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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clay's Back again, 8PM show 10-25-08

Clay was there tonight and from all reports he was dancing and jumping with the best of them. He even pulled up his slacks to show his striped socks and no aircast. No stage door though, so little to report on that end of things. Hopefully things will surface in a few hours. Anyway, it was good to see he was back, and oh he was playing with the ribbons and smelling the flowers, that is a good sign for many.

Sim Clay

Get a load of Sim Clay, I found this at the Clayboard and it was created/found by MissMuffins31. How creative and cool:

Tidbits 10-25-08

Just a clarification on the poll, if you would like an OMWH tour, that would be a SRHP w/band type tour. You can change your vote if you would like. Thanks for your comments.

Let's start out with a new montage from luluasst on YouTube, then we can continue with the tidbits:

Reported at the ClackHouse:

Re: Matt Lauer Roast

Night Owl wrote:
FYI ... Billy Bush mentioned on Access Hollywood Thursday that he would be covering the roast. No idea if Clay will get coverage, of course, but a possibility along with ET.

Clay's in the VIP room at the Roast. A quick shot of him talking to some guy from Dateline (didn't catch the guy's name -- I don't watch that show), with Billy Bush saying "and here's Clay Aiken ... ".

This is the Access Hollywood show. This is the first story.

On the TODAY show they just said they will have highlites of the Roast on Monday.
Maybe we'll get to see Clay.

On the Today Show, they mentioned it several times and said that Al Roker would be Toastmaster and that they would air highlights on Monday's show.

It appears Clay will not be appearing in the Wicked performance per the ClackHouse and the following link:

It appears that Clay's name is not on the final list of performers. His name has also been edited out of the Fox article where the information originally came from.

Notacanuck wrote:

Final casting for the Wicked benefit on Monday -- Clay's name is NOT listed.

Let me close today's tidbits with a wonderful video made by lampmstar called "For Your Hurting Heart" and was found on YouTube:

Friday, October 24, 2008

In Preapration for Spamalot

I thought since we will not have any Spamalot recaps from tonight's show I would post a video by Yollie950 which is posted on YouTube and goes back to when Clay was just starting in Spamalot, it will take us back to the beginning so when he does get back to the stage we will be all set to go again.

10-24-08 Spamalot

Clay did not appear in Spamalot tonight. We wish him well and hope that his ankle heals quickly. We miss you Clay but stay home and keep the ankle up.

Matt Lauer's Friars Roast

If you want to see a brief mention and also a brief look at Clay Aiken sitting in the back row of the VIP room, check it out at Clack Unlimited. And while you are there, why not make a one time contribution to keep Clack Unlimited afloat?

Spamalot Reports for 10-23-08

Report from HCorbett10:

From Jess:




From Rosebud42:

I was just talking to NYMom4clay on the phone during the intermission. She's there tonight, and she said that during the first half Clay seemed fine. Then, as I was talking to her they made the announcement that he didn't feel well enough to continue and that someone else would take his place for the 2nd half.

Poor darlin'.

From amoreDio:

Someone said they thought they saw Jaymes there in the 7th row center. If it was Jaymes....that seat remained empty after the intermission was over.


Per Annieq9 at the Clayboard:

Clayfan1000 and I were there tonight too and I agree with the post above and with you Zakus. We also stayed until the end to support the cast. We were in the fifth row and some people actually filled a couple of seats in the front rows A101 and A102 and B101 during the second act that were not filled during act I. It was strange those seats weren't filled during the first act because the orchestra and mezzanine were full. Someone must have been sick or something.??

The front row was not empty during the second act.

We gave all of the cast some love and support. That young man had a tough job filling in for Clay with so many of us there to see Clay. He was ok and did a fine job but he was no Clay, poor guy.

We saw no fights,, no exodus of people and no E! entertainment.

The peasant of the day was in row C101. It was a man who was really excited about being the peasant. People were congratulating him on doing a great job and he loved it!


Tainted Candy Please Read, Halloween

Please read and handle accordingly, using your best judgement.

This was reported on, so please read the following and for cautions sake destroy, not just throw away, destroy any of these products or return them to the store where purchased for a refund.

White Rabbit Candy, The White Rabbit Creamy Candy is sold in 8 or 16 oz packages. Their other flavors of White Rabbit Candy, include Assorted (Chocolate,
Coconut, and Coffee), Red Bean, Coffee, Corn, Lychee, Mango and Strawberry are sold in 7 oz. packages. All packaging has a logo of a white rabbit on the front with the words "White Rabbit".

Also is reporting A problem with foil wrapped Pirate's Chocolate Gold Coins. Check that out at

This is a warning being posted because Halloween is just around the corner and these products, for precautions sake, should not be given out as treats or consumed until the all clear is given by the FDA.

Strangely enough in my research I found a site that may be of interest to everyone. They seem to keep a list and report all recalls. Check out this site from the Town of Durham, CT.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Them there ties

I just could not resist this video from Luluasst and on YouTube, hang in there for the switch. Very good video, thanks.

Some people are so creative, it makes me wish I was. Thanks for all those that make these videos for our enjoyment.

Matt Lauer's Roast

Don't forget about the Friar's Roast of Matt Lauer that Clay will be attending on October 24th. Check out the information below.

The burning question is, will Matt Lauer still be speaking to them in the morning?

Lauer, 50, is slated to be the victim - that is, "honoree" - when the Friars Club gathers at the New York Hilton Oct. 24 and rakes the Today host over the coals, humorously, at its annual celebrity roast - an event noteworthy for wildly uncensored remarks at the expense of the guest of honor.

Among those scheduled to appear at the by-invitation-only, not-for-broadcast event include Lauer's predecessor Bryant Gumbel, his former sidekick Katie Couric and the current one, Meredith Vieira - as well as his across-the-channel rival, Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer.

Some may think Couric should know better. The year Donald Trump was roasted, she sat quietly on the dais only to be the target of a particularly raunchy remark by comic Susie Essman - for which Trump felt compelled to apologize.

Trump now is on the bill to help roast Lauer.

Also promised by the entertainers' fraternity to deliver no-bars-held remarks at its event: Clay Aiken, Joy Behar, Bob Saget, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vanessa Williams, Aretha Franklin, Eric McCormack, Tony Shaloub, Jerry Stiller, Mario Lopez and others.

I hope Clay has some real snarky remarks for Matt, you go Clay.

The Yellow Brick Road Not Taken!

This was found at about another benefit:

Last Edited: Thursday, 23 Oct 2008, 8:23 AM EDT

MYFOXNY.COM -- Here is more content related to Thursday's Good Day New York. Check out how you can see Ashanti on Broadway while supporting a charity. Also learn more about the flu vaccine. And find a place to pick your own pumpkin.


Grammy winning singer, songwriter and actress Ashanti is involved with a benefit performance of "Wicked." It's called "The Yellow Brick Road Not Taken."

Spamalot's Clay Aiken, Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Ashanti, The View's Joy Behar, comedian Mario Cantone, Ugly Betty's Mark Indelicato, Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, and Cheers George Wendt will be among the cast of THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD NOT TAKEN, a one-night-only benefit performance celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Broadway smash WICKED.

THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD NOT TAKEN, directed by Matt Lenz, will take place on Monday, October 27 at 7:30pm at the Gershwin Theatre (222 West 51 Street). The evening's proceeds will be donated to Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project.

Prime Benefit tickets are $1,000 (includes Premium Seats, post show VIP party and special WICKED gift bag); Premium Benefit Tickets are $500 (Prime Orchestra Seats and special WICKED gift bag), and Super Orchestra Tickets $350 (Orchestra Seats and special WICKED gift bag). Tickets for the performance only are also available from $250 - $100. Tickets are available through:



Per Annieq9 at tbe Clayboard:

GOOD NEWS!!! We just called the theater and Clay will be appearing tonight!!!

This is such good news, evidently no major sprain or bruise.

Update on Clay's injury

A report from Clayngel:

I was in the front row and Clay was kicking butt tonight! He had so much energy and seemed like he was having a lot of fun. The guard scene with Herbert was hysterical and Clay was making all of these funny faces and being totally crazy. When he fell it seemed a little different than usual but not in a bad way. Two of the McVargas' were next to me and Jess and I both noticed that he was moving around a lot when he was supposed to be "dead." Then when he got up to go offstage he was wincing and seemed to be limping. We were all set for him to come on for the coconut dance, but he didn't enter with the other knights. Jess and I just looked at each other and we knew it wasn't good. Clay walked on separately after the dance part but was limping pretty badly. He didn't skip as Brother Maynard either. Jess and I were like in tears we were so worried because he just looked like he was in pain and he wasn't putting any pressure on his foot. He smiled and danced as best as he could and seemed like he was doing as much as he could to get through the rest of the show.

We were pretty sure that there wasn't going to be a stage door and at first there weren't even any barricades set up. They were put up a little later, but still didn't think he would come out. After a few minutes Jerome came outside and when a fan asked him if Clay was ok he said no. That certainly didn't make me feel any better! He went on to say that even though he wasn't a doctor it appeared that Clay sprained his ankle so he wouldn't be doing the SD and he said he hoped he'd be able to tomorrow.
Jess, Kristen and I saw Clay leaving the theater and he was walking on his own but definitely limping. He appeared to be in some pain, but it didn't look as serious as it did on stage, so hopefully it's a minor sprain or he may have just twisted it. I'm still really worried about him, but hoping for the best. I'm supposed to go to the show tomorrow, but I have a feeling he might be out for the next few days. Keep sending postive thoughts his way! Love you Clay!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waiting for news

Sorry this is quick, but it came in at the last moment. HCorbett10 has gotten a report from Jax5230 and has posted at the Clayboard:

From Jax:

Hi guys. I'm sorry this isn't in red but i'm on my phone and i thought i should pass on the news as quickly as i can. Clay's hurt. Jess Kristen and Laura were all at the show tonight and he had trouble getting up after falling. No one knows the extent of the fall but but Clay was definitely in pain. he dim't do the coconut dance and he didn't skip during brother maynard. It's not really looking good right now! No one has any idea what's going on as far as his being or not being in the show. Keep your fingers crossed.

Jerome came out for the stage door and said Clay would not be coming out due to medical reasons, but when questiond as to the problem, he said he wasn't a doctor. Prayers needed ladies and gents. He was up and walking so we do not know the extent of the injury.

This should take you back

Oh my goodness, this will take you back just over four years to a night in Raleigh, October 18th 2004. This was the Solo Not A Tour 2004 with Clay singing Kyrie. Thanks to CA4Me for uploading it to YouTube. Enjoy!

It is so funny because the man says he can't dance, but in this video it looks like Jacob is the one out of sync, LOL. JMHO! The man can dance!

Just two photos to help jog your memories:

Stage door 10-21-08

Back to business as usual for Clay and his Spamalot buddies. It was a slow night, but there were some charming stories.

Photos taken by Bluenosebythesea, absolutely gorgeous.

Bluenosebythesea at the Clayboard went and reported:

was one of the lucky ones tonight who saw Spamalot and Clay was fabulous!!! My husband and son loved it too. It looked like a great crowd, especially since it was Tuesday night and very cold out. I was worried that I wouldn't like the lady of the lake, but she was great and she has an amazing voice. Clay can really dance and he is so funny. Of course I was at the stage door. (I was the one who messed up the pictures so you got to take another one---sounds like I did good and the second one turned out perfect.) Anyway I don't post much so I didn't know how to post in red so if anyone wants to change it, feel free. Also my husband took some stage door pictures that I would be happy to post if someone can explain how to do it very clearly. We tried a few minutes ago and I lost my whole post so I need help, but I am will to share if I can figure out how to do it. The stage door went so fast that I really didn't notice what he was wearing, but I did notice he had on striped socks with sandles----got to love that man.

Clayfan1000 had a glorious night this is her report:

I just got back to my room! I was the best peasant tonight. I use a cane and wanted to come up on stage but they didn't want me to fall!

I was in row C seat 101. I am still shaking! I didn't expect to be peasant because I thought it would be Row A tonight. When the explosion knocked down the wall and I saw C101, I was like... OMG! I am going to be the peasant. Patsy came down and asked
me if I could get up on stage. I said I thought I could with my cane, but the King didn't want me to fall, so they came down to me. It was so exciting to have the King and Patsy and all the other Knights singing to me and cheering for me. I didn't get a picture with Clay but loved the picture I got of the King and Patsy Anyway, I rushed out to the SD to get the picture of Clay and me that I had gotten from Friday night signed by Clay. OMG! when Clay came out he started signing autographs and got to my friend, Annieg9. I will never forget this. Clay asked Annie where I was. He called me by name Annie pointed me out and Clay started coming right over to me. Annie had to yell out that she wanted a pic too! He signed my picture that I got from Friday and then asked me who was taking my picture. I told him noone, because I had already gotten a pic with him. He then asked a nice woman standing there to take our picture. All I could think to say was thank you very much,Clay. He hugged me and put his arm around my waist and I touched Clay again on his waist. Once the pic was taken, he grabbed my camera to make sure it turned out. It wasn't great, so he posed again and we snuggled again and got another picture. I am now like mush.

I messed up the picture I took of Annie and Clay because I was spaced out from Clay calling out my name and looking for me I will write more once I can put my thoughts together more clearly.
I love the pic of the King, Patsy and me, which I hope to get Patsy to sign. Patsy helped me up out of my chair and the King came down to me. Patsy asked me if I could make it up on stage and I felt so special. I was disappointed that Clay was not in the picture, but it all worked out.... I loved everyone singing to me and I will cherish the Best Peasant Award!

A report from Annie9:

Tonight was fabulous! Clay was so fabulous in every one of his roles as always.
Everyone in the cast was wonderful. The one that took Rick's place as Lancelot, Knight of Ni and the French Taunter was expecially great. He put his own twist on it but he did a wonderful job.
We saw Merle (Lady Of The Lake) at the stagedoor too and she signed our playbills for us. I took a pic of her with Kathy that she will post in awhile.

Clay is so thoughtful and wonderful. He saw me sitting with Kathy and he knew she was disappointed that he wasn't in her peasant picture so the first thing he did when he saw me was ask me where she was.
He really is amazing man. He doesn't like to disappoint his fans.
There were many, many NJUs in the audience tonight and they showed appreciation for the whole cast. Clay got the most applause at curtain call so he gave a wink to Merle. He won the competition tonight.
The man sitting behind us really enjoyed the show and showed it by his laughing and applause.
Not too many people at the SD tonight. The temp outside was 46 degrees and the wind was wicked. We froze but it was very much worth it.

Tidbits 10-22-08

This report from is showing those that have sung the National Anthem in the last 38 years, but of course we only need to go back five years to see the best of them all.

Performer, Site and Season

Boston Pops conducted by John Williams — Boston '07
Bob Seger — Detroit '06
Josh Groban — Chicago A.L. '05
Steven Tyler — Boston '04
Clay Aiken — New York A.L. '03

Does this tell you the splash this young man made five years ago? What a true honor.

There was a report from Psalm42 on the Clayboard that there was a mention on ET about OMC.

I was just watching an ET preview of 17again, about a man who gets younger and goes back to high school to do his life over. His friend, subbing as his father and dressed kinda dorky, is sitting next to him when the younger man comments on his clothes, saying, who do you think you are? Clay Aiken?

Amazing how many places Clay's name pops up.

Flipe4u at the Clayboard came across the top names for boys for 2009:

I came across a list of popular baby name choices....Guess who was listed as #1!!!!!

American Idol Names Boys


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Have Winner's Report

Yeah, Zippy888 has an exciting story about her luck with the raffle tickets for the Champions for Change Gala 2008. Here it is as reported on the Clayboard. Congrats Zippy, you so deserve this after all the wonderful Clack you have provided us with over the years.

Hello everyone! Here's my recap from the Gala event. Yes, I'm still on . I purchased 3 raffle tickets at $20 each and decided to put all 3 tickets in the drum for the autographed hockey jersey. When the time came for the hockey jersey to be raffled off, Clay called out for his mum to come up on stage to draw the ticket. While Clay was spinning the drum, a ticket "spat" out accidentally. He picked it up and dropped it back into the drum and proceeded to rotate the drum a couple more times. Then, Faye drew the raffle ticket.

I held my breath. Then, I heard my ticket number drawn. I had memorized the 3 ticket nos. before and then passed the tickets to my mum to look after as clayheaven (my sis) and I were busy taking clack. Of course, when the winning ticket was announced, I gasped and looked at my sister with wide eyes. I was sure I had won and when my mum stuck up her hand to give me the winning ticket, we were jumping around in our little area at the back of the room.

I proceeded to go up to the stage area and it took a while as I had to meander amongs the tables, chairs and people. I still had my camera around my neck. Finally, got to the front row of tables and Clay announced that he didn't have the prize on stage. So, I stopped and was thinking if I should return back to my seat. Then, our eyes locked 'cos he said, "Oh, it's you!" Then, he told me and motioned me to come on up.

I was in an Aiken fog. I didn't go up on stage but stood beside the stage instead and handed him my ticket for verification. I don't know why I stuck out my hand but it was an instinctive action on my part. He then said something like "Good idea! Let's verify the ticket, Mom!" Faye verified it and it was all good!! Yay! He then handed me the ticket back and then........he bent down while still on stage to give me a HUG!! OMG!!

I was surprised when he gave me a hug and I hugged back. He then patted me on my shoulder blades and I did the same. It was so good to be in his arms. He smells really clean and is really lean. I can feel his bones. I was in an Aiken fog. Gosh, I love Clay Aiken! I collected my beautiful hockey jersey in a shadow box and managed to transport it home with me on the plane.

Champions for Change Gala 2008 Menu

ClayMelia2 loaded her menu onto the Clayboard, so I thought I would share it with those who did not make it to the Gala, just another interesting item. Clay's New Spamalot Bio Winner

Of course we already knew this thanks to Clay and the OFC, but it has been officially announced in today that ClayBella a.k.a. Jo-Anne Lopez was the winner of the Spamalot Playbill biography contest. WTG ClayBella!

Clay Aiken Announces Winning Writer of His Official Bio
By Stephen M. Silverman

Originally posted Tuesday October 21, 2008 10:45 AM EDT

His latest accomplishment is the announcement of the winner of the "Write Clay's Playbill Biography Contest," which provided members of the singer's fan club the opportunity to pen his official bio for program of the Tony-winning musical.

And the winner is: Jo-Anne Lopez of Carlsbad, Calif. Her publication-worthy prose (which takes into consideration the musical spoof's humorous reference to Finland):

CLAY AIKEN was born southwest of Finland, in Raleigh, N.C., a little more than 29 years ago. Although his younger years were spent belting out tunes from atop piles of Sears carpet samples, his mature teenage years saw him cast in musical theater roles such as Singer #2 in his high school production of The Music Man, which was met with enough success not to get him cast in his final high school production. His ego thus bolstered, he had more than enough incentive to audition for American Idol Season 2, the outcome of which (in the prophetic #2 spot) has made him arguably the most beloved and successful contestant ever to have irritated Simon Cowell. A bestselling book, UNICEF Ambassadorship and multiple platinum recordings later, six or seven sold-out nationwide tours notwithstanding, and after a first very successful run in Spamalot early this year, Clay is currently finding his second grail, on Broadway, right here at the Shubert [Theatre]. For his next project, he plans to teach a modern Torah class.

For her efforts, Lopez will receive two tickets to the show, a backstage tour hosted by Aiken and an autographed copy of the Playbill, says a show rep.

Photo Recap of Champions for Change Gala 2008

This is just a compilation of some of the hundreds of photos taken by all the Clack gatherers at the Gala 10-18-08. In these collages I have used photos by Toni7Babe, ClayIzzaQT, and SmartyPantsSuz. Thank you both for your clack, all of which was collected on the pages of the Clayboard.

Montages of Champions for Change Gala 10-18-08

When we can't go to a Clay event like so many others do, we sit back and wait patiently for the clack to appear. We have been filled with wonderful glowing reports about how the Bubel/Aiken Foundation is doing, to what a fantastic time many of those had at the event. It was as if we were almost there ourselves. I thought I would put a few montages here of the event for everyone to enjoy as well.

This montage is of the concert portion and very touching. I found this at YouTube and is done by Yollie950, great job Yollie:

This is a montage by LovesClaysVoice again on YouTube. I love the sections with Clay trying to get into his clothes from the past, and the not letting go, LOL. Enjoy!

Here is another one by Yollie950, he/she has been very busy it seems. This one portrays the joy of being a winning bidder in the auction. Of course the winner was "Spooky", a very well deserved win for sure. Clay brought her up on stage, and as she clutched the JBT leather jacket she had won in one of the previous bids, he sang "Someone Else's Star". Of course, the blue shirt he managed to get on in the video is the very same shirt he wore when he sang this same song on American Idol 2. Spooky, you are one special lady and I know that Clay loves you for who you are, and for how you contribute to the foundation. This is another YouTube montage.

Monday, October 20, 2008

2009 Golfing for Inclusion

Check out the complete all of the info on how you can help and how you can attend at the BAF.

January 26, 2009

Mirasol Country Club
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Join hosts Clay Aiken and
PGA Professional Wayne Player
to benefit The Bubel/Aiken Foundation

Register by December 12 for special raffle

More on Champions for Change Gala

HCorbett10 brought over to the Clayboard this fact finding post:

From Claym8 From the CV:

Didn't Clay say something about being up all night? OH! I just remembered. A hotel manager-type guy stopped by our group in the lobby this afternoon and told us that Clay spent the whole day in a suite in the hotel and ordered grilled cheese for a snack. Ben Cohen also told someone in the bar that he and Clay were on the same flight and it left NY at 6:30 a.m. He had a very very long day!

I've also seen a lot of people mention that Clay sang the end of Right Here Waiting quietly. I'm not sure if anyone also said that the last few words were sung with no microphone. It was very touching. I too think he teared up at the end.

That mirror picture is to die for. I've never seen so many copies of a picture of a picture. I've got a couple of them in my camera too.

I was very lucky tonight. The front desk called me a few minutes ago and asked if my rental was a blue Volvo. I had left my lights on!! Tomorrow morning could have been very bad! To me the Volvo lights and wipers are very confusing to deal with.

I had other stuff to say but can't remember it all.

thanks again to everyone for sharing my excitement!

Got it! It was totally wonderful to hear Clay talk about his "family." and when he introduced Faye to draw for the raffle he introduced her as Mom and then revised it to Grandma. Awwwww!


From ncclt4clay:

I am really late posting because I got back just a while ago and don't have a lap top. I know that a lot of what I could say has already been said so I won't even try to recap. Just some of my observances - this was one of my very favorite Clay times ever. Somehow it just seemed magical. I met and got to know some people that I loved instantly. Clay. Well, Clay was just the best that I have ever seen him. Not better perhaps, but certainly right there with the best. He was Clay. The Clay that we haven't seen for a while. ETIDN absolutely brought down the house. So just gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. OMH - wow. But RHW - I can not even begin to express the depth of emotion. The introduction made me teary enough. He conveyed every nuance through every phase and breath. I wouldn't have given up this performance for anything in the world. All I can say is that when he dropped the mic and sang the last bit of that song - it will stay with me for the rest of my life. To those that I was with, those that I knew, and those whom I met and bonded with - all of you will be in my memory with this wonderful, magical, unforgettable experience. And Clay? Oh yeah - he is going to be here with us for a very long time. And I love him.


this recap was beautiful from Mickey7129 at CDB, I got it from janwhatever at CH..

I did read Brightstar's recap which was brought over. Her recap IMO is right on in all aspects--the emotions (love being the predominant emotion of the night, I think), Clay's cognizance of the message boards (fugly...too funny!), the still and forever indescribable beauty of his voice, the intimacy of the message conveyed and received in his rendering of "Right Here Waiting". I too will be wrapping my mind, heart and soul around the depth and beauty of last night for many weeks to come. Not to mention the sheer fun and joy. Yep, he done did it to us again! (Please don't ever stop, Clay, 'k ?! )

Just a couple of (disjointed) thoughts I wanted to share.

About midway through "Right Here Waiting for You", I thought I was the only one with tears streaming down my face and sniffling, but then I realized I was hearing sniffling and sobbing all around me. In case you're wondering, the little ripple of laughter at the very end of "Right Here Waiting" was slightly embarrassed laughter at ourselves as the sobbing was just as audible as Clay's tender voice as he sang the last phrase of "Right Here Waiting" without the mike. (And the beauty, purity and texture of his unamplied voice...truly every bit as beautiful and transcendent as the finest instrument ever made).

For me, it felt like we had gone back to our roots. Clay even looked so much like he did back in 2003/2004 when he first mezmerized us and cast us underneath his spell. I saw so many of those early gestures and nuances and passion. It reminded me of why I first fell in love with him. (Yep, I said, "in love" with it!). It was so eerie but so right. Whatever the degree of wondering each of us may have gone through about "is Clay still Clay", I say the answer is a blessedly, resounding YES! Even for those who didn't have that doubt or concern, what a treasure it was to be reminded and be able to relive that magic again. Last night was like the perfect mixture of Clay of the past AND present...old look, new songs. Totally cool, freaky and somehow right.

Personally, I've given up the battle of trying to find the words which accurately describe the emotions Clay, both the man and the voice, evokes from the very depths of your soul. In total seriousness, I don't think the words exist in the dictionary. Maybe because he makes me feel so much. Maybe because when your heart is that full to overflowing, no words could ever be adequate enough. The closest I can come, broken down into the simplest terms, is: He's back. We're back. We're home again.

How lucky are we?

I am sorry someone sent this to our group as a third party so I do not know where this was originally posted, but it is touching and I thought there are those that would like to read it, enjoy.

Originally Posted by loriham

I'm finally able to sit down and write my recap of this amazing
weekend, so here goes!

Saturday morning Michelle and I went to the Volunteer Roundtable and
screening of "Including Samuel." I'm sure you've heard how moving
this film was, and how well it got across the message that those with
disabilities are just like the rest of us with our hopes, dreams, and
desires. It made me think. More.

Saturday night we got all gussied up (thanks to Michelle I wasn't so
underdressed!) and went to the gala.......

The food was good, the auction items grand, the setting nice.

Then the auction began.....and you've d/l the Clack by now, so I
don't need to tell you it was by turn funny, astonishing, naughty,
and touching.

When Clay put on that blue shirt from AI and came back out on the
stage, I felt a strange sense of something.......a deja vu, a ghost
of the past.....whatever you want to call it, something came over me
ever so slightly.

When Diana went up after winning the shirt and Clay sang to her, it
came over me again. It was like seeing him five years ago. Not for
the first time exactly, but seeing him anew somehow.

The auction went on and I watched. I saw the shirt, the spiked hair,
the smile when an item went for so much more than he thought it

The auction ended.

And he sang.

It was a bit rough at first, as he was tired. A couple of raspy
moments and one "bent" note. Then he kicked it into gear and got over
that hump and began to enjoy the performing.

"When I See You Smile" was good and I enjoyed it.
"Everything I Don't Need" was....................what can you say???
He was hot, sexy, dripping with the attitude of the song, growly, and
the "well,well" had me melting off my seat!
"On My Way Here" was beautiful.
"Where I Draw the Line" and THOSE notes were goosebump inducing.
Then "Right Here Waiting" did me in. I watched him sing only to us. I
watched as he communicated over time and space in the way only he
can. I knew then: I had come home.

Tears came to my eyes as I realized that it didn't matter whether or
not I agree with all he says and does. It didn't matter whether he's
right or wrong. It didn't matter that he's in no way related to me or
that I may never really know him. All that matters is that I love him
and that voice that's so much a part of him, and that I believe he's
in my life for a reason.

It was like being back in time. It was like the world tilted back on
its axis again and I knew I was supposed to be there. I had "my" Clay
back again.

He sang to us.

Tidbits 10-20-08

Roanoke Rapids Daily HeraldThe decision to choose a manager for the Roanoke Rapids Theatre is a difficult one since there are numerous offers on the table, including the following:

• A request from Jaymes Foster, a friend of Clay Aiken, to manage the theater.

Could this end up being Clay's North Carolina Branson? Would it include the Spooky Museum? Can't think of a better place.

This is a note from claniac24 on the Clayboard about the possible museum:

An update on Spooky: She won not only the JBT jacket but also both shirts that were up for auction. Also, the gorgeous mosaic of Clay's face that was in the silent auction. Those were the four items she determined in advance that she wanted to go home with, and she was lucky enough to be able to get all four. Also, she has purchased a fantastic 7500 square foot home in Raleigh which is likely to be the location of her Clay Museum when she ultimately gets it up and running. She already has numerous items to fill the museum with. I can't wait for it to open!

Infos Jeune in France has reported that American Idol alumni have surpassed the 200 mark for #1 hits on the Billboard Singles Charts.

American Idol has certainly come full circle with its success on The Billboard charts. Kelly Clarkson had AI's first #1 on the charts with her finale song, "A Moment Like This". "Measure of a Man," Clay Aiken (Nov. 1, 2003) "Soulful," Ruben Studdard (Dec. 27, 2003) "A Thousand Different Ways," Clay Aiken (Oct. 7, 2006) "Taylor Hicks," Taylor Hicks (Dec. 30, 2006) "Katharine McPhee," Katharine McPhee (Feb. 17, 2007) "My December," Kelly Clarkson (July 14, 2007) among others were singled out. A little good news.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Champions for Change Gala 2008 Concert

Oh goodness, not sure how much of the Concert portion we will get, but let's start off with a little "What I Don't Need" which was found on YouTube taped by lonelynomore44. Yeah, that is a great place to start, enjoy!

Now for "Where I Draw The Line", also taped by lonelynomore44 and found on YouTube, goodness we need a tour, goofs and all, LOL:

Okay, now OMWH is a little rough, perhaps it is a difficult song for him to sing, so give it a minute for Clay to get his voice going, LOL. This video is by tugger12345 and can be found at YouTube.

A very sweet recap from clayniac24 at the Clayboard:

The Gala was beyond expectations. It was a thrilling evening from beginning to end! I haven't had a chance to read all the reports so far, so I'll just report a few items of interest (that may already have been reported). When Rich Donavan, a wonderful honoree tonight (he suffers from cerebral palsy and works tirelessly with corporations to get jobs for the handicapped), took the stage, he received a thunderous standing ovation. In response he thanked us for the "round of applause", and added, "I think you have competition, Clay". The audience loved it.

The CVS Caremark honoree said, "I'm the only one in a black tie----everyone keeps handing me their glasses. When Clay's stool went up for auction, the auctioneer asked Clay if he could sit on it. Clay fired back, "Fine, but it may decrease the value."

Tammy, a darling young gal who was my roommate on the BAF 7 day cruise last year, won the TV set in the raffle. She went up on stage and said she'd donate it back for a kiss from Clay. Clay kissed her cheek and said, "keep the TV". So sweet.

Clay's singing was overwhelmingly phenomenal. Gorgeous! And he was so adorable all night. Every face in the room was smiling throughout his time on the stage, until the last song, Right Here Waiting. Then quite a few gals wound up crying. It was such a touching version of the song. He told us that Jaymes suggested he add it. I felt strongly that he was talking to the fans who have left.....that he was right here waiting for them to return. If they could have been there tonight, they couldn't have resisted returning.

Another sweet report from hippoga from the Clayboard:

Quick recap-an incredible night!

I was in a gold table of 10 fans and we were group #12 for a picture. Jerry Aiken called our group number and we went out into the hallway where Jerome told us to leave our purses and bags on a chair. We chatted with him for a bit until the group ahead of us finished. We entered the room where pictures were being taken and the professional photographer "arranged" us as we came in. Clay was chatted with James and Kristi as we were positioned and then he came over and shook everyone's hand and told us how glad he was we were there and that he recognized some of us. Funny thing, he thought my friend Alice said her name was "malice" and he ran with that! LOL!He was so handsome! Dark hair with highlights and a dark suit with a very subtle plaid design. He stood in the middle of our group and Diane Buble stood at the end (next to me!). The picture was taken and we (reluctantly!) made way for the next group.

We were table 24 in the ballroom. About two rows back and just to the left of the microphone. I could see Clay very well...a very good seat! Linda Loveland was very warm and articulate as mistress of ceremonies. Clay's speech was absolutely from his heart and he's so amazed at what his "experiment" with Diane Buble 5 years ago has accomplished. He noted that his speech was no doubt being broadcast to the fans on the message boards, too! The three recipients of the Champions of Change awards were amazing-parents of a child with a disability, an individual with a disability who is a financial whiz and a company working on inclusion projects. They all received well-deserved standing ovations.

The auction was a hoot!! Clay did everything he could to raise the bid! He tried on the leather jacket and even got it zipped up! He made the Sir Robin bear dance! He wore the blue "Someone else's star" shirt and seranaded the winner bidder. That rendition was so amazing...such a pure, powerful voice. He put an extra autograph on the stool and made a face at buying his "stool"! SO MUCH FUN!

AND then he sang! He killed time while the musicians got ready by finding out which fan had come the farthest. I can't spell the country! LOL! Sounded like the place where the dementors keep prisoners in Harry Potter! LOL! Then he sang YWSOB to us! IN accent! And we all sang the "jews" part and he assured us that he would never say such a thing. Then "When I see you smile"...I hope he could see the smiles on our faces and "Where I draw the line"...hearing OMWH songs in person! Clay is always so much better in person than his albums. "Everything I DOn't need" just about did us in...growling and emoting...I'm still not sure if it's "Well now" or Well, well!" BUT who the heck cares!? OMWH was so poiqnant with recent events and the crowd clapped a bit for "Faith has conquered fear" and he had us sing that to him at the end. Thank you Jaymes for suggesting the final song, a practically accoustic version of "Right Here Waiting for You"....a song from Clay to us and from us to him. There were a lot of "misty" eyes in the audience especially when he lowered the mic and sang just to us.

Incredible. I'm so glad I came. I am so proud to be a Clay fan and to be able to support him and his foundation.

This is a jumbled mess of a report...I hope you can see that I'm still grinning from ear to ear....with a little bit of misty eyes, too.

Can't wait to get home ....the wonders of Clack await!

HCorbett10 posted this on the Clayboard, a wonderful review:

From Brightstar from CV:

Well, I'm home and I'm spent. What a remarkable, memorable evening! I don't have time for a big recap, so I'll just post a few thoughts. It was definitely a night of love. Love from us to Clay, love from him to us, and reminders of the need for and benefits of inclusion-and that everyone has the capacity to love. A very moving night from start to finish.

And for those few who feared Clay would somehow change or be changed or seem different somehow-he is exactly the same. The same funny, snarky, beautiful, compassionate, bossy, loving, take-charge, talented guy. I thought I would die laughing when he said he knew that many on the message boards hated his shirt. And that "we" called it ugly-no, a word that rhymes with ugly. His references to cell phones and message boards and videos that would be up in 30 minutes were hilarious and showed that he is quite tuned in to his fans on the boards.

It felt so good to hear him sing again. Singing "his" songs live. His voice, after all these years, still blows me away. Despite the few times he sounded as if he was about to lose his voice, he was vocally so strong-- powerful, beautiful, and moving. Sexily moving in ETIDN and poignantly moving in "Right Here Waiting". One in a million may be really underestimating it. No voice, no performer grabs me and moves me as he does.

And what a perfectly perfect choice of songs to end the night. Right Here Waiting. It was very softly and intimately sung, so personal, so beautiful. It seemed as if he were singing to each of us individually-his heart wide open, singing to many whose hearts were also wide open, but also to those who may have closed themselves off to him just lately. He was not only telling us how much he loved and appreciated us, but also seemed to be sending the reassurance that he would be there waiting for those who had "left" if they ever wanted to come back. I honestly don't know of another man so generous and so loving. What an honor to be there! What a joy to be his fan.

And so I go to bed now, to relive and remember. So many gifts, so much to treasure-it will take weeks to wrap my mind around it all.

Safe travels to all as you go home.

BAF Challenge for Change Gala Auction

Can you say "Where have you been all of my life?" This is just one of the photos which was converted to a mirror and went into the Gala Auction from ATDW photos. I have never seen this one, have you?

How does this one work for you? It is another one I do not remember seeing but I sure do appreciate them bringing it out of the moth balls for us to enjoy.

I do not know yet how much the ATDW photos went for or how much they made on the raffle tickets or the silent Auction.

I do know that the lady that won the 32" TV told Clay she would trade it for a kiss. Kiss received and I think she got the TV as well.

He really does look like he just doesn't want to part with his "Clay Bust" present from Jimmy Kimmel, his #1 fan.

There was a real bidding war for this one, but because Clay wouldn't go with it, sorry Karen, Spooky got it for $55,000. You are lucky I wasn't there, LOL.

Joe the Auctioneer asked if he could sit on the stool, and Clay said "Sure, if you want to but it might decrease the value." One the stool was won, he autographed it again for the person.

He thought we felt the shirt was one of the ugly ones, my goodness was he wrong, I would have bid much more for that one, honest, well if I had the money.

It is incredible that Clay still fits into the shirt he wore on American Idol 2 the night he sang "Someone Else's Star". I am so happy for Spooky winning another piece of Clay's clothing. He even sang to her and you can find that video at Clack Unlimited, it is so moving.

The beautiful thing about this one is that Karen from Oklahoma bought this bear for $17,000 at the Broadway Cares auction and turned around and gave it back to Clay at Spamalot so he could resell it for the Gala. Well, Karen bought it back for $31,000. Very touching Karen, you are one in a million for sure!!

Some other notes about the Auction:

The Voice Mail to be left on your machine by Clay went for $3,700

The box seats which included you and nine of your friends along with Clay and his guests to see the Celine Dion concert in January. It went for $26,000. You guys are going to have a ball.

The 2 tickets to Spamalot along with dinner with Clay went for $36,000. I think this included the NYC package.

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