is 55:34. Here is the breakdown for each song:

Right Here Waiting............................04:20
Lonely No More.................................03:27
Without You......................................03:36
Every Time You Go Away...................04:08
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word...............03:43
When I See You Smile...........................04:24
A Thousand Days..................................04:28
Everything I Do (I Do It for You)............04:00
Because You Loved Me...........................04:43
I Want to Know What Love Is.................03:41
These Open Arms...................................03:27
Here You Come Again.............................03:32
Everything I Have...................................04:07
Broken Wings.........................................03:58

Total CD length 55:34

I can hardly wait to spend almost an hour alone with that wonderful voice on September 19!

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 17

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ATDW with Bonus Track at KMart?


A poster, claiming to be an employee of KMart, posted on Clay's MySpace saying KMart will sell copies of ATDW with a bonus track -- Simply Red's classic "If You Don't Know Me By Now".

At this point, there has been no official confirmation from RCA, KMart or Clay himself. For that reason, I'd take this with a load of salt. On top of that, RCA recently signed a deal with Wal-Mart to promote ATDW on Wal-Mart's Soundcheck website. Am I missing something here?

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Attention NY Claymates: The View Taping on Sept. 21

Clay's Sept. 22 appearance on ABC's The View will be taped on September 21. Tickets are already sold out, but you can request standby tickets by showing up at the studio on taping day.

Between 8:30 AM and 10:20 AM, go to 320 W. 66th Street in New York City. Request a stand by ticket for The View. Staff at ABC will hand you a slip with a number on it. The earlier you arrive, the better your chances are of getting tickets. Return to the studio at 10:20 with your slip. Based on the number on your slip, ABC will begin selection from the stand by pool considering studio capacity and how many people who ordered tickets ahead of time actually showed up.

Good luck everyone!

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Mediabase Records 4 Spins for Without You

Mediabase has recorded 4 spins for "Without You" on US radio. The 3 known ones were broadcast by WSRS in Worcester, MA. According to unconfirmed report, "Without You" was also heard in Florida.

Keep your eyes ears open.

For more Mediabase information, don't miss Clayscience21's CB Mediabase thread.

Update: Joy2Talk2u says it was Coast 101.3 FM WHLG in Stuart, FL that played the song. This is now showing up on Mediabase.

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Variety Predicts: ATDW a "future #1"

Scans courtesy ClackUnlimited .

Variety Magazine had some great things to say about ATDW in their August 31 issue.
  • ATDW was listed under a table with the header "Future No. 1s? High profile releases during the next two months" (see scan on the left)
  • On the following page: "The future superstar mano-a-mano battle arrives Sept. 19 when Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds and Aiken's A Thousand Different Ways arrive. Aiken's disc is the first of several from American Idol finalists. " (see right scan)
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Exciting News About Clay Aiken Fanclub 2.0

The Official Clay Aiken Fanclub posted some exciting news about Fanclub 2.0 - the fanclub's 2nd year (which actually began back in June). All memberships that were set to expire this past summer are now set to expire on September 15. Current fanclub members will be able to renew beginning September 14, 2006. To coincide with thi, a new fanclub website will be coming soon (hopefully sporting "The Hair").

08/31/06 / Coming Soon: New Website & Year 2 of the Fan Club!
Hey Clay Fans! Just a heads up to stay tuned to because there are quite a few exciting updates coming soon to the site! Renewals for Year 2 of The Clay Aiken Official Fan Club will be available through the site beginning September 14, 2006. If you're account is set to expire, don't worry... we've extended memberships through September 15, 2006. Check back frequently for the latest updates! Posted by Team Clay
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Tidbits 9/1

  • Hutchinson News article about Carrie Underwood mentions Clay: "On May 25, 2005, she became the fourth winner of American Idol, beating Southern rocker Bo Bice and joining Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken as the only contestants who had never been one of the "bottom three" singers during any week's results."
  • Indiana Daily Student- article about politics and the Israel-Lebanon conflict mentions... American Idol (???) -- "I've been too busy watching "American Idol" I suppose, awaiting the day when Paula Abdul will finally OD on crack and Clay Aiken, clad in a sparkly, sequined tube top, will frolic on stage and steal her clutch purse."
  • Seattle Pi- Idol update-- "And season-two runner-up Clay Aiken hasn't gone much of anywhere, although he might still have his legion of adoring "Clay Mates" to console him." (CDD's note: really? How about 4 million CDs, $27 million in concert ticket sales AND a New York Times bestselling book)
  • Remember The Insider text messaging poll we asked you to vote for on Wednesday? Guess what? Clay won it - again. I think this is his 4th Insider poll win this month. LOL. (see... i'm starting to lose track)
  • InTake Weekly article about something called "ClayFest"-- "No, it's not a celebration of former American Idol sensation Clay Aiken." (hey that's something we do everyday here at CDD!)
  • Eisenhower Hall Theatre Website - Clay's picture is now featured on the home page of the Eisenhower Hall Theatre Website. Clay will be performing at this venue, located in Westpoint NY, with the Chelsea Symphony Orchestra on December 15 at 8 p.m.
  • - Clay is mentioned in WRAL reporter Linda Loveland's biography. She says, "Most Interesting Assignment: Definitely Clay Aiken. I interviewed him before he went to Los Angeles to compete on "American Idol." I've followed him the whole way, even going to L.A. during the show's finals. It's amazing how far he's come!"

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September 5 Performance on The Insider Confirmed

An item first reported by an Insider staff member on her MySpace blog several days ago has now been officially confirmed. Clay will be performing a track (persumably "Without You") off of ATDW on the September 5 episode of The Insider (next Tuesday).

The Insider is syndicated, so make sure you check local listings to see when it comes on in your area.

See all of Clay's September TV Appearances at our CDD Claytracker.

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Clay's UNICEF Page Updated With Claymate Donations

Remember when Clay blogged and asked Claynation to donate to the relief work in Lebanon? And remember how quickly we made our donations and how they rose to a whopping $70,000? Well, that information has been included in Clay's UNICEF webpage!

Added to the information about Clay is, "Moved by the plight of children caught in the July 2006 Middle East conflict, Clay encouraged his fans to support UNICEF's relief work in Lebanon. By way of fan sites and blogs on the world wide web, Claymates quickly raised over $70,000 to help provide lifesaving medicines and other emergency supplies." Isn't that awesome! Clay said that the people at UNICEF were impressed with his fans, and apparently he meant it!

I am personally very touched by this and thankful, as always, to be a Clay fan. This shows how dedicated we are to the causes that are close to Clay's heart, and that speaks volumes for the type of people who are drawn to Clay as his fans. We are not just fans who are "over the top", as some people say, and who scream and jump up and down at Clay's concerts. We are dedicated to helping Clay make a difference in this world as well.

A big thanks to UNICEF for this wonderful writeup!

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

David Foster's Star Search Website Lists Clay as Judge

Clay is now listed on the David Foster Star Search Website as a celebrity judge. Clay's CD picture is included, as well as a great writeup about him, as follows:

Clay Aiken’s awards and achievements make for a very long list: multi-platinum recording artist, goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, best selling author and advocate for individuals with disabilities through his Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

Some might call this overachievement. For Aiken this has become standard. Following his introduction to the American public, he became the first artist in history to have his premiere single debut at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

His first full length album followed suit, also debuting at #1. His 2004 book, “Learning To Sing: Hearing the music in your life”, went to #2 on the New York Times Bestsellers list, while “Merry Christmas, With Love”, his holiday album, became the fastest selling holiday album ever. His third album “A Thousand Different Ways” will be in stores on September 19th 2006. Clay Aiken was born November 30, 1978 in Raleigh, NC. He graduated from the University of North Carolina in December 2003.
I love that Clay's picture and information is the first listed at the very top of the page. Note also that publicity about the upcoming release is also included. What I'd give to be there watching Clay as a judge for Foster's Star Search. Baby Face and Daisy Fuentes are also celebrity judges.

Note that there is a "Gallery and Video" section of the website, so possibly pictures and/or videos of Clay will be available there after the Star Search is over.

The David Foster Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. According to his website, the foundation "exists to provide financial and emotional support to families of British Columbian children who are in need of life saving organ transplants. The Foundation has helped over 255 across Western Canada families in its 20 years of operation and is now expanding to provide support across Canada." This sounds just like something Clay would want to be involved in, as making a difference in children's lives is very close to his heart.

Clay will be judging the contest as well as performing during Mr. Foster's gala to be held on September 9 and 10 at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC, Canada. -- More information.

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 18

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Holy WoW! I guess you can buy the single...

Clay's single, "Without You" is available for purchase on E-Bay....Excuse me, available to bid on.

There's one catch- The bidding on one of them doesn't end until September 4th and the price is already up to $305.00.

There's another one that ends September 3. That total is up to $177.50

Can anybody say "holy cow?" I mean, goodness gracious. Clay's fans are incredibly generous! Go us! =)

If you want to bid on the single, I wish you good luck! Here's the link to the bidding page:

Here's the link to the second bidding page:

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WSRS - The New Clay Aiken Radio Station

WOW! WSRS-FM in Worcester, MA has played Without You 3 times in the past 24 hours.

Yesterday, WSRS was the first radio station in the world to give Without You airtime. This was followed by additional spins today during the noon hour and several minutes ago at 5:25 PM.

Tom Holt, the DJ there, says he has received over 120 emails from Claymates around the world. He personally mentioned the CB's Psalm42 on air. Psalm42 posted this on the CB:

And let me tell you, HE IS ONE HECKOFA NICE DUDE! :cuddle
We must have talked for about 10 minutes on the phone. He was surprised I was phoning him from Canada and we talked about how nice it was out here in Victoria ...the FLORIDA of Canada .We talked a lot about Clay and I mentioned that he has pre-parties at every venue he appears ! He then said he got over 120 e-mails yesterday for Clay and said when they interviewed him , said he was a nice guy..................OOOOOOOOOH YAY!! HE JUST MENTIONED MY NAME !!! I JUST HEARD HIM !!! HEY , THIS IS FUN!!
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"Without You" Lands in Canada

It seems the folks over at Sony BMG Canada are finally getting off their bums. According to a the Clackhouse's IamClaynadian, 97.3 EzRock FM Toronto has received Without You. Yesterday, American radio stations received the disc -- A few of them are now up on eBay.

Without You has landed in Toronto! I have become friends with a dj at an A/C station here over the past 3 years and he told me that the PD received it yesterday. He's going to have a listen and let me know what he thinks. YEAH! However, I've been having discussions with him about Clay's upcoming cd (he is a fan) and he is a wee bit concerned about the choice for the first single. He was hoping that it would be something a little more upbeat and peppy since they are currently playing a lot of ballads. This station is the most Clay-friendly one in the city (they played Invisible for over a year), so hopefully they'll continue to play him. I'm just so excited that they got their copy yesterday! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!
97.3 EzRock was the radio sponsor of Clay's 2005 Toronto Jukebox Tour concert.

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CDD Visitor's Letter to the Raleigh Chronicle

CDD visitor Katie B. responded to Monday's awesome ATDW article from the Raleigh Chronicle. She mentioned our blog and got a response from the writer. Thank you Katie for your kind words!

> I really enjoyed your follow up to last week's Clay
> article. Your
> coverage of the various outlets to find Clay
> information was
> fantastic; however, you did overlook one fabulous
> Clay site that I
> have found to be the most up-to-date and
> comprehensive site out there
> for breaking Clay news. Sometimes I think they know
> what Clay's doing
> before he even does. For future reference, it's:
> They even have a daily or weekly Clay newsletter
> fans can sign up for
> online that breaksdown that week's (or day's) Clay
> happenings.
> Thank you again for your wonderful Clay coverage.
> Forever a Claymate,
> Katie
...and the response:
Sounds great Katie!

I will be sure to check out that website -- it sounds
like it has a lot of info about Clay and I appreciate
you sending it to us!

Also, thank you for your kind comments on our article!
We were really glad to hear from many of Clay's fans
today about our article and we got a lot of e-mails
from people who were glad to read about Clay as well.

Thanks again and we appreciate you reading our
newspaper online! We look forward to covering Clay's
album debut in September!

Elliott West
Raleigh Chronicle
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"Without You" Ringtone Available

Want Clay to sing to you everytime your phone rings?

If you are a customer with Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon or AllTel, you're in luck!

Sony Music's Musicbox store is offering a ringtone of "Without You" ringtone.

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Tidbits 8/31

Meghan's Quote of the Day

I want to use my voice to inspire good in others. I never want to produce anything that a family could not enjoy together. I never want to create art that would embarrass my own children later. I do this because it feels right.
-Clay Aiken

Note: CDD's Meghan is adding a new section to our Tidbits post. From time to time, Meghan will offer up her "Quote of the Day".
  • E! Online -- "With the release of their respective third albums, season two winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken are ready to go head-to-head once again, with Aiken's A Thousand Different Ways due out Sept. 19 and Studdard's The Return on Sept. 26."
  • St Louis Post Dispatch review of Carrie Underwood's concert - "Sure, previous winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Clay Aiken proved that the contest can turn a wannabe into a somebody. But Underwood was surprised by all that came her way."
  • has added more ATDW goodies- another poster and AIM Buddy Icons.

  • Sally Rand McNally - blog on Without You's first radio play, ATDW, Kimmel and GMA.
  • Southern Girl - good entertainment - 13 of Southern Girl's favourite YouTube Clay Aiken clips.
  • Taking A Moment - a video idea for Without You (snark alert... sorry... I can't stop laughing)
  • Invisible Kingdom- a Thursday Treasure (clack) to prove that Clay is "Still the One"
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Cover of Radio "Without You" Single

So here's the highly antipated cover of the radio released CD single for Without You we told you about yesterday. This is not available to to the consumer - it was shipped out to radio stations nationwide for radio play.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 19

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WSRS First Radio Station To Play Without You

Worcester, MA's WSRS FM became the first radio station to play Without You. The DJ also mentioned the CD release parties that'll be happening on the 18th.

CDD has it all capped for you.

Click here to download a MP3 file. (download link at the very bottom of the page)

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New Information About Christmas Concerts

The Grand Haven Tribune dished out some new information about Clay's upcoming Christmas concerts. According to the Tribune, the 5 concerts will all be co-headlined by Clay. The first half of the concert will 100% orchestral. During the second half, Clay will sing along with the orchestra to some of your favourite holiday tunes.

The 5 concerts currently scheduled are:

December 9, 2006
Williamsport, PA
Williamsport Community Arts Center
Tickets via TM/Aug. 14 10 AM EDT

December 14, 2006
Brookville, NY
Tilles Center
Onsale date has not been set

December 15, 2006
West Point, NY
Eisenhower Hall Theatre
Onsale date has not been set

December 16, 2006
Red Bank, NJ
Count Basie Theater
Tickets via venue/Aug. 22

December 19, 2006
Grand Rapids, MI
DeVos Performing Hall
Tickets by phone/Aug. 24, General public availability/ Oct. 2
For more infomation, visit our Claytracker.

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"Without You" Sent to Radio

Sister radio stations 92 PRO-FM (Top 40) and Lite 105 FM in Providence, RI have both received Clay's new single. "Without You" arrived in a CD format earlier today, says CV's clay8m.


THE SINGLE IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya just called me from the station. They have the single. The picture is different (I think).


Details: PROFM is linked with a sister station Lite 105 (where my ex-boyfriend from college is the morning DJ). She played a bit of "Without You" for the MD of lite 105. He recognized it as Clay right away. She asked him about ATDW and he said, wait a minute. He went to check his inbox and THERE IT WAS!@!@!@11111

She also played a snippet of "Without You" for the PD/bigwig of PRO. She has sworn me to secrecy but, let's just say, I think the reaction was good. (asked me not to give details because she could lose her job).

And she said she got about 10 more emails since yesterday.
Update: confirmation from Billboard's Fred Bronson who told the CB's Raleigh Senior: "'Without You' went to radio yesterday. I know, because I receive RCA
singles and mine arrived yesterday."

Update 2: WSRS in Worcester, MA will play Without You between 5 and 6 PM EDT today. The station stream so don't miss this opportunity to hear Without You on the radio for the first time.

Update 3: The cover is in! eee... check it out! *THUD*

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Tidbits 8/30

  • AOL Fall Music Preview- A Thousand Different Ways:
    Clay Aiken
    Title: 'A Thousand Different Ways'
    Release Date: Sept. 19

    Claymates everywhere can soon give a collective sigh of relief. Aiken finally satisfies his rabid fanbase with a sophomore album that features four original songs and 10 covers of classic love tunes from the past 30 years.

    What He Says: "These are songs I heard growing up. I loved them then, and I still love them today."

    You Already Love: 'Without You'

    Other Highlights:
    'Here You Come Again' -- This song proved to be a No. 3 smash for Dolly Parton in 1978. Time will tell is Clay's version fares as well.

    'I Want to Know What Love Is' -- Suzie McNeill guests on this dramatic cover of Foreigner's '80s hit.

  • Let's help Clay win another Insider poll. On today's show, The Insider asked: "Which singer would you like to duet with?" Text message your vote, "Clay Aiken", in to 55888 before midnight.
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian- upcoming CD releases.
  • An update to that fantastic Raleigh Chronicle article about ATDW from yesterday. The writer reponded to an email from the CB's 1inNebraska4Clay:
    Thanks Lauri for your nice comments on our Clay Aiken

    We did correct the article earlier today and also put
    an editor's note at the bottom to let people know of
    the error in case they sent the story to someone else.

    We appreciate hearing from all of Clay's fans and
    we're sure that you posting the article on your
    website so fast helped to let people know about the
    article. We'll also check out your site and we
    appreciate the link!

    Thanks again for reading and we look forward to
    covering more good news about Clay, especially when
    his album debuts on the 19th!

    Have a great week!

    Elliott West
    Raleigh Chronicle
  • The price for ATDW at has dropped to a mere $9.72. What are you waiting for? Pre-order now.

  • Hobbies celebrates the closing of JBT- 1 years ago this week- with clack!
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Clay Was At The Insider Today

Clay was apparently at The Insider today and had his picture made with one of the employees there. This employee (Jean) has a sister who is a big Clay Aiken fan, and the picture that was taken can be found on her MySpace site (scroll down).

Also of interest is a post on that MySpace site, where Jean says that "Clay Aiken's coming to sing for us on the stage here at the office". If I'm reading this correctly, it appears that Clay possibly went to the Insider to tape a segment for the show, hopefully of him singing "Without You". Of course, we can't confirm this now, but it does seem to be a possibility.

So keep your eyes and ears open and check your Insider listings.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 20

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New Banners @

Check out these cool banners posted today. You can add these to your websites, MySpace pages, e-mail siggys, etc. to support Clay and ATDW.

Get yours at

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Reliving Jukebox 2005: Essex Junction, Vermont - Champlain Valley Fair

Thanks to Buzztechie and Invisible926 for the great photos in this article.

Note: All fan stories and Classic Clay Moments are from The Clayboard.

Essex Junction, Vermont. The site for Clay's third to last concert of the Jukebox Tour. How quickly the tour had gone by. Essex Junction is a small town with a population of 19,065 (in both the town of and village of Essex Junction). That is twice the seating capacity for the Champlain Valley Fair Venue! Since Vermont is the safest state in the U.S. in which to live, I'm thinking I would love to see Clay perform there more often!

The Performance

I watched some of the Vermont show myself to see what I thought of the performances. And guess what...there's not a bad one in the bunch! The 50's is always my favorite set. I watched secretlylovesclay's video of this and it is very close up. You can see every cute and crazy look that Clay gets on his face! Its worth a look! "I Can't Make You Love Me" was beautiful as always -- he puts all of himself into that song, and it was no different in Vermont.

Ricfan25 said, "I heard Clay rehearsing Back For More and Tears Run Dry. He sang the chorus of TRD twice. So beautiful!!" Oh yes, and "Back For More" was a big hit at the show...everyone was clapping along and Clay got in so into the song at one point that he grabbed the mic off the mic stand and threw the mic stand down! Whoa! Check out spotlightlover's video of this for a fun memory of Clay's Vermont show!

Juleahfaye said that "Quiana's "I Will Always Love You" was fabulous as always, and I talked with reporter guy about how he should be sure to keep an eye out for that song. He was impressed. "He also liked I Can't Make You Love Me" - but then, who doesn't?" Wow, its always great to hear that the news media love Clay's show!

The Fans

Prepare yourself...I have lots and lots of great fan stories for you. Peaked your interest? Well, read on...

Before the stories...I read several things that said the crowd was quieter than most, but did begin to get into the show as it progressed, clapping and dancing. The fact that there were 3,000 people in a 10,000 seat arena may have had something to do with that. Smaller filled venues tend to be louder because the sound fills up the place! However, Faraclay, who came all the way from Germany to see 3 of Clay's concerts, loved the audience, and said it was her favorite show because:

Well, I think it was a combination of the setting and the crowd. I know, the crowd wasn't nearly as enthusiastic as that in Boston, but what I loved about the crowd was that they were local people, seeing Clay for the first time. They didn't know the concert before they got there, and I liked that. My husband and I were sitting around mostly local people who fell in love with Clay on AI. After the first medley and opening banter section, I heard the lady behind me say 'Wow, he is really good! I didn't expect this'. That's what I like to hear. I talked at length with a woman who drove over from NY State to see Clay for the first time. She wasn't a big fan but was so impressed, she is going to join the fanclub now.
Faraclay has some other great stories about fans that I just can't leave out. You'll love all of these stories! She says:

One of my favorite stories was of a family sitting in front of my husband and I. It was a grandmother, mother and daughter. The daughter (a teenage girl, maybe 13) did NOT want to be there. In fact, she had met the lady sitting next to me before the concert and was complaining to her about being there. During the intermission, this young girl comes back from the souvenir stand with a 'I love Clay' license plate....showing it proudly to anyone who would look at it. Her mother sat down and talked to me a little while and said that her daughter was completely converted during the first half. I love that.

One of my other favorite stories of this concert was of a gentleman sitting in front of us. He was there with his wife. Because he was wearing a Nebraska Huskers baseball cap--and my husband used to live in Nebraska--he and my husband struck up a conversation about football (of all things) before the concert. This guy was obviously one of those who was dragged there by his wife. He sat through the entire first half. By the second half, he was on his feet. By BFM, he was moving along with the music. It was great. Even my husband commented on it after the concert.

And, finally, as we were walking out of the venue, there were a few young ladies walking behind us. They must have been University students, or maybe high school. But they were just gushing about the concert. And one said 'I don't know how I am going to sit through class tomorrow. I'll have a big grin on my face. But when people ask me what I'm thinking about, I'll just tell them I was at this concert'.
Madame President, made a sign, as we fans love to do, hoping Clay would read it. And he did and asked her to hold it back up. Seems she was dumped by her boyfriend and that's why she was at the concert. Clay then "asked where he was from, and I yelled out that I didn't want a bunch of rabid claymates after him. He pressed me, and I said the Midwest, to which he said, "no, we want an exact address." Then he asked if I had the guy's number memorized, and when I answered yes, he said that "we should call him." Clay can take a simple sign and make it so much fun for all the fans! His quick wit is one of the things the fans love about him and his concerts!

And finally, cookiedog8 tells a story that is one of my favorites. Read about this lucky girl who unexpectedly got great free tickets to the concert:

A cute story: one of the UVM students sitting in front of us was at her job at Starbucks in Williston yesterday when Clay's entourage came through and ordered a whole bunch of frappacinnos (sp?). She didn't know who they were for and was grouchily making one frapp after another when the woman ordering told her they were for Clay and his band. She apparently squealed in delight claiming to be "the biggest Clay Aiken fan ever", and was rewarded hours later when a Clay representative called Starbucks to tell her they had 2 4th row tickets waiting for her at the show. She and the friend she brought were so cute - neither had ever been to a Clay concert before, but they really got into it, and were so friendly. I told them to come to the Clayboard (which they didn't know about) to post their story, but evidently they haven't, so I've tried my best to recount it.
I think you can see from these awesome stories that the fans love them some Clay in Vermont!!

Classic Clay Moments

Every moment is a classic Clay moment, but some are just more classic than others. They stand out in our mind and make us laugh or cry and so glad to be a Clay fan.

Here's a great one from Madame President that we would not even have if not for her and a friend having great seats. Read on:

He was totally messing with Angela and Quiana tonight during Sugar, Sugar. From my vantage point, all I could see was Quiana giggling and swatting at her backside, which made me wonder just what Mr. Aiken was up to, but my friend on the side said that he was messing with her ear piece cord. When he went to Angela, I think he tried the same thing (ahh, so much for creativity), but I can't say that it worked. I did at one point think however that he was pulling at her hair the way that her head went all the way back. Kind of like a Barbie doll's right before it snaps off. Either way, you could tell that payback was imminent, and we didn't have to wait long. During So Happy Together the girls joined forces to rid Clay of his earpieces, though at first glance it appeared as though they were just giving him wet willies or ridding him of some trapped ear wax.
Probably half the stuff that happens on stage has a back story about it that we, the fans, we never know. Thanks, Madame President, for this one!

But we save the very best Classic Clay Moment from Vermont for last. And we will call it "Felix and the City of Vermont". And let me tell you, if the crowd was quiet during some of the concert, they sure came alive during When Doves Cry! Of course, everyone knows that Felix does his bit on stage before they come out to sing "When Doves Cry". Felix was all over the stage, doing his comedy routine, and then he ends it by saying, "And Vermont is a wonderful city...that is all." Now, Clay comes out on the stage in his robe, ready to start "When Doves Cry". Only problem is, Clay is totally cracking up at Felix's slip of the tongue! Clay is trying to stop laughing, but he can't, and then he says, "...or state." And the whole audience just dies laughing, and the backup singers are about to fall over on the stage. So, Clay then continues to try to get his act together and stop laughing, but he can't...its getting worse. Finally he says, "I think I'm gonna walk in again", and walks off the stage. The audience just howls, as do the backup singers. When he comes back on, you can tell he could lose it again any minute, but somehow he made it through the introduction until they started singing "When Doves Cry". This definitely will go down a one of the top Classic Clay Moments in history. I laugh everytime I watch it! What would we do without Clay and that great sense of humor of his! Check out spotlightlover's video of this for hysterical closeups of Clay!

Great Review

If you want to read a really great review, check out the Burlington Free Press review of the show. For example, the writer of the article says, "Contrary to everything in my musical past and my planned future purchases (the "La Dolce Vita" soundtrack, the new Franz Ferdinand album), I really, really like Clay Aiken." I love that "really, really" coming from a reporter! This is one of the more positive reviews, and you will love reading it.

As I close my part of writing "Reliving Jukebox 2005", I hope you have enjoyed reliving the memories as much as I have. Its been great reading what some of the fans who went to the various concerts had to say and seeing some of the fan pictures taken, and it was awesome sharing my memories of my favorite concert, Indianapolis, with you. You just haven't lived until you've been to a Clay concert...or 2 or 5 or 10! Looking forward to sharing the next tour with all of you!

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Looking for a Mac User

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You must be running the latest version of Safari on an Intel Core Duo/G5 Macbook, Macbook Pro or iMac.

If you can take a few minutes to help us out, please contact us.


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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 21

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Tidbits 8/29

  • According to Spectrasonics, Clay and his producers use their music instruments/technology.
  • MediaFiends - AI1 contestants - where are they now. Mentions Kelly touring with Clay (IT)
  • Tulsa World - hits and misses at this years Emmys -- "And Barry Manilow, bless his heart, looked like Clay Aiken with a prosthetic nose -- I think it was the hair."
  • Clarkson Integrator, Clarkson University - article about a male student who likes Clay??? "Dan is currently available and if you wish to be seduced by Clay Aiken music with a delightful meal of Mac-N-Cheese and a side of Cheetos, feel free to join his e-mail list or send him a message on his website"
  • JAM - fall 2006 CD releases. (negative)

  • Southern Girl updates us on Clay's TV appearances.
  • Marhaven: a lesson in digital scrapbooking (non-Clay)
  • CatchingTheClayAikenTrain: a review of the Official Fanclub
  • The Art of Getting By (non-Clay) mentions Invisible -- "Writing about chick flicks got me thinking about the bigger picture. Unrequited love. Pining. Clay Aiken's song Invisible. You get the idea."
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Patricia Kent Praises Clay on

Please read update at the bottom of this post.

Patricia Kent, a dancer on last year's Joyful Noise Tour praised Clay on She says:

I have listened to this man for 3 years and his voice has always amazed me! I have listened to the snipets of the new album and they are wonderful! Yes many of them are covers but so what! Beautiful music should not matter whether if it is repeat or not. The man can sing!

He has an album waiting in the wings of all new songs. This album is just get our attention, that yes he has a voice and it does not matter that he sings, his voice is his voice.

Just wait, he is going to be the biggest
talent in the near future bar none!

Well done Clay

Patricia L. Kent
Update: this may not be the JNT2005 Patricia Kent. According to a post on LBFCA, this Patricia Kent is a Claymate. The Claymate Patricia posted this:
This is really funny Good Pat sent that message from Patricia L. Kent to me today and said "is that you"? I laughed. Everyone thinks it is the dancer from JNT05 but it isn't. It is me! My name is Patricia L. Kent, funny huh!

I was reading some of the negative posts on Amazon and had to put my 2 cents in. I didn't know they would show my full name!

I got such a kick out of the JNT05 tour because the dancer had the same
name as me!
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Raleigh Chronicle Article Speak Highly of Clay's Fans

A great article in the online Raleigh Chronicle has many wonderful things to say about Clay's fans. We hope our friends over at the Chronicle don't mind us quoting their entire article:

Clay Aiken Fans Generating Giant Buzz Online About New Album
By Elliott West, News Editor
Tuesday, August 29, 2006

RALEIGH -- The buzz on the Internet about the debut of Clay Aiken's new album seems to have hit a fever pitch as fan websites, group chat rooms, and music websites count down the days to the release of his third album entitled "A Thousand Different Ways" on September 15th.

This newspaper experienced the power of Clay's fans online a story last Friday on the Raleigh Chronicle newspaper's website about Clay Aiken tallied more readers than any other story that week, says the newspaper management.

The Raleigh Chronicle newspaper is a locally owned media outlet that serves the Raleigh area where Clay has a very strong fan base. Clay Aiken calls Raleigh, North Carolina his hometown and the star has moved back to the area after living in California and his Raleigh fan club is planning on hosting a big CD release party as well.

"Based on the traffic we saw just on that simple story about his album release, the fan base for Clay Aiken must be absolutely incredible," said the editorial management of the Raleigh Chronicle. "We even received e-mails from fans of Clay in Raleigh thanking us for the article, which in our business is always appreciated."

Online Fan Clubs

Raleigh's most famous resident has fans around the world and there seem to be an almost unlimited number of websites online that are dedicated to following Clay's music career. Fans seem to be meeting in cyberspace, easily connected by a common interest in Clay via the Internet.

In addition to Clay's official websites at and, unofficial fan websites have very active fan groups that chat online and share news about their favorite recording artist.

One of those is, which calls itself the "official unofficial" clay aiken fan site. The website has very active message boards including the "ClayBoard" where fans discuss and post items about Clay Aiken such as TV appearances, news items, photos, and even poems.

Another popular website seen online is the site known as, which is updated daily with Clay Aiken news. Like many other fan websites, that website has a countdown clock to the day that Aiken's album is being released.

The website also has many photos of Clay Aiken, including some from his charity work and trips to Africa as a UNICEF (United Nation's Children's Fund) ambassador. In addition, there are many fan montages that were made as tributes to Aiken.

Other big fan websites include, which has a large amount of information including up to the minute posts from fans about Clay.

"Clay Aiken rules! He's the best! I've already preordered and will be out on the 19th for several more CD's!!! His voice is the best!!! A devoted Claymate!" said one fan at the websites' "ShoutBox" section.

In addition, Clay Aiken fan groups such as the
"ClayDream Believers" in the groups sections on Microsoft's MSN. Clay's fans in groups on Yahoo have a strong presence as well.

One of the most popular video websites these days is called You Tube at A quick search at the video site reveals a whopping 1,565 video clips about Clay Aiken posted by fans on the website.

In addition, Clay's MySpace webpage has been visited nonstop over the last few days. In addition to adding 7,500+ friends to his MySpace friend's list, his website has played online versions of his songs on the new album over 360,000 times. Those numbers will probably go up as it gets nearer to the launch date for his new album.

Local Fan Site

As expected, Clay Aiken has a big following here in Raleigh, his hometown. A local fan club called the Raleigh Clay Fans group has set up a website to celebrate their favorite hometown here at

The group plans to have a CD launch party on September 18th from 7:30pm to 12:30am.

The event will be held at the Wake County Shrine Club on 6015 Lead Mine Road in Raleigh (near the Crabtree Valley Mall). According to the website, the cost per attendee will be $20, pre-paid. The group says it will have a buffet from 7:30pm until 11:00pm as well as door prizes and live entertainment.

Fans outside of Raleigh can also check to see if there is a Clay Aiken CD launch party in their state or city at a website called that was set up especially for that purpose.

Clay On TV

In addition to the Internet, fans can also find Clay on TV in early September.

Clay is scheduled to make a series of appearances on television including one on September 15th on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC, on September 19th on Good Morning America to perform live on ABC, and on September 26th on the Jimmy Kimmel Live late show on ABC.

Whether fans catch Clay Aiken on the Internet, on television, or simply listen to his music, it is evident that even though almost two years has passed since he released an album, there is still a giant buzz surrounding the American Idol star as he gets ready to reward patient fans with his new album.

As one fan wrote in an e-mail about Clay to the Raleigh Chronicle, "he has made such a difference in many people's lives" and it seems that Aiken fans have a special place in their hearts for their favorite singer from Raleigh. :::
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Monday, August 28, 2006

E!: Clay Aiken is "Strangely Sexy"

E! has included Clay in their 2007 "Strangely Sexy" calendar which you can get from their website. Strangely sexy??? Don't you mean - clearly thudliciously sexy???


The Cuddling-Woman's Man

Best Feature: His huge...voice.

Talent: Possesses a twinkle most mothers between the ages of 45 and 70 find utterly irresistible.

Pickup Line: "I promise I won't try to kiss you on the first date. The fourth date, either."

Signature Move: Picks up Beanie Babies Halloween costumes at dry cleaner.
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"The View" Added To Clay's Television Appearances In September

According to Clay's Official Fan Club home page, Clay will now be appearing on "The View" on September 22. This is Clay's fourth television appearance scheduled thus far. The four shows we can look forward to seeing Clay on are:

September 15 - Tonight Show With Jay Leno - NBC
September 19 - Good Morning America - ABC
September 22 - The View - ABC
September 26 - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC

Get those DVD and video recorders ready. The fun will be starting very soon!

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Tidbits 8/28

  • Want tickets to see Clay on Good Morning America on Sept. 19? Go to to request tickets (no one has actually heard back yet... so be patient)
  • Charlotte Observer Idol article - "Clay Aiken, impressed the judges and eventually finished second in the 2003 season. He landed a recording contract and has gone on to a successful show business career."
  • Burlington Free Press- "[Carrie] Underwood proves that an "American Idol" type can bypass the wretched movie musicals (Kelly Clarkson) and cheesy musical revues (Clay Aiken), sing well and just provide a fun time." (the writer must be deaf)
  • The Clayboard - When I See You Smile Thread - Need a lift today? Head over to the "When I See You Smile Thread" at the Clayboard. More pictures of smiling Clay than you can ever imagine.
  • The official fanclub sent out an email promoting ATDW today... "Clay lends his signature voice to classic contemp. love songs such as Without You, Every Time You Go Away, and When I See You Smile and soon-to-be classics such as A Thousand Days." Also included were 2 Hi-Res posters available for download - a free version is up at
  • Clay Aiken Japanese Website - Check out the first Japanese Clay Aiken site! There is also a Clay Japanese dictionary for your use in translating clack! Thanks to ellenpoppy from the CH for this great find!
  • Clayboard Thread - Massage Therapist & Clay - You are gonna LOVE this story from Jade222 at CV. My personal favorite part: "She said he didn't smell and boy he has a lot of freckles!!!"

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

New CDD Layout Coming "Soon"

... and yes... our standard of "soon" is much "soon"er than Clay's. :)

FALL 2006

Look for these improvements:
  • decreased load time due to use of Cascading Style Sheets
  • the first CDD layout to be completely XHTML standards compliant for quality web design
  • integration with your favourite social networks including Technorati,, digg and more!
  • expanding & contracting layout that will fit your screen
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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 22

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Tidbits 8/27

  • NBC Dallas Fort-Worth poll... will Clay be around in 20 years? Click on the Vote: Clay Aiken under Clay's photo to vote.
  • Clay Aiken the Ideal Idol - Berkley's analysis of Clay's voice, during Idol and now --
    His voice has evolved and matured so much since then, and the growth in his artistic interpretation just stuns me. It isn’t a surprise to me that he can sing the range of Proud of Your Boy, but the character voice he uses in that song is a very subtle and effective bit of acting. I am impressed by his ability to sing in a legitimately soul-influenced pop style without sounding like a poseur
  • People Online - Check out an "oldie but goodie" set of pictures of Clay from People 2004.
  • Google Video - Video of a line dance by Alan Haywood to Clay's "When You Say You Love Me"
  • Quiana Parlor's Website - Quiana has added The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and Jimmy Kimmel to her September calendar. Looks like the gang will be together again!
  • Chexxxy's Pearls - thoughts about Clay's post-Idol insta-celebrity:
    Nobody, except his fans, expected his career to take off the way it did in 2003. The runner up is supposed to put out a nice souvenir CD for the American Idol viewers and then drift back to wherever they came from. Who knew that with virtually no radioplay, his debut CD would go triple platinum? It boggles the mind to try to imagine the level of success he'll reach WITH radio.
  • Carolina on My Mind: A potpourri of thoughts... ATDW, life, etc. Nice plug for CDD. Thanks!
    With ATDW promo really starting to roll, TV and holiday performance dates are filling calendars while Clay media reports stream across CA message boards. To stay on top of the latest news, tune into Clay's Daily Double. When Clay news happens, this blog updates -- often several times a day.
  • Southern Girl - a look back at last year's Emmys which Clay helped cover for The Insider. This year's Emmys airs tonight.
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