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Latest News From CDD

Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Photos from 2004 Caregiving Gala

Many new photos of Clay attending June 15, 2004's Rosalynn Carter Institute Caregivers Gala have surfaced. If you're looking for video -- it is available at ClayMediaWorld. The photo above is of Clay singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

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Clay Recorded A Duet With Barry Manilow?

The CB's deb760 says Clay recorded a duet of "Young at Heart" with Barry Manilow. However, it did not make the cut for Barry's recently released Best of the 50's album, which included another version of the song. Please keep in mind that this is a rumour and has not been independently confirmed by CDD.

Here's what Deb posted:

I got this from someone on another board.She happened to be near the recording studio where Clay recorded his part for the rumored duet with Barry Manilow,so she stopped in and asked for more information. The song they recorded was Young at Heart,but for some reason,the duet wasn't used on Barry's 50's CD. The song is on there,but with Barry singing alone.Apparently,Clay's part was mostly harmonizing to Barry's lead vocals.The staff at the studio did say that Clay was very friendly and wonderful to work with.
Rainlover added this, which was found from another board:
Apparently,Clay's part was mostly harmonizing to Barry's lead vocals. I happened to be right across the street from "Cue" studios (Clay
recorded his tracks to what was going to be an upcoming Barry
release/duet there a few months ago) and stopped in to see if I could
see any other photos ... or find out what song they had recorded (I
don't think the title was ever released).

I did find out the track that Clay recorded on was "Young at Heart" but
it was not included in the 50's CD.

The staff at the studios told me that Clay was very gracious and nice
and they all enjoyed working with him. They were really disappointed
that the track was not included on the 50's CD ... maybe it will make
the audiobiography???

"Young at Heart" did make the album but as a solo version. I'll have to go back and listen to it to imagine how they might have done it. It's not even in my CD rotation....that'll tell you how much I liked that CD. The audiobiography that is mentioned in the post is a biographical CD project that Barry says he's working on.
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Tidbits 6/10

  • Raleigh News & Observer compares Raleigh and Edmonton-- the Stanley Cup finalists. "More hipster cred in the Triangle, so long as you don't count Clay Aiken."
  • It's been 3 years since the release of Clay's Bridge Over Troubled Water/This Is The Night CD Single!
  • Check out this cute montage based on Clay's AI appearance last month.
  • Looking for some MSN or AOL icons? Check these excellent ones out!
  • The ConCLAYve blog: a blog on Clay's new look. "Watching Clay the other night on American Idol 5 I could not help but think of the Beatles!"
  • Here's another one from Taking a Moment.
Technorati tags: , , , , , , Lists 2007 Calendar

Wal Mart has listed a 2007 Clay Aiken calendar on its website, priced at $11.04 and slated for release on June 28. We really don't want to tell you to buy it at this stage since both and have listed and subsequently removed the calendar from its websites earlier this year.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Tidbits 6/9

  • Blablist poll... best reality TV singer. Bo Bice is catching up quickly!
  • Simply Clay invites all Claymates to its 1st anniversairy party tonight starting at 9 PM EDT.
  • Rolling Stone mag blog compares Clay's new look to Jim Carrey's new hair."It was also funny to see Jim Carrey's new Clay Aiken hair (don't let the sun go down on him!)"
  • Cute post from the CB's 1inNebraska4Clay about what Clay could've been thinking while on AI5 last month.
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CD Campaign to be "Shock and Awe": calliek

The CH's calleik, a respected and accurate music industry insider, reports that Team Clay is organizing a shock-and-awe campaign in response to highly anticipated August/September release of the sophomore album. Here was what she posted last night:

Just got an interesting e-mail...thought I'd share. I am continuing to work those I know...

Got this tonight:

"You'll see something in July. And what I have amazing. This guy is going to change the musical landscape. Radio impact is already happening. Negotiations for TV are so crazy, I can't begin to tell you."

I know it's maddening to not have specifics, but what else I'm getting is that the (campaign) is purposefully being closely guarded for maximum effect. Shock and awe.

Come on, heatwave!!! We're ready to swelter!!!

i am going to back this statement. i got a phone call from a friend last week in LA, who was at some kind of conference or a party of some sort... and he over heard two guys talking about what was 'in the works' for Clay. he said he couldn't quite decipher what they were talking about, almost as if they were speaking in 'code' <- his words ;o) me thinks they're keeping all of this veeeeerrry quiet. and secret. i think we've only seen the beginning of 'shock and awe'.
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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Clay Met Fans At AI Finale

When Clay appeared on the American Idol finale, he stuck around and met some of his fans, according to a friend of the CB's jenbec4630. She said:

It was after the American Idol finale. Everyone comes out and they do interviews, meet with fans ect. And I saw Clay from afar and we just stood there and talked. I dont see him as a celebrity. He's just a nice guy. That danged southern accent rubbed off onto me again though. LOL. I mean, I lived in TX most my life, but I was loosing my accent and then, after talkin to Clay, it was back for the rest of the night. LOL. Clay was very humble and sweet, Taylor said he was actually suprized he won. Very humble as well. I saw Ryan, Simon, and Paula from afar as they went inside the theater. Paula waved hello to everyone, very sweet girl. :)
Thats about it. Not much else. JUst had a great night and met some very wonderful, talented people.
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Tidbits 6/8

  • Sony BMG press release: New Idol singles will benefit American Red Cross.
  • LiveDaily: Clay - Idol success. Another generic Idol mention
  • Charlotte Observer: A comparison of Raleigh and Edmonton, Canada (the two Stanley Cup finalists): "Teen idol ……. Michael J. Fox ………Clay Aiken ………Edmonton. Fox wasn't as objectionable to those who weren't pubescent females."
  • PJ Star: Just be yourself when auditioning for Idol — Clay Aiken looked so pale and sheepish at his initial audition, I half expected him to break into 'Vote No on 13' from 'Revenge of the Nerds 2.' Still, his vocal chops impressed the judges so much that they sent him to Hollywood. That is, on the condition he swap his glasses for contact lenses. And change his hair. And start dressing different. And those shoes, they definitely had to go.
  • U of California Guardian: mentions the E! poll about which celeb you'd like to be stuck with on an island. Clay won…"Who would you rather be stranded on an island with, Clay Aiken or Marilyn Manson?"
  • Check out another Clay blog… Rooting for Clay Aiken
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tidbits 6/7

  • Unofficial Google blog: nice Clay mention in blog about Google's upcoming Spreadsheet service "Allow Google Spreadsheet to interface with sites such as TVGuide and HBO to pull online media data such as the Buzz over who watched The Sopranos" and calculate the online audience reach of, say, American Idol 5 which I highlighted in blog posts such as Clay Aiken scores new fans on American Idol Finale."
  • American Idol/Sony BMG PR: Katharine McPhee signs with Sony BMG. Press release.
  • Daily Nonpareil: Iowa para educator, Sarah Porter, will sing at College World Series. Notes that fact that "this will not be Sarah's first performance in front of a large audience. In November, she and 11 other performers were selected to sing on stage with Clay Aiken at the Mid-America Center."
  • Press Connects: Silly, but cute article about the 'hazards' of moving "upwards"... "If you get into an accident en route, any number of objects, from an iron to a houseplant to a Clay Aiken CD, are ready to take out your head."
  • Deadspin: Not sure what this article is referring to... talks about human growth hormone and "what it has done to Clay Aiken." I'm going to take it as a compliment to Clay's height.
  • Carolina Newswire: Clay's Anoroc agency (maintains BAF website) receives honour from Seedlings Baby Food.
  • Antimusic: Clay's former name (Clayton Holmes Grissom)equals '666' using the Greek Gematria system.
  • Dianne Austin's second article (see yesterday's Tidbits for her first one) about her trip back to Raleigh.
  • MetroWeekly interviews Kimberley Locke... "She then laughs hysterically for several seconds, her friendly and self-deprecating nature coming through just as it did when she was the second-runner-up to Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard on season two of American Idol."
  • Manilla Bulletin- Idol article. Mentions Clay's superstar status.
  • The Independent: mentions NC's domination of the American Idol top 12s... "Raleigh's Clay Aiken finished second three years ago"
  • here's an interesting site that attempts to organize all the Clay blogs out there, including CDD, onto one page. Great idea... the execution isn't perfect(Some posts, like our Tidbits posts, get all squished together), but a it's site you'll want to bookmark!
  • Clay retains his reign on top of's most searched for list.
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Clay Recorded A New Song Called "Taken"

Thanks to the official fanclub's austinclaymate for the heads up on a new song Clay recorded. Here's what she posted on the official fanclub board:

Okay, so I found a link to [songwriter] Kyle Jacobs' myspace where it says "Other artists whom have recorded Kyles songs include Lee Brice, Plumb, Clay Aiken and Joy Williams." So I sent him a message asking about Clay and he responded!! Here's my message, and then his: I wrote: On your profile it says you've recorded with Clay Aiken--is that for his new CD coming out? What songs have you recorded with him? Thanks! Your songs are great!! Lizzy Kyle wrote: hey lizzers...clay did cut one of my songs, "Taken"...i am not sure if it will make his new album, but we will can hear the song if you itunes the band "Plumb" is on her "Beautiful Lumps of Coal" album...the clay version is very different but i think it is equally as is a very personal song to me... thank you for your interest in my music...which song is your favorite on my profile...? just wonderin' kj
Lyrics for Taken can be found here. Yahoo! has a sample of the song (recorded by Plumb) available on Yahoo Music.

Technorati tags: , , , , , Who Had Best Debut Album?, the official website of the show, wants to know which Idol you though had the best debut album. The choices are Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie and Clay (the only runner-up listed). Clay is currently commanding a 9 point lead over Carrie Underwood making him 1st place, but the Carrie fans seem to catching on quickly. Vote, vote, vote!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tidbits 6/6

  • article about Jerett Fulton, a Dallas sound engineer who has worked with Clay... "The lanky 24-year-old audiophile recently relocated from Dallas, where he spent two years as a staff engineer for Maximedia. At that $1,000-a-day studio, Jackson refined his art in the company of high-profile clients like The Polyphonic Spree, Vanilla Ice and Clay Aiken."
  • Clay dropped to #40 on the Lycos50. Let's get him back into the top 10, Claymates! SEARCH, SEARCH, SEARCH!
  • Dianne Austin's reflections on traveling to Clay's hometown.
  • 411 Mania: Nice compliment... "with the exception of Clay Aiken, the [American Idol] non-winners are pretty much guaranteed an end to their fifteen minutes as soon as the credits roll on the season finale."
  • TV Squad: Clay, Kelly are AI's only successful idols. "So far, the only really successful non-winner seems to be Clay Aiken, who sued to break away from the Idol contract. And the only really successful winner is Kelly Clarkson, and that's because she split from 19 Entertainment, the management company that mis-manages all the Idol winners."
  • Small Clay mention in BeaversOnIdol's Elliott Yamin article.
  • American Idol's jaded journalist expresses his opinions on the AI finale: "One, do you wonder if Michael thinks the audience is cheering for him? Two, what in the world happened to Clay's head? It looks like he thought he was going on twenty minutes later and was showering when he was called to the stage. Actually, it looks like somebody put their hands on his head and pushed down. Anyway, just about anything I say about Clay will get me into trouble, so let's leave well enough alone."
  • Check out Invisible Kingdom, a fantastic (and new) Canadian based Clay blog.
  • On Yahoo! Launch music: Clay's Invisible video has risen from #24 to #85, while Clay's The Way video has risen from #485 to #49. Cool! Keep watching via Yahoo! Launch to increase Clay's ranking...
  • Antimusic: 666 represents "Clayton Holmes Grissom" (huh?)
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Vote For Clay at EW.Com: "Idol Steel Cage: The Sequel"

Here is your chance to vote in 10 American Idol categories at, including one for Clay as "Runner Up" or "Silver" contestant. This is the third edition of "American Idol Steel Cage", and the competition has everything from Kelly against Carrie to Ruben against Taylor. Clay's category, which pits him against 2nd place finisher Bo Bice, is toward the end of the ten categories, so hang in there with your voting until you get to him.

You can go vote at Let's keep Clay ahead!

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Tidbits 6/5

  • Some interesting blog postings today: Can I have more than one boyfriend please? (Conclayve); "He Touched Me" montage (Lordy Lordy Lordy); Clay is a Conundrum (Clayspots); What It Means to be a fan (Something that Really Happened); Clay Aiken "Video Challenge" (The ClayBlog)
  • USA Today blog on CD sales increases after AI appearance. *this is a rewording of a blog published May 31st*
  • eWeek: Invisibility cloak being developed... refers to Invisible: "If I was invisible, then I could just watch you in your room"
  • Access Hollywood has posted a memory lane video, recapping the past 5 seasons of idol. Click on "A Look Back: 'Idol' Tears"
  • Please vote for Clay at at a new music site, You can vote every 5 minutes.
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Clay Mention in Transworld Motocross Magazine

According to wild4song at the Clayboard, Clay was mentioned in the June issue of Transword Motocross Magazine, page 61. Her husband, who reads all the motorcycle magazines, was reading the this one, and lo and behold, there was a picture of one of the riders who said, that "the new Clay Aiken CD gets him (Milly) in the mood for racing".

I can only say this, when Clay's newest CD comes out, Milly should be winning all of his races!!

Check out the thread and see the pictures at The Clayboard.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

AD: Sophomore Album (Featuring The New Look)

It's been quite a while since I've put out an ad... enjoy! Click to enlarge.

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Tidbits 6/4

  • Check out these impressive computer anime drawings of Clay's hot new look by our friend Ramy over at Graphics In Mind. WOW!
  • Kansas City Star: Lucky retired librarian attended AI2, AI4 and AI5 finales! WOW!
  • PA Patriot News -- cute Clay mention in DaVinci Code article: "Along the way they come across 'the greatest cover-up in the history of man,' which just goes to show that Dan Brown didn't follow the whole Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken controversy."
  • MSNBC/Newsweek: Clay subject of jokes on Kathy Griffin's show.
  • Thanks to the CB's fancynails4 for alerting us to a Clay mention in Canada's 2nd largest newspaper, The Globe and Mail. In its weekly "Top E-Buzz" list (from seach's greatest gainers list), it says: "3. Clay Aiken - 1,034% increase"
  • NC The State: CNN's Glenn Beck didn't like the Clay Aiken moment on the AI finale. (gay reference, but used in the sense of 'stupid')
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